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Finding Aid to the Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies Records, 1972-2012
BANC MSS 2004/237 z  
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Series 1 Office Files 1974-1996

Physical Description: Cartons 1-4; Carton 5, folders 1-19


Arranged as received.

Scope and Content Note

Contains such administrative files as records of the editorial board, correspondence, reports and promotional materials.
Carton 1, Folder 1

Incorporation and by-laws

Carton 1, Folder 2

Negotiations for Frontiers 1989

Carton 1, Folder 3

Awards 1988

Carton 1, Folder 4

Board Communications 1978-1989

Carton 1, Folder 5-7

Board Minutes 1979-1986

Carton 1, Folder 8-58

Editorial Collective Meeting Minutes 1990-1996

Carton 1, Folder 59

University of Colorado Collective 1984-1991

Carton 1, Folder 60

Bringing Frontiers to University of New Mexico 1989-1995

Carton 1, Folder 61

Bylaws 1990

Carton 1, Folder 62

Board Correspondence 1990-1994

Carton 1, Folder 63

Washington State University move 1994

Carton 1, Folder 64

Articles of Understanding 1990-1993

Carton 1, Folder 65

Production Guidelines 1991

Carton 1, Folder 66-69

Annual Reports 1990-1994

Carton 1, Folder 70

University Press of Colorado- Memorandum of Agreement 1990

Carton 1, Folder 71-73

University Press of Colorado- Yearly Reports 1990-1993

Carton 1, Folder 74

University Press of Colorado- Catalogues 1991-1992

Carton 1, Folder 75

University Press of Colorado- Correspondence 1991-1994

Carton 1, Folder 76

Consulting Editors undated

Carton 1, Folder 77

Editorial Collective Membership Guidelines 1991

Carton 1, Folder 78

Graduate Students undated

Carton 1, Folder 79

Advertisements 1990

Carton 1, Folder 80

Las Chicanas Issue 1989

Carton 1, Folder 81-85

Las Chicanas Issue- submissions 1989

Carton 1, Folder 86

In Brief, Of Note 1988-1990

Carton 1, Folder 87

Calls for papers 1990

Carton 1, Folder 88

Article Queries 1977-1979

Carton 2, Folder 1-2

Article Queries 1980-1986

Carton 2, Folder 3

Double Submissions 1984-1985

Carton 2, Folder 4-6

General Correspondence 1974-1990

Carton 2, Folder 7

Indexing Abstracts 1984-1990

Carton 2, Folder 8

Referees 1984-1985

Carton 2, Folder 9

Review Queries 1987-1990

Carton 2, Folder 10

Reviews 1978-1979

Carton 2, Folder 11-13

Procedures and Policies Manual circa 1990

Carton 2, Folder 14

Reader Guidelines 1984

Carton 2, Folder 15

Submission Guidelines undated

Carton 2, Folder 16-17


Carton 2, Folder 18

Consulting Editors/ Readers

Carton 2, Folder 19

SIROW 1987-1988

Carton 2, Folder 20

Newsletters 1988

Carton 2, Folder 21


Carton 2, Folder 22

Copyright Registration 1978-1990

Carton 2, Folder 23-33

Correspondence October 1988-August 1989

Carton 3, Folder 1-6

Correspondence February-September 1988

Carton 3, Folder 7

Solicitation 1987

Carton 3, Folder 8

Office space 1978-1986

Carton 3, Folder 9

Subscriptions Rates 1978-1988

Carton 3, Folder 10


Carton 3, Folder 11

UMI 1983-1986

Carton 3, Folder 12

UM St. Program Review- report1980

Carton 3, Folder 13

Delayed Publication letter 1987-1988

Carton 3, Folder 14-17

National Women's Studies Association 1978-1988

Carton 3, Folder 18

Colorado Women's Studies Association 1988-1990

Carton 3, Folder 19

Consulting Editors 1984-1988

Carton 3, Folder 20

Corbridge 1987-1988

Carton 3, Folder 21

Reviews/ Citations 1985-1986

Carton 3, Folder 22-23

Correspondence 1989-1990

Carton 3, Folder 24

Editor position 1988-1989

Carton 3, Folder 25

Gee 1987

Carton 3, Folder 26

University Press of Colorado 1991

Carton 3, Folder 27

Incorporation 1989-1990

Carton 3, Folder 28

Lamphere 1990

Carton 3, Folder 29

Mail Status 1984

Carton 3, Folder 30

Redman 1988

Carton 3, Folder 31

Middleton 1988

Carton 3, Folder 32

Submission Log Sheets 1985

Carton 3, Folder 33-34

Revisions 1988

Carton 3, Folder 35

Authors' Submission Letters 1989-1990

Carton 3, Folder 36

Alphabetical Author Lists undated

Carton 3, Folder 37

Las Chicanas Issue 1989

Carton 3, Folder 38

Journal Office 1991-1993

Carton 3, Folder 39-43

Journal Correspondence 1990-1995

Carton 3, Folder 44-45

Gender, Nations and Nationalism Issue 1994

Carton 4, Folder 1-3

Solicitation Letters 1990-1992

Carton 4, Folder 4

Feminist Ethics Conference 1994

Carton 4, Folder 5

APSA Conference 1993

Carton 4, Folder 6

Clusters- Frontiers Bibliographies undated

Carton 4, Folder 7

Comps and Exchange List 1991

Carton 4, Folder 8

Booksales 1992-1994

Carton 4, Folder 9

Marketing 1992-1994

Carton 4, Folder 10

Items to be Filed in Authors Files 1990-1993

Carton 4, Folder 11

Correspondence- Literary Editors 1991-1992

Carton 4, Folder 12

Northwest Women's Law Center Auction 1994

Carton 4, Folder 13

Fundraiser 1991

Carton 4, Folder 14

Correspondence- Consulting Editors 1990-1991

Carton 4, Folder 15

Hooks, Bell 1993

Carton 4, Folder 16

Zimmerman Library Theft 1994

Carton 4, Folder 17

Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute 1989-1994

Carton 4, Folder 18

Collective Members- vitae undated

Carton 4, Folder 19

Correspondence- Collective Members 1991-1994

Carton 4, Folder 20

Publicity 1991-1992

Carton 4, Folder 21

Crickets 1992

Carton 4, Folder 22-28

MJE Reports- database reports of submissions to the journal 1994-1996

Carton 4, Folder 29

Ardis, Ann 1991-1995

Carton 4, Folder 30

Page Costs 1985

Carton 4, Folder 31

President's Fund for the Humanities Proposal 1989

Carton 4, Folder 32

Production Costs History 1986-1989

Carton 4, Folder 33

Funding Requests 1974-1984

Carton 4, Folder 34

Future Orders 1984-1988

Carton 4, Folder 35-38

Advertising 1985-1990

Carton 4, Folder 39

Red Flyer Revenue 1986

Carton 4, Folder 40

Announcements undated

Carton 4, Folder 41

Data undated

Carton 4, Folder 42


Carton 4, Folder 43

Press Clippings 1981-1985

Carton 4, Folder 44

Press Releases 1975-1984

Carton 5, Folder 1-7

Promotion 1987-1990

Carton 5, Folder 8

Publicity 1987-1990

Carton 5, Folder 9-11

Reader Questionnaires circa 1985

Carton 5, Folder 12-14

Correspondence 1987-1990

Carton 5, Folder 15-19

Workshops- Publishing 1987-1988


Series 2 Editorial Files 1972-2012

Physical Description: Carton 5, folders 20-33; Cartons 6-39


Arranged in order of publication.

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence, drafts of articles, and other related material pertaining to the production of individual issues.
Carton 5, Folder 20-27

Volume 1, Number 1 1972-1976

Carton 5, Folder 28-30

Volume 1, Number 2 1975-1977

Carton 5, Folder 31-33

Volume 1, Number 3 1977

Carton 6, Folder 1

Volume 1, Number 3 1976

Carton 6, Folder 2-7

Volume 2, Number 1 1977

Carton 6, Folder 8-14

Volume 2, Number 2 1977

Carton 6, Folder 15

OH I- 1979 Reprint 1979

Carton 6, Folder 16-21

Volume 2, Number 3 1977

Carton 7, Folder 1-8

Volume 3, Number 1 1978

Carton 7, Folder 9-16

Volume 3, Number 2 1978

Carton 7, Folder 17-19

Volume 3, Number 3 1978-1979

Carton 7, Folder 20-24

Volume 4, Number 1 1978-1979

Carton 8, Folder 1

Volume 4, Number 1 1978-1979

Carton 8, Folder 2-8

Volume 4, Number 2 1979

Carton 8, Folder 9-16

Volume 4, Number 3 1979

Carton 8, Folder 17-23

Volume 5, Number 1 1979-1981

Carton 8, Folder 24-25

Volume 5, Number 2 1980

Carton 9, Folder 1-5

Volume 5, Number 2 1978-1982

Carton 9, Folder 6-14

Volume 5, Number 3 1981

Carton 9, Folder 15-18

Volume 6, Number 1 1981

Carton 9, Folder 19-23

Volume 6, Numbers 1/2 1980-1981

Carton 10, Folder 1-11

Volume 6, Number 3 1981-1984

Carton 10, Folder 12-21

Volume 7, Number 1 1981-1984

Carton 11, Folder 1-5

Volume 7, Number 1 1977-1983

Carton 11, Folder 6-14

Volume 7, Number 2 1982-1983

Carton 11, Folder 15-22

Volume 7, Number 3 1983-1984

Carton 11, Folder 23-26

Volume 8, Number 1 1984

Carton 12, Folder 1-2

Volume 8, Number 1 1983-1984

Carton 12, Folder 3-9

Volume 8, Number 2 1984-1986

Carton 12, Folder 10-21

Volume 8, Number 3 1985-1986

Carton 13, Folder 1-8

Volume 9, Number 1 1985-1986

Carton 13, Folder 9-13

Volume 9, Number 2 1985-1987

Carton 13, Folder 14-21

Volume 9, Number 3 1985-1987

Carton 14, Folder 1-6

Volume 10, Number 1 1988-1990

Carton 14, Folder 7-14

Volume 10, Number 2 1986-1988

Carton 14, Folder 15-27

Volume 10, Number 3 1988-1989

Carton 15, Folder 1-2

Volume 10, Number 3 1989

Carton 15, Folder 3

Volume 10 1987-1988

Carton 15, Folder 4-5

Las Chicanas 1988-1989

Carton 15, Folder 6-21

Volume 11, Number 1 1989-1990

Carton 15, Folder 22-27

Volume 11, Number 2 1989-1990

Carton 15, Folder 28

Volume 11, Number 2/3 1990

Carton 16, Folder 1-10

Volume 11, Number 2/3 1990

Carton 16, Folder 11

Volume 11, Number 3 1990

Carton 16, Folder 12-25

Volume 12, Number 1 1991

Carton 16, Folder 26-41

Volume 12, Number 2

Carton 16, Folder 42-46

Volume 12, Number 3

Carton 17, Folder 1-9

Volume 12, Number 3

Carton 17, Folder 10-27

Volume 13, Number 1

Carton 17, Folder 28-47

Volume 13, Number 2

Carton 17, Folder 48-49

Volume 13, Number 3

Carton 18, Folder 1-19

Volume 13, Number 3

Carton 18, Folder 20-45

Volume 14, Number 1

Carton 18, Folder 46-51

Volume 14, Number 2

Carton 19, Folder 1-8

Volume 14, Number 2

Carton 19, Folder 9-24

Volume 14, Number 3

Carton 19, Folder 25-46

Volume 15, Number 1

Carton 20, Folder 1-21

Volume 15, Number 2

Carton 20, Folder 22-47

Volume 15, Number 3

Carton 20, Folder 48-53

Volume 16, Number 1

Carton 21, Folder 1-22

Volume 16, Number 1

Carton 21, Folder 23-55

Volume 16, Number 2/3

Carton 22, Folder 1-18

Volume 18, Number 1

Carton 22, Folder 19-35

Volume 18, Number 2

Carton 22, Folder 36-55

Volume 18, Number 3

Carton 22, Folder 56-59

Volume 19, Number 1

Carton 23, Folder 1-18

Volume 19, Number 1

Carton 23, Folder 19-31

Volume 19, Number 2

Carton 23, Folder 32-49

Volume 19, Number 3

Carton 23, Folder 50-54

Volume 20, Number 1

Carton 24, Folder 1-17

Volume 20, Number 1

Carton 24, Folder 18-36

Volume 20, Number 2

Carton 24, Folder 37-51

Volume 20, Number 3

Carton 24, Folder 52-68

Volume 21, Number 1/2

Carton 25, Folder 1-5

Volume 21, Number 1/2

Carton 25, Folder 6-21

Volume 21, Number 3

Carton 25, Folder 22-38

Volume 22, Number 1

Carton 25, Folder 39-40

Volume 22, Number 2

Carton 26, Folder 1-11

Volume 22, Number 2

Carton 26, Folder 12-27

Volume 22, Number 3

Carton 26, Folder 28

Volume 22 Subject Index

Carton 26, Folder 29-41

Volume 23, Number 1

Carton 26, Folder 42-43

Volume 23, Number 2

Carton 27, Folder 1-31

Volume 23, Number 2

Carton 27, Folder 32-43

Volume 23, Number 3

Carton 27, Folder 43-50

Volume 24, Number 1

Carton 28, Folder 1-2

Volume 24, Number 1

Carton 28, Folder 3-27

Volume 24, Number 2/3

Carton 29, Folder 1-15

Volume 25, Number 1

Carton 29, Folder 16

Editors' Introduction, Volume 25, Number 2

Carton 29, Folder 17

"Hollywood Players and the fantasy of gender and sexual nonconformity 1917 - 1941" by Brett Abrams

Carton 29, Folder 18

"Feminism and fetal images" by Sara Bergstresser

Carton 29, Folder 19

"Reframing work and identity: Competing meanings of domesticity, womanhood, and motherhood under globalization" by Shu-Ju Ada Cheng

