Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock Records 201511-001

Genevieve Maxwell
Occidental College Library
September 2016
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles 90041-3314

Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Occidental College Library
Title: Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock records
creator: Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock
Identifier/Call Number: 201511-001
Physical Description: 15 Linear Feet 8 bankers boxes 18 archival boxes 3 plastic bins
Date (inclusive): 1903-2014
Date (bulk): 1960-1990
Abstract: The records document the activities of the Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock from its founding in 1903 to the present. Included are meeting minutes, event programs, yearbooks, club histories, financial records, scrapbooks, photographs, and other records documenting the club’s social and community service functions.

Processing Information

Records were primarily found aggregated and organized by function or topic and date range. This existing arrangement was largely maintained and files titled as found. Some like materials were grouped together during processing, notably the Yearbooks and Meeting Minutes. A detailed inventory is available for each box.

Biographical / Historical

The Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock was founded in February of 1903 when a small group of women in the Eagle Rock Valley met at the home of Mrs. Phillip W. Parker. Like other turn-of-the-century women’s clubs, they were organized around the aims of self-improvement and public service and locally sought “to promote the social and literary welfare of the valley.”
Programs between 1907 and 1912 focused on civic responsibility and women’s education and suffrage. In 1908, the Club joined the California State Federation of Women’s Clubs (CSFW). In 1910 two members of the club were delegates to the CSFW convention at Long Beach where they were the first to sign a petition to the State Legislature on behalf of women’s suffrage. In 1912 the club adopted a resolution protesting against Occidental College’s proposal to exclude women students and later in 1922 would establish a women’s scholarship fund. In 1913 members secured a grant of $7,500 from the Carnegie Corporation for a public library which opened in Eagle Rock in 1915. The club has been actively involved in various philanthropic efforts and charitable commitments throughout its history such as organizing a Red Cross Auxiliary, holding Liberty Bond drives, donating to disaster relief funds, conservation efforts and local families in need.
The operations of the WTCC are guided by a constitution and by-laws with officers elected every two years. In past, various sections, each with a chairman and committee, historically focused on such topics as California history, spiritual values, literature, art, music, conservation, crime prevention, and veterans affairs. Club activities, rosters, directories, reports, meeting dates, federation information, articles of incorporation, bylaws, standing rules and club histories were recorded in annual yearbooks (and more recently scrapbooks) beginning in 1905. In 1924 the WTCC became an affiliate of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Planning for a clubhouse had begun in 1904 and through donations and fundraising the land for the Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock was purchased in 1912. The Craftsman style building was constructed at 5105 Hermosa Ave. (at Colorado Blvd.) in 1914 and had its formal dedication ceremony February 25, 1915. The first meeting at the clubhouse was held one month later. The clubhouse, with its lounge, assembly hall with stage and dining area, continues to provide a home for meetings and community events such as lectures, cultural events, exhibits and fundraising projects. Building rental revenues help to finance the club’s operations and philanthropic activities. In 1991 the clubhouse was declared a Los Angeles Cultural Monument and in 2013 it joined the National Register of Historic Places.
The collection is made up of materials collected by the appointed club historian and members of the Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock. Occidental College Special Collections took temporary possession of a few boxes in October 2015 and then the rest of the collection in January 2016. After processing, the materials were returned to the WTCC to be stored at their Clubhouse.
Sources: “WTCC from 1970 to the present,” Karen Warren “The Eagle Rock Women’s Twentieth Century Clubhouse” application to the National Register of Historic Places “WTCC History” posted on club website: http://www.wtcc-er.org/history/

Subjects and Indexing Terms

California Federation of Womens Clubs
Women -- Societies and Clubs -- History
Womens Clubs
Eagle Rock
Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock


Series 1. Organizational records 1903 - 2015

Abstract: The series documents the meetings, finances, scheduled events, membership, and history of the Women’s Twentieth Century Club.

