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Weatherwax (John M.) Collection
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Series I: Personal Papers 1919-1985; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains financial documents such as bank statements, receipts, and tax returns; as well as contracts and correspondence related to properties in Aberdeen, WA; Weatherwax family genealogy; and documents related to projects in Jamaica such as for a Kingston, Jamaica YMCA fundraising campaign for a new headquarters, and regarding renting a property entitled "Mount Ida". Also included are photographs taken in Jamaica of the student Christian movement at St. Andrew High School; as well as other personal items belonging to Weathwerwax such as library cards, business cards, notes, negatives for "A.A. Clay Drawings" and "African and Other Negatives" by A. Smith; and other items.
box 11, folder 1

Aberdeen Masonic Lodge No. 52 Membership Papers 1919-1928

box 11, folder 2

"Three Eleven South 'I' Street Building Aberdeen Financing Figures 1925

box 11, folder 3

"First National Bank. Aberdeen" - Bank Statement, Cashiered Checks, Correspondence 1926-1930

box 11, folder 4

"General Advertising Co." - Advertising Contracts, Correspondence 1925-1926

box 11, folder 5

"General Building Company" - Stock Certificates, business correspondence, contracts, tax returns and other documents regarding General Building Company 1925-1934

box 11, folder 6

"Lamb and Horrocks" - Mortgage and Receipt for Plot of Land in Aberdeen, WA August 3, 1927

box 11, folder 7

"Fred A. Leach" - Escrow deposit receipt received from JMW to Fred A. Leach January 14, 1940

box 11, folder 8

Melbourne Apartment; lease agreement 1947; 1950

box 11, folder 9

Weatherwax family Genealogy: Sons of the American Revolution 1933, undated

box 11, folder 10

Weatherwax family Genealogy: biographical information, notes, photo 1943, undated

box 11, folder 11

Weatherwax family genealogy: notes, coat of arms information 1946-1947, 1953

box 11, folder 12

"Weatherwax family Genealogy: fowler 1946, undated

box 11, folder 13

Weatherwax family Genealogy: Daughters of the American Revolution undated

box 11, folder 14

Dora Weatherwax - genealogy undated

box 11, folder 15

African Contributions; wall decals 1971

box 11, folder 16

Bookmark with memorial to John Weatherwax circa 1985

box 28, folder 1

AA Clay Drawings [negatives] undated

box 28, folder 2

"African and other negatives" by A. Smith [negatives of drawings] 1967

box 28, folder 3

"AA Clay Drawings for Book I" undated

box 28, folder 4

"not used negatives" of drawings undated

box 33, folder 1

Publisher layouts: Honoring Waldemar Hille: and a print of a drawing of Cesar Chavez undated

box 33, folder 2

A.A. Clay drawings for Ancient Africa part I undated

box 33, folder 3

"Founders of Los Angeles" by John Weatherwax. layouts and transcripts undated

box 33, folder 4

"Marcus Garvey" by John Weatherwax. pamphlet layouts undated

box 33, folder 5

Black and White drawings undated

box 33, folder 6

Africa drawings and layouts undated

box 33, folder 7

Ancient Africa part II drawings undated

box 33, folder 8

"SEED" layout mockups. undated

box 33, folder 9

Bryant Foundation publisher negatives  circa 1971

box 33, folder 10

Bryant Foundation publisher layouts undated

box 33, folder 11

Bryant Foundation publishing proofs and negatives. Drawings by Arthur J. Smith circa 1971

box 33, folder 12

Bryant Foundation proofs and negatives. Including "What's Wrong with the World" and others. Text by John Weatherwax, Drawings by Clay and Arthur J.Smith 1962-1970

case 4, drawer 5

Bryant Foundation "Current Africa" publisher layouts undated

box 33, folder 13

Hand drawn layouts undated

box 33, folder 14

"THE LITTLE WORLD LIST", Compiler John Weatherwax. 1981

box 12, folder 1

Photographs- portrait of unidentified man; group photograph taken at the Portuguese Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, Newark N.J.; glass plate portrait of J.A. McGann undated

box 12, folder 2

miscellaneous notes; assembly district lists 1946; undated

box 12, folder 3

library cards; social security cards; local board notice of classification cards, business cards 1933-1946; undated

box 12, folder 4

Mail order Slip Bryant Foundation to Univ. of West Indies, Jamaica 1950

box 12, folder 5

Correspondence - Jamaica 1950-1952

box 12, folder 6

Correspondence - Jamaica 1950-1953

box 12, folder 7

"General Building Company"- Correspondence regarding Jamaica Campaign 1950-1951

box 12, folder 8, case 4, drawer 5

Jamaica YMCA Campaign 1950-1952

Separated Materials

two oversized posters are located in Map Case 4, Drawer 5.
box 12, folder 9

Jamaica YMCA Campaign 1950-1955


Series II: Writings and Notes 1915-1981; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains drafts of manuscripts, essays, novellas, articles, radio transcripts, film treatments; as well as notes, revisions, and research material related to works authored or co-authored by John Weatherwax. This includes titles such as Skidroad, Timber Pirate, Three Star Marshall (which may be the same story focused on the lumber industry in Aberdeen, Washington), Letter to a Soldier, To Write; article submissions for Flashes (newsletter); radio program transcripts for "Let's Speak Out and Make Democracy Work"; and others. Also included are manuscripts and other materials related to children's books by Weatherwax and his sister (Clara Weatherwax) and brother-in-law (Gerald Stang) such as  The Pet WhaleMyths of the Polynesians, and The Coming of Animals. This series is arranged alphabetically.
box 1, folder 1

