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Guide to the Alan J. Heeger Papers
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Series I:  Manuscripts

Box 1: 1

"[3 + 2] and [4 + 2] Cycloadditions of C60," M. Prato et al J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 115, 1594, 1992

Box 1: 2

"3-oxo-4-thioxo-1,2,5,6-tetrathiapentalene (OTTP): A Novel Thiocarbon with an Unusual Chalcogen Network in its Solid State Structure," Closs, Srdanov and Wudl, June-Oct. 1989

Box 1: 3

"A 160-Femtosecond Optical Image Processor Based on a Conjugated Polymer," C. Halvorson et al Apr. 1994-Aug. 1995

Box 1: 4

"Absence of Photoinduced Electron Transfer from the excitonic electron-hole bound state in...," N.S. Sariciftci et al Feb-Oct. 1994

Box 1: 5

"Absorption Detected Magnetic Resonance Studies of Photoexications in Conjugated-polymer C60 Composites," by Z. Wei et al n.d.

Box 1: 6

"Absorption Spectra and Electronic Properties of Alkali Metal Doped C60," V.I. Sardanov et al n.d.

Box 1: 7

"Absorption Spectroscopy of Nonlinear Excitations in Polyaniline," N.S. Sariciftci et al J. Chem. Phys. 98 (4), 2664, Aug. 1992-Feb. 1993

Box 1: 8

"AC Impedance of Frozen Junction Polymer Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells," Y. Li et al June-Nov. 1998

Box 1: 9

"AC Impedance of Polymer Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells and Light-emitting Diodes: A Comparative Study," Y. Li et al May 1995-May 1998

Box 1: 10

"Addition of Azides to C60: Synthesis of Azafulleroids," M. Prato et al J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 115, 1148, Oct. 1991-Sept. 1992

Box 1: 11

"Addition Reactions of C60 Leading to Fullerprolines," by M. Maggini et al 1994

Box 1: 12

"A Facile Formation of Fullerene Adducts from Sultines via a Diels-Alder Reaction," B. Illescas et al 1995

Box 1: 13

"A Heteroaromatic Trimethylenemethane," F. Wudl et al Oct. 1987-1988

Box 1: 14

"Alkali Vapor Phase Doping of Polyacetylene," Moses et al n.d.

Box 1: 15

"Amplified Spontaneous Emission from an MEH-PPV film in Cylindrical Geometry," J.Y. Park et al Nov. 1998-Feb. 1999

Box 1: 16

"Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Photopumped Films of a Conjugated Polymer," M.D. McGehee et al Jan-June 1998

Box 2: 1

"An Analytic Model for the Polymer Grid Triode," J. McElvain and A.J. Heeger, Mar-Aug. 1996

Box 2: 2

"A New Preparation of 5-Alkylthio-1,2 Dithiole-3-thiones and A Highly Functionalized 1,3-Dithiole-2-Thione," W.-L. Lu et al Jan. 4, 1989

Box 2: 3

"A New Type of Polyenaminonitrile Analogous to Polyphenyleneurea," Shi and Wudl, July 1990-Feb. 1991

Box 2: 4

"Anharmonicity and Frequency Shift of the Apex Oxygen 0(4) Raman Mode in Y1Ba2Cu3 O7-δ," Mihailovic and Foster, Jan. 19, 1990

Box 2: 5

"An Improved Isolation of Triformylmethane (TFM): Properties & Preparation of Some Derivatives," Keshavarz et al Oct. 1987-Feb. 1988

Box 2: 6

"Anisotropic Conductivity in Polyaniline and Image Processing Applications," M. Costolo and A.J. Heeger, Syn. Met. 114 (1) 85, Feb-Apr. 2000

Box 2: 7

"Anisotropy of the Third Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility in a Degenerate Ground State...," Sinclair et al Dec. 1987-May 1988

Box 2: 8

"A Novel Triarylamine-based Conjugated Polymer and Its Unusual Light-Emitting Properties," W.-L. Yu et al Chem. Commun. 681, 2000

Box 2: 9

"An Unusual Addition-Rearrangement of a Dialkoxycarbene to C60: Exclusion of Methanofullerene Products," R. González et al Sept. 1995-July 1996

Box 2: 10

"A Photoluminescence Study of PPC Derivatives: The Effect of Intrinsic Persistence Length," C.I. Gettinger and A.J. Heeger, Dec. 1993-Mar. 1994

Box 2: 11

"A Polyester and Polyurethane of Diphenyl C61: Retention of Fulleroid Properties in a Polymer," S. Shi et al J. Chem. Soc. 114, 10656, Aug-Oct. 1992

Box 2: 12

"Application of Polaron Transport Theory to σ(ω) in Tl2Ba2Ca1-xGdxCu2O8, YBa2Cu3O7-δ, and La2-xSrxCuO4," Mihailovic et al June-Nov. 1990

Box 2: 13

"A Pressure Sensitive 2-D TCNQ Salt of a Stable Free Radical," K.A. Hutchison et al Sept-Nov. 1996

Box 2: 14

"A Simple Soxhlet Chromatographic Method for the Isolation of Pure C60 and C70," Khemani et al Feb-Apr. 1992

Box 2: 15

"Base-Pair Stacking in Oriented Films of DNA-Surfactant Complex," C. Yang, D. Moses and A.J. Heeger, Adv. Mater. 15 (N16) 1364-1367, Jan-Apr. 2003

Box 3: 1

"BEDO2.4I3: The First Robust Organic Metal of BEDO-TTF," F. Wudl et al Oct. 1989-Feb. 1990

Box 3: 2

"Benzobisdithiazole (BBDT): An Electron Spin Resonance Study," Dormann et al n.d.

Box 3: 3

"Beyond Superquenching: Hyper-efficient Energy Transfer from Conjugated Polymers to Gold Nanoparticles," C. Fan et al Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 100 (N11) 6297-6301, Feb-Apr. 2003

Box 3: 4

"Biosensors Form Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complexes," D. Wang et al PNAS 99 (N1) 49-53, Sept. 2001-Jan. 2002

Box 3: 5

"Bipolarons in Poly(3-methylthiphene): Spectroscopic, Magnetic and Electrochemical Measurements," Colaneri et al n.d.

