Guide to the Gwen Bell artifact and book collection

Finding aid prepared by Sara Chabino Lott
The Computer History Museum wishes to honor Gwen Bell as a founder and patron of the Museum. This guide is published in recognition of her dedication to the Museum in its formative years and her continued commitment to its growth and excellence.
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Title: Gwen Bell artifact and book collection
Identifier/Call Number: X6288.2012
Contributing Institution: Computer History Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 499 items
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1800-1955
Date (inclusive): 1541-2000
Abstract: This rare and important collection comprises written works and physical objects relating to early calculating instruments and methods. With material dated between 1541 and 2000, the collection offers researchers a unique window into the early origins and development of history’s most significant calculating devices and methods.
Languages: English, French, German, and Latin.
creator: Bell, C. Gordon
creator: Bell, Gwen

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. However, due to the age and fragility of many of the items, if a digitized version is available, researchers will be directed to the surrogate item.

Publication Rights

The Computer History Museum (CHM) can only claim physical ownership of the collection. Copyright restrictions may apply and users are responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Requests for copying and permission to publish, quote, or reproduce any portion of the Computer History Museum’s collection must be obtained jointly from both the copyright holder (if applicable) and the Computer History Museum as owner of the material.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of Item], [Date], Gwen Bell artifact and book collection, Lot [#], Box [#], Folder [#], Catalog [#], Computer History Museum.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gwen and Gordon Bell loans converted to gifts in 2012 and 2014.

Biographical/Historical Note

Gwen Bell earned her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin in 1957 and a Master of City and Regional Planning from Harvard University in 1959. She earned a PhD in geography from Clark University in 1967. Bell co-founded what is now known as The Computer history Museum with her husband Gordon Bell and Ken Olson in 1975. Gwen Bell was the Museum’s first director and was active with the Museum until 1998.
Gwen and Gordon Bell began proactively collecting pre-computing artifacts in 1975. Their first purchase was a 1903 six digit Millionaire calculator. By the time the Digital Computer Museum opened in Marlboro, MA in 1979 they had approximately 80 books, calculators, and navigational instruments. When The Computer Museum History Center (TCMHC) was established in Mountain View, CA in 1996, the collection had grown to roughly 400 artifacts and books, which they had on permanent loan with TCMHC.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The collection documents the early origins and development of human measurement and computation through rare books and related artifacts. Dated between 1541 and 2000, the collection contains over 200 books of algorithms and tables, and monographs on measuring and computing devices, as well as nearly 300 machines and devices related to the books.


The collection is arranged into two series:
Series 1, Algorithms, tables, and history of calculation books, 1541-1995, bulk 1800-1955
Series 2, Pre-computing artifacts, circa 1600-2000, bulk 1850-1975

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Mathematics--Early works to 1800


Algorithms, tables, and history of calculation books, Series 1, Bulk, 1800-1955 1541-1995

Series Scope and Content

This series contains mathematical, accounting, farming, astronomy, merchant, and engineering tables, as well as monographs on slide rules, arithmometers, planimeters, sectors, Napier’s Bones, military compasses, and telescopes. Also included are later-day commentaries on these instruments and their history. All of the works have been digitized and are available as full-text PDFs through the Museum’s online catalog . The folder list for this series is arranged alphabetically.

B1004.98 Addition - subtraction logarithms : to five decimal places 1930


B1023.98 Agriculturalist's calculator : a series of tables for the use of all engaged in agriculture or the management of landed property, The 1851


B1519.01 Androids : the Jaquet-Droz automatons 1978


B1592.01 Anti-logarithmic canon. Being a table of numbers, consisting of eleven places of figures, corresponding to all logarithms under 100000 ... With precepts and examples ... To which is prefix'd, an introduction, containing a short account of logarithms ..., The 1742


B1543.01 Appraisers' and adjusters' handbook : a handbook for engineers, architects, appraisers, adjusters, accountants, lawyers, realtors, assessors, builders, building and loan associations, insurance companies, investment companies, trust companies, banks, manufacturing establishments, public utilities, technical colleges, etc. 1924


102727906 Arithmetic 1856


B298.83 Arithmetic in the plainest and most concise methods hitherto extant : with new improvements for dispatch of business in all the several rules. As also fractions, vulgar and decimal, wrought together after a new method, that renders both easy to be understood in their nature and use. The whole perused and approved of by the most eminent Accomptants in the several Offices of the Revenue, viz. Customs, Excise, &c. as the only book of its kind, for variety of rules and brevity of work 1800


B277.82 Arithmetica logarithmica : sive logarithmorum chiliades triginta, pro numeris naturali serie crescentibus ab vnitate ad 20,000 : et a 90,000 ad 100,000. Quorum ope multa perficiuntur arithmetica problemata et geometrica. Hos numeros primus invenit ... Iohannes Neperus ... eos autem ex eiusdem sententia mutavit... 1624


B1674.01 As a man thinks... : Thomas J. Watson : the man and his philosophy of life as expressed in his editorials 1954


B258.82a Blaise Pascal "auvergnat" la famille a l'oeuvre : exposition re´alise´e a` l'occasion des Journe´es de Port-Royal : "deux grandes figures d'Auvergne, Gilberte et Jacqueline Pascal" (Clermont-Ferrand, 9-11 octobre 1981) 1981


B258.82b Blaise Pascal "auvergnat" la famille a l'oeuvre : exposition re´alise´e a` l'occasion des Journe´es de Port-Royal : "deux grandes figures d'Auvergne, Gilberte et Jacqueline Pascal" (Clermont-Ferrand, 9-11 octobre 1981) 1981


B1618.01 Boilermaker's ready-reckoner : with examples of practical geometry and templating, for the use of platers, smiths, and riveters, The 1902


B1580.01 Boilermaker's ready-reckoner : with examples of practical geometry and templating, for the use of platers, smiths, and riveters, The 1882


B1613.01 Boilers, marine and land; their construction and strength : a handbook of rules, formulae, tables &c., relative to material scantlings and pressures, safety valves, springs, fittings and mountings etc., etc., for the use of engineers, surveyors, draughtsmen, boiler-makers, and steam users 1906


B305.87 Book of instructions for the equationor : or universal calculator 1892


B329.85 Boxwood & ivory : Stanley traditional rules, 1855-1975 1984


B1677.01 Brainiacs® : the 1958 experiments 1958


B261.83 Calculating instruments and machines 1949


B350.87 Canon arithmeticus sive tabulae quibus exhibentur pro singulis numeris primis vel primorum potestatibus infra 1000 numeri ad datos indices et indices ad datos numeros pertinentes 1839


B268.83 Catalogue & price list of Eugene Dietzgen Co. : manufacturers of drawing materials and surveying instruments 1912


B1583.01 Catalogue of Eugene Dietzgen Co. manufacturers : blue print papers : drafting room supplies : surveying instruments and accessories : measuring tapes 1928


B269.83 Catalogue of Keuffel & Esser Co. : manufacturers and importers : drawing materials : surveying instruments : measuring tapes 1921


102628565 Catalogue of Keuffel & Esser Co. : manufacturers and importers : drawing materials : surveying instruments : measuring tapes 1936


B1542.01 Complete chest squarer, or chest-makers' ready reckoner : being a set of tables shewing the quantities in each chest, from 10 inches to 5 feet long, The 18--?


