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King (Noel Q.) papers
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(File A) Local Ugandan Publishers or Writers Series I 1912-1970

Physical Description: 35 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File A" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 1:1

Original Inventories, circa 1970

box-folder 1:2

Local Writers No. 1 - Katangulu, M.M., 1968- 1970

box-folder 1:3

Local Writers No. 2 - Katangulu, M.M. (author), [1968]

box-folder 1:4

Local Writers No. 3 - [Extract from "Muslim Martyrs of Buganda" (Uganda Journal) by Ahmed Katumba & F.B. Welbourn] [MISSING] 1963 [1964?]

box-folder 1:5

Local Writers No. 4 - Bakale Mukasa bin Mayanja, "History Booklet of King Mawanga, Kiwewa & Kalema's Battles" and "Akatabo ke Byafayo Eby'entalo za Kabaka Mwanga, Kiwewa ne Kalema" (2 copies), 1932-1965

box-folder 1:6

Local Writers No. 5 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda [Ebyafayo By'obusiramu mu Uganda]" [EMPTY] 1953

box-folder 1:7

Local Writers No. 6 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda" [typescript translation] 1953

box-folder 1:8

Local Writers No. 6 - Kulumba, Sheikh Ali, "The History of Islam in Uganda" [manuscript of translation] 1953

box-folder 1:9

Local Writers No. 7 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, "Islam in Buganda" [manuscript] 1932-1950

box-folder 1:10

Local Writers No. 8 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, "Islam in Buganda" (English translation) [carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 1:11

Local Writers No. 9 - Nsambu, Sheikh Haji Ahmed, An Account of Islam in Buganda [photocopy of original] 1957

box-folder 1:12

Local Writers No. 10 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], "Autobiography" pt.1. Manuscript, typescript, and photocopy of translation. 1967

box-folder 1:13

Local Writers No. 11 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], Photocopy of "Autobiography" pt.2, 1967

box-folder 1:14

Local Writers No. 12 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], "Autobiography" pt.2. Original photocopy, manuscript and typescript of translation. 1967

box-folder 1:15

Local Writers No. 13 - Ssemakula, Sheikh Shuaib [Swaibu], List of schools he built [photocopy] 1967

box-folder 1:16

Local Writers No. 14 - Gomotoka, J.T.K., Translation of Makula, v.6, pp. 2415-2597, 1968

box-folder 1:17

Local Writers No. 15 - Mukasa, Hamu, Translated extracts of "Simuda Nyoma" (Translated by Dr. Mbasira), 1938

box-folder 1:18

Local Writers No. 16 - Lwanga, P.M.K., "Life of Miti Kabazzi (an extract), 1947

box-folder 2:1

Local Writers No. 17 - Kajane, I., "Kabaka Mukabya" - extract of Munno. [Carbon copy of typescript] 1912

box-folder 2:2

Local Writers No. 18 - Unknown extract [perhaps Ahmad Nsambu] [1967?]

box-folder 2:3

Local Writers No. 19 - Aliwali, Alfonso, Translation of Ssabawanuuzi (published in Musizi). [Carbon copy of typescript] 1961

box-folder 2:4

Local Writers No. 20 - Buligwanga, E.M., "Lungfish Clan" (Abe Mamba). [Typescript] 1916

box-folder 2:5

Local Writers No. 21 - Kagwa, "Basekabaka" extracts. [Carbon copy of typescript] n.d.

box-folder 2:6

Local Writers No. 22 - Katumba, Ahmed, and F.B. Welbourn, "Muslim Martyrs of Buganda". (Offprint: Uganda Journal, v.28:2, 1964, pp. 151-163), 1964

box-folder 2:7

Local Writers No. 23 - Lubowa & Hadadi, "Identity of God". [EMPTY] 1963

box-folder 2:8

Local Writers No. 24 - Ssamula, Kimuli, "Islam for 120 years in Uganda". [Typescript] 1963

box-folder 2:9

Local Writers No. 25 - Ntege-Lubwaama, "Muslim Education in East Africa". [Typescript] 1963

box-folder 2:10

Local Writers No. 26 - Mayanja, Bakale Mukasa bin, "History Booklet of King Mwanga, Kiwewa and Kalema's Battles". [Originals & translations] xxxx

box-folder 2:11

Local Writers No. 27 - Nsimbi, Michael, "Amanya". [Carbon copy of typescript translation] n.d.

