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Virginia C. Campbell Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Virginia C. Campbell papers
Dates: 1960-1998
Collection number: MS 1
Creator: Campbell, Virginia C.
Collection Size: 2 boxes
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains some correspondence and paper ephemera, as well as photographs and slides of the early campus.
Physical location: Stored in Special Collections & Archives: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection open for research.

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Virginia C. Campbell papers. MS 1. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Virginia Campbell estate, April 2013


Virginia (Ginger) C. Campbell passed away on Dec. 8, 2003 at her home in Soquel. She was born June 9, 1929 in Vancouver, Washington to Clyde and Dorothy Copland. Ginger graduated from Stanford University in 1951 with a BA in Special Education.
Ginger was secretary to University of California Chancellor Dean E. McHenry and in 1962-63 a member of the original team directed to establish a new campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. She left UCSC when her husband was transferred to Scotland for four years. In 1967 she returned as administrative assistant to Chancellor McHenry until his retirement in 1974 and subsequently served as Administrative Analyst for him as an Emeritus Chancellor. She held other UCSC appointments with the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Chemistry Department.
Ginger was a founding member of the Board of Directors of Friends of Long Marine Laboratory; first newsletter editor of Long Currents; Honorary Life member of UCSC Arboretum Associates; Representative on Soquel General Plan Review in 1968 and member of Save Soquel; Past President and Board Member of Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club, establishing their Rescue Program in 1985.
She was a member of the San Jose Retriever Club, San Joaquin Labrador Retriever Club; Monterey Bay Hunting Retriever Club; Labrador Retriever Club Inc; and the Labrador Retriever Club of England.
Ginger's avocation along with her late husband Harold Donald Campbell, was the breeding, training, exhibiting and judging of Labrador retrievers. Recognized nationally and internationally, for more than three decades dogs carrying the Campbellcroft name, have garnered the highest accolades, in beauty, performance, temperament and style. The Campbellcroft legacy continues in Campbellcroft Labradors that have provided the foundation for other breeders to build upon.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection contains a small amount of campus correspondence and paper ephemera, as well as photographs and slides of the early campus and some personal slides.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Campbell, Virginia C.--archives
McHenry, Dean Eugene, 1910-
University of California, Santa Cruz--History
College administrators--California--Santa Cruz

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Container List

box-folder 1:1

Biographical information 1947-1984

box-folder 1:2

Correspondence n.d., 1961-1996

box-folder 1:3

Dean E. McHenry passing 1998

box-folder 1:4

Dean E. McHenry obituaries, clippings, 1961-1998

box-folder 1:5

Photographs - 8x10 b/w photographs, ca. 1960-1970


ms0001_pho_001 Charles Hitch, Ronald Reagan, Dean E. McHenry, ca. 1965-1967


ms0001_pho_002 Virginia Campbell [with glasses] and two friends, ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_003 [Virginia Campbell standing in doorway of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_004 [Row of lime worker's cabins (5)], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_005 [Lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_006 [Stairs, doorway of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_007 [Doorway, stairs and window of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_008 [Detail of window of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_009 [Interior of lime worker's cabin - bed, mattresses, dresser], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_010 [Interior of lime worker's cabin - kitchen area], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_011 [Door latch - hook and eye], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_012 [Lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_013 [Three lime workers cabins], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_014 [Lime worker's cabin, fence], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_015 [Barn windows - one open, one closed], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_016 [Barn door - closed], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_017 [Cooperage doors, stone walls], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_018 [Cooperage doors with padlock], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_019 [Under the cooperage - buckboard wagon], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_020 [Outside of cooperage: underneath buckboard wagon; above door, window on 2nd floor], ca. 1960-1965

box-folder 1:6

Photographs - 8x10 b/w photographs ca. 1960-1970


ms0001_pho_021 [Buckboard wagon under the cooperage], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_022 [Lime kiln wall and supports], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_023 [Explosives storeroom door - 'Magazines, Explosives, Dangerous'], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_024 [Quarry hillside, road], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_025 [Quarry hillside, road], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_026 [Burned out redwood stump in grove], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_027 [Live oak on hillside], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_028 [Live oak in fog], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_029 [Live oak and redwood in fog], ca. 1960-1965

box 2

Color slides ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_001 [Ione near Remington House], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_002 [Remington House - Don't show to B.S.], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_003 [Remington House near UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_004 [View from Office level, Cookhouse], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_005 [Door to Dean McHenry's Office], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_006 [Dean McHenry's Office, Cookhouse kitchen], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_007 [Dean McHenry's Office, Cookhouse kitchen - note stove], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_008 [Barbara Sheriff's Office - Cookhouse] ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_009 [Barbara Sheriff & Ione B. sitting on sewer line where narrow gauge RR bed was], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_010 [Miners cabin near Cave Gulch - Newspapers on wall date back to 1903], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_011 [Shingle and moss - Miners cabin UC Santa Cruz campus], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_012 [Miners Cabin near Cave Gulch, UC Santa Cruz campus], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_013-015 [UCSC Student trailers], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_016 [Field House and Fields from Cowell Provost's House], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_017 [Field House, Cowell College upper right], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_018-20 [Upper Quarry], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_021 [Graduation ceremony in Quarry], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_022-023 [Ceremony in meadow-Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_024 [Dean's Home from Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_026 [Barbara and Ione at Cowell College, UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_027-028 [UCSC Cowell College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_029 [Barbara & Ione and Founder's Tree at Cowell College UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_030 Cowell College UCSC, Jul 1965


ms0001_sld_031-032 [Roof Women's Dorm Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_033 [Founder's Tree], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_034 Founder's Tree, Cowell College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_035 [UCSC Cowell College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_036 [UCSC Cowell College Dining Room View], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_037 View from Dining Hall, Stevenson College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_038 Adlai E. Stevenson College & Cowell College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_039 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_040 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_041 [Student housing UC Santa Cruz, Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_042-049 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_046 [UCSC Stevenson College - Founder's Tree], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_050 [Central Services Bldg - complete & moving in, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_051 [Central Services B and I on deck back of B's office], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_052 Central Services deck back of B's office & Chancellors office, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_053 [Start of Central Services Building], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_054 [Library under construction UC Santa Cruz], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_055 UCSC Library, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_056 UCSC Library - Interior Court, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_057 Natural Sciences Unit 1, back side UCSC, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_058 "Natural Sciences Unit 1, front side UCSC, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_059 Natural Sciences Lecture hall & courtyard, UC Santa Cruz, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_060 "The Girls" at the site of Natural Sciences, Unit 1 - There was a slight mist falling, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_061 Construction at UC Santa Cruz - clearing for Natural Sciences, Unit 1, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_062 Construction at UC Santa Cruz - Sub-foundation and wall for road to Natural Sciences bldg [Unit 1], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_063 "Who them?" Natural Sciences Bldg, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_064 UCSC Power House - Hop Sheds?, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_065-081 [Yosemite], ca. 1961-1965