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Contributing Institution: Special Collections
Title: Rusicade: théâtre romain, Philippeville
Creator: Bertrand, Louis, 1866-1941
Creator: Ranoux, Henri
Identifier/Call Number: 90.R.1
Physical Description: 1 album(s) (30 photographic prints)
Date: 1895
Abstract: Album of cyanotypes and text recording archaeological investigations at the ancient site of Rusicada, the present day port city of Skikda, Algeria.
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Language of Material: Collection material is in French.


Arranged in a single series: Series I. Rusicade: théâtre romain, Philippeville, 1895.

Biographical/Historical Note

Henri Ranoux was an architect and archaeologist. The author of the text, Louis Bertrand, was the head of the Philippeville Museum at the site of Rusicada (now known as Skikda) in Algeria, and professor at the Lycée in Bugeaud, Algeria from 1891-1900. He wrote numerous travel books, histories, and novels.


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Acquired in 1990.

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Rusicade : théâtre romain, Philippeville, 1895, Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Accession no. 90.R.1

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Processed and cataloged by Beth Ann Guynn; finding aid encoded by Holly Larson with grant funding from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

Scope and Content of Collection

The album of 30 cyanotypes records archaeological investigations at the ancient site of Rusicada (Skikda), once an important port in the Roman period. The site was entirely built over during the French occupation of Algeria and its monuments are only known in several nineteenth century drawings. Objects from the site were first displayed in an open-air museum and later in the Philippeville Museum. The museum was destroyed between 1954 and 1962 and the objects housed there were removed for safekeeping. The album depicts many of the objects not illustrated in the 1896 museum catalog, showing them as they were displayed in the earlier open-air museum.
Included are views of the architectural remains, with a plan of the Roman theater, and the archaeological finds, consisting mainly of sculpture, ceramics, and a mosaic, all of which were displayed in the open-air museum near the theater. Several objects representing the cult of Mithras are represented.
The album is bound in red cloth with "Album" stamped in gilt on front cover. Text consists of captions for the photographs, with detailed measurements given for the objects depicted. Titles of the individual images are from the captions. Measurements and other notes are not transcribed.

Digitized Material

The collection was digitized by the repository and the images are available online:

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Rome — Antiquities
Cyanotypes -- Algeria -- 19th century
Skikdah (Algeria) -- Antiquities, Roman
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Algeria -- Skikda
Theaters -- Algeria -- Skikda
Architecture, Roman -- Algeria -- Skikda
Art, Roman -- Algeria -- Skikda


Rusicade: théâtre romain, Philippeville, Series I. 1895

Rusicade: théâtre romain, Philippeville (digitized version)


In orignal order.
box 1, page 1 recto

Théâtre romain et musée en plein air 90.R.1-1r

box 1, page 2 recto

Partie d'un bas relief en marbre blanc, colonnee brisée en marbre blanc 90.R.1-2r

box 1, page 3 recto

M. Henri Ranoux, architecte, moulin romain trouvé à St. Charles, arrondt. de Philippeville (17 k.) 90.R.1-3r

Scope and Contents

Entré par mes soins au musée.
box 1, page 4 recto

Fragment supéurier d'une colonne milliaire, en marbre blanc, statue de l'empereur Hadrian,? en marbre blanc 90.R.1-4r

box 1, page 5 recto

Dolium trouvé dans des fouilles, en mai 1892, et entré par mes soins au musée 90.R.1-5r

box 1, page 6 recto

Sarcophage en marbre blanc, porte entr' ouverte 90.R.1-6r

box 1, page 7 recto

Sarcophage marbre blanc 90.R.1-7r

box 1, page 8 recto

Sarcophage marbre blanc 90.R.1-8r

box 1, page 9 recto

Sarcophages d'enfants; marbre blanc 90.R.1-9r

box 1, page 10recto

Statue de femme, marbre blanc, statue municipale, marbre blanc, statue de l'empereur Antonin,? marbre blanc 90.R.1-10r

box 1, page 11 recto

Divers ornaments d'architecture 90.R.1-11r

box 1, page 12 recto

[Two Bas-reliefs, and the Bottom Portion of a Statuette] 90.R.1-12r

Scope and Contents

In caption: Bas-relief, marbre blanc, sacrifice d'un taureau; partiê inférieure d'une statuette, marbre blanc; fragment de bas-relief, marbre blanc, scéne au bord de la mer.
box 1, page 13 recto

[Three Statues, a Manhole Cover, and a Dado] 90.R.1-13r

Scope and Contents

In caption: Statue de femme, marbre blanc; statue de la déesse Hygie, marbre blanc; statue de femme, marbre blanc; regard d'égout, en grès; dé en marbre blanc, avec inscription.
box 1, page 14 recto

Sarcophage, marbre blanc, scaphium, marbre blanc 90.R.1-14r

Scope and Contents

Note below sarcophage: Retrouvé et reconstitué par mes soins en 1892. A l'angle droit, un joueur de flúte, à peine ébauché.
box 1, page 15 recto

Pierres de canalisation, statue gronière en grès, vase en marbre rose, entrouvé d'un serpent 90.R.1-15r

box 1, page 16 recto

Musée secret 90.R.1-16r

box 1, page 17 recto

Fragment de colonne, marbre blanc, avec son chapiteau 90.R.1-17r

box 1, page 18 recto

Statuette, marbre blanc 90.R.1-18r

box 1, page 19 recto

Mosaique 90.R.1-19r

box 1, page 20 recto

Lampes au terre cuite 90.R.1-20r

box 1, page 21 recto

Poteries 90.R.1-21r

box 1, page 22 recto

Pierre en marbre blanc trés ordinaire 90.R.1-22r

box 1, page 23 recto

Statuette, marbre blanc 90.R.1-23r

box 1, page 24 recto

Fragment de pomme de pin, marbre blanc, fragment de statuette, marbre blanc, tête de statue, marbre blanc 90.R.1-24r

box 1, page 25 recto

Buste marbre blanc 90.R.1-25r

box 1, page 26 recto

Tête, marbre blanc, vase marbre blanc, tête, marbre blanc 90.R.1-26r

box 1, page 27 recto

Statuette, marbre blanc 90.R.1-27r

box 1, page 28 recto

Autel votif (marbre blanc) 90.R.1-28r

box 1, page 29 recto

Statuette, marbre blanc 90.R.1-29r

box 1, page 30 recto

Table marbre blanc 90.R.1-30r