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box WWII 152, folder 1-7, folder 1-7

Series 1, Correspondence 1942 October 28 - 1946 April 15

Physical Description: 0.5 Linear Feet(7 folders)
Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

This series contains approximately 100 letters, postcards, and telegrams from Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA to his parents during the Second World War. Also included is one letter dated August 12, 1945 sent to friends Ginnie and Frank Boltz. Folder 7 contains thirteen Western Union telegrams without dates, but placed in chronological order based on their locations. All other telegrams with dates have been placed in their proper chronological order throughout the series.
Lt. Repper wrote often, though with some week or longer lapses, and told his parents about all of his daily activities and locations until the censors cut out some of his disclosures in letters written overseas. He wrote of training, travelling to various bases, his admissions process to the United States Military Academy at West Point, taking on new responsiblities and eventually his deployment overseas and the war effort. He also discussed politics and the home front, as well as his personal love life which remained a theme in his letters after the war while stationed between Paris and London.

Letters of note include the following:

  • April 6, 1945; discusses General Patton and his unit making the news back home. He hopes his mother is not too worried when she reads what Patton's army is up to.
  • April 14, 1945; from Germany, Repper discusses the death of President Roosevelt, that he and the other men have no faith in Harry Truman, but they know the war will end soon. The 9th Army will meet Russians near Berlin soon.
  • May 4, 1945; from Austria, "I wouldn't be surprised if I were drinking vodka with the Russians tomorrow or soon at any rate." He "chased Jerries clean our of their own country."
  • May 7 and 8, 1945; from Austria, V-E Day at 2pm, Repper bets everyone in the States is celebrating, but laments that it is "anti-climactic" for him because the end of the war has been expected for some time. Many of the men have shaved their mustaches, and he gives respect to the USAAF and the British RAF for ending the war.
  • June 24, 1945; Repper discusses displaced persons and the work that will have to be done after the war.
  • August 7, 1945; he discusses the power of the new atomic bomb.
  • August 12, 1945; this letter was written to Ginne and Frank Boltz.
  • August 15, 1945; the surrender of the Japanese and V-J Day celebrations.
The letters dated April 14, May 4, and May 7-8 were singled out in a plastic sheet when donated.
box WWII 153, folder 3, folder 10

Series 2, Diary and graduation program 1945 January 25 - 1946 January 11

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet(1 folder)
Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

This series contains one diary and one graduation program kept by Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA during the Second World War.
The program is for Lt. Repper's graduation from officer's candidate school at Fort Benning, Georgia on January 25, 1945. He trained with 4th Platoon, 21st Company, Second Student Training Regiment. It includes quotes and photographs of Repper and his fellow candidates.
At least some of the diary was written after the events of each day because it begins on February 5, 1945 when Lt. Repper arrived at Ft. Meade, MD and he presumably did not come into possession of the diary until he reached either Germany or Austria; it is large, black, and has a label on the front that reads "Befehlsbuch," or instruction book. The diary contains daily activities, transfers between units, location movement, his feelings about some other soldiers, and various other daily thoughts. Of note are some of the specifics given relating to battles and troop movements against the enemy, corps objectives, which units (division, corps, or even rifle companies) were to go where and when.
As the war ends and after, his daily entries shift to mundane activities, dates with English girls, his birthday and lack of funds, dentist visits and getting sick. The entries end with a smaller paper insert containing two entries; January 9 and January 11, 1946.
The last page provides a list, "Token CP from 11 April to 20 August," which includes all of the cities he had traversed. The back board contains two date ranges listed for hist time in the hospital; 23 November, 1945 - 28 December, 1945 at 365th Station Hospital, and 28 December, 1945 - 8 January, 1946 at 239th General Hospital.
box WWII 153, folder 1, folder 8

Series 3, Photograph

Physical Description: 0.01 Linear Feet(1 folder)

Scope and Contents

This series contains one black and white photograph presumably of Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA, at the time a corporal, in his uniform with hat. The identity of the person in the portait is inferred based on a picture of Repper in clippings.
box WWII 153, folder 1, folder 8

Series 4, Documents and other materials 1942 January 28 - 1945 February 22

Physical Description: 0.02 Linear Feet(1 folder)
Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

This series contains miscellaneous documents and other materials pertaining to the service of Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA during the Second World War, as well as vehicle registration and gas ration tickets.
Also included in this series are three Veteran's Administration National Service Life Insurance certificates for Repper for 1942-1943, one draft board notice of classification, one physical exam report for Repper's candidacy for admission to the United States Military Academy at West Point, and two schedules; one for Amherst College and one for Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia.
box WWII 153, folder 2, folder 9

Series 5, Clippings 1944 February 25 - 1945 October 16

Physical Description: 0.01 Linear feet(1 folder)
Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

This series contains several clippings pertaining to the service of Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA during the Second World War. Included is one photo of Repper with a helmet on, taken on October 16, 1945. Additionally, there are four small clippings regarding Patton's army and infantry or artillery units, with photos, two clippings from The Gazette of Amherst College, in 1944, and one bulletin of the 65th Division dated May 7, 1945 that contains the headline "War Ends."