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Jaime de Angulo Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Jaime de Angulo papers
Dates: 1890-1950
Collection number: MS 14
Creator: Angulo, Jaime de
Collection Size: 18 boxes

1 framed portrait
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, family journals, field notes, typescripts, manuscripts, poetry, artwork, family photographs & album pages.
Physical location: Stored in Special Collections & Archives: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open for research.

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Jaime de Angulo papers. MS 14. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Purchased in 1979. Additional gifts from Gui Mayo, 1993-2012.


Jaime de Angulo (1887-1950) was a linguist, novelist, and ethnomusicologist in the western United States. He was born in Paris of Spanish parents. He came to America in 1905 to become a cowboy, and eventually arrived in San Francisco on the eve of the great 1906 earthquake. He lived a picaresque life including stints as a cowboy, medical doctor and psychologist. He became a linguist who contributed to the knowledge of certain Northern California Indian languages, as well as some in Mexico.
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Scope and Content of Collection

This collection contains correspondence, family journals, field notes, typescripts, manuscripts, poetry, artwork, photograph albums and published works

Indexing Terms

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Angulo, Jaime de--Archives
Achomawi Indians--California
Indians of North America--Folklore
Authors, American--20th century
Anthropologists--United States
Linguists--United States
Angulo, Gui de
Mayo, Gui
Freeland, L. S. (Lucy Shepard), 1890-1972

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Container List

box-folder 1:1

Illustrated Family Genealogy 1632


Illuminated manuscript [in poor condition]
box-folder 1:2

Genealogical information 1970-1979

box-folder 1:3

Merino Mansos - family tree, ca. 1900-1950

box-folder 1:4

Biographical sketch by D. L. Olmsted - in Achumawi Dictionary[photocopy], 1966

box-folder 2:1-4

Civil documents, Family Journals 1899-1949

box-folder 2:1

Documentos Referentes Estado Civil, 1870-1950

box-folder 2:2

Homestead Entry, Rojelio Joseph Castro relinquishment, June 11, 1906, 1961

box-folder 2:3

Diploma, Johns Hopkins University, 1/8/1912

box-folder 2:4

Certificate of Naturalization, 10/2/1912

box-folder 2:5

Commission - Officers Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States, 6/27/1917

box-folder 2:6

Certificate of Honorable Discharge, 12/13/1918

box-folder 2:7

Homestead Certificate #768901, 8/19/1920

box-folder 2:8

Certificate of Marriage 1923 [photocopy]; Degree of Divorce 1943, 1923, 1943

box-folder 2:9

Certified Birth Certificate, [Baby de Angulo - boy] 2/6/1924

box-folder 2:10

Land easement between J de A & Partington Canyon Properties, 11/1/1940

box-folder 2:11

Award of Disability Pension, Veterans Administration, 2/24/1949

box-folder 2:12

Deed of Gift - Land, 2/14/1949

box-folder 2:13-14

Rancho de Los Pesares log books, no. 1-2, 1917-1932, 1945-1952

box-folder 2:15

Rancho de Los Pesares, Account of first sighting of Costa del Sol in 1915 & Los Pesares homestead, 1915-1950

box-folder 3:1-2

Ysabel's Journals June 1899-December 1899, December 1899-January 1901

box-folder 3:3-4

Pura's Journals, 1917-1949, ca. 1919

box-folder 3:5-7, 4:1

Family Correspondence - Pura's letters to Father & brothers,

box-folder 3:5,

ca. 1895-1909, undated

box-folder 3:6

ca. 1910-1911, undated

box-folder 3:7

ca. 1912-1931, undated

box-folder 4:1

ca. 1908-1915, undated

box-folder 4:2-5

Jaime's Journals, 1933-1934, 1935-1936, 1937-1938, 1939-1940

box-folder 5:1-18


box-folder 5:1

J de A to family, 1902-1904, undated

box-folder 5:2

J de A to family from London - postcards 1904

box-folder 5:3

J de A to family from Colorado, 1905

box-folder 5:4

J de A to family from San Francisco, New York & Guatemala, Denver, Rawlins, WY - postcards, August 1905

box-folder 5:5

J de A to family from Tequcigalpa & San Francisco, Nov 1905-Feb 1906

box-folder 5:6

J de A to family from San Francisco - Earthquake, April-August 1906

box-folder 5:7

J de A to family from San Francisco, August-December 1906

box-folder 5:8

J de A to family from Mazatlan, Mexico, 1906

box-folder 5:9

J de A to family from San Francisco, 1907

box-folder 5:10

J de A to family - postcards, 1908-1909

box-folder 5:11-12

J de A to family, 1906-1922, 1923-1961

box-folder 5:13

J de A to Barbara Norville, ca. 1940-1950

box-folder 5:14

Abercrombie, David to J de A, 3/17/1946

box-folder 5:15

Cendrars, Blaise to J de A, [1949]

