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Virginia C. Campbell Papers
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Biographical information 1947-1984

box-folder 1:2

Correspondence n.d., 1961-1996

box-folder 1:3

Dean E. McHenry passing 1998

box-folder 1:4

Dean E. McHenry obituaries, clippings, 1961-1998

box-folder 1:5

Photographs - 8x10 b/w photographs, ca. 1960-1970


ms0001_pho_001 Charles Hitch, Ronald Reagan, Dean E. McHenry, ca. 1965-1967


ms0001_pho_002 Virginia Campbell [with glasses] and two friends, ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_003 [Virginia Campbell standing in doorway of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_004 [Row of lime worker's cabins (5)], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_005 [Lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_006 [Stairs, doorway of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_007 [Doorway, stairs and window of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_008 [Detail of window of lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_009 [Interior of lime worker's cabin - bed, mattresses, dresser], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_010 [Interior of lime worker's cabin - kitchen area], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_011 [Door latch - hook and eye], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_012 [Lime worker's cabin], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_013 [Three lime workers cabins], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_014 [Lime worker's cabin, fence], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_015 [Barn windows - one open, one closed], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_016 [Barn door - closed], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_017 [Cooperage doors, stone walls], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_018 [Cooperage doors with padlock], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_019 [Under the cooperage - buckboard wagon], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_020 [Outside of cooperage: underneath buckboard wagon; above door, window on 2nd floor], ca. 1960-1965

box-folder 1:6

Photographs - 8x10 b/w photographs ca. 1960-1970


ms0001_pho_021 [Buckboard wagon under the cooperage], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_022 [Lime kiln wall and supports], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_023 [Explosives storeroom door - 'Magazines, Explosives, Dangerous'], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_024 [Quarry hillside, road], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_025 [Quarry hillside, road], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_026 [Burned out redwood stump in grove], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_027 [Live oak on hillside], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_028 [Live oak in fog], ca. 1960-1965


ms0001_pho_029 [Live oak and redwood in fog], ca. 1960-1965

box 2

Color slides ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_001 [Ione near Remington House], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_002 [Remington House - Don't show to B.S.], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_003 [Remington House near UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_004 [View from Office level, Cookhouse], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_005 [Door to Dean McHenry's Office], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_006 [Dean McHenry's Office, Cookhouse kitchen], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_007 [Dean McHenry's Office, Cookhouse kitchen - note stove], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_008 [Barbara Sheriff's Office - Cookhouse] ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_009 [Barbara Sheriff & Ione B. sitting on sewer line where narrow gauge RR bed was], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_010 [Miners cabin near Cave Gulch - Newspapers on wall date back to 1903], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_011 [Shingle and moss - Miners cabin UC Santa Cruz campus], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_012 [Miners Cabin near Cave Gulch, UC Santa Cruz campus], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_013-015 [UCSC Student trailers], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_016 [Field House and Fields from Cowell Provost's House], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_017 [Field House, Cowell College upper right], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_018-20 [Upper Quarry], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_021 [Graduation ceremony in Quarry], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_022-023 [Ceremony in meadow-Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_024 [Dean's Home from Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_026 [Barbara and Ione at Cowell College, UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_027-028 [UCSC Cowell College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_029 [Barbara & Ione and Founder's Tree at Cowell College UCSC], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_030 Cowell College UCSC, Jul 1965


ms0001_sld_031-032 [Roof Women's Dorm Cowell], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_033 [Founder's Tree], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_034 Founder's Tree, Cowell College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_035 [UCSC Cowell College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_036 [UCSC Cowell College Dining Room View], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_037 View from Dining Hall, Stevenson College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_038 Adlai E. Stevenson College & Cowell College, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_039 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_040 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_041 [Student housing UC Santa Cruz, Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_042-049 [UCSC Stevenson College], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_046 [UCSC Stevenson College - Founder's Tree], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_050 [Central Services Bldg - complete & moving in, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_051 [Central Services B and I on deck back of B's office], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_052 Central Services deck back of B's office & Chancellors office, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_053 [Start of Central Services Building], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_054 [Library under construction UC Santa Cruz], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_055 UCSC Library, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_056 UCSC Library - Interior Court, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_057 Natural Sciences Unit 1, back side UCSC, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_058 "Natural Sciences Unit 1, front side UCSC, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_059 Natural Sciences Lecture hall & courtyard, UC Santa Cruz, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_060 "The Girls" at the site of Natural Sciences, Unit 1 - There was a slight mist falling, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_061 Construction at UC Santa Cruz - clearing for Natural Sciences, Unit 1, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_062 Construction at UC Santa Cruz - Sub-foundation and wall for road to Natural Sciences bldg [Unit 1], ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_063 "Who them?" Natural Sciences Bldg, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_064 UCSC Power House - Hop Sheds?, ca. 1961-1965


ms0001_sld_065-081 [Yosemite], ca. 1961-1965