Photographs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest by Mayo & Weed: Finding Aid

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Overview of the Collection

Title: Photographs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest by Mayo & Weed
Dates (inclusive): approximately 1890s
Collection Number: photCL 214
Creator: Mayo & Weed
Extent: 122 photographs in 1 album; prints 19 x 24 cm (7.5 x 9.5 in) and smaller, album 29 x 37.5 cm (11 x 15 in)
Repository: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Photo Archives
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, California 91108
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Abstract: An album of 122 photographs by the Chicago, Illinois, photography firm of Mayo & Weed, dating from the 1890s, that depicts scenery and glaciers in Alaska; Native Alaskans, homes and totems; and towns and scenery in the western United States and Canada. Many photographs include tourists traveling by train and ship.
Language: English.


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Photographs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest by Mayo & Weed. The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Willard De Groot, June 25, 1976.

Historical Note

Charles A. Mayo and Jarvis E. Weed made up a photography partnership based in Chicago, Illinois. Their firm, Mayo & Weed, acted as “special artists” for Grafton’s Tours, which was also Chicago based. For an Alaskan-themed travel catalogue, Weed traveled through the Pacific Northwest, taking photographs as he went. Upon his return, Mayo & Weed published the photos not only in the catalogue, but also in albums to sell.

Scope and Content of Collection

This album contains 122 photographic prints by the Chicago, Illinois, photography firm of Mayo & Weed that depicts scenery and glaciers in Alaska; Native Alaskans; some Native American totems, and a variety of scenic views in the western United States and Canada. These photographs were taken ca. 1890s. The organization of the album's photographs mirrors a trip from Denver, Colorado, to Alaska, with stops at various tourist destinations, and includes images of Caucasian tourists; Salt Lake City, Utah; Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wrangell, Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Alaskan natives; glaciers; totems; British Columbia health resorts; and Western railway lines. Brigham Young, a leader of the Mormon Church, is listed as a personal name index term because a photograph of his grave is included in this collection.
The photograph album has the word "Alaska" embossed on the cover and "Alaska / Mayo & Weed, Chicago" embossed on the spine. Almost all of the photographs have a printed caption included in the bottom of the photograph.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the Huntington Library's Online Catalog.  
Bathhouses -- British Columbia -- Photographs. -- Photographs.
Canadian Pacific Railway Company -- Photographs.
Cemeteries -- Alaska -- Photographs.
Glaciers -- Photographs.
Health resorts -- Photographs.
Indians of North America—Alaska -- Photographs.
Mormon church buildings -- Photographs.
Mountains -- Photographs.
Orthodox Eastern Church--Alaska -- Photographs.
Rivers -- Photographs.
Steamboats -- Photographs.
Totem poles -- Photographs.
Tourists -- Photographs.
Tsimshian Indians -- Photographs.
Warships -- Photographs.
Inuit -- Photographs.
Young, Brigham, 1801-1877 -- Tomb -- Photographs.
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway Company.
Beehive House (Salt Lake City, Utah) -- Photographs.
British Columbia -- Photographs.
Colorado Springs (Colo.) -- Photographs.
Denver (Colo.) -- Photographs.
Douglas Island (Alaska) -- Photographs.
Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs, Colo.) -- Photographs.
Great Salt Lake (Utah) -- Photographs.
Juneau (Alaska) -- Photographs.
Manitou Springs (Colo.) -- Photographs.
Portland (Or.) -- Photographs.
Salt Lake City (Utah) -- Photographs.
Sitka (Alaska) -- Photographs.
Wrangell (Alaska) -- Photographs.
Photograph Albums.
Marine photographs.

Collection Contents

Box 1

Photograph Album

Box 1, Item 1

Birdseye view of Denver, Col. [Colorado]

Box 1, Item 2

[Group of passengers disembarking or getting on train, possibly Manitou and Pike’s Peak Railway].

Box 1, Item 3

Cliff House, Manitou Springs, Col. [Colorado].

Box 1, Item 4

Street view, Manitou Springs, Col. [Colorado]

Box 1, Item 5

Birdseye view in Garden of the Gods [Colorado Springs, Colorado].

