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Inventory of Illustrations in Vischer's Pictorial of California [atlas] ff/ F866.V83 1870 [atlas copy 1]
ff/ F866.V83 1870 atlas [copy 1]  
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[Series 1] Sixty views of Californian landscape

volume "atlas", item 1

Ruins of the Mission of San Carlos, Carmelo Bay, Monterey County

volume "atlas", item 2

Santa Cruz Mountain Range: view near the Summit

volume "atlas", item 3

Scene on an old Californian cattle-Rancho; eve of a Rodeo

volume "atlas", item 4

Paso de Robles Hot Springs. on the Salinas River. San Luis Obispo County

volume "atlas", item 5

Yank's Station, Lake Valley; Centre of Traffic on the Placerville-Carson Route

volume "atlas", item 6

Bactrian Camels, entering the Mammoth Tree Grove en route for Washoe

volume "atlas", item 7

Slippery Ford, on the Forks of the American River

volume "atlas", item 8

Pass of the East Summit of the Sierra Nevada, on the Placerville-Carson Route

volume "atlas", item 9

Lake Tahoe; View from below the East Summit of the Sierra Nevada

volume "atlas", item 10

Snow Fields of the Sierra Nevada; Scene near Truckee Lake, looking towards Donner Peak

volume "atlas", item 11

Western Shores of Lake Tahoe; Tahoe City and Mouth of Truckee River

volume "atlas", item 12

Central View of Sierra Valley, from Beckworth's Pass

volume "atlas", item 13

Church and Mission buildings of San Juan Bautista

volume "atlas", item 14

Scene near the source of Gaudalupe Creek, Santa Clara County

volume "atlas", item 15

Tunnel of the Spring Valley Water Co,'s Works, San Mateo County

volume "atlas", item 16

Flume of the Union Co.'s aqueduct, above Murphy's

volume "atlas", item 17

Little Truckee Lake, from Webster Station, in early Spring

volume "atlas", item 18

The Calaveras Mammoth Tree Grove, Hotel and Surroundings

volume "atlas", item 19

Holden's Station, Hermit Valley, on the head waters of the Mokelumne River

volume "atlas", item 20

Falls of Truckee River, below Little Truckee Lake

volume "atlas", item 21

Van Wagener's Hotel and Fishery, on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe

volume "atlas", item 22

Granite Boulders, near the East Summit of the Sierra Nevada

volume "atlas", item 23

Entrance of Carson Canon from the California side. [Carson Canyon]

volume "atlas", item 24

Silver Mountain. Alpine District from above Woodford's

volume "atlas", item 25

Ex Mission of Santa Barbara now a college of the Order of St. Francisco

volume "atlas", item 26

Town of Santa Barbara (the former Presidio) and Mission, from the Beach

volume "atlas", item 27

Mount Diablo Valley and Straits of Carquines from the Clayton Hills

volume "atlas", item 28

Mount Diablo Range North view from Pacheco. (Rain Storm)

volume "atlas", item 29

Sunset Scene on the San Lorenzo near the Santa Cruz Paper Mill

volume "atlas", item 30

Mouth of the Gaviota Pass, between Santa Ines and Santa Barbara

volume "atlas", item 31

The Guardsmen and Pavilion of Mammoth Tree Grove

volume "atlas", item 32

Sugar Loaf Station, on the American River. Placerville-Carson Route

volume "atlas", item 33

Brockliss Bridge, and old emigrant road and bridge, on the American River

volume "atlas", item 34

The Downieville or Sierra Buttes, Northeast Views, from the Washoe Trail

volume "atlas", item 35

Howk's Station, Sierra Valley. (Shady Nook, Alice's Mountain Home)

