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Guide to the Bethel Church (Redding, Calif.): Collection
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Scope and Contents

Austin, Jill. Dancing with Destiny. Austin, Jill. Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire. Backlund, Steve. Cracks in the Foundation. Backlund, Steve. Possessing Joy. Backlund, Steve. Victorious Mindsets. Backlund, Steve. You’re Crazy if You Don’t Talk to Yourself.* Backlund, Steve and Wendy. Igniting Faith. Bentley, Todd. The Reality of the Supernatural World. Bolz, Shawn. Keys to Heaven’s Economy. Bolz, Shawn. The Throne Room Company. Borlase, Craig. William Seymour. Buckingham, Jamie. Daughter of Destiny: The Biography of Kathryn Kuhlman. Campbell, Stacey. Ecstatic Prophecy. Chapman, Diana. Searching the Source of the River: Forgotten Women of the British Pentecostal Revival 1907-1914. Conner, Bobby. God’s Supernatural Power. Cooke, Graham. Approaching the Heart of Prophecy. Cooke, Graham. Prophecy and Responsibility. Crawford, Mary. The Shantung Revival. Crowder, John. The Ecstasy of Loving God. Crowder, John. The New Mystics. Dedmon, Kevin. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt. Dedmon, Kevin. Unlocking Heaven. DeCenso, Frank, ed. Amazed by the Power of God. Eberle, Harold and Martin Trench. Victorious Eschatology. Eckhardt, John. Moving in the Apostolic. Epstein, Daniel Mark. Sister Aimee: The Life of Aimee Semple McPherson. Frangipane, Francis. The Three Battlegrounds. Griffin, Bob. Firestorms of Revival. Hinn, Benny. Good Morning, Holy Spirit. Hyatt, Eddie. 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity. John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness, His Faith. Johnson, Beni. The Happy Intercessor. Johnson, Bill. Cara a Cara con Dios. Johnson, Bill. Cuando el Cielo Invade la Tierra. Johnson, Bill. Dreaming with God. Johnson, Bill. Face to Face with God. Johnson, Bill. A Life of Miracles. Johnson, Bill. El Poder Sobrenatural de una Mente Transformada. Johnson, Bill. Release the Power of Jesus. Johnson, Bill. Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. Johnson, Bill. The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. Johnson, Bill. The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. Daily Devotional. Johnson, Bill. When Heaven Invades Earth. Johnson, Bill. When Heaven Invades Earth. A 40-Day Personal Journey. Johnson, Bill and Mike Seth. Here Comes Heaven! Jorgensen, Owen. Supernatural: The Life of William Branham. Book One. Jorgensen, Owen. Supernatural: The Life of William Branham. Book Two. Jorgensen, Owen. Supernatural: The Life of William Branham. Book Three. Jorgensen, Owen. Supernatural: The Life of William Branham. Book Four. Kalvestrand, Anne and Deborah Reed. Manners to Sit Before Kings: Mentoring Royalty. King, Patricia. Dream Big. King, Patricia. Light Belongs in the Darkness. King, Patricia. Spiritual Revolution. Kuhlman, Katherine. I Believe in Miracles. Liardon, Roberts. The Azusa Street Revival. Liardon, Roberts. God’s Generals: The Revivalists. Liardon, Roberts. God’s Generals: The Roaring Reformers. Liardon, Roberts. God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed. Loren, Julia. True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth. Loren, Julia; Bill Johnson; and Mahesh Chavda. Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power. Price, Paula. The Prophet’s Dictionary. Pullinger, Jackie. Chasing the Dragon. Reed, Deborah. When God Touched My Best. Rumph, Jane. Signs and Wonders in America Today. Sandford, R. Loren. Understanding Prophetic People. Schwartz, Gary. The G.O.D. Experiments. Silk, Danny. Culture of Honor. Silk, Danny. Loving Our Kids on Purpose. The Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy and the Greatest Revival of All Time. Taylor, Steve. The Skye Revivals. Vallotton, Kris. Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle. Vallotton, Kris. Purity: The New Moral Revolution. Vallotton, Kris, and Bill Johnson. De Mendigo a Principe. Vallotton, Kris, and Bill Johnson. The Supernatural Ways of Royalty. Welchel, Tommy. They Told Me Their Stories: The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories. Wigglesworth, Smith. The Complete Collection of His Life and Teaching. Wigglesworth, Smith. Greater Works. Wigglesworth, Smith. The Power of Faith. Wigglesworth, Smith. Smith Wigglesworth on Spiritual Gifts. Wright, Fred and Sharon. The World’s Greatest Revivals (2)