B1525.01 Complete ready reckoner, in miniature : containing tables accurately cast up, adapted to the use of all who deal by wholesale or retail; exhibiting at one view, the amount or value of any number or quantity of goods or merchandize from one to ten thousand. At the various prices, from one farthing to one pound. Together with various tables of commission, brokerage, weights, measures, &c. A new edition, greatly improved and carefully corrected, The 1816


B1026.98 Complete ready reckoner, in miniature : containing tables accurately cast up, adapted to the use of all who deal by wholesale or retail; exhibiting at one view, the amount or value of any number or quantity of goods or merchandize from one to ten thousand. At the various prices, from one farthing to one pound. Together with various tables of interest, commission, weights & measures, &c. Also of the stamp duties commencing June 6, 1801. A new edition, The 1802


B1574.01 Compte-fait de Barreme ou tarif general : dedie à Monseigneur Desmaretz Ministre d'Etat et Controlleur general des Finances 1710


B1572.01 Comptes-faits de Barre^me en francs et en centimes : avec une instruction sur la manie`re de s'en servir et les calcul de l'intere^ts a` demi pour cent par jour et par mois undated


B253.82 Computing mechanisms and linkages 1965


B1562.01b Concordance de poids décimaux avec le poids de marc 1836


B1562.01a Concordance des poids de´cimaux avec le poids de marc : pre´sente´e a` l'institut national et au citoyen Dubois, conseiller d'etat, pre´fet de police 1802


B18.78a Construction and principal uses of mathematical instruments : translated from the French of M. Bion , chief instrument-maker to the French King : to which are added, the construction and uses of such instruments as are omitted by M. Bion, particularly of those invented or improved by the English, The 1723


B18.78b Construction and principal uses of mathematical instruments : translated from the French of M. Bion , chief instrument-maker to the French King : to which are added, the construction and uses of such instruments as are omitted by M. Bion, particularly of those invented or improved by the English, The 1972


B1615.01 Conversion des prix & mesures Français en prix & mesures Anglais sur la base de la livre sterling undated


B1585.01 Cube calculator : giving at a glance the cubical or solid contents of any piece of squared scantling from 1 in. by 1 in. to 12 in. by 12 in., and from 1 ft. to 1,000 ft. long : for the use of architects, surveyors, timber merchants, estate agents, builders, and others, The undated


B1577.01 Cubik-tabelle (nach Maurach) [18--?]


B1597.01 Cullum's calculator for jewellers, &c. : a ready, rapid, and reliable means of arriving at a correct result : contains sixteen distinct features, all of them being either interesting, instructive, or of practical utility 1907


B310.84 Day's American ready reckoner : containing tables for rapid calculations of aggregate values, wages , salaries, board, interest money, timber, plank, board, wood, and land measurements, with explanations of the proper methods of reckoning them, and simple rules for measuring land 1866


B326.87 Die planimeter von Ernst, Wetli und Hansen : welche den flächeninhalt ebener figuren durch das umfahren des umfangs angeben 1853


B1624.01 Dr. A. L. Crelle's calculating tables : giving the products of every two numbers from one to one thousand and their application to the multiplication and division of all numbers above one thousand 1923


B1667.01 Easy introduction to the slide rule : with diagrams, An 1965


B1005.98 Ede's gold & silversmiths' and jewellers' calculator : for showing at sight the exact value of and quantity of gold ... also, tables on the duties on gold and silver [18--?]


102727848 Electrical tables and memoranda 1898


B1672.01 Electronic inventions and discoveries : electronics from its earliest beginnings to the present day 1997


B1558.01 Elements of pulse circuits 1958


B246.82 Elements of technology : taken chiefly from a course of lectures delivered at Cambridge, on the application of the sciences to the useful arts : now published for the use of seminaries and students 1829


B1550.01 Elenco di numeri primi fra 10 milioni e 500 milioni estrattii da serie quadratiche 1931


B1570.01 English life table : tables of lifetimes, annuities, and premiums : with an introduction by William Farr, M.D., F.R.S., D.C.L. 1864


B1011.98 Essentials of arithmetic : advanced book 1915


B1661.01 Factor tables : giving the complete decomposition into prime factors of all numbers up to 256 ,000 1937


B1013.98 Farmer's harvest companion, and country gentleman's assistant : containing exact and useful tables ... particularly useful to farmers in the time of harvest, and to all persons who put out work by the acre, The 1841


B1553.01 Farmer's harvest companion, and country gentleman's assistant : containing exact and useful tables ... particularly useful to farmers in the time of harvest, and to other persons who put out work by the acre, The 1836


B1599.01 Farmer's land-measurer, or pocket companion : showing, at one view, the content of any piece of land, from dimensions taken in yards : with a set of useful agricultural tables, The 1842


B257.82 Faster than thought : a symposium on digital computing machines 1953


B1007.98 Five-figure mathematical tables : consisting of logs and cologs of numbers from 1 to 40,000 ... also, trigonometrical functions and their logs of angles from 0°-90° at intervals of 1 minute : with subsidiary tables 1915


B1586.01 Four figure mathematical tables : comprising logarithmic and trigonometrical tables, and tables of squares, square roots, and reciprocals 1918


B1561.01 Four figure mathematical tables : comprising logarithmic and trigonometrical tables, and tables of squares, square roots, and reciprocals 1910


B1548.01 Four place tables of logarithms and trigonometric functions : with auxiliary tables (chiefly to three figures) of squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, reciprocals, circumferences and areas of circles, exponentials, natural logarithms, radians, and constants 1910


B1552.01 Fractional calculator, or, new ready reckoner : shewing at one view the value of any quantity of goods, from one-eighth of any weight or measure to thirty thousand, at any price from one thirty-second of a penny to twenty shillings : with discount tables from 85 to 95 per cent : being particularly adapted for merchants, lace manufacturers, cotton and commission agents, drapers, &c. &c., The 1838


B1671.01 Fundamental operations in bead arithmetic : how to use the Chinese abacus, The 19--?