Box 3: 6

"Bis(Ethylenedioxo) Tetrathiafulvalene: The First Oxygen Substituted TTF," Suzuki et al Dec. 21, 1988

Box 3: 7

"Blue Electroluminescent Diodes Utilizing Blends of Poly(p-phenylphenylene vinylene) in Poly(9-vinylcarbazole)," C. Zhang et al Apr-Sept. 1993

Box 3: 8

"Blue Emission From Polymer Light-emitting Diodes Using Non-conjugated Polymer Blends with Air-stable Electrodes," A.J. Heeger et al Sept. 1994-Mar. 1995

Box 3: 9

"Blue Polymer Light-emitting Diodes from Poly(9,9-dihexylfluorene-alt-co-2, 5-didecyloxy-para-phenylene)," W. Yu et al App. Phys. Letts. 75 (21) 3270, June-Oct. 1999

Box 3: 10

"Buckminsterfullerene C60 and Organic Ferromagnetism," Wudl and Thompson, n.d.

Box 3: 11

"C60 in a Coordination Compound: Tetraphenylprophinatochromium (III) Fulleride," Pénicaud et al June-July 1991

Box 3: 12

"Carrier Density and Quantum Efficiency Measurements in Conjugated Polymers: Ultrafast Photoinduced IRAV Absorption," D. Moses, A. Dogariu and A.J. Heeger, Thin Solid Films 363 68, 2000

Box 3: 13

"Carrier Photogeneration & Mobility in Polydiacetylene," Moses, Sinclair and Heeger, Feb. 1986-Apr. 1987

Box 3: 14

"Carrier Tunneling and Device Characteristics in Polymer Light-emitting Diodes," Parker and Heeger, Feb. 1994-Mar. 1998

Box 3: 15

"Characterization of the Nematic Gel Phase of Polydiacetylene 4BCMU in Toluene...," Spiegel, Kapitulnik and Heeger, n.d.

Box 3: 16

"Charged Solitons in Pernigraniline," Y. Cao and A.J. Heeger, Apr-Dec. 1990

Box 4: 1

"Charge Separation and Photovoltaic Conversion in Polymer Composites with Internal Donor/Acceptor Heterojunctions," G. Yu and A.J. Heeger, Dec. 1994-Oct. 1995

Box 4: 2

"Charge Storage in a Soluble Conducting Polythiolene Derivative," Fite et al n.d.

Box 4: 3

"Charge Storage in Doped Poly(thiophene): Optical and Electrochemical Studies," Chung et al n.d.

Box 4: 4

"Charge Storage in Spinless Solitons in Trans-(CH)x: In-Situ Magnetic Resonance Measurements...," Chen and Heeger, n.d.

Box 4: 5

"Charge Storage on a Conducting Polymer in Solution," Nowak et al July 1987-Jan. 1989

Box 4: 6

"Charge Transfer Range for Photoexcitations in Conjugated Polymer/Fullerene Bilayers and Blends," D. Vacar et al Mar-Aug. 1997

Box 4: 7

"Charge Transport at Mid-Gap in Trans-(CH)x: an Electrochemical Study," Kaufman et al n.d.

Box 4: 8

"Charge Transport in Conducting Polymers," R. Menon, Mar. 9-23, 1998

Box 4: 9

"Chemistry and Physics of Fulleroids and Methanofullerenes," F. Wudl, J.C. Hummelen and V. Srdanov, Aug. 1995-1996

Box 4: 10

"Chemistry of Organic Polyheterocyclic Conductors," F. Wudl, Sept. 1986-Apr. 1987

Box 4: 11

"Chromism of Soluble Polythienylenes," Rughooputh et al Dec. 8, 1986

Box 4: 12

"Color Characterization of Large Area Polymer Image Sensors," J. Wang et al Organic Electronics 1 33, Feb. 1999-Sept. 2000

Box 4: 13

"Comment on: 'Optical Measurements on Oriented Thin YBa2Cu3O7-8...'," Kapitulnik and Heeger, Nov. 1987-Feb. 1988

Box 4: 14

"Comment on: 'Optical Probes of Excited States in Poly(p-Phenylenevinylene)'," C. Lee et al Feb-July 1994

Box 5: 1

"Comment on: 'Ultrafast Field-Induced Dissociation of Excitons in Conjugated Polymers'," D. Moses, C. Lee and A.J. Heeger (not published), Sept-Dec. 1994

Box 5: 2

"Compact, Low Power Polymer-Based Optical Correlator," D. Vacar et al June 1996-Feb. 1997

Box 5: 3

"Complex Admittance Measurements of Polymer-Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells: Ionic and Electronic Contributions," G. Yu et al Mar-July 1997

Box 5: 4

"Conducting Polymer Composites of Soluble Polythiophenes," Hotta, Rughooputh and Heeger, Nov. 1987-Jan. 1988

Box 5: 5

"Conducting Polymers: A New Class of Electronic Materials," Heeger et al Aug-Oct. 1983

Box 5: 6

"Confined Soliton Pairs (Bipolarons) in Polythiophene: In-Situ Magnetic Resonance Measurements," Chen et al n.d.

Box 5: 7

"Confirmational Defects in Durham Polyacetylene: Photoinduced IR Absorption," Friend et al Feb. 28, 1987

Box 5: 8

"Conformation of a Conjugated Polyelectrolyte in Aqueous Solution: Small Angle Neutron Scattering," D. Wang et al J. Macromol. Sci - Pure Appl. Chem. A38 (12) 1175-1189, Mar-May 2001

Box 5: 9

"Conformation of Polydiacetylene Macromolecules in Solution: ...," Kim et al n.d.