"The Adventures of Bill Lance". TypeScript for Radio Broadcast Jan 21, 1945 January 21, 1945

box 1, folder 2

"The African Contribution", part 2. 1964

box 1, folder 3

"New Material for Am-Sov Bulletin" undated

box 1, folder 4

"Armand "Bolder" Landry". Essay (two copies) undated

box 1, folder 5

Associated Film Audiences - newsletters, notes, memorandums, essays 1939

box 1, folder 6

"Aztec Fairy Tales" Short Story (with revisions) circa 1931

box 1, folder 7

"Bridges ". Short Story. (two copies) undated

box 1, folder 8

"Captain Vancouver's Island". Essay (two copies) undated

box 1, folder 9

"A Christmas Fable" - Short Story; Rejection notice from Counter Magazine undated

box 1, folder 10

"The Coming of the Animals; Bird and Animal Stories of the California Indians" by Clara and Gerald Strang, and John Weatherwax circa 1930s

box 1, folder 11

"Concha: A Record" novella typescript undated

box 1, folder 12

"Douglass Play - Notes, Also Paper by John Weatherwax given at Jan 5, 1939 Session of John Howard Lawson's course on the History of American Literature 1939-1942

box 1, folder 13

"Educational Objectives" Essay typescript circa 1930s

box 1, folder 14

"Fire Watchers" - Notes, Flyers, Newsletters, Brochures for the Los Angeles Citizen's Defense Corps regarding air raids 1943

box 1, folder 15

Flashes newsletter article submissions (1/3) 1942

box 1, folder 16

Flashes newsletter article submissions (2/3) 1943

box 1, folder 17

Flashes newsletter article submissions (3/3) 1944-1945

box 2, folder 1

Flashes: The Voice of the Membership: newsletter at film technicians of the motion picture industry, Local 683 (Vol.4-Vol.5; Vol.7 No.1) November 1941 - October 1944

box 2, folder 2

"Force and Violence" Notes, Clippings 1951, 1961-1971

box 2, folder 3

"Ford, Thomas" - Essay undated

box 2, folder 4

"From a letter to A Young Poet" Essay. two copies circa 1930

box 2, folder 5

"The Founders of Los Angeles (four copies) 1976

box 2, folder 6

"The Garra Alliance" First Working Draft. Copy 3 undated

box 2, folder 7

"Henry". Article; Notes undated

box 2, folder 8

"A House Divided" - Article Typescript circa 1929

box 2, folder 9

"How Much Milk Should People Drink?" - Article typescript circa 1954

box 2, folder 10

"Int. Longshoremen and Warehouse men Union; Local 13" Notes sketches presentation entitled " walls can speak" 1954, undated

box 2, folder 11

IPA May 6, 1935

box 2, folder 12

Notes on Jewish History circa 1960s

box 2, folder 13

Jubilee Stars agreement 1961

box 2, folder 14

"Jury Duty" - Notes June 17, 1963

box 2, folder 15

Kaiser, Henry J.; notes May 9, 1945

box 2, folder 16

"The Knife". Continuity Outline. With Notes and Revisions 1944

box 2, folder 17

"Labor" - Essays, Brochures, Research. 1939-1940

box 2, folder 18

"Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959" - meeting minutes, notes, petitions other documents 1935-1959

box 2, folder 19

"Lady Yang" - Novella Typescript undated

box 3, folder 1

"Laser Literature: A Permuted Bibliography 1958-1966" (two copies) 1967, 1973

box 3, folder 2

"Law - Notes, Articles, mailers" 1915-1978

box 3, folder 3

"Emma Lazarus" - Notes, Biographical Sketch, and other materials 1973; undated

box 3, folder 4

"Let's Speak Out and Make Democracy Work" Radio Programs of the Bryant Foundation" February 8 - February 15, 1940

box 3, folder 5

"Let's Speak Out and Make Democracy Work" Radio Programs of the Bryant Foundation" April 4-April 16, 1940

box 3, folder 6

"Let's Speak Out and Make Democracy Work" Radio Programs of the Bryant Foundation" Correspondence 1939-1940

box 3, folder 7

"Letter to A Solder" - Notes undated

box 3, folder 8

"Letter to a Soldier" - First Draft. Copy 2. pages 1-150 undated

box 4, folder 1

"Letter to a Soldier" - First Draft. Copy 2. pages 151-310 undated

box 4, folder 2

"Letter to A Soldier" - First Draft. pages 1-150 undated

box 4, folder 3

"Letter to A Soldier" - First Draft. pages 151-310 undated

box 4, folder 4

"Little Brown Jugh" By Fowler Stevens - Short Story typescript (two copies) undated