Box 1, Item 6

Entrance to Garden of the Gods [Colorado Springs, Colorado].

Box 1, Item 7

Cathedral Spires, Garden of the Gods [Colorado Springs, Colorado]. [Man sitting on rock in midst of rock formation].

Box 1, Item 8

Entrance to Garden of the Gods [Colorado Springs, Colorado], Pike’s Peak in the distance.

Box 1, Item 9

Balance Rock, Garden of the Gods [Colorado Springs, Colorado]. [Male and female tourists sitting in shade at lower right of photo].

Box 1, Item 10

[Tourists on possibly Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway stopping to observe what may be the Royal Gorge].

Box 1, Item 11

The Royal Gorge, D. & R. G. Railway [Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad].

Box 1, Item 12

Entrance to Eagle Canon [Canyon], D. & R. G. RY [Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad].

Box 1, Item 13

Castle Rock, D. & R. G. RY [Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad].

Box 1, Item 14

The Bee Hive, Salt Lake City.

Box 1, Item 15

Street view, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Box 1, Item 16

Mormon Temple and Tabernacle, Salt Lake City.

Box 1, Item 17

Garfield Beach, Great Salt Lake.

Box 1, Item 18

Garfield Beach, Great Salt Lake.

Box 1, Item 19

Birdseye view of Portland, OR [Oregon].

Box 1, Item 20

Street scene in Ft. Wrangel [Wrangell, Alaska]

Box 1, Item 21

Scene at Fort Wrangel [Wrangell, Alaska].

Box 1, Item 22

Totem poles in Fort Wrangel [Wrangell, Alaska] [Tourists milling about].

Box 1, Item 23

A great totem pole [Alaska] [Male and female tourist in front]

Box 1, Item 24

Birdseye view of Sitka from Baronoff [Baranof] Castle [Alaska].

Box 1, Item 25

In Sitka Sound [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 26

Greek church, Sitka [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 27

Interior of Greek church, Sitka [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 28

[Icon of Virgin Mary and Infant Christ. Possibly in Greek church, Sitka, Alaska]

Box 1, Item 29

Steamship Islander

Box 1, Item 30

[Corridor in Steamship Islander leading to staterooms. Two men and boy by benches. One man going into stateroom]

Box 1, Item 31

Birdseye view of Juneau from the wharf.

Box 1, Item 32

Indian town, Juneau

Box 1, Item 33

Fur stores at Juneau

Box 1, Item 34

Sitka Harbor and the islands

Box 1, Item 35

Scene in Gardners Inlet

Box 1, Item 36

Sailing up Gardners Inlet. [Officer and man on deck]

Box 1, Item 37

Steamer at Irving Falls, Gardners Inlet. [Tourists on deck]

Box 1, Item 38

Kickup Falls [Tourists standing by stream]

Box 1, Item 39

Scene in Gardners Inlet

Box 1, Item 40

Scene in Gardners Inlet

Box 1, Item 41

Pot-lash [Potlatch] dance [Dance takes place on deck of steamer with tourists watching. Two Alaskan natives in ceremonial garb.]

Box 1, Item 42

Chief of the Tisim Sayems [Tsimshians]. [White naval officer with chief].

Box 1, Item 43

Tourists at Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 44

The great Muir Glacier [Tourists standing on icebergs]

Box 1, Item 45

Steamship Islander among the icebergs

Box 1, Item 46

Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 47

Steamer taking on ice in Taku Bay

Box 1, Item 48

The great Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 49

Ice field in Glacier Bay [Rowboat among the ice]

Box 1, Item 50

Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 51

The Great Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 52

The Taku Glacier

Box 1, Item 53

Taku Glacier

Box 1, Item 54

The Taku Glacier

Box 1, Item 55

Birdseye view of Victoria, B.C. [British Columbia]

Box 1, Item 56

Depot and hotel at Glacier House. Illicilliwaet. Glacier in the distance.

Box 1, Item 57

Mt. Sir Donald from Glacier House

Box 1, Item 58

The glacier from the rear of the hotel.