Box 5: 10

"Conjugated Copolymers of 2-Methoxy-5-2'-ethylhexyloxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene and 2,5-Dicyano-1,4-phenylenevinylene as Materials for Polymer Light Emitting Diodes," W.-L. Yu et al Syn. Met. (submitted), Apr. 22-24, 1999

Box 5: 11-12

"Conjugated Polymers as Thin Film Solid-State Laser Materials: Photopumped Lasing, Gain-Narrowing and Waveguiding," B.J. Schwartz et al Aug. 1996-May 1997

Box 6: 1

"Conjugated Polymers: The Interconnection of Chemical and Electronic Structure," A.J. Heeger, July 1991-June 1992

Box 6: 2

"Conjugated Polymers with Degenerate Ground State: The Route to High Performance Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Response," C. Halvorson et al Chem. Phys. Lett. 200, 364, Jan-Nov. 1992

Box 6: 3

"Counter-ion Induced Processibility of Conducting Polymers: (1) Acid-assisted Oxidative Doping & Solubilization. (2) Acid-assisted Oxidative Polymerization, Doping and Solubilization," M.C.M. van der Sanden, Oct. 1996-Mar. 1997

Box 6: 4

"Counter-ion Induced Processibility of Conjugated Polyquinolines," M. van der Sanden et al Dec. 1994-Nov. 1997

Box 6: 5

"Counter-ion Induced Processibility of Polyaniline: Thermoelectric Power," C.O. Yoon et al Apr-Nov. 1993

Box 6: 6

"Counter-ion Induced Processibility of Polyaninile: Transport at the Metal-Insulator Boundary," R. Menon et al Phys. Rev. B 47 (4), 1758, Mar. 1991-Jan. 1993

Box 6: 7

"Crossover to Negative Dielectric Response in the Low-Frequency Spectra of Metallic Polymers," K. Lee and A.J. Heeger, Physical Review B 68 (N3) 035201, Mar-May 2003

Box 6: 8

"Crystal Structures of Tetrakis(4,4'-(2,2-diphenylvinyl)-1,1'biphenyl)methane: Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction," C.Y. Yang et al Oct. 2000-Mar. 2001

Box 6: 9

"Cyanodihydrofullerenes and Dicyanodihydrofullerene: The First Polar Solid Based on C60," M. Keshavarz-K. et al July-Sept. 1995

Box 6: 10

"Cyclic Voltammetry Studies of Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells," Y. Greenwald et al Dec. 1996-Apr. 1997

Box 7: 1

"Density Wave Charge Dynamics in Conducting Polypyrrole," K. Lee et al Phys. Rev. Lett. 61 3 1635, Dec. 1998-Oct. 1999

Box 7: 2

"Dihydrofulleroid H2C61: Synthesis and Properties of the Parent Fulleroid," Suzuki et al Apr-July 1992

Box 7: 3

"Direct Evidence of the Importance of Electron-Phonon Coupling...," Kim et al July-Nov. 1987

Box 7: 4

"Direct Evidence of the Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Conducting Polymer-C60 Composites by Infrared Photoexcitation Spectroscopy," K. Lee et al Phys. Rev. B, Nov. 1993-Feb. 1994

Box 7: 5

"Direct Observation of Junction Formation in Polymer Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells," J. Gao et al Dec. 7, 1998

Box 7: 6

"Direct Observation of the Intersystem Crossing in Poly(3-octylthiophene)," B. Krabel, D. Moses and A.J. Heeger, Apr-June 1995

Box 7: 7

"Disorder and Staging in Iodine-doped Polyacetylene," M.J. Winokur et al Phys. Rev. B 45 (17), 9656, Dec. 30, 1991

Box 7: 8

"Disorder-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Conducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger, J. of Superconductivity 14 (N2) 261, Jan. 16, 2001

Box 7: 9

"Donors, Acceptors and the FOM Model," Wudl et al n.d.

Box 7: 10

"Doped β-carotene Films: Spinless Charge Storage Stabilized by Structural Relaxation," E. Ehrenfreund, D. Moses and A.J. Heeger, Chem. Phys. Lett. 196 (1,2), 84, Apr-Aug. 1992

Box 7: 11

"Doped Poly(thiophene): Electron Spin Resonance Determination of the Magnetic Susceptibility," Moraes et al n.d.

Box 7: 12

"Dual-Function Semiconducting Polymer Devices. Light-Emitting and Photodetecting Diodes," Yu, C. Zhang and A.J. Heeger, Oct. 1993-Mar. 1994

Box 7: 13

"Dynamic Light Scattering and Viscometric Measurements on Solubilized Polyaniline," C.L. Gettinger et al Feb. 15-17, 1993

Box 7: 14

"Dynamic Quenching of 5-(2'-Ethyl-hexyloxy)-p-Phenylene Vinylene (MEH-PPV) by Charge Transfer to a C60 Derivative in Solution," J. Wang et al J. of App. Polymer Sci. 82 2553, Feb. 2000-Jan. 2001

Box 8: 1

"Effects of Intermolecular Interactions on the Lowest Excited State in Luminescent Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers," J. Cornil, A.J. Heeger and J.L. Bredas, Nov. 7, 1997

Box 8: 2

"Effects of Structural Disorder and Temperature on the Distribution of Exciton Binding Energy in Poly(phenylene vinylene) Films," D. Moses, R. Schmechel, A.J. Heeger, 2003

Box 8: 3

"Effects on Enhancement of Interchain Interaction on the Charge Density Wave Condensate: Pressure Effects in (TaSe4)2I," Moses and Boysel, July 27, 1984

Box 8: 4

"Efficient Synthesis of 4-Acylisox-azole Derivatives from Triform...," Angus et al Nov. 1987-July 1988

Box 8: 5

"Elasticity of Poly(diacetylene) Gels: Measurements by Electric Field Coupling," Kapitulnik et al n.d.

Box 8: 6

"Electrically Conductive Fibers of Polyaniline Spun from Sulfuric Acid," Andreatta et al Nov. 1, 1988

Box 8: 7

"Electrically Conductive Polyacetylene Fibers Through In-Situ...," Chiang et al n.d.

Box 8: 8

"Electrically Conductive Polyblend Fibers of Polyaniline and Poly-(p-phenylene terephthalamide)," Andreatta et al Dec. 1989-July 1990

Box 8: 9

"Electrical Transport in Conductive Blends of Polyaniline in Polymethylmethacrylate," Yoon et al Aug-Dec. 1993

Box 8: 10

"Electric Field Coupling to Slow Elastic Modes in Gels of Conjugated Polymers," Kapitulnik et al n.d.