box 4, folder 5

"The Lonsdale Belt" - Typed Notes. undated

box 4, folder 6

"The Main Idea" novella undated

box 4, folder 7

"Main Points in the Plan for M-day" and notes circa 1940

box 4, folder 8

"Manuscripts: A Musical Film Based on American Folk Themes" undated

box 4, folder 9

"Damon Marchand" Typescript Novel (with edits) sent to JMW by Damon Marchand 1930

box 4, folder 10

"Marriage" - Notes, Articles, Quotes 1926-1929

box 4, folder 11

"Marxism and Aesthetics" - Notes, Quotes 1937-1956

box 4, folder 12

"Marxism and Art" - Notes, Clippings, Articles, Quotes 1937-1958

box 4, folder 13

"Marxism and Education" - Notes, Clippings, Brochures 1949-1952

box 4, folder 14

"Collected Maxims" 1922-1928

box 4, folder 15

MCS- radio script 1948-1949

box 4, folder 16

Ambassador G.L. Mehta - Notes and invitation Re: Speech and banquet at Beverly Hills Hotel and Hollywood-Roosevelt Hotel 1956

box 5, folder 1

"Nationalization" - Notes, memos, brochures regarding healthcare 1929-1956, undated

box 5, folder 2

"Natural History Museum Alliance" - Notes Entitled "Ahimsa", "India's Second Five Year Plan" undated

box 5, folder 3

"The Pet Whale" circa 1960s

box 5, folder 4

"The Prince's Garter" by Ina Weatherwax Bertholf 1942

box 5, folder 5

"Provocations in Finland"; notes undated

box 5, folder 6

"Red Shoes" - Short Story typescript undated

box 5, folder 7

"Russian Revolution" Outline. Film Treatment, notes. undated

box 5, folder 8

"Screenplay Writing. Studies of Scripts: It happened one night; Dead End. $100 A Day" - Notes undated

box 5, folder 9

"A short History of Europe and Australia" Short Story. undated

box 5, folder 10

"Silver Platters and Golden Apples" Article; Rejection Letter two copies. 1929

box 5, folder 11

"Skidroad" treatment (similar to "Timber Pirate"). Includes notes and edits undated

box 5, folder 12

"Skidroad"- Typescript dialogue. Draft copy undated

box 5, folder 13

"Skidroad"- Typescript dialogue. Two copies undated

box 5, folder 14

"Skidroad"- Typescript film treatment (five copies); Notes undated

box 5, folder 15

"Skyhouse Notes" 1938-1939

box 5, folder 16

"Slogans" - Notes on Slogans 1957; undated

box 5, folder 17

"Slonimsky in California" musical criticism, "The New Music Workshop" undated

box 5, folder 18

Southern Pacific (spoken word) undated

box 5, folder 19

"Studio Saga: Gustaf Cashier" - Short Story; notes undated

box 5, folder 20

"Studio Saga: Leonard Hinton". Short Story two copies. undated

box 5, folder 21

"This Is America" - Typescripts of Radio Broadcasts 1941-1942

box 6, folder 1

"Thought" Notes, typescript circa 1920s

box 6, folder 2

"Three-Star Marshall" Continuity Outline. Typescript undated

box 6, folder 3

"Three-Star Marshall" Continuity Outline. Typescript undated

box 6, folder 4

"Three-Star Marshall" Continuity Outline. Typescript (two copies) undated

box 6, folder 5

"Three-Star Marshall" Continuity Outline. Typescript (two copies) 1940

box 6, folder 6

"Three-Star Marshall" Continuity Outline. Typescript (two copies) undated

box 6, folder 7

"Timber Pirate" (two copies) Typescript. Treatment. Includes Notes undated

box 6, folder 8

"Timber Pirate" Continuity Outline circa 1940

box 6, folder 9

"Timber Pirate" draft with notations undated

box 6, folder 10

"Timber Pirate"- continuity outline. (two copies) undated

box 6, folder 11

"Timber Pirate"- continuity outline. Typescript undated

box 6, folder 12

"Timber Pirate"- continuity outline. Typescript; clipping. Includes notes and edits circa 1943

box 7, folder 1

"To Write: Cartoon Book on Black Subjects in way to give good attitudes" 1980-1981; undated

box 7, folder 2

"To Write" - Notes undated

box 7, folder 3

"To Write" - Notes, Quotes, Clippings 1933-1940

box 7, folder 4

"Tradition" Short Story undated

box 7, folder 17

"Trumpets of Freedom", words by Anna Louise Strong and Jack Weatherwax [sheet music], "Mass Songs" five page mimeo of revolutionary songs for use at a union gathering. circa 1942