volume "atlas", item 36

Sunset Scene, Sierra Valley, Source of Feather River

volume "atlas", item 37

Ruins of the church of San Juan Capistrano and Mission buildings

volume "atlas", item 38

Santa Cruz, Beach View, from Capt. Smith's premises on the Bluff

volume "atlas", item 39

Sayante; Old Capt. Graham's Ranch, near the Giant Grove, Santa Cruz County

volume "atlas", item 40

Natural Bridge on the Sea Coast, four miles north of Santa Cruz

volume "atlas", item 41

Strawberry Valley, Sierra Nevada, on the Placerville-Carson Route

volume "atlas", item 42

Donner Lake; from the Sumit Sierra Nevada, on the Dutch Flat-Virginia Road

volume "atlas", item 43

Summit Lake; the head waters Mokelumne and Tuolumne, Sierra Nevada

volume "atlas", item 44

West Summit of the Sierra Nevada and distant view of Lake Tahoe

volume "atlas", item 45

Kingsbury Grade, the Gulch-bridge on the East descent of the Sierra Nevada

volume "atlas", item 46

Train of the San Francisco and San Jose Railroad passing San Francisquito Creek

volume "atlas", item 47

Encampment with the Camels, on the descent towards Carson Valley

volume "atlas", item 48

Overland Mail, Pony Express and Telegraph on the Carson Plains

volume "atlas", item 49

Ruins of the Mission of San Luis Rey, San Diego County

volume "atlas", item 50

The Valley of San Bernardino, with the Sierra Madre in the background

volume "atlas", item 51

Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, from the Lime Kiln (North of Santa Cruz)

volume "atlas", item 52

Russian River Valley, from the Geyser Mountain Trail of St. Helena (1863)

volume "atlas", item 53

St.Helena Mountain Range, North View from the Geyser Trail

volume "atlas", item 54

Pluton Creek Gulch and the Mountain of Fire ; Scene near the Geysers

volume "atlas", item 55

Front view of the Geyser gulch, from the Hills near the Hotel

volume "atlas", item 56

Mount Tamalpais, North view, from San Rafael Valley

volume "atlas", item 57

Upper and Lower Clear Lake, with Mt. Uncle Sam from Cobb's Peak

volume "atlas", item 58

Upper Sacramento River, near Colusa, with Marysville Buttes in the distance

volume "atlas", item 59

Lassen's Butte, with the Sierra Nevada Range in the rear, from Sacramento Valley

volume "atlas", item 60

Mount Shasta, as seen from the Red Bluffs on the Upper Sacramento River


[Series 2] Trees and forest scenes

volume "atlas", item [61]

The Mammoth Tree Grove and wreath with cones

volume "atlas", item [62]

The "Hermit," called Abraham Lincoln, since 1864 (318 feet in height, and 60 feet in circumference)

volume "atlas", item [63]

The Prostrate Father of the Forest and surroundings (fallen tree, uprooted)

volume "atlas", item [64]

Skeleton of the Mother of the Forest and Family Group

volume "atlas", item [65]

The Washingtonian group, with Leaning Tower, the George Washington, and Eagle's Wing to the left, the base of Old Dominion and Uncle Tom's Cabin in the foreground [Sequoia Gicantea, Sempervirens]

volume "atlas", item [66]

The Washingtonian group, with the majestic form of the George Washington as prominent feature: in close proximity to the Leaning Tower, Old Dominion, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and another mammoth tree. [Sequoia Gicamtea, Sempervirens]

volume "atlas", item [67]

The Washington group, This sketch shows the tops of the Group at a distance of several hundred yards, as seem from the entrance of the Central Path, near the hotel

volume "atlas", item [68]

The California Redwood. With scenes from West view of Sayante-Redwood-group, group of Redwoods on the Sayante, Santa Cruz County, (Base), and East view of the Sayante Redwood-group

volume "atlas", item [69]

The Fremont Tree. Scene from the Giant-Grove, Santa Cruz County

volume "atlas", item [70]

The California Redwood. Group on the Summit of the Santa Cruz Mountain Range (1863)

volume "atlas", item [71]

Forest Scene in the Santa Cruz Mountains, distant view of the Santa Cruz Bay

volume "atlas", item [72]

The Soquel Redwood-groups near Castro's gulch, Santa Cruz County [Sequoia Sempervirens]

volume "atlas", item [73]

Spruce. Forest scene on San Geronimo Creek, Marin County [Pinus Douglash, Douglas Spruce or Oregon Pine]

volume "atlas", item [74]

Cypress. Souvenirs of Pt.Cypress, near Monterey [Cupressus Macrocarpa]

volume "atlas", item [75]

Cypress. Trees of various ages, sketched from nature at Point Cypress, 4 mi. SW of Monterey [Cupressus Macrocarpa]

volume "atlas", item [76]

Cypress. Sunset scene at the Cypress grove near Monterey [Cupressus Macrocarpa]

volume "atlas", item [77]

Cedars. Cedar groups in the Sierra Nevada, scene on the upper Mokelumne, beyond Silver Valley. Season, High Summer

volume "atlas", item [78]

