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Political Cartoons and Caricatures Collection
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box 1, folder 1, item 1

Colombia's New Suitors [by C.G. Bush. Appeared in a New York newspaper]. 1898 September 25

box 1, folder 1, item 2

The New Member Of The Orchestra [by M. Nelan? Appeared in The New York Herald]. 1898 August 28

box 1, folder 1, item 3

Le Reveil Du Lion Par Gill. 187?

box 1, folder 1, item 4

And The Hearst Of 1901 Is The Candidate Of To-Day [appeared in The Evening Mail]. 1906 November 2

box 1, folder 1, item 5

The Tang, Or Grave Impropriety. 1913 December

box 1, folder 2, item 6

[WWI military leaders slipping off a raft, by Stanger Pritchard]. 1918 December 25

box 1, folder 2, item 7

[WWI military leaders hanging from nooses, by Stanger Pritchard]. undated

box 1, folder 2, item 8

Nemesis [by Henrietta Rae. Appeared in The Graphic]. 1918 December 14

box 1, folder 2, item 9

[WWI depiction of a military leader, pictured with quote from King Richard III, Act V. Sc. 3]. undated

box 1, folder 2, item 10

Victory And Death [appeared in Harper's Weekly]. 1865 June 10

box 1, folder 3, item 11

The Bengal Levee [published by J. Gillray and H. Humphrey]; The Slough of Despond [published by H. Humphrey]; Tom Paine's Nightly Pest [published by H. Humphrey]. 1792; 1793 January 2; undated

box 1, folder 3, item 12

A Barber's Shop in Assize Time [by James Gillray]. 1811 January 9 (published 1818 May 15)

box 1, folder 3, item 13

The Rake's Progress at the University No. 1 [published by H. Humphrey]; The Rake's Progress at the University No. 2 [published by H. Humphrey]; Morning Promenade upon the Cliff, Brighton [published by H. Humphrey]. 1806 October 22; 1806 October 2; 1806 January 24

box 1, folder 3, item 14

Venus a la Cozuelle or the Swan-sea Venus [published by H. Humphrey]; Theatrical Mendicants relieved, "a Begging we will go!" a scene from Covent Garden Theatre after the Conflagration [published by H. Humphrey]; Famer Giles and his Wife sh[o]wing off their daughter Betty to their Neighbours on her return from School [published by H. Humphrey]. 1809 March 28; 1809 January 15; 1809 January 1

box 1, folder 3, item 15

Siege De La Colonne De Pompée [published by H. Humphrey]; The Apotheosis of Hoche [published by H. Humphrey]. 1799 March 6; 1798

box 1, folder 4, item 16

The Pigs Possessed or the Broad bottomed Litter running headlong into a/y Sea of Perdition [published by H. Humphrey]; a Kick at the Broad Bottoms! i.e. Emancipation of "All the Talents," [published by H. Humphrey]; Political Mathematician's Shaking the Broad bottomed Hemispheres [published by H. Humphrey]. 1807 April 18; 1807 March 23; 1807 January 9

box 1, folder 4, item 17

Confederated Coalition or The Giants Storming Heaven with the Gods alarmed for their everlasting abodes [published by H. Humphrey]; Middlesex-Election, 1804 "a Long-Pull, a Strong-Pull, and a Pull-All-together," [published by H. Humphrey]. 1804 May 1; 1804 August 7

box 1, folder 4, item 18

Shakespeare Sacrificed or The Offering to Avarice [published by H. Humphrey]; The Monster broke loose [crossed out] a peep into the Shakespeare Gallery [published by H. Humphrey]; Bombardian, Conferring upon State Affairs with one in Office. 1789 June 20; 1791 April 26; undated

box 1, folder 4, item 19

He steers his flight Aloft, incumbent on the dusky air That felt unusual weight [published by H. Humphrey]. 1810 August 8

box 1, folder 4, item 20

Titanus Redivivus or The Seven Wise Men consulting the new Venetian Oracle, a scene in e/y Academic Grove [published by H. Humphrey]; Homer singing his Verses to the Greeks [published by H. Humphrey]; The Salute [published by H. Humphrey]. 1797 November 2; 1797 June 16; 1797 July 10

box 1, folder 5, item 21

A March to the Bank [published by S. W. Fores]; Monstrous Craws at a New Coalition Feast [published by S. W. Fores]. 1787 August 22; 1787 May 29

box 1, folder 5, item 22

Blood on Thunder fording the Red Sea [published by S. W. Fores]; The Political Baditti assailing the Savior of India [published by Will Holland]; Wife and no Wife or A trip to the Continent [published by Will Holland]. 1788 March 1; undated; 175(?) March 27

box 1, folder 5, item 23

Le Garde Rural Par Gill. 187(?)