box 7, folder 5

Unemployment; notes 1928

box 7, folder 6

Unemployment; notes 1939

box 7, folder 7

Unemployment; notes 1939; 1941

box 7, folder 8

"Warning" - Essay (two copies) circa 1932

box 7, folder 9

"Way of Life" - Script for a Play undated

box 7, folder 10

"The Welfare of the People" Essay. two copies circa 1930

box 7, folder 11

"What is Democratic Centralism?" essay/ talk to the East Hollywood Club undated

box 7, folder 12

"You are Not Alone" play typescript undated

box 7, folder 13

"Zion" - Manuscript undated

box 7, folder 14

[Untitled] Notes on Dorothy Dandridge, Truman, musicians as citizens and others undated

box 7, folder 15

Notes on various topics and literature undated

box 7, folder 16

[untitled] leaflets undated


Series III: Correspondence 1920-1976; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains Weatherwax family correspondence mostly related to real estate and construction projects; properties in Seattle and Aberdeen, WA.; book publishing costs; various writing projects for plays, manuscripts, and articles; bank loans; book proposals; and payment plans. Also included are letters to friends and family regarding trips, holidays, health, and family members; and letters to senators, congressmen, and assemblymen regarding various bills and subjects related to politics. This series is arranged chronologically.
box 8, folder 1

Correspondence 1920-1928

box 8, folder 2

"Moroni Olsen" Correspondence 1922, 1925, 1927-1930, 1936, 1946

box 8, folder 3

International Development Advisory Board 1925, 1943-1960

box 8, folder 4

Correspondence 1929-1931

box 8, folder 5

International Federation of Trade Unions 1932, 1935

box 8, folder 6

Correspondence 1932

box 8, folder 7

Correspondence 1933

box 8, folder 8

Correspondence 1934-1937

box 8, folder 9

McPhee 1935-1936

box 8, folder 10

"Socialism", correspondence 1936

box 8, folder 11

Correspondence to John Weatherwax from his mother 1936-1937

box 8, folder 12

Correspondence 1938

box 8, folder 13

Correspondence 1939

box 9, folder 1

Correspondence 1939

box 9, folder 2

Correspondence 1940-1941

box 9, folder 3

W.G. Rundall 1942-1943, 1946-1947

box 9, folder 4

Correspondence 1942-1944

box 9, folder 5

Correspondence 1945-1946

box 9, folder 6

"Trade Press Room" 1945-1946, 1949

box 9, folder 7

Correspondence 1947

box 9, folder 8

Correspondence 1948

box 9, folder 9

Gordon McDonough 1949

box 9, folder 10

Correspondence 1949-1950

box 9, folder 11

Leon Edel 1949-1950

box 9, folder 12

Theresa and Norman Kirk 1952, 1956, 1957

box 9, folder 13

Correspondence 1952-1956

box 9, folder 14

Henry Kraus- letter; leaflet circa 1955

box 9, folder 15

Ed Royce 1955

box 9, folder 16

George Hanna and Family Correspondence 1956-1965

box 9, folder 17

George Hanna and Family Correspondence 1957-1964

box 9, folder 18

Correspondence 1957-1958

box 9, folder 19

Correspondence 1959

box 10, folder 1

"Russian Letters" 1959-1960

box 10, folder 2

Correspondence 1960-1971, 1975, 1976

box 10, folder 3

Correspondence "Senator Alan Cranston" 1960, 1963-1967, 1969-1975

box 10, folder 4

Correspondence "Senator Alan Cranston" 1961-1964

box 10, folder 5

Buddy McDonald - Correspondence 1962-1967

box 10, folder 6

James McGann 1962

box 10, folder 7

"Aubrey Finn" Correspondence 1964-1967

box 10, folder 8

Jack and Doris Florer - Correspondence 1964-1979

box 10, folder 9

Edward Kennedy- letter and excerpts of statements 1973

box 10, folder 10

David Seidman 1976-1982

box 10, folder 11

Correspondence undated


Series IV: Subject File 1913-1981; undated 1940-1960

Scope and Contents

This series contains material collected by Weatherwax such as letters, mailers, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, flyers, leaflets, and other documents mostly related to civil liberties, constitutional rights, African Americans, the Chicano movement; and political and socioeconomic movements and organizations such as: McCarthyism, Red Scare, communism, the Communist Party U.S.A, National Federation For Constitutional Liberties, McCarran Act, American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, socialism, marxism, labor, unions, fascism, California politics and elections, peace groups and organizations, and other related material. This series is organized into twelve sub-series.