Carton 29, Folder 20

"I only ask that you reply" by Catherine Connolly

Carton 29, Folder 21

"What's a mother to do?" by Judith De Sena

Carton 29, Folder 22

"Hearings at the Rape Maze" by cj Fluery

Carton 29, Folder 23

"Women's Society in Prison" by David Foster

Carton 29, Folder 24

"San Antonio Pecan Shellers" by Patricia E. Gower

Carton 29, Folder 25

"Hungry Ghosts" by Lyn Jacobs

Carton 29, Folder 26

"Reflections on Meena Alexander's" by Anupama Jain

Carton 29, Folder 27

"On the frontiers of desire" by Ruth Y. Jenkins

Carton 29, Folder 28

"New True Woman" by Peter Kratake

Carton 29, Folder 29

"Body, place and narrative" by Pei-Yin Lin

Carton 29, Folder 30

"Tuesday's Child" by Martha, Marinara

Carton 29, Folder 31

"Sags and Swales" by Kristine, Peleg

Carton 29, Folder 32

"Michelle Cliff's (M)others of the Nation: Postcoloniality and the Gendered Legacies of Romantic Nationalism" by Jocelyn, Stitt

Carton 29, Folder 33

"Gender and Place: A Comparison of Married Women's Property Law in England and Texas" by Kelly McMichael, Stott

Carton 29, Folder 34

"Obvious and Ordinary: Desire Between Girls in Jamaien Kincaid's Annie John" by Keja, Valens

Carton 29, Folder 35

"Reclaiming Culture: Reconciling Place: Gender, Class and Women's Literacy Associations in the Irrigates West, 1890-1920" by Laura, Woodworth-Ney

Carton 29, Folder 36

"Voicing Grace: Romantic Landscape in Dionne Brand's No Language is Natural" by Brenda, Garrett, Brenda

Carton 29, Folder 37

"It's very robot-looking, and the women are hideous: Rebecca Wat on America, Gender and Modernity in the 1930s" by Ashlie, Sponenberg

Carton 29, Folder 38

"Speaking through silence: Comfort women and Japanese Imperialism" by Amy, Nishimura

Carton 29, Folder 39

"Moving in a Westerly Direction: Margaret Adele Moore Pierce, 1882 - 1961" by A. Mary, Murphy

Carton 29, Folder 40

Assorted poems, Donna J., Gelagotis Lee

Carton 29, Folder 41

"Fashioning women and men on the frontier: Ideology and Reality in Nineteenth Century Oregon" by Cynthia D., Culver

Carton 29, Folder 42

"'You can do it, You can do it' Helen Peck: A Life of Work Leadership, and Encouragement in the Grange" by Jacquelyn A., Lowman

Carton 29, Folder 43

"Veni, Vidi, Vici: Strategists and Intellectualists -- the Goddess Athena in Vonnegut, Irving, and King Stories" by Heidi, Strengell

Carton 29, Folder 44

"Negotiating the Afterglow ? " by Seth, Clabough

Carton 29, Folder 45

"Tough Chic(s)" by Theresa Lynn, Geller

Carton 29, Folder 46

assorted, Mary Kennan, Herbert

Carton 29, Folder 47

"Other Ontologies" by Caterina, Romeo

Carton 29, Folder 48

"The right thing to do" by Yurika Tamura

Carton 29, Folder 49

"A diplomat's wife in Mexico: Creating professional, political, and national identities in the early twentieth century" by Molly Wood

Carton 29, Folder 50

"'Be shure to fix the fence': The Arizona Cowbelles' public persona, 1950 - 1960" by Michelle K. Berry

Carton 29, Folder 51

"Dwellings" by Victoria Hay

Carton 29, Folder 52

"Women in local elective office in South Florida" by Jessica Perez-Monforti

Carton 29, Folder 53

"She was returned home: The narrative of an Afro-Guyanese activist" by Kimberly Nettles

Carton 29, Folder 54

"Military Bases, 'Royalty Trips' and Imperial Modernities: Gendered and Racialized Labor in the Postcolonial Philippines" by Vernadette Vicuna Gonzalez

Carton 29, Folder 55

"Wal-Mart: The new retail colossus and women workers" by Ellen I. Rosen

Carton 29, Folder 56

"Fighting Balkanization (in bed)" by Laura M. Robinson

Carton 29, Folder 57

five poems by Rachel Hochberg

Carton 29, Folder 58

"Disciplining the body of feminist theory: Dealing simultaneously with race and sex" by Carolyn DiPalma

Carton 30, Folder 1

"The virgin, the hag and the vanquished: Female representations of nation in the journal Jugend, 1919 - 1940" by Kathleen Condra

Carton 30, Folder 2

K. Condray for Frontiers

Carton 30, Folder 3

"American women, gender-based violence, and the First World War: The case of women physicians and nurses" by Kimberly Jensen

Carton 30, Folder 4

"Modernity and my mom: A literary exploration into the (extra)ordinary sacrifices and everyday resistance of a Vietnamese woman" by Kim Huynh

Carton 30, Folder 5

"Country of Ghosts: A Historic Review of the Treatment of Women in Afghanistan Under the Taliban Regime" by Talia Bowman

Carton 30, Folder 6

assorted poems by Anne-Marie Brumm

Carton 30, Folder 7

"American Breeder" by Beverly Yuen Thompson

Carton 30, Folder 8

"Narrative 'Confidence Games' Framing the Blonde Spectacle in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1925) and Nights of the Circus (1984) by Laurie JC Cella

Carton 30, Folder 9

"In Search of the 'Real' Ramona: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Making of the Golden State" by Yolanda Venegas

Carton 30, Folder 10

"Penis Envy, and Other Theories" by Jean Braithwaite

Carton 30, Folder 11

"Ode to o.b." by Erinn Magee

Carton 30, Folder 12

Assorted poems, Peter Layton

Carton 30, Folder 13

Assorted poems, Lynn Lifshin

Carton 30, Folder 14

"Passing at the Margins of Race and Sex" by Nancy McHugh

Carton 30, Folder 15

"My Lover's in the Bath with me" by Katrina Denza

Carton 30, Folder 16

assorted poems by Teresa Kerrigan

Carton 30, Folder 17

"Mis(s)taken: Identity Politics in Captivity Narratives of the Spanish Borderlands" by Andrea Tinnemeyer

Carton 30, Folder 18

poems by Gloria North

Carton 30, Folder 19

short story by Caren Beilin

Carton 30, Folder 20

short story by Natali Escobedo

Carton 30, Folder 21

5 pieces nonfiction by Tahseen Bea

Carton 30, Folder 22

"The Tourism of Field Research in the Borderlands: Insiders, Outsiders, and Spectators" by Josephine Mendez-Negrete

Carton 30, Folder 23

2 short stories by Clara Nipper

Carton 30, Folder 24

"Adversaries and Allies: The AWSA, NWSA, and the 1882 Nebraska Woman Suffrage Campaign" by Carmen Heider

Carton 30, Folder 25

"Helping or Hindering? How the Girl Scouts Have Impacted Gender Roles for Girls" by Erin K. Anderson

Carton 30, Folder 26

"Beyond Motherhood Politics: New Forms of Participation Among Argentine Middle Class Women" by Marcela Mendoza

Carton 30, Folder 27

"Textual Portrayals of Female Athletes: Liberation or Nuanced Forms of Patriarchy?" by Victoria Carty

Carton 30, Folder 28

"Remaining the 'other': Confronting the Salience of American-ness in the 'third world'" by Kimberly Nettles

Carton 30, Folder 29

"(Re)Visioning Space(s) and (Re)signifying from Within: One Mestiza's Journey Home" by Graciela G. Garcia

Carton 30, Folder 30

"Mary E. Bradley Lane's Mizora: Unrenowned Chrysalis of a Genre" by John Berry

Carton 30, Folder 31

"Indulging Desire: On Being Other than (my) Mother" by Cheryl Chaffin

Carton 30, Folder 32

"Visiting Villa Ocampo" by Fiona G. Parrott

Carton 30, Folder 33

"Images of the Gatekeeper in Short Fiction of the Early 1900s: A Reflection of White Xenophobia" by Jean S. Filetti

Carton 30, Folder 34

"Fashion and Power in Two Feminist Novels" by Scott Odom

Carton 30, Folder 35

"Sex Appeal and Cultural Liberty: A Feminist Inquiry into MTV India" by Jocelyn Cullity

Carton 30, Folder 36

5 poems by Julia Tilley

Carton 30, Folder 37

"'Civilization,' Gender, and Cultural Persistency: The Missionaries of the Women's National Indian Association and American Indians" by Benson Tong

Carton 30, Folder 38

4 poems by Holly Day

Carton 30, Folder 39

"Clean Laundry" by Stephanie Anagnoson

Carton 30, Folder 40

"the Battle over Female (In)Dependence: Women in New England Quebecois Migrant Communities, 1870-1930" by Florence May Waldron

Carton 30, Folder 41

"A Legacy of Demons: Exorcising Sexual Trauma through Revolutionary Voice and Religious Memory" by Amanda R. Robinson

Carton 30, Folder 42

6 poems by Andrea Witzke Leavey

Carton 30, Folder 43

"Anita Diamant's 'The Red Tent': Dinah's Story Under and Above the Weight of Genesis" by Kathleen Streater

Carton 30, Folder 44

"Freud and the Feminine 'Not Reason' of Nella Larsen's Helga Crane" 14 pages by Kathleen Streater

Carton 30, Folder 45

"Difference and the Mother in Audre Lorde's 'Zami' " by Stephanie Li

Carton 30, Folder 46

"Suburbia and Bohemia: The Curious Position of Women in Postwar America"by Chelsea D. Schlievert

Carton 30, Folder 47

"Sarita's Daughters" by Carol Klein

Carton 30, Folder 48

4 poems by Lynn Lifshin

Carton 30, Folder 49

5 poems by Anesa Miller

Carton 30, Folder 50

"'Prophets in the Graveyard': Meridel Le Sueur's 'The Dread Road' " by Alyson Buckman

Carton 30, Folder 51

2 poems by Ruth Porritt

Carton 30, Folder 52

"Writing Without the 'Protection of Angels': Notes from the Middle View" by Violet A. Dutcher

Carton 30, Folder 53

"Coming Out" 6 pages personal essay by Erika Feigenbaum

Carton 30, Folder 54

5 poems by Anne Blonstein

Carton 30, Folder 55

"Mama De Sade" and "Calling Blues" by Allison Hedge Coke

Carton 30, Folder 56

"The politics of forbidden liaisons: civilization, miscegenation, and other perversions" by Stefanie Wickstrom

Carton 30, Folder 57

"Women's Knowledge is women's power: examining female literacy, birth rates and political view" by Jodi, Cohen

Carton 30, Folder 58

"Calamity Jane and the Social Construction of Gender in the 1930s and 50s" by Anna Bates

Carton 30, Folder 59

"Five Star Beauty Queen" personal essay by Cherise Wyneken

Carton 30, Folder 60

"'Gucci Geishas' and Gendered Raciality: Situating the Postfeminist Female Subject" by Julietta Y. Hua

Carton 30, Folder 61

"Shakespeare" & "R-Ape" by Rebecca Housel

Carton 30, Folder 62

"Our Lady of Perpetual Starch" Art by Barbara Oates

Carton 30, Folder 63

20 slides of art, Mark Newport

Carton 30, Folder 64

Art, Mary Bates

Carton 30, Folder 65

"Women Weaving War" (article) on art exhibit entitled "Stitches of War" by Deborah Boyer

Carton 30, Folder 66

"Bombshells not Bombs" by Susan Hall

Carton 30, Folder 67

art, Mariann McKee

Carton 30, Folder 68

paper clothing art, Gretchen Schmerhorn

Carton 30, Folder 69

proposal for special issue "Critical Moments" (personal and communal survival), Donga Troka

Carton 30, Folder 70

"A Kind of Paradise" by Bev Jafek

Carton 30, Folder 71

"Examination" by Lori White

Carton 30, Folder 72

"Reading Theory, Performing Empowerment: Revisiting Liberation Pedagogy in Eve Ensler's 'The Vagina Monologues'" by Kenneth Womack

Carton 30, Folder 73

"From 'Stand By Your Man' to 'Goodbye Earl': Feminist Consciousness in Country Music" 32 pages by Victoria Byerly

Carton 30, Folder 74

"Tornado Watch" 6 pages by Carol Smallwood

Carton 30, Folder 75

"A Woman's Crowning Glory: Social and Cultural Parameters of Acceptable Hair Growth in A.F. Niemueller's 'Superfluous Hair and Its Removal'" 22 pages plus illustrations by Aimee Dowl

Carton 30, Folder 76

"S. S. Pierce" 5 pages by Alice Stern

Carton 30, Folder 77

"Researching Korean Women's Lives on Feminist Perspectives" by Myung-Sook Sung

Carton 30, Folder 78

4 poems by Jeanne Scheper

Carton 30, Folder 79

"She" by Ira S. Murfin

Carton 30, Folder 80

"'I Like to Hoe My Own Row': A Western Farm Woman and her Work During the Great Depression" by Christine G. Bye

Carton 30, Folder 81

"Spatial Narrative and Postfeminist Fiction: Margaret Drabble's The Radiant Way" by Lidan Lin

Carton 30, Folder 82

5 poems, Meredith Trede

Carton 30, Folder 83

8 poems, Marie Kazalia

Carton 30, Folder 84

"Saint Mazie: A Socialist-Feminist Understanding of Film in Tillie Olsen's Yonnondio: From The Thirties" by Chris Robe

Carton 30, Folder 85

"Mixed Messages: Pablita Velarde, Kay Bennett, and the Changing Meaning of Anglo-Indian Intermarriage in Twentieth-Century New Mexico" by Maureen E. Reed

Carton 30, Folder 86

"The Old Girl" by Roslyn Willett

Carton 30, Folder 87

"'Present, Infinitesimal, Infinite': Creating an Everyday World, Celebrating an Everyday Life, Commemorating Everyday Loss, in the Transcendent Feminist Poetry of Marilyn Hacker" by Mary Biggs

Carton 30, Folder 88

"Finding Susannah" by Chuck Roberts

Carton 30, Folder 89

"Openers" by Michael Onofrey

Carton 30, Folder 90

"Interview with Rosamaria Roffiel" by Clary Loisel

Carton 30, Folder 91

3 poems, Kelley Jean White

Carton 30, Folder 92

"Fake Leather" by Jennifer A. Smith

Carton 30, Folder 93

"Women in the History of Pre-Colonial Nigeria: The Example of Women in Edo State" by Mrs. S.A. Shokpeka

