Guide to the The Champagne and Borrowes family papers M1599

Carolyn Chappell Lougee, August 2013. Updated by Malgorzata Schaefer, June 2018.
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
June 2018
Green Library
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This is a detailed listing of material rather than a true finding aid.

Language of Material: French
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: The Champagné and Borrowes family papers
source: Scott, Philip E.
creator: Champagne and Borrowes family
Identifier/Call Number: M1599
Physical Description: 15.32 Linear Feet 4 oversize, 4 flat, 5 manuscript, 5 custom kaseboxes, 17 map folders
Date (bulk): circa 1482-early 20th C.
Physical Description: Documents are parchment, vellum and paper. Many have wax seals. Some are fragile and/or torn.
Material Specific Details: Six documents were among the Champagné Papers down to 1996-98, were mentioned in previous studies of the Champagné, and went missing between 1996 and 1998 (before purchase by the Stanford Libraries). They are: B8 - Memo signed 1735 by Josias II on his mother's estate. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee. B9 - Final reckoning of Marie's estate, 1730. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee B14-Marriage Contract dated 12.12.1692 of Charles de la Motte Fouque and Suzanne de Robillard. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee B17-Estate of Henriette Sylvie (madame du Marest) at Celle for Josias II. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee B22-Portarlington Papers, 1732-08. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee B24-Letter of Lady Jane Champagné, 1740. Missing April 1998, August 2004, December 2007 per C. Lougee

Separated Materials

Five books were removed and cataloged separately: - Psalter dedicated to the French Church of The Hague (17th century) - Psalter and Prayers book wrapped in leather and linen - Semaine de Meditations et de Prieres - Paraphrase, ou Briefve explication sur le catechisme (Lyon, 1664) - Formulaire de la Consecration & Dedicace des eglises & chapelles, selon l’Usage de l’Eglise d’Irlande (Dublin, 1702)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The bulk of this collection was purchased by Stanford University, Special Collections in 2007. Additions to the collection were donated by Carolyn Chappell Lougee in 2017 from her private holdings. Accessions MSS 2007-295 and 2017-344.
Professor Carolyn Chappell Lougee donated some materials from her private collection.


Some documents have notes or summary translations attached in English written on blue paper. Per Carolyn Lougee, it was either a descendant, namely Erasmus Dixon Borrowes, d. 1866, or the husband of a descendant named Duncan Matheson, who was working on the papers in the 1920's.

Biographical / Historical

The Champagné family was a French Protestant (Huguenot) family living in France when the Edict of Nantes was revoked. The revocation criminalized their religion and they escaped from France. The Borrowes were descendants of the Champagnés.

Conditions Governing Access

Open for research. Note that material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use.

Conditions Governing Use

Much of this material is believed to be in the public domain. There are no restrictions on use of public domain materials.

Preferred Citation

[identification of item], Champagné and Borrowes family papers (M1599). Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California.


For the original listing created by Carolyn Lougee, ask Special Collections.


Organized into 9 series: Series 1. Robillard de Champagné ancestry; Series 2. Isle ancestry; Series 3. Josias de Robillard de Champagné and Marie de la Rochefoucauld; Series 4. Documents on the contest over Berneré (Esclafer-Lougee Papers); Series 5. Josias II de Champagné (1673-1737); Series 6. Dean Champagné; Series 7. Portarlington, Ireland; Series 8. Borrowes family papers; Series 9. Notes on the Champagné Papers by descendants and others.

Scope and Contents

The papers of and/or pertaining to the Robillard de Champagné family from the Saintonge in southwestern France and some of their descendants, the Borrowes family. Materials consist of ancestries, baptismal records, correspondence, court documents, financial documents, marriage certificates, notes about the papers by descendants, and more.