Box 8: 11

"Electroabsorption of Polyacetylene," Phillips et al June-July 1989

Box 8: 12

"Electroabsorption Studies of Undoped C60 Thin Films," S. Jeglinski et al n.d.

Box 8: 13

"Electrochemical and Opto-Electrochemical Properties of Poly(isothianaphthene)," Colaneri et al n.d.

Box 8: 14

"Electrochemical Evidence for Through-space Orbital Interactions in Spiro Methanofullerenes," F. Wudl et al Jan-Apr. 1995

Box 8: 15

"Electrochemical Interrogation of Conformational Changes as a Reagentless Method for the Sequence-specific Detection of DNA," C. Fan, K.W. Plaxco and A.J. Heeger, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 100 (N16) 9134-9137, May-Aug. 2003

Box 8: 16

"Electrochemical Light Emitting Cells from Semiconducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger and J. Gao, Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Engineering, ed. K.H. Jurgen Buschow (Elsevier, Amsterdam) 2527, 2001

Box 8: 17

"Electrochemical Light Emitting Cells from Semiconducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger and J. Gao, Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, ed. G. Hadziiannou, 2525-2531 Elsevier Science, Feb-Sept. 1999

Box 8: 18

"Electrochemically Induced Isomerization of a Fulleroid to a Methanofullerene," M. Eiermann and F. Wudl, Apr-July 1994

Box 8: 19

"Electrochemical Properties of Luminescent Polymers and Polymer Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells," Li et al Oct. 1998-Jan. 1999

Box 8: 20

"Electrochemical Studies of Self-doped Conducting Polymers: Verification of the 'Cation-Popping' Doping Mechanism," Ikenoue et al Sept. 1987-Nov. 1989

Box 9: 1

"Electrochemical Synthesis and Spectroscopic Study of Poly(3-Alkylthienylenes)...," Shu and Hotta, May-Oct. 1987

Box 9: 2

"Electrochromic Switching of the Optical Properties of Polyisothianaphthene," Yashima et al Jan-Feb. 1986

Box 9: 3

"Electroluminescence and Electrical Transport in poly(3-octylthiophene) Diodes," D. Braun et al J. Appl. Phys. 72 (2), 564, Sept. 1991-Apr. 1992

Box 9: 4

"Electroluminescence from Blend Films of Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) and Poly(N-vinylcarbazole)," Nishino et al July-Oct. 1994

Box 9: 5

"Electroluminescence from Poly(phenylene vinylene) in a Planar Metal-Polymer-Metal Structure," Lemmer et al Nov. 1995-May 1996

Box 9: 6

"Electron Correlation and Bond Alternation in Polymers," Bredas and Heeger, Aug. 1988-Nov. 1989

Box 9: 7

"Electron Diffraction Studies of the Structure of Polyaniline-dodecyl Benzenesulfonate," C.Y. Yang et al June-Dec. 1993

Box 9: 8

"Electronic and Electrochemical Properties of Poly(isothianaphthene)," Kobayashi et al Jan-Feb. 1985

Box 9: 9

"Electronic Transport in Doped Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Near the Metal-insulator Transition," A. Aleshin et al Apr-Oct. 1997

Box 9: 10

"Electronic Transport in the Metallic State of Oriented Poly(p-phenylenevinylene)," M. Ahlskog et al Jan-Mar. 1996

Box 9: 11

"Electron-Spin-Echo Modulation and Relaxation in Polythiophene," Davidov et al n.d.

Box 10: 1

"Electrophosphorescence from a Conjugated Copolymer Doped with Iridium Complex: High Brightness and Improved Operational Stability," X. Gong et al Adv. Mater. 15 (N1) 45-49, Nov. 5, 2001

Box 10: 2

"Electrophosphorescence from a Polymer Guest-Host System with an Iridium Complex as Guest: Forster Energy Transfer and Charge Trapping," X. Gong et al Adv. Func. Mater. 13 (N6) 439-444, Feb. 22-24, 2003

Box 10: 3

"Energetic Preference in 5,6 and 6,6 Ring Junction Adducts of C60: Fulleroids and Methanofullerenes," M. Prato et al Mar. 17, 1993

Box 10: 4

"Enhanced Electroluminescence from Semiconducting Polymer Blends," Yu et al Dec. 1994-Feb. 1995

Box 10: 5-6

"Enhanced Nonlinear Absorption and Optical Limiting in Conducting Polymer/Methanofullerene Charge Transfer Films," M. Cha et al May 1995-Mar. 1996

Box 10: 7

"Enhanced Order and Electronic Delocalization in Conjugated Polymers Oriented by Gel-Processing in Polyethylene," Hagler et al Apr. 8, 1991

Box 10: 8

"Evidence for Tunable Structures in Doped Alkyl-substituted Conducting Polymer," Winokur et al July-Nov. 1990

Box 10: 9

"Excitation Profile for Photogeneration of Solitons in Trans-(CH)," Blanchet, Fincher and Heeger, n.d.

Box 10: 10

"Excitation Spectrum for Ultrafast Photogeneration of Charged Solitons in Polyacetylene," P.B. Miranda et al Phys. Rev. B 66 125202, Apr-Sept. 2002

Box 10: 11

"Experimental Evidence for Segregated Ring Currents in C60," M. Prato, T. Suzuki and F. Wudl, Feb-June 1993

Box 10: 12

"Fast Transient Photoconductivity Studies of Polyacetylene & Polydiacetylene," Moses and Heeger, 1993

Box 10: 13

"Fine Tuning of the Bandgap in Conjugated Polymers via Control of Block Copolymer Sequences," F. Meyers, A.J. Heeger and J.L. Bredas, Apr. 15, 1992

Box 10: 14

"First-Order Transition to a Metallic State in Polyacetylene: ...," Kivelson and Heeger, June 6, 1985

Box 10: 15

"First Order Transition to a Novel Metallic State in [Na+y(CH)-y]x: ...," Moraes et al n.d.