B1617.01 Fünfstellige logarithmen : mit mehreren graphischen rechentafeln und häufig vorkommenden zahlwerten 1909


B1619.01 Gentleman and farmer's pocket companion and assistant : consisting of tables for finding the contents of any piece of land by pacing, or by dimensions taken on the spot in ells : likewise, various other tables, of great use to every gentleman and farmer in Scotland, The 1802


B1602.01 Gentleman's and farmer's assistant : containing, first, tables for finding the content of any piece of land, from dimensions taken in yards : second, tables shewing the width required for an acre in any square piece of land ... standard imperial bushel, The 1839


B1676.01 Guglielmo Marconi : 1874 - 1937 : a science museum booklet 1979


102727850 Hand book of calculations for engineers and firemen : relating to the steam engine, the steam boiler, pumps, shafting, etc. ... tables of pressures of steam, etc., etc., etc. 1898


B28.79 Handbook of chemistry and physics : a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data 1949


B1610.01 Handbook of formulae, tables, and memoranda for architectural surveyors and others engaged in building, A 1905


B1535.01 Handbook of formulae, tables, and memoranda for architectural surveyors, and others engaged in building, A 1865


B287.55 Handbook of mathematical tables and formulas 1933


B1538.01 High-speed computing devices 1950


B162.81 History, theory, and practice of the electric telegraph 1864


B1565.01 Howard's Anglo-American art of reckoning : the standard teacher and referee of shorthand business arithmetic, for the use of schools and business colleges : a manual for the counting house & self culture 1888


B1595.01 Improved practical measurer : containing tables for the measurement of superfices and solids : with appropriate rules of computation ... as well as for the various classes of mechanics, shipbuilders, masons, carpenters, &c., The 1817


B332.85 Improvements in the methods of and apparatus for compiling statistics: complete specification 1889


B1582.01 Infallible time and money tables : for calculating seamen's wages : shewing the exact rateable time in calendar months and days ... and on incomes from £100 to £1000 per annum, The 1901


B196.91 Instruction for the use of A. W. Faber "Castell" : precision calculating rules 19--?


102727909 Instruction pour se servir de l'arithmomètre : machine a calculer 1982


B282.83 Instruction pour se servir de l'arithmome`tre, machine a` calculer invente´e par M. Thomas, de Colmar 1852


B1012.98 Instructions : Castell precision slide rules "system darmstadt" 19--?


B302.87 Instructions for the use of A. W. Faber's improved calculating rule ca. 1900


102727908 Instructions for the use of Hurter & Driffield's actinograph (patented) 1892


B1532.01 Introduction to automatic digital computers, An 1957


B1547.01 Introduction to data communication 1968


B1537.01 Introduction to electronic analogue computers 1956


102676813 Japanese abacus : its use and theory, The 1954


102628566 K + E 41st edition catalog : part 1 covering drafting and reproduction equipment and materials : slide rules 1949


B1612.01 Land measurer's ready reckoner : or, every man a land measurer : being tables for ascertaining at sight the contents of any field or piece of land ... and Scotch and Irish measures into imperial, The 1858


B1541.01 Land valuer's assistant : being tables on an improved plan for calculating the value of estates 1811


B1014.98 Le livre des comptes faits : ou` l'on trouve, toutes faites, les supputations qui se font par les multiplications, pour la valeur de quelque chose que l'on puisse s’imaginer, & à telles sommes qu’elles puissent monter : ouvrage très-utile à tous trésoriers, officiers, entrepreneurs, négocians, & meme à ceux qui ne savent pas l’arithmétique 1748


B1621.01 Le livre des comptes-faits : ou` l'on trouve les supputations qui se font par les multiplications, pour la valeur de quelque chose qu l'on puisse s'imaginer ... 1807


B1573.01 Le livre des comptes-faits : ou` l'on trouve les supputations qui se font par les multiplications, pour la valeur de quelque chose que l'on puisse s’imaginer, & à telles sommes qu’elles puissent monter : ouvrage très utile à tous trésoriers, officiers, entrepreneurs, négocians, & meme à ceux qui ne savent pas l’arithmétique 1768


B1607.01 Le livre des comptes-faits : ou` l'on trouve les supputations qui se font par les multiplications, pour la valeur de quelque chose que l'on puisse s'imaginer, et a` telles sommes qu'elles puissent monter … 1785


B1527.01 Le livre des comptes-faits : où l'on trouve les supputations qui se sont par les multiplications, pour la valeur de quelque chose que l'on puisse s'imaginer ... & meme à ceux qui ne savent pas l'arithmetique [1795]


B1616.01 Le livre des comptes-faits : ou tarif general des monnoies : avec lequel on peut faire toute sorte de computes des monnoies, tant anciennes que nouvelles, & autres comptes de multiplication par entier & par fraction, quelques difficiles qu'ils soient, pourvu qu'on scache l'addition 1762


B1601.01 Le livre ne´cessaire pour les comptables : avocats, notaires, procureurs, tre´soriers ou caissiers & ge´ne´ralement a` toutes sortes de conditions 1756


B335.85 Le operazioni del compasso geometrico et militare 1649


B397.87 Les appareils d'intégration : intégrateurs simples et composés : planimètres : intégromètres : intégraphes et courbes intégrales : analyse harmonique et analyseurs 1913


B1551.01 Les intégraphes : la courbe intégrale et ses applications : étude sur un nouveau système d'intégrateurs méchaniques 1886


B1594.01 Logarithmick arithmetick : containing a new and correct table of logarithms of the natural numbers from 1 to 10,000, extended to seven places ... designed for the instruction of youth in the schools and academies of New England 1818


B210.82 Logarithmorum canonis descriptio : seu arithmeticarum supputationum mirabilis abbreuiatio : eiusque usus in utraque trigonometria ut etiam in omni logistica mathematica, amplißimi, facillimi & expeditißimi explicatio 1620


