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Abraham Kaplan Collection SC2001.1
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Series 1: Subject File SC2001.1

Physical Description: 4.0 boxes Arranged alphabetically. Most of the files in this series were organized and titled by Kaplan himself; however, they arrived in no discernible order and were arranged alphabetically so that they might be searchable. The processor created files in instances where a clear subject could be gleaned from the documents. Contents of files created by Kaplan were in no way disturbed, separated, or otherwise altered. Box 1: Academic — Groups Box 2: Hist. Esthetics — Lectures-Zionism Box 3: Literary Criticism — Probability Box 4: Professional Correspondence — Zen

Series 2: Writings SC2001.1

Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 4.0 boxes Arranged alphabetically by title. This series is of Kaplan’s writings: handwritten and word-processed; published and unpublished; finished and unfinished; submitted to many publishers or to none at all. Most of the typewritten works arrived in mass quantities; three copies of each were accessioned and the rest were reserved for donation or other possible uses. The documents were arranged into alphabetical order for ease in finding a work by title. In some cases Kaplan kept files accompanying his works, whether they were research or rejection notices. These files are placed before their corresponding manuscripts in the collection. As in the Subject File Series, many manuscripts arrived arranged in files by Kaplan, and were not necessarily arranged by specific title. In some instances, files are titled by the subject of the manuscript and not by the title of the work. Rather than disturb the files created by Kaplan, they were arranged alphabetically by the title that he gave them. All other files are arranged by the title of the manuscript. Box 5: Aesop Revisited — Freedom and Terror Box 6: Freedom and Terror — Management MSS & WPI Box 7: Management and the Metaphysics of Culture — Pardon the Expression Box 8: Pardon the Expression — Values in Decision-Making

Series 3: Publications SC2001.1

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes Arranged alphabetically. Many of Kaplan’s publications arrived in bundles of copies of offprints; three copies of each were accessioned and the rest were discarded or reserved for donation or other possible uses. Also filed in the collection are journal issues containing his articles; books by Kaplan and books in which his writings appear; his works in translation; and photocopies of his publications. In a few instances, the publisher and/or date of publication are unknown. For a complete container listing of this series, see below under "Selective Container Listing." Box 9: (Serials) Aesthetics of the Popular Arts — Whose Just Rights Box 10: (Monographs) Conduta Na Pesquisa — Theorien der Kunst

Series 4: Recordings SC2001.1

Physical Description: 1.0 Box Box 11 Arranged chronologically. Includes taped recordings of various lectures given over the period of 1954-89 and a four-part oral history interview conducted with Kaplan in December 1989. Most items are 1/4-inch reel-to-reel recordings; the rest are cassette tapes.

