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Guide to the Walter Heebner papers PA Mss 114
PA Mss 114  
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Series 1. General Files

Scope and Content

This series contains papers pertaining to the career of Walter S. Heebner. Included in the collection are letters of correspondence with notable musicians such as Henry Mancini, Rudolph Ganz, Spike Jones, and Lotte Lehman, photographs, press materials, business papers, contracts, legal documents, original sheet music manuscripts, and genealogical research.
Box 1

Al Viola [Photographs]

Box 1

Alabama Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Albert Goldberg Essays, Articles, and Correspondence

Box 1

Alpha Society Incorporated

Box 1

Andre Previn Correspondence 1963

Box 1

Arizona Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Arkansas Recorded Treasures Files

Flat-box 5

Benny Goodman Promo Sheet- "The Goodman Touch"

Box 1

Bernie Solomon 45's For Sale

Box 1

Book of the Month Club Account Statements 1963-1970

Box 1

Book of the Month Club Correspondence 1963-1970

Box 1

Book of the Month Club Receipts, Notes, and Selections 1963-1973

Box 1

Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) Royalty Statement

Box 1

Busoni Performs Liszt Correspondence [includes photographs] 1989-1990

Box 1

California Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Canada Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Capital Records Annual Reports 1954

Box 1

Clavier Magazine 1965 October-1969 March

Box 1

Conneticut Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Correspondence With Richard C. Simonton 1963-1973

Box 1

D.C. Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Decca Records Legal Battle 1965-1967

Box 1

Domalito Incorporated Files

Box 1

Don Great Correspondence

Box 1

Family Tree Inquiries 1995 October 13

Box 1

Florida Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

FM Magazine [pages 6-11 Welte article] 1963 February

Box 1

Frank Marshall Biography - Alicia and Larroche

Box 1

Franz Liszt Journal of Sales and Miscellaneous

Box 1

Georgia Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Gerhard Narholz Correspondence

Box 1

Gustav Mahler Association Sales, Records, and Correspondence

Box 1

Harold D. Schonburg Correspondence

Box 1

Harry Fisher [First Cousin] Correspondence

Box 1

Hawaii Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Heeber, Walter "List of Artists I Recorded"

Box 1

Heebner Biography Original Materials Vol. 1

Box 1

Heebner Estate and Will Correspondence and Notes

Box 1

Heebner Family Correspondence

Box 1

Heebner Family Tree and Descendants Printouts

Box 1

Heebner Family Tree Research, Correspondence, and Notes [Clippings]

Box 1

Heebner Photograph Printouts

Flat-box 6

Heebner Portraits [Photographs]

Box 1

Heebner's Heirloom Edition Published by Halbert's Family Heritage

Box 1

Henry Mancini Correspondence 1966

Box 1

Herbert Hoover Correspondence

Box 1

High Fidelity Magazine 1963 December-1967 July

Box 1

High Fidelity Magazine [14:2] 1964 March

Box 1

Hilary Hauser/Walter Heebner Clippings

Flat-box 5

The Hollywood Reporter Magazine [CLXXXI:41] 1964

Box 1

Hungary Visit and Sales Records 1980

Box 1

Idaho Recorded Treasures Files

Flat-box 6

Dr. Rudolph Ganz [Pictures and Negatives] 1913

Box 1

Illinois Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Indiana Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Information on Various Artists & Composers

Box 1

Inventory of 1/4 inch Reel to Reel Masters of Welte Piano Roll Catalogue

Box 1

Inventory of Selections, Information on Rolls, Acetates, Book of the Month Disc Selections, and Cassette Labels

Box 1

Iowa Recorded Treasures Files

Box 1

Jack Mirtle-Spike Jones

Box 1

Joe Iturbi Correspondence 1961

Box 1

John Heebner Family Tree Researched by Miller B. Heebner

Box 1

June Kramer/ FM and Fine Arts Magazine 1963 February

Box 1

Kansas Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Ken Caswell Correspondence

Box 2

Kentucky Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Label Copy - 686 to 711

Box 2

Legacy Recording Notes 1962-1964

Box 2

Lennie Marvin List of Piano Rolls and Correspondence

Box 2

Les Brown Correspondence

Box 2

Letter of Reccomendation for Reuben M. Heebner and magazine article featuring RMH

