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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives
Title: American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) Special Collection
creator: Schreibman, Robert S.
creator: Pentecost, Walter
creator: McKellar, Ed
creator: Pistole, Larry M.
Identifier/Call Number: SDASM.SC.10008
Physical Description: 4.47 Cubic Feet It contains correspondence, articles, documents, reunion yearbooks, artifacts, etc., relating to the American Volunteer Group (AVG), known as the “Flying Tigers,” the China Air Task Force, the United States 10th Air Force, and the United States 14th Air Force, all of which have used the Flying Tigers designation. The collection consists of seven flip-top archival boxes; three measuring 10.5”x15.5”x7’, two measuring 10.5”x15.5”x5”, and two measuring 10.5”x12.5”x5”.
Date (inclusive): 1927-2000
Abstract: This series contains various correspondences, articles, documents, reunion yearbooks, etc. relating to the American Volunteer Group (AVG), known as the “Flying Tigers.”

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Biographical / Historical

The 1st American Volunteer Group, also known as AVG, and more famously as the Flying Tigers—was a group of volunteer American pilots from various branches of the military, led by Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault. Answering a call from Madame Chiang Kai Shek, Chennault initially gathered together the AVG to perform a survey of the Chinese Air Force. The AVG was comprised of 3 squadrons: 1st Adam and Eves, 2nd Panda Bears, and 3rd Hell’s Angels. The group saw combat after Pearl Harbor in 1941, and went on to produce multiple victories against the Japanese, and emerged with multiple Flying Aces. Chennault employed his fighter doctrine, which was based on careful study of the enemy’s tactics, while employing their strengths in altitude. The Flying Tigers were famous too for their successes in the air battle over Rangoon. In addition to their combat victories, the Flying Tiger members and Chennault were highly celebrated, and in 1992, AVG veterans were finally recognized as members of the military services, and all members were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The ground crew were rewarded the Bronze Star. In popular culture, the Flying Tigers are readily recognizable in their iconic shark face nose art. They have also been featured in various movies, books and documentaries.

Scope and Contents

The collection is broken down into pre-war, wartime, and post-war eras, but each era may contain material on the subject from later years. The collection begins with background information on the China-Japanese War in early 1941, prior to the involvement of the AVG, with an emphasis on assessment of Chinese air power. The second section documents the establishment of the AVG, which became known as the Flying Tigers. The third section documents activities of the United States Air Force from July 4, 1942 on, the official date of the disbanding of the AVG. The fourth section covers activities of the AVG Veterans' associations, including incorporation and the application for veteran status. The last section covers the activities of the 14th Air Force Association, including merchandising, books/brochures/periodicals, and a number of the Flying Tigers reunion booklets. Each section will contain some or all of the Series listings noted below.
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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The bulk of this collection was donated to the San Diego Air and Space Museum prior to 2007, when it was compiled from existing holdings. The contents of Box 03 and Box 04 were previously known as the Papers of Walter W. Pentecost as of August 2006.

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Related Materials

The SDASM library and archives holds many photographs of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in its collections as well as multiple books on the subjects listed in the Important Personalities & Subjects section below.
Additional copies of books represented in this collection are available in the SDASM library: Bond, Charles R. Jr. and Anderson, Terry. A Flying Tiger's diary. D 790 .B59 1984 Pistole, Larry M. The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers. D 790 .C46 1983 Rosholt, Malcolm. Claire L. Chennault : a tribute. TL 540 .C54 .R67
Elwyn Gibbon Personal Papers
Related Research Institutions: The Hoover Institution at Stanford University ( holds the papers of Claire L Chennault, commander of the 14th Air Force.
Secondary Sources: American Volunteer Group-Flying Tigers Association. "Flying Tigers AVG - Home." Flying Tigers AVG.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
China Burma India Theater (CBI)
World War, 1939-1945
Schreibman, Robert S.
United States. Army Air Forces
Pentecost, Walter
Chennault, Claire Lee
McKellar, Ed
United States. Army Air Forces. Air Force, 14th
China National Aviation Corporation
Flying Tigers (AVG), Inc.
China. Kong jun. American Volunteer Group
Pistole, Larry M.


