Guide to the iPride organizational records Mss 328

Finding aid prepared by Beaudry Allen, Carla Altomare, and Kaitlin Stumpf, 2016; latest revision by Zachary Liebhaber, 2019.
UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara 93106-9010
2016; 2019

Title: iPride organizational records
Identifier/Call Number: Mss 328
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 8.7 linear feet (15 document boxes, 1 oversize box)
Creator: iPride (Berkeley, Calif.)
Date (inclusive): 1966-2003
Abstract: The collection consists of adminstrative records, newsletters, audiovisual recordings, and ephemera relating to the activities of the iPride (Interracial Intercultural Pride) organization to support interracial and multiethnic families in California.
Physical Location: A portion of the collection is located at the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF).

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The collection is open for research. A portion of the collection is stored offsite. Advance notice is required for retrieval. Box 7 is closed.

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[Identification of Item], iPride organizational records, Mss 328. Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Gift by Mandy Bratt, 2016.

Historical note

Originally known as Interracial and Intercultural Pride, iPride was founded in 1979 by a group of multiracial families in Berkeley who were concerned because the school system didn't allow their children to claim their mixed-race identity on forms or in classroom projects. By creating iPride parents came together and pressured Berkeley public schools to rethink their racial classification system. New charges developed and iPride has evolved to be a nonprofit organization running operations throughout California and has become known as a group "to cultivate positive identity formation in children who are of more than one racial or ethnic heritage and/or who have been transracially adopted." The organization offers support to individuals and families who may have been victims of discrimination and works to normalize interrelationships within the community. iPride is one of many interracial support groups that have sprung up that provide a forum for people to meet, share resources, and organize. In addition, iPride is the founding chapter of the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA), an international collaboration of community organizations with dedication to advocacy and education on behalf of the mixed-race community. The current operations offer summer camps and play dates for mixed-heritage youth. Angela Geiser. "iPride," Bay Area Parent, last modified 2016,

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, newsletters, newspaper and magazine clippings, administrative records, video recordings, and other related materials describing the activities of the iPride organization from 1978 to 2003. The collection focuses mainly on events and membership as well as collection research material on interracial and multicultural identity and community outreach.


The collection is arranged by subject and format. The collection is arranged into four series: I. Adminstrative Files, II. Newsletters, III. Oversized Materials, and IV. Audiovisual.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Multicultural education -- California
Multiculturalism -- California
Racially mixed people -- California -- Ethnic identity
Intercultural communication
Interracial adoption
Administrative records
Clippings (information artifacts)
iPride (Berkeley, Calif.) -- Archives


Series I. Adminstrative Files

Scope and Content

The adminstrative files encompasses daily internal operations, activities and membership management, which includes by-laws, grant and exemption applications, correspondence, reports, and announcements. Also included are newsletters published by iPride and other organizations. Of particular note, the adminstrative records include research materials, from bibliographies to newspaper-clippings and articles, about people, events, and socio-cultural and political research conducted about interracial identity and public representation. Arranged by adminstrative records, correspondence, and research materials.

