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Contributing Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: Noel Q. King papers
Creator: King, Noel Quinton
Identifier/Call Number: UA.089
Physical Description: 2 Linear Feet 4 document boxes
Date (inclusive): 1892-1971
Date (bulk): (bulk 1967-1971)
Language of Material: Languages represented in the collection: English, Arabic, Luganda, and Swahili


Collection open for research.

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Preferred Citation

Noel Q. King papers. UA 89. University Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Noel Q. King, 1974.

Biography / Administrative History

Noel Q. King had just set up a Religious Studies Program in Makerere, Uganda, before coming to the University of California at Santa Cruz to teach Religious Studies as Professor of History and Comparative Religion in 1967. A Committee of Studies in Religious Studies was soon formed with Mr. King as Chairperson. Within a couple of years new courses in the history of the world's religions and in traditional African religions were added. By 1971 Religious Studies became an offical major granting a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. King was however affiliatied with the History Board. The reference collection included here was likely to serve both communities, History and Religious Studies.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection contains manuscripts, interviews and copies of works written primarily in the Luganda language, with many English translations by Ugandan and other writers, from the era of the newly independent Uganda and the proceeding Protectorate, used as a reference library by Mr. King and his associates. Also included is an incomplete manuscript by Ayre Oded on Islam in Buganda, as well as some published materials, correspondence, clippings, and photographs concerning Muslims in Uganda.


The bulk of the material follows the donor's original arrangement.

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Processed by Mathew E. Simpson in 2013. EAD encoded finding aid by Mathew E. Simpson.

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Related Material

UA90 Religious Studies Board Records; LS9132 [University of California, Santa Cruz Religious Studies Audio Tapes, 1986-1987]

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Africa, East -- Religious life and customs
Islam -- Uganda -- History

box-folder 1:1-2:18

(File A) Local Ugandan Publishers or Writers Series I 1912-1970

Physical Description: 35 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File A" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 1:1

Original Inventories, circa 1970

box-folder 1:2

Local Writers No. 1 - Katangulu, M.M., 1968- 1970

box-folder 1:3

Local Writers No. 2 - Katangulu, M.M. (author), [1968]

box-folder 1:4

Local Writers No. 3 - [Extract from "Muslim Martyrs of Buganda" (Uganda Journal) by Ahmed Katumba & F.B. Welbourn] [MISSING] 1963 [1964?]

box-folder 1:5

Local Writers No. 4 - Bakale Mukasa bin Mayanja, "History Booklet of King Mawanga, Kiwewa & Kalema's Battles" and "Akatabo ke Byafayo Eby'entalo za Kabaka Mwanga, Kiwewa ne Kalema" (2 copies), 1932-1965

box-folder 1:6

Local Writers No. 5 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda [Ebyafayo By'obusiramu mu Uganda]" [EMPTY] 1953

box-folder 1:7

Local Writers No. 6 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda" [typescript translation] 1953

box-folder 1:8

Local Writers No. 6 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda" [manuscript of translation] 1953

box-folder 1:9

Local Writers No. 7 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, "Islam in Buganda" [manuscript] 1932-1950

box-folder 1:10

Local Writers No. 8 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, "Islam in Buganda" (English translation) [carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 1:11

Local Writers No. 9 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, An Account of Islam in Buganda [photocopy of original] 1957

box-folder 1:12

Local Writers No. 10 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], "Autobiography" pt.1. Manuscript, typescript, and photocopy of translation. 1967

box-folder 1:13

Local Writers No. 11 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], Photocopy of "Autobiography" pt.2, 1967

box-folder 1:14

Local Writers No. 12 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], "Autobiography" pt.2. Original photocopy, manuscript and typescript of translation. 1967

box-folder 1:15

Local Writers No. 13 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], List of schools he built [photocopy] 1967

box-folder 1:16

Local Writers No. 14 - Gomotoka, J.T.K., Translation of Makula, v.6, pp. 2415-2597, 1968

box-folder 1:17

Local Writers No. 15 - Mukasa, Hamu, Translated extracts of "Simuda Nyoma" (Translated by Dr. Mbasira), 1938

box-folder 1:18

Local Writers No. 16 - Lwanga, P.M.K., "Life of Miti Kabazzi (an extract), 1947

box-folder 2:1

Local Writers No. 17 - Kajane, I., "Kabaka Mukabya" - extract of Munno. [Carbon copy of typescript] 1912

box-folder 2:2

Local Writers No. 18 - Unknown extract [perhaps Ahmad Nsambu] [1967?]