Scope and Contents

Organizational records are comprised of meeting minutes, reports and member records including directories, duties and dues lists. Financial records consisting of treasurer’s reports, ledgers, receipts and other financial documents, as well as written club histories, event programs, yearbooks, award certificates, and clippings are also contained. This series consists of six subseries: 1.1, Meeting Minutes and Reports; 1.2, Membership; 1.3, Club History; 1.4, Financial Records; 1.5, Yearbooks; 1.6, Event documentation, publications and other material.
box 1, box 4, box 7, box 12A, box 12B, box 12C, box 13, box 14, box 15, box 16, box 17

1. Meeting minutes and reports 1903-2014

Scope and Contents

Box 1: President’s reports/duties, 1971-1983, annual reports 1976-1977; Box 4: federation secretary reports, 1970-1977, reports from various sections (including but not limited to): music, public education and scholarship, community service, gardening, safety, youth and family, veterans and armed forces, spiritual values and ethics, Indian affairs, and status of women, 1973-1974; Box 7: officers and chairman’s report, 1971; Box 12A: bound notebooks of general meeting minutes, 1903-1919; Box 12B: bound notebooks of general meeting minutes, 1924-1940; Box 12C: bound notebooks of general meeting minutes, 1940-1955; Box 13: binders/folder of board minutes, 2001-2002; 2003-2004; 2006-2010; 2004-2005; Box 14: bound notebooks of executive meeting minutes, 1919-1940; Box 15: bound notebooks of executive meeting minutes, 1940-1953; Box 16: bound notebooks and binders of general meeting minutes, 1970-2003 and executive meeting minutes, 1954-1971; Box 17: binders of general and board minutes, 2007-2014.
box 4, box 7, box 10, box 18, box 19

2. Membership 1903-2014

Scope and Contents

Subseries contains records related to membership such as committee and section activities, lists, duties, dues, guestlists and directories. Box 4: Folders of members and dues lists, 1968-1977, recording secretary duties; Box 7: 2009 roster; Box 10: papers relating to Junior Membership, 1972-1973, Epsilom Sigma Omricon (ESO) reading lists circa 1960s, postcards, photos related to California History and Landmarks section ; Box 18: member directories, 2007-2013, membership tea guestlist, 2001, 2003, 2005; Box 19: pamphlet of California Historical Landmarks.
box 1, box 2, box 6, box 7, box 10, box 19, box 20

3. Club history 1903-2014

Scope and Contents

The subseries consists primarily of typed copies of WTCC histories written by club members, including those that served as annual summaries of the club’s activities and histories that cover a wider time span, i.e. 1903-1953. Some histories also contain clippings, certificates. Box 1: histories, 1970-1976, 1991-1992; Box 2: bound pamphlet history of the club, 1903-1953; Box 6: history, 1968-1969; Box 7: contains miscellaneous folders on notable events in club history; Box 10: contains album of written histories of the Los Angeles Metropolitan District, California Federation of Women’s Clubs, circa 1970s; Box 19: histories, 1950-1970, folder labeled Historic containing miscellaneous items: awards, reports, badges. Box 20: folder 3 contains Club History 1903 -1953 booklets, papers, photographs and 2 CDR/DVD Rs of digital objects related to club history.
box 1, box 4, box 9, box 10, box 18

4. Financial records 1938-2014 1970-2003

Scope and Contents

Box 1: Treasurer report, 1977-1978; Box 4: folders of receipts, 1972-1974; Box 9: bound ledgers, 1938-1945, check stubs 1981-82, folders containing financial information, 1983-1985; Box 10: spiral bound notebook of Treasurer’s Reports for California History and Landmarks, 1960-1967; Box 18: binder labeled WTCC Folder 2002-2003 contains financial statements related to events.
box 2

5. Yearbooks 1905-2005

Scope and Contents

Contains series of annual announcements in the form of bound pamphlets, labeled alternatively as Yearbooks, Programs and Annual Announcements or not at all. There are also a small number of Yearbooks from the Verdugo District - California Federation of Women’s Clubs. Yearbooks generally contain: in-memoriam, rosters (past presidents, administration, life-members, officers, board of directors), club history, calendars of activities, directory, treasurer’s reports, meeting dates, federation information, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and standing rules. Box 2: Yearbooks ranging from 1905-2005. See detailed inventory for exact years represented.
box 2

5.1 California Federation of Women’s Clubs yearbooks 1963-1976

Scope and Contents

Box 2: Verdugo District yearbooks 1963-1976; California Federation of Women's Clubs Yearbook, 1984-1985.
box 4, box 6, box 7, box 8, box 10, box 18, box 19, box 20