Carton 30, Folder 94

6 poems, Grace Eckert

Carton 30, Folder 95

"Lockjaw" by Holly Farris

Carton 31, Folder 1

"An American Concubine in Old Korea: Missionary Discourse on Gender, Race and Modernity" by Hyaeweol Choi

Carton 31, Folder 2

"Between Women: The Body, Memory, and the Legacy of Interracial Rape in Robbie McCauley's Sally's Rape" by Jennifer Griffiths

Carton 31, Folder 3

"Isabella Bird, My Mother, and I: Wilderness Adventure for Ex-Weaklings" by Debra Cumberland

Carton 31, Folder 4

5 poems, Alexis Easley

Carton 31, Folder 5

4 poems , Jenna Rindo

Carton 31, Folder 6

"Aleph, Her Name is Alice" by Barbara Brooks

Carton 31, Folder 7

"The Substitute Plumber" by B. Petronio

Carton 31, Folder 8

"She Shall Dance the Freedom of Woman" by Nicole Staub

Carton 31, Folder 9

7 poems, Lyn Lifshin

Carton 31, Folder 10

"Mainstreaming: The Daughter of Essentialism?" by Frances Grundy

Carton 31, Folder 11

Rituals of Survival: A Critical Reassessment of the Fiction of Nicholasa Mohr Barbara Roche Rico

Carton 31, Folder 12

"Transgressive Motherhood in the Pregnancy Diaries of Carme Riera and Cherríe Moraga" by Maria Antònia Oliver-Rotger

Carton 31, Folder 13

5 poems, Susan Landgraf

Carton 31, Folder 14

3 poems, 2 monologue excerpts "Can't Say It" and "Treatment" by Aimee Herman

Carton 31, Folder 15

"Blue Memory" - photographs and text from ASU installation of "Blue Memory" by Tran Trong Vu

Carton 31, Folder 16

3 poems Janet McCann

Carton 31, Folder 17

"Becoming the Other Woman: The Psychic Drama of Cosmetic Surgery" by Virginia L. Blum

Carton 31, Folder 18

"'Her Heritage is Helpful': Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Politicization of LaDonna Harris" by Sarah Eppler Janda

Carton 31, Folder 19

"Further South" by Marie Manilla

Carton 31, Folder 20

"'A Faithful Anatomy of Our Times': Reassessing Shirley Jackson" by Angela Hague

Carton 31, Folder 21

"Financing Technology for Development: An Evaluation of Women Operated Cottage Industries in Nigeria" by Pat Donwa

Carton 31, Folder 22

"Peche" by Anne Hosansky

Carton 31, Folder 23

"Spectrography" by Roberta Murphy

Carton 31, Folder 24

2 poems, Lolita Stewart-White

Carton 31, Folder 25

"Voice of Recovery/Recovery of Voice: Reading and Writing Genevieve Taggard" by Marci Vogel

Carton 31, Folder 26

"Sharp as a Flint, She Cuts the Wrong Flesh" by Anis Shivani

Carton 31, Folder 27

"Chicks on Bikes: Dispelling the Myth of the Biker Babe" by Nan Curtis

Carton 31, Folder 28

"Decolonizing the Sexuality/ Spirituality Split: Alma Lopez' 'Our Lady'" by Irene Lara

Carton 31, Folder 29

"Looking Oppositely" by Gretchen Elsuer-Sommer

Carton 31, Folder 30

"Totemic Subjects: Cultural Appropriations and Identificatory Practices in Emily Carr's 'Indian Stories'" by Janice Stewart

Carton 31, Folder 31

"Speculum Raiders in the Green Mountain State: Doctors, Sex, Gender and Law in Vermont, 1864-1920" by Hal Goldman

Carton 31, Folder 32

"Contesting Empire: The Philippines, Gender and the Cultures of American Neo-Exceptionalism" by Vernadette Vicuna Gonzalez

Carton 31, Folder 33

"A Testimony of a fronteriza: The Empowerment of Our Back Yard History" by Meredith E. Abarca

Carton 31, Folder 34

"The Long Day" wall text, Heather Lineberry

Carton 31, Folder 35

poem - "The Woman I Hate" by Debborah Yesensky

Carton 31, Folder 36

"Mindful Masquerades: Que(e)rying Japanese Immigrant Dress in Turn-of-the-Century San Francisco" by Amy Sueyoshi

Carton 31, Folder 37

"Return to the Primal Scene: Death and Identification in Patricia Cornwell's Work" by Heidi Strengell

Carton 31, Folder 38

"Royal, Periwinkle, Powder" by Robyn Murphy

Carton 31, Folder 39

"Whiskey for Sugar" by Alyson M. Indrunas

Carton 31, Folder 40

"David Copperfield and Mansfield Park: Dickens' and Austen's Fallen Women" by Jennifer Skoch

Carton 31, Folder 41

"Gloria Anzaldua" by Cordelia Candelaria

Carton 31, Folder 42

"The Small Death" by Amanda McMahon

Carton 31, Folder 43

"Jackie's Strength" by Amanda McMahon

Carton 31, Folder 44

"Looking for Home in All the Wrong Places: Race, Identity and the Emotions of Fieldwork" by Kimberly Nettles

Carton 31, Folder 45

"Men Reading Women Reading: How Male Artists Have Imaged Women Readers" by James Conlon

Carton 31, Folder 46

"Distortion and Subjugation: The Myth of Black Female Sexuality in American History" by Hollie Teague

Carton 31, Folder 47

"Stepping Out of Bounds: Identity, Gender, and Work in Sandinas, Ecuador" by Kristin Robbins

Carton 31, Folder 48

"(Dis)Locating Hindu Masculinity and the Politics of Gender Representation in Indian Nuclear Policies: Expanding Frameworks for Gender Analysis From A Culturalist/Regionalist Perspective" by Runas Das

Carton 31, Folder 49

"After-School Hours" by Anis Shivani

Carton 31, Folder 50

"Garbo Speaks" by Pamela Z. Daum

Carton 31, Folder 51

"The Gender Question from a Rear view Mirror: An Overview of the African Literary Landscape" by Charles Che Fonchingong

Carton 31, Folder 52

"The Gender Paradox in the Transnational Families of Migrant Women" by Rhacel Parrenas

Carton 31, Folder 53

"Georgia O'Keeffe and Emily Carr: Nature, Health and the Creative Process" by Sharyn R. Udall

Carton 31, Folder 54

"Love, Valor, and Endurance: World War II Warbrides Making a Home in Montana" by Seena B. Kohl

Carton 31, Folder 55

3 poems, Judith Grogan-Shorb

Carton 31, Folder 56

"Letters and Soda" by Tania Richter

Carton 31, Folder 57

poem, Julia Balen

Carton 31, Folder 58

"Thirteen Ounces" by Clara Nipper

Carton 31, Folder 59

"Watching and Looking" by Jennifer Sheridan

Carton 31, Folder 60

"To Grow or Die: Susan Glaspell's The Verge" by M. Del Collins

Carton 31, Folder 61

"Depression and Suppression, the Original Siamese Twins" by Kathryn Carissimi

Carton 31, Folder 62

"Public Subjects: Race and the Critical Reception of Gwendolyn Brooks, Erica Hunt, and Harryette Mullen" by Allison M. Cummings

Carton 31, Folder 63

"Cuban Women Forty-Five Years After the Revolution" by Alicia Giralt

Carton 31, Folder 64

"Kate Field and Bell's Telephone" by Gary Scharnhorst

Carton 31, Folder 65

"Erotic Politics Reconsidered: Desdemona's Challenge to Othello" by Elizabeth Gruber

Carton 31, Folder 66

"Love" by Christen M. Roberts

Carton 31, Folder 67

"From Combahee to Africana Womanism: Mapping Feminist and Womanist Discourse in Black Politics" by Evelyn M. Simien

Carton 31, Folder 68

"Equity" by Alica Stern

Carton 31, Folder 69

"While Karla Drowsed" by Christian Barth

Carton 31, Folder 70

"'I Was There and It Happened': An Interview with Frankie Hucklenbroich" by Melissa Rigney

Carton 31, Folder 71

"Ashes to Ashes" by Alida L. Winternheimer

Carton 31, Folder 72

"Bobos Swallow it Whole" by Anis Shivani

Carton 31, Folder 73

"Sculpture" by Jennyfer Stratman

Carton 31, Folder 74

"The Torso Project" by Lois Regn

Carton 31, Folder 75

"Motherboards, Desert Sands, and Cow Pats - Stories of leadership, unity, diversity and survival" by Liza Dale-Hallet

Carton 31, Folder 76

3 poems by Kimberly Simms

Carton 31, Folder 77

"Hysteron Proteron: Desire and Race in the Reproductive Embodiments of History" by Julia Emberley

Carton 31, Folder 78

"Myths of Castration: Freud's 'Eternal Feminine' and Rider Haggard's She" by Shannon Young

Carton 31, Folder 79

"Dowry" by Anis Shivani

Carton 31, Folder 80

"Food Fight: War and Domesticity in Fay Weldon's Fiction" by Mara Reisman

Carton 31, Folder 81

"Who Needs a Demure Russian Wife" by Olga Campbell-Thomson

Carton 31, Folder 82

"Scripting Wholeness in Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face" by Sylvia Brown

Carton 31, Folder 83

"Plotting Fantasies" by Judith Kelvin Miller

Carton 31, Folder 84

"Only Horses Run Wild in Clouds" by Laura Payne Butler

Carton 31, Folder 85

7 poems, Beth Anne Wiggins

Carton 31, Folder 86

"Putting Away Childish Things" by Janice Tuck Lively

Carton 31, Folder 87

4 poems , Nicole-Nzinga Darden

Carton 31, Folder 88

"From Compassion to Redemption: An Unspoken Hunger as Narrative Experiment" by Jan - Whitt

Carton 31, Folder 89

"Feminists Navigating the Shoals of Nationalism and Collaboration: The Post-Colonial Korean Debate over How to Remember Kim Hwallan" by Insook Kwon

Carton 31, Folder 90

"Margaret Randall American Nepantiera: Transnational Feminism and the Transformative Power of Sacred Alliances" by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez

Carton 31, Folder 91

"The Story of My Birth" by Sarah M. Lushia

Carton 31, Folder 92

"To Build a Nation: Black Women Writers, Black Nationalism, and the Preservation of Wholeness" by Amanda Davis

Carton 31, Folder 93

"The Price of Silence" by Beth Partin

Carton 31, Folder 94

"Marion, Martha and Me" by C.R. Resetarits

Carton 31, Folder 95

"Decentering the Black Biography: The Nonsynchronous Identity of Mary McLeod Bethune" by Samina Hadi-Tabassum

Carton 31, Folder 96

"Women From Separate Corners of the Room: Forging A Collaborative Pathway to Tejana History" by Teresa Paloma Acosta

Carton 31, Folder 97

"The Rug Seller's Daughter" by Anis Shivani

Carton 31, Folder 98

"'I Who Lack Roots,/ Times, Borders': Memory and Identity, Exile and Return in the Works of Jewish Latina Writers" by Benay Blend

Carton 31, Folder 99

4 poems , George Sperry

Carton 32, Folder 1

"Waiting and Devoid" by Alyson M. Indrunas

Carton 32, Folder 2

"Troubling Identifications: Sympathetic Renderings of Black Females in Haile Gerima's Sankofa, T. Willoughby-Herard

Carton 32, Folder 3

"Evidence" and "In the Garden of My Being" by Reena Roy

Carton 32, Folder 4

12 poems, Carol Smallwood

Carton 32, Folder 5

"The Power of the Pelvic Bone: Breaching the Barriers of Social Class in Venezuela" by Elizabeth Gackstetter Nichols

Carton 32, Folder 6

"An Evaluation on the Outcome of the Neoliberal Reform for Women in Turkey: Proceeds of a Quarter Century" by Mehmet Ali Gur

Carton 32, Folder 7

"Hip Hop Broke My Heart" by Amina Hafiz

Carton 32, Folder 8

"Matrilineage: From Virginia Woolf to Katherine Anne Porter, From Katherine Anne Porter to Jean Stafford" by Charlotte Margolis Goodman

Carton 32, Folder 9

22 poems (?) (was originally 13) - Five sent for review: "My Mother's Last Trip on her Own to Grand Union," "My Mother Used to Rub my Back," "Like Some Ancient Chinese," "The Emptiness Nancy Says," "The Swans Must be Here." by Lyn Lifshin

Carton 32, Folder 10

"A Boy About My Age" by Reena Roy

Carton 32, Folder 11

"One Hundred Rubies of a Pomegranate" by Reena Roy

Carton 32, Folder 12

"Jealousy" by Anis Shivani

Carton 32, Folder 13

"Scaling Long's Peak: hiking in the footsteps of Isabella Bird on her 1873 Journey" by Debra Shein

Carton 32, Folder 14

5 poems: "The Half-Life of Love," "Abstinence," "The Beginning of a Long Journey," "Afternoon Tea," & "An Evening of Song" by Barbara Wiedeman

Carton 32, Folder 15

Is Cosmopolitanism Not For Women? --Migration in Qurratulain Hyder's Sita Betrayed and Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines, Ania Spyra

Carton 32, Folder 16

5 poems: "Wreath Wren," For a Son on his Way to War," Surrendered" "Resurrected" Ancient Text" by Nancy Compton Williams

Carton 32, Folder 17

"Sal Paradise Sings the Blues: The White Nomad's Colonization of Postwar Dissent in Kerouac's On the Road (1957)" by Victoria A. Elmwood

Carton 32, Folder 18

"The Man of her Dreams" by Judith Kelvin Miller

Carton 32, Folder 19

"The Derivative Status of Asian American Women" by Winnie Tam

Carton 32, Folder 20

Gender relations in the context of the contemporary European migration process: The case of Romanian peasants in Rome Ionela Vlase

Carton 32, Folder 21

"Intellectual Landscapes: African American Women's Degree Attainment, 1850-1954." by Stephanie Y. Evans