Box 1 of 7


Folder 1 -- Correspondence - Chinese Air Power

Physical Description: 1. Letter from Tsung Chi Lee to Ray Wagner, with notes on Chinese air force before the war, August 5, 1991. 2. Memo from Naval Attaché, Hankow, China, re: Chinese Air Force, June 17, 1938. 3. Letters between SDASM and C. S. Tien on Flying Tiger history and Chinese air power. 4. Letter from W. D. Pawley, Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Federal, Inc., USA, Loiwing, China, to Col. Claire Chennault re: re-activation of the P-40 factory, September 8, 1941. 5. Letter from Byron Glover to Gilbert Clark re: Test pilot's description of planes he is testing and information about planes that are to arrive, October 20, 1941. 6. Letter from Chen Cheng, mechanic, to unnamed pilot instructor asking help getting into Chiang- Yun air branch school, December 7, 1938. 7. Letter from C. L. Chennault to Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company telling of the complaints by AVG staff that their jobs were misrepresented. 8. Letters and telegrams between Kreusser Lett, Allison Division of General Motors, and Arne Butteberg, AVG, re: manufacturing of the P-40 airplanes, July 1942. 9. Miscellaneous correspondence about Chinese air power.

Folder 2 -- Reports on Chinese Air Power

Physical Description: 1. Report on Chinese Aviation from Military Intelligence, Philippines, July 21, 1939. 2. Lecture, "Aviation in the Sino Japanese War," January 1938. 3. "Chinese Air Force Before the War," handwritten report. 4. Miscellaneous loose pages from reports on Chinese and Japanese air power.

Folder 3 -- Maps

Physical Description: 1. Map of Shanghai showing places of interest, Navy YMCA. 2. Map of China, 1930. 3. Two maps of Shanghai.

Folder 4 -- Newspaper Clippings

Physical Description: 1. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings on China-Japanese war.

Folder 5 -- Articles on China-Japanese War

Physical Description: 1. Magazine article, "Flight in the China Air Space," Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company. 2. Magazine article, "Big Aircraft Shipment to Orient," Pacific Aeronautics, March 1920. 3. Two articles from Air Classics magazine. 4. Article, "China's Top Flight Heroes," Samuel Chao, Flying Aces magazine, December 1943. 5. Article, "Chinese Characters," Paul Jackson, AFM August. 6. Article, "Modernization of China's Military Electronics Promises to be Slow," Jim Bussert, Defense Electronics, October 1981. 7. Article, "Sino-Japanese and Chinese Civil Wars," Vol. 13 of "War in Asia and the Pacific," D767 w32v.13. 8. Article, A Mix of Mercenaries in China," Richard Sanders Allen (2 copies). 9. Portion of untitled article in Air & Space Magazine, April/May 1988. 10. Article, "American Hawks for China, Part I: The Sino-Japanese War, 1937-40," Daniel Ford.

Folder 6 -- Articles on China-Japanese War (continued)

Physical Description: 1. Article, "Air War Over China," Air Enthusiast, Vol. 34. 2. China Press, Nanking Edition, August 21, 1937. 3. Article, "China Incident," Victor Chun, Air Enthusiast magazine, 1973. 4. "Chinese American Aces in the Chinese Air Force," D. Y. Louie, P.E., SAFO Vols 20 and 22, 1996. 5. French article excerpt, "L'aviation Chinoise de 1909 a 1949." 6. "Battle of Hankow," Life magazine pictorial spread. 7. "World War II in Asia and the Pacific: The Early Years, 1937-41. 8. "The Chinese Air Force," sleeved pages of articles by Ira C. James. 9. "Johnnie Petach, a Flying Tiger," excerpt from Pat Reilly's 'From the Balloon to the Moon," April 1992. 10. Miscellaneous small articles and loose pages of unknown articles.