Box 2

Liszt Record Grand Prix Award 1988, Hungary Notes and Correspondence [Photographs]

Flat-box 6

Loose Unfiled Photos With Legend [Photographs]

Box 2

Lotte Lehmann Correspondence 1947

Box 2

Louisianna Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Magic (You're the Only Magic I Need) Lyrics by Walter Heebner

Box 2

Mary Heebner Re: Welte, V-Discs, Mickey Katz, Schwenkenfelders Correspondence

Box 2

Maryland Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Massahussets Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Michigan Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Miklos Forrai Correspondence

Box 2

Minnesota Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Mississippi Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Missouri Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Mort Edelstein Correspondence Re: World Record Club

Box 2

Mulcays Ben Light

Box 2

Museum of Making Music/ Dan Del Fiorentino

Box 5

Music For Morticians Album Sleeve Photos

Box 2

Music Journal Magazine 1968 September

Box 2

Musical America Magazine 1964 February

Box 2

NEA Journal 1965 May

Box 2

Nebraska Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Nevada Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

New Hampshire Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

New Jersey Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

New Records Magazine 1969 January

Box 2

New York Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

North Caroliona Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Ohio Recorded Treasures Files

Flat-box 5

Original Art of Welte Logo

Box 2

Original Welte Catalogue Correspondence and Publicity

Box 2

Page Cavanaugh Correspondence and CD Art [Photographs]

Box 2

Pennsylvania Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Phil Regan Albums Complete

Box 2

Phil Regan CD's

Box 2

Phil Regan Publishing Info

Box 2

Phil Regan Repertoire

Box 2

Playboy Magazine - Welte Legacy and Recorded Treasures Article 1966 August

Box 2

Purple Islands Correspondence

Flat-box 5

Radio/Television Daily Magazine [61:22] 1952 October 31

Box 2

RCA American Federation of Musicians - Contracts 1946

Box 2

RCA Victor Radio Show Contracts [1] 1947

Box 2

RCA Victor Radio Show Contracts [2] 1947

Box 2

RCA Victor Radio Show Contracts 1949

Flat-box 5

RCA Victor Red Seal Record Artists Volume 1 [22 prints]

Box 2

Reading File

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Avon Business Plan

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Basic Sponsor Pitch 1994

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Documents

Box 2

Recorded Treasures First Meeting of Incorporators and Directors

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Legal Files and Correspondence 1963-1965

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Order Fullfilment

Box 2

Recorded Treasures Unfiled

Box 2

Recording Plans 1964 November

Box 2

Rhode Island Recorded Treasures Files

Box 2

Royalties BMI

Box 2

Royalty Statements

Box 2

Rudolph Ganz "The Heebner Story"

Box 2

Rudolph Ganz Correspondence and Testimonials

Box 2

Rudolph Ganz - Memorials, Clippings, and Biographical Materials

Box 2

Rudolph Ganz: Chicago Musical College Materials 1964 February 12

Box 3

Sam Wheeler

Box 3

Sandy Martin Legacy Tributes 2002

Box 3

Saturday Review Magazine 1962 May 26

Box 3

Segal, Wasserman, & Associates - Public Accountants 1963-1964

Box 3

Song of the Pioneers Photograph

Box 3

South Carolina Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

Spade Cooley, RCA Victor Radio Show Contracts 1950

Box 3

Spike Jones Correspondence 1961

Box 3

Surface Noise Magazine [1:1] 1961 April 11

Box 3

Teamsters Radio Show Negotiations

Box 3

Technician Engineer Magazine 1963 November

Box 3

Tennessee Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

Texas Recorded Treasures Files

Flat-box 5

Time Magazine [82:11] 1963 September 13

Box 3

Time Magazine Article Re: Welte

Box 3

Trade Magazine Articles

Box 5

Unfiled Oversized Clippings

Flat-box 5

Variety Magazine 1964 August 14

Box 3

Victor Valente Contracts 1953 July

Box 3

Virginia Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

Vladimir Horowitz Correspondence [Includes photographs]

Box 3

Walter Heebner BMI Sheet Music

Flat-box 6

Walter Heebner Sheet Music [Manuscripts]

