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Oleari (Kenoli) records of the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
BANC MSS 2005/241 c  
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Series 1. Correspondence and administration 1978-1990

Physical Description: Carton 1, folders 1-14


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence, meeting minutes, financial documents, and bylaws for the NCAP and CCAP.
carton 1, folder 1

Correspondence 1978-1985

carton 1, folder 2-3

NCAP correspondence, minutes, and financial documents 1979- 1985

carton 1, folder 4

Correspondence: US Forest Service, Shasta-Trinity National Forest 1979-1982

carton 1, folder 5

Correspondence: US Forest Service and National Park Service 1980-1985

carton 1, folder 6

Correspondence: Kathy Hall 1980-1985

Scope and Contents

Correspondence written on behalf of Siskiyou Citizens Against Toxic Sprays and Salmon River Concerned Citizens, primarily for Freedom of Information Act requests and other information. Also includes correpsondence with Arthur L. Craigmill at the UC Cooperative Extension.
carton 1, folder 7

NCAP minutes 1980

carton 1, folder 8

Fundraising notes and outlines circa 1982

carton 1, folder 9

Correspondence: medical studies 1982

carton 1, folder 10

Correspondence: Natural Resources Defense Council circa 1982-1983

carton 1, folder 11

Correspondence and proposals 1983-1985

carton 1, folder 12

Insurance 1985

carton 1, folder 13

NCAP planning and bylaws 1986

carton 1, folder 14

CCAP nonprofit status 1990


Series 2. Program files 1978-1994

Physical Location: Carton 1, folders 15-41; Carton 2, folders 1-27; Carton 4, folders 24-29, 31; Oversize folder 1


Arranged in roughly chronological order.

Scope and Contents

Contains the program documents of the NCAP, CCAP, and affiliated organizations. These includes corresondence, reports, research, and other documentation related to specific campaigns and initiatives, general activity, court cases, and maps.
carton 1, folder 15

Testimony and statements 1978, 1980

Scope and Contents

Friends of the Earth. Testimony presented to the CAlifornia North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding waste discharge requirements for aerial application of phenoxy herbicide. Public hearing, 25 October 1978.
Concerned Citizens of Salmon River, Salmon River Indian Council, Salmon River Association. Appeal to hald the proposed release and site preparation program, 1980 Salmon River conifer plantation, Klamath National Forest.
carton 1, folder 16

Herbicide spray project- McCloud Ranger District (US Forest Service) circa 1979

carton 1, folder 17

US Forest Service and BLM lands- suspension order for pesticide products containing Silvex 1979

carton 1, folder 18

Pamphlets and postcards to Governor Brown 1979

carton 1, folder 19

Klamath River Watershed Coalition: correspondence and court documents regarding Plantation Release Program, Happy Camp District 1980

carton 1, folder 20

US Forest Service reforestation activity and maps circa 1980

carton 1, folder 21

US Forest Service reforestation report falsification- press and reports 1985

carton 1, folder 22

Water monitoring results: Ukonom and Happy Camp, Siskiyou County (USDA) 1981-1982

carton 1, folder 23

Salmon River Concerned Citizens: appeal to US Forest Service Environmental Assessment 1981-1983

carton 1, folder 24

Salmon River Concerned Citizens: comments and litigation against US Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement 1986

carton 1, folder 25-27

Correspondence and comments on US Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement 1981-1983

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence and comments from South Fork Trinity Watershed Association, CCAP, Environmental Defense Fund, Humboldt Herbicide Task Force, Northcoast Environmental Center, Northwest Forest Workers Association, Orleans Citizens Against Toxic Sprays, Sierra Club, and others, primarily addressed to Regional Forester Zane G. Smith and regarding the Forest Service's new Environmental Impact Statement for vegetation management.
carton 1, folder 28

Worst Case Analysis response to BLM Environmental Impact Statement in Oregon 1983-1986

carton 1, folder 29

Worst case analysis for Environmental Impact Statement 1985

carton 1, folder 30

Response to US Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement 1986

carton 1, folder 31

US Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement 1992

carton 1, folder 32

Pesticide training seminar 1982

carton 1, folder 33

Accidents: pilot crash at Tule Lake, spraying dinitrophenol 1983-1985

carton 1, folder 34

"The Leaching Fields: A Nonpoint Threat to Groundwater" report 1985

carton 1, folder 35

Eradication Project Analysis: Directory of Environmental lawyers, reports, and press 1985

carton 1, folder 36

CCAP- comments and flyers opposing forest spraying 1985

carton 1, folder 37

CCAP mailers- US Forest Service herbicide spraying ballot 1986

carton 1, folder 38

Region 6- Vegetation management, Integrated Pest management workshop 1986

carton 1, folder 39

Toxics Coordinating Project (Coalition on Environmental and Occupation Health Hazards) program documents 1985-1987

carton 1, folder 40

Cascadia Bioregional Congress, Earth First, and Earthbank News 1986

carton 1, folder 41

Del Norte County pesticide storage area 1986

carton 2, folder 1

People for Healthy Forests (member of CCAP), documents about Hamm-Hasloe reforestation project 1991-1994