Folder 7 -- Article

Physical Description: 1. "Hawks of the Eastern Skies," Parts 1 through 5, Gerry Beauchamp, Air Classics magazine, September 1977.

Folder 8 -- Manuscript

Physical Description: 1. Book manuscript, "Prelude to Pearl Harbor: The Air War in China, 1937-1941," Ray Wagner, 1991.

Folder 9 -- China-Japan War -- Miscellaneous

Physical Description: 1. Handwritten diary notes of air operations, 1937-1941.

Folder 10 -- Military Correspondence

Physical Description: Translation of letter from Chinese schoolboy Wong Yung-ji to American Air Force Personnel. 2. Message to AVG in China from Madame Chiang Kai-shek on the AVG's 50th anniversary, July 4, 1991. 3. Paraphrased message from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to AVG, May 6, 1942. 4. Letter from War Department to Chief of the Air Corps, "Military Aviation Requirements of China," April 29, 1941 (2 copies). 5. Memo to Chief of Staff, "Airplanes for China," May 29, 1941. 6. Miscellaneous cablegrams about air war in China, 1942. 7. Miscellaneous correspondence about termination of contract with Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company. 8. Miscellaneous memos and letters about military operations in China.

Folder 11 -- Manuscript

Physical Description: 1. “History and Status of the First American Volunteer Group,” Toungoo, Burma, October 19, 1941.

Folder 12 -- Interviews

Physical Description: 1. Guichi Susuki, Japanese bomber pilot. 2. John M. Williams, USAF Retired.

Folder 13 -- First Person Accounts

Physical Description: 1. "Shot Down in Occupied China," Ed Rector. 2. Maurice McGuire letter, 1941. 3. Clare Booth (?), diary entries, 1941. 4. Low Flying Attack Form -- series of first person accounts of various sorties. 5. Single page about Pete Brewster, Curtiss-Wright test pilot, August 1937.

Folder 14 -- First Person Account

Physical Description: 1. Arthur T. Chin.

Folder 15 -- Military Documents

Physical Description: 1. Copy, handwritten in Chinese, Chinese Headquarters' report on finding Lt. Mace. 2. Color chart on photo paper of “Organization Chart, Flying Tigers 14th Air Force;” articles and correspondence about alleged raid on Formosa. 3. Actual tape from decoding machine, “109” sent to several fighter squadrons and to Malcolm Rosholt, serving as liaison officer with the 9th War Area Headquarters in Changsha.

Folder 16 -- Operations and Graphs

Physical Description: 1. Graphs of bases and targets in China.

Folder 17 -- Newspaper Clippings

Physical Description: 1. Various newspaper clippings about Flying Tigers during the period 1941 to July 4, 1942.

Folder 18 -- Magazine with AVG Article

Physical Description: 1. "Tiger in the Sky: The Saga of the AVG in China," Mike Minnich, Air Enthusiast magazine, No. Four.

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Folder 1 -- Articles

Physical Description: 1. Two short letters to Malcolm Rosholt, "A Fighter Pilot's Ordeal," Howard T. Whitehurst; "On Zeros and Oscars," David Aiken, editor Japanese Information Clearinghouse. 2. "Flying With the 14th Squadron, China National Air Force," Richard S. Allen, May 3, 1977. 3. "Memoirs of Pilot Elwyn H. Gibbon," Edward L. Leiser, AAHS. 4. "Tales of the Flying Tigers," Gene Valencia, 1970. 5. "Americans Surrounded," John M. Williams, April 9, 1985 (2 copies).

Folder 2 -- Articles

Physical Description: 1. "American Volunteer Group-Flying Tigers 1941-1942," John M. Williams (2 copies). 2. "Index-Public Relations-Film-Flying Tigers: The Saga of the American Volunteer Group-Flying Tigers. 3. "One Hundred Hawks for China," Daniel Ford, Air & Space Magazine, May 1988.

