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Chapman (John) papers
Mss 322  
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Series 1. Work/Biographical Files

Box 1

Promotional materials for "There But For Fortune: Joan Baez in Latin America" 1982

Box 1

The Channels: Santa Barbara City College Newspaper--memorial article and letters 1982

Box 1

Cineaste Magazine. Vol. XII, No. 1 1982

Box 1

John Chapman resume 1982

Box 1

John Chapman film proposals for "Notes From The Revolution" and "A Symbol for Survival" 1979; 1983

Box 2

John Chapman memorials, requiems 1982

Box 2

John Chapman, clippings 1980-1982

Box 2

John Chapman, passport and timeline 1979-1982

Box 2

John Chapman, photographs 1979-1982

Box 2

Pan American Film production notes for "Guazapa: Portrait of a Liberated Zone," "In the Name of the People" 1981, 1982

Box 2

Promotional Film flyers 1979-1983

Box 2

Release Print Magazine, Vol. VII, Number 6 1984 July-1984 August

Box 2

Super 8 Filmaker Magazine, Vol. IX, Number 1 1981

Box 2

Zoetrope Studios correspondence 1983 February 28

Box 3

Slides from Nicaragua and Latin America circa 1979-1982


Series 2. Audiovisual


Film 1970s-1980s

item V7644/F1

Los Hijos, Parts 1&2 1987 June 23

item V7645/F1

Los Hijos de Sandino, Part 1&2, optical track 1987 June 23

item V7646/F1

Nicaragua: Scene from Revolution, new dupe/neg & outtakes 1981 June 11

item V7647/F1

Scenes from the Revolution, optical track and dupes/negatives 1980 December 9

item V7648/F1

Scenes from the Revolution, A and B rolls, original undated

item V7649/F1

Nicaragua: Scenes from Revolution MAG (returned from Cinesound) undated

item V7650/F1

Nicaragua: Scenes from Revolution, A and B rolls I/P (Nicaragua 1978) 1981 February 20

item V7651/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] Nicaragua rushes, original roll 1, stripe, 16mm undated

item V7652/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 4, stripe, 16mm undated

item V7653/F1

NEW, 16mm, stripe, original, R-15 undated

item V7654/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] original roll 16, Visnens I, optical print undated

item V7655/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] original roll 17, Visnens II, optical print undated

item V7656/F1

21, Acin 1 undated

item V7657/F1

22, Acin 2 undated

item V7658/F1

23, A1 personal, Acin 2, Nicaragua tail roll 22 undated

item V7659/F1

24 undated

item V7660/F1

25 undated

item V7661/F1

26, roll A undated

item V7662/F1

27, John Chapman, camera original 1. Limpiesa (Guard), 2. Grainery, 3. Ocho in blue Jeep undated

item V7663/F1

John Chapman, original footage, Nicaragua, 66484, (A-B-C) 16C HD 4142 undated

item V7664/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 12, new 16mm undated

item V7665/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 8, MOS (MOS R1) undated

item V7666/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] historical original, R 19, Kinescope, 16mm B&W, American Zoetrope undated

item V7667/F1

John Chapman film project, mix master 1/2 hr? undated

item V7668/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] OUTS PRESS undated

item V7669/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] OUTS D, NIN B. undated

item V7670/F1

Diablo, raining undated

item V7671/F1

Roll B undated

item V7672/F1

Roll C undated

item V7673/F1

SALV reserve undated

item V7674/F1

Core HD, summer, water skiing & fun at Lake Arrowhead, Malibu beach, Lockard family 1948

item V7675/F1

Core TC and S, Daphne's birthday, haircuts, tinkertown… undated

item V7676/F1

CORE TCS, loose wind, personal events 1947-1948

item V7677/F1

29 Palms Dick White mother, head of security intervew undated

item V7678/F1

Francesca Pedro Chamorro, home movies undated

item V7679/F1

Barricada, Borjes at Pancasan celebration undated

item V7680/F1

Volcano Ferretti undated

item V7681/F1

John by Leroy, Chapman and Pinter undated

item V7682/F1

John's personal stuff, vacation, Belize, Zoetrope, Leroy undated

item V7683/F1

Diablo training undated

item V7684/F1

Cades Cove undated

item V7721/F1

Nicaragua undated

item V7722/F1

Nicaragua undated

item V7696/F1

My Film, Betty Bottoms undated

item V7697/F1

Island in the Sun, reel I undated

item V7701/F1

John's family, 29 Palms and visit other relatives undated

item V7702/F1

Kirk's wedding undated

item V7703/F1

Anadarks, Oklahoma (Indians) undated

item V7704/F1

Island Suns II undated

item V7707/F1

Betty's film, painting on ladder, reel 2 undated

item V7708/F1

John Chapman tribute, George Pinter/Betty Bottoms (7:30, 261') undated

item V7709/F1

NEW 16mm MOS original R-14, World Focus Films, 16 Eilta, roll A, 60-2-7 undated

item V7710/F1

NEW 16mm MOS original R-13, head (PFH) 13A, 91LM 7 undated

item V7711/F1

Original roll 11 stripe 16mm, tail (PFH), R-22, L 4716 undated

item V7712/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 5, World Focus Films, 16 Eilta, roll B, 60-2-7; tails 5 undated

item V7713/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 2B, stripe 16mm, interviews w/ sound, 2B-1, stripe head undated

item V7714/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 2A, stripe 16mm - w/ sound, roll 2A-1, head undated

item V7715/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 9, MOS (Mos R2) undated

item V7716/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] rushes, original roll 6, stripe 16mm, sound roll 6 undated

item V7717/F1

Outs from Hijos inter neg, after 1/2 hr neg cut undated

item V7718/F1

NICA [Nicaragua] 7247 neg trims, Scenes from the Revolution, orig/trims 1979

item V7719/F1

Roll 2 tail undated

item V7720/F1

6", John Chapman memorial, 23", Desperado, John Chapman resume undated


Video 1980s

item V7685/VHS

Desperado undated

item V7686/VHS

W or K print copy, Hijo de Sandino undated

item V7687/VHS

Desperado, bad copy undated

item V7688/BC

Nicaragua: Another Bay of Pigs? Producer: Dore Steinberg (28:33) undated

item V7689/BC

John Chapman Memorial S.F.; Desperado, Bottoms/Pinter 1983 February; 1984 July

item V7690/UM

Desperado photos, direct video undated

item V7691/UM

Dub Nicaragua segment, "Evening Edition" showtape 1979 December 17

item V7692/UM

John Chapman interview (red shirt) 1982

item V7693/BC

Los Hijos de Sandino workprint, final cut; Reel 2, slop mix track: prod. trk & music, transferred at KQED 1/80 1979 November 15

item V7694/UM

Desparado rank transfer, master I - CGO 185, gay parade, N.Y. Somora 1977; 1978-1979

item V7695/UM

Desparado rank transfer, protection master II - no sound, CGO 186 undated

item V7698/UM

John's tribute, Desperado, master, CH I mix 1984 July 15

item V7699/UM

Gift of Love 2 undated

item V7700/UM

Gift of Love, starring: Timothy Bottoms, Marie Osmond undated

item V7705/VHS

John Chapman's memorial; Joan Baez and Co. John filmed in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile 1983

item V7706/VHS

Wim Int car, Hollywood 1982 April