Box 1, Item 59

C.P. [Canadian Pacific] Train at Glacier House.

Box 1, Item 60

Albert Canyon, C.P. RY. [Canadian Pacific Railway]

Box 1, Item 61

C.P. RY [Canadian Pacific Railway], Hotel Banff, hot springs

Box 1, Item 62

Mountain road, Banff Hotel in distance

Box 1, Item 63

Rundell Peak. From Banff.

Box 1, Item 64

Hotel Banff, Peechee Mt. in distance

Box 1, Item 65

Hot sulfur basin, Banff. [2 men bathing]

Box 1, Item 66

Cascade Falls, Bow River. Banff.

Box 1, Item 67

Mt. Peechee

Box 1, Item 68

Union of Bow and Spray Rivers. Banff.

Box 1, Item 69

Street scene, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Box 1, Item 70

Court house at Winnipeg, Manitoba

Box 1, Item 71a

Cog railway, engine and car, summit of Pike’s Peak

Box 1, Item 71b

Manitou & Pike’s Peak R.R. [Railroad] station

Box 1, Item 72a

Grave of Brigham Young. Salt Lake City.

Box 1, Item 72b

General view of bath houses

Box 1, Item 73a

Summit of Pike’s Peak

Box 1, Item 73b

“Rocky” Study, base of Pike’s Peak

Box 1, Item 74a

U.S. warship “Baltimore”

Box 1, Item 74b

H.M.S. Warspite

Box 1, Item 75a

Group of Indian squaws. [2 Indian men, 1 Indian girl, and 1 Indian infant in papoose]

Box 1, Item 75b

Soda Spring and Pavilion, Manitou, Colorado.

Box 1, Item 76a

Birdseye of Port Simpson

Box 1, Item 76b

Street view in Port Simpson

Box 1, Item 77a

Street view in Port Simpson

Box 1, Item 77b

Birdseye view, Treadwell Mines, Douglas Island

Box 1, Item 78a

[Group of Caucasians and Indians in front of wooden houses]

Box 1, Item 78b

[Indian family in canoe]

Box 1, Item 79a

Alaska Indian children

Box 1, Item 79b

Indian band

Box 1, Item 80a

The harbor at Fort Wrangel [Wrangell, Alaska]

Box 1, Item 80b

The Whale Totem

Box 1, Item 81a

Indian cemetary [cemetery]

Box 1, Item 81b

Indian town, Alert Bay

Box 1, Item 82a

Log church at Juneau

Box 1, Item 82b

Native Indian huts

Box 1, Item 83a

Post office at Sitka [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 83b

Baronoff [Baranof] Castle, Sitka [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 84a

Selling curios, Sitka [Alaska]

Box 1, Item 84b

Street view in Sitka

Box 1, Item 85a

Whaling schooner at anchor, Sitka, Alaska

Box 1, Item 85b

“Indian town”, Sitka

Box 1, Item 86a

Interior of Treadwell Mines [Group of tourists]

Box 1, Item 86b

A quiet nook at Banff

Box 1, Item 87a

Group of Alaska Indian boys [2 boys]

Box 1, Item 87b

Indian lovers

Box 1, Item 88a

Sailing up Gardner’s Inlet

Box 1, Item 88b

Kickup Falls

Box 1, Item 89a

Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]

Box 1, Item 89b

Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]

Box 1, Item 90a

Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]

Box 1, Item 90b

[Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]. Two males in front of totem]

Box 1, Item 91a

Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]

Box 1, Item 91b

Totem poles, Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]

Box 1, Item 92a

“Steamship Queen” in the ice, Glacier Bay

Box 1, Item 92b

Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 93a

Face of Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 93b

Muir Glacier

Box 1, Item 94a

Portland Inlet [Boy in water with rolled up pant legs]

Box 1, Item 94b

Muir Glacier from hurricane deck

Box 1, Item 95a

[Faded caption] glaciers at 10:30 p.m.

Box 1, Item 95b

Floating icebergs

Box 1, Item 96a

The Taku Glacier

Box 1, Item 96b

Taku Inlet, glacier in the distance