Carton 32, Folder 22

3 poems: I'm not exactly sure which Emily," "I used to be able to tell," and "Jennie" by Kelley Jean White

Carton 32, Folder 23

"The Darwinian Deadlock: Rereading Metamorphoses in Mukherjee's Jasmine" by Alison Graham-Bertolini

Carton 32, Folder 24

"The Girl in the Vestibule" by Kathleen Ochshorn

Carton 32, Folder 25

"Power/Hungry: Eating Disorders Deconstructed as Cultural Violence Against Women, Gigi Shames

Carton 32, Folder 26

"Trespassing and Translating Culture: The Critique of Eco-Womanist Literature and Theory, Meta L. Schettler

Carton 32, Folder 27

"The outs and abouts of Pangani; Fatima's promenade- an epic of resistance" by Mauolidi Salma

Carton 32, Folder 28

Artwork, Joy Kloman

Carton 32, Folder 29

"Would That Be a Nonstop Flight?" by Anis Shivani

Carton 32, Folder 30

"'Shared Oppression'? The Relationship Between the Human Rights of African Refugee Women and Children" by Noah Gottschalk

Carton 32, Folder 31

"Eating Food, Digesting Words: Indigenous Mothering Activities and Food:, Elizabeth Archuleta

Carton 32, Folder 32

"Closets" by Marie (Lathers) Chapman

Carton 32, Folder 33

"Intimate Migrations: The Subject (of) Navigating the Cityscape and negotiating Home in Toni Morrison's Jazz and Dionne Brand's Thirsty, Andrea Pearce

Carton 32, Folder 34

"Performing the Fictional Persona through Manipulation of Identity and Feminine Masquerade: A Critical Study of the Work of Cindy Sherman and Eleanor Antin" by Mary Jo Rosania

Carton 32, Folder 35

"The Other: Me" and "My Dear Impaired Master" by Shreepad Joglekar

Carton 32, Folder 36

"Gender and Culture: Experiences of Asian Indian Women Immigrants in the U.S." by M. Gail Hickey

Carton 32, Folder 37

"The Female Curse(d): Marginalization, Sorcery and Gender in Migration" by Amy Lee Wai Sum

Carton 32, Folder 38

"Global Restructuring, Transmigration and Mexican Rural Women Who Stay Behind" by Ruth Trinidad Galván

Carton 32, Folder 39

"The 'hidden side' of the new economy - On transnational migration, domestic work and unprecedented intimacy" by Encarnación Gutíerrez Rodríguez

Carton 32, Folder 40

"From 'Walled-Up Wife' to the 'Room of One's Own'" by Lidija Stojanovic

Carton 32, Folder 41

3 migration poems and 19 miscellaneous poems, Lyn Lifshin

Carton 32, Folder 42

"A Home at Canyon Lake" by Annette Olsen-Fazi

Carton 32, Folder 43

"Reach" "In the Voices of Village Women" "While Everyone Is Asleep" "Walking to the House" "Song of an Expatriate" "At the Airport" by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Carton 32, Folder 44

"Reves d'univers, Anne-Marie Pochat

Carton 32, Folder 45

"Net Chicks' and Geekgirls' Remixing of Frontier and Pioneer Rhetoric" by Charlotte Kroløkke

Carton 32, Folder 46

"Blue Concrete" by Amanda VanBeek

Carton 32, Folder 47

"Return or Détour: Black Women's Migrations to Africa" by Piper Kendrix Williams

Carton 32, Folder 48

"Partners in Motion: Gender and the Migrant Reformer" by Lynne Marie Getz

Carton 32, Folder 49

"Global Nepantla: Inner Peace as Political Activism" by Rachael Lehman

Carton 32, Folder 50

"It Wasn't the Pill: Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Sexual Revolution in the PostWar Era" by Alan Petigny

Carton 32, Folder 51

"A Woman Met" "Friends" "Woman Man" "Silent Friends" by Diane Webster

Carton 32, Folder 52

"Organizing Women Migrants: The Filipino and Cape Verdean Women's Associations in Rome" by Wendy Pojmann

Carton 32, Folder 53

"Female Mexican Migrants to the United States: Their Lives and Work in Crabmeat Processing Plants", Esperanza Tuñón Pablos

Carton 32, Folder 54

"Migration and Increased Participation in Public Life: The Case of Pakistani Women in London" by Anne-Line Rodriguez

Carton 32, Folder 55

"Accumulating Knowledge" by Tolla Inbar

Carton 32, Folder 56

"Separation and Return in the Writings of Gloria Anzaldúa and Cherrie Moraga" by Michelle Johnson Vela

Carton 32, Folder 57

"What's in a Name: Semantic Slips and Slides in Gender/Sexuality Studies' Key Terms" by Jacqueline Foertsch

Carton 32, Folder 58

"Waltz of the Flowers" by Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry

Carton 32, Folder 59

"An Explanation of Literacy and Literature on Girls, Hair and the Curriculum" by Rhonda B. Jeffries

Carton 32, Folder 60

"Saying "Nuthin'": Pachucas and the Lanugage of Resistance, Catherine S. Ramírez

Carton 32, Folder 61

"Women, Minorities and their Progress in Higher Education, 1970s to 2000s: Some Visible Gains by African American Women, Amadu Jacky Kaba

Carton 32, Folder 62

"Taking Notes, Taking Chances: Lesbian Readers and the Formation of Identity through Textual Experiences" by Shelia Liming

Carton 32, Folder 63

"Bath Beads" by Tricia Currans-Sheehan

Carton 32, Folder 64

"Civilization and Her Discontents: Ma of Little House in the Big Woods" by Holly Blackford

Carton 32, Folder 65

"'Critical Moments: A Dialogue Toward Survival and Transformation" by Donna Troka

Carton 32, Folder 66

"'Rebels in Petticoats' - gendered citizenship and Afrikaner women in the 1914 Rebellion" by Sandra Swart

Carton 32, Folder 67

"Gendered Transgressions and Marginalized Movements Managed: Trafficking in 'White' women and women's Migration East to West" by Jacqueline Berman

Carton 32, Folder 68

"The Lebanese in Sierra Leone: Gendered Migration, Gendered Citizenship, and Gendered Identities" by Lina Beydoun

Carton 32, Folder 69

"Scheherazades" (short story); "Light Came Through the Door" "It Provides Comfort" "My Poetry Syllabus" (3 poems), Carol Smallwood

Carton 32, Folder 70

"From the Archives of Autonomous Spanish Feminism: Gretel Ammann, Catalan Lesbian Feminist" by Crystal Chemris

Carton 32, Folder 71

"Port Removal" (poem); "Feminism Revisited" (essay); "A Returning" (short story), Carol Smallwood

Carton 32, Folder 72

"Between the Orient and the Ghetto: Modern Ethnic woman in anzia Yezierska's Salome of the Tenements" by Ljiljana Coklin

Carton 33, Folder 1

"Guadalupes and meseros: Adolescent Maya Migration in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula" by Bianet Castellanos

Carton 33, Folder 2

"An Analysis of the Socio-economic experience of Dominican American women in New York City" by John Burnett

Carton 33, Folder 3

"A 'Mass Phenomenon of Psychic Contagion:' US Women and Dieting in the 1920s" by Samantha Barbas

Carton 33, Folder 4

"Book Review: Tales from the Expat Harem" by Selma Stern

Carton 33, Folder 5

"Trade" "The Armoury" "Equivocation" "The Flying Bed" "Hecate" "The Other Woman" (poetry), Zoe Brigley

Carton 33, Folder 6

"Geographies of Mourning: New York - Dhaka - Rajshahi - New York" by Elora H. Chowdhury

Carton 33, Folder 7

130 pages of poetry, Lyn Lifshin

Carton 33, Folder 8

"Memory Work in the Palestinian Diaspora" by Sama Alshaibi

Carton 33, Folder 9

"Exotica" by Sally Grizzell Larson

Carton 33, Folder 10

"Retail Therapy" by Audrey Ferber

Carton 33, Folder 11

"Queer Maternal Bodies and Pleasure: Historicity, Performativity and Experience" by Susan Driver

Carton 33, Folder 12

"Shared and Shifting Land(scapes): Western Memoir as Personal Ecology in the Works of Peggy Pond Church" by Shelley Armitage

Carton 33, Folder 13

"Traveling subjectivities: Women, Globalization, and Life-Writing" by Shelley Armitage

Carton 33, Folder 14

artwork: cake, cupcake, and banner, Lynn Gufeld

Carton 33, Folder 15

artwork: crumpled can, sugar cookie, and gum wrapper, Emily Luce

Carton 33, Folder 16

"'Dirty domestics and worse cooks': Aboriginal women's agency and domestic frontiers, southern Australia 1800-1850" by Lynette Russell

Carton 33, Folder 17

dramatic scene occurring in kitchen, Zoe Marr

Carton 33, Folder 18

"Fashioning Modern Cowgirls: Annie Oakley and the New World Girl" by Ann McGrath

Carton 33, Folder 19

"Andy's Mom: Colonialism's family album among Canada's First Nation communities" by Dian Million

Carton 33, Folder 20

"Motherhood, Cross-dressing, and a Female cowboy: Barbara Lebow's Litte Joe Monaghanand the Life of an American Hero(ine)" by Eric Sterling

Carton 33, Folder 21

"Mother and Daughter Relationships: Bond or Bondage?" by Lou A. Wogamon

Carton 33, Folder 22

Poetry: "To-Do List before Writing a Poem" and "The Dance" by Molly McGlennen

Carton 33, Folder 23

"Seema's Show: A Life on the Left; writing across the boundaries of biography, oral history, and memoir" by Sara Halprin

Carton 33, Folder 24

"Her Husband's Old Age" and "1849: Great-Great Grandfather Moves West" by Heather Bouwman

Carton 33, Folder 25

"Imaging Murderous Mothers: Male Spectatorship and the American Slasher Film" by Robert Genter

Carton 33, Folder 26

"Public and Private Testimony and the Indigenous Subject in early colonial New South Wales" by Anette Bremer

Carton 33, Folder 27

"'Acting that double part': Cross-Cultural Sexuality and Respectability in the Diary of Margaret Fountaine" by Nancy L. Stockdale

Carton 33, Folder 28

"Severing her yet Smiling Face from that Delicate Body': Female Disfigurement and Colonial Reification:, Kasey Baker

Carton 33, Folder 29

"The Domino Club" by Tricia Currans-Sheehan

Carton 33, Folder 30

"Feminist Articulations and Domestic Anti-colonization in Anne Devlin's Ourselves Alone" by Wei H. Kao

Carton 33, Folder 31

"Bean na hEireann: Reinventing the Irish Home" by Lisa Weihman

Carton 33, Folder 32

"Domestic Violence and the Bi-Cultural Environment: The Puerto Rican Case" by Pamela Morgan Redela

Carton 33, Folder 33

"Politicizing Home Spaces, Pushing Fronteras: Jovita González's Caballero and Cleofas Jaramillo's Romance of a Little Village Girl" by Marci R. McMahon

Carton 33, Folder 34

"Sapphism and Sedition: Producing Female Homosexuality in Great War Britain" by Deborah Cohler

Carton 33, Folder 35

"'This is the mark of the widow': Death, Domesticity, and Frontier conquest in Colonial South Africa" , Laura J. Mitchell

Carton 33, Folder 36

"Secrets of the Tansu: Decolonization of Japanese Women's Lives Prescribed by IE" by Kimiko Akita

Carton 33, Folder 37

"'The Most Potent Corrective of Low Standards': Missionary Women's Rhetoric of the Home and Its Role in Colonization" by Heather Kane

Carton 33, Folder 38

"Gender Negotiation Among Dominican Immigrants in Providence, Rhode Island" by Gaelan Lee Benway

Carton 33, Folder 39

"Neither Friends Nor Lovers - Sedgwick's Rejection of Cooer and her Domestication of the Frontier Romance" by April M. Dolata

Carton 33, Folder 40

"Eve's Paradise Without an American Adam: The Indian as a Fantasy Lover in the Works of Child and Sedgwick" by Patricia DiMond

Carton 33, Folder 41

"Cultivating Greater Acceptance of 'Techy' Women" by Mara H. Wasburn

Carton 33, Folder 42

"Domesticity in Magical-Realist Postcolonial fiction: Reversals of Representation in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children" by Sara Upstone

Carton 33, Folder 43

"Raj Novelist Bithia Mary Croker: Romance on the Imperial Frontier" by Sara Kurian Hallisey

Carton 33, Folder 44

"Making Tasmania Home: Louisa Meredith's Colonising Prose" by Pat Grimshaw

Carton 33, Folder 45

"Entertaining 'Savages': Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique Wallpaper in Early-19th-century France" by Christin Mamiya

Carton 33, Folder 46

Untitled short story, Sharon Ennis

Carton 33, Folder 47

WORKING ON THE DOMESTIC FRONTIER: American Indian Domestic Servants in White Women's Households in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1920-1940., Margaret Jacobs

Carton 33, Folder 48

"Participation of Rural Women in Decision-Making - The Case of Mo Women in Ghana" by Olivia Adowa Tiwaah Frimpong Kwapong

Carton 33, Folder 49

"One's Value on the Market: A Comparison of Nella Larsen's Passing and Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth" by Tanya Bennett

Carton 33, Folder 50

Domestic Service and Frontier Feminism: the call for a Woman Visitor to ?Half-Caste? girls and women in service, Adelaide, 1925-1928, Victoria Haskins

Carton 33, Folder 51

"We Belong Here Too: Accommodating African Muslim Feminism in African Feminist Theory in Zaynab Alkali's The Virtuous Woman The Cobwebs and Other Stories" by Shirin Edwin

Carton 33, Folder 52

"Chaplan's A Woman of Paris (1923): A Melodrama of Women's Contradictory Liberalization" by Gordon Schulz

Carton 33, Folder 53

"In Defense of the Family: The Woman Patriot and Radical Right Press in the Early 20th Century" by Carolyn Cunningham

Carton 33, Folder 54

"She's a fisherman: the lived experience of four 'for hire' fishing operators in Texas" by Carla Norris-Raynbird