Box 11: 1

"Forced Rayleigh Scattering on a Soluble Conjugated Polymer," D. Spiegel, Sept. 1989-June 1990

Box 11: 2

"Frequency Dependence of Third-Harmonic Generation in cis- and trans-Polyacetylene: Importance of the Degenerate Ground State to Nonlinear Optical Response," C. Halvorson et al Aug. 1991-Jan. 1992

Box 11: 3

"From Organic Metals to Superconductors: Managing Conduction Electronics in Organic Solids," F. Wudl, n.d.

Box 11: 4

"Fullerene-Based Polymer Grid Triodes," J. McElvain et al Oct. 1996-May 1997

Box 11: 5

"Fundamental Electrochemical Studies of Polyacetylene," Kaufman, Chung and Heeger, Dec. 8, 1983

Box 11: 6

"Gallium Nitride/Conjugated Polymer Hybrid Light Emitting Diodes: Performance and Lifetime," Zhang and Heeger, Jan-Aug. 1998

Box 11: 7

"Gelation of Rodlike Macromolecules," Sinclair, Kim and Heeger, Aug. 10, [1983?]

Box 11: 8

"High-efficiency Fluorescence Quenching of Conjugated Polymers by Proteins," C. Fan, K.W. Plaxco and A.J. Heeger, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124 (N20) 5642-5643, Feb-Apr. 2002

Box 11: 9

"High-efficiency Polymer-Based Electrophosphorescent Devices," X. Gong et al Adv. Mater. 14 (N8) 581-585, Sept. 2001-Feb. 2002

Box 11: 10

"High Electrical Conductivity in Doped Polyacetylene...," Basescu et al Feb. 1986-May 1987

Box 11: 11

"Highly Conducting Acetylene - CO Copolymers and Limitations of the Soliton Model: A Comment," Wudl et al Jan. 1984-Aug. 1985

Box 11: 12

"Highly Conductive and Stiff Fibers of Poly(2,5-dimethoxy-p-phenylenevinylene) Prepared from Soluble Precursor Polymer," Tokito et al Nov. 1989-Oct. 1990

Box 12: 1

"Highly Ordered Conjugated Polymers in Polyethylene: Orientation by Mesoepitax," Hagler et al Nov. 1990-June 1991

Box 12: 2

"Highly-ordered/Low Modulus Materials from Liquid Crystalline Polymers: ...," Postema et al Macromol. 23, 1842, Sept-Oct. 1989

Box 12: 3

"High Molecular Weight Poly(Ketene Dihexyl Acetal), (PKHA)...," Khemani, Askari and Wudl, July-Nov. 1990

Box 12: 4

"High-Performance Polymer-based Electrophosphorescent Light Emitting Diodes," X. Gong et al J. of Polym. Sci. Polym. Phys. 41 (N21) 2691-2705), May-June 2003

Box 12: 5

"High Performance Polymer Light-emitting Diodes Fabricated with a Polymer Hole Injection Layer," Gong et al Appl. Phys. Lett. 83 (N1) 0003-6951, Nov. 2002-May 2003

Box 12: 6-8

"High Tc Superconductors: Disordered Metals with Pairing Via Polarizability From Localized States Near the Mobility Edge," Heeger and Yu, Nov. 1992-Sept. 1993

Box 12: 9-10

"Hopping Transport in Doped Conducting Polymers in the Insulating Regime Near the Metal-Insulator Boundary: Polypyrrole, Polyaniline and Polyalkylthiophenes," Heeger et al Sept. 1994-Jan. 1996

Box 13: 1

"Imaging the Structure of the p-n Junction in Polymer Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells," D.J. Dick et al June-Oct. 1996

Box 13: 2

"Improved Efficiency in Green Polymer Light-emitting Diodes with Air-stable Electrodes," Zhang et al July 1993-Mar. 1994

Box 13: 3

"Improved Efficiency in Polymer Light-emitting diodes Using Air-stable Electrodes," S. Aratani et al Jan-July 1993

Box 13: 4

"Improved Efficiency in Semiconducting Polymer Light-emitting Diodes," D. Braun et al June-Nov. 1991

Box 13: 5

"Increased Mobility from Regioregular Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Field-effect Transistors," Wang et al J. of App. Phys. 93 (N10) 6137-6141, Jan-Mar. 2003

Box 13: 6

"Influence of Chemical Polymerization Conditions on the Properties of Polyaniline," Cao et al n.d.

Box 13: 7

"Influence of the Anion on the Kinetics and Stability of a Light-emitting Electrochemical Cell," Edman, Moses and Heeger, Synth. Met. 138 (N3) 441-446, June 2002-Jan. 2003

Box 13: 8

"Infrared-active Vibrational Modes of Heavily Doped Polyacetylene: 'Metallic' Properties of Polyacetylene," Kim and Heeger, Apr-Nov. 1989

Box 13: 9

"Infrared Activity of Photoexcitations in Polythiophene," Schaffer and Heeger, n.d.

Box 13: 10

"Infrared Photoexcitation and Doping Studies of Poly(3-methylthienylene)," Kim, Hotta and Heeger, June 1987-Dec. 1991

Box 13: 11-12

"Infrared Reflectance of Polypyrrole: 'Metal' with a Gap in the Charged Excitation Spectrum," K. Lee et al Oct. 1994-Mar. 1995

Box 14: 1

"Infrared Reflection of Epitaxial Tl2Ba2CaCuO8 Thin Films in the Normal and Superconducting States," Foster et al Apr-Oct. 1990

Box 14: 2-3

"In-situ Electron Spin Resonance Experiments on Polyacetylene During Electrochemical Doping," J. Chen and A.J. Heeger, Feb. 1986-Apr. 1988

Box 14: 4

"'Instantons' as the Origin of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Polyacetylene," Sinclair et al Feb-June 1988

Box 14: 5

"Interaction Range for Photoexcitations in Luminescent Conjugated Polymers," D. Vacar, A. Dogariu and A.J. Heeger, Nov. 1997-June 1998

Box 14: 6

"Intrinsic Conductivity of Conducting Polymers," Kivelson and Heeger, June-Oct. 1987

Box 14: 7

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Box 14: 8

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Box 39: 30

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Box 40: 1

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Box 40: 2

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Box 40: 6

ONR Workshop on White Electroluminescent Lighting, Washington D.C., Jan. 7-8, 1998