Custodial History

The documents in Series I-III that are dated before summer 1688 were carried into Holland by the paterfamilias, Josias de Robillard de Champagné, when he escaped from France in spring 1688. The papers in Series IV were part of a lawsuit against Marie de la Rochefoucauld and were preserved in the archives of the Lavie Family. They were acquired from Patrick Esclafer de la Rode by Carolyn Lougee, who donated them to the Library. Documents in Series V-IX were created during the first and second Champagné generations’ residence in the Protestant Refuge and were added to down to the extinction of the Borrowes line of male descendants in the 1930s. Series I-III and V-VIII remained in the hands of Champagné descendants down to the time of their purchase by Stanford University Libraries in 2008.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

France -- History.
Scott, Philip E.
Champagne and Borrowes family


Series 1. Robillard de Champagné ancestry


Subseries 1. Robillard family, sixteenth century and before

oversize-box 1, folder 1

Contract of Conveyance, Jehan Robillard, 7 March 1482, [has no number in the Champagné Papers Index. Possibly it was filed with the proofs of nobility for 1667], parchment. With cover sheet and transcription (imperfect)

oversize-box 1, folder 2

Transmission of her Property by Julienne de Lousme to her Son André de Robillard,1528, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 3

Transmission of her (Movable) Property by Julienne de Lousme to her Son André de Robillard, 1528, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 4

Complaint by André Robillard against his brother Elie Robillard before the Parlement de Bordeaux, 1534, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 5

Order for Payment of Back Rents to André Robillard, 1557, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 6

Division of Inheritance between Jean, Christophe, Pierre, and André de Robillard, 1571, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 7

Notarized receipt for payment by Jean Robillard to François Guillon, 1572, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 1

Agreement on Inheritance between Jean, Christophe, Pierre, and André de Robillard, 1572, parchment


Subseries 2. Robillard family, seventeenth century

oversize-box 1, folder 8

Joint Will of Christophe de Robillard and Judith Boursicot, 1611, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 9

Division of Inheritance between Jean, Daniel, Josias, Suzanne, Anne, and Elizabeth de Robillard, 18 May 1619, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 2

Division of Champagné between Daniel and Josias de Robillard, brothers, 14 March 1626

flat-box 2, folder 3

Marriage Contract between Josias de Robillard and Marie de Maziere, 1639, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 4

Will of Josias de Robillard, 1652, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 5

List of Documents Presented by Josias de Robillard in the recherche de noblesse, 1666. Accompanied by one modern transcription and two modern translations.

flat-box 2, folder 6

Proofs of Nobility, 1667, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 6

Baptismal certificate of Marie de Robillard, 1644

oversize-box 1, folder 10

Robillard Coat of Arms, 1660


Subseries 3. Mazières family

flat-box 2, folder 7

Division of Lands of Voutron and La Cave, 16 May 1640

flat-box 2, folder 8

Old lease evidently included in the Division, 1640, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 8

Further Division of Lands of Voutron and La Cave, 12 January 1641, parchment


Series 2. Isle ancestry


Subseries 1. Sixteenth century

map-folder 1

Act of Homage for Ponthois by Germain, sieur de Forgette, 1508, parchment

map-folder 2

Exchange between Seigneur de Forgette and Comte de Taillebourg, 1518, parchment


Subseries 2. Seventeenth century (1624-1638)

flat-box 2, folder 9

Contract of Sale of Berneré, 4 July 1624

flat-box 2, folder 10

Contract of Sale of Berneré, 1631, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 11

Ennoblement of Berneré, 1 January 1632, parchment

flat-box 2, folder 12

Homage for Berneré and the four banal by Jean de Sauliere, 25 May 1632 (2 documents)


Subseries 3. Seventeenth century (1642-1656)

flat-box 3, folder 1

Division of Inheritance of Forgette, 1642

flat-box 3, folder 2

Division of Inheritance of Sieur and Dame de Forgette, 9 January 1646, parchment cover

flat-box 3, folder 3

Contract of Exchange between Estienne de Remigoux, husband of Marie Isle, and Suzanne Isle, 4 February 1646, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 4

Verification of Contract between Marie Isle and Suzanne Isle, 30 January 1647

oversize-box 1, folder 11

Marriage Contract between Casimir de la Rochefoucauld and Marie de Sauliere, parchment

oversize-box 1, folder 12

Purchase of Vaufouresche by Suzanne Isle, 1656, parchment


Series 3. Josias de Robillard de Champagné and Marie de la Rochefoucauld


Subseries 1. Documents to spring 1688, France, inheritance of Josias de Robillard de Champagné

flat-box 3, folder 5

Division of Inheritance by Josias de Robillard and Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, 1662, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 6

Division of Inheritance from Mazieres des Deffans by Robillard and Mazières, 1663

oversize-box 4, folder 1

Division of Inheritance by Josias de Robillard and Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, 1669, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 7

Property Agreement between Josias de Robillard and Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, 26 January 1677, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 7