box-folder 6:1

J de A to Nancy de Angulo from Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, 1943-1944

box-folder 6:2

J de A to Nancy de Angulo from Big Sur, 1945-1948

box-folder 6:3

J de A to Nancy de Angulo from Fort Miley Hospital, 1948-1949

box-folder 6:4

J de A to Gui Mayo [de Angulo], 1949-1950

box-folder 6:5-6

J de A to Ezra Pound, December 1948-July 1950, March-August 1950, undated

box-folder 6:7

J de A with Ezra Pound - Bound copy [photocopies], March-August 1950, undated

box-folder 6:8

Nancy de Angulo to Dorothy Pound and others after J de A's death [photocopies], ca. 1950-1977

box-folder 6:9

J de A to Mr. Chao re: phonetics, 1946

box-folder 6:10

J de A to family [photocopies] 1905-1913

box-folder 7:1-17, 8:1-13; 9:1-6; 10:1-5


box-folder 7:1

Paiute Songs, undated

box-folder 7:2

Karok Songs, undated

box-folder 7:3

Pomo Songs, undated

box-folder 7:4

Modoc Songs, undated

box-folder 7:5

Shasta Songs, undated

box-folder 7:6

Songs from Taos, 1949

box-folder 7:7

Pit River Songs, undated

box-folder 7:8

Songs of Los Pesares, 1940-1949

box-folder 7:9

Abajenos and Round Valley Songs, ca. 1920-1929

box-folder 7:10

[illegible] with Key to the Scriptures, ca. 1920-1939

box-folder 7:11

Miscellaneous Indian Songs, ca. 1920-1939

box-folder 7:12

Don Bartolomeo cartoons w/captions, ca. 1945

box-folder 7:13, 15

"Field Work" Cartoons [by J de A], 1920-1929

box-folder 7:14

Cartoons [by J de A], [1928]

box-folder 7:16

"A Book of Tch I niss Proverbs, very useful by the first Chinaman …" - cartoons, 1931-1936

box-folder 7:17

Poetry 1915-1950

box-folder 8:1

Basque - drafts, undated

box-folder 8:2

Indian Folktales transcription written in J de A's hand, undated

box-folder 8:3

"Tale told by Tony Luhan", 1924

box-folder 8:4

"On the Religious Feeling among the Indians of California", 1924

box-folder 8:5-6

"The Lariat" - manuscript, typescript, pt.1, & photocopy undated

box-folder 8:7

"Don Bartolomeo, pt. II" - typescript, undated

box-folder 8:8

"The Witch, pt. III" - typescript w/drawings, undated

box-folder 8:9

"Translations from Lorca" - typescript, 1944

box-folder 8:10

"Indian Tales" - photocopy of typescript, 1949

box-folder 8:11

"Songs of the Hillside, 1st, 2nd"; "Shaman Songs", undated

box-folder 8:12

"CID", manuscript, typescript w/corrections & additions, undated

box-folder 8:13

"The Coyote & The Coot Girls", undated

box-folder 9:1

"The Andorgynes" manuscript, undated

box-folder 9:2

"Achumawi: A primitive Tribe of California", draft, photocopy of typescript 1924

box-folder 9:3-4

"Indians in Overalls"

box-folder 9:3

Pgs. 1-44, typescript [photocopy], 11/15/1948

box-folder 9:4

Pgs. 45-190, 2 pgs footnotes [photocopy], 11/15/1948

box-folder 9:5

Clippings re: "Indian Tales" publication 1940-1960

box-folder 9:6

Clipping, Paul Radin, 6/9/1961

box-folder 10:1-4

"What is Language"

box-folder 10:1

Typescript draft, 1945-1947

box-folder 10:2

Typescript, pgs. 1-234 [photocopy] 1945-1947

box-folder 10:3

Typescript, pgs. 235-457 [photocopy] 1945-1947

box-folder 10:4

Appendix, annotated typescript, 1945-1947

box-folder 10:5

Linguistic material on Chinese; holograph & typescript pages w/annotations, undated