Box 40: 7

Colloquium at Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks, CA, Jan. 23, 1998

Box 40: 8

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Box 40: 9

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Box 40: 10

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Box 40: 12

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Box 40: 13

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Holst Memorial Lecture, Eindhoven University / Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Nov. 19, 1998

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Box 40: 21

DuPont Carothers Polymer Seminar, Experimental Station, Wilmington, Del., Feb. 3, 1999

Box 40: 22

American Chemical Society, Chemistry of Materials Award Symposium, Anaheim, CA, Mar. 23, 1999

Box 40: 23

Chemistry Celebration, Societe Royale de Chimie, Brussels, Belgium, Apr. 23, 1999

Box 40: 24

International Workshop on Quantum Transport in Synthetic Metals Workshop, Seoul, Korea, May 10-11, 1999

Box 40: 25

ONR Review, Invited Speaker, "Photonics and Nonlinear Optical Review," Jacksonville, FL, May 23-25, 1999

Box 40: 26

19th Annual International Conference, "Complex Adaptive Matter," Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, May 31-June 4, 1999

Box 41: 1

Honorary Degree and Symposium, "Electronics and Photonics Polymers for the Next Century," University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Mass.: "Plastics Electronics Revolution," A.J. Heeger, June 4-6, 1999

Box 41: 2

4th International Conference on Materials Chemistry, Invited Speaker, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: "Semiconducting Polymers as Materials for Photonics," A.J. Heeger, July 13-16, 1999

Box 41: 3

Honorary Doctoral Degree, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, Aug. 14, 1999

Box 41: 4

ACS Annual Meeting, Invited Speaker, New Orleans, LA: "Polymer Light-Emitting Displays," A.J. Heeger, Aug. 22-26, 1999

Box 41: 5

National Workshop on Polymer Research, NRC and AFRL, Woods Hole, MA (cancelled), Aug. 30-31, 1999

Box 41: 6

Symposium on Frontiers of Advanced Polymeric Materials, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at University of Chicago, Chicago, IL: "Light Emission from Semiconducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Nov. 5, 1999

Box 41: 7

5th International Conference on the Science and Technology of Display Phosphors, San Diego, CA: "Polymer Emissive Displays," A.J. Heeger et al, Nov. 8-10, 1999

Box 41: 8

3M Corporation Conference, Minneapolis, MN: "The 'Plastic Electronics' Revolution," A.J. Heeger, Nov. 12, 1999

Box 41: 9

9th Israeli Materials Engineering Conference (IMEC-9) Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel (cancelled), Dec. 6-7, 1999

Box 41: 10

UC Los Angeles, CA, Invited Seminar Speaker, Physical Chemistry Department: "Light Emission from Conducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Jan. 10, 2000

Box 41: 11

4th International Topical Conference on Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers and Phototonic Crystals, Salt Lake City, UT: "Photonic Applications of Organic Materials -- an Update," A.J. Heeger, Feb. 15-19, 2000

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Box 41: 13

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5th International Conference on Organic Nonlinear Optics (ICONO), Davos, Switzerland (cancelled), Mar. 13-16, 2000

Box 41: 15

ACS Meeting, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN: "Light Emission from Semiconducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Apr. 17, 2000

Box 41: 16

MRS Spring Meeting Invited Speaker, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 24-28, 2000

Box 41: 17

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Box 41: 18

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Box 41: 24

48th Annual Meeting, Western Spectroscopy Association, Pacific Grove, CA: "Spectroscopy: The 'Rosetta Stone' of Conjugated Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2001

Box 41: 25

Press Conference, Mitsubishi Chemical Center for Advanced Materials (MCCAM), Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 19, 2001

Box 41: 26

6th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials, Invited Lecturer, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil, Mar. 4-9, 2001

Box 41: 27

2001 March Meeting, Invited Speaker, American Physical Society, Seattle, WA, Mar. 13, 2001

Box 41: 28

221st ACS National Meeting, Special Recognition and Invited Speaker, American Chemical Society, San Diego, CA, Apr. 1-5, 2001

Box 42: 1

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Honorary Doctor of Science, Nobel Lecture, Kanazawa, Japan, Apr. 13, 2001

Box 42: 2

2001 MRS Spring Meeting, Materials Research Society, San Francisco, CA: "Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Apr. 16-20, 2001

Box 42: 3

Symposium to Celebrate the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Invited Speaker, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, May 3-5, 2001

Box 42: 4

Salute to Excellence, Invited Speaker, American Academy of Achievement, San Antonio, TX (cancelled), May 3-5, 2001

Box 42: 5

International Workshop on Quantum Transport in Synthetic Metals and Quantum Functional Semiconductors, Invited Speaker, Seoul, Korea, May 8-11, 2001

Box 42: 6

International Workshop on Polymer and Organic Opto-electronic Materials and Devices, South China University of Technology - Honorary Doctor degree, and University of Science and Technology of China - Honorary Professorship, Guangzhou, China, May 13-15, 2001

Box 42: 7

ASOMEA, Invited Speaker, Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Sweden, May 27-June 4, 2001

Box 42: 8

The 6th Science in Japan Forum, Invited Speaker, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Washington, D.C., June 15, 2001

Box 42: 9

Nobel Symposium, Invited Speaker, Office of Naval Research, Washington, D.C., June 18, 2001

Box 42: 10

International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Invited Speaker, Materials Research Society, Singapore, July 1-6, 2001

Box 42: 11

International School of Physics, "Enrico Fermi" Course, Invited Speaker, Varenna, Italy, July 31-Aug 10, 2001

Box 42: 12

International Conference on Photo-responsive Organics and Polymers 2001 (ICPOP), Invited Speaker, Cheju Island, Korea, Aug. 19-25, 2001

Box 42: 13

ACS Polymer Division Symposium, Invited Speaker, American Chemical Society, Chicago, IL, Aug. 26-30, 2001

Box 42: 14

6th International Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT 2001), Invited Speaker, Jerusalem, Israel (cancelled), Sept. 3-5, 2001