box-folder 2:3

Local Writers No. 19 - Aliwali, Alfonso, Translation of Ssabawanuuzi (published in Musizi). [Carbon copy of typescript] 1961

box-folder 2:4

Local Writers No. 20 - Buligwanga, E.M., "Lungfish Clan" (Abe Mamba). [Typescript] 1916

box-folder 2:5

Local Writers No. 21 - Kagwa, "Basekabaka" extracts. [Carbon copy of typescript] n.d.

box-folder 2:6

Local Writers No. 22 - Katumba, Ahmed, and F.B. Welbourn, "Muslim Martyrs of Buganda". (Offprint: Uganda Journal, v.28:2, 1964, pp. 151-163), 1964

box-folder 2:7

Local Writers No. 23 - Lubowa & Hadadi, "Identity of God". [EMPTY] 1963

box-folder 2:8

Local Writers No. 24 - Ssamula, Kimuli, "Islam for 120 years in Uganda". [Typescript] 1963

box-folder 2:9

Local Writers No. 25 - Ntege-Lubwaama, "Muslim Education in East Africa". [Typescript] 1963

box-folder 2:10

Local Writers No. 26 - Mayanja, Bakale Mukasa bin, "History Booklet of King Mwanga, Kiwewa and Kalema's Battles". [Originals & translations] xxxx

box-folder 2:11

Local Writers No. 27 - Nsimbi, Michael, "Amanya". [Carbon copy of typescript translation] n.d.

box-folder 2:12

Local Writers No. 28 - Zimbe, "Buganda ne Kabaka". [Manuscript of translation] 1939

box-folder 2:13

Local Writers No. 29 - Kasirye, Abateregga Kunamulondo. [Photocopy of translation] n.d.

box-folder 2:14

Local Writers No. 30 - Sekimwanyi, Sheik Haji Abudala M., "Islam in Buganda". (2 translations), n.d.

box-folder 2:15

Local Writers No. 31 - Kasozi, Abdu B.K., Nabisunsa Paper: "A Historical Approach to the Understanding of the Problems Facing Muslims in Uganda". [Typescript] 1965

box-folder 2:16

Local Writers No. 32 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Islam in Busoga". [Photocopy] 1969

box-folder 2:17

Local Writers No. 33 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Spread of Islam" 1st draft. [Typescript & photocopy] 1969

box-folder 2:18

Local Writers No. 34 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Spread of Islam" 2nd draft. [Photocopy] 1970

box-folder 2:19-3:7

(File B) Foreign Writers, Publications, and Extracts Series II 1892-1967

Physical Description: 15 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File B" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 2:19

#B1 Gee, T.W., "A Century of Muhammaden..." [EMPTY] 1956[?]

box-folder 2:20

#B2 Rowe, John A., [Notes on] 2nd Chapter of Thesis. [ Revolution in Buganda, 1856-1900 ] ca. 1967

box-folder 2:21

Extensive Notes on "Chapter II" [Possibly from John A. Rowe's Thesis: Revolution in Buganda, 1856-1900] ca. 1967[?]

box-folder 2:22

#B3 Rowe, John A., "A Biographical Approach to Nineteenth Century Buganda History", 1967

box-folder 2:23

#B4 Hamdun Bibliography of Islam in Africa [Photocopy] n.d.

box-folder 2:24

#B5 Various Useful But Unknown Extracts [6] 1948-1959

box-folder 2:25

#B6 Lugard's Reports. [Photocopy] 1892

box-folder 2:26

#B7 The Mosques of the First Muslims. [Photocopy] n.d.

box-folder 3:1

#B8 A Collection of Khatbahs (sermons) by Unknown Authors, n.d.

box-folder 3:2

#B9 Arabic MSS for Use in a Bugano School, n.d.

box-folder 3:3

#B10 The Uganda Muslim Students' Association Magazine: The Report of the First Muslim Youth Conference [with notes and accompanying letter] 1963

box-folder 3:4

#B11 "The Muslim Journal - The Magazine of the Makarere College Muslim Brotherhood" no.2, September 1960

box-folder 3:5

#B12 "Islam and the Early Christian Missions in Uganda, 1844-1910" (Uganda Museum Exhibition Guide), 1960

box-folder 3:6

#B13 "Okugunjula" [to train or educate] "Abato N'abakulu mu Ddini" (pamphlet) ["Develop youth's Islam"] 1967

box-folder 3:7

#B14 (Photos & Negatives of Bombo) [EMPTY] 1967

box-folder 3:8-3:23

(File C) "Interviews with Authoritatives", Series III 1950-1970

Physical Description: 16 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File C" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 3:8