Box 3

Walter Heebner Sunday School Enrollment

Box 3

Walter Heebner Unfiled Correspondence

Box 3

Walter, Reuben, Flo, and Claire Heebner Correspondence

Box 3

Walt's World - Memoirs Parts One and Two

Box 3

Washington Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

Welte CD Album Mock ups and Catalogue

Box 3

Welte FM Radio Pitch

Box 3

Welte Legacy - Franz Liszt Album Artwork Mock ups

Box 3

Welte Legacy of Piano Treasures Business and Marketing Plan 1968, 1970

Box 3

Welte Legacy of Piano Treasures Correspondence

Box 3

Welte Legacy of Piano Treasures Record Labels

Box 3

Welte Legacy Piano Treasures Sales 1970 September 1-1971 June 5

Box 3

Welte Legacy Piano Treasures Sales Notebook

Box 4

Welte Legal Documents 1963-1965

Box 4

Welte Legal Documents, Correspondence With Attorney Al Schlesinger 1965-1971

Box 3

Welte Piano Treasures Recording Catalogue Note Cards

Box 3

Welte Vorsetzer and Talking Machine Pamphlets

Box 3

Welte, Bokisch, and Simonton Anecdotes and Correspondence/FM Magazine

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Advertisements

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Album Notes, Catalogues, and Publicity

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures CD/Cassette Artwork

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Essays

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Grand Prix Du Disque Liszt 1988 Correspondence [Negatives]

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Inc. Correspondence

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Newspaper Reviews and Clippings

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Recording Session Notes

Box 3

Welte/Recorded Treasures Reviews

Box 3

West Virginia Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

Wisconsin Recorded Treasures Files

Box 3

WLPT/Sonic Solutions Printouts Pre-Mastering System

Box 3

The World Book of Heebners Compiled By Halbert's Family Heritage

Box 3

World Record Club Correspondence 1968

Box 3

Wyoming Recorded Treasures Files


Series 2. Diaries

Scope and Content

This series Walter Heebner's musical "gig" diaries and address books from the pre-war World War II era, documenting his early musical performance activities.
Box 7

Journal Introduction by Walter S. Heebner

Box 7

Address Books

Box 7

Diary 1935

Box 7

Diary 1936

Box 7

Diary 1937

Box 7

Diary 1938

Box 7

Diary 1939

Box 7

Diary 1940

Box 7

Diary 1941

Box 7

Diary 1942

Box 7

Diary 1945

Box 7

Diary 1957

Box 7

Diary 1958

Box 7

Diary 1959

Flat-oversize 8-9

Series 3. Scrapbook

Scope and Content

This series contains a scrapbook compiled by Walter Heebner, the contents of which include mixed media clippings, letters, pictures, and correspondence. The bulk of the items in this scrapbook covers the years from 1945 through 1958. Also contained in this series is the Welte Autograph Book. This book contains a documentation of the musicians that Welte recorded in the early 20th Century, and includes reproductions of letters, signatures, and photographs of the recording sessions. The letters are translated into three languages – English, French, and German.

Series 4. 10 inch Open Reel Tapes

Scope and Content

Master rolls from obtained by Walter Heebner from Richard Simonton, and replayed on a modern Steinway piano, resulting in a revitalized sound through analog stereo. These recordings were later released through Heebner's own company, Recorded Piano Treasures.
item A26174/R10

CD 100 I Liszt Master (Busoni performs Liszt in 1905)

item A26175/R10

CD 100 II Liszt Master (Busoni performs Liszt in 1905)

item A26176/R10

CD 101 I Liszt Master (Busoni encores and Liszt etudes)

item A26177/R10

CD 101 Liszt B Takes (Busoni encores and Liszt etudes)

item A26178/R10

CD 101 II Liszt Master (Busoni encores and Liszt etudes)

item A26179/R10

CD 102 I Liszt Master (Religiosi /Con amore)

item A26180/R10

CD 102 II Liszt Master (Religiosi /Con amore)

item A26181/R10

CD 103 I Liszt Master (Rhapsodies and soiree de vienne)

item A26182/R10

CD 103 II Liszt Master (Rhapsodies and soiree de vienne)

item A26183/R10

CD 104 I Liszt Master (Fantasia, flight, and fireworks)