box-folder 2:12

Local Writers No. 28 - Zimbe, "Buganda ne Kabaka". [Manuscript of translation] 1939

box-folder 2:13

Local Writers No. 29 - Kasirye, Abateregga Kunamulondo. [Photocopy of translation] n.d.

box-folder 2:14

Local Writers No. 30 - Sekimwanyi, Sheik Haji Abudala M., "Islam in Buganda". (2 translations), n.d.

box-folder 2:15

Local Writers No. 31 - Kasozi, Abdu B.K., Nabisunsa Paper: "A Historical Approach to the Understanding of the Problems Facing Muslims in Uganda". [Typescript] 1965

box-folder 2:16

Local Writers No. 32 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Islam in Busoga". [Photocopy] 1969

box-folder 2:17

Local Writers No. 33 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Spread of Islam" 1st draft. [Typescript & photocopy] 1969

box-folder 2:18

Local Writers No. 34 - Kasozi, A.B.K., "Spread of Islam" 2nd draft. [Photocopy] 1970

box-folder 2:19-3:7

(File B) Foreign Writers, Publications, and Extracts Series II 1892-1967

Physical Description: 15 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File B" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 2:19

#B1 Gee, T.W., "A Century of Muhammaden..." [EMPTY] 1956[?]

box-folder 2:20

#B2 Rowe, John A., [Notes on] 2nd Chapter of Thesis. [ Revolution in Buganda, 1856-1900 ] ca. 1967

box-folder 2:21

Extensive Notes on "Chapter II" [Possibly from John A. Rowe's Thesis: Revolution in Buganda, 1856-1900] ca. 1967[?]

box-folder 2:22

#B3 Rowe, John A., "A Biographical Approach to Nineteenth Century Buganda History", 1967

box-folder 2:23

#B4 Hamdun Bibliography of Islam in Africa [Photocopy] n.d.

box-folder 2:24

#B5 Various Useful But Unknown Extracts [6] 1948-1959

box-folder 2:25

#B6 Lugard's Reports. [Photocopy] 1892

box-folder 2:26

#B7 The Mosques of the First Muslims. [Photocopy] n.d.

box-folder 3:1

#B8 A Collection of Khatbahs (sermons) by Unknown Authors, n.d.

box-folder 3:2

#B9 Arabic MSS for Use in a Bugano School, n.d.

box-folder 3:3

#B10 The Uganda Muslim Students' Association Magazine: The Report of the First Muslim Youth Conference [with notes and accompanying letter] 1963

box-folder 3:4

#B11 "The Muslim Journal - The Magazine of the Makarere College Muslim Brotherhood" no.2, September 1960

box-folder 3:5

#B12 "Islam and the Early Christian Missions in Uganda, 1844-1910" (Uganda Museum Exhibition Guide), 1960

box-folder 3:6

#B13 "Okugunjula" [to train or educate] "Abato N'abakulu mu Ddini" (pamphlet) ["Develop youth's Islam"] 1967

box-folder 3:7

#B14 (Photos & Negatives of Bombo) [EMPTY] 1967

box-folder 3:8-3:23

(File C) "Interviews with Authoritatives", Series III 1950-1970

Physical Description: 16 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File C" in the original order.