Adminstrative records

box-folder 1:1

Energy programs guide 2002

box-folder 1:2

Member notecards undated

box-folder 1:3-4

Membership correspondence 1980-1993

box-folder 1:5

Adminstrative records

box-folder 1:6-8

Membership applications 1992-1993

box-folder 2:1

Board of Directors roster 1995

box-folder 2:2

Membership 1985-1993

box-folder 2:4

Forms, update membership information undated

box-folder 2:5

Election announcement 1985 October 1

box-folder 2:6

Computer services information 1983

box-folder 2:7

Sign-up sheets 1984

box-folder 2:8

Mailing list 1994

box-folder 2:9

I-Pride membership data 1986-1987

box-folder 3:1

Community training material 1984

box-folder 3:2

Media contacts 1985

box-folder 3:5

Cultural events and articles circa 1980s

box-folder 3:6

Children, Education, and Organizational materials 1985-1988

box-folder 3:7

Book list and curriculum 1979-1985

box-folder 3:10

Financial statement undated

box-folder 3:11

I-Pride ballots, board election 1986

box-folder 3:12

501(a) exemption application undated

box-folder 3:13


box-folder 3:14

"I-Pride," sports related articles and miscellaneous material 1983

box-folder 3:15

Budget paperwork 1981

box-folder 4:1

Address catalog 1984

box-folder 4:3-4

I-Pride Brochure and newsletter 1981-1986

box-folder 4:5

Organizing information 1982-1984

box-folder 4:6

Insurance 1985-1987

box-folder 4:7

The Grantsmanship Center training booklet 1983

box-folder 4:8

"Image," San Francisco Examiner 1990 October 7

box-folder 4:9

Tricultural Experience questionnaire 1982

box-folder 4:10

I-Pride events, meetings, and correspondence 1981-1987

box-folder 4:11

Youth group and education materials 1979

box-folder 4:12

Press releases, includes other support groups 1978

box-folder 4:14

Flyers 1982-1983

box-folder 4:15

I-Pride exemption application 1981

box-folder 4:16

I-Pride information packet 2000

box-folder 4:17

I-Pride "Letter to Members" 1999

box-folder 4:18

Contacts undated

box-folder 4:19

I-Pride pamphlets undated

box-folder 4:20

Pacer Bookstore adoption pamphlet undated

box-folder 4:21

"Community activist Hayes opens bid for Cannon's council seat," The Tribune 1987 January 23