Property Agreement between Josias de Robillard and Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, 9 April 1677

flat-box 3, folder 8

Confirmation of Property Transactions between Josias de Robillard and Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, 1678. With transcription.

flat-box 3, folder 9

Claim by Charles Prévost de Touchimbert, seigneur de Brassac against Josias de Robillard, 1687, parchment attached to stamped paper


Subseries 2. Documents to spring 1688, France, inheritance of Marie de la Rochefoucauld

oversize-box 4, folder 2

Will of Suzanne Isle, 1675, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 10

Division of Property by Suzanne Isle, 1677, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 11

Inheritance Agreement between 5 La Rochefoucauld sisters, 1680

flat-box 3, folder 12

Division between Marie de la Rochefoucauld and her Sisters, 1677

flat-box 3, folder 13

Division between Marie de la Rochefoucauld and her Sisters, 1681

flat-box 3, folder 14

Division between Marie de la Rochefoucauld and her Sisters, 1682, parchment

flat-box 3, folder 15

Memorandum of sums due on a division by Suzanne Isle, 1687 (?)


Subseries 3. Documents to spring 1688, France, notarial and baptismal documents

oversize-box 4, folder 3

Marriage Contract between Josias de Robillard and Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 22 February 1667, parchment copy

box 5, folder 1

Private Family Baptismal Roll

box 5, folder 1

Joint Will of Josias de Robillard and Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 1683, parchment


Subseries 4. Documents to spring 1688, France, financial documents

box 5, folder 2

Rents owed at Berneré

box 5, folder 2

Statement of Tenure of Berneré, undated

box 5, folder 2

Decree of Seizure of Berneré, 1687. With translation.

box 5, folder 2

Lease of La Borderie by Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 1683

box 5, folder 2

Receipt from Simon Tayaud, 1688


Subseries 5. Documents to spring 1688, France, letters

box 5, folder 3

Josias de Robillard to his children, July 1685 and June 1686. With translation.

box 5, folder 3

Josias de Robillard to Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 2 November 1687

box 5, folder 3

Wax seal on paper


Subseries 6. Documents summer 1688-1730, Holland and Ireland, inventories

box 5, folder 4

1688 Inventory of the documents at Berneré by Josias de Robillard, January 1688

box 5, folder 4

1690 Inventory of the possessions of Marie de la Rochefoucauld, Amsterdam, notary Jean Hoekebak, original, 9 October 1690


Subseries 7. Documents summer 1688-1730, Holland and Ireland, Marie de la Rochefoucauld's escape narrative and account book

box 5, folder 5

Original escape narrative and account book, parchment cover

box 5, folder 5

Partial translation into English by an unknown author


Subseries 8. Documents summer 1688-1730, Holland and Ireland, notarial, financial, and court documents

box 5, folder 6

Memorandum by Josias de Robillard on Brassac's debt, 1688

box 5, folder 6

Summary of the decision of the Parlement de Bordeaux, 20 August 1691. With two transcriptions.

box 5, folder 6

Marriage Contract of Henriette-Sylvie de Robillard de Champagné to Charles Bonnart du Marest d'Antoigny, 1714 (copy made in 1722)


Subseries 10. Documents summer 1688-1730, Holland and Ireland, Marie de la Rochefoucauld's estate

box 5, folder 7

Will of Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 1701

box 5, folder 7

Letter from Josias II to his brother Auguste, explaining the procedure for dividing their mother's estate, 1722

box 5, folder 7

Receipt from Pastor Theodore des Vories for Legacy from the late Marie de la Rochefoucauld, 1730-31

box 5, folder 7

Notarized authorization from François-Auguste de Robillard de Champagné to his sister Mariane de Robillard, to collect on his behalf his share of their mother's estate now in the hands of their brother Josias' widow and son. Dresden, 1740, with wax seals.

box 5, folder 7

Joint accord dividing Marie de la Rochefoucauld's estate, 1722


Series 4. Documents on the contest over Berneré (Esclafer-Lougee Papers)


Listing includes interpretation of documents by Carolyn Lougee, previous owner of the documents
flat-box 3, folder 16