item A26184/R10

CD 104 II Liszt Master (Fantasia, flight, and fireworks)

item A26185/R10

CD 105 I Chopin Master (1827--1831)

item A26186/R10

CD 105 II Chopin Master (1827--1831)

item A26187/R10

CD 106 I Chopin Master (1831-1835)

item A26188/R10

CD 106 II Chopin Master (1831-1835)

item A26189/R10

CD 107 II Chopin Master (1835-1838)

item A26190/R10

CD 108 I Chopin originals (1839-1841)

item A26191/R10

CD 108 I Chopin master (1839-1841)

item A26192/R10

CD 108 II Chopin master (1839-1841)

item A26193/R10

CD 109 I Chopin master (1841-1844)

item A26194/R10

CD 109 II Chopin master (1841-1844)

item A26195/R10

700 I Original Gieseking

item A26196/R10

CD 109 pt. 1 Chopin originals (1841-1844)

item A26197/R10

CD 109 pt. 2 Chopin originals (1841-1844)

item A26198/R10

CD 110 I Chopin master (1844-1847)

item A26199/R10

CD 110 II Chopin master (1844-1847)

item A26200/R10

CD 110 pt. 1 Chopin originals (1841-1844)

item A26201/R10

CD 110 pt. 2 Chopin originals (1841-1844)

item A26202/R10

CD 111 I Mahler master (performing his own compositions)

item A26203/R10

CD 111 I Mahler alternate master (performing his own compositions)

item A26204/R10

CD 111 II Strauss master (performing his own compositions)

item A26205/R10

CD 112 I D'Albert master (performing his own compositions)

item A26206/R10

CD 112 II D'Albert and Emil Sauer master (performing their own compositions)

item A26207/R10

CD 113 I Giesking and Humperdink (performing their own compositions)

item A26208/R10

CD 113 II Reiner master (performing his own compositions)

item A26209/R10

CD 114 I Reger master (performing his own compositions)

item A26210/R10

CD 114 II Ganz, Grieg, Scott master (performing their own compositions)

item A26211/R10

CD 114 Ganz, Grieg, Scott original (performing their own compositions)

item A26212/R10

CD 115 I Debussy master (performing his own compositions)

item A26213/R10

CD 115 II Ravel master (performing his own compositions)

item A26214/R10

CD 116 I Saint-Saens master (performing his own compositions)

item A26215/R10

CD 116 II Saint-Saens, Faure, Respighi, Carreno master (performing their own compositions)

item A26216/R10

CD 117 I Granados master (performing his own compositions)

item A26217/R10

CD 117 II DeFalla, Busoni, Leoncavallo master (performing their own compositions)

item A26218/R10

CD 118 I Gabrilowitsch, Glazounow, Horowitz master (performing their own compositions)

item A26219/R10

CD 118 II Pachmann, Scriabin, Stravinsky master (performing their own compositions)

item A26220/R10

CD 119 I Bartok, Dohnanyi master (performing their own compositions)

item A26221/R10

CD 119 II Hofmann, Leschetizky master (performing their own compositions)

item A26222/R10

CD 119 III Paderewski, Scharwenka master (performing their own compositions)

item A26223/R10

CD 120 I Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. I of IV)

item A26224/R10

CD 120 II Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. I of IV)

item A26225/R10

CD 121 I Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. II of IV)

item A26226/R10

CD 121 II Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. II of IV)

item A26227/R10

CD 122 I Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. III of IV)

item A26228/R10

CD 122 II Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. III of IV)

item A26229/R10

CD 123 I Bach, Beethoven, Brahms master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26230/R10

CD 123 II Ruins of Athens-Busoni master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26231/R10

CD 123 III Brahms master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26232/R10

CD 124 I Mozart, Schumann, Schubert master (Vol. I of IV)

item A26233/R10

CD 124 II Mozart sonata in A master (Vol. I of IV)

item A26234/R10

CD 124 III Mozart master (Vol. I of IV)

item A26235/R10

CD 125 I Mozart master (Vol. II of IV)

item A26236/R10

CD 125 II Schumann master (Vol. II of IV)

item A26237/R10

CD 126 I Schumann master (Vol. III of IV)

item A26238/R10

CD 126 II Schubert master (Vol. III of IV)

item A26239/R10

CD 127 I Schubert master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26240/R10