box-folder 4:23

I-Pride meetings and board ballots 1987

box-folder 5:1

Negatives, notes 1986

box-folder 5:2

Pamphlets, flyers, and articles 1987, undated

box-folder 5:3

Invoice 1986 December

box-folder 5:5

Instructions for filing 1982 January 20

box-folder 5:6

Learning materials, essays, and organizational rules circa 1980s

box-folder 5:7

Organizational notes circa 1980s

box-folder 5:8

Articles of incorporation application form undated

box-folder 5:9

Washington School meeting flyer 1981 March 31

box-folder 5:10

Standard forms Bureau Company Paper undated

box-folder 5:11

Subject Headings of items to be filed undated

box-folder 5:12

Newsletter archives 2001

box-folder 5:13

Interracial Family conference and annual picnic, photographs 1986

box-folder 5:17-18

Articles, flyers, and announcements 1986-1996

box-folder 5:19

Encyclopedia of Associations listing form circa 1994

box-folder 5:20

Photos and negatives 1986

box-folder 5:21

Letter of Introduction, includes photograph 1987 March 16

box-folder 5:22

Miscellaneous documents undated, 1987, 1992

box-folder 6:1

Brochures and business cards undated

box-folder 6:2

Coming Together newsletter 2002-2003

box-folder 6:3

Organizational Oath and annual report 1997 June 7

box-folder 6:4

Women's support group 1978

box-folder 6:5

"Children in the Schools," resources for Interracial families 1985-1987

box-folder 6:6

Berkeley Unified School District documents 1979-1980

box-folder 6:7

Educational Resources, "New Seed Press" 1985-1987

box-folder 6:8

Incorporation and by-laws circa 1972

box-folder 6:10

Administration resources 1978-1979

box-folder 6:11

Respondent summaries (case studies) 1986 February 18

box-folder 6:12

Book information on interracial issues and ethnic differences 1965-1985

box-folder 6:15

Miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera 1983-1986

box 7

Membership records 1992-1999

box-folder 9:3

"Little White Lies," nonfiction story by I-Pride member 1996

box-folder 9:5

"Misconceptions about Biracial People" circa 1996

box-folder 9:6

Winter Holiday celebration undated

box-folder 9:7

Notes and information requests for I-Pride undated

box-folder 9:8

Advertisements undated

box-folder 11:1

I-Pride financial documents 1980-2000

box-folder 11:2

I-Pride by-laws 1992-1999, undated

box-folder 11:3

Articles of incorporation undated

box-folder 11:4

General liability policy 2001

box-folder 14:1

Special Interest Groups information 2001-2002

box-folder 14:2

Telephone service 14:2

box-folder 14:3

Lease and property information 2001-2002

box-folder 14:4

Reports and membership renewal 2001-2003

box-folder 14:5

Membership needs assessment 2002

box-folder 14:6

I-Pride website 2001-2003

box-folder 14:7

The Berkeley Alliance 2002-2003

box-folder 14:8

Membership 2001-2002

box-folder 14:10

Publicity information 2000-2002

box-folder 14:11

T-Shirts order form 1997-1999

box-folder 14:13

Fundraising 2001

box-folder 15:1

Grants 1999-2003

box-folder 15:2

Internship program 2001-2002

box-folder 15:3

Association of MultiEthnic Americans 1988-2002

box-folder 15:4

Board of Directors 2001-2002

box-folder 15:6

"Claudia's Caravan," multicultural/multilingual materials catalog 1983-1984

box-folder 15:7

By-laws and articles of incorporation undated

box-folder 15:12

Mavin Foundation 2000-2001

box-folder 15:3

Projects, NEH application 1982


Correspondence 1978-2003

box-folder 4:2


box-folder 2:3


box-folder 9:9-10:4


box-folder 5:14-15

1980-1995 1980-1995

box-folder 5:4

1985-1988 1985-1988

box-folder 4:22


box-folder 9:4

Correspondence to I-Pride 2002

box-folder 9:2

Correspondence, emails 2001-2003

box-folder 15:5

Correspondence, emails 2001-2003


Research Materials

box-folder 3:3

Related Asian American groups 1979-1988

box-folder 3:4

Related Interracial Asian groups 1981

box-folder 3:8

Multicultural resources 1980-1983

box-folder 3:9

Abstracts and bibliographies 1980

box-folder 4:13

Magazine clippings of interracial models 1979-1980

box-folder 5:16

Interracial relationship classifieds 1992

box-folder 6:9

Community resource materials 1983-1985

box-folder 6:13

Articles, regarding interracial relationships 1966-1967, 1990-1991

box-folder 6:14

Newpaper and magazine clippings, regarding biracial celebrities 1981-1984

box-folder 15:9

Multi-Racial Families of Colorado and "Mixed-Race Conference," press releases 1984, circa 1996

box-folder 15:11

Interracial magazines 1994-1996

box-folder 15:8

Correspondence and Interracial Books for Children 1984

box-folder 15:10

Newspaper and magazine clippings, regarding Latino and African American communities (Bay Area) 1980-1985

box-folder 15:14

Psychology 1980-1988

Scope and Content

Research materials on the study of interracial/intercultural identity and its psychology.
box-folder 15:15

Collected bibliographies 1980

box-folder 16:1

Resources, flyers and pamphlets on other support groups 1980-1985

box-folder 16:2-3

Adoption, resources on adopting 1983-2001


Series II. Newsletters 1980-2003

Scope and Content

The newsletters consists mainly of iPride's own newsletters advertising events, workshops, support groups, and other related news. Also included are newsletters from similar organizations or organizations that complimented iPride's mission, especially adoption organizations.
box-folder 8:2

"Collage" newsletter 1994-2001

box-folder 8:3

"Collage" newsletter and "Interracial Family Circle" newsletter 1985, 1992-1993

box-folder 8:4

Association of MultiEthnic Americans newsletter 1992-1993

box-folder 8:5

Newsletters 1988

box-folder 13:14

"Rainbow Chronicle" newsletter 1996-2002

box-folder 9:1

World Religion materials undated, 2001

box-folder 10:5-6

Miscellaneous newsletters 1993-2004

box-folder 11:6-7

Families Adopting in Response (FAIR) newsletters 1992-2002

box-folder 11:7-12:4

I-Pride newsletters 1980-2003

box-folder 12:5-7

Interracial Club of Buffalo newsletter 1986-2001

box-folder 13:1

Newsletter index undated

box-folder 13:2

Biracial Family Network materials 1984-2002

box-folder 13:3

Interracial Connection Organization 1992-1999

box-folder 13:4

Interracial Family Alliance 1992-1997

box-folder 13:5

Learning for Interracial Family Enrichment (L.I.F.E) newsletters 1993-1994

box-folder 13:6

Image Organization 1992-1993

box-folder 13:7

Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth (H.O.N.E.Y) Organization 1992-1993

box-folder 13:8

"What's Hapa'ning" newsletter 1994 Spring

box-folder 13:9

Cincinnati Multiracial Alliance; A Rainbow of Color 1992-1994

box-folder 13:10

Interracial Classified newsletters 1984-1994

box-folder 13:11

Multiracial Americans of Southern California (M.A.S.C) 1991-2001

box-folder 13:12

"Vanishing Point" newsletter 1995

box-folder 13:13

Interracial Families Incorporated 1983-1985

box-folder 13:14

"Rainbow Chronicle" newsletter 1996-2002

box-folder 14:9 & 12

Newsletters and brochures 2001-2003


Series III. Oversized Material undated

Scope and Content

Consists of iPride signs, posters, and a tee shirt.
box 16

I-Pride sign undated

box 16

Organization calendars 2002

box 16

"Guidance for Children," poster undated

box 16

"I-Pride Facts," poster undated

box 16

iPride tee shirt, undated


Life Magazine, 1966


Series IV. Audiovisual 1996, 2001

Scope and Content

Consists of VHS recordings of iPride events and talks regarding concepts of race.
item V8230/VHS

"Are you Black, White, or What?," undated

item V8231/VHS

"At: College of Western; Topic: Gregory Williams Life on the Color Line Broadcast 1-5 pm," 1996 October 21, 1996 November 9

item V8232/VHS

I-Pride Holiday party undated

item V8233/VHS

"Black or White - What are you?," 1996 December 31

item V8234/VHS

"Loving," undated

item V8235/VHS

"Imitation of Life," undated

item V8236/VHS

"Prime Opus," 2001