Arranged following the list included with the files.
box-folder 3:8

#C1 "Interview with Sheik Shuaib Semakula at Kawempe" [Typescript] n.d.

box-folder 3:9

#C2 "Sheikh Abdul Rahman Mivule, interviewed by A. Oded and interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:10

#C3 "Salim Mbogo of Bukedi, interviewed by A. Oded." [Typescript] 1968

box-folder 3:11

#C4 "An Interview between Abdu Kasozi and a Warrior." 1967

box-folder 3:12

#C5 "Jusuf Sekkawu of Butambala - An Interview with Mr. Oded and Interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:13

#C6 "Sheikh Ismail Sendawula [of] Butambala, interviewed by Mr. A. Oded and Interpreter." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:14

#C7 Interview with Hassan Ssebowa [by] K.J. Parry and A.B.K. Kasozi" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1970

box-folder 3:15

#C8 "Visit to Bombo on 12th May, 1967, by Abdu Kasozi, B.A. II" [Typescript] & "Bombo Revisited" [Holograph] 1967-1968

box-folder 3:16

#C9 "Old Warrior Asumani Wamala [of] Butambala - Interview with Mr. Oded and Interpreter. 20/12/67" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:17

#C10 "Mbanda. Sabagabo-Butambala. Interview of A. Oded with Juma Nsambu , (ex-)Saza Chief of Butambala." [Carbon copy of typescript] 1967

box-folder 3:18

#C11 "Canon Petero Lukungu interviewed by C.K. Bamwoze" [Carbon copy of typescript] 1966

box-folder 3:19

#C12 Collected Interviews and [other material from the files of Mr.] Doka of Bombo. 1950-1967

box-folder 3:20

#C13 Abdu Kasozi with Ramadhan Gava - "Uganda Muslim Education Association", "On Kibuli T.T.C. [Teacher Training College]", "Circumcision", 1967

box-folder 3:21

#C14 Abdu Kasozi with Sheikh Nsambu - "African Muslim Community Natete-Bukoto", "Islam in Uganda", "Interview with Sheikh Haji Ahmed of Natete", 1965-1966

box-folder 3:22

"Interview with the Old Warrior in Butambala County [by] Mr. Abdu Kasozi." 1967

box-folder 3:23

"What Happened if One Became a Muslim - The Old Worrior (sic) Tells His Own Experience: written & arranged by M. Amin Mutyaba." 1967

box-folder 3:24-4:9

(File D) Unorganized Material, Series IV ca. 1945-1971

Physical Description: 11 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material listed as "File D" in the original order.


Arranged by content or format.
box-folder 3:24

"Bits Left Over" ca. 1968-1971

box-folder 3:25

"Bits Not Used" 1971

box-folder 4:1

A Dossier of Muslim Documents Concerning the African Muslim Community, ca. 1945-1970

box-folder 4:2

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1945-1969

box-folder 4:3

Miscellaneous Notes, n.d.

box-folder 4:4

Miscellaneous Invitations, 1964-1966

box-folder 4:5

Miscellaneous Programs, 1963, 1966

box-folder 4:6

Miscellaneous Essays, ca. 1965

box-folder 4:7

Clippings, 1962-1971

box-folder 4:8

University of East Africa History Class Final Examination, 1968

box-folder 4:9

Miscellaneous Photographs, n.d.

box-folder 4:10-4:16

Ayre Oded Material, Series V 1969-1971

Physical Description: 7 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains material concerned with an unidentified manuscript of Ayre Oded, a graduate of Hebrew University who lived and studied in Uganda from 1962 to 1968. Mr. King was helping edit the text. Mr. Oded, along with Abdu Kasozi, co-wrote along with Mr. King the monograph Islam and the Confluence of Religions in Uganda, 1840-1966 , published in 1973.


Arranged by manuscript chapter.
box-folder 4:10

Outlines [Carbon copies of typescripts] n.d.

box-folder 4:11

Notes & Correspondence with NQK re manuscript, 1969-1971

box-folder 4:12

Manuscript - Chapter 2 [several drafts] ca. 1969

box-folder 4:13

Manuscript - Chapter 3, 1971

box-folder 4:14

Manuscript - Chapter 5, 1971

box-folder 4:15

Manuscript - Chapter 6, ca. 1971

box-folder 4:16

Manuscript - Chapter 7, ca. 1971