B281.83 Logarithmotechnia : or, the making of numbers called logarithms to twenty five places from a geometrical figure, with speed, ease, and certainty : the like not hitherto published 1688


B254.82 Logic machines and diagrams 1958


B1566.01 Manual of the decimal system for the use of jewellers, pawnbrokers, silversmiths, &c : explaining all the principal rules in decimals; with examples of decimal calculations ... also a ready reckoner from .001oz. to 250ozs., at 2s. to £5 2s. an ounce, A 1879


B1568.01 Mathematical table makers : portraits, paintings, busts, monuments : bio-bibliographical notes 1948


B1021.98 Mathematical tables : consisting of logarithmic and other tables 1860


B1604.01 Mathematical tables : containing the logarithms of numbers, logarithmic sines, tangents, and secants, and a traverse table; to which are prefixed, logarithmic arithmetic, and plane trigonometry; also examples on the mensuration of heights and distances. For the use of schools 1815


B1600.01 Mathematical tables ; containing the common, hyperbolic, and logistic logarithms. Also sines, tangents, secants, & versed sines, both natural and logarithmic. Together with several other tables useful in mathematical calculations. 1801


B280.83 Measuring made easy : or, the description and use of Coggeshall's sliding-rule ... whereunto is now added the description of Scamozzi's lines, with their use in finding the lengths and angles of rafters, hips, collar-beams, &c. 1744


B1526.01 Methode de lever les plans et les cartes de terre et de mer avec toutes sortes d'instrumens, & sans instrumens : la description & l'usage de ces instrumens ... & de lever le plans des villes ennemies 1700


B1549.01 Mineralogische tabellen : eine klassifizierung der mineralien auf kristallchemischer grundlage, mit einer einführung in die kristallchemie 1957


B1587.01 Multiplications-tabellen gepru¨ft mit der thomas'schen rechenmaschine von C.L. Petrick : obercontroleur der mitauer eisenbahn : fehlerfreie stereotyp-ausgabe : erste lieferung 1-1000 1875


B1685.01 Mythical man-month : essays on software engineering, The 1975


B1591.01 New calculating tables : for multiplication and division by all numbers of from one to four places 1919


B1533.01 New manual of logarithms to seven places of decimals, A 1909


102727905 Newham's rotary principal interest demonstrator [1845?]


B391.87 Nomographie : les calculs usuels effectue´s au moyen des abaques : essai d'une the´orie ge´ne´rale, re`gles pratiques, exemples d'applications 1891


B48.79 Observations made at Dinapoor, June 4, 1769, on the planet Venus, when passing over the sun's disk, June 4, 1769, with three different quadrants, and a two foot reflecting telescope : communicated to the Royal Society, by the Court of Directors of the East India Company [1770?]


B264.83 On the economy of machinery and manufactures 1832


B177.81 Oriental calculator : or the tables for the calculation of interest, exchange, & commission : with keys showing the comparative rates of indirect exchange between rupees, dollars, and sterling currency, the comparative rates of exhange between sight and six months' sight bills, and the estimated value of a pound of cotton laid down in England, The 1860


B194.81 Palmer's pocket scale : with rules for its use in solving arithmetical and geometrical problems 1845


B1024.98 Panarithmologia : or, the trader's sure guide : containing exact and useful tables, ready cast up, adapted to the use of merchants, mercers, bankers ... with a calculation of Portugal coin 1769


B1559.01 Passages from the life of a philosopher 1864


B392.87 Pes mechanicus artificialis, oder : neu-erfundener maß-stab, auf welchem alle proportiones der gantzen mathesis ohne mu¨hsames rechnen ... in arithmetica, geometria, stereometria, als auch trigonometria .. . gefunden werden 1718


B191.81 Pocket-book of useful formulae & memoranda for civil and mechanical engineers 1888


B1605.01 Popular tables arranged in a new form giving information at sight for ascertaining according to the Carlisle Table of Mortality ... also various interesting and useful tables equally adapted to the office and the library table 1904


B1650.01 Practical measurer, or tradesman and wood merchant's assistant : a series of tables, designed for the use of wood merchants, builders, carpenters, joiners, sawyers, plasterers, painters, glaziers, masons, bricklayers, &c., The 1865


B1578.01 Practical measurer, or tradesman and wood merchant's assistant : containing a variety of tables, shewing the superficial and solid content of round, square, and unequal sided timber or stone : with many other subjects entertaining and useful : designed for the use of artificers, wrights, carpenters, sawyers, plasterers, glaziers, builders, masons, bricklayers, wood merchants, painters, ditchers, causewaylayers, &c., The 1824


B1545.01 Practical, short, and direct method of calculating the logarithm of any given number, and the number corresponding to any given logarithm 1849


B286.70 Preparation of programs for an electronic digital computer, The 1957


B390.87 Principes usuels de nomographie : avec application a divers proble`mes concernant l'artillerie et l'aviation 1920


B331.85 Principles of science : a treatise on logic and scientific method, The 1883


B1675.01 Programmed sequence on the slide rule, A 1962


B222.82 Rabdologiae, seu numerationis per virgulas libri duo : cum appendice de expeditissimo multiplicationis promptuario. Quibus accessit & arithmeticae localis liber vnus. Authore & inventore Ioanne Nepero, Barone Merchistonii, [etc] Scoto. 1617


B1534.01 Radar electronic fundamentals navships 900,016 1944


B163.81 Recherches sur la te´le´graphie e´lectrique 1853


B330.78 Rechnen mit maschinen : eine bildgeschichte der rechentechnik 1968


B1614.01 Royal Irish Constabulary ready reckoner : comprising correct tables showing the amount of pay for broken periods in all ranks and classes of the Royal Irish Constabulary, The 1897


B1596.01 Sammlung mathematischer tafeln : als neue völlig umgearbeitete auflage von Georgs Freiherrn von Vega gro¨sseren logarithmisch-trigonometrischen tafeln 1865


B276.83 Saxton's logs for four place work : table & text 1908


B1569.01 Scientific papers of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research : table no. 1 : tables of theta-functions, elliptic integrals k and e, and associated coefficients in the numerical calculation of elliptic functions 1922


B1680.01 Scientist speaks : excerpts from addresses by Karl Taylor Compton during the years 1930 - 1949 when he was president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, A 1955