Sub-Series A: Red Scare, Smith Act, McCarthyism, Communism 1936-1972; undated 1948-1956

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains flyers, pamphlets, correspondence, leaflets, and other documents related to a Red Scare, the Smith Act of 1940, McCarthyism, and other material related to communism and the time period surrounding the perceived threat of communism in the United States such as documents regarding the Hollywood blacklist, House Committee on Un-American Activities, Communist Party U.S.A., Communist Party of Los Angeles, and others.
box 16, folder 1, box 25, folder 25

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- Civil Rights Congress flyers and pamphlets WEAT_016_001_01-011; WEAT_016_025_005-006 1948-1954

box 16, folder 2

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- "Treason in Congress" by Albert E. Kahn. Published by Progressive Citizens of America [pamphlet] WEAT_016_001_012 1948

box 16, folder 3

Red Scare/Smith Act- Communist Party [pamphlet] WEAT_016_001_013 1948-1949

box 16, folder 4

Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, Los Angeles [flyer] WEAT_016_003_01 1948

box 16, folder 5

National Non-Partisan Committee- press releases; correspondence; mailers; telegram; pamphlets; and other documents WEAT_016_004_01-22 1949-1950; undated

box 16, folder 7

"The Heritage My Father Left to Me" by Paul Jarrico, blacklisted film writer WEAT_016_007_001 circa 1950

box 16, folder 8

statements, flyer regarding the Hollywood Ten (Hollywood blacklist); copy of "The Time of the Toad" by Dalton Trumbo WEAT_016_008_001-005 1943; 1950-1952; 1956

box 16, folder 9

Red Scare/Smith Act- "Bail" [leaflet] WEAT_016_009_001 1951

box 16, folder 10

Red Scare/Smith Act- National Lawyers Guild reports regarding Smith Act prosecutions WEAT_016_010_001-002 circa 1951

box 16, folder 11

Smith Act- Free Oleta Yates, California Emergency Defense Committee [leaflet] WEAT_016_011_001 1952

box 16, folder 12

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- "Jury System"; Pamphlet entitled "….this, too, is lynch law" Self Defense Committee of 17 Smith Act Victims WEAT_016_012_001 circa 1952

box 16, folder 13

Southern California Trade Union Committee to Repeal the Smith Act and other Anti-Labor Legislation "Smith Act Frame-Up!" [flyer] WEAT_016_013_001 November 1952

box 16, folder 14

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- The Committee for Medical Freedom "Cedars' Shame!" [pamphlet] WEAT_016_014_001 1952

box 16, folder 15

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- East Side Committee for Defense of Smith Act Victims [flyer] WEAT_016_015_001 1952

box 16, folder 16

Red Scare/Smith Act- attorney statements regarding hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities WEAT_016_016_001-002 January 1952

box 16, folder 17

Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, Los Angeles; flyer for rally against House of Committee on Un-American Activities WEAT_016_017_001 1952

box 16, folder 18

Champion of the Bill of Rights [flyer] WEAT_016_018_001 1952

box 16, folder 20

Red Scare/Smith Act- California Emergency Defense Committee flyers; pamphlet regarding the Bill of Rights WEAT_016_020_001-004 circa 1952

box 16, folder 21

"Flashlight" Palo Alto Peace Club. Vol. 1, No. 4; Vol. 1, No. 8 WEAT_016_021_001-002 June 1953; October 1953

box 16, folder 22

Red Scare/Smith Act/McArthyism- "UE Steward" Vol. 6, No. 9 special issue entitled "What is McCarthyism?" WEAT_016_022_001 September 1953

box 16, folder 23

Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, Los Angeles- flyer for rally against House of Committee on Un-American Activities; copy of an address entitled "We the People" delivered in celebration of the 165th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights. WEAT_016_023_001-002 1953; December 14, 1956

box 16, folder 24

MCS Union Defense Committee- "The Teeth in Taft- Hartley" [pamphlet]; memorandum regarding Taft-Hartley Law and Hugh Bryson WEAT_016_024_001-002 August 1953; circa 1953

box 16, folder 25

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- "McCarthy, the Man and the Ism" by Joseph Morton. Published by the Pacific Publishing Foundation WEAT_016_025_001 circa 1953

box 16, folder 26

Independent Progressive Party [flyer] WEAT_016_026_001 1953

box 16, folder 27

Red Scare/Smith Act- "Smear and Run… An Un-American Activity" Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms [pamphlet] WEAT_016_027_001 circa 1954

box 16, folder 28

Red Scare/Smith Act- Emergency Civil Liberties Committee- "Joe's Target is Your Freedom" [newspaper clipping] WEAT_016_028_001 June 2, 1954

box 16, folder 29

Railroad Committee, Communist Party, Los Angeles- "Behind the Headlines in Guatemala!" [pamphlet] WEAT_016_029_001 1954

box 16, folder 30

"Why Did They Fire My Teacher?" [flyer] WEAT_016_030 1954

box 16, folder 31

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism "Save the Bill of Rights" an editorial reprint from "Daily People's World" WEAT_016_031 August 16, 1954

box 16, folder 32

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- The Friends of Edward J. Fitzgerald [two pamphlets] WEAT_016_032_001-002 circa 1956

box 16, folder 33

"The South's New Challenge" by James E. Jackson [pamphlet] WEAT_016_033_001 November 9, 1957

box 16, folder 33

Red Scare/Smith Act/McCarthyism- flyers; reprint; mailers; pamphlet; report WEAT_016_033_001 1; WEAT_016_033_002-010 1952

