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Language of Material: English
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Title: Stanford Stories Collection
Identifier/Call Number: SC1279
Physical Description: 12705 megabyte(s)
Date (inclusive): 2015

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[identification of item], Stanford Stories Collection (SC1279). Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.


Stanford Stories participants are listed alphabetically in the finding aid by last name. Alumni class graduation years are indicated as provided. In the event of multiple interviewees, all names are indexed.

Conditions Governing Access

Unless otherwise indicated, materials are open for research use. Audio-visual materials are not available in original format, and must be reformatted to a digital use copy.

Conditions Governing Use

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Scope and Contents

The Stanford Stories collection consists of brief oral histories provided by current Stanford students and Stanford alumni. Oral histories are recorded in person by Stanford University Archives staff, or are contributed as voice recordings via the Stanford Stories telephone line (415-952-7241).
Select video recordings are available on Stanford University Libraries YouTube channel, under the "Stanford University Archives: Stanford Stories"  playlist.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Student life.
Stanford alumni
College students -- California
Oral histories.


Abend, C. Josh (Class of 1950) 2015

Abend, C. Josh (Class of 1950)


Aguiar, Josias (Class of 2005) 2015

Aguiar, Josias (Class of 2005)


Ailes, Gabrielle (Class of 2011) 2015


Alexander, Shelley (with Chun, Anne-Marie "Punky") (Class of 2011) 2015


Arty, Patricia (with Bhat, Nit) (Class of 2010) 2015


Bacon, Kimberly (with Basnett, Kaitlyn Makanaakua) (Class of 2015) 2015


Basnett, Kaitlyn Makanaakua (with Bacon, Kimberly) (Class of 2015) 2015


Bentz, Michael (Class of 1980, MS 1981) 2015


Berg, Patricia Donovan (Class of 1955) 2015


Beyer, Betsy (with Gardner, Erin) (Class of 2005) 2015


Bhat, Nit (with Arty, Patricia) (Class of 2010) 2015


Blewitt, Kim (Class of 1992) 2015


Brown, Alyssa (with Nolff, Jordan) (Class of 2012) 2015


Brown, Warren (Class of 1955) 2015


Burgenbauch, Susan (Class of 1965) 2015


Burke, Bernard (Class of 1958) 2015


Burke, Eleanor George (Class of 1960) 2015


Chun, Anne-Marie "Punky" (with Alexander, Shelley) (Class of 2011) 2015


Chun, Judy (Class of 1981) 2015


Corrin, Lois (Class of 1975) 2015


Diaz, Juan Carlos Ochoa (Class of 2005) 2015


Dillard, Mary (Class of 1990) 2015


Elliot, Stuart (Class of 1949) 2015


Esquibel, Daniel Martin "Marty" (Class of 1990) 2015


Firestone, Kimball (Class of 1955) 2015


Frazier, Laurel (Class of 2014) 2015


Fried, Katja (Class of 1995) 2015


Funkhouser, Ray (Class of 1960) 2015


Gardner, Erin (with Beyer, Betsy) (Class of 2005) 2015


Green, Ann (with Green, George) (Class of 1962) 2015


Green, George (with Green, Ann) (Class of 1960) 2015


Griffing, Edward (Class of 1955) 2015


Harine, Angela Parizek (Social class of 1964, class of 1985) 2015


Hemphill, Marka Davis (Class of 1960) 2015


Hill, David (Class of 1953) 2015


Holman, Dean (Class of 1951, MBA 1952) 2015


Ibarra, Juan (1995) 2015


Kensek, Craig (Class of 1980) 2015


Kingham, Sallie Cross (Class of 1965) 2015


Kulic, Nuri (Class of 1950) 2015


Lara, Irene (Class of 1995) 2015


Mendoza, Ali Katrina (Class of 2010) 2015


Mendoza, Jerilyn Lopez (Class of 1990) 2015


Merrill, David (with Sheng, Amy) (Class of 2000) 2015


Michaelson, Hal (Class of 1971) 2015


Miller, Carol Ann Newman (Class of 1970, MD 1975) 2015


Moguel, Walter (Class of 1990) 2015


Morgan, David (Class of 1965) 2015


Mosley, Michael (Class of 2000) 2015


Nolff, Jordan (with Brown, Alyssa) (Class of 2012) 2015


Paige, Christopher (Class of 1965) 2015


Paige, Tina Duncan (Class of 1965) 2015


Perez, Mary (Class of 2005) 2015


Phan, Quynh (Class of 2010) 2015


Price, Dirk (Class of 1985) 2015


Price, Peggy Wynn (Class of 1945) 2015


Reeves, Darryl (Class of 2005) 2015


Richau, Joshua (Class of 1995) 2015


Robinson, Sylvia Evans (Class of 1970) 2015


Sanford, Linda (Class of 1975) 2015


Schmidt, Peter (Class of 1965) 2015


Shelton, Adrian Millar (Class of 1970) 2015


Sheng, Amy (with Merrill, David) (Class of 2000) 2015


Skougaard, Mary Hill (Class of 1950) 2015


Smith, Daniel C. (Class of 1966, 1971) 2015


Smith, Hilary (Class of 1990) 2015


Steil, Peter (Class of 1965) 2015


Stella, Rebecca Flores (Class of 1990) 2015


Sy, Lolita (with Sy, Stephen) (Class of 1983) 2015


Sy, Stephen (with Sy, Lolita) (Class of 1984) 2015


Syka, John (Class of 1980) 2015


Tanner, Carol Scilacci (with Tanner, Douglas) (Class of 1975) 2015


Tanner, Douglas (with Tanner, Carol Scilacci) (Class of 1975) 2015


Tennant, Patricia Figone (Class of 1970) 2015


Terman, Terence (Terry) (Class of 1952) 2015


Torre, Jim (Class of 1965) 2015


Trachta, Jon (with Trachta, Pam Hale Lochhead) (Class of 1965) 2015


Trachta, Pam Hale Lochhead (with Trachta, Jon) (Class of 1965) 2015


Vahan, Ellen Thayer (Class of 1965) 2015


Van Vleck, Kenneth (Class of 1990) 2015


Ward, Michael (Class of 1990) 2015


Weisgerber, Kathleen Orsini (Class of 1965) 2015


Wilson, Bruce (Class of 1950) 2015


Wong, Denis (MBA 1954) 2015