Carton 33, Folder 55

"Ladies of the Club Revisited" by Kay Barnes

Carton 33, Folder 56

"Containers" by Marcia Woodard

Carton 33, Folder 57

"'Dear Brothers,' Women's Collectives, and the Anthology: Black Women in Sisterhood is Powerful (1970)" by Brian Norman

Carton 33, Folder 58

"Firewater: Made in the U.S.S.R." by Monique Jonaitis

Carton 33, Folder 59

"Religion and Sexuality: A woman's Journey Towards Self-Discovery in Measure for Measure." by Tricia Rashidioun

Carton 33, Folder 60

"An Unexpected Turn: A Feminist Scholar Encounters Medicalized Birth (Again)" by Monica Casper

Carton 33, Folder 61

"From Lunchbox to Tower: Negotiating Success in Working Girl" by Jennifer Ailles

Carton 33, Folder 62

"Waiting" by Heather D.S. Anderson

Carton 33, Folder 63

"My Bush" by Melanie Dana Nakaue

Carton 34, Folder 1

"Finding a Voice: America's Indian Removal Policy and the Birth of Women's Movements" by Byron J. Harrison

Carton 34, Folder 2

"Logos Versus Eros: The Nude in Ancient Greek Art" by Mary McNichols

Carton 34, Folder 3

"John Milton's Paradise Lost: The Instability of Identity and Consequent Development of the Fall in Prelapsarian Life" by Shannon Forbes

Carton 34, Folder 4

"Texas" by Anis Shivani

Carton 34, Folder 5

"CD-Rom Baby, Hwa Young Caruso

Carton 34, Folder 6

"Our Lady of Autumn" and "The Annunciation" by Ann Harrington

Carton 34, Folder 7

"'You Can't Marry Family' Intermarriage in Miami Indian Communities" by Melissa Rinehart

Carton 34, Folder 8

"Women, love and professional careers" by Teresa García Gómez

Carton 34, Folder 9

"Major Female Characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Kalidasa's Abhijnana Shakuntalam: An Ecofeminist Reading" by Sumana Biswas

Carton 34, Folder 10

"Marching for Women's Lives? Reproductive Rights and Whitewomen Feminism: A Critical Race Feminist Critique" by Lori A. Saffin

Carton 34, Folder 11

"Women of Vision - The Extraordinary Early Entrepreneurs of Palm Springs" by Rita Strombeck

Carton 34, Folder 12

"Coming to Womanhood with Kim Barnes and Judy Blunt" by Ron McFarland

Carton 34, Folder 13

"'[A]ll intent on seeing the white woman married to the red man:' The Parker/Sackett Affair and the Public Spectacle of Intermarriage" by C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa

Carton 34, Folder 14

"For the Tenacity of Land" by Annie G. Ross

Carton 34, Folder 15

"Hidden Tokens of Violence: A Search for Andean Identity in Matrimonio de don Martin Garcia de Loyola con Nusta Beatriz" by Jessica Rosazza

Carton 34, Folder 16

"From Fur to Lumber: How Native American and Métis Women of the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin Confronted Social and Economic Change in the mid-Nineteenth Century." by Stephanie May de Montigny

Carton 34, Folder 17

"Anne Lynch and the Lettered Circle: Building a Literary Society in Nineteenth-Century America" by Jim Crowley

Carton 34, Folder 18

"Lingua/Lenga'/Language: 'The Language Question' in The Life and Work of An Italian American Woman" by Nancy Carnevale

Carton 34, Folder 19

"The Benefits of Being Indian: Blood Quanta and the Allotment Policy on the White Earth Reservation, 1889-1920, Katherine Ellinghaus

Carton 34, Folder 20

"Elizabeth Mitchell and the Mackinac Fur Trade: Intermarriage and Commerce in the Early Republic" by Elizabeth Demers

Carton 34, Folder 21

"Ethnicity, Family and Slavery in the Illinois Country" by Carl J. Ekberg

Carton 34, Folder 22

"Cherokee In My Blood: An Interrogation of the History of Racially Mixed Black Indians" by Charlene Graham

Carton 34, Folder 23

"I Devine" by "Science Says Man Entered the Stage" by "Why Is it?" by and "In the Afternoon" by Carol Smallwood

Carton 34, Folder 24

"In the Public Domain: How Cixi Presented Herself" by Natalia Shiou-yun Fang

Carton 34, Folder 25

"Living Between Words" by Jayanti Tamm

Carton 34, Folder 26

"At the Mercy of Non-Native Men: Native Women, Oliphant, and Domestic Violence" by Carrie Martell

Carton 34, Folder 27

"'You think it strange that I can love an Indian' Native Men, White Women, and Marriage in the Indian Service" by Cathleen Cahill

Carton 34, Folder 28

"Rediscovering Female Voice and Authority: The Revival of Female Artists in Wendy Wasserstein's the Heidi Chronicles" by Cortney Cronberg Barko

Carton 34, Folder 29

Dreaming in Color: Race and the Spectacular in the Aguero Sisters and Praisesong for the Widow, Pascha Antrece Stevenson

Carton 34, Folder 30

What's Political About the New Feminisms? by Carisa R. Showden

Carton 34, Folder 31

"A poor woman wants permission to go to almshouse": Women, Agenyc and the Poorhouse in New York's Erie Canal Region, 1829-1860, Sherri Goldstein Cash

Carton 34, Folder 32

Gender and Fasion in the Public Sphere: The 1934 Zoot-Suit Riots, Lin Knutson

Carton 34, Folder 33

"Cuban Women in Transition: Exile, Work, and Negotiating New Identities in the US" by Cheris Brewer Current

Carton 34, Folder 34

Vogue Art, Dawn Hunter

Carton 34, Folder 35

Melancholic Loss: Reading Bedouin Women's Elegiac Poetry, Moneera Al-Ghadeer

Carton 34, Folder 36

"Consume" by "Mid-Summer" by "My Father's Yard" by "Romance" by and "Watershed" by Naomi Shersty

Carton 34, Folder 37

Tangled Up in Blue. Liz Lochhead's Grimm Sisters Tales, Tudor Balinisteanu

Carton 34, Folder 38

Gypsy, Anis Shivani

Carton 34, Folder 39

Elizabeth Van Lew - Union Spy in Richmond, Alexander M. Selkirk, Jr.

Carton 34, Folder 40

Photos of Bronze and Ceramic Sculptures, Alex Watts

Carton 34, Folder 41

From Drug Mule to Miss America: American Exceptionalism and the Representation of the "other" woman in HBO's Maria Full of Grace, Silvia Schultermandl

Carton 34, Folder 42

Contemporary Women's Roles Through Hmong, Vietnamese, and American Eyes, Lisa A. Long

Carton 34, Folder 43

Poetry - "Song of My Relational Self," "Dark Matter (A Lovesong)," and "Passing Lincoln" by Catherine Pavlish

Carton 34, Folder 44

Murder and the Jouissance of the Female Serial Killer, Eugenie Brinkema

Carton 34, Folder 45-46

The Creative Process and Artistic Intersections with Social Research: Narrative Portraits of Recovery from Homelessness, Mara Jevera Fulmer

Carton 34, Folder 47

The Bean Walker, Tricia Currans-Sheehad

Carton 34, Folder 48

Little Rat Boy and Sweet Georgia Brown, Nancy McCabe

Carton 34, Folder 49

Decolonizing Feminist (World) Views: An Anatomy of War, Terror, and Resistance, Janell Hobson

Carton 34, Folder 50

Violence and the Body: Themes of Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence and Resistance in the Literary Works of Six Black Women Writers, Beverly Bunch-Lyons

Carton 34, Folder 51

"They found and left her an Indian": Gender, Race, and the Whitening of Young Bear, James J. Buss

Carton 34, Folder 52

A Reflection On: Georgia Davis Powers' and Ida B. Wells-Burnett's Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Century Feminism, Anne B. Onyekwuluje

Carton 34, Folder 53

A Woman on Paper: Feminist Aesthetics and Semiotic Inadequacies, Teresa Winterhalter

Carton 34, Folder 54

(Re)Defining Progress on the Border: The Nuanced Cultural Critique of Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, Maria Cristina Mena, and Kathleen Alcala, Shimberlee, King

Carton 34, Folder 55

Language, Activism, and the Borderlands: "Conscienticized" Poetics in Ana Castillo's So Far From God, Susan Thananopavarn

Carton 34, Folder 56

Family Feuds, National Strife and Patriarchal Legacies in Cristina Garcia's National Novels, Jessica Magnani

Carton 34, Folder 57

Misplaced Bodies: Probing Racial and Gender Signifiers in Ngozi Onwurah's The Body Beautiful, Diana Adesola Mafe

Carton 34, Folder 58

To Jackie Chan, Floyd Cheung

Carton 34, Folder 59

What Lies Between: A Female Slave Narrates her Knowledges, Mary Jeanne Larrabee

Carton 34, Folder 60

Dystopic Bodies and Enslaved Motherhood, Katharyn M. Privett

Carton 34, Folder 61

"The Girl You Bought of Mr. Smith": A Case of Cherokee Slavery Across the Color Line" by Tiya Miles

Carton 34, Folder 62

Subversive Sexualities: Revolutionizing Gendered Identities, Myriam J.A. Chancy

Carton 34, Folder 63

From Kin to Intruder: Cherokee Legal Attitudes towards People of African Descent in the Nineteenth Century, Fay A. Yarbrough

Carton 34, Folder 64

From Romantic to Spiritual Marriage: The Rise and Fall of the Indian Princess, Elizabeth Thompson

Carton 34, Folder 65

Choosing men, Expecting Miracles, and Believing in Me, Jeanne Bedell

Carton 34, Folder 66

Arrows or Arrow Makers: Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Assimilation, and Difference, Dolores Janiewski

Carton 35, Folder 1

Primitivism in 20th Century Art as Family Narrative, Carolyn Butler, Palmer

Carton 35, Folder 2

"We Who Believe in Freedom": Black Women's Political Activism during the Antebellum, Post-Reconstruction, and Modern Civil Rights Eras, Tiyi M., Morris

Carton 35, Folder 3

Another Way of Envisioning the World: Listening to Ecadorian, Kichwa Luz Maria de la Torre Amaguana, Isabel Dulfano

Carton 35, Folder 4

Writing and the Challenge of Culture: Esmeralda Santiago's Almost a Woman, Nancy Bird-Soto

Carton 35, Folder 5

Salvaging, Richie Swanson

Carton 35, Folder 6

Drapery Art, Kristy Deetz

Carton 35, Folder 7

Beyond Caliban's Curses: Sycorax and Decolonizing Feminist Tongues, Irene Lara

Carton 35, Folder 8

Salome Choi Han: The 100 Year Journey of Nationalism, Survival, and Identity of a Frist Wave Korean Immigrant, Stephanie Yoo

Carton 35, Folder 9

Latina Leadership in the Texas State Legislature, Sharon A. Navarro

Carton 35, Folder 10

What "We" Really Means, Tanfer Emin Tunc

Carton 35, Folder 11

Art, Susan Harmon

Carton 35, Folder 12

Expanding the 'Tool Kit' of Resistance: Filipina Women's Challenges to Patriarchy in Carlos Bulsan's The Laughter of My Father., Marilyn Alquizola

Carton 35, Folder 13

The Last American Blonde, Anis Shivani

Carton 35, Folder 14

Cubing Mythic Time: The Ocular Feminine Principle in Anne Waldman's 'Fast Speaking Woman', Brian Jackson

Carton 35, Folder 15

Poetry, Sandra Kolankiewicz

Carton 35, Folder 16

Cora Sings Soprano, Enrico Raulli

Carton 35, Folder 17

The Not so New Turkish Woman: A Statistical Look at Women in Two Istanbul Neighborhoods, Mary Lou O'Neil

Carton 35, Folder 18

Poetry, Rhonda Poynter

Carton 35, Folder 19

The U.S. Navy vs. Pembroke College, 1942, W. T., Generous, Jr.

Carton 35, Folder 20

Architecture as Community: American Women Fighting for Professional Equality in the 1970s., Gabrielle Esperdy

Carton 35, Folder 21

After the Hurricane, Anis Shivani

Carton 35, Folder 22

Creativity, Language and Gender Variance: Constructing Gender Beyond the Male/Female Binary, Anaa Insolio Corwin

Carton 35, Folder 23

"I Would be Very Pleased to Provide You with My Recollections" California Testimonials as Nascent Chicana Feminist Projects, Leigh Johnson

Carton 35, Folder 24

Tomes of Travel and Travesty: Suzanna Rowson's Charlotte Temple as a Captivity Narrative and Mary Rowlandson's The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, Jill E. Anderson

Carton 35, Folder 25

Art Submission - Abstracts, Susan J. Sauerbrun

Carton 35, Folder 26

Textual Migration: Self-Translation and Translation of the Self in Leila Abouzeid's Return to Childhood: The Memoir of a Modern Moroccan Woman and Ruju' 'Ila Al-Tufulah, Diya Mohammed Daoud Abdo

Carton 35, Folder 27

Bridging Worlds: A Discussion of Knowledge and Gender through the Lens of Wayuu Shamanism, Maria-Barbara Watson-Franke

Carton 35, Folder 28

"Smoke in Clothes" and "Katrina and the Hurricane" by Kristen Iris Yung, McCulloch

Carton 35, Folder 29

Choosing Death in the Victorian Metropolis: Gender and Suicide in New York and London, Stan Nadel

Carton 35, Folder 30

Representations of Public/ Private Domains: Female Sexuality and Institutional Patriarchy in Egyptian Cinema, mid 1950s-mid 1980s, Sabrina Joseph

Carton 35, Folder 31

Huntsville, Anis Shivani

Carton 35, Folder 32

Beauty and Behavior: Spanish-Language Newspapers and the Ideal Ethnic Mexican Woman, Southern California, 1950-1960., Marisela R. Chavez

Carton 35, Folder 33

Positioning Women's Rights within Asylum Policy: A Feminist Analysis of Political Persecution, Kendra B. Stewart

Carton 35, Folder 34

Poetry Submission, Veronica Reyes

Carton 35, Folder 35

"She Challenges Me": Mentoring to Develop Feminist Student Leadership, Diane-Michele Prindeville