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CDs and DVDs

Scope and Contents

Backlund, Steve. Division One Christianity: The Road to Success is Paved by a Willingness to Fail. Children’s Leadership Workshop Series. Transforming a Generation: Volume 1. (4 discs) Children’s Leadership Workshop Series. Transforming a Generation: Volume 2. (4 discs) Dedmon, Kevin. Anointed Beyond Our Ability. Dedmon, Kevin. Encountering Our Father: A Prerequisite in Releasing the Kingdom. Dedmon, Kevin. Recognizing Jesus in Revival. Dedmon, Kevin. The Supernatural Power of Overflowing Joy. Dedmon, Kevin. Yada Encounters. DeSilva, Dawna. Atmospheres for Healing (Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series). DeSilva, Dawna. Dream Inhibitors. DeSilva, Dawna. Entitled to Grace. DeSilva, Dawna. Who’s Your Daddy? DeSilva, Dawna, and Faith Blatchford. On the Road to Destiny. (5 discs) DeSilva, Dawna and Teresa Liebscher. Sozo: Basic. (7 discs) DeSilva, Dawna and Teresa Liebscher. Sozo: Advanced. (11 discs) DeSilva, Stephen. Black Swan Living: Positioned for the Unexpected. DeSilva, Stephen. East of Eden. DeSilva, Stephen. Foundations. (Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series; 5 discs) DeSilva, Stephen. Key for New Couples (Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series). DeSilva, Stephen. Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series Foundations: E-Book Manual DeSilva, Stephen. The Wealth Factor. Evans, Joaquin. Carrying the Anointing: Three Ways We Carry God’s Presence. Evans, Joaquin. Cultivating the Fire: How to Sustain the Passion. Evans, Joaquin. Enjoying the Process. Evans, Joaquin. Maturing into Childlikeness. Evans, Joaquin. For the Healing of the Nations: Bethel Church Healing Rooms Training. (7 discs) Evans, Joaquin. Operating from God’s Supernatural Peace. Evans, Joaquin. Supernatural Breakthrough. Farrelly, Dann. Empowering Skills that Transform Relationships. (4 discs) Franklin, Judy. Heaven Can’t Wait. (2 discs) Franklin, Judy. His Love: Healing Body, Soul, and Spirit. Jacobs, Lance. Going. Jacobs, Lance. Living as an Overcomer. Johnson, Beni. Eyes of Prayer. (2 discs) Johnson, Beni. Praying from His Heart. Johnson, Beni. Prayer Servant Training. Johnson, Bill. 3 Leavens of the Mind: Learning to Live from the Mind of Christ. Johnson, Bill. The Advancing Kingdom. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. Breaking the Spirit of Poverty. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Call to Revival: A Baptism of Fire. Johnson, Bill. Changing Your World: The Effects of Praise on Our Surroundings (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Church: A House Built for Worship (6 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Church of Power (6 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Coming Pentecost: Position Yourself. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Creating a Kingdom Culture. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Dreaming with God: Unveiling the Mystery of Co-Laboring with Christ. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. Enduring Faith. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Erasing the Line Between the Secular and Sacred:Revolution Johnson, Bill. Extreme Living (2 discs). Johnson, Bill. Faith Anchored in the Unseen (4 discs). Johnson, Bill. Filled with the Fullness of God. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Friendship with God. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Generosity: A Military Move (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Glorious Church (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. Healing: Our Neglected Birthright (6 discs) Johnson, Bill. Healing: The Children’s Bread (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Hearing from God: How God Speaks to His People Johnson, Bill. Heaven: Our Model for Life and Ministry Here on Earth (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. How to Receive from God: How to Get into the River (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Invasion: Coming Soon to a City Near You (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. It is Finished. Johnson, Bill. A Key to Revival. Johnson, Bill. Leading from the Heart. (8 discs) Johnson, Bill. Mission Possible. Johnson, Bill. Not on My Shift: Praying in the New Day. Johnson, Bill. Overcoming Disappointment with God (2 discs). Johnson, Bill. The Perfect Storm: The Subduing Power of Peace. Johnson, Bill. Personal Restoration and the Priorities for Strength. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Power for Increase. Johnson, Bill. The Power of the Testimony (2 discs). Johnson, Bill. Prayer: The Kind that Changes the World. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. The Quest for the Face of God. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. Recovering our Spiritual Inheritance. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Releasing the Kingdom. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Revival Outside the Camp. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Revival: The Cost. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Revival: Revival Truths Discovered in the Life of Gideon (6 discs) Johnson, Bill. Roadblocks to Revival. (4 discs) Johnson, Bill. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Believers. Johnson, Bill. Stewards of the Heavenly. Johnson, Bill. Strategies for Taking Back the Planet. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill. Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. Johnson, Bill. The Supernatural Power of a Renewed Mind. (8 discs) Johnson, Bill. There Are No Poopless Cows. Johnson, Bill. What It Means to Be Forgiven. (2 discs) Johnson, Bill and Kris Vallotton. Here Come the Prophets. (2 discs) Johnson, Bonnie. Union with God: A Study of Mystics, Meditation, and Miracles. (6 discs) Johnson, Eric B. Salvation is Bigger than You Think. Johnson, Eric B. Viewing the Wall. Johnson, Eric B. Voice of the Church. (2 discs) Johnson, Eric B. What To Do Now Until Then. Liebscher, Banning. The Abundant Life. (3 discs) Liebscher, Banning. City-Taking Prayer. (4 discs) Liebscher, Banning. A House That Contends. (2 discs) Liebscher, Banning. It’s Time to Go Public. Liebscher, Banning. The Journey of a World-Changer. Liebscher, Banning. The New Breed of Revivalist: Emerging for the Healing of the Nations. (2 discs) Liebscher, Banning. Releasing Healing Revivalists. Liebscher, Banning. Revival Generations. Liebscher, Banning. The Revolution Is In You. Liebscher, Banning. Sanctified and Sent. (2 discs) Liebscher, Teresa. Shabar. (4 discs) Manwaring, Paul. Beauty and Glory. Manwaring, Paul. Born to be Happy. Manwaring, Paul. Glorious Sons Manwaring, Paul. Heaven’s Relational Government. Manwaring, Paul. Hope. Manwaring, Paul. How Big Is Your Grace? Manwaring, Paul. Justice: The Restoration of Relationships. Manwaring, Paul. Kisses from a Good God. Manwaring, Paul. Looking for a City. Manwaring, Paul. Moses: Three Trips Down the Mountain. Manwaring, Paul. The Power of Hope. Manwaring, Paul. The Supernatural Pastor. Manwaring, Paul. Strategies for Coming into Your Destiny. Manwaring, Paul. There is No Redeemer in the New Testament. Manwaring, Paul. The Three Princesses. Meisinger, Janie. Trees of Life: Inner Healing Ministries. A Jesus Journey. (2 discs) Meisinger, Janie. Trees of Life: Inner Healing Ministries. Advanced Tools. (2 discs) Overstreet, Chris. Feeding the Fire. Overstreet, Chris. The Finish Line. Overstreet, Chris. Journey of Love and Grace. Overstreet, Chris. Moving from Inheritance to Responsibility. Overstreet, Chris. Kingdom Now (2 discs) Reed, Deborah. Loving Your Children. (2 discs) Reed, Deborah. Pursue Love Through Worship. Reed, Deborah. Speaking God’s Heart Over Children: A Guideline for Giving Prophetic Words to Children. Reed, Deborah. Who’s Living in Your House? Reed, Deborah. Releasing and Training Children Workshops (DVD) Reed, Deborah. Children’s Supernatural Curriculum: 1st Quarter. (DVD) Reed, Deborah. Children’s Supernatural Curriculum: 2nd Quarter. (DVD) Reed, Deborah. Children’s Supernatural Curriculum. 3rd Quarter. (DVD) Reed, Deborah. God Has Nice Things to Say. Reed, Deborah. Leading Children in True Worship. Silk, Danny. The 7 Pillars: Creating Healthy Relationships (Loving on Purpose Relationship Skills). Silk, Danny. The 90/10 Factor: Where Love and Life Flow (Loving on Purpose Relationship Skills). Silk, Danny. Becoming a Man. Silk, Danny. The Communication Dance (Loving on Purpose Relationship Skills). Silk, Danny. The Community of Believers. Silk, Danny. Creating a Culture of Life. Silk, Danny. A Culture of Honor (Loving on Purpose Leadership Series). Silk, Danny. Defining the Relationship: A Premarital Course for Those Considering Marriage (Loving on Purpose: Relationship Skills) (9 discs). Silk, Danny. First Class Calling. Silk, Danny. Freedom to the Earth (Loving on Purpose Leadership Series). Silk, Danny. Helping People (8 discs). Silk, Danny. Keys to Confrontation (Loving on Purpose: Relationship Skills). Silk, Danny. Little by Little. Silk, Danny. Love Languages. Loving on Purpose: Relationship Skills. Silk, Danny. Loving Our Kids on Purpose: Preparing Our Kids for the Kingdom of God (Loving on Purpose: Biblical Parenting) (6 discs). Silk, Danny. Men and Women (Loving on Purpose Relationship Skills). Silk, Danny. Mistake Management. Silk, Danny. Powerful and Free: Women in the Church. (Loving on Purpose: Leadership Series). Silk, Danny. Revolution to Transformation. Loving on Purpose: Leadership Series. Silk, Danny. The Top Priority of Leadership. Silk, Danny. True and False Anointings. Silk, Danny. What is Your Name? Silk, Danny. Unpunishable: The Fruit of the Cross. (Loving on Purpose: Leadership Series) Silk, Danny. Look Into My Eyes. Silk, Sheri. What Lies Beneath: Greatness Revealed. Silk, Sheri. Women of Influence. Vallotton, Kris. 7 Pillars of Society. (6 discs) Vallotton, Kris. All the King’s Men (6 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Attributes of Royalty: Training for Reigning (6 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Back to the Future. Vallotton, Kris. Bethel School of the Prophets: Volume 1 (8 discs )Vallotton, Kris. Bethel School of the Prophets: Volume 2 (15 discs) Vallotton, Kris. The Conquest of Your Promised Land: A Prophetic Journey. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Context for Justice. Vallotton, Kris. Developing a Legacy. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Developing a Prophetic Culture. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Dreamers and the Ministry of Encouragement. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. The Father’s Blessing. Vallotton, Kris. Fear is Not Your Friend. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Fighting for Your Place in History. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. For the Love of God. Vallotton, Kris. From Glory to Glory: Biblical Patterns for Sustaining Revival. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Going Down to the Top. Vallotton, Kris. Holy Affection. Vallotton, Kris. Imitators of God. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Kingdom Transitions. Vallotton, Kris. Leadership for a New Millenium. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Leadership for the New Epoch Transition: Part One. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Leadership for the New Epoch Transition: Part Two. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Life Is Messy. Vallotton, Kris. Living From Eternity. Vallotton, Kris. Living from the Secret Place. Vallotton, Kris. Living in Graceland. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Love Never Fails. Vallotton, Kris. Ministering in the Spirit of Elijah. (5 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Mission: Apostle. (4 discs) Vallotton, Kris. The New Wineskin. Vallotton, Kris. From Paupers to Princes. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Purity: From the Battlefield to the Bedroom. Vallotton, Kris. Ravaging the Gates of Hell: A Personal Journey (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Rebuilding the Altar. Vallotton, Kris. Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Seasons of Your Life. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. Spirit Wars. (2 discs) Vallotton, Kris. The Tipping Point. Vallotton, Kris. All Truth is Not Created Equal. Vallotton, Kris. Unity of the Spirit. Vallotton, Kris.What Is That On Your Lens? Vallotton, Kris. What’s On Your Mind? Van Mol, Andre. Bioethics and Christian World View. (8 discs)

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Scope and Contents

Clark, Randy. Global Awakening School of Healing and Impartation Anthology Workbook. Desilva, Dawna and Teresa Liebscher. Sozo: Saved, Healed, Delivered. Advanced. Desilva, Dawna and Teresa Liebscher. Sozo: Saved, Healed, Delivered. Basic. Johnson, Bonnie. Kingdom Keys. Johnson, Eric and Anne Kalvestrand. Bethel Missions: Strategies for Transforming Nations. Liebscher, Teresa. Shabar DVD Training Manual. Prayer Servant Handbook. Silk, Danny. Defining the Relationship: A Premarital Course for Those Considering Marriage. Vallotton, Kris. Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry. Vallotton, Kris. Basic Training for the Supernatural Ways of Royalty. Vallotton, Kris. Bethel School of the Prophets.

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Miscellaneous handouts, flyers, and bulletins