carton 2, folder 2

CCAP notes and research 1992-1993

carton 2, folder 3

CCAP documents 1992

carton 2, folder 4

CCAP correspondence, meetings, and reports 1992

carton 2, folder 5

NCAP and CCAP correspondence and documents 1993-1995

carton 2, folder 6

CCAP Information bulletins 1993

carton 2, folder 7

CCAP planning meetings and Pesticide Watch infosheets 1993

carton 2, folder 8

California Regional Water Quality Control Board: cease and desist to Roseburg Forest Products at J.H. Baxter Superfund Site in Weed, Siskiyou County 1991-1993

carton 2, folder 9

Forest Service pesticide spraying opposition campaign 1992

carton 2, folder 10

CalTrans roadside vegetation management program opposition campaign 1992-1994

carton 2, folder 11

CalTrans campaign 1992

carton 2, folder 12

Court documents: Paul Merrell v. William D. Ruckelshaus (EPA administrator); Paul Merrell v. John R. Block (Secretary of Agriculture) 1983-1986

carton 2, folder 13

Court documents: Salmon River Concerned Citizens v. R. Max Peterson (Chief of US Forest Service) 1983

carton 2, folder 14

Court documents: National Wildlife Federation v. US Forest Service, regarding Mapleton District, Oregon 1983-1984

carton 2, folder 15

Court documents: NCAP v. J. R. Block (USDA Secretary) et al. 1983-1984

carton 2, folder 16

Various court cases 1984-1986

carton 2, folder 17

CCAP court cases and reports 1985-1986

carton 2, folder 18

CCAP lawsuit against CA Department of Food and Agriculture 1985-1986

carton 2, folder 19

Applegate Tree Planters Cooperative, list of illnesses undated

carton 2, folder 20-21

Notes undated

carton 2, folder 23

Various organizations and testimonies circa 1981-1982

Scope and Contents

Includes materials from the Willow Creek Organizing Project, Concerned Citizens of Somes Bar, and the Bee Mountain Community.
carton 2, folder 22

Notes on spraying in Stanislaus County undated

carton 2, folder 24

Miscellaenous circa 1986

carton 2, folder 25

University of Oregon class schedule and architecture program documents 1981

carton 2, folder 26

Photographs of trees 1980

carton 2, folder 27

Photographs of forestland undated

carton 4, folder 24

Measure B- Siskiyou County herbicide ordinance 1982

carton 4, folder 25

Petitions and other documents- Mt. Shasta, Humboldt County, Mendocino 1979-1980

carton 4, folder 26

Records of spraying in Siskiyou County circa 1975-1979

carton 4, folder 27

Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors- resolutions about aerial application of herbicides 1981

carton 4, folder 28

Mt. Shasta Resources Council- pamphlets and correspondence (regarding H.R. 3299- Mt. Shasta Wilderness) 1978-1979

carton 4, folder 29

Notes undated

carton 4, folder 31

Aerial spraying of herbicides and forest practice methods: observations by an Indian person (G. Trudy Mollier, Karok-Yurok) 1978

oversize_folder 1

Maps of spray areas: Klamath, Shasta-Trinity, and other national forests circa 1980


Series 3. Publications 1973-1991

Physical Description: Carton 2, folders 28-33; Carton 3, folders 1-19


Ararnged by title.

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletters by the NCAP and other evironmental organizations, pamphlets, guides, reports, and studies relating to pesticide use and its effects.
carton 2, folder 28

Flyers and memos- CCAP, Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, John Muir Institute, etc. 1980

carton 2, folder 29

Pamphlets circa 1980-1986

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets and mailers from Citizens Against the Aerial Application of Phenoxy Herbicides, US Forest Service (Pacific Southwest Region), National Coalition to Stop Food Irradiation, California Department of Food and Agriculture, CA State Water Resources Control Board, Huboldt Herbicide Task Force, Friends of the Earth, California Association of Family Farmers, California Agrarian Action Project, California Institute for Rural Studies, Citizens for a Healthy County (Oregon), Northcoast Environmental Center, California Teratogen Registry, National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides.
carton 2, folder 30

NCAP Newsletters 1979-1980

carton 2, folder 31-32

Various newsletters 1978-1981

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletters from the Redwood Region Audubon Society, Southern Coalition for the Environment, California Wilderness Coalition, the Greenpeace Examiner, Northcoast Environmental Center, Wild Oregon, The Shasta Union, Citizens Against Toxic Sprays, Pacific/Southwest Log, Ecology Center (Berkeley), Homegrown (Butte Environmental Council), etc.
carton 2, folder 33