Carton 35, Folder 36

Art - The Photographer's Wife, Laura Heyman

Carton 35, Folder 37

The Trouble with Ruby and other Dangers to White Supremacy: Atlanta Clubwomen and the Fight For Child Welfare in 1920s Georgia, Sarah Judson

Carton 35, Folder 38

Cheer! Shorts, Rachelle Beaudoin

Carton 35, Folder 39

Hell a Top, Hell a Bottom, Hallelujah in the Middle: Humor as a Form of Resistance in Louise Bennett's Poetry, Donna Weir-Soley

Carton 35, Folder 40

A Discussion of Implication Referential: Conflicts of Self-Reflexive Identity, Erin Schwartz

Carton 35, Folder 41

Divergent Histories of Gender: Native and White Women's Feminism(s), Lisa J. Udel

Carton 35, Folder 42

Veil, Martha Gorzycki

Carton 35, Folder 43

Mi-en-gun's Children: Tales from a Mixed Race Family, Susan E. Gray

Carton 35, Folder 44

Red, White, and Black: A Personal Essay on Intermarriage, Jacki Thompson Rand

Carton 35, Folder 45

Artwork Submission, Jonell J. Pulliam

Carton 35, Folder 46

The Role of the Sister, Michele Flynn

Carton 35, Folder 47

Art - Behind your Velvet Elvis, Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Carton 35, Folder 48

If You Dare to Sing the "Truth," You Cannot Avoid Some Pain: Photovoice as a Feminist Methodology, Sharon Stoerger

Carton 35, Folder 49

Literature, Women and the First Cycle of the Sexual Movement, Charlene, Gunasekera

Carton 35, Folder 50

Poetry Submission, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Carton 35, Folder 51

"Engaging the Real is Not What it Used to Be": On Patti Lather's Getting Lost on the Way to "a Less Comfortable Social Science" by Lenore Langsdorf

Carton 35, Folder 52

"Deconstruction and the problematics of social engagement: Fertile tensions" by Rachel Joffe Falmagne

Carton 35, Folder 53

"Getting Lost and Found and Lost and Found and Lost Again with Patti Lather" by Adele Clarke

Carton 35, Folder 54

Author's Response, Patti Lather

Carton 35, Folder 55

Networks of "Social Intercourse": Women's Clubs in Colonial and Post-Colonial India, Benjamin B. Cohen

Carton 35, Folder 56

White Man Playing it Safe, Anis Shivani

Carton 35, Folder 57

Complexities of Subject/Matter: On the Constitution of Subjectivities: A Co-thinking of STS and Poststructural Analysis, Dorte Marie Sondergaard

Carton 35, Folder 58

Malthusian Men and Demographic Transitions: A Case Study of Hegemonic Masculinity in Mid-Twentieth Century Population Theory, Carole McCann

Carton 35, Folder 59

Curves: The Creative Abode of Vibrant Science, Deborah Davis

Carton 35, Folder 60

Feminist Interventions in Less Than Feminist Space: Applying Feminist Pedagogies to the Large, Non-Majors Science Classroom, Kasi Jackson

Carton 35, Folder 61

Gertie and the Gypsies, Tricia Currans-Sheehan

Carton 35, Folder 62

Educating Seema, Anis Shivani

Carton 35, Folder 63

Seeking Social Justice: Feminist Standpoint Directed Research and Reconstructivist Science and Technology Studies, Nancy Campbell

Carton 35, Folder 64

Off the Straight and Narrow: An Interpretive and Intersectional Reframing of Social Reproduction in International Political Economy, Suzanne Bergeron

Carton 35, Folder 65


Carton 35, Folder 66

Barker & Feiner

Carton 36, Folder 67


Carton 35, Folder 68

Double-Bound: Putting the Power Back in Participation, Virginia Eubanks

Carton 35, Folder 69

Coming Out of the Sexual Harassment Closet: One Woman's Story of Politics and Change in Higher Education, Susan Gardner

Carton 35, Folder 70

CRACK: The Undermining of Female Reproductive Justice, Erika Derkas

Carton 35, Folder 71

Four Poems, Sandra Kolankiewicz

Carton 35, Folder 72

Five Poems, A.M. Wai

Carton 35, Folder 73

Harding and Derrida on Making Strange, Karen Houle

Carton 35, Folder 74

Speaking Up for Catherine Morland: Cixous and the Feminist Heroine, Joanne Cordon

Carton 35, Folder 75

Slapping Back: Chinese American Women Basketball Players and Renegotiating Gender, Kathleen Yep

Carton 35, Folder 76

Six Poems, Karen Lee

Carton 35, Folder 77

Six Poems, Anesa Miller

Carton 35, Folder 78

Destination as Destiny: Amelia B. Edwards's Travel Writing, Patricia O'Neill

Carton 35, Folder 79

Violence Across Borders: Familism, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Self-Sacrificing Feminity among Women in Latin America, Cristina Alcalde

Carton 35, Folder 80

What does it matter? The problem of gender equity in engineering, Suzanne Franzway

Carton 35, Folder 81

Feminist Currents One, Eileen Boris

Carton 35, Folder 82

Bringing in the Sheaves: Remembering Tillie Olsen, Elaine Orr

Carton 35, Folder 83

Poems, Deirdre O'Connor

Carton 36, Folder 1

Double X

Carton 36, Folder 2

Organizing in the Virtual Clubhouse: Right-Wing Women's 'Feminism' on the Internet, Barbara Bonnekessen

Carton 36, Folder 3

"A Dynamic Force in Our Community": Women's Clubs and Second-Wave Feminism at the Grassroots, Melissa Blair

Carton 36, Folder 4

The Quilter Identity, Camille Stengel

Carton 36, Folder 5

"The Answer to the Auxiliary Syndrome": Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) and Separate Organizing Strategies for Farm Women, 1976-1985, Jenny Barker Devine

Carton 36, Folder 6

Story + Voice = Agency: Reclaiming Humanity, Mary Ann Lockard

Carton 36, Folder 7

Who Owns Historical Memory?: Tales of a Wahine Warrior, Lani Cupchoy

Carton 36, Folder 8

Elizabeth Bender Cloud: "Working For and With Our Indian People" by Lisa Tetzloff

Carton 36, Folder 9

In Search of Belonging: College Women's Groups and the Need for Social Networking, Marie Elise Radina

Carton 36, Folder 10

What Political Science Can Learn From the General Federation of Women's Clubs of the Mid-Twentieth Century and Vice Versa, Lanethea Matthews-Gardner

Carton 36, Folder 11

Fighting for Equality of the Sexes: Hong Kong Women's Organizations in Retrospect, Yuen Ting Lee

Carton 36, Folder 12

Women's Research Clubs: Healthy Stimulation Through the Ages, Meika Loe

Carton 36, Folder 13

"Keeping Alive the Old Tradition": Spanish-Mexican Club Women in Southern California, 1880-1940, Eileen Wallis

Carton 36, Folder 14

Citizen Experts: The League of Women Voters and Environmental Conservation, Terrianne, Schulte

Carton 36, Folder 15

"The Pulse and Conscience of America": The General Federation and Women's Citizenship in the Postwar Era, Paige Meltzer

Carton 36, Folder 16

Shaping Destiny: Tacoma Women Teachers and the Certification Debates of the Early Progressive Era, Kelly Cannard

Carton 36, Folder 17

Black Power in the Old West: Arizona Women in the National Association of Colored Women's Club, Tani Sanchez

Carton 36, Folder 18

Daddy's Little Girls: On the Perils of Chastity Clubs, Purity Balls, and Ritualized Abstinence, Breanne Fahs

Carton 36, Folder 19

Eight Poems, Katie Manning

Carton 36, Folder 20

Activism From the Margins: Filipino Women in Australia, Glenda Bonifacio

Carton 36, Folder 21

"Come Sit at the Table With Us": Grandmothers, Aunts, and Other Women Tell Family Stories of Race, Brown County, Ohio 1816-2005, Suellynn Duffey

Carton 36, Folder 22

The Olive Garden, Mandira Chattopadhyay

Carton 36, Folder 23

Haunted Vagina, Heather Fowler

Carton 36, Folder 24

Psycho Moms: Hispanic Women Redefine Aging, Irene Blea

Carton 36, Folder 25

Earned Comfort, Doretha Guion-Colbert

Carton 36, Folder 26

Introduction, Tanis Thorne

Carton 36, Folder 27

Reading between the Lines: The Black Cultural Tradition of Masking in Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Novian Whitsitt

Carton 36, Folder 28

"'A letter from Nabiac': Worimi Family formation in the early colonial period and Australian colonial history, Vicki Grieves

Carton 36, Folder 29

Recipes and More: Bertha L. Turner, The Federation Cookbook, and African American Women in Pasadena, Karen Jenks

Carton 36, Folder 30

"She is involved here and there": Mexican Immigrant Women's Activism, Hortencia Jimenez

Carton 36, Folder 31

"On the Outside End": Systems of Oppression and Academic Success, Barb LeSavoy

Carton 36, Folder 32

Globalization and Chinese Women's Life, Jinghao Zhou

Carton 36, Folder 33

Mixed Race Women and Epistemologies of Belonging, Silvia Cristina Bettez

Carton 36, Folder 34

Woman's Work for Woman: Consensus and "Civilizing" Work on the Rosebud Reservation, 1870-1920, Sarah Bennision

Carton 36, Folder 35

Natural Rights and Representations of Native American Women in the Woman Suffrage Press, 1840-1870, Jennifer Bess

Carton 36, Folder 36

The Uneasy Struggle for Child Support Enforcement: A Personal Narrative, Cindy Elmore

Carton 36, Folder 37

Smokin' In the Boys' Room: Women in the Nevada Legislature, 1919-1929, Dana Bennett

Carton 36, Folder 38

Art, Sherry Racette

Carton 36, Folder 39

Love Monsters and Ghazals, Heather Fowler

Carton 36, Folder 40

3 Poems, Jenna Rindo

Carton 36, Folder 41

Reading between the Lines: The Black Cultural Tradition of Masking in Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl, Novian Whitsitt

Carton 36, Folder 42

4 Poems, Veronica Reyes

Carton 36, Folder 43

The Myth of 'Happily Ever After' in Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street, Stephanie Kipp

Carton 36, Folder 44

Art Submission, Erin Tapley

Carton 36, Folder 45

Lorna Dee Cervantes and 21st Century Chicana/o Poetry, Edith Vasquez

Carton 36, Folder 46

Women's Cooperatives in Turkey, Gulen Ozdemir

Carton 36, Folder 47

Priviledge and Performing Masculinities: Visions for Violence Prevention, Christopher Allen

Carton 36, Folder 48

Laura Carter Holloway and the First Lady's Story, Claudia Keenan

Carton 36, Folder 49

Trying to write: the case of Maria of Ajofrin, Raquel Trillia

Carton 36, Folder 50

Anomalies, Elizabeth Evasdaughter

Carton 36, Folder 51

Becoming a Georgian Woman, Rebecca Gould

Carton 36, Folder 52

Poems, Cynthia Hogue

Carton 36, Folder 53

Introduction to Knowledge That Matters Special Issue, Nancy Campbell

Carton 36, Folder 54

Recipes for Cosmopolitanism, Shameem Black

Carton 36, Folder 55

V is for Veil, V is for Ventriloquism: Global Feminisms in The Vagina Monologues, Srimati Basu

Carton 36, Folder 56

Crossing Harem's Lines, Doaa Kandil

Carton 36, Folder 57

Female Husbands in Igboland, Nwoko Kenneth Chukwuemeka

Carton 36, Folder 58

Gender, Conflict, and Community in Gayl Jones' Corregidora and Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy, Ifeona Fulani

Carton 36, Folder 59-60

Re-Placing the Madwoman, Laura Kanost

Carton 36, Folder 61

"One Can't Live on Air": A Gendered Analysis of Aging on the Frontier, Linda Van Ingen

Carton 36, Folder 62

Six Poems, Evelyn Funda

Carton 36, Folder 63

"'She was as great as he:' Catherine Gladstone or Emily Tennyson? Two Wives of Great Men" by Ros Aitken

Carton 36, Folder 64

"From the Uninvited to the Visitor: The Post-Independence Dilemma Faced By Irish Women Writers, Abigail L. Palko

Carton 36, Folder 65

"'We bury our talent in a napkin: Beat Resistance and the Cold War Domestic Ideal in Hattie Jones's How I Became Hattie Jones" by Jill E. Anderson

Carton 36, Folder 66

"God Doesn't Like the Revolution: The Archbishop, the Market Women, and the Economy of Gender, 1944-1954" by Patricia Harms

Carton 36, Folder 67

"Carolina's Campaign, Or the End of Revolution, Stephanie Mitchell

Carton 36, Folder 68

Becoming Feminist: Auto-rantings of a journeying first-timer, Lisbeth Berbary

Carton 36, Folder 69

"The masculine and feminine traditions in Dorothy M. Richardson's Pilgrimage" by Maria Francisca Llantada Diaz

Carton 36, Folder 70

Status of Females in Major World Religions, Eak Duwadi

Carton 36, Folder 71

Inside the Fatherland: The 'New Cuban Woman' in Mujeres, Marisela Fleites-Lear

Carton 36, Folder 72

Motherhood, Beauty, and Feminism: World War II and Revolution in Mexican Female Identity, Monica Rankin

Carton 37, Folder 1

The Reality of Porn: Queering Andrea Dworkin, Magnus Ullen

Carton 37, Folder 2

Gendered Reconstruction of Feminist Authority in the Prince's Parlor: Stephanie Genlis and Royalist Identity during the Napoleonic Era, Sharon Worley

Carton 37, Folder 3

Elements of Perfection: Mormon Masculinity, Sexuality, and the Kingdom of God in Nineteenth-Century New England, Kondon Rich Smith

Carton 37, Folder 4

Feminist Currents 2, Eileen Boris

Carton 37, Folder 5

Facing Mitt Romney: A Mormon Feminist Prose Poem, Joanna Brooks

Carton 37, Folder 6

Women in Between: Representations of Gender, Race, and Nation in Ramona and The Barrier, Dominique Bregent-Heald

Carton 37, Folder 7

Windows of Faith and Freedom: One Muslim Woman's Narrative, Amani Hamdan

Carton 37, Folder 8

"I Am More Democratic Than Ever, Since I have Seen What Democracy Is': Images of Europe in Harriet Martineau's American Writing, Clara Ranghetti