6. Event documentation, publications and other material 1925-2014

Scope and Contents

The subseries includes WTCC certificates, event programs, flyers, bulletins, awards, clippings, newsletters, magazines and other miscellaneous printed material. Common events include: teas, fashion shows, holiday boutique and craft fairs, holiday dinners, installation of officers, rummage sales, fundraisers, bingo. Box 4: newspaper clippings circa 1970s, binder from installation of officers, 2003; Box 6: event flyers, 2001; Box 7: contains miscellaneous loose paper, folders gathered on notable events in club history, envelopes of clippings, cards, display items for 100th anniversary; Box 8: membership tea guest list, 2001, 2003, 2005; Box 10: copies of Clubwoman and The Torch magazines, awards and certificates; Box 18: folders containing material related to events such as Friendship Tea, Installation Dinner, Fashion Show, Holiday Boutique and Craft Fair, Holiday Dinner, Installation of Officers, Membership Tea, 2002-2005; 2003-2006; 2007-2012; 2013, 2014; Box 19: folder of newsletters, envelope of newspaper clippings, awards, 1960-1962. Box 20: Contains file folders of Fashion Show programs, 2001-2012, bulletins from 1925, 1929, 1930, 1933-1940, misc. programs, file folders labeled General Info, Club History, California History - Landmarks and Wildflowers, Penny Pines, Club 70th Anniversary, Club 50th Anniversary, Programs - Various (1973-2001), Other Clubs - District, Time Capsule (2028) all containing flyers, certificates, pamphlets, loose papers documenting events, sections and club history.

Series 2. Scrapbooks, photographs, and other graphic material 1930-2013

Abstract: The series consists primarily of scrapbooks documenting activities of the WTCC through organized newspaper clippings, photographs, and other enclosed material; it also includes loose photographs of club officers and events.

Scope and Contents

Series includes bound scrapbooks, press books, photo albums and loose photographic material. Scrapbooks and press books generally contain a mix of photos, clippings, newsletters, awards, and flyers.
box 3, box 5, box 6, box 8, box 9, box 10, box 11, box 22, box 23, box 24, box 25, box 26, box 27, box 28

1. Scrapbooks and Press Books 1930-2013

Physical Description: Some of the scrapbooks contained in this series are fragile and need to be handled with care. Notably, the scrapbooks in Boxes 8, 9, 24 and 27 are brittle and have mild to moderate damage to their binding.

Scope and Contents

Subseries contains bound scrapbooks containing photos, flyers, cards, announcements, newspaper clippings and other paper materials. Box 3: scrapbooks 2004-2007; 2007-2009; 2009-2010, scrapbook of California History and Landmarks section, 1982-1992, scrapbook of newsletters, The Torch and Clubwoman 1974-1975; Box 5: scrapbooks, circa 1930-1932; 1973-1974; 1989-1991; Box 6: Press Book 1985-1987; Box 8: scrapbooks 1957-1958; 1961-1971; Box 9: craft scrapbook containing patterns and craft ideas, clippings from magazines, scrapbooks 1937-1938; 1958-1959; 1966-1968; Box 10: scrapbook labeled California History and Landmarks, (1980s), California History and Landmarks, 1983-1985; Box 11: Scrapbook, 2011- 2012, 2012-2013, scrapbook labeled Juniors 1970-1976; Box 22: Eagle Rock Juniors scrapbook, 1942-1943; Box 23: scrapbook 1936-1937; Box 24: leather scrapbook from 1938-1939; Box 25: scrapbook labeled California History and Landmarks, 1966-1968, scrapbook 1971-1972; Box 26: scrapbook labeled Dedicated to Mrs. Frederick Beach President, 1949-1950, scrapbook labeled Press Book '83-'85. Box 27: scrapbook, 1963-1965; Box 28: scrapbook, 1972-1973.
box 4, box 6, box 7, box 10, box 19, box 20

2. Photographs and Photo Albums 1949-2001

Scope and Contents

Subseries contains bound photo albums primarily or exclusively of photographic material and loose photographs outside of albums. Other photos can be found in scrapbooks (subseries 2.1). Box 4: Large manila envelope with photos in sleeves. Photocopies of photos with notes identifying those pictured are included; Box 6: small photo album with photos from 2001 camellia fashion show; Box 7: misc. photos; Box 10: small bag of photos; Box 19: proofs of b and w photographs (no date), folder labeled Historic contains 2 b and w photographs from 1949 related to “May Fair”; Box 20: Club 50th Anniversary folder contains photographs. Scans of photographs are also contained in Series 4.
box 7, box 18

Series 3. Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock Clubhouse 1904-2014

Abstract: The series contains documents related to the maintenance and rental of the WTCC Clubhouse as well as documentation related to its status as a Los Angeles Cultural Monument and efforts to be recognized in the National Registry of Historic Places.