Journal of Pesticide Reform issues 1986, 1988-1991

carton 3, folder 1

An Economic Analysis of Herbicide Use for Intensive Forest Management (NCAP Technical Report No. 2) 1979

carton 3, folder 2

Four Testimonies Before the EPA on the Use of 2,4,5-T in Forestry (NCAP) circa 1980

carton 3, folder 3

On the Trail of a Pesticide: A Guide to Learning About the Chemistry, Effects, adn Testing of Pesticides (NCAP) 1984

carton 3, folder 4

Pesticide Information Packet (NCAP) 1984

carton 3, folder 5

The Spraying of Oregon 1979

carton 3, folder 6

Pesticide Movement to Ground Water. Volume I: Survey of Ground Water Basins for DBCP, EDB, Simazine and Carbofuran (State of CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture) 1983

carton 3, folder 7

Herbicide Contamination of Surface Runoff Waters (NTIS, prepared for EPA) 1973

carton 3, folder 8

Cumulative Effects of the Forest Practices on the Environment: A State of the Knowledge (Ecosystems, Inc.) 1984

carton 3, folder 9

National Study of Hospitalized Pesticide Poisonings, 1974-1976 (US EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs) 1980

carton 3, folder 10

Pesticides and Nonagricultural Pesticides- US General Accounting Office Report to Congressional Requesters 1986

carton 3, folder 11

Third Progress Report: Cooperative Striped Bass Study (CA State Water Resources Control Board, Toxic Substances Control Program) 1983

carton 3, folder 12

Water Quality Assessment for Water Years 1984 & 1985 (California State Water Resources Control Board) 1986

carton 3, folder 13

California State Water Resources Control Board publications 1976, 1981-1982

Scope and Contents

Toxics: EPA Water Column Criteria; Areas of Special Biological Significance; The Striped Bass Decline in the San Francisco Bay- Delta Estuary.
carton 3, folder 14

Groundwater Rights in California: Background and Issues (Governor's Commission to Review California Water Rights Law); Groundwater Contamination by Pesticides: A California Assessment 1977, 1983

carton 3, folder 15

Fighting Back: How to take action and protect your community from pesticide exposure (Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice) circa 1990

carton 3, folder 16

Vegetation Management with Herbicides, Western Oregon: Final Environmental Statement (US Dept. of the Interior) 1978

carton 3, folder 17

Issues to Raise in a Forest Plan Appeal: A Citizen Handbook (Wilderness Society) 1986

carton 3, folder 18

Issues to Raise in a Forest Plan Appeal: A Citizen Handbook (Wilderness Society) 1986

carton 3, folder 19

The Other Face of 2,4D: A Citizens' Report (South Okanagan Environmental Coalition) 1980


Series 4.  Subject Files 1960-1991

Physical Description: Carton 3, folders 20-28; Carton 4,folders 1-23, 30


Arranged by subject.

Scope and Contents

Research material for the NCAP includes court cases, journal articles, newspaper articles, medical studies, and other publications.
carton 3, folder 20

2,4-D herbicide- reports and testimonies 1980-1981

carton 3, folder 21

2-4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid and Monsanto RoundUp- reports and research 1980-1981

carton 3, folder 22

Diazinon- reports and correspondence circa 1982

carton 3, folder 23

News related to chemical poisoning circa 1980

carton 3, folder 24

Pesticides- reports and studies circa 1981-1985

carton 3, folder 25

Reye's syndrome and pesticide emulsifiers 1978

carton 3, folder 26

Risk assessments 1984-1986

carton 3, folder 27

Toxic substances in the environment circa 1981

carton 3, folder 28

Toxicology circa 1973-1979

carton 4, folder 1

Agent Orange- news 1979-1982

carton 4, folder 2

Accidents with pesticides and herbicides- articles 1979-1983

carton 4, folder 3

Press 1978-1979

carton 4, folder 4

Dioxin- research and correspondence with Congresspeople 1982-1983

carton 4, folder 5

Dioxin- articles and press 1978-1984

carton 4, folder 6

Fisheries and their effects- articles 1960-1979

carton 4, folder 7

Metasystox R labels undated

carton 4, folder 8

Copies of herbicide labels circa 1979-1981

carton 4, folder 9

Pesticides and herbicides- general articles circa 1977-1986

carton 4, folder 10

RoundUp and Sevin- Monsanto and other documents 1981-1985

carton 4, folder 11

Research- toxicology and immune system 1979-1983

carton 4, folder 12

Legal research circa 1982-1986

carton 4, folder 13

Herbicide research to support Measure B 1974-1982

carton 4, folder 14

Medical studies 1978-1986

carton 4, folder 15

Mt. Shasta spraying- articles 1979-1982

carton 4, folder 16

National Geographic articles 1982

carton 4, folder 17

Pesticide monitoring studies circa 1977-1984

carton 4, folder 18

Politics of Poison news release 1979

carton 4, folder 19

Alsea: A Study of Hospitalized Spontaneous Abortions (Oregon) undated

carton 4, folder 20

Spraying and Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories- articles circa 1982-1983

carton 4, folder 21

Waste reduction- articles and research circa 1986

carton 4, folder 22-23

Newspaper articles 1979-1984

carton 4, folder 30

Other papers 1986, 1991

Scope and Contents

Central America Solidarity newsletter and War News