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The High Country Magazine Collection, 1967-2010.
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  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: The High Country Magazine Collection, 1967-2010.
    Dates: 1967-2010
    Collection Number: C00000002.2011
    Creator/Collector: Harker, Bill; Hicks, Sam; Hudson, Tom; Love, Ralph; Morrissey, Roy; Price, Paul; Harker; Hicks; Hudson; Love; Morrissey; Price; Temecula Valley Museum;
    Extent: 3 Document Boxes (1 1/2 linear ft.).
    Repository: Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives
    Perris, California 92572
    Abstract: The High Country Magazine was created in 1967 by a group of writers in the Temecula area and was published quarterly until 1984. In 1984 the magazine, due to a dwindling membership went on hiatus, but returned in 2002 with the help of the Temecula Valley Museum and was now published twice a year. The articles and poems in the magazine cover local, regional, United States, and global historical topics.
    Language of Material: English


    Open for research in the repository or via telephone or e-mail inquiry.

    Publication Rights

    For permissions to reproduce or to publish, please contact the staff at the Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives.

    Preferred Citation

    The High Country Magazine Collection, 1967-2010.. Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives

    Acquisition Information

    Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives, December 2010.

    Biography/Administrative History

    The High Country Magazine was established in 1967 by a group of writers, who included but were not limited to Tom Hudson, Sam Hicks, and Bill Harker. While Ralph Love and later Roy Morrissey and Paul Price created the covers of the magazine. The boarders of this High Country stretched from Temescal Canyon to the San Luis Rey River, with Temecula city in its center. From 1967-1984 this quarterly magazine covered local/regional historical topics and some general United States history. In 1984 the magazine went on hiatus due to a dwindling membership, until 2002 when the Temecula Valley Museum began publishing new issues twice a year. This new version of The High Country began to broaden its view and include global historical topics. Also, most issues of the magazine included poems written by numerous individuals.

    Scope and Content of Collection

    The High Country Magazine covers various aspects of local and regional history, with some general United States history. Articles and even poems covering local/regional history include towns, individuals, Native Americans, customs, religion, employment, technology, geography, habitat, vegetation, food, poetry, and even monster stories. Broader articles include United States political discussion, travel, and individuals. Later issues of The High Country expanded its focus to write articles based on global events.

    Indexing Terms

    Silent Dawn;
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    Alpha and Omega; America; Brush Fire; Cattle Drive; Cavalcade; Cinderella Plants; Concepcion De Arguella; Dawn In The High Country; Desert In Bloom; Desert Motel; Discovered; Dusk In The High Country; Earthy Fragrance; Elsinore; Fantasy; Fragrance; From A Hilltop; From An Ol’ Cow Hand; General Sherman Tree; Ghost Town; The Flow Of The Time; The Great Overland Mail; Heaven’s Soil; Held Free; High Country Dawn; High Water in Low Places; Holiday Road; Last Spring; Legend Of Listen for Spring; The Likes of Me; Llano Estacado; Lovers’ Leap; Metate Monument; Mojave River; Mountain Night; My Many-Mooded Loves; A Name Is Born; Night Of Destiny; November Interlude; Our Generations; Out of the Past; Palomar Telescope; Pe Kono; Resurrection at Pala; Rodeo; The Searcher; The Sleeping Giant; The Sleeping Indian; Santa Ana Hour; She’s Early; Silver Creek Canyon; Soldier’s Request; Spring Sun; A Stirring interlude; Storm Wind; The Substance of Song; This is November; Weather Prophet; West Wind;What Can I Do?; What Is America?; and Wind Quest;

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