B1589.01 Sexagesimal table, exhibiting, at sight, the result of any proportion, where the terms do not exceed sixty minutes : also tables of the equation of second difference, and tables for turning the lower denominations of english money, weights, and measures … useful for astronomers, mathematicians, navigators, and persons in trade, A 1780


B1682.01 Sexton's pocket-book for boiler-makers and steam users : comprising a variety of useful information for employer and workman, government inspectors, board of trade surveyors, engineers in charge of works and ships, foremen of manufactories, and the general steam-using public 1875


B1546.01 Shaw's universal interest tables 1897


B1581.01 Sikes' tables of the concentrated strength of spirits, with directions for using his hydrometer : established throughout the United Kingdom for estimating the duties on spirituous liqueurs 1890


B1622.01 Simplex navigation & avigation tables, The 1933


B47.79 Slide rule and how to use it : containing full, easy, and simple instructions to perform all business calculations wtih unexampled rapidity and accuracy, The 1896


B1673.01 Slide rule simplified 1955


B1567.01 Smithsonian physical tables 1944


B1564.01 Square measure at a glance : Collyer's tables for calculating superficial areas 1879


B1557.01 Standard arithmetic : embracing a complete course for schools and academies 1895


B1660.01 Standard four-figure mathematical tables : including many new tables : trigonometrical functions for radians : inverse trigonometrical and hyperbolic functions : and an extended table of natural logarithms 1931


B1620.01 Sun's true bearing : or Azimuth tables 1923


B226.82 System of geometry and trigonometry : with a treatise on surveying, in which the principles of rectangular surveying, without plotting, are explained, A 1854


B1555.01 Tablas de logaritmos para los números y senos 1842


B1608.01 Table of interest : at 3 1/4d. per cent. per diem, (after deducting the tax, ten per cent.) shewing , at one view, the interest on any sum from £100 to £5,000, and from 1 to 365 days, in regular progression, A 1809


B1681.01 Table of logarithms of the natural numbers from 1 to 108,000 1889


B1009.98 Table of quarter-squares of all integer numbers, up to 100,000, by which the product of two factors may be found by the aid of addition and subtraction alone 1856


B1563.01 Table showing the solidity of hewn or eight-sided timber, or of any octagonal-sided column : compiled for the accomodation of timber-growers, merchants, and surveyors, stone-masons, architects, and others 1863


B1666.01a Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique et de technologie : volume I : année 1910 1924


B1666.01b Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique et de technologie : volume II : année 1911 1913


B1666.01c Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique et de technologie : volume III : année 1912 1914


B1666.01d Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique et de technologie : volume IV : années 1913 - 1914 - 1915 - 1916 : deuxième partie 1922


B1666.01e Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique et de technologie : volume V : années 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - 1920 - 1921 - 1922 : première partie 1925


B1666.01f Tables annuelles de constantes et données numériques de chimie, de physique, de biologie et de technologie : volume VI : années 1923 - 1924 : première partie 1927


B272.83 Tables de comparaison entre les mesures anciennes usitées dans le département de l'Aube : et celles qui les remplacent dans le nouveau systême métrique ... de la commission des poids et mesures [1799]


B1651.01 Tables de logarithmes pour les nombres et pour les sinus : avec les explications et les usages principaux pour l'astronomie, la gnomonique, la ge´ome´trie, la navigation, la ge´ographie, la physique, l'art militaire, l'architecture, l'arpentage, la statistique, et les rentes 1805


B367.86 Tables de sinus tangentes et secantes : ad radium 10,000,000 : avec une methode de resoudre tres-facilement par leur moyen tousles triangles rectilignes & spheriques 1683


B1584.01 Tables des sinus, tangentes, et secants, et des logarithmes des sinus, et des tangentes 1766


B1579.01 Tables d'inte´grales inde´finies 1906


B368.86 Tables for calculating the cubic quantity of earth work in the cuttings and embankments of canals, railways, and turnpike roads 1833


B1603.01 Tables for estimating dead weight and value of cattle from live weight [18--?]


B1588.01 Tables for the development of the disturbing function with schedules for harmonic analysis 1933


B1593.01 Tables for the easy valuing of estates : from one shilling to five pounds per acre : also the parts of an acre, from three roods to one perch 1771


B1665.01a Tables of generalized sine- and cosine-integral functions : part I 1949


B1665.01b Tables of generalized sine- and cosine-integral functions : part II 1949


B1623.01 Tables of interest, discount, annuities, &c. 1726


B1575.01 Tables of partitions 1939


B1662.01 Tables of the incomplete beta-function 1968


B2.76 Tables of the products and powers of numbers : namely, 1st, the products of all numbers to 1000 by 100, 2nd, the squares of all numbers to 25400, 3rd, the cubes of all numbers to 10000, 4th, the first ten powers of all numbers to 100, 5th, tables for reducing money, weights, and measures from one denomination to another : with an introduction, explaining and illustrating the use of the tables 1781


B1560.01 Tables portatives de logarithmes : contenant les logarithmes des nombres, depuis 1 jusqu'à 108000 . .. suives des nouvelles tables plus approchées, et de plusieurs autres utiles à la recherche des longitudes en met, etc. 1806


B1609.01 Tables showing the contents of excavations, area of slopes, &c. [1864?]


B369.86 Tabulae regiomontanae reductionum observationum astronomicarum : ab anno 1750 usque ad annum 1850 computatae 1830


B1022.98 Tabulated weights of angle, tee, and bulb iron and steel, and other information : for the use of naval architects, shipbuilders and manufacturers 1918


B1571.01 Tafeln der besselschen, theta-, kugel- und anderer funktionen 1930


B1576.01 Tafeln der funktionen cosinus und sinus : mit den naturlichen sowohl reellen als rein imaginaren zahlen als argument : kreis und hyperbelfunctionen 1907


B1033.98 Technology of computer music, The 1969


B1606.01 Timber merchant's and builder's companion : containing new and copious tables of the reduced weight and measurement of deals and battens of all sizes, from one to a thousand pieces ... in the buying or selling of foreign timber, The 1876


B1528.01 Timber trades journal standard ready reckoner, The undated


B1556.01 Tinman's companion, containing a list of prices of iron per lb., &c. : extracts from eminent authors on the manufacture of iron for tin plates : the theory of the refining frunace; the theory of the puddling furnace … tables of relative prices of tin plates, The 1876