box-folder 11:1-27; 12:1-14

Published Appearences 1926-1990

box:folder 11:1

"The Trial of Ferrer" by J de A 1911

box:folder 11:2

"A Cantonese Phonetic Reader", by Daniel Jones & Kwing Tong Woo 1912

box:folder 11:3

"Pomo Doctors and Poisoners" by L. S. Freeland, 1923

box:folder 11:4

"On Religious Feeling among the Indians of California" by J de A, 1924

box:folder 11:5

"Don Indian Think?" by J de A, 1925

box:folder 11:6

"The Destruction of the World" by L. S. Freeland, 1925

box:folder 11:7

"The Linguistic Tangle of Oaxaca" by J de A, 1925

box:folder 11:8

"The Chontal Language" by J de A & L.S. Freeland, 1925

box:folder 11:9

"Kinship Terms in Some Languages of Southern Mexico" by J de A, 1925

box:folder 11:10

"The Background of Religious Feeling in a Primitive Tribe", 1926

box:folder 11:11

"Two Parallel Modes of Conjugation in the Pit River Language" by J de A, 1926

box:folder 11:12

"L'Emploi de la Notion d' Etre dans la Langue Mixe" by J de A 1926

box:folder 11:13

"The Development of Affixes in a group of Monosyllabic Languages of Oaxaca", pt.1, by J de A, 1926

box:folder 11:14

"The Development of Affixes in a group of Monosyllabic Languages of Oaxaca", pt.2, by J de A 1926

box:folder 11:15

"Tone Patterns & Verb Forms in a Dialect of Zapotek" by J de A 1926

box:folder 11:16

"La Psychilique Religious des Achumawi" by J de A, 1928

box:folder 11:17

"The Sun" by J de A, 1928

box:folder 11:18

"A Tfalati Dance-Song in Parts" by J de A, 1929

box:folder 11:19

"Grammatical Processes: Incremental vs. Autonomic" by J de A, 1929

box:folder 11:20

"Notes on the Northen Paiute of California" by J de A, 1929

box:folder 11:21-22

"The Achumawi Language" by J de A & L.S. Freeland, c.1-2, 1930

box:folder 11:23

"The Man who went to the Land of the Dead" by J de A, 1931

box:folder 11:24

"The Lutuami Language (Klamath-Modoc) by J de A, 1931

box:folder 11:25

"La Musique des Indiens de la Califonrnie du Nord" by J de A, 1931

box:folder 11:26

"Karok Texts" by J de A & L. S. Freeland, 1931

box:folder 11:27

"Two Achumawi Tales" by J de A & L. S. Freeland 1931

box:folder 12:1

"The Chichimeco Language (Central Mexico)" by J de A, 1933

box:folder 12:2

"Zapotekan Linguistic Group" by J de A & L.S. Freeland, 1933

box:folder 12:3

"Poema del Canto Jondo" - Translation from Lorca by J de A, 1944

box:folder 12:4

"Indians in Overalls" & "Over Sir John's Hill" by J de A, 1944

box:folder 12:5

"Je l'ai surpris …" by J de A [poem and sketch], 1950

box:folder 12:6

"Assis sur le roc … " by J de A, 1951

box:folder 12:7

"Seven Indian Tales" by J de A, 1952

box:folder 12:8

"Achumawi Sketches" by J de A, 1974

box:folder 12:9

"The Achumawi Life-Force" by J de A [photocopy], 1975

box:folder 12:10

"je l'ai surpris …" by J de A [broadside], 1975

box:folder 12:11

"5000 years" by J de A [broadside], 1973

box:folder 12:12

"Shelter" [broadside], 1970-1990

box:folder 12:13

"The Basque Dialect of Marquina" by Wm. Rollo - research material, 1925

box:folder 12:14

Recording [LP 33 1/3] - J de A tells the story of the Gila Monster & His Sister the Ceremonial Drum, 1945-1990

box 13-15

Photographs & negatives,

box 13

Photographs - 4x5 to 5x7

box 14

Photographs - 8x10 & loose album pages

box 15

Negatives to 4x5

box 16-18


box 16

ms0014_obj_008 Basket 1920-1940

box 17

ms0014_obj_003-005 3 Baby bonnets, undated

box 17

ms0014_obj_006 1 serape blanket, undated

box 17

ms0015_obj_007 1 poncho, undated

box 18

ms0014_obj_001 Framed lithograph of Francisco Javier Albert undated

box 18

ms0014_obj_002 1 engraving block [Jaime's drawing], undated

box Framed

ms0014_obj_009 Portrait of Jaime de Angulo [photograph] undated