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Language of Material: Undetermined
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Gabor Szego papers
creator: Szegő, Gábor
Identifier/Call Number: SC0323
Physical Description: 22.5 Linear Feet
Date (inclusive): circa 1910-1980
Abstract: Professional and personal correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts, photographs, technical reports and publications, ca. 1910 to 1980.

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Biographical/Historical Sketch

Mathematician. Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University and chairman of the department from 1938 to 1958. He retired in 1960 as an emeriti professor. An authority on complex mathematical analysis, orthogonal polynomials and applied mathematics, Szego was born in Kunhegyes, Hungary and received his doctoral degree from the University of Vienna in 1918. He taught in Budapest, Berlin and Koenigsberg before coming to the United States in 1934. He taught for four years at the Washington University in St. Louis before joining the faculty at Stanford. His book with Stanford professor George Polya, AUFGABEN UND LEHAETZE AUS DER ANALYSIS (Problems and Theorems in Analysis), first published in Berlin in 1924, is considered a classic in the field.

Description of the Collection

Professional and personal correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts, photographs, technical reports and publications, ca. 1910 to 1980.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Mathematical analysis.
Science -- History.
Szegő, Gábor
Szegő, Gábor
Stanford University. Department of Mathematics. Faculty



box 3, folder 1

Various correspondence of '35-'59; Math notes.

box 3, folder 2

(Previously unfoldered) Copies of letters from Budapest 1918-1925.

box 3, folder 3

(Previously unfoldered) Convolution Structures for Laguerre Polynomials.

box 3, folder 4

(Hungarian?) Math Journal (some notes)

box 3, folder 5

(Previously loose) Memorandum from Berkeley; Proposal for Approximations Grant; '71 letter; Notes in Hungarian.

box 3, folder 6

Notes in Hungarian

box 3, folder 7

Notes in Hungarian (from enclosed envelope)

box 3, folder 8

Notes in Hungarian

box 3, folder 9

Notes in Hungarian

box 3, folder 10

Essays and Notes in English, Hungarian, French.

box 3, folder 11

1929 Letters & Notes (from enclosed envelope)

box 3, folder 12

1946-47 Letters & Notes (few in English; from enclosed envelope)

box 3, folder 13

(Previously loose) Hebrew Univ. program; Germanic Program; Typed English notes.

box 3, folder 14

From cardboard folder - math notes.

box 3, folder 15

English math notes; perhaps sent from Riverside, CA. (envelope enclosed).

box 3, folder 16

Math notes from enclosed mail folder

box 3, folder 17

Loose-leaf math notes

box 3, folder 18

a) 1949 letter; '49 Slavo-Germanic program; accompanying notes b) Computer print-outs (3); Loose-leaf notes; 1955 letter to & response from Dr. TJ. Higgins, Univ. of Wisconsin.

box 3, folder 19

a) Printed and handwritten notes; Computer printout. b) Scratch(?) paper notes c) 1940, 1914(?) letters & notes d) 1944 bluebook cover (Susan Steindler); Notes; Pages 23-48 of mathematical essay.

box 3, folder 20

a) Mathematical notes and corrections b) Scratch notes; September '69 letter to R.S. Woodruff (Houston Aerospace); Dec 21, 1966 letter from Richard Askey (U. of Wisconsin); Notes on "Positivity of Cotes Numbers for some Ultraspherical Abscissas. "

box 3

Brown Binder is from Brown University Advanced Instruction and Research in Mechanics Summer Session, 1942. It is titled, "Geometrical Foundations of Mechanics" - by Hilda Geuinger.

box 4, folder 1

a) "Recent Contributions of the Hungarian School to Conformal Mapping" - G. Szego. b) "Problems and Theorems in Analysis" - G. Polya & G. Szego

box 4, folder 2

a) "Conformal Mapping Related to Torsional Rigidity, Principal Frequency, and Electrostatic Capacity" - G. Szego b) "An Extremum Problem for Polynomials" - 1.1. Schoenberg & G. Szego c) "Note to my Paper 'On Membranes and Plates'" -G. Szego

box 4, folder 3

a) Pamphlet and letter from Max Shiffman b) Pamphlet and letter from Max Shiffman - J.B. Diaz

box 4, folder 4

By G. Szego: "On the Relative Extrema of Legendre Polynomials," "On the Gradient of Solid Harmonic Polynomials," and "On Membranes and Plates. "

box 4

Also by Szego, and following folder #4, are two copies of the American Mathematical Society's Translations

box 5, folder 1

a) Letters from Univ. of Wisconsin's Richard Askey. Letters range from 1966 to 1982. b) Photocopied notes on Gamma Hypergeometric Functions; 1968 letters from R. Askey.

box 5, folder 2

George Gasper's notes on the work of Richard Askey; Further work of Gasper.

box 5, folder 3

Aug. '70; Rough draft of Hallard Croft's "Research Problems in Intuitive Math."

box 5, folder 4

Orthogonal Polynomials & Special Functions -Richard Askey, 1974.