B333.85 Tractatus Georgii Peurbachii : super propositiones Ptolemaei de sinubus & chordis : item compositio tabularum sinuum per Ioannem de Regiomonte : adiectae sunt & tabulae sinuum duplices per eundem regiomontanum : omnia nunc primum in utilitatem astronomiae studiolis impressa 1541


B1598.01 Tradesman, merchant, and accountant's assistant : being tables for business in general, on a new plan of arrangement : shewing ... the value of 1. any number of articles at any price, from one farthing to 20 shillings. 2. dividends on bankrupt estates ... 3. parts of an ounce of gold, or silver, at any price per ounce. 4. any number of pounds weight ... shewing, also, the number of grosses, etc. …, The 1821


B1539.01 Traite´ de nomographie : the´orie des abaques - applications pratiques 1899


B159.81 Treatise on a box of instruments and the slide-rule : for the use of gaugers, engineers, seamen, and students, A 1864


B275.83 Treatise on screw propellers and their steam-engines : with practical rules and examples how to calculate and construct the same for any description of vessels, accompanied with a treatise on bodies in motion in fluid, exemplified for propellers and vessels : also, a full description of a calculating machine, A 1852


B247.82 Treatise on the calculus of finite differences, A 1860


B1010.98 Trigonometria : hoc est, modus computandi triangulorum latera & angulos, ex canone mathematico traditus & demonstratus 1657


B279.83 Trigonometria artificialis : sive magnus canon triangulorum logarithmicus ad radium 100000,00000, & ad dena scrupula secunda ... geometricis funamentiis petitis resovuntur 1633


B160.81 Trigonometria Britanica, or, the doctrine of triangles : in two books : the first of which sheweth the construction of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents and secants, and table of logarithms ... : the other, the use or application of the canon of artificiall sines, tangents and logarithms ... : the one composed, the other translated from the latine copie written by Henry Gellibrand ... 1658


B1006.98 Trigonometria plana, et sphærica, linearis, & logarithmica : hoc est tam per sinuum, tangentium, & secantium multiplicationem, ac diuisionem iuxta veteres : quam per logarithmorum simplicem fere` additionem iuxta recentiores : ad triangulorum dimetiendos angulos, & latera procedens : cum canone duplici trigonometrico, & chiliade numerorum absolutorum I vsque ad 1000, eorumque logarithmis, ac differentijs .. . 1643


B224.82 Trigonometrie rectiligne et spherique, avec la construction des tables des sinus, des tangentes, des secantes et des logarithmes 1750


B334.85 Usus et fabrica circini cuiusdam proportionis : per quem omnia fere` tum Euclidis, tum mathematicorum omnium problemata facili negotio resoluuntur 1655


102727904 Vacuum tube amplifiers 1948


B1554.01 Whitehill's calculator, on the decimal system : for the use of jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, and others : containing tables shewing the value of any weight from one-thousandth part of the ounce or grain to 500 ounces, at rates from 1/- to 90/- per ounce or grain : also table of equivalents shewing the equivalents of old weights in decimals of the ounce troy 1897


B1611.01 Wood's improved tables of discount : correctly calculate upon any sum from 1d. to £200, at from 1/4 to 90 per cent 1841


B1003.98 Wood's improved tables of discount : correctly calculated upon any sum from 1d. to £200, at from 1/4 to 90 per cent 1850


B1663.01 Zehnstellige logarithmen der trigonometrischen funktionen von 0° bis 90° für jedes tausendstel des grades : zweiter band 1919


B1664.01 Zehnstellige logarithmen der zahlen von 1 bis 100000 nebst einem anhang mathematischer tafeln : erster band 1922


Pre-computing artifacts, Series 2, Bulk, 1850-1975 circa 1600-2000

Series Scope and Content

This series contains pre-computing artifacts that were collected as a complement to the rare books. Included are abaci, sectors, linear, circular and cylindrical slide rules, mechanical and electrical/electronic adding machines and calculators, as well as replicas of early calculators such as the Pascaline and the Schickard. The folder list for this series is arranged alphabetically.

B1684.01 100 year calendar 1945 to 2044 ca. 1944


B1685.05 4242 Planimeter undated


XB185.81 8 K x 19-bit magnetic core plane 1973


500003037 AARON Paint System painting, name unknown 1995-05


XB93.80 Abacus ca. 1950


B172.81 Abacus ca. 1960


B314.84 Abacus undated


B94.80 Abacus (Korean type) ca. 1900


B1643.01 Abacus Chinese ca. 1970


B141.80 Abacus Counting Frame 1900-1920


B221.82 Addac adding machine undated


B131.80 Addi-Cosmos B-U-G mechanical calculator ca. 1919


B267.83 Adding Pencil advertising card undated


B262.83 Additor-Arithma hand calculator undated


XB179.81 Addometer undated


XB85.78 Addometer ca. 1950


XB67.80 Adler Favorit typewriter ca. 1937


B500.88 Allen Wales Desk Model calculator undated


B116.80 Aluminum Featherweight typewriter ca. 1900


XB137.81 American adding machine undated


XB180.81 American adding machine ca. 1920


B49.79 Amsler Polar Planimeter undated


B262.87s Arithma Addiator adding machine in brown leather case undated


B214.82 Arithmometer - Thomas de Colmar ca. 1850


B270.83 Ballistic coefficient slide rule undated


B240.82 Barnard's co-ordinate spiral slide rule undated


500003007 Barnard's co-ordinate spiral slide rule case undated


B1639.01 Betty Crocker cookbook handheld database ca. 1994


XB227.82 Biomate ca. 1980-1985


B218.82 Boucher's Calculator 1876 (patented)