box 22, folder 16

"Stop Operation Witch-Hunt" (Howard Fast) [flyer] WEAT_022_016_001 1947

box 22, folder 17

Red Scare/Smith Act- "The Truth About Communism!" Los Angeles County Committee Communist Party WEAT_022_017_001 circa 1947

box 22, folder 22

Communist Party U.S.A.- flyers and pamphlets WEAT_022_022_001-009 1938-1947

box 22, folder 23

Communist Party U.S.A.- flyers and pamphlets WEAT_022_023_001-003 1956-1972

box 22, folder 24

Echo Park Communist Party "Danger on the Home Front" [flyer] WEAT_022_024_001 July 1943

box 22, folder 25

L.A. County Committee, Communist Party "Advance the People's Victory!" [flyer] WEAT_022_025_001 1943

box 22, folder 26

CPUSA- Earl Browder- flyers; booklet WEAT_022_026_001-003 circa 1936?; 1940

box 22, folder 27

"Mother Bloor will Speak on the Communist Program…Job Security and Peace" [flyer] WEAT_022_027_001 undated

box 22, folder 28

Communist Party of Los Angeles "Why Don't They Go Back Where They Came From" Pamphlet #3 WEAT_022_028_001 [1947]

box 26, folder 2

Communism (general file) 1937, 1939, 1942, 1959, 1978; undated

Scope and Contents

"Communism, Science and Culture" by Jacques Duclos; "Control Figures for the Economic Development of the U.S.S.R. for 1959-1965, Report Delivered at the 21st Extraordinary Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union" by N.S. Khrushchov; "The Communist International" Vol. XIV, No. 12; "Philosophy and Class Struggle" by Dialgeo, reprinted from "The African Communist"; "Everything to Win the War, Program for Victory", 1942 Election Platform Communist Party of California; "What You Should Read and Why?" International Book Shop leaflet.
box 27, folder 8

"The Mundt Police State Bill is Fascism", Communist Party of Los Angeles [flyer] WEAT_025_025_004 circa 1948-1950

box 27, folder 9

"Rights", Vol. 1, No. 3-4. "McCarthyism Challenged, 4 Witnesses Charge Probes Violate First Amendment, High Court Agrees to Hear Issue" WEAT_025_025_003 October-November 1953

box 27, folder 10

"The Dodgers...and the Indians and Browns, too...have a word for it...Democracy! Why Not the Angels and the Stars?" Los Angeles Communist Party [flyer] WEAT_025_025_002 circa 1947-1948

box 27, folder 17

Valley Committee for Defense of the Bill of Rights- event flyers for Esther Baun celebration February 25, 1967


Sub-Series B: McCarran Act 1950-1962; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains petitions, letters, pamphlets, and other documents published by the National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act, Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties, Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, and other organizations regarding the McCarran Act, also known as the Internal Security Act of 1950, or the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950 which required Communist organizations to register with the United States government. For more material related to the Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born see Sub-Series C: American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born/Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born.
box 18, folder 24

National Committee to Defeat the Mundt Bill [flyer]; "Internal Security Act of 1950" WEAT_018_024_001-002 September 22, 1950; undated

box 18, folder 25

McCarran Act- Public Law 831; pamphlets; information bulletin; National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act letters; essay WEAT_018_025_001-007; WEAT_018_025_009-011 September 22, 1950; 1951; January 1953; undated

box 18, folder 26

McCarran Act- National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act letters; blank order form; statement; articles; flyers; copy of H.R. 7645; proposed program of action for repeal; and other related documents WEAT_018_026_001-018 January-July 1952; February 7, 1953

box 18, folder 27

McCarran Act- National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act letters; "I.F. Stone's Weekly" Vol. 1, No. 26; Congressional Record; article; pamphlet WEAT_018_027_001-007 September 1953

box 18, folder 28

McCarran Act- National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act letters; open letter; reprint; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born pamphlet WEAT_018_028_001-004; WEAT_018_028_013 January 1954; June 1954; circa 1954-1955

box 18, folder 29

McCarran Act- National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act letters; reprint; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born pamphlet; flyers; proposed program for revision; Congressional report; petition; and other related documents WEAT_018_029_001-014 May-August 1955; circa 1956; circa 1958; August 27, 1959; circa 1961; undated

box 18, folder 30

McCarran Act- "The Deportation Drive vs. The Bill of Rights. The McCarran Act and the Foreign Born" by Abner Green. Published by American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born [pamphlet] WEAT_018_030_001 February 1951

box 18, folder 31

McCarran Act- "The McCarran Conspiracy Against the Bill of Rights". Published by Communist Party, USA [pamphlet] WEAT_018_031_001 April 1951

box 18, folder 32

McCarran Act- "Citizens Without Rights". Published by the Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born [pamphlet] WEAT_018_032_001 1952?

