Guide to the Margaret K. Furbush collection of Janet Lewis material M2064

Malgorzata Schaefer
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Jamnuary 2018
Green Library
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This is a listing of materials rather than a true finding aid.

Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Margaret K. Furbush collection of Janet Lewis material
creator: Furbush, Margaret M.
source: Brick Row Book Shop (San Francisco, Calif.)
Identifier/Call Number: M2064
Physical Description: 11.26 Linear Feet 24 MSB, 2 Half boxes, 2 cassette boxes
Date (inclusive): unknown

Related Materials

There are other collections of Janet Lewis including ones containing media.

Biographical / Historical

Janet Lewis was an American novelist and poet, married to Yvor Winters, also an American poet and a literary critic. Janet also composed librettos. Margaret Furbush was a Stanford Library friend who worked in the Dept. of Special Collections, and was on the board of the Library Associates. She was the primary force behind the revival of the Library Associates’ journal, Imprint.

Scope and Contents

Materials consist of documents and media related to Janet Lewis and her writing, including correspondence, Lewis' manuscripts and correspondence related to them, and printed material.

Conditions Governing Access

Open for research. Note that material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use. Audio-visual materials are not available in original format and must be reformatted to a digital use copy.

Conditions Governing Use

While Special Collections is the owner of the physical and digital items, permission to examine collection materials is not an authorization to publish. These materials are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Any transmission or reproduction beyond that allowed by fair use requires permission from the owners of rights, heir(s) or assigns. See:

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Purchase; 2015. Accession MSS 2015-032.

Preferred Citation

[identification of item], Margaret K. Furbush collection of Janet Lewis material (M2064). Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Furbush, Margaret M.
Brick Row Book Shop (San Francisco, Calif.)
Lewis, Janet


Series 1. Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 1-2

Janet Lewis and Albert and Maclin Guerard 1948-1993

Box 1, Folder 3

Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother) 1 letter; Janet Lewis to parents with hand-written "The Manger" and with photograph of her plasticene sculpture, 1 letter 1924-1925

Box 1, Folder 3

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 17 letters 1930

Box 1, Folder 4

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 40 letters 1931-02-06-1931-09-22

Box 1, Folder 5

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 37 letters 1931-09-16-1931-10-29


Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 29 letters 1932-01-04-1932-03-31

Box 2, Folder 1

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 45 letters 1932-04-02-1932-06-13

Box 2, Folder 2

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 35 letters 1932-08-23-1932-10-04

Box 2, Folder 3

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 39 letters 1932-10-05-1932-12-02

Box 2, Folder 4

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 13 letters 1932-12-03-1932-12-30

Box 2, Folder 5

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 38 letters 1933-01-03-1933-03-03

Box 3, Folder 1

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 12 letters 1933-03-04-1933-03-27

Box 3, Folder 2

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 23 letters 1933-04-24-1933-06-16

Box 3, Folder 3

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 34 letters 1933-03-25-1933-05-16

Box 3, Folder 4

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 8 letters 1933-08-26-1933-09-22

Box 3, Folder 5-6

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 60 letters 1934-08-01-1934-11-27

Box 3, Folder 7

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 33 letters 1934-06-07-1934-07-30

Box 4, Folder 1

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 41 letters 1933-09-14-1933-11-14

Box 4, Folder 2

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 30 letters 1933-11-16-1933-12-30

Box 4, Folder 3

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 60 letters 1934-01-03-1934-03-30

Box 4, Folder 4

Majority from Janet Lewis to Mrs. E. H. Lewis (mother), 40 letters 1934-04-02-1934-06-04

Box 4, Folder 5

Janet Lewis and Charles Gullens, including typescript copy of The Swans, an opera in three acts, libretto by Janet Lewis 1979-1981

Box 4, Folder 6

Janet Lewis to various people

box 5, folder 1-3


box 5, folder 4-6


box 6, folder 1-2


box 6, folder 2

Dorothy Baker

box 6, folder 3-5


box 7, folder 1-4

Kathleen Campbell

box 7, folder 5


box 8, folder 1-2


box 8, folder 3-4

John Daniel, publisher

box 8, folder 5

Donald and Doreen Davie

box 8, folder 6


box 9, folder 1-2


box 9, folder 3-4


box 9, folder 5

Caroline Gordon

box 9, folder 5

Albert and Maclin Guerard (also see Box 1: 1-2)

box 9, folder 6-7


box 10, folder 1

I, J

box 10, folder 2-3


box 10, folder 4-5

Kellock & Associates Ltd.