B234.82 Boucher's Calculator -circular slide rule ca. 1880


B19.78 Boxed set of drawing instruments undated


B133.80 Boxed set of drawing instruments undated


102626636 Brunsviga - Midgit System Trinks calculator undated


102689942 Brunsviga Midgit cover undated


B241.82 Bryan's Patent Integraph undated


B143.81 Bunzel calculating machine ca. 1910


B156.80 Burroughs Adding & Listing Machine ca. 1912


B182.81 Burroughs Calculator ca. 1910


B14.76 Burroughs class 5 key-driven calculator 1945


102630333 Burroughs class 9 portable electric adding machine 1946


B501.88 Burroughs electrical calculator undated


B22.78 Burroughs key-driven adding machine undated


B7.76 Burroughs mechanical calculator undated


B1501.01 Burroughs Portable mechanical adding machine 1928


B42.80 Burroughs Printing Adding Machine undated


XB237.82 Calculator undated


B158.81 Calculex circular slide rule ca. 1910


XB312.84 Calculimetre ca. 1913


B1644.01 Callaghan & Co. pocket barometer/altimeter and thermometer undated


B345.85 Case with mathematical measuring tools undated


B1633.01 Chadwick Magic Brain Calculator 1955


XB114.80 Circular concise slide rule 1960


B363.86 Circular protractor undated


B1657.01 Circular slide rule ca. 1955


B1647.01 Clary electric adding machine undated


B170.81 Coggeshall timber measurement slide rule ca. 1800


B284.83 Commodore US*14 electronic calculator 1971


B503.88 Comptometer undated


B1653.01 Comptometer undated


X465.84 Comptometer undated


102633502 Comptometer undated


102626413 Comptometer adding machine ca. 1920


102669748 Comptometer adding machine undated


B1508.01B Compurobot programmable toy robot undated


XB239.82 CompuVoice ca. 1985


B302.84 Consul the Educated Monkey ca. 1916


B211.82 Consul the Educated Monkey ca. 1916


B350.86 Consul the Educated Monkey 1916


B154.81 Corona Four typewriter 1920


XB178.81 Counting beads undated


B326.84 Curta calculator 1954


B325.87s Curta calculator case 1954


B325.84 Curta calculator case 1954


102716155 Curta mechanical calculator 1954


B244.82 Dalton Adding and Listing Machine undated


B1502.01 DEC Circuit Board in Plexiglas. PDP-11/70 Module circa 1976. 1974


B104.80 Degrees and Cardinal Directions undated


B271.83 DeMarre Ballistic slide rule undated


B89.80 Desk Model adding machine ca. 1940


B1511.01 Digital Chip Mask Design undated


B132.80 Drafting compass set undated


B92.80 Drafting set and related equipment undated


B1517.01 Drafting tool for drawing circles undated


XB97.80 E. A. Sperry's Calculator 1911 (patented)


B292.83 Early index typewriter ca. 1895


102621949 Electric Adding machine undated


B62.80 Electrical adding machine undated


B1516.01 Elliott Brothers Slide Rule undated


B197.81 ENIGMA Encryption/Decryption Device ca. 1935


102691946 ENIGMA Encryption/Decryption Device parts ca. 1930


102662362 Enigma power supply undated


102716399 ENIGMA rotor ca. 1930


102716402 ENIGMA rotor ca. 1930


102716401 ENIGMA rotor ca. 1930


102716400 ENIGMA rotor ca. 1930


B199.82 Everard slide rule undated


B1683.01 Every Man's Own Interest Calculator ca. 1862


XB36.79 EXACTUS ca. 1950


B46.79 Executive thought organizer toy undated


B35.79 Fairgrove Adder undated


XB174.81 Felt & Tarrant Comptometer ca. 1890


B73.80 Field Microscope in wooden box undated


XB295.83 Flip Chip M7390 module undated


B294.83 Flip Chip W850D cable connector ca. 1966


B208.82 Folding gauging rule ca. 1930


B341.85 Folding rule undated


B337.85 Fowler's "Jubilee Magnum," slide rule 1948


B124.80 Fowler's Long Scale Calculator undated


XB112.80 Fowler's Textile Calculator ca. 1900


B59.80 Fowler's Textile Calculator Short Scale Type ca. 1905


B1635.01 Fraction of an inch adding machine (circular stylus adder or slide rule) undated