Carton 37, Folder 9

Influence of Gender Role Identity on Advancement of Managerial Women in Pakistan, Shehla Riza Arifeen

Carton 37, Folder 10

Viva Mama Frieda, Alan Barstow

Carton 37, Folder 11

Tess Gallagher: Next Door to the Exotic, Ron McFarland

Carton 37, Folder 12

Precarious Politics: Experiments in Market Socialism and the Resulting Challenges for Cuban Women, Joseph T. Dwyer

Carton 37, Folder 13

The Russian Revolution and Working Class Women in Moscow and Petrograd (1917-1923), Lisa Lines

Carton 37, Folder 14

A Historical Perspective: Women's Resistance to Violence in Nigeria, Oluyemi Fayomi

Carton 37, Folder 15

Visual Poems, Susan Fitzsimmons

Carton 37, Folder 16

A View "From Below": Images of Working Women in Turn-of-the-Century German Visual Culture, Colleen Becker

Carton 37, Folder 17

Cindy Sheehan and the Politics of Motherhood: Republican Motherhood in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Anne Marie Nicolosi

Carton 37, Folder 18

Cityscape, Therese Roth

Carton 37, Folder 19

African Women and their New Challenges in Ama Ata Aidoo's Novel Changes: A Love Story (1991), Ginette Curry

Carton 37, Folder 20

From Segregation of the Sexes to Gender in Geography: A Review of Women, Gender, and Urban Spaces, Elizabeth Wilson

Carton 37, Folder 21

A Woman's Place: Prostitution in Urban Spaces, Marie Krowley

Carton 37, Folder 22

The Evolution and Current State of Arranged Marriages in Casablanca (Morocco): Social and Educational Aspects, Vincente Llorent Bedmar

Carton 37, Folder 23

Jewish Women Under Siege: The Fight for Survival on the Front Lines of Love and the Law, Adam Koblenz

Carton 37, Folder 24

Staying Put: Crossing the Israel / Palestine Border with Gloria Anzaldua, Smadar Lavie

Carton 37, Folder 25

Intro to 30.3 Women's Clubs, Karen Blair

Carton 37, Folder 26

Chasing Amy: Mephistopheles, the Laurence Boy, and Louisa May Alcott's Punishment of Female Ambition, Holly Blackford

Carton 37, Folder 27

Della Falling, Heather Fowler

Carton 37, Folder 28

Performing Invisibility: Dialogue as Activism in Grace Paley's Texts, Darcy Brandel

Carton 37, Folder 29

The Golden Girls Share Signature Stories: Narratives of Aging, Identity, and Communal Desire, Christyne Berzsenyi

Carton 37, Folder 30

Travels With Our Aunt, Barbara Passero

Carton 37, Folder 31

Southeastern European Feminism and Narrative, Sanja Ivic

Carton 37, Folder 32

Guerilla Girls Poster Art, Aphra Behn

Carton 37, Folder 33

Always (Almost) Becoming Queer, Ednie Kaeh Garrison

Carton 37, Folder 34

Feminiality: A Portrait Series of Unruly Women, Tracey Huber Weiersmuller

Carton 37, Folder 35

Speaking Up for Catherine Morland: Cixous and the Feminist Heroine, Joanne Cordon

Carton 37, Folder 36

Social Gender Analysis (For the Sample of the Province of Tokat), Nuray Kizilaslan

Carton 37, Folder 37

"The Emergence of the Revolutionary," Lived Religion, and Feminist Oppositional Space: The Glenmary and FOCIS Women of Appalachia, 1942-1990, Marie Tedesco

Carton 37, Folder 38

Erica Jong, Sappho's Leap, and I: Interaction of the Novelist and the Scholar, Robert Ball

Carton 37, Folder 39

A Brief History of Women's Entrance into the German Public Sphere: Male Opposition and Misogyny, Lisa Strohmenger

Carton 37, Folder 40

Business as Usual: Sex, Race, and Work in Spike Lee's Bamboozled, Victoria Piehowski

Carton 37, Folder 41

Sexual Cleansing, Extra Nuptial Sex and Levirate Marriages in Luapula Distric of Zambia, Robert Tembo

Carton 37, Folder 42

Kawmeretho: Urban Women Speaking It Out, Mary Njeri Kinyanjui

Carton 37, Folder 43

Sex, War, and Community Service: The Battle for San Francisco's Jewish Community Center, Mary Ann Irwin

Carton 37, Folder 44

Acquisition and Transfer of Land and the Curtailment of the Legal Capacity of Women in Nigeria, Christiana Ejura Attah

Carton 37, Folder 45

Bear Dreaming, Lorna Milne

Carton 37, Folder 46

Spectacular Citizenships: Staging Latina Resistance through Urban Performances of Pain, Emily Klein

Carton 37, Folder 47

Oh, She's Such a Doll, Nicole Gervasio

Carton 37, Folder 48

Re-envisioning the Margins of Lesbian (In)visibility in Cape Town: Perceptions of Sex, Safety, and Space" by Nicole Gervasio

Carton 37, Folder 49

The Invisibility of Homeless Women: The City, the Christian Home, and the Public / Private Split, Philip Webb

Carton 37, Folder 50

Street Collage, Nina Nijsten

Carton 37, Folder 51

A Government Responsibility? Gender and Housing in Berkeley, 1941-1955, Patricia Hampson

Carton 37, Folder 52

5 Poems, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Carton 37, Folder 53

Mapping Frauenkunst on the Viennese Urban Lanscape: Women's Art Institutions in Late Imperial and First Republic Vienna, 1900-1930, Megan Brandow-Faller

Carton 37, Folder 54

Matrix / Organic Architecture versus Phallocentric Architecture, Sophie Herfort

Carton 37, Folder 55

The Daughters of Charity and the Development of Social Welfare in Los Angeles, 1856-1927, Kristine Gunnell

Carton 37, Folder 56

The City and the Stage, Kathryn McDonald

Carton 37, Folder 57

Heroic Triad, Michael Filimowicz

Carton 37, Folder 58

Women's Rights and Gendered Spaces in 1970s Boston, Daphne Spain

Carton 37, Folder 59

The Geography of Pornography: Neighborhoods, Feminism, and the Battles Against "Dirty Bookstores" in Minneapolis, Georgina Hickey

Carton 37, Folder 60

Recovering the Secret History of the City: Montserrat Roig's Excavations in Ramona" by Carmina Palerm

Carton 37, Folder 61

Setting the Heart of the Community to Beating: The Women of Boston's Settlement Houses, Cynthia Miller

Carton 37, Folder 62

Spaces of Activism in Exurbia: Politicizing an Ethics of Care from Household to the Region, Teresa Abbruzzese

Carton 37, Folder 63

4 Art Pieces: "City," "Air," "Water," Diviner" by Silvia Loeffler

Carton 37, Folder 64

sexandthecity.org: Cyber No-Bodies Under the Law and the Rise of a Virtual Red Light District, Brooke M. Campbell

Carton 37, Folder 65

"Mythical and Mundane": Gender and the Public Garden in Katherine Mansfield and Djuna Barnes' Short Fiction, Nora L. Wiechert

Carton 37, Folder 66

The Empowerment of South Asian Muslim Women in a Chinese "Religious" Festival in Hong Kong, Wai-chi Chee

Carton 37, Folder 67

Three Stories, Luz Maria Gordillo

Carton 37, Folder 68

Dangerous Women, Deviant City: Fears over Women's Sexuality and Urban Space in Wartime San Diego, 1940-1937, Ryan Reft

Carton 37, Folder 69

"A Nation's Need - Good and Well Trained Mothers": Gender, Charity, and the New Urban South, Thomas C. Henthorn

Carton 37, Folder 70

3 Poems: "Testing Abraham," "The Wisdom of Solomon," and "Days of Awe" by Julie R. Enszer

Carton 37, Folder 71

Single Women in turn-of-the-century London: Emancipation and Romance in The Story of a Modern Woman, Eve's Ransom, and Ann Veronica, Maria Theresa, Chialant

Carton 37, Folder 72

Feminist Currents for 31.1: "Do Clothes Make the Woman" Response and 2010 Question "Healthcare" by Eileen Boris

Carton 37, Folder 73

'Never tear the linnet from the leaf': The Feminist Intertextuality of Edna O'Brien's Down by the River, Jane Elizabeth Dougherty

Carton 37, Folder 74

The Unsung Heroine: Muriel Ena Rosin's Urban Political Experiences in Rhodesia, 1937-1980, Estella Musiiwa

Carton 37, Folder 75

Exotic Harem Paintings: Gender, Documentation, and Imagination, Julia Kuehn

Carton 37, Folder 76

Gender Assessment of Performance of Practical Year Students of the Federal and State Universities in Vegetable Production: Nigeria Experience, Stella Odebode

Carton 37, Folder 77

In case of, New York City, Kathleen Hanna

Carton 37, Folder 78

Gender, Conflict, and Community: Gayl Jones' Corregidora and Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy, Ifeona Fulani

Carton 37, Folder 79

The Performativity of Ever-Shifting Genres in the Work of Djuna Barnes, Darcy Brandel

Carton 37, Folder 80

'You bury your talent in a napkin': Beat Resistance and the Code of Cool in Hettie Jones's How I Became Hettie Jones, Jill Anderson

Carton 37, Folder 81

'They are called Bui Doi': Vietnamese Amerasian Children and the Limits of Sovereignty, Donna Seto

Carton 37, Folder 82

"The Poetics of the Double" by Lynn Martin

Carton 37, Folder 83

4 Poems: "Zelda," "I Think About the Bowl," "Finding Flannery," and "Monkey Mind" by Sarah Gordon

Carton 37, Folder 84

"Fixing Things: What Louise De Salvo Has Taught Me About Writing" by Emily Bernard

Carton 38, Folder 1

3 Art Pieces: "Surge," "Surge (detail)," "Crowning" by Angela Piehl

Carton 38, Folder 2

Women of the Greatest Generation: A Literary and Historical Analysis, Joanna E. Grey

Carton 38, Folder 3

2 Poems: "Io's Story" and Queen of the Night, Judith Saunders

Carton 38, Folder 4

Carlos Bulosan's The Laughter of My Father: Expanding the Casebook of Resistance, Marilyn Alquizola

Carton 38, Folder 5

7 Art Pieces: "Africa," "African Queen," "Afrikanz," "Akeem," "Alter Ego," "Bracelets," "Fish Girl" by Ione Citrin

Carton 38, Folder 6

10 Art Pieces: "Carrier," "If (Barbie)," "Revealing," "Vacillating Inamorato," "Ride," "Lullaby I-II-III," "Strength," "Sisters Crouch," "Sisters III," "Gymnast," by Anki King

Carton 38, Folder 7

Art, Lyndall Bass

Carton 38, Folder 8

"We were those who walked out of bullets and hunger": Representation of trauma and healing in Solar Storms, Irene Vernon

Carton 38, Folder 9

8 Art Pieces, Barb Matz

Carton 38, Folder 10

6 Poems and 7 Prints, Ellen Peckham

Carton 38, Folder 11

"Blind Lovers and Familiar Strangers: The Tours and Detours of Responsibility to the Other" by Sarah-Jean Krahn

Carton 38, Folder 12

6 Art Pieces, Sherry Short

Carton 38, Folder 13

4 Poems and 1 Fictional Piece, Ayse Dayi

Carton 38, Folder 14

8 Art Pieces, Elizabeth Roberts McFalls

Carton 38, Folder 15

Like Your Daddy, Wendy Marie Thompson

Carton 38, Folder 16

1 Art Piece, Ron Jones

Carton 38, Folder 17

5 Art Pieces, Elizabeth Kellogg

Carton 38, Folder 18

Women Deficit and Violent Conflict: Perspectives on Democracy in Asia, Narottam Gaan

Carton 38, Folder 19

2 Poems, Shabnam Piryaei

Carton 38, Folder 20

12 Art Pieces, Carol Setterlund

Carton 38, Folder 21

Still Her, Robin Greene

Carton 38, Folder 22

12 Art Pieces, Veronica Winters

Carton 38, Folder 23

2 Art Pieces, Diane Gamerman

Carton 38, Folder 24

Cold Moon Stories, Toni McNeilly

Carton 38, Folder 25

3 Art Pieces: "8 Shadows," "Death Struggle," "Strong Language" by Lihting Lily, Li

Carton 38, Folder 26

Facebook OMG, Toni McNeilly

Carton 38, Folder 27

6 Art Pieces, Virginia Erdie

Carton 38, Folder 28

On 150 Years of Epistemic Bad Luck, Kristie Dotson

Carton 38, Folder 29

6 Art Pieces, Brooke Molla

Carton 38, Folder 30

Caught in the Crossfire: Women's Internationalism and the YWCA Child Labor Campaign in Shanghai, 1921-1925, Elizabeth Littell-Lamb

Carton 38, Folder 31

6 Art Pieces, Marie-Louise McHugh

Carton 38, Folder 32

Artwork: The Reconstruction, Amanda Boehm-Garcia

Carton 38, Folder 33

A New Office on Logan Street: The Demon in a Room of One's Own, Vicki Lindner

Carton 38, Folder 34

Slow Burn, Lisa A. Miles

Carton 38, Folder 35

1 Art Piece, Valerie Leri

Carton 38, Folder 36

Art, Jennifer Hecker

Carton 38, Folder 37

Art, Megan Coyle

Carton 38, Folder 38

Art, Theodosia Tamborlane

Carton 38, Folder 39

Art, Marti White

Carton 38, Folder 40

Art, Susan Soper

Carton 38, Folder 41

Art, Cassandra Gordon-Harris

Carton 38, Folder 42

Peggy Pascoe Roundtable, Eileen Boris, et. Al

Carton 38, Folder 43

When You Swim Out, Janee Baugher

Carton 38, Folder 44

4 Poems: "The Marital Bed," "Breasts," "Anniversary X," and "Black Swans on Wallaga Lake" by Julie Enszer

Carton 38, Folder 45

Art, Shelley Zentner

Carton 38, Folder 46

Art, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Carton 38, Folder 47

Art, Carol Radsprecher

Carton 38, Folder 48

"It All Boils Down to Those Two Little Words" by Lilianne Milgrom

Carton 38, Folder 49

"Reenie" by Rebecca Dee

Carton 38, Folder 50

Art, Olga Alexander

Carton 38, Folder 51

Art, Susan Hazard

Carton 38, Folder 52

"Lost on Earth," "Releasing Gravity's Chains," "A Couple in Love," "The Moon is Very Bright Tonight Sisters" by Deni Ann Gereighty