#C1 "Interview with Sheik Shuaib Semakula at Kawempe" [Typescript] n.d.

box-folder 3:9

#C2 "Sheikh Abdul Rahman Mivule, interviewed by A. Oded and interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:10

#C3 "Salim Mbogo of Bukedi, interviewed by A. Oded." [Typescript] 1968

box-folder 3:11

#C4 "An Interview between Abdu Kasozi and a Warrior." 1967

box-folder 3:12

#C5 "Jusuf Sekkawu of Butambala - An Interview with Mr. Oded and Interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:13

#C6 "Sheikh Ismail Sendawula [of] Butambala, interviewed by Mr. A. Oded and Interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:14

#C7 Interview with Hassan Ssebowa [by] K.J. Parry and A.B.K. Kasozi" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1970

box-folder 3:15

#C8 "Visit to Bombo on 12th May, 1967, by Abdu Kasozi, B.A. II" [Typescript] & "Bombo Revisited" [Holograph] 1967-1968

box-folder 3:16

#C9 "Old Warrior Asumani Wamala [of] Butambala - Interview with Mr. Oded and Interpreter. 20/12/67" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:17

#C10 "Mbanda. Sabagabo-Butambala. Interview of A. Oded with Juma Nsambu , (ex-)Saza Chief of Butambala." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:18

#C11 "Canon Petero Lukungu interviewed by C.K. Bamwoze" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1966

box-folder 3:19

#C12 Collected Interviews and [other material from the files of Mr.] Doka of Bombo. 1950-1967

box-folder 3:20

#C13 Abdu Kasozi with Ramadhan Gava - "Uganda Muslim Education Association", "On Kibuli T.T.C. [Teacher Training College]", "Circumcision", 1967

box-folder 3:21

#C14 Abdu Kasozi with Sheikh Nsambu - "African Muslim Community Natete-Bukoto", "Islam in Uganda", "Interview with Sheikh Haji Ahmed of Natete", 1965-1966

box-folder 3:22

"Interview with the Old Warrior in Butambala County [by] Mr. Abdu Kasozi." 1967

box-folder 3:23

"What Happened if One Became a Muslim - The Old Worrior (sic) Tells His Own Experience: written & arranged by M. Amin Mutyaba." 1967

box-folder 3:24-4:9

(File D) Unorganized Material, Series IV ca. 1945-1971

Physical Description: 11 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File D" in the original order.


Arranged by content or format.
box-folder 3:24

"Bits Left Over" ca. 1968-1971

box-folder 3:25

"Bits Not Used" 1971

box-folder 4:1

A Dossier of Muslim Documents Concerning the African Muslim Community, ca. 1945-1970

box-folder 4:2

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1945-1969

box-folder 4:3

Miscellaneous Notes, n.d.

box-folder 4:4

Miscellaneous Invitations, 1964-1966

box-folder 4:5

Miscellaneous Programs, 1963, 1966

box-folder 4:6

Miscellaneous Essays, ca. 1965

box-folder 4:7

Clippings, 1962-1971

box-folder 4:8

University of East Africa History Class Final Examination, 1968

box-folder 4:9

Miscellaneous Photographs, n.d.

box-folder 4:10-4:16

Ayre Oded Material, Series V 1969-1971

Physical Description: 7 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material concerned with an unidentified manuscript of Ayre Oded, a graduate of Hebrew University who lived and studied in Uganda from 1962 to 1968. Mr. King was helping edit the text. Mr. Oded, along with Abdu Kasozi, co-wrote along with Mr. King the monograph Islam and the Confluence of Religions in Uganda, 1840-1966 , published in 1973.


Arranged by manuscript chapter.
box-folder 4:10

Outlines [Carbon copies of typescripts] n.d.

box-folder 4:11

Notes & Correspondence with NQK re manuscript, 1969-1971

box-folder 4:12

Manuscript - Chapter 2 [several drafts] ca. 1969

box-folder 4:13

Manuscript - Chapter 3, 1971

box-folder 4:14

Manuscript - Chapter 5, 1971

box-folder 4:15

Manuscript - Chapter 6, ca. 1971

box-folder 4:16

Manuscript - Chapter 7, ca. 1971