box 5, folder 5

Lecture 1: "Classical results for trigonometric polynomials and Fourier series and other isolated results." Lecture 5: "Linearization by products." Lecture 10: "Suggestions for further work."

box 5, folder 6

a) Tests and scratch work for Math A. b) Math 100 (Adv. Calculus) Autumn 1954/55 c) Algebra A (Autumn 1943)

box 5, folder 7

1966 Telegrams and Letters (re. Hungarian Academy of Sciences) 1970 Letters, etc. (re. Prof. Szego's 75th Birthday)

box 5, folder 8

G. Szego Inaugural Dissertation -April, 1918.

box 5, folder 9

a) Notes in Hungarian from enclosed envelope. b) Math 214 Finals ('63 & '64); Notes.

box 5, folder 10

a) Notes from folder labeled "Infinite Processes .... " 214b. Winter, 1964. b) "Linear Diff. Equations / Complex Variables. 1955 Folder & Notes 206a, 252b."

box 5, folder 11

a) Notes from folder labeled, "Complex Variables 206B (3rd part) / Spring Term 1906 (Zeta Function)." b) From folder marked both"Complex Variables / 206b, c. Advanced Topics / WQ 1953-54. SpQ 1954." and "1. I. i. M. P." c) "Complex Variables 206a. / Winter Quarter 1958-59. Mo, We, Fr 2:15. Beginn. Jan 7; room 370."

box 5, folder 12

a) "Complex Variables / Autumn 1943" b) "Math 206b. Complex Variables II / Winter 1949. Complex Variables III/Spring 1949." c) "206a. Complex Variables / Autumn 1953" d) "Complex Variables II. 206b. 1947-48 Winter Quarter"

box 5, folder 13

More Complex Variables II 206b (Spring 1958)

box 5, folder 14

a) "Infinite Processes, 2nd part / 202b. Winter Quarter 1958-59 Mo, We, Fr 3:15. Beginning Jan 7; room 61H" b) "NumberTheory 152b/Winter, 1964." c) "Number Theory 152a, b." - includes note from student. d) Scratch work (presumably of Prof. Szego). Undated.

box 5, folder 15

a) From envelope marked "D-E." --contains correspondence with W.L. Everitt, A. Dresden, Prof. R.1. Duffin, D.K. Dorge. b) From envelope marked "c." --contains letters from D.R. Curtis, A. Cohen, Ludwig Casper, C. Caratheodory, W.D. Cairns, others.

box 5, folder 16

a) From envelope marked "Hadamard- Hildebreudt." --contains letters from 1. Hadamard, T. Hayashi, A. Heins. b) From envelope marked "1-1." --contains letters from A.E. Ingham, D. Jackson, K. Iseki, M. Ingraham.

box 5, folder 17

a) From envelope marked "Hille" --contains letters from Einar Hille. (Letters date from 1925 to 1946.) b) From envelope marked "F (Faber-Fujiwara)." --contains letters from J. Franck, H. Freudenthal, R. Frucht, M. Fujiwara.

box 5, folder 18

a) From envelope marked "H." --contains letters from H. Hsii, C. Hutchinson, H. Hilton, E. Hopf. b) From envelope marked "A" --contains letters from N. Achyeser, R.c. Archibald, Ardin.

box 5, folder 19

a) From envelope marked "G." --contains letters from H. Geiringer, 1. Geronimus, M. Gottlieb, A Goodman, E.!. Gumbel. b) From envelope marked "Bi-Boas." --contains letters from L. Bieberbach, W. Blasche, H. Bateman, O. Blumenthal.

box 5, folder 20

From envelope marked "B (Bochner-Buffer)." --contains letters from L. Brower, A Bohr, A Brauer, R. Brauer, F. Butter, C.E. Buell, H. Brickner, W. Brecka, 1.R. Britton.

box 5, folder 21

Certificate of Recognition from Encyclopedia Britannica.

box 5, folder 22

From folder marked, "Misc. Current." --contains random documents, etc.

box 5, folder 23

From folder marked, "Important Correspondence." -includes letters from M. Schiah, D.C. Russel, W.S. Dix, W.H. Leahey, A Pal.

box 5, folder 24

From enclosed folder. A variety of letters, documents, etc. (Apparently somewhat important, if disorganized, stuff.)

box 5, folder 25

Schaeffer-Szego Correspondence.

box 5, folder 26

From folder marked both "M.A Correspondence 1950-1957" and "Fellowships - Scientific Personnel" --contains letters dating from '44 to '57.

box 5, folder 27

a) "Monotonicity Properties of Bessel Functions" b) Szego's correspondences (various dates and names).

box 5, folder 28

From folder labeled "Polya- Szego." --contains reviews of Aufgaben und Lehrsatze der Analysis (by G. Polya & G. Szego); some programs; 1968 letter from Polya.

box 5, folder 29

From folder marked "Polya, Peters, Billingim, etc." --contains mostly letters.

box 5

Red book contains 1954 letters from various friends, mostly pertaining to Szego's sixtieth birthday.