Forest Trees of the Sierra Nevada (Western Slope) The scene, a view of Yosemite Valley

volume "atlas", item [79]

Oak. Group of Oaks (White Oak) in Napa Valley [White Oak (Quercus Lobata Hindsh)]

volume "atlas", item [80]

Oak. Skeleton of a White Oak and Oak-grove. Vistas in Napa Valley [Oaks Quercus, Lobata and Agrifolia]

volume "atlas", item [81]

Californian natural parks. (Surrounding of Oak-Knoll. Napa Valley [Oaks. Quercus, Lobata and Agrifolia]

volume "atlas", item [82]

Sycamores on Guadalupe Creek (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [83]

Hunters Bivouac under a California Live-Oak

volume "atlas", item [84]

The graves of J. Warren Osborn, and his sister Lucy

volume "atlas", item [85]

Rural scenes in the Cal. Coast-valley and Vistas on Guadalupe-creek

volume "atlas", item [86]

Redwood, Spruce, Oaks. Scene in Marin-County. East View of Tamalpais and Table Mountain from the ridge opposite San Rafael

volume "atlas", item [87]

Uncle Sam's mountain. The Lower Lake with the island, abode of the Indian Chief, Clear -lake, and passage connecting with the upper Lake (Lakeville Nom Cult-range, Borax Lake)


[Series 3] Grand features of California scenery

volume "atlas", item [88]

Yosemite Valley, General View

volume "atlas", item [89]

Yosemite. Principal Fall

volume "atlas", item [90]

Selections from C.E. Watkins's views of the Yosemite. [Photographs]

volume "atlas", item [91]

Donner Lake and Donner-peak (Summit scene in the Sierra Nevada in High Summer) (1870)

volume "atlas", item [92]

Sierra Nevada. First glimpse of the Sierra Nevada from near Murphys

volume "atlas", item [93]

Geysers. Scene in the Devil's Canon [Devil's Canyon]

volume "atlas", item [94]

Clear Lake Scenery. Borax Lake, Lake County

volume "atlas", item [95]

Cliff-Passage, near San Juan Capistrano (1865)

volume "atlas", item [96]

Point Reyes (View of cliff and ocean from beach)

volume "atlas", item [97]

View from beach of rock, gulls, crashing waves and ship against a backdrop of shoreline mountains

volume "atlas", item [98]

Miscellaneous marine view of a sailing ship, a steamboat, and a fisherman in a small dingey

volume "atlas", item [99]

Monterey. View of Monterey cove, small ships and a small settlement

volume "atlas", item [100]

Fort Ross (early Russian Settlement near Bodega)

volume "atlas", item [101]

Entrance of Humboldt Bay. Marine View.

volume "atlas", item [102]

Storm near the Farralones. Marine View.

volume "atlas", item [103]

Shasta Peak and Shasta Butte, from the hills east of Yreka

volume "atlas", item [104]

Shasta Mountain Range from the Northwest

volume "atlas", item [105]

North Californian, Oregon and Columbia scenery, with glimpses of the Cascade Range


[Series 4] Review of California's progress

volume "atlas", item [106]

Mission of Santa Barbara, now a College of Franciscans, with Father Gonzalez's Autograph

volume "atlas", item [107]

Mission of San Jose

volume "atlas", item [108]

Mission of San Luis Obispo, from the Old Orchard

volume "atlas", item [109]

Mission of Santa Ines (Father Blas Ordas entertaining his guest)

volume "atlas", item [110]

Mission of San Buenaventura. Travel in the good olden times

volume "atlas", item [111]

Church of the Mission of San Miguel, and ruins of the Casa Principal and outbuildings

volume "atlas", item [112]

Mission of Dolores (San Francisco Asis) before its restoration

volume "atlas", item [113]

Indian temascal [temazcal] (Exterior view and Interior view. 2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [114]

Incidents at a Rodeo, (Driving up and Branding Stock)

volume "atlas", item [115]

View of the convent of Santa Barbara from the town

volume "atlas", item [116]

Casa del Paso de Robles (Rancho of the Mission of San Miguel, now a sheep farm)

volume "atlas", item [117]

Life in Mining Camps, (Chips from the Old Block)

volume "atlas", item [118]

Life in Mining Camps, (Chips from the Old Block)

volume "atlas", item [119]