Contrat de Mariage de Monsieur de soulignonne Aveq Madelaigne de solieres, 23 Juillet 1659

box 5, folder 8

Copie de transaction passée entre Messires de bauchesne, de soulignone et de celette, 8 Janvier 1662

box 5, folder 8

Madelene de soliere à Madame ma tres honoré mere de paris, 29 mai 1672

box 5, folder 8

Certificat de mariage, Magdeleine de Saulier et Nicolas Leopol Ignace troisieme De Saxe, 28 mai 1672

box 5, folder 8

Madelene de soliere à Madame de Lescure a bernere, undated [1st letter after sham marriage?]

box 5, folder 8

Guy de la Blachiere, A nos seigneurs de parlement, 8 January 1683

box 5, folder 9

Acte fait à la Requete de monsieur de La mortmartin, 5 Juin 1685

box 5, folder 9

Factum du procez pour dame Marie de la Roche Foucaut, Epouse non commune en biens de Iosias de Robillard Chevalier, Seigneur de Champagné....Contre Dame Magdelaine de Solieres veuve en premieres Nopces de Louis Salbert Escuyer sieur de Soulignonne.

box 5, folder 9

Extraits des Registres du Présidial de Saintes, 14 novembre 1672 – 25 décembre 1672

box 5, folder 9

Vidimus de la Cession faite a Madame de Chambon, 4 aoust 1677

box 5, folder 9

Marie de la Rochefoucauld, Nos seigneurs de parlement, 8 mai 1683

box 5, folder 10

Marie, Elizabeth, Magdellaine Et Suzanne de La Rochefoucaud, A nos seigneurs de Parlemant, 1 février 1683

box 5, folder 10

Marie et Magdelaine de la Rochefoucaud, A Nos seigneurs de parlement, 23 novembre 1685

box 5, folder 10

Memoire pour madelene de la Rochefoucaud, undated [Josias should pay in affair of meubles]

box 5, folder 10

Extrait du Registre Du parlement, 8 avril 1688 [letters of restitution]

box 5, folder 10

Magdeleine and Elizabeth LR vs Soliere, July 1699 [mentions beauchesne and celette as well as Magdeleine's son. Seems to be they are continuing struggle after death of Therese and perhaps withdrawal of Casimir.]

box 5, folder 10

Memoire pour messire Jean-Charles de Lavie, Conseiller au Parlement, au nom et comme Curateur de Dame Marie-Suzanne-Françoise de Gua son Epouse…contre dame Suzanne de Lestang [1722 or later]

box 6, folder 1

Cazimir Prévost, seigneur de lileau Toutchimbert, A Vos seigneurs de parlement, undated [after death of Josias] [Caz claims Madelene needs to get authorized by Saxe or provide proof of his death.]

flat-box 3, folder 18

Chancellerie de France, parchement arrêt confirming parlement's decision in favor of Cazimir as curateur, 1 septembre 1691

box 6, folder 1

Elisabeth et Suzanne de la rochefoucaud, response à la dame de solieres, undated. [After march 1691] [Says Therese hardly has a curateur. Says they are not responsible for returning the stuff taken to Bernere from Soulignonne and in fact Madeleine owes them various sums; insulting to her.]

box 6, folder 1

Cazimir Prévost, seigneur du lilot toushambert a nos seigneurs de parlement, undated [Asks return of Therese to him, that he have guardianship of her person as well as her properties. She is not safe with Madeleine because Madeleine is trying in Parlement to take away all Therese's biens.]

box 6, folder 1

Etat de La consistance de La terre et seigneurie du chatellard [a sgrie of Gua family. See Belles Demeures: CM p. 50]

box 6, folder 1

Jacques Berne, seigneur de l'Hommée, et Magdelaine de la Rochefoucaud, Vante de Bellay, 29 may 1694

box 6, folder 1

Jacques Berne, seigneur de l'Hommée, letter to unknown addressee on sale of Bellay, 1 jeun 1694 [The buyer, Chauvet, is paying debts instead of giving them money for Bellay. Madeleine, the wife, has sums owed by her parents as well as inherited from Lidie, and debts contracted by husband and wife together.]