box 8, folder 1

lAC / Istituto Per Le Applicazioni Del Calcolo" publications. Series III, Numbers 33-46

box 8, folder 2

lAC. Series III, Numbers 47-61

box 8, folder 3

lAC. Series III, Numbers 62-70

box 8, folder 4

An Extremium Problem for Polynomials" -!.J. Schoenberg & Gabor Szego. (12 copies)

box 8, folder 5

Publicationes Mathematicae -Dec 1961 ed. (23 copies)

box 8

Between folders #5 and #6 lies "Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico." (2 copies of 1982 publications)

box 8, folder 6

a) "Orthogonal Expansions and Their Continuous Analogues" -From Southern Illinois Univ. 1967. (10 copies) b) "An Inequality for Jacobi Polynomials." -G. Szego. (8 copies)

box 8, folder 7

a) "Recent Advances and Open Questions on the Asymptotic Expansions of Orthogonal Polynomials." 1959 -G. Szego (11 copies) b) Szego's book review of Higher Transcendental Functions, 1954 (13 copies)

box 8, folder 8

a) "On Certain Set Functios Defined By Extremum Properties in the Theory of Functions and in Mathematical Functions." 1950 -G. Szego (5 copies) b) "On Positive Harmonic Polynomials." 1962 -G. Szego (20 copies) c) "An Outline of the History of Orthogonal Polynomials" -G. Szego (1 copy) d) "Corrigenda." 1954 (2 copies) e) "Annali Di Matematica." 1955 (1 copy)

box 8

Between folders #8 and #9 lie "Journal of the London Mathematical Society." (July 1964 ed.), and "Journal D'Analyse Mathematique." (1981 ed.)

box 8, folder 9

a) "Concerning the Fourier Coefficients of a Nonnegative Function." 1960 -G. Szego (multiple copies) b) "On Bi-orthogonal Systems of Trigonometric Polynomials." 1964 -G. Szego (7 copies) c) "An extremum Problem for Polynomials." 1960 -1.J. Schoenberg and G. Szego (4 copies)

box 8, folder 10

a) "Istanbul Teknic Universitesi Buleteni" (5 issues) b) "Journal d'Analyse Mathematique" (4 issues)

box 9, folder 1

Contents of October 4, 1973 envelope from "J. Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers, New York." Multiple pages of math problems.

box 9, folder 2

Misc. items from envelope marked "R.Askey." --contains a number of small pamphlets, labeled, "R. Accademia Delle Scienze," "Sur Ie Probleme Des Moments," and "Matematikai Lapok." Also contains postcards, letters to Szego, and an Oregon Mathematical periodical.

box 9

Between folders #2 and #3 are five small booklets, titled as follows: "Hankel Operations, Best Approximations and Stationary Gaussian Processes I" - Peller & Hruscev; "Isoperimetric Inequalities in Mathematical Physics" -Szego & Polya; "Einar Hille" -Nelson Dinford; "Matematikai Lapok" - H. Janos; and "News & Views, 1982 ed."

box 9, folder 3

a) From folder marked "Dartmouth" --contains letters from 1. W. Young. b) From folder marked "Polya Anniversary 1964" --contains letters from M. Plancherel and the Polya Anniv. Volume's original art.

box 9, folder 4

Letters from Mount Holyoke a) Letters from A. Walfisz b) Letters from G.N. Watson c) Letters to Polya

box 9, folder 5

a) From folder labeled "Polya." --contains letters from Gurland, Boas, others; and pages of mathematical notes b) From folder labeled "Toeplitz: copies 4,5,6."

box 9, folder 6

Contents labeled (presumably by Szego), "Original Corrections.

box 9, folder 7

Contents labeled (presumably by Szego), "Askey Proofs & Letter.

box 9, folder 8

Contents labeled (presumably by Szego), "Copy of Proofs for G. Szego.

box 9, folder 9

Random Letters, Notes, Publications.

box 9, folder 10

Bau Beacon 1945 publication; Photocopies of math notes in Hungarian.

box 9, folder 11

From envelope labeled "Wiew(?) 1918." a) Stanford Appointments b) Letters, Documents, Honorary statements, Math notes.

box 9, folder 12

From envelope marked "Szolnok." --contains various documents, letters, statements ....

box 9, folder 13

From folder labeled "Veronica Szego" and "Claude & Marie-Antoinette." --contains several letters, documents, and reminisces, in addition to a small book called "Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico."

box 9, folder 14

From envelope labeled, "Mr. Szego." --contains an assortment ofletters, invitations, statements, documents, photographs, notes, etc.

box 9, folder 15

From folder marked "Germany; Nazi Period.

box 9, folder 16

From folder marked "Germany Before Nazis

box 9, folder 17

From folder marked "St. Louis Time

box 13

Besides five portraits and two small pins, this box contains the following books- Ergebnisse Der Funktionentheorie -Dr. E. Landau Mathematikai es Physikai Lapok - Huszadik Kotet Theorie Der Algebraischen Zahlen - E. Hecke Die Legre Von Den Kettenbrilchen - Dr. Oskar Perron On the Theory of Bessel Functions - G.N. Watson - and two copies of Orthogonal Polynomials - Gabor Szego