Easterby Family Papers C005500

Finding aid prepared by Trisha Holliday / Michael Lange
Society of California Pioneers
300 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107-1272
(415) 959-1849

Title: Easterby Family Papers
Identifier/Call Number: C005500
Contributing Institution: Society of California Pioneers
Language of Material: English
Container: B001661
Container: C005500
Physical Description: 1.0 box (5 folders)
Date: 1803-1892
Abstract: Includes documents spanning from the years 1803-1892; mostly made up of financial and legal information, including receipts, accounts, and inventories. Also includes several letters to/from the Easterby family, many of which are only addressed to/from a Mr./Mrs. Easterby and include no first names.
creator: Easterby, Anthony Y., Captain, 1818-1893

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Collection open for research.

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Easterby Family Papers. The Society of California Pioneers.


Donor and date of acquisition unknown.

Biographical/Historical note

Captain Anthony Y. Easterby was born in Surrey, England in 1818. At the age of 14, he set out to sea, visiting the Mediterranean, Chile, and Panama before arriving in California in 1848. While in California, Captain Easterby set up several businesses in San Francisco, Sonoma, Fresno, and Napa City. He married Emily Gray, sister of his business partner Francis Gray, in San Francisco on November 5, 1853. Mr. Easterby was involved in the founding of the Fresno Canal and Irrigation Company in 1871, and was also the President of the Napa Valley Railroad, as well as a member of the Masonic Order, Knights of Templar, and Knights of Malta. He died in Napa, California in June of 1893.
Captain Frank Gray was the brother-in-law of Captain Easterby and accompanied him to San Francisco, California in 1847-48. Other distinguishable members of the Easterby family include John Easterby, Emily Gray Easterby (wife), Mrs. S. T. Easterby, E. G. Easterby, and Jane Easterby. Although no substantial biographical and/or genealogical information could be found, these members are assumed to be related to Captain Easterby and Captain Gray.