box 6, folder 2

Recherches sur la famille Sauliere, including Saint-Saud article; "Famille de Sauliere, 1529-Apres 1844, photocopy

box 6, folder 2

Pierre de Sauliere, seigneur de Nanteuil, Testament, 1 avril 1593, photocopy

box 6, folder 2

Esclafer de la Rode to Bardol, 2 juillet 1983, typescript

box 6, folder 2

Notes on Bernere, photocopies of typescript

box 6, folder 2

Notes on Salbert

box 6, folder 2

Notes on La Rochefoucauld

box 6, folder 2

Christian de Sèze et Odette de Sèze, Prospectus, photocopy of typescript, including notes

box 6, folder 3

Casimir Prévost de Touchimbert, A nos seigneurs De parlement, [after 13 August] 1691. [Madeleine has claimed four banal. She claims the king awarded custody of Therese to her. He accuses her of indecency, "une vie licencieuse", drawing disdain of relatives for her so-called marriage rather than (as she alleges) for her conversion, accuses her of violence upon her son as well as bad language unfit for woman in church,"la poligamie", and claims Prevost of Poitiers cited her as an accomplice in the assassination of her third husband.]

box 6, folder 3

Madelene de Soliere à Madame de Lescure a Bernere, [1672] ("fere la grase de manvoier de largent": 2nd letter after "marriage"?)

box 6, folder 3

Elizabeth, Magdelaine, et Suzanne de la Rochefoucaud [Caz sufficiently countered the claims she made in submission to court last 12 mars. Rehearses their claims against Madeleine including money owed for support of Zacarie]

box 6, folder 3

Acte Dopposition, et saizie faicte a la Requete de la dame de Soliere de solignonne sur les sommes que le sr du puy doibt a la dame Magdelaine de la Rochefoucaud, Espouze du sr de lhommée , 31 descembre 1688. [Madeleine goes after niece Madeleine's assets]

box 6, folder 3

Magdeleine de Soulieres, A nos seigneurs de parlement, 18 Juillet 1699 [responding to LR sisters submission of 10 July. Nothing in theirs speaks against mine of last 17 June. They are now heirs of Therese, so she must have died.

box 6, folder 3

Magdeleine de Sauliere, A nos seigneurs De Parlement, Mag de Solieres vs LR sisters, 17 Juin 1699. [most complete statement of Madeleine's case]

box 6, folder 3

Cazimir Prévost Chevallier seigneur de Lileau tout Chimbert, A Vos Seigneurs de parlement [copy on larger stamped paper]

box 6, folder 4

Unidentified memoire, various pages

flat-box 3, folder 19

Requeste dudit sr de la dourville contre ladite dame Isle, 4 novembre 1695

box 3, folder 20

Memoire Pour m Le President Lavie, 10 avril 1776

box 6, folder 4

A Monsieur Michel, seigneur de treillebois, Marennes [is this Isle or successor seigneur?], with seal

box 6, folder 4

Ancelin à Monsieur Michel, seigneur de tralebois

box 6, folder 5

Cazimir Prévost, seigneur de lileau touchimber Contre dame Claude Ozias de la brossardierem superieure des religieuses nostre dame de xaintes [asking execution of court's arret dated 29 august 1691 to effect that Therese now in hands of Madeleine be returned to him and her pension be paid to him. Madeleine and Ozias schemed together to keep child away from him which made execution of arret impossible. Issue of size of child's pension.]

box 6, folder 5

Cazimir Prévost, seigneur de lisleau touchimbert Contre la requete de dame Magdelaine de soliere [responding to her submission of 30 avril last. Last arret was 20 aoust 1691. Caz requete dated 7 may 1691. She does not merit a provision because she has no right to inheritance/new dowry/legitime. 26 aoust 1692, 9 septembre suivant, arret 20 august 1694, 3 juin 1688.]

box 6, folder 5

Contrat de mariage de feu monsieur de la chetardie avec damoiselle marie claire collette Berard de villebreuil, 3 mars 1704, 14 novembre 1704

box 6, folder 5

Livre et Notte de La nativite et deces de La noble famille des Goullioux Devian

box 6, folder 5

7 Septembre 1541

Material Specific Details: Fragile, water stained

Series 5. Josias II de Champagné (1673-1737)