Carton 38, Folder 53

Art, Carly Swenson

Carton 38, Folder 54

Art, Camille Silverman

Carton 38, Folder 55

Art: "The Out of the Inside" by Stacy Slaten

Carton 38, Folder 56

Fashioning an Image: The Marketing of the Women's Land Army, Pamela Pierce

Carton 38, Folder 57

"The Waiter Speaks": Stella Miles Franklin and the Chicago Garment Workers' Strike, 1910-1911 Janet, Lee

Carton 38, Folder 58

Art, Katie Marie Puenner

Carton 38, Folder 59

Weissberger Art, Barbara Weissberger

Carton 38, Folder 60

Spaces for Counter-Narratives: The Phenomenology of Reclamation, Farah Godrej

Carton 38, Folder 61

Comparative Study of the First Women Journalists' Feminist Activities and Prefessionalism in France and Korea, Il-kwong Sung

Carton 38, Folder 62

The Perceptions of Military Widows Forming an Intimate Relationship: Talk-Backs Competing Representations, Udi Lebel

Carton 38, Folder 63

Reexamining Transnational Feminism in the 1960s: Gendered Connections in Malaysia's Joss and Gold and Zimbabwe's Nervous Conditions, Adeline Koh

Carton 38, Folder 64

Art, Jennine Scarboro

Carton 38, Folder 65

Matrimonial Anxiety in a Besieged City: Identity Complex in Zhang Ailing's "Boudoir Stories" by Xiaoping Wang

Carton 38, Folder 66

Gangbang Revisited: Fetish-Character and the Regression of Feminist Politics in Racialized Pornography, Xiao Di Tong

Carton 38, Folder 67

Special Issue: "The Reading Woman: Three Portraits" by Kate Lynn Hibbard

Carton 38, Folder 68

Putting Their Children First While Leaving Them "Behind:" The Experiences of Latina Domestic Workers in Seattle, from the 1990s to Present, Maria Isabel Cortés-Zamora

Carton 38, Folder 69

A Small Beginning of a Slow Climb: Racial Activism in the Winthrop College (Rock Hill, South Carolina) YWCA, 1940-1938, Cherisse Jones-Branch

Carton 38, Folder 70

On First Ladies and Passing at the Equator: Madame Sarkozy, Madame Michelle Maman Chantal, Marie Lathers

Carton 38, Folder 71

Art, Elizabeth McGhee

Carton 38, Folder 72

Challenges to Immigrant Identity and Meta-narrative in Mylene Dressler's The Deadwood Beetle, Kate Schaab

Carton 38, Folder 73

Art: Cancer Index, Diane Zeeuw

Carton 38, Folder 74

Art, Nicole McCormick Santiago

Carton 38, Folder 75

Dragon Mistress, Nation-State: Emily's Dominion, Barbara Therese Ryan

Carton 38, Folder 76

Teaching Chick-Lit in the Undergraduate Classroom, Cheryl Wilson

Carton 38, Folder 77

Everyday and Ordinary: Giving Voice to Women's Narratives, Marilyn McKinley Parrish

Carton 38, Folder 78

Art, Annamaria Gundlach

Carton 38, Folder 79

Strange Bedfellows: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Vegetarian Frozen Food Industry, Margaret Betz

Carton 38, Folder 80

Poetry, Sarah Seybold

Carton 38, Folder 81

The Dean of Western Letters vs. The Dean of Women's Illustrators: A Reappraisal of Wallace Stegner's Use of Mary Hallock Foote's Letters and Memoirs in Angle of Repose, Megan Riley McGilchrist

Carton 38, Folder 82

Art, Colleen Clark

Carton 38, Folder 83

Teaching About Sexual Violence in Higher Education, Corrine Bertram

Carton 38, Folder 84

Lessons from a Sinaloan Beauty Queen, Aimee Parkison

Carton 38, Folder 85

Soul Reflections: From Atlanta to Alabama, Grace Ocasio

Carton 38, Folder 86

Art, Cheryl Tall

Carton 38, Folder 87

Art, Kia Mercedes Carscallen

Carton 38, Folder 88

Art, Kristin Kest

Carton 38, Folder 89

Art, Laurie Smith

Carton 38, Folder 90

Art, Florence Alfano McEwin

Carton 38, Folder 91

Art, Pei-Hsuan Wang

Carton 38, Folder 92

Freedom vis a vis Independence: An overview in light of Feminism, Women's Development and Empowerment, Harasankar Adhikari

Carton 38, Folder 93

Art and Essay, Gelsy Verna (art)

Carton 38, Folder 94

Women, House, and Home in Contemporary Canadian Native Art: Hannah Claus, Rebecca Belmore, and Rosalie Favell, Elizabeth Kalbfleisch

Carton 38, Folder 95

Art, Mahoney Virginia

Carton 38, Folder 96

Nasty Words: The Erotic Language of Lesbian Desire in Dorothy Allison's "Skin and Trash." by Cindy Zelman

Carton 38, Folder 97

The Legitimatizing Role of Queenship during the First Half of the Eighteenth Century First Half of the Eighteenth Dynasty, Virginia Laporta

Carton 38, Folder 98

Art, LA Hoffman

Carton 38, Folder 99

Quit Putting Words in My Mouth: Discursive Circumscriptions of Sterilized Roma Women in the Czech Republic, Roxana Caza

Carton 38, Folder 100

Feminist Currents 32.1, Eileen Boris

Carton 38, Folder 101

Art, Debra Lott

Carton 38, Folder 102

Art, Lisa Stilnovich

Carton 38, Folder 103

Art, Judith Owens-Lalude

Carton 38, Folder 104

Gender Differences: A Case Study of Malda District of W. Bengal, India, Nazmul Hussain

Carton 38, Folder 105

Poetry: Let Me Out, Stacy Backauskas

Carton 38, Folder 106

"Business as Usual" : Sex, Race and Work in Spike Lee's Bamboozled, Victoria Piehowski

Carton 38, Folder 107

Domestic Images of Golden Age Spain: The Female Servant in La industria vence desdenes by Mariana de Carvajal, Carmen King

Carton 38, Folder 108

Toward a Feminist Theory of Letting Go, Donna King

Carton 38, Folder 109

Development of the 'power within' among the women: the road to empowerment, Hedayat Nikkhah

Carton 38, Folder 110

Wedding Bells, Binaries, and the Heterosexual Menace, Liz McNeill

Carton 38, Folder 111

Women as the Lead Character in the B Western Motion Picture, Kelly Kandra

Carton 38, Folder 112

Poetry and Short Story, Sara Cavallaro

Carton 38, Folder 113

Pane e tulipani, Elisabetta Tesser

Carton 38, Folder 114

Recomposing: A Feminist's Journey, Tammie Marie Kennedy

Carton 38, Folder 115

Art, Gail Goldsmith

Carton 38, Folder 116

Disappeared, Florina Catalina Florescu

Carton 38, Folder 117

Violence against Women as a practice of witchery: A Study of Socio-cultural Aspects of Family System, Debnarayari Sarkar

Carton 38, Folder 118

Alien, Aminata Cairo

Carton 38, Folder 119

Broken, Andrea Clark Mason

Carton 38, Folder 120

Mapping Manifest Destiny: Lucile Cannon Bennion (1891-1966), John Bennion

Carton 38, Folder 121

The Effect of Gender in Prohibition of Women Employment A Comparative Study of the Iranian Law and International Standards, Mohammad Taqi Rafiei

Carton 38, Folder 122

Art, Linda Stein

Carton 39, Folder 1

An Analysis of the Material Lives of Korean Women in United States Camp Towns: Work, Identity, and (Re)Inhabitation of a World, Miduk Kim

Carton 39, Folder 2

Death and the Pop Star: Feminine Masquerade and Female Cancer in Agnes Varda's Cleo from 5 to 7, Acacia Warwick

Carton 39, Folder 3

Art, Susanne Slavick

Carton 39, Folder 4

Dr. Frances Woods: Spanish American War Nurse and Suffragist, Lisa Lindell

Carton 39, Folder 5

Work Family Conflict as a Mediator between Work Thought Interference as an Antecedent and Stress as a Consequence, Aiswarya Ramasundaram

Carton 39, Folder 6

At the Root: Fundamentals and Fundamentalisms in Zadie Smith's White Teeth, Anne Mamary

Carton 39, Folder 7

Two Dreamtimes, Joanne B. Mulcahy

Carton 39, Folder 8

'You ain't seen nothing yet': Norma Jean's Acquisition of the Phallus in Bobbie Ann Mason's 'Shiloh', Greg Bentley

Carton 39, Folder 9

Artemisia Challenges the Elders: How a Women Artists' Cooperative Created a Community for Feminism and Art Made by Women, Joanna Gardner-Huggett

Carton 39, Folder 10

Feminism, Art and Social Movements, Michelle Moravec

Carton 39, Folder 11

Feminist art hitting the shores of Israel: Three case studies in impossible times, Tal Dekel

Carton 39, Folder 12

What's so Feminist about the "Feministische Kunst Internationaal" Exhibition? An Exploration of the Reception of Art by Women in the Late 39970s" by Kathleen Wentrack

Carton 39, Folder 13

Willing Slaves: Hegemonic Colonialism and the Double Subjection of Women in Santiago's America's Dream, Katherine Hunt

Carton 39, Folder 14

What I Learned in Prison, Laura Dubek

Carton 39, Folder 15

Gendered Ethnicity: Refashioning Diasporic and Postcolonial Identity, Hema Chari

Carton 39, Folder 16

Boycotting Dairy: Boycotting Sexual Abuse, Carmen Cusack

Carton 39, Folder 17

Negotiated postitions: Immigrant women's views and experiences of employment in Canada, S. Nombuso Dlamini

Carton 39, Folder 18

The Unrecognized Social Movements; One Million Signature Campaign and The State, Majid Rafizadeh

Carton 39, Folder 19

Working Mother's Perceptions of Childcare (At Night) by the Caretakers, Jayanti Bhave

Carton 39, Folder 20

Religion is not a rational choice, Janet Testerman

Carton 39, Folder 21

Pregnant on the Outside: Thoughts from a new mom in an academic space., jennifer Beggs Weber

Carton 39, Folder 22

Leading Women to Engineering - an Israeli Case Study, Miri Yemeni

Carton 39, Folder 23

"The Emergence of the Revolutionary," Lived Religion, and Feminist Oppositional Space: The Glenmary and FOCIS Women of Southern Appalachia, 39942-39990, Marie Tedesco

Carton 39, Folder 24

Career Moves, Economic Agendas, Desire for Independence; German Domestic Servants in Paris 39850-399394, Mareike Konig

Carton 39, Folder 25

A Love of Letters: Undoing Gender Relations in the Letters of Abelard and Heloise, Katherine Wickhorst

Carton 39, Folder 26

Re-evaluating the empowering effect of transnational labour migration: The case of Sri Lankan domestic maids, Wasana Sampath Handapangoda

Carton 39, Folder 27

On Paris Is Burning: The Ethical Viewer, Cinematic Desire, and the Performing of

Carton 39, Folder 28

Gender and Positive Psychology Constructs: What Role Do They Play for Iranian Adolescents and Youth?, Siamak Khodarahimi

Carton 39, Folder 29

Gender and the Politics of Prostitution in Lagos, Nigeria, 39923-39954, Saheed Aderinto

Carton 39, Folder 30

The Scrapbook, Laura Madeleine Wiseman

Carton 39, Folder 31

When Is a Tulip Not a Tulip?': Grafting, Exoticism, and

Carton 39, Folder 32

Nigerian Women, Macroeconomic Environment, and Agricultural Output Growth: Implications for the attainmetn of the millenium development goals (MDGs) in 20395, Emmanuel Eyo

Carton 39, Folder 33

The Ambiguous Space of Motherhood: The experience of mothering a Stillborn Son, Maya Bhave

Carton 39, Folder 34

Women, Literature, and Environmental Discourse: The Case of Rose Arnold Powell and Mt. Rushmore, Roseann Runte

Carton 39, Folder 35

Like Sleeping Butterflies, Rachelle Mott

Carton 39, Folder 36

Poetry, Audrey Streetman

Carton 39, Folder 37

The Nazi Lady, Ada Sumber

Carton 39, Folder 38

Mutual Vilification in the Abortion Debate: The Parallels with Race Relations, Bertha Manninen

Carton 39, Folder 39

Suppressed Sexuality in the Vitruvian House: Between the Empire of Augustus and the Universe of Lucretius, Lisa Banu

Carton 39, Folder 40

Angela Ellsworth Art, Angela Ellsworth

Carton 39, Folder 41

Women as Epic Sites/Sights and Traces in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Pouneh Saeedi

Carton 39, Folder 42

Marriage among Muslim women: A Comparative Study of Bangalore in India and Mashad in Iran, F. Sadr Nabavi

Carton 39, Folder 43

Doin' It in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building, Jennie Klein

Carton 39, Folder 44

Poetry, Julia Balen

Carton 39, Folder 45

Psychosocial Development and Female/Cultural Identity in Monia Mazigh's Hope and Despair, Naglaa Salem

Carton 39, Folder 46

One Can't Live on Air:' Sarah McComb and the Problem of Old-Age Income

Carton 39, Folder 47

Frontiers in Feminist Art History, Jill Fields

Carton 39, Folder 48

Prostitution in the Middle East: Cultural patterns and social change - The case of Egypt, Julia Rump

Carton 39, Folder 49

Feminization of Social Control: Iran's Women's militia and Control of Iran's society, Saeid Golkar

Carton 39, Folder 50

Feminist Currents 33.39 by Eileen Boris

Carton 39, Folder 51

Art: "Gentle Things"; "Love is Like"; "Lips" by Belinda Chlouber