Box 42: 15

Conference on Electroactive Polymers, Invited Speaker, DuPont Central Research and Development, Chesapeake Farms, MD, Sept. 17-20, 2001

Box 42: 16

Asia Display / IDW 2001, Society for Information Display, Keynote Speaker, Nagoya, Japan (cancelled), Oct. 16-19, 2001

Box 42: 17

J. Robert Schrieffer Symposium, Invited Speaker, Santa Fe, NM, Oct. 18-19, 2001

Box 42: 18

International Light Scattering Colloquium 2001, Invited Speaker, Wyatt Technology, Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 22-23, 2001

Box 42: 19

California Nobel Prize Celebration, Consul General of Sweden, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, Oct. 24-27, 2001

Box 42: 20

ACS Western Regional Meeting, Nobel Symposium, Santa Barbara, CA: "The Plastic Electronics Revolution," A.J. Heeger, Oct. 29-30, 2001

Box 42: 21

Distinguished Lecture Series, Physics Department, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, Nov. 1-2, 2001

Box 42: 22

Science and Engineering Council of Santa Barbara (SEC), Invited Speaker, Elephant Bar, Santa Barbara, CA, Nov. 8, 2001

Box 42: 23

Intertech's "OLEDs 2001" Conference, Keynote Speaker, San Diego, CA, Nov. 14-16, 2001

Box 42: 24

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH: "Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Nov. 23, 2001

Box 42: 25

Materials Research Society, 2001 Fall Meeting, Boston, MA: "Photophysics of Semiconducting Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Nov. 26-30, 2001

Box 42: 26

Nobel Symposium, Invited Speaker, Göteborg University, Gothenburg, Sweden, Dec. 4-7, 2001

Box 42: 27

2001 Nobel Jubilee Symposium, The Nobel Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec. 4-12, 2001

Box 43: 1

NIST Staff Colloquium, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD: "Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Jan. 11, 2002

Box 43: 2

Polymeric Smart Skins MURI Kickoff Meeting, Invited Speaker, University of Washington, Feb. 1-2, 2002

Box 43: 3

Sandia Director's Colloquium and Truman Lecture, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, Feb. 14-15, 2002

Box 43: 4

5th Annual Flory Conference, Keynote Speaker, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Feb. 22, 2002

Box 43: 5

DARPA Meeting, Keynote Speaker, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C., Mar. 11-12, 2002

Box 43: 6

Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Linz, Austria: "Plastic Electronics: A Base Technology for the 21st Century," A.J. Heeger, Mar. 13-20, 2002

Box 43: 7

2002 Organic and Polymeric Materials and Devices Conference, Invited Speaker, Materials Research Society, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 1-5, 2002

Box 43: 8

Biomolecular Science and Engineering Seminar, University of California, Santa Barbara: "Biosensors Fabricated with Conjugated Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Apr. 15, 2002

Box 43: 9

Langenberg Gala, Invited Lecture, University System of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, Apr. 20, 2002

Box 43: 10

ONR Review, Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA, Apr. 23, 2002

Box 43: 11

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) 50th Anniversary, Invited Speaker, Washington, DC, Apr. 25, 2002

Box 43: 12

139th Annual Meeting, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, Apr. 27-30, 2002

Box 43: 13

Trinity Week Technology Symposium, Invited Lecturer, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, May 15-16, 2002

Box 43: 14

Ceremony for Receipt of Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa, Bar-Ilan University, Remat-Gan, Israel, May 21, 2002

Box 43: 15

F-p-5 5th International Symposium on Functional pi-Electron Systems, Keynote Speaker, Ulm, Germany, May 30-June 4, 2002

Box 43: 16

2002 National Space and Missile Materials Symposium, Invited Speaker, Colorado Springs, CO, June 24, 2002

Box 43: 17

International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals (ICSM), Invited Speaker, Shanghai, China, June 29-July 5, 2002

Box 43: 18

IUPAC World Polymer Congress 2002 (MACRO 2002), Invited Speaker, Beijing, China, July 7-12, 2002

Box 43: 19

Dupont Scandinavian 200 Year Event, Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept. 4-5, 2002

Box 43: 20

2nd International Rhodia Conference, Bristol, UK: "Biosensors from Conjugated Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Sept. 16-19, 2002

Box 43: 21

Conference on Electroactive Polymers, Dupont CR&D, Chesapeake Farms, MD, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2002

Box 43: 22

Induction Ceremony, National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC, Oct. 4-7, 2002

Box 43: 23

NextGen Limited Partners Meeting, Montecito Inn, Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 10-11, 2002

Box 43: 24

San Francisco, CA, Oct. 24, 2002

Box 43: 25

San Francisco, CA, Oct. 28, 2002

Box 43: 26

Texas A&M University, Invited Lecture, College Station, TX, Oct. 31, 2002

Box 43: 27

QTL Board Meeting, Santa Fe, NM, Nov. 20-22, 2002

Box 43: 28

Alan MacDiarmid's 75th Birthday, Dallas, TX: "Biosensors from Conjugated Polymers," A.J. Heeger, Dec. 5-7, 2002

Box 43: 29

Nobel Monument Raising in Theodore Roosevelt Park, Consulate General of Sweden in New York, NY, Dec. 10, 2002


Series III:  Patent Documentation

Box 44: 1

Filed 1983-12-09: Reversible Electrochemical Doping of Conjugated Polymers, and Secondary Batteries Based Thereon

Box 44: 2-7

UC Case Nos. 84-044-xx: Polyisothianaphthene; Electrochromic Display - US Patents 4,640,748; 4,772,940; 4,795,242

Box 44: 8

UC Case No. 84-184-1: Transition Metal Poly(Benzodithiolene) - US Patent 4,626,586


UC Case Nos. 85-247-xx: Self Doped Polymers - US Patents 5,310,781; 5,342,912; 5,367,041; 5,569,708

Box 45: 1-6

1987-Oct. 1991

Box 46: 1-6

Nov. 1991-Sept. 1993

Box 47: 1-8

Oct. 1993-Apr. 1995

Box 48: 1-7

May 1995-Aug. 1996

Box 49: 1-4

Oct. 1996-2000


UC Case Nos. 87-128-xx: Conductive Articles of Intactable Polymers - US Patents 5,028,354; 5,418,047