Subseries 1. Financial documents, memos and bills

flat-box 7, folder 2

Map of Josias’ lands in Portarlington

flat-box 7, folder 2

Undated memo in English about Josias’ lands in France

flat-box 7, folder 2

Some loose bills from a scrapbook of bills owed by Major Champagné (Josias II), Lady Jane Champagné, and Dean Arthur Champagné, to ca. 1760

flat-box 7, folder 1

Scrapbook of bills owed by Major Champagné (Josias II), Lady Jane Champagné, and Dean Arthur Champagné, to ca. 1760

flat-box 7, folder 2

Josias II's accounting from his trip to Holland, 1722


Subseries 2. Financial documents, Josias de Champagné's "Account of the Lands which I hold, and upon what terms, with the person's name incerted in the several leases which are for Lives renewable"

box 8

Josias’ large account book

box 8

Letter from Charles de Sailly, London, 23 September 1736

box 8

Receipted bills of Rev. Arthur Champagné from 1742 to 1767

box 8

Invoice from blacksmith to Rev. Arthur Champagné, 31 July 1740

box 8

Promissory note to Rev. Arthur Champagné from Frank Brinan, 9 August 1741

box 8

Rev. Arthur Champagné's bill from Mrs. Towers

box 8

Note from Joshua Pilot's daughter

box 8

Numerous loose sheets inserted throughout the account book


Subseries 3. Financial documents, Josias II’s Small Account Book

box 9

Josias II’s Small Account Book, including the accounts for Marie de la Rochefoucauld in Ireland down to 1727


Subseries 4. Financial documents, papers on Josias’ debts

box 6, folder 6

Josias borrows from Des Clouseaux 1707. Marie de la Rochefoucauld pays off the debt, 25 December 1718

box 6, folder 6

Josias’ debt to Mathew LaFitte

box 6, folder 6

Loose record of unspecified payment

box 6, folder 6

Evaluation of South Sea stocks, undated

box 6, folder 6

Six letters of D. Renouard to Josias, 1727-1728

box 6, folder 6

Three receipted bonds paid off by Josias’ widow Jane, 1738, 1738, 1747

box 6, folder 6

Josias to Major de Genne asking for a loan of £55, October 1730


Subseries 5. Financial documents, wrapper Josias used for the Champagné Papers, 1724

box 10

Fabric napkin, with a tag describing its use


Subseries 6. Josias II’s correspondence with siblings

box 6, folder 7

5 letters Marianne to Josias, 1730-34 (29 March 1730 from Voorburg [6]; 10 April 1731 from Varal [2]; 1 August1731 from Brinkheim? [3]; 10 November 1732 from Zell [4]; 28 August 1734 from Zell [5])

box 6, folder 7

1 letter Josias to Suzanne, 1728 (?)

box 6, folder 7

Letters Suzanne to Josias (Zell 15 February 1728 [1]; 5 April 1730 Zell [2]; Celle 21-23 February 1732, jointly with Marianne [3]; Zell 26 November 1734 [4]; Zell 26 April 1735 [5])

box 6, folder 7

Letter from François-Auguste to Josias, Senftenberg, 3 March 1735


Series 6. Dean Champagné


Subseries 1. Personal and financial records

box 6, folder 8

His school admission and payment, 1731

box 6, folder 8

Fragment of a letter to "Arthur Champagné," 25 August 1739

box 6, folder 8

Minute of a letter from the Dean, attached to a letter from Sam Pechels, 22 January 1759

box 6, folder 8

1 letter, ostensibly from widow Hamon in Paris to Dean Champagné, 3 March 1756, and enclosing an outline of her will

box 6, folder 8

1 letter from Lord Rawdon to Dean Champagné on the death of Lady Jane, October 1760

box 6, folder 8

1 letter from the translator G. Caillard, 20 August 1764

box 6, folder 8

Extract from Dean Champagné’s Bible (baptismal records)


Subseries 2. Personal and financial records, documents as Dean

flat-box 11

16 Marriage Licenses, 1741-65, with cover listing

Material Specific Details: Fragile, seals cracking. There is a sample of the seal wax enclosed.

Subseries 3. Personal and financial records, miscellaneous financial documents

box 6, folder 9-10

Dean’s accounting as executor of Dr. Pilot’s estate

box 6, folder 9-10

2 letters from Robert Acheson concerning Pilot’s estate (one enclosing R. Acheson's letter to Lyster)

box 6, folder 9-10

Copy of Dean’s (?) letter to Barton & Delay

box 6, folder 9-10

Receipt from Vareille for payment by Dean, 1741; receipt from Roche Lomeber (?) for payment by Dean

box 6, folder 9-10

3 letters from Dean Champagné to Mrs. Armstrong, his daughter, one including a message to Mr. Armstrong, 1797-1800

box 6, folder 9-10

Random envelopes addressed to Dean Champagné (5 pieces)

box 6, folder 9-10

Indenture of John Glynan to George Jolly, signed by Arthur Champagné

box 6, folder 9-10

Appointment to Livings, 1741-1746

flat-box 4, folder 4

Public Record Office wills for 3 of the Dean’s Sons: Forbes Champagné, 8 November 1816; Josias Champagné, 15 February 1840; George Champagné, 1828 (photocopies)