box 18, folder 33

McCarran Act- "Red Tape and Barbed Wire, Close-up of the McCarran Law in Action" by Sender Garlin. Published by Civil Rights Congress [pamphlet] WEAT_018_033_001 1952

box 18, folder 34

McCarran Act- "The Walter McCarran Law, Extracts from Testimony before President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization". Published by American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born [pamphlet] WEAT_018_034_001 circa 1952

box 18, folder 35

McCarran Act- "The People vs. McCarthyism, the Case Against the McCarran Act" by John Abt. Published by the Civil Rights Congress [pamphlet] WEAT_018_035_001 1953

box 18, folder 36

McCarran Act- "The Lamp and the Law, the McCarran Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952". Published by American Civil Liberties Union [pamphlet] WEAT_018_036_001 circa 1953

box 18, folder 37

McCarran Act- "The Walter-McCarran Law Police State Terror Against Foreign-Born Americans" by Abner Green. Published by American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born [pamphlet] WEAT_018_037_001 1953

box 18, folder 38

McCarran Act- "Shame of a Nation, a Documented Story of Police-State Terror Against Mexican-Americans in the U.S.A." by Patricia Morgan. Published by Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born [pamphlet] WEAT_018_038_001 September 1954

box 18, folder 39

McCarran Act- "A Fateful Moment in Our History, Dissenting Opinion of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Hugo L. Black in the McCarran Act Decision". Published by Citizens' Committee for Constitutional Liberties [pamphlet] WEAT_018_039_001 1961

box 18, folder 40

McCarran Act- "I Do Not Think the Court's Action Can be Justified, Dissenting Opinion of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl warren in the McCarran Act Decision". Published by Citizens' Committee for Constitutional Liberties [pamphlet] WEAT_018_040_001 July 1961

box 18, folder 41

McCarran Act- "End McCarranism on This We Stand Together". Published by Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties [pamphlet] WEAT_018_041_001 1962

box 18, folder 42

McCarran Act- "Patriotism Against McCarthyism". Issued by N.Y. State Communist Party [pamphlet] WEAT_018_042_001 1954


Sub-Series C: American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born/Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 1938-1981; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains petitions, pamphlets, articles, essays, flyers, mailers, and letters relating to and published by the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born and Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born. Also included are programs, sponsorship letters, summary proceedings and other documents regarding the National Conference to Defend the Rights of Foreign Born Americans; and issues of "The Lamp" and "Torchlight". For more material published by Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born and American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born see Sub-Series B: McCarran Act.
box 18, folder 43

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "The Strange Case of the Filipinos in the United States" by Maximo C. Manzon [pamphlet] WEAT_018_043_001 December 1938

box 18, folder 44

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: Ernest Hemingway letter; articles [pamphlet] WEAT_018_044_001 circa 1939

box 18, folder 45

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letters, petitions, holiday card; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: essay WEAT_018_045_001-008 January 1951; August 1951; circa 1952; undated

box 18, folder 46

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: flyers and pamphlet; Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: flyers, Korean-American Deportees Defense Committee letter and pamphlet; and other related documents WEAT_018_046_001-008 March 1952; July 1952; May 1955; undated

box 18, folder 47

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: flyer, pamphlet, newsletters articles, press release, event program; and other related documents WEAT_018_047_001-013 June-November 1953; circa 1953; undated

box 18, folder 48

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: National Conference to Defend the Rights of Foreign Born Americans souvenir journal purchase form, letters, programs; "The Lamp" newsletter WEAT_018_048_001-006 September-October 1954; circa 1954

box 19, folder 1

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: pamphlet, "Torchlight" newsletters, flyer, press release; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letters, article, "The Lamp" newsletters, memorandum, pamphlets; and other related documents WEAT_019_001-_01-22 February-September 1956; undated

box 19, folder 2

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letter, "Torchlight" newsletters, invitation memorandum, statement dinner program and invitation; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: 24th Annual conference program, sponsorship letters, summary proceedings, report, "The Lamp" newsletter, pamphlet, bulletin, I.F. Stone's Weekly Vol. V, No. 18; and other related documents WEAT_019_002_01-12; WEAT_019_002_17-28 September-December 1956; undated

box 19, folder 3

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, 7th Annual Conference program, American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "The Lamp" newsletter, Legislative Bulletin, essay, sponsorship letters, invitations; and other related documents WEAT_019_003_01-22 January-August 1957

box 19, folder 4

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, flyer; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letters, essay, statement, injunction, excerpts from an address, bulletins, press release, affidavit, "The Lamp" newsletter, 25th Anniversary National Conference program, summary proceedings and report; and other related documents WEAT_019_004_01-32 December 1956; January 1957; May-December 1957; undated

box 19, folder 5

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born : "Torchlight" newsletters, flyer, press release, 8th Annual Conference program, essay; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letter, report, sponsorship letter, "The Lamp" newsletter, 26th Annual Conference letters, report, summary proceedings, program; and other related documents WEAT_019_005_01-20 February-December 1958; circa 1958

box 20, folder 1

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, 10th Annual Conference souvenir journal, synopsis, summary and programs; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born sponsorship letters, letters, press release, 27th Annual National Conference memorandum, reports, memorandums; and other related documents WEAT_020_001_001-027 1957; 1959