102633118 Friden calculating machine, 8-column undated


XB23.78 Friden model 132 electronic calculator 1965


B5.76 Fuller spiral slide rule ca. 1900


500003008 Fuller’s Spiral Slide Rule case ca. 1900


102633216 Fuller's Spiral Slide Rule ca. 1900


B206.82 Gauger's slide rule ca. 1880


B39.79 Geigy pocket watch undated


B187.81 Golden Gem Adding Machine ca. 1904


XB266.83 Golden Gem Adding Machine ca. 1910


B106.80 Green reptile skin instrument case with eight instruments undated


B207.82 Guager's rule (guaging rod) undated


102630325 Guide rail for Amsler integrator ca. 1880


B384.87 Gunner's slide rule 1915


B66.80 Gunnery sight and level undated


XB41.79 Gunter Rule ca. 1700


B4.76 Gunter's line of numbers ca. 1800


B50.79 Gunter's line of numbers (Navigational logrithmetic rule) ca. 1800


B1642.01 Hex adder (hexadecimal stylus / rack adder) undated


102626415 High speed adding calculator undated


XB10.76 High speed adding calculator undated


B220.82 Hoffman slide rule 6" undated


B190.81 Horse-Meter circular slide rule 1951


XB34.79 HP-35 "Electronic-Slide-Rule" Calculator 1972


B1652.01 HP-65 Programmable scientific calculator 1974


B285.83 Human Digital Calculator undated


XB113.80 Hydralculator 1940


B130.80 Instrument case with seven instruments undated


B1655.01 Instrument Set undated


B1506.01 J. Amsler-Laffon's Mechanical Integrator ca. 1883


B117.80 Jacquard loom model ca. 1825


102628786 Junior Typewriter ca. 1950


B321.84 K & E Compensating polar planimeter undated


B118.80 L.M. Ericsson printing telegraph ca. 1890


XB40.79 LA5-160 electrical calculator ca. 1940


B1529.01 Lawrence slide rule undated


XB233.82 Le Prompt Calculateur ca. 1885


XB108.80 Leadbetter slide rule ca. 1800


B303.84 Lippincott planimeter undated


L2003.7.2 Loga measurement-conversion slide rule ca. 1940


B1531.01 Log-log slide rule ca. 1960


B1500.01 Lord's Calculator 1880


XB123.80 Lord's Calculator ca. 1900


B1510.01 Magic Multiplier Pencil undated


B203.82 Mannheim slide rule ca. 1880


XB155.81 Manual calculator undated


XB200.82 Map distance measurer or reader undated


XB129.80 Map distance measuring device undated


B215.82 Map distance measuring device undated


B217.82 Map distance measuring device undated


XB343.85 Map mileage reader undated


XB140.80 Map mileage reader undated


XB152.81 Map mileage reader and compass ca. 1930


B183.81 Map mileage reader and compass ca. 1930


XB173.81 Mechanical adding machine undated


B347.85 Mechanical integrator undated


B348.85 Mechanical integrator undated


B204.82 Metal slide rule ca. 1915


B291.83 Metric Converter slide rule undated


XB229.82 Mickey Math undated


B171.81 Microcline slide rule undated


B1505.01 Micronta case of drafting tools undated


B136.81 Millionaire calculator 1895


B161.81A Millionaire mechanical calculator 1895


B17.78 Millionaire mechanical calculator undated


XB1.75 Millionaire mechanical calculator ca. 1930


102677148 Millionaire mechanical calculator face plate undated


102677149 Millionaire mechanical calculator face plate undated


102677150 Millionaire mechanical calculator number input slide switch undated


B161.81B Millionaire mechanical calculator stand 1895


XB91.76 Millionaire's Mechanical Calculator ca. 1910


XB91.76A Millionaire's Mechanical Calculator floor stand ca. 1910


XB33.79 Mini Card Electronic Calculator ca. 1985


XB283.78 Mini Card fx-48 ca. 1985


B231.82 Modern Math Addition mechanical flash card system undated


XB65.80 Molle portable typewriter 1918


B299.80 Monroe electrical calculator undated


XB90.79 Monroe High Speed Adding Calculator undated


XB11.76 Monromatic calculating machine undated


XB128.80 Morris's Measuring Instrument undated


B193.81 Music box undated


B83.80 Musketry rule model of 1918 ca. 1918


B27.79 Napier's Bones ca. 1700


B98.80 Navigator's Gunter Rule undated


XB102.80 Navigator's Sector ca. 1880


B1675.91 Newham's Rotary Principal Interest Demonstrator ca. 1846


B328.84 Newstler Rechan-Walze system cylindrical slide rule ca. 1930


B135.80 Odhner Calculator ca. 1920


B351.86 Otis King cylindrical slide rule undated


B311.84 Otis King cylindrical slide rule 1969


B134.80 Pantograph drawing instrument undated


B346.85 Pantograph drawing instrument undated


B153.81 Pantograph drawing instrument undated


B248.82 Pantograph drawing instrument - "Eidograph" ca. 1860


B1515.01 Paper tape punch with typewriter-like keyboard undated


B322.84 Paragon protractor No. 1225 in case ca. 1920


B150.81 Pascal Adder (Pascaline) (replica) 1645 (original); ca. 1981 (replica)


B1654.01 PDP Magnetic Core Memory Stack undated


B371.86 Planimeter undated


B265.83 Planimeter undated


B252.82 Planimeter undated


B216.82 Planimeter undated


B313.84 Planimeter in its lined case undated


B366.86 Plastic case undated


B1512.01 Plug connector undated


102630067 Plug unit from IBM 704 1950-1959


XB81.80 Plus calculator ca. 1949


B309.84 Pocket arithometer undated


102627817 Pocket Forecaster circular slide rule undated


XB188.81 Precise Adding Machine 1946


B175.80 Printing telegraph undated


B1508.01A Programmable toy robot undated


B225.82 Proportional compass undated


B251.82 Proportional compass undated


B121.80 Protractor undated


B120.80 Protractor and scales undated


B364.86 Protractor and scales undated


B249.82 Protractor and T-square undated


B38.79 Quixsum Adding Machine in wood box undated


B1632.01 Rébo Machine à Calculer rack adder ca. 1925


B236.82 Regle a eclimetre du Colonel du Genie Goulier sighted slide rule undated


XB323.84 Richmond Educational Spelling Board ca. 1940


B20.78 Rolling Parallel Rule undated


B105.80 Rolling parallel rule in wooden case undated


B259.83 Rule undated


B365.86 Rule undated


B6.76 Sang Platometer (also Planimeter) undated


B138.81 Scale and Ruled compass-like drawing instrument undated


B1626.01 Schickard calculator (replica) ca. 2000


102630322 Section of first Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable undated


B358.86 Sector ca. 1854


B169.81 Sector ca. 1800


B1507.01 Sector 1687


B176.81 Sector ca. 1600


B338.85 Sector ca. 1740


B304.84 Sector ca. 1680


XB31.79 SEE calculator 1968


B69.80 Sextant undated


B1504.01 Sextant in wooden case undated


B164.81 Signal Learner Telegraph Sets telegraph practice devices undated


B1514.01 Simon 1 relay logic machine 1950


B166.81 Simplex Portable Typewriter Special Demonstrated Model S 1930


L2003.7.3 Slide rule ca. 1970


B1659.01 Soroban ca. 1960


B26.79 Soroban (transitional) ca. 1900


B1630.01 SQUEE: The Robot Squirrel ca. 1940


B235.82 Stanley boxwood slide rule undated


B340.85 Star Adding Machine 1921


B1645.01 Stima 1930


XB86.79 Summa Quanta 20 Calculator ca. 1960


B201.82 Tachylemme calculator undated


B82.80 Tates Arithmometer undated


B103.80 Teaching slide rule undated


B1656.01 Teleadapt circular time selector (circular slide rule) (2 copies) undated


B61.80 Telegraph key and receiver undated


102630327 Telegraph key mechanism undated


B68.80 Telegraph receiver undated


B79.80 Telegraph Transmitter 1918


102630330 Telegraph unidentified part undated


B53.80 Telemeter ca. 1800


B56.80 Thacher's calculating instrument ca. 1903


XB84.79 Thales Patent calculator 1940


B29.77 Thatcher's Rule ca. 1920


B1636.01 The Adder calculator 1891


B78.80 The Edison Mimeograph No. 1 ca. 1880


B339.85 The Mechanical Engineer undated


XB3.76 Thomas Arithmometer 1850


XB107.80 Thomlinson's Equivalent Paper Slide Scale 1940


B243.82 Time is Money arithometer ca. 1880


B1640.01 Tower 9 Pocket Calculator ca. 1955


102630331 Trigonometer - brass survey instrument undated


B63.80 Typewriter undated


XB15.76 Underwood Standard Typewriter No. 5 ca. 1900


B319.84 Unique Universal Slide Rule ca. 1960


B186.81 Vacuum tube module undated


B370.86 W867 calculator ca. 1935


B88.80 Wales Visible Adding Machine ca. 1919


B1513.01 Whirlwind vacuum tube module 1951


B288.83 Wolverine Adding Machine ca. 1935


XB167.81 Wolverine Adding Machine ca. 1950