Scope and Contents

Series contains materials related to the WTCC Clubhouse, including rentals, grounds, maintenance, historic landmark application and status. Box 7: Article about other lots considered for clubhouse; Box 18: binder labeled WTCC Board of Directors - Special Meeting, House and Grounds, August 22, 2014 contains items related to Clubhouse and grounds. Additional materials to be found in Series 4: Electronic records.

Series 4. Electronic records 2000-2015

Abstract: The series consists of digitized paper and photographic material from the collection and born-digital correspondence related to the WTCC. These digital objects were created and organized by club member Karen Warren and Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society. Items from the collection were scanned from 2000 to 2015 by Eric Warren. Files are named and arranged into a folder structure established by the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society.

Scope and Contents

The series contains digitized material from the WTCC records as well as records from the Eagle Rock Valley Historical society, both digitized and some born-digital material. These digital objects include photographs, programs, clippings, reports, pages from scrapbooks and other material. Folders include but are not limited to: WTCC Clippings, WTCC Clubhouse Plans-Documents, WTCC Histories Info, WTCC Nat Register, WTCC Presidents, WTCC Programs Monthly, and 1990-1991 WTCC Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Landmark Application. Note: not all objects are arranged in folders. For access to electronic records contact Occidental Library Special Collections.
Note on Electronic records:
Description of Electronic records created by Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society: The collection you see is the result of many years effort beginning with the scanning of the ERVHS photo collection and stimulated by the needs of ongoing preservation, documentation and celebration efforts. The somewhat disorderly collection results from the changing perceptions of how to organize the materials. For example the prefix numbers on photographs come from the early effort to catalog the ERVHS collection. The prefix dates are the result of my adoption of a standardized dating system in the file name which puts the materials in date order in the files and Adobe Bridge, the software used to view the files. This is an ongoing effort that is incomplete and a work still in progress. File Folder definitions: The WTCC Clipping files are from the collection of the ERVHS. And are held there. The clubhouse plans documents folder is from various sources FP- Frank Parrello, AHH- Ann Hare Harrison, The email exchange contains the correspondents, Jeff Samudio is an architectural historian who was involved in the HCM process The Histories-Info Folder is the result of my effort to compile the various materials about the Club in one place. Attributions used: KBW-Karen Baars Warren, FJJ-Francis J Johnston (excerpts from a history of Eagle Rock written by Mr. Johnston, DRMA-Donna R. M. Adams (wrote capsule histories of many ER groups for the ERVHS). The WTCC presidents folder is the result of my efforts to revise and correct the list of presidents which has been used on the back of the installation program. The early black and white photos are from the ERVHS collection. The later photos are from the WTCC collection and from the recent presidents themselves. The 1980-92 CA WTCC Photos are scans of photos posted on mat board and now cut down for filing with an effort to put names to the people photographed. The materials are in poor condition but show an ill documented time in the club. 2014-02-08 WTCC CENT CELEBRATION photos taken by local photographer Al C Strange and given digitally to the club. Note that these are part of a large quantity of recent digital photos of club activities taken by Karen and myself. 2008-2016.These are held along with various records of the period 2007-2016 (most significantly board minutes) in my computer and backup. The 2015 WTCC Clubhouse photos and drawings were created and compiled by me as part of the effort to restore the pergola. The unclassified materials are mostly from the WTCC collection with the exception of the clubhouse photos, which are mostly from the ERVHS collection. The digital origin color photos are mostly mine. The most prominent attribution codes appear at the end of the filenames. ADV-Eagle Rock Advertiser, S-Eagle Rock Sentinel, HL-BDJ Huntington Library-BD Jackson (photographer), AB Anita Bennett (Ms Bennett’s Grandfather? Walter B. Brown was the carpenter for the construction of the clubhouse.), LA-Linda Allen Source: 2016 email communication with Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical society