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F. Ray Risdon Collection of Lincolniana and American Political Life COL-039
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Series 1: Published Works

Scope and Contents

Special Collections holds over 3000 monographs and 1000 pamphlets related to Lincoln, the American Civil War, and American politics. Items of note include first editions of Alexander Herndon's biography of Lincoln, U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence of 1865, Wells' Campaign Handbook of 1860 (with biographies of the candidates for President and Vice President), and the General Orders of the Department of the Gulf (Benjamin Butler, Commanding). While the bulk of these items focus on Lincoln, his Presidency, and the Civil War, these are not the only topics or eras represented here. Information about the full range of American political life from George Washington to the Civil Rights Movement is available for research. Items include well-known volumes from major publishing houses , as well as obscure documents from small and fine presses, and state and county governments. Likewise, a wide variety of ideological standpoints receive treatments, giving the researcher access to myriad interpretations of Lincoln and the American political life. Catalog records can be found by searching http://oasys.lib.oxy.edu/search.
Risdon collection call numbers are unusual, because they follow Risdon's own system. To find monographs and pamphlets in the collection follow these directions:
Go to the Call Number search page. Select "Dewey or Other Call Number" from the drop-down menu. Enter "2/x" where x=a number between 2-9, 14, or 16-19. The numbers refer to different genres. The list of call numbers and the genres to which they refer is as follows: 2/2 - Bibliography, 2/3 - Works by Lincoln, 2/4 - Works about Lincoln and the American Civil War, 2/5 - Books Lincoln Read, 2/6 - Lincoln's Family, 2/7 - Slavery, 2/8 - Oversize, 2/9 - Lincoln Societies, 2/14 - Lincoln Interest, 2/16 - Lincoln Pamphlets, 2/17 - Pamphlets to 1877, 2/18 - Pamphlets 1877-1972, 2/19 - Oversize

Series 2: Correspondence 1798-1957

Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 7.0 boxes

Scope and Contents

Includes over 300 letters from major political and military figures of the 19th and 20th centuries. Risdon collected for autographs, which resulted in a collection of greater breadth than depth. There are, however, themes and conversations that are sustained through the series. Correspondence between Civil War generals is one such area, and letters to the 19th-century San Diego attorney Ephraim W. Morse comprise another. Other letters discuss concerns about veterans' pensions and homesteads, and the deaths of presidents and other public figures (e.g. letters from Lucretia Garfield, wife of James A. Garfield, to fellow mourners).

Box 79 1848-1865


Lincoln, Abraham to Horace Warren (believed to be a forgery) Oct 17, 1860


Adams, Charles Francis to Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton Jan 13, 1887


Mr. Adams to Mr. Burd Apr 7


Arnold, Isaac W. to Samuel B. Ruggles Nov 18, 1861


Augur, Christopher C. to Mr. Clarkson Apr 22, 1869


Badeau, Adam to "My Dear Uzman" Mar 15, 1867


Badeau, Adam to Mr. Clarke Jun 5, 1886


Bancroft, Hubert Howe to Mr. Morse Oct 12, 1869


Banks, Nathaniel P. to [unknown] Sep 8, 1861


Banks, Nathaniel P. to Mr. Pussey May 23


Barnard, John G. to "My Dear Sir" Apr 2, 1870


Barnard, John G. to "My Dear Sir" Apr 8, 1871


Barnard, John G. to "Dear General" Jun 11, 1874


Barnard, John G. to "Dear Sir" Jul 17, 1874


Barnard, John G. to [illegible] Nov 24, 1876


Bates, Edward to Daniel J. Ross May 31, 1852


Beveridge, Albert J. to Don C. Seitz Nov 2, 1925


Bingham, Henry H. to Henry Bacon Jan 7, 1887


Bingham, Judson D., endorsements for promotion (official copy) Oct 1889


Birney, David B. to Mrs. Susan A. Dougherty Aug 11, 1864


Briggs, George N. to Mr. J. Richards Jan 28, 1861


Browning, O.H. to William J. Cullen: Indian Agent Appointment Apr 9, 1868


Bulloch, Alex H. to Mr. H.L. Parish Oct 31, 1865


Bulloch, Alex H. to Mr. Stedman Nov 3, 1865


Bussey, Cyrus to A.E. Bostwick Dec 31, 1887


Busteed, Richard to Susan C. Doughty Mar 28, 1864


Butler, Benjamin to James Redpath May 16, 1873


Butler, Benjamin to Nehemiah G. Ordway May 22, 1873


Butler, Benjamin to Simon Stevens July 28, 1874


Butler, Benjamin F. to Judge G.W. Nesmith Apr 23, 1890


Butler, Nicholas Murray: 1939 Christmas greetings 1939


Butler, Nicholas Murray to Mrs. John Percival Jefferson Apr 9, 1940


Cameron, Simon to William Cullen Bryant Nov 23, 1861


Chandler, Z. to Frank D. Newberry Jun 28, 1878


Childs, George W. to Henry Wilson Oct 22, 1863


Chiniquy, Charles to Reverend Patterson Sep 9, 1864


Clifford, John H. to Mister Richards Jan 15, 1861


Cobb, M.N. to Gordon William Childs Dec 30, 1862


David, C.A. to A.E. Keck Sep 19, 1895


Denison, C.W. to Samuel B. Ruggles Jul 14, 1867


Dickinson, Anna E. to Ira L. Hurd Mar 26, 1865


Dickinson, Anna E. to Luther Briggs Jun 26, 1865


Dix, John Adams to Major Brantz Mayor (Pay Dept.) Aug 28, 1863


Durant & Horner (Attorneys at Law, New Orleans) to Nathaniel P. Banks May 4, 1863


Everett, Edward to Miss Peabody Dec 24, 1845


Everett, Edward to Rev. Dr. W.B. Sprague Mar 6, 1857


Everett, Edward to Rev. Dr. W.B. Sprague Feb 25, 1859


Everett, Edward to Otis Parker Francis Mar 4, 1861


Farragut, David G. to Brigadier General Alexander Asboth Jul 16, 1864


Gardner, Henry Joseph to Mr. J. Richards Dec 26, 1860


Grant, Frederick Dent to Charles R. Deacon Sep 12, 1887


Grant, Frederick Dent to "My Dear Mrs. Townsend" Jun 30, 1895


Grant, Frederick Dent to Mr. Van Cleave Feb 17, 1909


Gurley, Phineas D. to Abraham Lincoln Aug 21, 1862


Hamlin, Hannibal to [unknown] Jan 1861


Harlan, John Marshall to James R.B. Van Cleave Feb 18, 1909


Harlan, John Marshall to James R.B. Van Cleave Mar 4, 1909


Harlan, John Marshall to James R.B. Van Cleave May 25, 1909


Healey, [illegible] to Z. Allen, Esq. Aug 2, 1848


Hendrie, James A. to F.J. Lippitt Jan 2, 1868


Howe, Julia Ward to Editor Mar 19, 1894


Hughes, Charles Evans to F. Ray Risdon Apr 27, 1922


Hughes, Charles Evans to F. Ray Risdon Mar 6, 1924


King, Preston (Republican Executive Congressional Committee) to Theo. Clancy Apr 11, 1860


King, Preston to Theodore Clancy May 11, 1860


LaFollette, Robert M., Sr. to Allen H. Wright Nov 19, 1904


Lewis, Charles Wheeler to Edwin Greble Jan 18, 1864


Lincoln, Levi Jr. to Otis Parker Francis, Esq. Mar 18, 1861


Mann, Horace to J.S. Durfee Dec 18, 1856


McCollum, Owen to Cyrus Bussey: pension Feb 14, 1893


Merritt, Mosley to Miss Mason May 9


Miller, Wendell to "Dear Stafford" Mar 11, 1876


Morton, Marcus to Edward E. Richards, Esq. Mar 18, 1861


Mulliky, Comdell to Sanborn n.d.


Newton, Isaac (Department of Agriculture) to Solomon Foot Jan 30, 1865


Pinchot, Gifford to John Carman Aug 22, 1910


Seward, Frederick W. to Samuel B. Ruggles Aug 31, 1864


Seward, Frederick W. to Samuel B. Ruggles Aug 25, 1876


Seward, William H. to Loring Willard Jun 3, 1845


Seward, William H. to Henry Willard Mar 17, 1859


Sewell, William to William Buell Franklin Jan 12, 1887


Sherman, William T. to Mrs. E.F. Hall May 1, 1886


Sigel, F. to William Gilchrist May 29, 1892


Smith, Gerrit to "Dear Friend" Jan 21, 1865


Smith, Gerrit to Robert Allen Feb 1, 1865


Sogun, John A. to Ulysses S. Grant Aug 31, 1872


Totten, Joseph Gilbert to Lieutenant J.J. Stevens Mar 31, 1848


Van Vliet, Stewart to Mrs. Huntrilman May 13, 1894


Van Vliet, Stewart to Adam Badeau "Friday"


Wade, Benjamin to General Benjamin Grierson Jan 27, 1867


Warner, J.J. to A.S. Ensworth Oct 21, 1863


White, Andrew Dickson to Moncure D. Conway Apr 20, 1892


White, Andrew Dickson to Allen Thorndyke Rice n.d.


Wilson, James Grant to John Chester Buttre Feb 27, 1889


Wilson, James Grant to Richard Watson Gilder Nov 10, 1902


Wilson, James Grant to Funk & Wagnalls Co. Oct 31, 1903


Wilson, J.H. to John William Weidemeyer Oct 11, 1888


[unknown] to General James Grant Wilson Aug 9, 1900


Wood, Thomas J. to [unknown] Jan 22, 1896


Wright, Silas to James K. Polk Jul 3, 1846


Wyman, Sarah M. to Horace Greeley Dec 6, 1870


Box 80 1824-1929


Allen, George B. to "My dear son Edward" Dec 8, 1878


Beecher, Henry Ward to Mechanics Bank Dec 22, 1886


Blaine, H.S. to Allen H. Wright Nov 9, 1891


Mrs. Blaine to Board of Trade of Minneapolis Apr 13, 1893


Blair, Henry W. to General Stephen Thomas Apr 14, 1887


Booth, Edwin to Marion Andrews May 14, 1872


Brown, C.C. to C.W. Thomas (attorney of Bellville, IL) Dec 3, 1900


Buchanan, James to Lucy W. Say: Land warrant Jan 10, 1860


Burroughs, John to J.J. Shirley, M.D. Sep 10, 1890


Carlisle, John Griffin to M.D. Phillips Jul 30, 1884


Carpenter, Frank B. to "Dear Carroll" Apr 1, 1884


Cheever, George Barrell to J.M. Ashley Mar 27, 1866


Chittenden, Simeon B. to Commodore James W. Nicholson, Brooklyn Navy Yard Jul 14, 1877


Clapps, Egbert I. to William Collins Whitney Mar 17, 1885


Clay, Henry to James Riker, Jr. (typed copy) Sep 1, 1848


Cross, Osborne to Major George P. Andrews Jan 27, 1853


Curtis, George William to "Dear Madame" Mar 31, 1890


Dana, Charles Anderson to Stilson Hutchins, Esq. Mar 6, 1879


Daniel, George E. to Herbert Hoover (copy) Feb 4, 1929


Davis, David (Justice) to C.P. Jacob, Esq. undated


Devens, Charles: "First Century" undated


Dixon, James to "My Dear Sir" Mar 16, 1864


Endicott, William Crowninshield to Mayor M.D. Hamilton of San Diego Oct 14, 1887


Fairchild, Charles Stebbins to "Dear Sir" Dec 9, 1908


Francis, David Rowland to Rev. Lawrence F. Bower Apr 5, 1900


Garland, Augustus H. to Martin I. Townsend Apr 10, 1885


Garland, Augustus H. to Martin I. Townsend Jun 29, 1886


Gresham, Walter Q. to E.T. Perrine Dec 21, 1884


Hallock, Charles to City Editor-San Diego Tribune Mar 6, 1905


Hamlin, Charles and Hannibal Emery to Allen H. Wright Mar 1, 1909


Hanna, Marcus Alonzo to L.A. Sheldon Jan 4, 1896


Hayes, Rutherford B. to Mrs. M.L. Wood Mar 13, 1882


Henderson, Thomas J. to Allen H. Wright Jul 30, 1910


Hendricks, Thomas A. to Russell Sage Mar 19, 1857


Hobart, George to Earle H. Eaton, Esq. Jun 30


Holland, G.G. to John L. King Oct 22, 1866


Hoover, Herbert to F. Ray Risdon Nov 16, 1922


Hoover, Herbert to George E. Daniel Feb 14, 1929


Hughes, Charles Evans to Robert Underwood Johnson Feb 17, 1910


Johnson, Reverdy to "Gentlemen" Jan 19, 1861


Keene, Laura to Marion Andrews Jan 15, 1869


Keene, Laura to Marion Andrews Feb 27, 1869


Keene, Laura to Marion Andrews Aug 16


Keene, Laura to Marion Andrews undated


Keeps, Simon to Anna Young: on seeing Lincoln in a hospital Apr 9, 1865


Kendall, Henry (D.D.) to "Dear Brother Wright": Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church Feb 23, 1888


King, J.L. to Mr. Bingham Feb 26, 1864


Lamon, Ward Hill to Henry H. House, Esq. Mar 30, 1886


Lamont, Daniel S. to Calvin E. Keach: regarding pardon of Seth Morrison July 23, 1884


Lamont, Daniel S. (Mrs.) to Allen H. Wright Nov 4


Lyon, Nathaniel to Francis Hinton May 30, 1851


Lyon, Nathaniel to Frank Ames Jun 5, 1860


Lyon, Nathaniel to Commanding Officer, San Diego Jan 15, 1861


MacVeagh, Wayne to Charles Elmer Rice Jun 9, 1891


Manning, Daniel (Mrs.) to Allen Henry Wright Jun 6, 1906


Oliver, Robert to "My Dear Caroline" (daughter-in-law) Aug 1, 1857


Orendorff, Alfred to Allen H. Wright Apr 1, 1909


Otto, W.T. to H.B. Anthony Feb 23, 1863


Phillips, Wendell to [illegible]: regarding Lieutenant Earle and Charles Sumner Sep 18, 1852


Pierpont, John to President of the United States (Abraham Lincoln) Jan 15, 1863


Risdon, F. Ray to Charles Evans Hughes (copy) Apr 19, 1922


Ruffin, Edmund to "Dear Harrison" Jul 16, 1824


Schofield, John McAllister to Benjamin Grierson Nov 1, 1886


Sherman, James S. to Mr. Allen H. Wright Nov 10, 1894


Sherman, James S. to Allen H. Wright Jan 29, 1904


Sherman, John to Benjamin Grierson Apr 18, 1882


Sherman, William Tecumseh to W.H. Yale Feb 22, 1889


Stanton, Edwin M. to J.M. Ashley Mar 31, 1868


Stevens, Thaddeus to "Dear Sir" Apr 25, 1868


Stimson, A.E. to W.L. Scott Mar 1, 1889


Taft, William Howard to G.A. Davidson Aug 6, 1921


Townsend, George Alfred to William John McGee Jul 5, 1885


Tyndale, Sharon, bond of $3000 to Charles R. Hurst Jul 7, 1865


Warner, Charles K. to "Dear Sir" May 20, 1908


Whitney, William Collins to Messrs. Townsend and Weed Aug 25, 1879


Wright, Allen H. to Mrs. Daniel S. Lamont Jul 30, 1913


[illegible], Judd (of Plainfield, NJ) to "Dear Mr. King" Feb 15, 1916


[illegible], William to Allen H. Wright Feb 18, 1907


Signature cards and images


Andrew, John Albion, signature n.d.


Banks, Nathaniel P., signature n.d.


Bayard, Thomas F. Sr., signature card undated


Bissell, Wilson Shannon, signature card undated


Carlisle, John G., signature card undated


Cleveland, Grover, image 1907


Colman, Norman Jay, signature card undated


Dickinson, Don M., death notice Oct 15, 1917


Fairchild, Charles S., signature card undated


Garfield, Eliza, signature cards


Gresham, Walter Q., signature card undated


Harmon, Judson, image undated


Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, signature card Apr 14, 1892


Lamont, Daniel S., image undated


Manning, Mrs. Daniel, President of the Board of Lady Managers, image undated


Manning, Daniel, signature card undated


Morton, J. Sterling, image 1901


Olney, Richard, signature card undated


President Cleveland's First Cabinet, image undated


Smith, M. Hoke, signature card undated


Stevenson, Adlai E. and Herbert S. Hadley, image undated


Taft, William Howard, signature cards n.d.


"Typical Americans": Mrs. Grover Cleveland, and Winthrop Murray Crane, image 1908


Vilas, William Freeman, signature card Oct 7, 1891


Signature cards for Presidents Grant, McKinley, and Fillmore n.d.


Box 81 1798-1937


Civil War Soldiers


[unknown, Henry to "My dear Mother" Oct 21, 1864


[illegible], James to My Dear Nephew: New York Draft Riots July 14, 1863


Aunt Nellie to D.A. Pollard (3rd Co, 7th Regt) June


Moses (at "Camp near Staford Corthouse") to "Dear Brother" May 31, 1863


Paar, Benjamin L. (at Fort Barnard) to "Friend James" May 14, 1862


Treadwell, Marcus M. (12th Regt. Mass Vols) to "Friend James" May 10, 1862


Tunney, John to "My Darling Mother" about the death of Lincoln Apr 15, 1865


Watts, James W. (at Port Albany) to "Friend James" Mar 3, 1862


Watts, James W. (14th Regt. Mass. Vols.) to "Friend Webber" May 31, 1863


Wilson, Andrew, Bugler in the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry 1863-1864

Ten letters to his family, one letter from a friend to Wilson in the hospital (though after Wilson's death), and the death notice to his family from a surgeon at Lincoln General Hospital.

Letters to Ezra A. Carman 1858-1885


Blaine, James G. to Ezra A. Carman Apr 8, 1885


Corbin, H.C. to Ezra A. Carman July 13, 1881


Everts, to Ezra A. Carman Sep 8, 1879


Garfield, James A. to Ezra A. Carman Jan 9, 1880


Garfield, James A. to Ezra A. Carman Mar 16, 1880


Henry, Joseph to Ezra A. Carman Dec 21, 1858


Johnson, Bushrod Rust to Ezra A. Carman regarding Carman's Masters diploma Jun 27, 1859


Slocum, Henry W. to Ezra Carman Dec 24, 1865


Stockton, Robert F. to Ezra A. Carman Mar 1, 1865


Other letters


S.E. Allen: Marksman's certificate for Sergeant W.N. Hutchinson Target year 1886


Arthur, Chester A.: commission of Edward G. Bush to Major in the US Army Apr 11, 1882


Arthur, Chester A.: Timber Culture Certificate for Alza M. Stewart Mar 10, 1883


Ayer, Lewis M. Jr. to Robert Barnwell Rhett, Sr. regarding the Charleston Mercury Feb 6, 1858


[illegible] to Robert Barnwell Rhett Jan 21, 1860


Bangs, E.L. to Calvin Coolidge (copy) Sep 19, 1923


Beecham, Eliot to Allen H. Wright Oct 24, 1919


Blaine, James G. to George B. Lossing Oct 13, 1881


Brewster, Benjamin H. to The President [Chester A. Arthur] Dec 12, 1884


Brewster, Benjamin Harris to Benjamin Perley Poore Dec 18, 1884


Buchanan, James: Land Grant to Jonathan Owen, Private in the Georgia Militia, for service in the Creek War Dec 1, 1857


Buchanan, James: land grant to Elizabeth Hodges, widow of Daniel Hodges, Private in the Tennessee Militia May 1, 1860


Chandler, William E. to J.D. Lyman Sep 26, 1884


"W.E. Chandler Dead" undated


Chapman, James Jr. to Robert Barnwell Rhett, Sr. Sep 18, 1859


Clay, Henry: consular certificate for Thomas M. Rodney to Havana May 17, 1825


Coolidge, Calvin to E.L. Bangs Sep 22, 1923


Coolidge, Calvin to G.A. Davidson Sep 25, 1923


Crowninshield, Benjamin William to Francis Silsten, Esq. Jun 9, 1837


Davis, Henry Winters to "Sir" Oct 7, 1859


Fillmore, Millard: regarding the Steamer California Feb 25, 1853


Floyd, R.J. (Captain), report of San Francisco Baker's Strike undated


Folger, Charles J. to [unknown] undated


Frelinghuysen, Frederick T. to Henry Moore Teller: regarding a pension application Apr 27, 1883


"General Garfield's Favorite Hymn" Sep 26, 1881


Garfield, Lucretia to Mrs. Sheldon Jan 13, 1882


Garfield, Lucretia to Joseph F. Tuttle Jan 16, 1882


Garfield, Lucretia to Joseph F. Tuttle Jan 20, 1882


Garfield, Lucretia to Mrs. Sheldon undated


Garrison, William Lloyd to unknown, poem of women's suffrage Mar 31, 1878


Graham, George to The President of the United States (James Monroe): proposed Military Academy entrants Feb 21, 1817


Grant, Gilbert A. to My Dear Sir, from the Republican Central Committee of the State of California Aug 17, 1860


Harding, Warren G. to G.M. Saltzgaber regarding Civil War soldier pension Aug 8, 1916


Harding, Warren G. to Mayor L.J. Welde, regarding naval improvement of San Diego Bay Apr 3, 1918


Harding, Warren G. to E.C. Tieman Jan 10, 1920


Hay, John Milton: three pages from diaries (copies) Dec 29, 1862


Hilles, Charles D. to Mr. Allen H. Wright Dec 4, 1911


Hoover, Herbert to Mayor Harry C. Clark Jul 1, 1929


Howe, Timothy O. to E.B. [illegible] Mar 9, 1869


Hunt, William Henry to Benjamin H. Brewster Apr 7, 1882


James, Thomas L. to Joseph Harriman, Esq. Mar 23, 1881


Johnson, Andrew: seal authorization Jun 27, 1868


Johnson, Herschel V. (Governor) to Thomas H. Ellis about R.L. Hunter, surveyor Mar 27, 1857


Leyna, Ignacio M. to Juan Basilio De Leyva Febrero 23 de 1834

Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian

Madison, James: permission for the Schooner Louisiana to leave port Dec, 1809


Markham Edwin, inscribed poem to Frederick Ray Risdon August, 1922


McLean, John to William Skinner Sep 26, 1828


Risdon, F. Ray to Mrs. Woodrow Wilson requesting President Wilson's signature Oct 20, 1917


Risdon, F. Ray to Calvin Coolidge (copy) Apr 19, 1922


Risdon, F. Ray to Calvin Coolidge (copy) May 13, 1922


Risdon, F. Ray to Calvin Coolidge (copy) Jun 20, 1922


Risdon, F. Ray to Sergeant-at-Arms Sep 3, 1923


Rosenburg Family Record 1847-1881


Rush, Richard: travel permit for William Preston Apr 3, 1817


Sayre, Jessie Wilson to Dr. Hunter (copy) Feb 1, 1926


Scudder, Henry J. to "My Darling" March, 1864


Senator [illegible] to E. Barrows, Esq. Feb 7, 1878


Southard, Samuel L. to G.N. Drury Jan 15, 1839


Taft, Helen H. to "Mr. Davidson" Sep 26, 1937


Teller, Henry Moore to Mr. Henry B. Dawson Dec 15, 1883


Thompson, Smith: bond of $630 to Thomas Pearsall Mar 24, 1798


Tompkins, Daniel: appointing Samuel Cheever and Josiah Granger justices of the peace Mar 23, 1816


Tumulty, Joseph P. to Vernon P. McCombs Aug 21, 1918


Wilson, Edith Bolling to Mrs. G. Aubrey Davidson Oct 21, 1935


Wilson, Jessie to Charles Ferguson Aug 2, 1913


Wilson, Margaret W. to Padre [Charles Ferguson] Nov 9, 1913


Wilson, Woodrow to Allen H. Wright Jan 4, 1911


Wilson, Woodrow to Mr. C.A. Davidson Dec 30, 1920


Lyric: the Dying Californian undated


postmarked envelope with T. Roosevelt stamp Oct 27, 1924


Box 82: Civil War Generals 1852-1899


Adams, Charles Francis to General Walker


Allen, Robert to Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham July 21, 1863


Allen, Robert to Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham July 29, 1863


Allen, Robert to Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham Aug 15, 1863


Allen, Robert to Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham Oct 21, 1863


Allen, Robert to Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham Feb 2, 1864


Amory, Thomas J.C. (Thomas Jonathan Coffin) to Major William R. Gibson Jan 12, 1864


Andrew, J.A. (John Albion) to "My Dear Doctor" May 24, 1864


Babcock, O.E. (Orville Elias) to "Conner" Sep 6, 1872


Badeau, Adam to Mr. Pikes Dec 2 1879


Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss to Mr. Wrightman Jan 22, 1861


Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss to Edward De Forest Jan 31, 1867


Captain Beckwith to Seth Williams Dec 23, 1864


Bingham, Henry Harrison to Katherine Bartot Dec 10, 1890


Bingham, Judson David to Captain A. Woolfolk May 30, 1863


Brice, Benjamin William to "Maj? Dennison" (William Neil Dennison) Jan 11, 1866


Brice, Benjamin William to Major S.C. Warbeck April 27, 1865


Buckland, Ralph Pomeroy Feb 4, 1880


Bussey, Cyrus to William Worth Belknap Jan 15, 1873


Butler, Benjamin Franklin to William Buel Franklin Aug 10, 1880


Butler, Benjamin Franklin to William Buel Franklin Jan 5, 1881


Cormack, James, Jr. to Seth Williams Apr 13, 1864


Ford, Thomas, to George Gordon Meade Mar 8, 1864


Hufty, Samuel to Paymaster General Aug 18, 1865


Ingalls, Rufus to Captain Peter Perkins Pitkin Sep 29, 1862


Ingalls, Rufus to William Worth Belknap n.d.


Meigs, Montgomery C. to Robert Allen (true copy) July 28, 1863


Miles, Nelson Appleton to Mr Loury July 5, 1896


Sewell, William Joyce to Major George Montague Wheeler Feb 7, 1899


Stringfellow, Robert to General Patrick, Marsena Rudolph Dec 8, 1863


Thomas, C.W. to Capt. Judson David Bingham June 12, 1863


Thomas, C.W. to Maj. S.C. Harbert Nov 21, 1863


Totten, Joseph to James B. McPherson July 5, 1861


Totten, Joseph to Secretary of State, Ohio May 12, 1852


Totten, Joseph to Secretary of State, Ohio Dec 4, 1852


Townsend, Edward Davis to Benjamin Parley Poore Dec 9, 1875


Townsend, Edward Davis to Marcus Joseph Wrigh Feb 14, 1863


Treat, R.B. to E. Henry Aug 25, 1864


Whipple, William D. to Mrs. E.F. Blackman May 4, 1890


Williams, Seth to Isreal B. Richardson Sep 13, 1861


Williams, Seth to Provost Master General Feb 25, 1863


Williams, Seth Dec 17, 1864


Williams, Seth Oct 22, 1864


Williams, Seth to Major Munroe April 10, 1845


Williams, Seth to George Gordon Meade, 1815-1872 July 29, 1863


Wilson, James Grant to John Page Nicholson July 25, 1900


Wilson, James Grant to General Lloyd Bryce 21 Aug, 1891


Wright, Horatio Gouverneur to Captain J. Dixon March 19, 1887


Wright, Horatio Gouverneur to Captain J. Dixon Mar 17, 1893


Box 83 1857-1894


Fremont, John Charles 1857-1894

Abstract: Includes letters (as noted), signature cards, newspaper clippings, and part of Fremont in the Conquest of California, and The Discovery of Gold in California.

Bryant, William Cullen to Col. John C. Fremont Oct 9, 1856


Fremont, Jessie Benton to Captain de Arnaud October 25 [no year]


J.C. Fremont to Mr. Blair Tuesday Morning


J.C. Fremont: a Bond of $6000 to Charles Gould Jan 1, 1857


Fremont, John C. to [unknown] Aug 16, 1861


Rosecrans, William S. (William Starke) 1867-1883, 1918


W.S. Rosecrans, reproduction from the original painting by Chappel


Rosecrans to E.D. Morse, of San Diego Jul 19, 1867


Rosecrans to E.W. Morse, of San Diego Aug 6, 1867


Rosecrans to E.B. Morse, of San Diego Dec 15, 1867


Rosecrans to E.B. Morse, of San Diego Jan 4, 1868


Rosecrans to E.B. Morse, of San Diego Jan 12, 1868


Rosecrans to E.B. Morse, of San Diego Apr 5, 1868


Rosecrans to E.W. Morse, of San Diego Jun 22, 1868


Rosecrans to The President and Directors of the San Diego and Gila City South Pacific and Atl Railroad Co. Sep 24, 1869


Rosecrans to E.W. Morse, of San Diego Jun 27, 1871


Rosecrans to E.W. Morse, of San Diego Jan 24, 1883


Rosecrans to A.E. Rosecrans, power of attorney


Senate Bill 4171, to appropriate the sum of $10,000 to erect a monument to mark the grave of Major General William S. Rosecrans


Welles, Gideon 1861-1867


Curtin, Andrew Gregg to Welles March 18, 1861


Corwin, Thomas to Welles 29 March, 1865


Rice, Alex H. to Welles June 3, 1865


[illegible] to Welles Nov 20, 1865


Fulton, R.E. to Welles Dec 21, 1864


Newell, W.A. to Welles Jan 5, 1867


English, James E. to Welles Oct 31, 1867


Morgan, E.D. to Welles May 5, 1863


Sprague, William to Welles Feb 12, 1862


Smith, James Youngs to Welles Dec 21, 1863


Cannon, William to Welles Oct 11, 1864


Pennington, William to Welles May 18, 1861


Goodwin, Ichabod to Welles Aug 31, 1868


Morgan, George D. to Gideon Welles Jan 31, 1861


Welles to Rear Admiral A.H. Foote: regarding four steamers at Port Royal Jun 13, 1863


Welles to John A. Andrews (Governor): regarding a request for Naval vessels to protect undefended ports in Massachusetts Feb 3, 1863


Buckingham, William A. to Gideon Welles: secession Feb 4, 1861


Other letters 1861-1924


Brown, N.W. to E.W. Morse Nov 15, 1889


Brown, N.W. to E.W. Morse Sep 21, 1892


Brown, N.W. to E.W. Morse Oct 13, 1892


Brown, N.W. to Arthur Luring Oct 13, 1892


Brown, N.W. to Stewart H. Morse Oct 27, 1892


Darnall, Tom to Mr. Morse Apr 30, 1861


Darnall, Tom to Mr. Morse Jun 15, 1861


Ensworth, A. to Mr. Morse Apr 19, 1865


Ensworth, A. to Mr. Morse regarding death of John Wilkes Booth Apr 27, 1865


Ensworth, A. to Mr. Morse May 3, 1865


Ensworth, A. to Mr. Morse regarding sale of property May 18, 1865


Heintzelman, Samuel P. to E.W. Morse Feb 15, 1877


Heintzelman, Samuel Peter to E.W. Morse Feb 18, 1877


Heintzelman, Samuel Peter to E.W. Morse Mar 20, 1877


Heintzelman, Samuel Peter to E.W. Morse Dec 20, 1877


Heintzelman, Samuel P. to E.W. Morse Dec 21, 1877


Lincoln, Robert Todd 1899-1924

Abstract: Letter to the Attorney General in his capacity as Sec. of War, two copies of letters from R.T. Lincoln to a Mr. Burnham, brief correspondence with F. Ray Risdon, and a copy of a letter to Deweitt Miller repudiating Herndon's book.

Government appointments 1862-1893

Abstract: Four letters regarding appointments to clerkships, and one for the quartermaster of 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Army Corps.

Invitations, power of attorney, and autograph letters

Abstract: Four autograph letters, documents from the State Bank of Ill (1839), Burton B. Linville power of attorney to Abraham Lincoln, a statement from Andrew Johnson about the Hermitage in Tennessee, and an invitation from Henry Clay (Dec 1827)


Abstract: Approximately 30 autographs (names only).

Box 131: Frank B. Cowgill


Box 132: Ralph G. Lindstrom


Box 152: Risdon's Lincolniana correspondence and receipts 1910-1925


Box 153: Risdon's Lincolniana correspondence and receipts 1925-1940


Box 154: Risdon's Lincolniana correspondence and receipts 1941-1949


Box 155: Risdon's Lincolniana correspondence and receipts 1950-1957


Box 156: Lincolniana collectors other than Risdon


Boxes 171-174: Risdon personal papers


Series 3: Certificates & Military Registers 1799-1866

Scope and Contents

This series consists of two boxes. The first documents the Civil War experience of the 34th Massachusetts Volunteers Infantry Regiment through quarterly logistical reports, monthly supply receipts, and muster rolls. These reports track supplies at the company level as they went on the march, engaged in combat, or performed garrison duties. Most reports are from their encampment at Harper's Ferry, VA, but other locations include Fort Lyon, VA, Camp Upton Hill, VA, and "In the field." The second box houses approximately 500 small civilian legal documents. These include stock and bond papers, oaths of allegiance, transportation receipts, customs forms, and other administrative documents.

Box 1: 34th Mass. Inf. Quartermaster Reports Oct 1862-July 1865


Box 74: fugitive slave reports, ship customs documents, military orders, poll tax receipts, oaths of allegiance, stock papers, and local government receipts (especially Illinois) 1799-1866


Series 4: Campaign Literature, Paraphernalia, & Songs 1824-1968

Scope and Content

Risdon collected memorabilia from every campaign between 1824 and his death in 1958. Most items are leaflets and ribbons, others include buttons, medallions, and postcards.

Box 10: campaign years 1824, 1836, 1840, 1844, 1848, 1852, 1856, 1860


Box 11: campaign years 1864, 1868, 1872, 1876, 1880, 1884


Box 12: campaign years 1888, 1892, 1896, 1900, 1904


Box 13: campaign years 1908, 1912, 1916, 1920


Box 14: campaign years 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936


Box 15a: campaign years 1940, 1944


Box 15b: campaign years 1948, 1952, 1960, 1968


Series 5: Memorials (commemorative)

Scope and Contents

Items in this series include broadsheets, ribbons, radio transcripts, and silkscreens. Also included are lists of pamphlets that are not yet cataloged (see box descriptions for specific titles).

Box 17: Advertisements

Scope and Contents

Lists of presidents, first ladies, and other important political figures. These lists are printed by private companies and include advertisements. Companies include Alka-Seltzer, S.S.S. (a skin beautifier), and Blade Paper & Printing Co., among many others.

Box 18: Washington

Scope and Contents

Uncataloged pamphlets: Washington's Farewell Address. Baltimore, 1810. Lessons of Encouragement from the Times of Washington. New York, 1863. Two Addresses, by Joseph Willard and David Tappan. Cambridge, 1800. An Old Relic: Funeral Oration by Captain Dunham. Boston, 1799. Congressional Banquet in honor of George Washington. Washington, 1852.

Box 19: Washington

Scope and Contents

postcards, leaflets, and visitor's guide from organizations including: Union League Club of Chicago, North German Lloyd Steamship Co., and the Sulgrave Institution. Pamphlets: Washington Eulogies, a checklist. NYPL, 1916.

Box 20: Washington

Scope and Contents

Commemorative materials from Hotel Ormond (Fl.), and the National Monument Society. Pamphlets: Plan of Part of Mount Vernon (with map). Authenticated Copy of the Last Will and Testament of George Washington. Washington, 1868. George Washington: Ein Freimaurerisches Lebensbild. Zwickau, 1868. Washington: Sein Lebensbild nach Washington Irving. Zurich, 1872.

Box 21: Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Johnson

Scope and Contents

Report of Fillmore's love letters to Dorothea Dix. Hoover's address at unveiling of statue of Buchanan. Speeches of Buchanan and Pierce. Uncataloged Pamphlet: Biography of Millard Fillmore. Buffalo, 1856.

Box 22: Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and J.Q. Adams

Scope and Contents

Medallions and pamphlets. Uncataloged pamphlets: Eulogy on the Life and Character of James Monroe, by J.Q. Adams. Boston, 1831. Eulogy on the Life and Character of J.Q. Adams, by Edward Everett. Boston, 1848. Oration to the Town of Quincy, by J.Q. Adams. Boston, 1831. Discourse on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, by Daniel Webster. Boston, 1826. Discourse on Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, by William Wirt. Washington, 1826. Eulogy on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, by William Alexander Duer. Albany, 1826.

Box 23: Jackson, Van Buren, W.H. Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor

Scope and Contents

Coins, postcards, obituary addresses, and the Mayflower Hotel's Jackson Day Dinner program. Uncataloged Pamphlets: Life and Public Services of Gen. Z. Taylor. NY, 1850.

Box 24: Grant

Scope and Contents

Uncataloged Pamphlets: Report of Gen. Grant on the Operations of the Union Army. The Charge of Packing the Court Against President Grant. Worcester, 1896. Memorial Adress by Gen. Thomas J. Henderson.

Box 25: Hayes and Garfield

Scope and Contents

Sermons and eulogies on Garfield. Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society celebrating Hayes.

Box 26: Garfield

Scope and Contents


Box 27: Garfield

Scope and Contents


Box 28: Garfield

Scope and Contents

Sciopticon slides.

Box 29: Arthur, Cleveland, and B. Harrison


Box 30: McKinley

Scope and Contents

McKinley Day Banquet programs, McKinley National Memorial posters, and certificates of membership to McKinley commemoration organizations.

Box 31: McKinley

Scope and Contents

Speeches by McKinley, Finance Committee Reports, and Chittenden Hotel promotional material.

Box 32: William Jennings Bryan

Scope and Content

Addresses by and about Bryan, reports on convention, and uncataloged pamphlet: Proceedings in the House of Representatives on the Life, Character, and Public Services of William Jennings Bryan. 1926.

Box 33: Teddy Roosevelt

Scope and Contents

Sketches, poems, and commemorative addresses.

Box 34: T. Roosevelt


Box 35: T. Roosevelt, calendars


Box 36: T. Roosevelt, messages


Box 37: Taft


Box 38: Wilson


Box 39: Wilson


Box 40: Harding


Box 41: Harding


Box 42: Coolidge

Scope and Contents

Includes uncataloged pamphlet: Coolidge: His First Biography. Addresses by His Excellency, Calvin Coolidge.

Box 43: Coolidge


Box 44: Hoover


Box 45: F.D. Roosevelt


Box 46: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, L.B. Johnson


Box 47: Nixon


Box 49: Poetry


Box 50: Lincoln anniversary speeches


Box 51: Freemasons on Lincoln, and other speeches


Series 6: Newspapers, Broadsides, Playbills, & Posters

Scope and Contents

Includes scripts for films and plays, promotional materials for those productions, and thousands of news clippings from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century.

Box 57: Lincoln on stage


Box 58: Lincoln on stage


Box 59: Books serialized in magazines


Box 119: Highland Democrat annual Lincoln dinner reports 1904-1925


Box 125: News clippings about Lincoln 1865-1953


Box 126: News clippings about Lincoln 1865-1960


Box 135: 19th-century newspapers


Box 136: clippings about Lincoln


Box 137: Scrapbooks of Lincoln clippings


Box 138: Scrapbooks of Lincoln clippings


Series 7: Pictorial Works

Scope and Contents

Many of the items that relate to Lincoln are post-bellum artistic representations of the Lincoln myth as much as the man. There are also photographs of Lincoln, the Supreme Court, and major government officials such as General John J. Pershing. The series houses accordion booklets with reproduction drawings of Civil War generals. It also contains images of later figures and scenes, including photographs from President McKinley's inauguration, and stereopticon slides of the White House and its visitors, American cityscapes, and the Spanish-American War.

Box 54: Lincoln Photographs


Box 55: Magazine photographs of Lincoln


Box 56: Scenes from the life of Lincoln


Box 60: Scenes from the life of Lincoln


Box 61: Pictures of Lincoln statues and shrines


Box 109: early 20th-century photographs of political and intellectual figures


Box 110: lithographs of Union generals and other public figures


Box 112: five albums of civil war generals and soldiers


Box 115: Reproductions of Lincoln images


Box 116: Photographs of Lincoln and Civil War


Boxes 157-170: stereopticon slides (boxes 164-170 of American political figures)



Scope and Contents

Sixteen framed images of Lincoln and other political figures.

Series 8: Sheet Music

Scope and Contents

Campaign and war songs are often in broadsheet and pamphlet format, of which the collection holds over 200. Large books of sheet music for piano and voice are found in boxes 75-78.

Box 16: Campaign and funeral songs of presidents

Abstract: Campaign and War songs

Box 52: Civil War Songs


Box 53: Lincoln songs from campaigns and funeral


Box 75: piano sheet music, classical and show tunes, 20th century


Box 76: Vocal music by Thomas P. Westendorf


Box 77: Lincoln memorial music


Box 78: 19th-century music for the piano


Series 9: Keepsakes & Ephemera

Scope and Contents

Includes commemorative objects in honor of Lincoln, and a few items about holidays and other public figures. Many of these items date from the 20th century, and were purchased on visits to historic sites around the country.

Box 62: Lincoln calendars


Box 63: Lincoln envelopes


Box 64: Lincoln ribbons and other memorabilia


Box 65: Lincoln pennies, buttons, and watch fobs


Box 66: Lincoln Association Badges


Box 67: Lincoln buttons & ribbons


Box 68: Lincoln mementos made of wood


Box 69: Lincoln medallions, and mementos made of wood


Box 70: Thanksgiving Day Proclamations


Box 71: Autographs of famous people


Box 72: Autograph Albums


Box 73: photostats and facsimiles


Box 111: Civil War Battlefield memorabilia


Box 117: programs, invitations, and battlefield memorabilia


Box 118: Thanksgiving Day Proclamations 1865-1920


Box 120: Paperweights


Box 121: Chatauqua cards, calendars, autograph albums


Box 122: Little Journeys to the Homes of American Authors


Box 123: Lincoln memorabilia


Box 124: Lincoln memorabilia


Box 127: ephemera from Lincoln shrines 1920-1950


Box 128: memorabilia including wood from Lincoln's law office


Box 129: memorabilia including marble from Lincoln's sarcophagus


Box 130: keepsakes of the Republican Club


Box 133: Numismatic and Philatelic material, Lincoln calendars 1915-1919


Box 134: Poetry and congressional resolutions


Box 139: Lincoln Clubs (of Los Angeles, Boston, and Colorado)


Box 140: Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California 1940-1949


Box 141: Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California 1950-1959


Box 142: Lincoln Memorial University


Box 143: Lincoln Day Observances (California)


Box 144: Lincoln calendars


Box 145: Lincoln Day Observances (National Republican Club)


Box 146: Lincoln Day Observances (D.C., New York, and Illinois)


Box 147: Lincoln Day Observances (elsewhere in U.S.A.)


Box 148: Lincoln Day Observances (elsewhere in U.S.A.)


Box 149: Lincoln postcards


Box 150: Lincoln greeting cards


Box 151: Commercial uses of Lincoln's name


Series 10: Realia

Scope and Contents

Busts, statues, and other oversize items representing Lincoln and other political figures.