Grizzly Bear Hunt -- Southern California

volume "atlas", item [120]

Bear and Bull fight -- Southern California

volume "atlas", item [121]

Adams the Hunter, and his bears [Grizzly Adams]

volume "atlas", item [122]

Lassoing Horses, adaption of the Lasso by Stockmen

volume "atlas", item [123]

Scene at Californian Rodeo (Gathering and separating of Stock)

volume "atlas", item [124]

Californian method of killing cattle from the corral, (for hides and tallow)

volume "atlas", item [125]

Treasure and letter express train from Washoe, ascending the McDonald Grade in the Sierra Nevada (1861)

volume "atlas", item [126]

Teaming in the Sierra Nevada, on the Kingsbury grade

volume "atlas", item [127]

Stage sleighing in the Sierra Nevada, on the Placerville-Carson road

volume "atlas", item [128]

Overland Mail service in the Sierra Nevada, (Scene on the Placerville-Carson Route, descent on the Kingsbury Grade towards Eagle Valley

volume "atlas", item [129]

View from Howck's Station east (Sierra Valley) The Virginia Stage and Downeville Packmen starting with passengers, May 1861

volume "atlas", item [130]

Encampment of Mexican Arrieros in the Sierra Nevada (Big Tree Route, 1861

volume "atlas", item [131]

The Mendocino Hunting Party of 1857

volume "atlas", item [132]

Temporary encampment of a party of Washoe Indians in the Calaveras Mammoth tree grove, near the Mother of the Forest (1862)

volume "atlas", item [133]

Hospitalities on a Californian farm (Osborn, Oak Knoll, 1862) Ground ornamented with native pines and shrubbery

volume "atlas", item [134]

Oak Knoll. Napa Valley, farm of J.W. Osborn

volume "atlas", item [135]

General View of Oak Knoll farm, Napa Valley, view S.E. towards Napa City

volume "atlas", item [136]

Farming Scenes. Dairy, Corral and sheds at Oak Knoll. Cattle roaming at large

volume "atlas", item [137]

Fruit season. Scene at the gate of the principal orchard at Oak Knoll, pack-house, and wagons leading with fruit for market

volume "atlas", item [138]

Rural scene near Oak knoll. Blacksmith's shop, haystack and surroundings of a farm (1869)

volume "atlas", item [139]

Oak Knoll. Farming and breeding stock, and mustangs. Scene on the creek

volume "atlas", item [140]

Farming scenes.The Dairy at Oak Knoll. Cows in corral, milking

volume "atlas", item [141]

Harvest scenes: Granary, Clipper and Thresher. (Two views.)

volume "atlas", item [142]

Crystal Springs in San Mateo County

volume "atlas", item [143]

Emigrant encampment at the foot of the Sierra Nevada (rest before Johnson's Old Pass

volume "atlas", item [144]

Bivouac of Prospecting Washoe Miners: View toward the Desert

volume "atlas", item [145]

Southern Overland. Cliff Passage between Santa Barbara and San Buenaventura. Entering on a high tide. And beached at midnight (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [146]

California Southern Overland Stage Line (relay stables, San Luis Obispo) and Indian Village Temecola, stage station on the San Diego fort Yuma road (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [147]

Mount Shasta. Shasta Peak from the Yreka plains and Shasta Peak rom the foothills (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [148]

Nugget of gold, weighing 201 and 40/100 ounces. (Photograpn by Carleton E. Watkins)

volume "atlas", item [149]

The different methods of Californian gold mining from Hutchings:Miner's Own Book, 1858

volume "atlas", item [150]

Hydraulic and Quartz minming. Miner's Own Book

volume "atlas", item [151]

Sierra Buttes mines, Yuba County

volume "atlas", item [152]

Mining scene near Murphys

volume "atlas", item [153]

The Asphalton Region. Dr. Biggs rancho, Rincon de la Playa [i.e. Rancho El Rincon], the sulpher [i.e. sulphur] mound, and distant view of Punta Gorda. And Sandstone formations in the Sierra de Santa Susana, View near the summit (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [154]

Borax Lake and Sulphur Banks, Lake County

volume "atlas", item [155]

Maine Bar, American River

volume "atlas", item [156]

New Almaden Quicksilver Mine. (Four views)

volume "atlas", item [157]

Black Diamond Coal ledge

volume "atlas", item [158]