Folder 3 -- Articles

Physical Description: 1. "Straight from the Tiger's Mouth," advertising brochure, Allison Division of General Motors. 2. "When Tigers Flew in China," Wanda Cornelius and Thayne R. Short (2 copies). 3. "Notes on the American Volunteer Group -- the Real Flying Tigers." 4. "Japs are their Specialty," Russ Johnston, Flying and Popular Aviation Magazine, August 1942 (1 full magazine and one copy of the article).

Folder 4 -- Articles

Physical Description: Partial Retired Officer magazine, January 1991, "Tigers of the Sky: Chennault's Volunteers Leap to the Rescue." 2. Excerpt, "The Maverick War," Duane Schults, pages 148-157. 3. "John Ed's Legacy," Col. John Scott Carroll, USA-Ret, The Retired Officer Magazine, May 1986. 4. "Chennault Ace Tells Story," Maj. Albert Baumler, Bendix Banner, May 1943. 5. "One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure," Hill Goodspeed, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, 1997. 6. "Work Horse of the Skies," Robert J. Milch, American History Illustrated, July 1967. 7. "Chennault and his Flying Tigers," Real Heroes comic book, November 1942. 8. "Shot Down in Occupied China," Ed Rector (2 copies). 9. "The Lady Tigers." 10. "When the Flying Tigers Came to Xizhou Village," Ruth Earnshaw Lo, Asia Magazine, July/August 1983. 11. "My Diary as an Ensign with the Flying Tigers," Capt. Noel R. Bacon, USN (Ret), Foundation, Fall 1992. 12. "We Learned War Maintenance with the AVG," Tye M. Lett, Jr., Aviation Magazine, December 1942. 13. Miscellaneous smaller articles.

Folder 5 -- Articles

Physical Description: 1. Poem, "Flying Tiger," Tom Trumble, AVG, Panama, 1950. 2. "World Leader Comments," pages 2-4. 3. "Observations on Facilities Available and Recommendations for Maintenance and Overhaul Work on Allison Engines, November 20, 1941. 4. Excerpts from Time Magazine and Life Magazine; Time, May 11, 1942, June 8, 1942, July 13, 1942; Life, March 30, 1942, August 10, 1942. 5. Miscellaneous smaller articles.

Folder 6 -- Scrapbooks

Physical Description: 1. Historical scrapbook, Joseph Alsop (photocopy). 2. Memo from Malcolm Rosholt forwarding scrapbook to SDASM, 1996. 3. Scrapbook of photos from "Bob" dated May 8, 1984 (photocopy).

Folder 7 -- Book, "Flying Tigers," Daniel Ford

Physical Description: 1. Pre-publication manuscript 2. Draft of Chapter 10, "Such a Bright Red." 3. Civil Air Transport Bulletin on Ford book.

Folder 8 -- AVG Media Relations on Daniel Ford Book

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence, primarily controversies surrounding facts.

Folder 9 -- Correspondence, post 1942

Physical Description: 1. Letter from Jack Samson to Col. John Williams, SDAM, about Claire Chennault, February 4, 1985. 2. Letter from John Williams to David Lee Hill about Bob Little, April 10, 1989. 3. Letter from National Archives to American ATC Group about securing volunteers for Chinese Air Force, November 1, 1990. 4. Letters from John Williams about pilot named George Weigle. 5. Correspondence between George Parton and James Sloan discussing facts and memories, 1970. 6. Miscellaneous correspondence about Flying Tiger facts and questions.

Folder 10 -- Correspondence -- Disputed Flying Tiger Members

Physical Description: 1982 correspondence -- Earl S. Miller. 2. 1990 correspondence -- Royal Leonard. 3. 1997 correspondence -- Donald Lopez. 4. 1990 correspondence between Robert Schriebman, attorney for the 14th Air Force Association, and R. T. Smith, an original Flying Tiger member, about his article in Air Classics magazine on "Captain Incredible;" includes copies of two Air Classics articles by R. T. Smith, (1) "The Flying Tigers: An Endangered Species," June 1988, and (2) "Captain Incredible: Amazing Tale of a Flying Tiger Phony," August 1990. 5. 1982 letter from Wayne G. Johnson, president of the 14th Air Force Association, to "R.T. and Link." 6. Miscellaneous related correspondence.