box 10, folder 6-7


box 11, folder 1

Lewis Family

box 11, folder 2-5


box 12, folder 1


box 12, folder 2


box 12, folder 3-4


box 12, folder 5


box 13, folder 1


box 13, folder 1

Katherine Anne Porter

box 13, folder 2-3


box 13, folder 4


box 14, folder 1-4


box 14, folder 5


box 15, folder 1


box 15, folder 2

U, V

box 15, folder 3-4


box 15, folder 4

Kathryn Worth

box 15, folder 5

X, Y, Z

box 15, folder 5



Series 2. Manuscripts and Letters Relating to Them

box 16, folder 1


box 16, folder 2

Awake My Love

box 16, folder 3

About Elizabeth Madox Roberts

box 16, folder 4

Original and revised Elizabeth Madox Roberts, a Memoir

box 16, folder 5

The Last of the Mohicans, libretto Janet Lewis

box 16, folder 6


box 16, folder 7

Hildegarde Flanner

box 16, folder 7

I Keep encountering her story....

box 16, folder 8

Poems of Maurie Smith; Poems of Elizabeth Madox Roberts

box 16, folder 9

Notebook with diary, poems, notes

box 16, folder 10


box 16, folder 11

The Legend of Neengay

box 17, folder 1


box 17, folder 2

When You Mee Greek

box 17, folder 3

When Dorothy Baker died...; John Thow; Remember in the Pouring....; Yaddo, 1979

box 17, folder 4

Miscellaneous poems

box 17, folder 4

Proof sheets from a project volume of poems

box 17, folder 5

Manuscript fragments

box 17, folder 6

Re: TomoeTana translation of works, letters

box 17, folder 7

Yoshiko and the Porcelain Fox by Lucille M. Nixon and Janet Lewis, 1988

box 17, folder 8

Susan Lowell: Ganado Red


Series 3. Other

box 18, folder 1

100th birthday celebration - in memorium

box 18, folder 2

Portrait of Janet Lewis; snapshots of house and grounds

box 18, folder 3

Worth, Kathryn: Signs of Capricornus, Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y.; Letter to Janet Lewis 1937

box 18, folder 4

Miscellaneous correspondence including Janet and Margaret (Marmie) Furbush; Notes from visits with Janet starting Jine 11, 1991

box 18, folder 5-6



Series 4. Booksellers, Catalogs, Lists, Bibliographies

box 19, folder 1

Selected poems of Janet Lewis edited by Robert L. Barth (bookseller). Manuscript copy and correspondence of R. L Barth and M. Furbush, 1999

Box 19, Folder 2

Correspondence of R. L Barth and M. Furbush 1990-1994

box 19, folder 3

Robert L. Barth bookseller, lists of Janet Lewis approximately 1992-1998

box 19, folder 4

Correspondence of M. Furbush with various booksellers

box 19, folder 5

The Janet Lewis Collection of Margaret Furbush

box 19, folder 6

Correspondence relating to a bibliography of Janet Lewis' work

box 19, folder 7

Problems and questions relating to a bibliography of Janet Lewis' work

box 19, folder 8

Work of Janet Lewis 1980-1994, compiled 1994

box 20, folder 1

Materials prepared for Michael Ryan for his introduction to book on Janet Lewis' poetry with paintings by DeLoss McGraw July 21, 1990

box 20, folder 2

Janet Lewis' uncollecteds

box 20, folder 3

Janet Lewis letters JL:-AF1 in documents and on disk. A-D with additions

box 20, folder 4

Winters/Lewis personal library

box 20, folder 5

Elain Badgley project

box 20, folder 6

Janet Lewis' notes about introduction for Elaine Badgley catalogue

box 20, folder 7-8

List of periodicals to which Janet Lewis contributed poems and copies of poems

box 20, folder 9

Book reviews


Series 5. Media: Audio-Visual and Cassettes

Box 21

Janet Lewis as Lane Lecturer: 3 u-matic video cassette tapes and 1 VHS cassette tape dated November 5, 1990

Box 22

Nora and Janet: 5 u-matic video cassette tapes

Box 22

Hildegarde, good comments by Janet reading - V. Land [?], 1 u-matic video cassette tape, number 1-4

Box 21

Janet reading, intro by Yvonne, and Janet reading at DeAnza College, 2 u-matic video cassette tapes marked as number 11 and 12

Box 23

Janet Lewis, her life a a writer, interview by Alva Henderson; Janet with Clive Wilmer and Helen Trimpi, 4 u-matic video cassettes with numbers of 1, 2, 4, 5

Box 23

Janet and Desiree [Desiree Doktor?] talking about moving into present house; photos excellent - 1 u-matic video cassette marked as number 9

Box 24

Janet Lewis 80th birthday celebration, 2 u-matic video cassettes 1979-08

Box 24

Janet's birthday, 2 u-matic video cassettes [1989?] and 1 VHS videocassette dated 8-17-89