CD 127 II Backhaus master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26241/R10

CD 127 III Schubert master (Vol. IV of IV)

item A26242/R10

CD 128 I French composers' works master

item A26243/R10

CD 128 II French composers' works master

item A26244/R10

CD 129 I French composers' works master

item A26245/R10

CD 129 II French composers' works master

item A26246/R10

CD 130 I Russian composers' works Rubenstein master

item A26247/R10

CD 135 III Polish, Norwegian, Swiss, and Spanish composers' works master

item A26248/R10

500 Series for CD 103-Hungarian

item A26249/R10

500 Series for CD 103

item A26250/R10

500 Series for CD 104

item A26251/R10

500 D'Albert

item A26252/R10

501 D'Albert

item A26253/R10

502 D'Albert

item A26254/R10

503 D'Albert safeties

item A26255/R10

504 Safety reel 3-D'Albet

item A26256/R10

505 Dohnanyi and Bartok

item A26257/R10

506 Busoni

item A26258/R10

509 Carreno

item A26259/R10

510 Carreno

item A26260/R10

511 Carreno

item A26261/R10

512 Leschetizky

item A26262/R10

513 Carreno

item A26263/R10

514 WLPT Misc.

item A26264/R10

514A Carreno, Reger, Greig

item A26265/R10

515 Debussy

item A26266/R10

516 Debussy

item A26267/R10

517 Debussy

item A26268/R10

518 Faure, BL, Zeisler

item A26269/R10

518A Faure, Grieg, Maier, Pattison

item A26270/R10

519 Ganz

item A26271/R10

521 Granados complete

item A26272/R10

522 Glazdunow

item A26273/R10

523 Grunfeld

item A26274/R10

524 Saint-Saens, Pogno, Grunfeld

item A26275/R10

525 Hofmann

item A26276/R10

526 Hofmann

item A26277/R10

527 Horowitz

item A26278/R10

528 Horowitz (complete)

item A26279/R10

529 Horowitz

item A26280/R10

530 Lamond, Hofmann, Lhevinne

item A26281/R10

531 Landowska

item A26282/R10

532 Lemba

item A26283/R10

536 Leschetizky

item A26284/R10

537 Leschetizky

item A26285/R10

538 Leoncavallo, Mahler

item A26286/R10

539 Marschall

item A26287/R10

540 Marschall

item A26288/R10

541 Pattison, Podishhoff

item A26289/R10

542 Pachmann, Stravinsky

item A26290/R10

543 Pachmann

item A26291/R10

545 Pachmann

item A26292/R10

546 Pachmann

item A26293/R10

547 Paderweski

item A26294/R10

548 Paderweski

item A26295/R10

549 Pogno

item A26296/R10

550 Ravel

item A26297/R10

551 Ravel, Reger

item A26298/R10

552 Reisenauer

item A26299/R10

553 Respighi (and Casella) four hands

item A26300/R10

554 Saint-Saens

item A26301/R10

555 Saint-Saens

item A26302/R10

556 Samaroff, Stokowski

item A26303/R10

557 Samaroff, Stokowski

item A26304/R10

558 Samaroff, Stokowski

item A26305/R10

559 Scharwenka, C. Scott

item A26306/R10

560 Scharwenka

item A26307/R10

561 Scharwenka

item A26308/R10

562 Scriabin

item A26309/R10

563 Scriabin complete

item A26310/R10

564 Strauss

item A26311/R10

662 I original Hofmann 1913

item A26312/R10

662 II original Hofmann 1913

item A26313/R10

663 I original Claude Debussy 1913

item A26314/R10

663 II original Ravel 1913

item A26315/R10

665 I original Olga Samaroff 1908

item A26316/R10

665 II original Olga Samaroff 1908

item A26317/R10

666 I original Saint-Saens (his own compositions) 1905

item A26318/R10

666 II original Saint-Saens (his own compositions) 1905

item A26319/R10

667 II original Pachmann 1906

item A26320/R10

668 I original Busoni 1905

item A26321/R10

669 I original Granados 1913

item A26322/R10

669 II original Granados and De Falla 1913

item A26323/R10

670 I original Teresa Carreno 1906

item A26324/R10

671 I original Rudolph Ganz 1910

item A26325/R10

671 II original Rudolph Ganz 1910

item A26326/R10

672 I original D'Albert 1913

item A26327/R10

672 II original D'Albert 1913

item A26328/R10

673 I original Strauss 1906

item A26329/R10

673 II original Strauss 1906

item A26330/R10

674 I original Lhevinne 1906