Folder 11 -- Flying Tiger Exhibit

Physical Description: 1. Report, List of Items to be Displayed in AVG Flying Tiger Exhibit at SDASM.

Folder 12 -- Records of Malcolm Rosholt

Physical Description: 1. Letter and enclosures from Robert L. Cowan, February 27, 1984. 2. "Flight of the Tin Goose," diary entries by Carl Kjus. 3. Photocopy of photograph of 308th Bomb Group, Hsing Cheng, China 1944, including identifications. 4. Two accounts of "Bloody Saturday," Ernest M. Allison and Malcolm Rosholt.

Folder 13 -- Claire L. Chennault

Physical Description: 1. "Claire L. Chennault: a Tribute," Malcolm Rosholt (2 copies). 2. Black & White portrait of Claire Chennault.

Folder 14 -- Claire Chennault Commemorative Stamp - September 6, 1990

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence and first day issue notices.

Folder 15 -- Miscellaneous Documents

Physical Description: "Annex 8 to Allied Air Forces Operations Instructions No. 96: Aircraft Radius of Action Data for Staff Planning," July 16, 1945. 2. Individual flight records of Charlton W. Doyle and Lester J. Van Winkle. 3. Organization chart, 68th Composite Wing. 4. Copy, “Major Accidents and Losses From April 1942 to September 1945.” 5. Army Air Forces Historical Studies, No. 12, "The Tenth Air Force, 1942" (2 copies). 6. Miscellaneous military documents, operational constants, staff planning, allied air forces operations instructions. 7. Illustrated map, “G.I. Vagabond Journey Across India: The Rail Trip from Ledo to Karachi was made by the First CBIers Going Home After the War,” with railway timings. 8. "Schematic Diagram for Parking of Aircraft for Maximum Operation.” 9. Brochure, “Quiz for Operation Hump” (2 copies).

Folder 16 -- Miscellaneous Articles

Physical Description: 1. "Flying Tigers Land in Illesheim," The Bridge, February 21, 1989. 2. "Liberator Men in China," Plane Talk, September 1944. 3. Article about Jack F. Clifford, 14th Air Force, September 18, 1983. 4. Hand written notes about Flight in China Air Space. 5. "Chinese Air Force American Volunteers Group. 6. "Moscow Diary, or the Great Adventure," Ward Boyce, American Fighter Aces Association trip to Russia, August 1992. 7. Miscellaneous shorter articles.

Folder 17 -- Miscellaneous Photographs

Physical Description: 1. Photograph of reunion of original AVG members, probably circa 1990 (2 copies) 2. Photograph for cover of book written by Ray Wagner (2 copies). 3. Professional portrait of John Inman, an original AVG member, circa 1944.

Folder 18 -- Awards, Certificates of Recognition

Physical Description: Folder 18 --

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Folder 1 -- Individual Awards for AVG Members - Correspondence

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence, reports, notes on applications for individual military awards for certain AVG members.

Folder 2 -- Trademark Application - Seller's Permit

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence and forms for Trademark Application and Seller's Permit.

Folder 3 -- Use of Flying Tigers Name by Others

Physical Description: Use of Flying Tigers Name by Others

Folder 4 -- AVG Mailing Lists

Physical Description: 1. Several versions of member mailing

Folder 5 -- AVG Rosters

Physical Description: 1. Several versions of membership rosters.

Folder 6 -- Inventory of Larry Pistole's AVG Collection, 1987.

Physical Description: Inventory of Larry Pistole's AVG Collection, 1987.

Folder 7 -- John R. Rossi Honorable Discharge Papers

Physical Description: 1. Application form (2 copies). 2. Correspondence and forms for application, including AVG Roster. 3. Copy of Honorable Discharge dated July 7, 1942.