Subseries 4. Personal and financial records, letters to reverand

box 6, folder 11

Letters to Rev. Arthur Champagné from Charles de Sailly and Ph. Muysson in London, 1760-68. Includes a petition from a servant of Mme Dumarest, forwarded by Sailly


Subseries 5. Correspondence with cousins in Germany, 1760-1776

box 12, folder 1

9 letters Dean to Baron de Saint-Surin, 30 November 1760; November 1761; 6 March 1764, English minute with French translation; 1764; 26 April 1764, English minute with French translation; 20 August 1765; 1765; December 1766; 6 May 1767; 2 March 1768 later copy

box 12, folder 2

15 letters from Baron de Saint-Surin to Dean Champagné, 1760-69 (16 January 1761, with transcription; 20 April 1761; 20 August 1762; 22 April 1763; 4 November 1763, with a copy likewise in French; 26 October 1764; 20 March 1764; 18 May 1764; 29 May 1764; 31 May 1765; 19 November 1765; 16 May 1766, with enclosure; 30 January 1767; 22 January 1768; 26 June 1769

box 12, folder 3

1 letter from Dean Champagné to General Fouquet, 25 August 1764, both the English draft and the translation into French

box 12, folder 3

1 letter Dean to M. de Voigt, assistant to the Baron de Saint-Surin 12 Octoberb1776, including reports from his son in New York during the Revolution

box 12, folder 3, flat-box 4, folder 5

2 unsigned Legal Opinions on the Will of Mariane de Robillard de Champagné, undated copy

box 12

2 accountings of the estate of Henriette Sylvie de Robillard, Madame du Marest drawn up in Celle for the Baron de Saint-Surin, 1761 and 1762

box 12, folder 3

2 letters from General La Motte Fouqué: one to Baron de Saint-Surin, Brandenbourg 29 April 1764, with translation from German into English; one to Dean Champagné, Brandenburg 22 November 1764, with translation into French


Series 7. Portarlington, Ireland


Subseries 1. The town

flat-box 4, folder 5

Manuscript history by M. Willis, 1824

flat-box 4, folder 5

Sale of Lands in Queens County Madame de Virazell, 1774


Subseries 2. Dr. Pilot documents, correspondence and business papers

box 12, folder 4

16 Letters to Dr. Joshua Pilot, 1746-48, with cover listing from Lalande, Bauchaut, Mangin, Champagné (Dean), Irvine, Thomas

box 12, folder 4

Verses, occasion’d by those, writ at Bernera

box 12, folder 5-6, oversize-box 4, folder 6

Letters to Dr. Joshua Pilot as Paymaster of Batereau’s Regiment, 1746-1763

box 12, folder 9-10, oversize-box 4, folder 7

Pilot correspondence, particularly concerning his work with Batereau's Regiment

box 13, folder 1-4, oversize-box 4, folder 8-9

Pilot correspondence, particularly concerning his work with Batereau's Regiment

box 12, folder 7-8

Letters and receipts to Rev. Arthur Champagné from Dr. Pilot and others

box 12, folder 7

Indentures: Dr. Pilot's son, 1756; James Dunn, 1771 (fragment missing)

box 4, folder 7

Bequest of Elizabeth Coutiers


Series 8. Borrowes family papers


Subseries 1. Prior to 1800, seventeenth century documents

map-folder 4

Indenture, 1635, parchment

Material Specific Details: Heavily damaged probably due to rodent activity
box 13, folder 5