Box 24

Poets of the 40's: R. Duncan, R. Horan, R. Moore, J. Broughton, M. Gleason, J. Lewis, T. Parkinson, W. Everson - 1 VHS videocassette 1974-04-04

half-box 25

Tom Parkinson, 1 u-matic video cassette, marked as number 6 1986-06-05

half-box 25

Janet Lewis College of Creative Studies reading at UC Santa Barbara, 1 VHS videocassette 1985-04-17

half-box 25

Janet Lewis reading and conversation with Millicent Dillon 1990-09-27

half-box 26

Janet's birthday, 1 inch tape reel

Material Specific Details: Mold visible on outside of reel.
Box 27

The Wife of Martin Guerre by William Bergsma, libretto by Janet Lewis, audio cassette 1956-02-15

Box 27

Janet Lewis Reading at Stanford, audio cassette 1975

Box 27

Dear Master by Dorothy Bryant, audio cassette 1990-04-21

Box 27

The Ancient Ones, The Wonder of the World: words by Janet Lewis and music by Alva Henderson, audio cassette

Box 27

Birthday of the Infanta: Janet Lewis libretto and Alva Henderson music, audio cassette 1977-04-03

Box 27

El Encanto: Janet Lewis and Jeff Akard, Santa Barbara, audio cassette 1987-07-07

Box 27

Jeff Akard, Janet Lewis' bibliography, Santa Barbara, audio cassette 1987-07-07

Box 27

Janet Lewis, questions at lunch, audio cassette 1988-10-05

Box 27

The Strength of Art, Winters/Lewis; Henry Ramsey, Edgar Bowers, ASUL Lecture, audio cassettes 1-2 1984-03-11

Box 27

Janet Lewis Winters: [Crow?], audio cassette 1979-02-07

Box 27

Janet Lewis with Dorothy Bryant KPFA, audio cassette 1987-11-24

Box 27

Janet Lewis Winters birthday party, 2 audio cassettes 1980-04

Box 27

Janet Lewis at Booktasters, audio cassette 1986-02-27

Box 27

Janet Lewis looking for copies of The Wife of Martin Guerre in Janet's living room, audio cassette 1988-07-26

Box 27

Janet Lewis Laffont Letters, audio cassette 1988-05

Box 28

The Legend: Janet Lewis libretto, Bain Murray music, 2 audio cassettes

Box 28

Third Ingredient (title for Mulberry Street), opera, San Jose, fall 1988 - study tape; with The Room Across the Hall now incorporate into West of Washington Square, 7-26-88, audio cassette

Box 28

Mulberry Street, 1988, Alva Henderson, libretto Janet Lewis, audio cassette

Box 28

Catherine Parke interviewing Janet Lewis, audio cassette 1989-02-17

Box 28

Janet Lewis on William Saroyan, audio cassette 1996-07-30

Box 28

Three Songs by Alva Hemnderson; Three poems by Janet Lewis, set to music by Alva Henderson, audio cassette

Box 28

Eva Christmas 1983, audio cassette

Box 28

Janet Lewis at Califia reading from Janet and DeLoss and in conversation with Millicent Dillon, audio cassette 1989-09-27

Box 28

Janet Lewis, includes happy 90th birthday wishes, microcassette 1989-03-30

Box 28

Janet Lewis trip to the Sault (?) for reunion (bicentennial), microcassette 1992-07-16

Box 28

Janet Lewis, Sunmount and Santa Fe; The Wife and The Return of Martin Guerre, microcassette 1993-02-10

Box 28

Janet Lewis, microcassette, 1993-02-25 and 1993-04-02

Box 28

Janet Lewis, 4 microcassettes: April 2, 1993 and August 3, 1993; July 24-26, 1993 (Aunt Eva); March 17, 1994 and April 28, 1994; April 28, 1994 and Mau 5, 1994 (some over-record on May 16, 1994)

Material Specific Details: 1994 tapes twisted in one spot
Box 28

Janet Lewis on Tagore and on unfinished manuscript, microcassette 1994-07-18

Box 28

Janet Lewis, 2 microcassettes, December 5, 1997 and April 3, 1998; August 1997

Box 28

Janet Lewis, Santa Fe, Hart Crane, Katherine Ana Porter - letter writing, microcassette 1998-09-25

Box 28

Janet Lewis, Achilles Holt, microcassette 1998-04-10

Box 28

Janet Lewis, identification of letters, Esther ?, Sunmount, microcassette 1998-04-10

Box 28

Janet Lewis, Early days - summers in Rhode Island, Ben Franklin, Neebish, new edition of The Invasion, microcassette 1998-10-22