Folder 8 -- Citation

Physical Description: Instructions to complete application for Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, March 15, 1989, pages 7-116.

Folder 9 -- Bill of Rights Requesting Veteran Recognition (2 copies)

Physical Description: Bill of Rights Requesting Veteran Recognition (2 copies)

Folder 10 -- AVG Application for Veteran's Status, #1 of 2

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence, documents and attachments, 1989 - May 31, 1991.

Folder 11 -- AVG Application for Veteran's States, #2 of 2

Physical Description: 1. Correspondence, documents and attachments, June 1, 1991 - December 3, 1996. 2. Background articles and documents.

Folder 12 -- Attachments to Application for Veteran's Status

Physical Description: 1. Photocopies of attachment material.

Folder 13 -- AVG Application for Active Duty Service Status

Physical Description: 1. Complete bound copy of Application.

Folder 14 -- Flying Tigers Incorporation

Physical Description: 1. Articles of Incorporation. 2. Bylaws. 3. Annual Statements by Domestic Nonprofit Corporation, 1989-1994. 4. Various corporate minutes of meetings. 5. Incorporation of "Flying Tigers (AVG-Chinese Air Force) Incorporated," January 15, 1945. 6. Miscellaneous correspondence, tax forms, treasurer reports.

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Folder 1 -- Flying Tigers Tax Exemption

Physical Description: 1. Application for Recognition of Exemption plus various copies of same document. 2. Correspondence, forms, documents, etc.

Folder 2 -- Document

Physical Description: 1. Complete Application for Exemption, IRC.

Folder 3 -- Document

Physical Description: 1. Complete Application for Exemption, State of California.

Folder 4 -- Bibliographies

Physical Description: 1. Several different lists of books and articles about the Flying Tigers and aviation in China.

Folder 5 -- Pictorial Magazines and Other Publications

Physical Description: 1. Annual Pictorial Bulletin: The 14th Air Force Association (1958, 1982, 1985) 2. Jing Bao Journal, bi-monthly publication of the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association, Vol. 56, No. 354, October-December 2003. 3. "The Eternal Memories

Folder 6 -- Memory of History

Physical Description: 1. Pictorial booklet, "Memory of History," edited by State Council Information Office, People's Republic of China (2 copies).

Folder 7 -- Americans Valiant and Glorious

Physical Description: 1. Booklet, "Americans Valiant and Glorious," brief history of Flying Tigers and certain members (2 copies).

Folder 8 -- Legendary Americans - The Flying Tigers

Physical Description: 1. Booklet, "Legendary Americans - The Flying Tigers," People's Republic of China (2 copies).

Folder 9 -- Books - Miscellaneous

Physical Description: 1. Small booklet, "Pocket Guide to China," War and Navy Departments, Washington, D.C. 2. Small booklet, "1944 Diary," War Area Service Corps., National Military Council, China, presented to Stanley A. Strout. 3. Small personal notepad. 4. Small booklet, "Chinese Phrasebook," War Department, 1943. 5. Booklet, "Yank's Magic Carpet," Yank, The Army Weekly, 1945.

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Folder 1 -- Miscellaneous Correspondence


Folder 2 -- Correspondence of Robert Schriebman, Attorney for the 14th Air Force Association


Folder 3 -- Flying Tigers Membership Directory


Folder 4 -- Miscellaneous Correspondence - Merchandising.