item A26331/R10

674 II original Lhevinne 1906

item A26332/R10

675 II original Reisenauer 1905

item A26333/R10

676 I original Bartok and Dohnanyi 1920, 1906

item A26334/R10

676 II original Bartok and Dohnanyi 1920, 1906

item A26335/R10

677 I original Leschetizky 1906

item A26336/R10

677 II original Leschetizky 1906

item A26337/R10

678 I original Mahler and Reger perform their own compostions 1905, 1913

item A26338/R10

678 II original Reger, Faure, Mahler perform their own compostions 1905, 1913

item A26338/R10

679 I original Giesking 1920

item A26340/R10

679 II original Giesking 1920

item A26341/R10

680 I original Paderewsky Vol. II 1906

item A26342/R10

680 II original Paderewsky Vol. II 1906

item A26343/R10

681 II original Pouishnoff 1920

item A26344/R10

682 I original Grunfeld 1905

item A26345/R10

682 A original Grunfeld impromptu 1905

item A26346/R10

683 II original Josef Hofmann Vol II 1913

item A26347/R10

684 I original Glazounow 1906

item A26348/R10

684 II original Glazounow 1906

item A26349/R10

685 I original Scharwenka 1906

item A26350/R10

686 I original Horowitz

item A26351/R10

686 II original Landowska

item A26352/R10

687 I original Carreno

item A26353/R10

687 II original Ossipoff and Kwast Hodapp

item A26354/R10

689 I Maier and Pattison play four hands

item A26355/R10

689 II Respighi and Casella play four hands

item A26356/R10

690 I original Hofmann and Lhevinne

item A26357/R10

691 I original Leoncavello

item A26358/R10

691 II original Humpedink and Scionto

item A26359/R10

692 I original Gieseking, Ganz, Maier

item A26360/R10

692 II original Grunfeld

item A26361/R10

693 I original Marshall/Albeniz

item A26362/R10

693 II original Marshall/Albeniz

item A26363/R10

694 I original Debussy, Grieg, Scott, Reger perform their own compositions

item A26364/R10

695 I original Pugno

item A26365/R10

695 II original Pugno

item A26366/R10

696 I original Ossip Gabrilowitsch

item A26367/R10

696 II original Ossip Gabrilowitsch

item A26368/R10

697 original Reisenauer

item A26369/R10

698 I original Josef Hoffman Vol. III

item A26370/R10

698 II original Josef Hoffman Vol. III

item A26371/R10

699 I Nikisch, Conradi, Sauer, Milhaud

item A26372/R10

699 II Nikisch, Conradi, Sauer, Milhaud

item A26373/R10

701 I original Bloomfield-Ziesler/Tosta D. benici/Olga Samaroff-Stokowsky

item A26374/R10

701 II original Famine, Tosta, Wanda, Olga

item A26375/R10

702 II original D'Albert

item A26376/R10

703 I original Josef Lhevinne Vol. II

item A26377/R10

704 I original Pachmann Vol. II (Chopin) 1906

item A26378/R10

704 II original Pachmann (Mozart) 1906

item A26379/R10

705 I original Ganz

item A26380/R10

705 II original Ganz

item A26381/R10

707 I original Five composers in their own compositions (Horowitz, D'Albet, Carreno, Mahler, Saint Saens)

item A26382/R10

708 I original Marshall plays Granados

item A26383/R10

708 II original Marshall plays Granados

item A26384/R10

709 I original Fritz Reiner conducts his own transcriptions/ Silvio Sconti

item A26385/R10

709 II original Fritz Reiner conducts his own transcriptions/ Silvio Sconti

item A26386/R10

710 I original Horowitz/Busoni

item A26387/R10

711 I original Debussy, Leschetizky, Glazunov, Faure

item A26388/R10

712 I original D'Albert performs his own compositions

item A26389/R10

712 II original D'Albert performs his own compositions

item A26390/R10

713 I original Lhevinne, Marshall, Pouishnoff

item A26391/R10

CD I master Busoni/ Liszt Part 1 1962, 1964

item A26392/R10

CD I master Busoni/ Liszt Part 2 1962, 1964

item A26393/R10

CD 2 Part 1 Liszt 1962, 1964

item A26394/R10

Liszt protection record III

item A26395/R10

Liszt alternates 2 (CD 2 part 2 Liszt originals)