Selective Container Listing: Series 3: Publications — Boxes 9-10 SC2001.1

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes *Note: This series was selected to receive a complete container listing in order to provide increased public access to Kaplan’s publications. Box 9: -Aesthetics of the Popular Arts — Journal of Aesthetics and Criticism, v.24 no.3, Spr. 1966 -Age in Western Theory and Practice -Age of the Symbol — Library Quarterly — v.34 no.4, Oct. 1964 — pp. 295-304 -American Ethics and Public Policy — Daedalus — v.87 no.2, 1958 -Are Moral Judgements Assertion? — Philosophical Review - May 1942 -Behavioral Science and the Law — Case Western Reserve Law Review — v.19 no.1, Nov. 1967 -Buddhism and Judaism — Bulletin Sanko Research Institute — no.3, 1968 -Calculus for Empirical Classes — Methods — 1951 -Content Analysis and the Theory of Signs — Philosophy of Science — v.10, Oct. 1943 -Definition and the Specification of Meaning — Journal of Philosophy — v.43 no.11, May 23, 1946 -East-West Center (Text of a Speech to East-West Center Students… )- Jan. 22, 1969 -Epistemology of Drug Abuse -Esthetic Ambiguity — Philosophy and Phenomenological Research — v.8 no.3, Mar. 1948 -Experimental Study of Ambiguity and Context — Mechanical Translation — v.2 no.2, Nov. 1955 -Explanations of Ritual — DAAT — no.13, Summer 1984 -Frames of Irrationality — Epistemologia -Framework for an Empirical Ethics — Philosophy of Science — v.7 no.4, Oct. 1940 -Freud et la Philosophie Moderne — Etudes Philosophiques — no.3, Jul./Sep. 1964 -Hasidism and Zen-Buddhism — Japanese Religions — v.8 no.3, Apr. 1975 -Hassidism — Brandeis Institute Women’s Association -Havdalah: An Original Service — Central Conference American Rabbis Journal — Autumn 1972 -HEBREW PUBLICATIONS — Contains several journals and newsclippings printed in Hebrew -Historical Interpretation — Philosophy of History and Action — Dordrecht, Reidel, 1978. Rev. from In Pursuit of Wisdom — Los Angeles, Glencoe, 1977 -Human Relations and Human Rights in Judaism (based on the Mark Chamberlain Lecture delivered at Lewis and Clark University, Jan. 13, 1978) -Impact of Pragmatism on the Problems of Developing Countries — Indian Journal of American Studies — v.7 no.2, July 1977 -Irrationality in Decision-Making — Mathematical Social Sciences — no.13, 1987 -Judaic View of God — Judaism — v.33 no.4, Fall 1984 -Life of Dialogue — Communication -Logical Empiricism and Value Judgements — The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap — LaSalle, The Open Court Publishing Co., 1963 -Madness in the Modern Theater — Journal of the Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo (Aesthetics) — v.3, 1978 -Maturity in Religion (Freud Memorial Lecture delivered before the Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis, May 24, 1963) -Moral Responsibilities and Political Realities — Policy Sciences — no.14, 1982 -Moral Values in Higher Education -Must There Be Propositions? — Mind — v.48 no.192 -My Faith — Hillel Council Maccabean — March 1959 -NEWSPAPER ARTICLES — Contains newsclippings and photocopies of Kaplan’s newspaper articles -Noncausal Explanation — Cause and Effect — Free Press, 1965 — pp. 145-56 -O Tempora, O Mores! — Tempo Economico — no.274 -Obscenity as an Esthetic Category — Law and Contemporary Problems — Autumn 1955 AND Kim-dai "Hogaku" — v.12 nos.3-4, March 15, 1964 -On the So-called Crisis in Criticism — Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism — v.7 no.1, Sep. 1948 -On the Strategy of Social Planning — Policy Sciences 4 — 1973 — pp. 41-61 -Philosophic Sense and Mystic Sensibility — Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association — v.32, Dec. 29-31 1958 -Philosophical Point of View — Psychiatric Research Reports 6 — Oct. 1956 — pp. 199-21 -Philosophical Discussion of Normality — Archives of General Psychiatry — v.17, Sep. 1967 -Philosophy of Science in Anthropology — Annual Review of Anthropology — 1984 -Poetry, Medicine and Metaphysics — Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysisv.9 no.1, 1981 -Political Liberty and Human Bondage -Prediction of Social and Technological Events -Psychiatrists and Clergymen: Enemies or Allies? — Saturday Evening Post — v.234 no.38, Sep. 23 1961 -Psychodynamics of Terrorism — Terrorism: An International Journal — v.1 no.3/4, 1978 -Realism in the Film: A Philosopher’s Viewpoint — The Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television — v.7 no.4, 1953 -Referential Meaning in the Arts — Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism — v.7 no.4, Jun. 1954 -Reflections on the Brandeis Camp Institute — Brandeis Institute News — Mar./Apr. 1971 -REVIEWS — Contains book reviews written by Kaplan; published in various journals -Sexual Symbolism in the Kabbalah -Social Ethics and the Sanctity of Life: A Summary — Life or Death: Ethics and Options — Portland, Reed College, 1968, pp.152-167 -Spinoza and Freud — Journal of the American Academy of Psychonanalysis — v.5 no.3, 1977 -Student Movement — Education Digest — v.33 no.1, Sep. 1967 AND Carnegie Review - no.10, Jan. 1967 -Study of Man -Theory of Value — from "The Conduct of Inquiry" — Chandler Publishing Co., 1964 -Towards a Philosophy of Judaism — The Jewish Teacher — v.30 no.4, Apr. 1962 -Travesty of the Philosophers — Change — Jan.-Feb. 1970 -Two Philosophies of Small Group Training — Revista For Delli AIF — no.16, Mar. 1992 -Unifying Science in a Disunified World — Scientific Monthly — v.52, Jan. 1941 -Veranderung Durch Ideen — Hochkeppel — no.82, 1970 -What Does Art Express? — Colorado Quarterly — v.11 no.2, Aut. 1962 -What Good is "Truth?" — Philosophy and Phenomenological Research v.15 no.2, Dec.1954 -Whose Just Rights? — Keeping Posted — v.20 no.8, May 1975 Box 10: -A Conduta Na Pesquisa — Sao Paulo, Editora Herder, 1969 (a Portuguese translation of The Conduct of Inquiry) — 2 COPIES -Encyclopedia Americana v.4 — New York, Americana Corporation, 1959 — contains "Body and Mind," pp. 146-7 -Encyclopedia Americana v.6 — New York, Americana Corporation, 1959 — contains "Cause," pp.131-2 -Life or Death: Ethics and Options — Portland, Reed College, 1968 — contains "Social Ethics and the Sanctity of Life: A Summary," pp.152-167 -Mirror of Men’s Minds vol.II — Dubuque, WM. C. Brown Book Company, 1967 — contains "The Aesthetics of the Popular Arts," pp.155-167 -National Association of Home Builders Interdisciplinary Conference on Environmental Design: Transcript of General Sessions — Washington, D.C., National Housing Center, Nov. 19-20, 1964 — Remarks made throughout transcript of conference -The New World of Philosophy — London, St. James’s Place, 1962 — 2 COPIES (hrdbk) -The New World of Philosophy — New York, Vintage Books, 1961 — 1 COPY (pbk) -Sigma: En Matematikens Kulturhistoria sammanstalld och Kommenterad — Stockholm,Victor Pettersons Bokindustri, 1959 — pp.1263-1282 (A Swedish Translation of The World of Mathematics) -Spheres of Psychotherapeutic Activity — Haifa, The Medical Department, Kupat Cholim Centre — Introduction by Kaplan -Theorien der Kunst — Frankfurt, Suhrkamp Verlag, 1982 — pp.491-523 — contains "Referenz in der Kunst" (German translation of Reference in the Arts) -Western Regional Conference for Nurses in Administrative and Supervisory Positions: Human Relations in Supervision — Los Angeles, The School of Nursing, University Extension UCLA, June 10-13, 1956 — contains "Logic, Semantics and the Making Of Decisions," pp.3-12

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Social sciences -- Methodology