Folder 5 -- Miscellaneous Vendors


Folder 6 -- Vendor: Bingham Entertainment


Folder 7 -- Vendor: Check Six


Folder 8 -- Vendor: Confederate Air Force / Gordon Johnson


Folder 9 -- Vendor: Fei Hu Films / Frank Boring


Folder 10 -- Vendor: Dave Ferguson / Aerocraft Legendary Prints - Tee Shirts


Folder 11 -- Vendor: Fries Entertainment, Inc. - Movie Proposal


Folder 12 -- Vendor: Ron Goldman, Trademark Attorney / AVG vs. Sophos


Folder 13 -- Vendor: L.L. Bean


Folder 14 -- Vendor: Netter Digital Entertainment


Folder 15 -- Vendor: Now Communications / Showcase Entertainment


Box 6 of 7


Folder 1 -- Vendor: Pacific Artists - Movie Proposal


Folder 2 -- Vendor: Smithsonian / William Denkers / Mil-Time


Folder 3 -- Miscellaneous Periodicals

Physical Description: 1. "Chinese Air Force, America Volunteer Group," Chinese Air Force, People's Republic of China. 2. Reader's Digest, June 1942, including article "Chennault and His Flying Tigers. 3. Pamphlet, Flying Tigers: A Brief History with Recollections and Comments by General Claire Lee Chennault. 4. Pamphlet, “Commemorative Album of the Anti-Japanese Aviators Memorial,” Chinese/English.

Folder 4 -- Patches / Icons / Logos


Folder 5 -- Merchandising - Miscellaneous


Folder 6 -- Correspondence - Reunions


Folder 7 -- Tiger Rag


Folder 8 – Miscellaneous Association Brochures and Bulletins

Physical Description: 1. AVG Bulletins, 1989, 1996. 2. Flying Tigers Awards Gala, December 8, 1996.

Remainder of box -- AVG and AVG-CNAC Reunion Booklets

Physical Description: 1. 1957 Flying Tiger Reunion, June 27-29, 1957, Ojai, CA 2. 1962 Joint Reunion Flying Tigers/CNAC, July 26-28, 1962, Ojai, CA 3. 1965 Joint Reunion Flying Tigers/CNAC, July 15-17, 1965, Ojai, CA 4. 1967 Flying Tiger 25th Anniversary Reunion, July 5-8, 1967, Ojai, CA 5. 1969 Flying Tiger 27th Anniversary Reunion, July 3-5, 1969, Ojai, CA 6. 1970 Fourteenth Air Force Association 27th Annual Convention, July 29-August 1, 1970 7. Flying Tiger/CNAC 30th Anniversary Reunion, July 1-4, 1971 8. 1973 AVG/CNAC Reunion, July 5-8, 1973, Ojai, CA 9. 1975 AVG-CNAC Reunion Program, July 3-5, 1975, Ojai, CA (2 copies) 10. 1976 Fourteenth Air Force Association Convention, July 28-August 1, 1976, Tucson, AZ 11. 1977 AVG-CNAC Reunion Program, June 30-July 3, 1977, Ojai, CA 12. 1979 AVG/CNAC Reunion, July 4-8, 1979, Ojai, CA 13. 1980 Flying Tigers Reunion, July 31-August 2, 1980, Reno, NV 14. 1981 AVG-CNAC Reunion, July 2-4, 1981, Ojai, CA (2 copies) 15. 1982 AVG Reunion, May 27-30, 1982, San Antonio, TX 16. 1983 AVG/CNAC Reunion, June 30-July 4, 1983, Ojai, CA 17. 1985 AVG-CNAC Reunion Program, July 4-6, 1985, Ojai, CA (2 copies) 18. 1987 AVG-CNAC Reunion Program, July 2-4, 1987, San Diego, CA (2 copies) 19. 1989 AVG-CNAC Reunion Program, July 2-4, 1989, Ojai, CA (2 copies) 20. 1991 Flying Tigers 50th Anniversary Reunion, July 4-7, 1991, San Diego, CA 21. 1992 Flying Tiger Reunion Program, April 11-15, 1992, San Antonio, TX (2 copies) 22. 1995 Flying Tigers Reunion, August 30-September 2, 1995, Portland, OR 23. 2000 Sino-American WWI Vets Reunion, April 2000, Kunming, China

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Series VII: Books

Physical Description: 1. Four copies of the book, The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers, by Larry M. Pistole, D 790 .C46 1983 c.3, c.4, c.5, and c.6, autographed by 35 Flying Tiger members.