Box 49: 5-7


Box 50: 1-2


Box 50: 3-4

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Box 50: 5-6

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Box 50: 7

UC Case No. 89-291-1: Conductive Polymer Blends and Methods for Making the Same - US Patent 5,171,632; 1987-1989

Box 51: 1-3

UC Case No. 89-291-1: Conductive Polymer Blends and Methods for Making the Same - US Patent 5,171,632; 1990-2002

Box 51: 4

Filed 1989: A Novel Elastomeric Adhesive, 1989

Box 51: 5

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Box 51: 6-8

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Box 51: 9

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Box 52: 1

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Box 52: 2-4

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Box 52: 5

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Box 52: 6

UC Case No. 93-336-1: Dual-function Conducting Polymer Devices: Light Emitting and Photo-detecting Diodes - US Patent 5,504,323; 1993-1994

Box 52: 7

Patents Filed Effective April 26, 1994

Box 52: 8

Filed 1995-07-11: Optical Limiters Comprising Conducting Polymer/Acceptor Photoinduced Charge Transfer Materials in Solid Films - US Patent 5,741,442; 1996-1998

Box 52: 9

UC Case No. 96-086-1: Smart Polymer Image Processor - US Patent 5,804,836; 1995-1998

Box 53: 1

UC Case No. 97-017-1: Conjugated Polymers as Materials for Solid State Laser - US Patent 5,881,083; 1996-1999

Box 53: 2-3

UC Case No. 97-136-1: Hybrid Group III - Nitrate/ Polymer Light Emitting Diodes - US Patent 5,966,393; 1996-2001

Box 53: 4

Filed 1997-07-08: Methods for Non-degenerate Four-wave Mixing Using Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Donor-acceptor Materials, 2002

Box 53: 5

Filed 1998-07-21: Thin Film Spatial Filters - US Patent 6,208,006 B1, 2001

Box 53: 6

Miscellaneous Patent Documents, 1977-2002


Series IV:  Overheads

Box 54: 1


Box 54: 2

Conformation – Biosensors / SANS

Box 54: 3

Charge Transfer

Box 54: 4-5

Conducting Polymers Course

Box 54: 6

Conducting Polymers Course II

Box 54: 7


Box 54: 8

Conjugated Polymers: Electronic and Optical Phenomena

Box 54: 9

Counter-ion Induced Processibility, 1992

Box 54: 10

Critical IP – UNIAX

Box 54: 11


Box 54: 12

Dual-use Optocouplers

Box 54: 13


Box 54: 14

Electrochemistry – Introduction

Box 54: 15

Enhanced NLO (Limiter)

Box 54: 16

Forty Years with F.P.

Box 54: 17

Forster Transfer

Box 54: 18

Introduction and LEDs

Box 54: 19

Introduction and x^(3)

Box 54: 20

Laser Action (London)

Box 54: 21

Lasers (Plastics Revolution)

Box 55: 1


Box 55: 2


Box 55: 3

LECs Course

Box 55: 4

Light Emission from Polymers – GAN/Polymer Hybrid

Box 55: 5

M-I Transition

Box 55: 6

Nature of Photoexcitations

Box 55: 7


Box 55: 8

NLO from Charge Transfer

Box 55: 9

ONR Gel Processing, May 24, 1999

Box 55: 10

Optical Computing Talk

Box 55: 11

Optical Probes, 2000

Box 55: 12

Overview of the Field of Conducting Polymers

Box 55: 13


Box 55: 14

PANI and M-I

Box 55: 15

PANI and PANI Networks

Box 55: 16

Photic Retina

Box 55: 17

Photoinduced Electron Transfer (1)

Box 56: 1

Photoinduced Electron Transfer (2)

Box 56: 2

Photoinduced IRDV

Box 56: 3

Plastic Lasers

Box 56: 4

Plastic Optoelectronics

Box 56: 5

Plastics Revolutions Introduction

Box 56: 6

Polymer LEDs (Plastics Revolution)

Box 56: 7

Polymer Photosensors, Sept. 1999

Box 56: 8


Box 56: 9

Range of CT

Box 56: 10

SS Intermediate States to x^(3)

Box 56: 11

Transient Spectroscopy

Box 56: 12

Ultrafast Charge Generation

Box 56: 13

Ultrafast Optical Computing

Box 56: 14

UNIAX - Strategic Plan Summary, Aug. 18, 1998

Box 56: 15-16

Untitled (1)

Box 56: 17

Untitled (2) – Two images

Box 56: 18

Untitled (3)

Box 56: 19

Untitled (4) – Polymer samples

Box 56: 20

USC Symposium, Feb. 21, 1997

Box 56: 21

WEL Workshop, Washington, Jan. 1998

Box 56: 22

Yamagata Conference, Mar. 2003


Series V:  Notebooks

Box 57: 1

Math 218, May 27, 1957

Box 57: 2

Math 254, c. 1957

Box 57: 3-4

The Magnetic Properties of Canted Antiferromagnets, A.J. Heeger: UC Berkeley dissertation, 1957; July 10, 1961

Box 57: 5

Physics 208, Optics and Atomic Physics (Interactions of Light with Matter), 1958-1959

Box 57: 6

Physics 210B, Electrodynamics, Karplus (Fall Semester), 1959-1960

Box 58: 1

Physics 221A, Quantum Mechanics (First Semester), 1959

Box 58: 2

Physics 221B, Quantum Mechanics, Dr. Lepore, 1959

Box 58: 3

Physics 410, Solid State Physics (Spring), 1959

Box 58: 4

Physics, Magnetism, J.R. Schrieffer (Spring), 1964

Box 59: 1

Physics 618, Solid State Physics, a Survey, c. 1979

Box 59: 2

Physics 618 quiz, Apr. 17, 1979

Box 59: 3

"Special Problems of Statistical Mechanics, C.N. Yang: Part I, Eqt. of State and the Condensation of Imperfect Gases; Part II, Solid State Physics," Dec. 1952

Box 59: 4-6

"Magnetism," n.d.

Box 59: 7

"Hg3-5AsF6, A.J. Heeger," n.d.