Scope and Contents note

Container List: Folder 1, containing 17 items: 1836 – Copy of Baptismal Paper, 1803 – To John Easterby (Clerk), mandate to join the militia, 1864 – Hymn written for the dedication of the Unitarian Church, Letter to Mrs. Easterby from Mr. Hudson, 1864 – Order of Services in the dedication of the Unitarian Church, 1874 – Hauling and Shipping sheet, Banner Farms, 1854-1846 – Receipts of payment “for the relief, maintenance, lodging and employment of the poor” (8), 1845 – Receipts for “paving, lighting, &c. Rates” (4), 1845 – Receipt of (what appears to be) payment of taxes, 1845 – Receipt from the New River Company, 1842 – Two Receipts from the Finsbury Division of Sewers, Middlesex, 1785-1803 (Not in chronological order) – “The Late Mr. Adam’s Concerns”, 1816 – Letter to Mr. Easterby from Stephen Wright, 1817 – Inventory of Shipment (90 items), 1847 – Announcement from the School of Industry for Female Orphans for the annual sermon for the benefit of the Instituion, 1854 – Receipt from the Ramsdell & Co. Wholesale Retail Coal Dealers, Sunderland Bridge Lottery Tickets (8).
Folder 2, containing 23 items: 1853 – Vouchers/Receipts and lists of chargers (34) – on scraps of paper, 1833 – Hunter Street Academy, what appears to be a list of supplies needed, Newspaper clipping of “The First Railroad,” discussing the 75th Anniversary and the unveiling of the Theodore D. Judah monument, 1826 – Copy – Inventory of Furniture, 1860 – Receipt, including expenses and interest, 1863 – Letter from [?] Gracey, 1853 – Power of Attorney from Anthony Easterby to Francis Gray; legal document with raised seal, 1859 – Receipt, 1861 – Receipt from Eggers & Co., 1859 – Document; Taxes paid for Napa Property, 1852 – Letter, 1863 – Letter from B.S. Brook’s Law Office, Request for tickets to see the lecture of Reverend Thomas Starr King, 1861 – Receipt from Easterby & Co., 1879 – Letter to Frank G. Easterby from Theo. Kearny on Easterby Ranchos Co. Stationary, 1871 – Letter, 1865 – Receipt for Emily Gray Easterby from the U.S. Sanitary Fund, 1870 – Letter from the Office of Wells, Fargo & Company (Express), 1865 – Letter from the Office of Napa Valley Railroad Co., 1852 – 3 Receipts, 1855 – Inventory of items and cost, 1855 – List of purchases (?) and cost, 1866 – Letter from the Ladies Benevolent Society with ticket to Ladies Benevolent Society Festival.
Folder 3, containing 15 items: 1863 – Letter to Frank G. Easterby from the Society of California Pioneers notifying him of his election of membership, 1863 – Annual report of the Soldier Relief (Indistinguishable) Society, 1863 – Letter to Emily Gray Easterby from Wells, Fargo & Co., 1855 – Receipt from Folger & Maclea, Ship, Chandlery, & Steamer Store , 1855 – Receipt from Folger and Mac Lea (3), 1853 – Letter, 1855 – Receipt from Adolph Brieger; Importer of Blank Books, Stationary, and Papers of Every Description, Receipt from Knight, Harman, & Childs; Importers and Jobbers of Boots, Shoes, and Brogans, 1856? – Receipt from Basse, Jansen, & Co., Wholesale Grocers, 1853 – Unidentifiable Document, 1852 – Receipts of spare paper (5), Sales from the auction for Captain Easterby (does not distinguish whether it is A.Y. or Frank Gray Easterby), Receipt from J. J. Evans, Dr; Stationary and printer – personal note attached, Notes on back of “San Francisco District Telegraph Co.” paper.
Folder 4, containing 16 items: 1869 – Letter to Mrs. S. T. Easterby from Mrs. C. Curtis, regarding California Women's Suffrage Association , 1831 – Letter addressed to “My Lords” from John Easterby, Name/Place Card – T.S. King & Wife; Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Easterby, wishing them a Happy Anniversary, 1863 – Thank you note to Mrs. Easterby, 1863 – Letter on Alex H. Todd & Co. Stationary, 1872 – Receipt of payment from San Francisco News Letter, Newspaper clipping: letter to Mrs. E. G. Easterby from H.W. Bellows, 1863 – Letter to Mrs. Easterby Name/Place Card – Captain A. Easterby, 1853 – Letter from N. Gray, Unidentifiable document containing 1 letter, and handwritten copy of that letter, and 2 separate inventory of items, Will of Jane Easterby (5 pages of text), Description/Advertisement for Harrison’s Eccentric (Ellectric?) Pump (2), 1863 – Letter to Mr. Easterby on Pacific Insurance Co. (John Fowler) Stationary, 1871 – Letter.
Folder 5, containing 17 items: 1892 – Letter on back of 2 Portraits, 2 Postcards to A. Easterby (text is faded so contents are indistinguishable), 1885 – Envelope, 1892 – In envelope, letter to Frank G. Easterby from Walter D. Mansfield regarding the bookkeeper position on American Legion of Honor Stationary, 1872 – Letter to Mr. Easterby regarding stock (2 separate letters), 1872 – Letter from Mr. Easterby, 1860 – Receipt from E. Detrick, Dr Bag Factory Receipt, 1859-60 – List of Expenses, 1892 – The Good Fellows Grotto Menu with prices including a list of names and notes on the front, 1853 – Indenture between Robert Wiffeu (?) and G. Easterby, 1852 – List of expenses between Robert Wiffeu (?) and G. Easterby, 1850 – Receipt, 1863 – Letter to A. Easterby from William Johnston, Receipt from Ackley & Co., 1854 – Contract (?) between William Johnston and G. Easterby.

Existence and Location of Originals note

The Society of California Pioneers, 300 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107.

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

Kearney, M. Theo, 1842-1906
California Women's Suffrage Association
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Legal correspondence
Napa (Calif.)
Receipts (financial records).
Society of California Pioneers.
Unitarian churches.
United States Sanitary Commission
Wells, Fargo & Company.