item A26396/R10

Liszt alternates 3 (CD 3 part 3 of 3 Liszt originals)

item A26397/R10

Liszt alternates 6 (Liszt originals)

item A26398/R10

Liszt alternates 7 (CD 3 part 2 of 3 originals)

item A26399/R10

500 Series for CD 101 Liszt

item A26400/R10

500 Protection for CD 102

item A26401/R10

CD 3 Liszt

item A26402/R10

CD 3 (3 parts) Liszt part 1 originals

item A26403/R10

CD 4 part 2 Liszt originals

item A26404/R10

CD 10 all of Strauss

item A26828/R10

CD2 Liszt

item A26829/R10

681 I Original Scriabin 1983 October 24

item A26830/R10

P508 Busoni

item A26832/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 2) 1973 February 16

item A26833/R10

Crepitation, Pipkin, Florence Foster Jenkins 1969 December 29

item A26834/R10

Juke Box Jury excerpt 1958 February 6

item A26835/R10

Phil Regan 1983 August 8

item A26836/R10

Golden Years demo 2000 August 31

item A26837/R10

The Mulcays: Harmonica Heaven (2) 1978 September 7

item A26838/R10

Francis Langford (with Tony Romano and Johnny Cuzzins) 1966 November 10

item A26839/R10

City Folks Nite Out 2001 January 30

item A26840/R10

Francis Langford 1986 May 22

item A26841/R10

Mulcays safeties

item A26842/R10

Mulcays and M. Arnold safeties

item A26843/R10

Phil Regan (BG's) 1983 August 8

item A26844/R10

Regan (no Phil, just BG) 1986 January 9

item A26845/R10

Harold Arlen's Jamaica (Duane and Dewitt) 1984 February 7

item A26846/R10

Francis Langford party with audience 1986 May 13

item A26847/R10

My songs 2000 April 24

item A26848/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 4

item A26849/R10

Lhevinne, Humperdink, Carreno (534)

item A26850/R10

Welte Legacy of Piano Treasures (Busoni plays: Beethoven-Liszt, Donizetti, Bellini-Liszt) 1964 November 27

item A26851/R10

Page CD 2 safety

item A26852/R10

Ben Light, edited "A" takes 1959 February 4

item A26853/R10

Page, Cavanaugh safety 2000 September 1

item A26854/R10

Hurdy Gurdy 1961 August 23

item A26855/R10

Phil Regan

item A26856/R10

Narholz mix of Nightwinds

item A26857/R10

Frances Langford in Vietnam with Tony Romano and Johnny Guzzins 1966 November 9

item A26858/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 6 (safety copy)

item A26859/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 1 (safety copy)

item A26860/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 3 (safety copy)

item A26861/R10

Room noise, Nov. 64 session 1964 November 29

item A26862/R10

Page Cavenaugh

item A26863/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 4 (safety copy)

item A26864/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 1 (safety copy)

item A26865/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 2 (safety copy)

item A26866/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 6 (safety copy)

item A26867/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 5 (safety copy)

item A26868/R10

Fran Langford at Wick's with audience

item A26869/R10

The Mulcays: Harmonica Heaven (1) 1978 September 7

item A26870/R10

PR show piano/celeste

item A26871/R10

D'Albert plays Saint Saens, D'albert, Korngold ; Busoni plays Pagannini

item A26872/R10

Busoni plays Liszt, Schubert 1964 November 27

item A26873/R10

Ben Light original 1959 February 28

item A26874/R10

Dick Duane 1959 August 29

item A26875/R10

Music Box christmas carols

item A26876/R10

WSH tune performances 1996 May 7

item A26877/R10

Legendary masters of the piano (BOM 5735) side 5 (safety copy)

item A26878/R10

Ben Light master