box 1, folder 5, item 24

Du Rhenm Bleibst Deutscm Wie Meine Brust! Lieb Vaterland [appeared in Harper's Weekly]. 1871 April 15

box 1, folder 5, item 25

A new way to pay the National Debt [published by Will Holland]; Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense [published by I. Jarvis Richmond Buildings]; Anticipation or the approaching fate of the French Commercial Treaty [published by W. Holland]. 1786 April 21; undated; undated

box 1, folder 6, item 26

Ancient Music [published by S. W. Fores]; A noble Lord, on an approaching Peace too busy to attend to the Expenditure of a Million of the Public Money [by R. Phillips]; The Board of Controul or the Blessings of a Scotch Dictator [by R. Phillips]. 1787 May 10; 1787 March 12; 1787 March 20

box 1, folder 6, item 27

The Bridal Night [published by H. Humphrey]; Parliamentary Reform or Opposition Rats learning the House they had Undermined [published by H. Humphrey]; LeBaiser a la Wirtembourg [published by H. Humphrey]. 1797 May 18; 1797 May 28; 1797 April 15

box 1, folder 6, item 28

Lieu(t) Gover(r) Gall Stone, inspired by Alector or The Birth of Minerva [published by H. Humphrey, by James Gillray]; Taming of the Shrew: Katharine and Petruchio The Modern Quiscotte or what you will [published by S. W. Fores]; The Impeachment or The Father of the Gang turn[e]d King's Evidence [published by S. W. Fores]. 1790 February 15; 1791 April 20; 1791 May

box 1, folder 6, item 29

The Morning after Marriage or A scene on the Continent [published by W. Holland]; Questions and Commands or The Mistaken Road to He_r_f_rd, a Sunday Evening's Amusement [published by H. Humphrey]; The Westminster Hunt [published by S. W. Fores]. 1788 April 5; 1788 February 11; 1788 April 27

box 1, folder 6, item 30

La Marseillaise Par Gill. undated

box 1, folder 7, item 31

The Tammany Tiger Loose [appeared in Harper's Weekly]. undated

box 1, folder 7, item 32

[Woman crying over Lincoln's casket, appeared in Harper's Weekly]. undated

box 1, folder 7, item 33

The Egyptians. 1908 May

box 1, folder 7, item 34

[Various countries gathered around a depiction of Turkey]. 1908 March

box 1, folder 7, item 35

International Race. 1908 April

box 1, folder 8, item 36

[Beast depicting Panislamism attacking other countries]. 1908 June

box 1, folder 8, item 37

[France toasting John Bull over the dead bodies of Egypt and Morocco with Casa Blanca burning in the background]. 1908 February

box 1, folder 8, item 38

[England welcoming passengers of a boat]. 1908 June

box 1, folder 8, item 39

[Depiction of Japan, having defeated China and Russia, challenging Uncle Sam to a fight]. 1908 February

box 1, folder 8, item 40

[Depiction of Egypt addressing John Bull and various other countries]. 1908 March

box 1, folder 9, item 41

[France conquering Morocco who begs for help from the German Emperor]. 1908 April

box 1, folder 9, item 42

[John Bull saying that he is the master of all other countries]. 1908 January

box 1, folder 9, item 43

[John Bull distributing the goods of Egypt to the Egyptian people and the Europeans, appeared in The Cairo Punch]. 1908 April 17

box 1, folder 9, item 44

[John Bull placing leeches Egypt, appeared in The Cairo Punch]. 1908 January

box 1, folder 9, item 45

[Germany addressing different countries]. 1908 August

box 1, folder 9, item 46

[John bull acting as a shepherd to other countries depicted as sheep]. 1908 July