Letter, 9 February 1833

oversize-box 14, folder 3

Indenture, 23 November 1643, parchment with wax seal on tab

oversize-box 14, folder 1

Indenture, 28 November 1640, parchment with wax seal on tab

oversize-box 14, folder 3

Document, 6 December 1665, parchment with wax seal on tab

Material Specific Details: Loss due to rodent activity
map-folder 3

Indenture, 1628, parchment

oversize-box 14, folder 2

Document, 1636

Material Specific Details: Rodent damage
box 13, folder 5

Account of rents, Richard Steele, 25 March 1740 to 25 March 1750

box 13, folder 5

Manuscript note


Subseries 2. Prior to 1800, Kildare Borrowes eighteenth century documents

map-folder 10-11

6 deeds

map-folder 5-8


map-folder 9

Settlement on the intermarriage


Subseries 3. Prior to 1800, Reverand Joseph Borrowes

map-folder 9

Marriage settlement, parchment

box 13, folder 7

Notebook for executor of his estate


Subseries 4. Prior to 1800, scrapbook accounts of Walter Borrowes, 1720s-1740s

box 13, folder 8

Bound volume


Subseries 5. Walter Borrowes, nineteenth century

box 13, folder 9

Commission from Baron Paget, 1805, parchment

box 13, folder 9

19 letters to Walter Borrowes, 1810-1811

map-folder 13

Appointment as Justice of the Peace by George IV, Kildare

map-folder 13

Appointment as Justice of the Peace by George IV, Queens

map-folder 14, box 13, folder 10

Miscellaneous papers and parchments, Dublin, 1800-1810

box 18

3 diaries, 1802-1804, belonging to Walter Borrowes, nephew of Walter Borrowes

box 13, folder 9

3 letters to Walter Borrowes, 1866

box 13, folder 9

Caretaker proposal, 1897


Subseries 6. Sir Erasmus Borrowes, nineteenth century

map-folder 16

Appointment as Justice of the Peace, 1866, parchment

box 15, folder 1

Letter re: Fitzjames Clancy, 1888

map-folder 17

Lease: Rev. Thos. Piggott, 1801, parchment

oversize-box 4, folder 10

Notice of sale, 1888

map-folder 15

Lease: Thos. Phelan, 1843, parchment

box 15, folder 2

Letters to Borrowes, 1850s-1860s, [items numbered 1-35, 39-40, plus 3 unnumbered] with a handwritten cover listing of the letters

box 15, folder 3

Letters to Sir Erasmus,1849

box 15, folder 4

Family letters to Sir E.D. Borrowes at Portarlington, up to 1814

box 15, folder 5

Letters - E.D. Borrowes, Duchess of Gloucester, Lady Enniskillen, Lady Uxbridge


Subseries 7. Families

oversize-box 16, folder 1

Eustace Family Documents

box 15, folder 6

Borrowes Pedigree

oversize-box 16, folder 2

Will of Robert Dixon, 1725

Material Specific Details: Very fragile
box 15

Unidentified Fragments

box 15, folder 7

Richard Beasley to Phineas Moore, 20 March 1653, land document on vellum


Series 9. Notes on the Champagné Papers by descendants and others


Subseries 1. Inventories of the Papers

box 17

Papers, deeds, books etc: the property of Sir Eustace Dixon Borrowes Bart, 1924, 1 bound book

box 15, folder 8

List and short description of books and documents belonging to Colonel & Mrs Parry-Jones, and brought by them to Soames House in two tin boxes, which were left in Lady Pate's care, 9 June 1956

box 15, folder 8

Copies of letters from among the Borrowes documents in the possession of Col. & Mrs. Parry-Jones

box 15, folder 8

Four letters to Mrs. Leila Scott, 1955 and 1982


Subseries 2. Notes by Erasmus Dixon Borrowes, Colonel Duncan Matheson and others

box 15, folder 9

"The French Letters in Ireland": extracts from Champagné manuscripts

box 15, folder 10, oversize-box 16, folder 3

Historical background in E.D. Borrowes' handwriting

box 15, folder 10

Numerous miscellaneous research notes about the Champagné family and Huguenots in Ireland

flat-box 7, folder 3

Translations and genealogies - notebook containing translations into English of Josias' Second Letter to his Children, Marie de la Rochefoucauld's Escape Account, and Josias' Letter to Marie de la Rochefoucauld

flat-box 7, folder 3

Translations and genealogies - genealogy of La Rochefoucauld, Isle, and Robillard Families

flat-box 7, folder 3

Translations and genealogies - miscellaneous translations

flat-box 7, folder 4

Manilla envelope and brown paper, both with annotations


Subseries 3. Notes by Carolyn Lougee

box 15, folder 11

Possible locations of Champagné materials, 23 June, 1995, and a letter to Mrs. Leila Scott, 27 July 1994