Mt. Diablo Coal Mines. (Three views)

volume "atlas", item [159]

Deep, Placer and Hydraulic Mining. (Twelve views.)

volume "atlas", item [160]

Eureka Lake Water Co.'s Works. Topographical Map

volume "atlas", item [161]

Sketches of the California Mining Region. (Five views)

volume "atlas", item [162]

Map of Clear Lake, (Borax and Sulphur)

volume "atlas", item [163]

General Railroad Map of California

volume "atlas", item [164]

Vulcan Iron Works. First California-built locomotive

volume "atlas", item [165]

Lumber trade, California. The Gang Mill. Big River Mendocino, and Bay View, Mendocino, with the residence of Mr. Freundt (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [166]

Lumber trade, Mendocino, Caspar Creek, Mendocino -- the outlet and Caspar Creek, Mendocino -- The Mills (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [167]

Exhibition at the Mechanics' Industrial Fair. San Francisco, 1864. (Four views. Photographs.)

volume "atlas", item [168]

Exhibition at the Mechanics' Industrial Fair. San Francisco, 1864. (Four views. Photographs.)

volume "atlas", item [169]

Santa Barbara Grape Vine and Sainsevain's Wine Depot (Aliso). (2 plates)

volume "atlas", item [170]

Pioneer Officers Western Union Telegraph Co.

volume "atlas", item [171]

Originals in Messrs. Bradley & Rulofson' s Gallery. Chinese Embassy, 1868. Japanese Embassy, 1867 (2 plates. Photographs. Portraits)

volume "atlas", item [172]

Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer "Great Republic"

volume "atlas", item [173]

War Vessels of United States Navy of the Pacific Squadron at San Francisco

volume "atlas", item [174]

Fleet of the Western Union Telegraph Company at San Francisco, 1866

volume "atlas", item [175]

Russian Squadron at the U.S. Navy Yard, Mare Island (1864)

volume "atlas", item [176]

Whaling Expeditions to the North Pacific and Arctic Seas

volume "atlas", item [177]

The Whaling interests of San Francisco

volume "atlas", item [178]

California Coast Whaling. Incidents of a successful day's work. (Four views)

volume "atlas", item [179]

Carcass of a whale cast adrift by whalers

volume "atlas", item [180]

Carcass of a whale captured in San Francisco Bay

volume "atlas", item [181]

Whales, California Grey and Humpback

volume "atlas", item [182]

Whaling Implements

volume "atlas", item [183]

Cod and Salmon Fishery. (Two views)

volume "atlas", item [184]

Arch in the Rock, near Seal Rock Point, on the coast near Santa Cruz

volume "atlas", item [185]

Farralone Egg Houses

volume "atlas", item [186]

California Dry Dock, at Hunter's Point, San Francisco. (Four views)

volume "atlas", item [187]

U.S. Navy Yard, at Mare Island. Pacific Mail Steamship Company's Works, at Benicia. Vallejo and Mare Island. (Four views)

volume "atlas", item [188]

Richardson's Bay and Mt.Tamalpais, from the Sausalito Bluff

volume "atlas", item [189]

Within the Golden Gate. Presidio, Fort San Jose, Lime Point Lighthouse, from Black Pt.

volume "atlas", item [190]

Great Pacific Railroad. East and West shaking hands. (Photograph?)

volume "atlas", item [191]

Selection of stereoscopic views of the Central Pacific Railroad (Western Section). (Twelve views. Photographs)

volume "atlas", item [192]

Selection of stereoscopic views of the Central Pacific Railroad (Central Section). (Twelve views. Photographs)

volume "atlas", item [193]

Selection of stereoscopic views of the Central Pacific Railroad (Central and Eastern Sections). (Nine views. Photographs)

volume "atlas", item [194]

Views on the Union Pacific Railroad. (Nine views. Photographs)

volume "atlas", item [195]

Opening of Tunnel No.3 and Tunnels Nos. 7 and 8. (Photographs?)

volume "atlas", item [196]

Great Summit Tunnel, East and West adit (Two views. Photographs?)

volume "atlas", item [197]

Tunnels Nos. 7 and 8, and Views towards Donner Lake (Two views. Photographs?)

volume "atlas", item [198]

Blasts during the Construction of the road, near the Summit of Sierra Nevada

volume "atlas", item [199]

Across the Continent. The snow sheds on the Central Pacific Railroad, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. (Photographs?)