box 20, folder 2

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, flyers; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letters, letters, memorandum, booklet, press release, statements, invitations, 27th Annual National Conference program, statements; and other related documents WEAT_020_002_001-036 1960; undated

box 20, folder 3

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, 11th Annual Conference programs; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: progress report, statement letters; and other related documents WEAT_020_003_001-015 January-March; October-November 1961; undated

box 20, folder 4

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: 12th Annual Conference programs, 'Torchlight" newsletter; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letter, memorandum, Louise Pettibone Smith dinner program, memorandums, and invitations, press release; and other related documents WEAT_020_004_02-12; 14-22 February 1962-January 1963

box 20, folder 5

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: "Torchlight" newsletters, flyers; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letters, letters, memorandum, booklet, press releases, statements, invitations, 27th Annual National Conference program, memorandums 30th Anniversary town hall programs, sponsorship letter; and other related documents WEAT_020_005_01-23 1963; undated

box 20, folder 6

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: 14th Annual Conference program, "Torchlight" newsletters, letters, flyer; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: essay, press release, sponsorship letter, newsletters; and other related documents WEAT_020_006_01-18 1964

box 20, folder 7

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: 15th Annual Conference program, "Torchlight" newsletters; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: newsletters, remarks, pamphlets, statement; and other related documents WEAT_020_007_01-12 1965

box 27, folder 14

Los Angeles Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born "Festival of Nationalities" flyers 1959, 1961, 1964, 1970

box 20, folder 8

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letters, newsletters, press releases, report WEAT_020_008_01-07 February-November 1966; undated

box 20, folder 9

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: mailer, pamphlets, statement, press releases WEAT_020_009_01-07 April-June 1967; undated

box 20, folder 10

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: sponsorship letter; and other letters WEAT_020_010_01-06 May-June 1968; November 1968

box 20, folder 11

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: press release, mailer, sponsorship letter, essay, pamphlet, and other related documents WEAT_020_011_01-08 January, April, July 1969; undated

box 20, folder 12

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: press release, mailers, pamphlet, and other related documents WEAT_020_012_01-07 January, March 1970; undated

box 20, folder 13

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letters, call for a conference, Bill of Rights conference highlights WEAT_020_013_01-05 April-May 1971; November 1971

box 20, folder 14

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: newsletter, sponsorship letter, mailer, pamphlet, report WEAT_020_014_01-06 March-April; November-December 1972

box 20, folder 15

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: open letter, highlights, press releases, sponsorship letters, pamphlets WEAT_020_015_01-13 1973; undated

box 20, folder 16

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: open letter, correspondence, memorandums, articles, telegram, and other related documents WEAT_020_016_01-10 1974; undated

box 20, folder 17

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: pamphlets, press releases, report, telegram, and other related documents WEAT_020_017_01-13 January-March; September-December 1975; undated

box 20, folder 18

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: press releases, pamphlet, letters, and other related documents WEAT_020_018_01-14 March-July 1976; undated

box 20, folder 19

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: letters, mailers, press releases, highlights, article, and other related documents WEAT_020_019_01-09 April 1978; September-November 1978; September-October 1979

box 20, folder 20

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: essay, mailers, pamphlet, highlights, and other related documents WEAT_020_020_01-07 February, April, September, November 1977

box 20, folder 21

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: highlights, press release, fact sheet, mailer WEAT_020_021_01-04 July, November 1979; undated

box 20, folder 22

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born:open letter, letters, press releases, pamphlet, articles WEAT_020_022_01-11 March 1975; March-April 1980; June-July, November 1980; undated

box 20, folder 23

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born: press release, mailer WEAT_020_023_01-02 April 1981; undated

box 27, folder 5

"Foreign Born"- notes undated


Sub-Series D: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Case 1952-1976; undated 1952-1954

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains ephemera from the grassroots response to the trial, conviction, and execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and consists primarily of flyers, pamphlets, and booklets produced by the movement to exonerate the Rosenbergs. Many materials were created by the Los Angeles Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs (aka the Rosenberg LA Committee) and the National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs. Some materials produced after the execution of the Rosenbergs call for support for Morton Sobell.

Biographical / Historical

Julius Rosenberg (1918-1953) and Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg (1915-1953) were convicted of espionage in 1951 and executed in 1953. They were accused of transmitting information about nuclear weapon design to the Soviet Union. The Rosenbergs maintained their innocence, and a grassroots campaign for clemency for the Rosenbergs arose after their sentencing. Popular appeals for clemency in the Rosenbergs case cited anti-Semitism and anti-Communist sentiment within the United States as factors in the outcome of the case. Prominent figures such as Albert Einstein and Jean-Paul Sartre spoke out publicly against the death sentence in the Rosenberg case. The couple were executed on June 19, 1953, but outcry persisted. Morton Sobell (b. 1917) was also convicted of espionage alongside the Rosenbergs. Sobell was sentenced to 30 years in prison but served less than 18.
After the dissolution of the USSR, Soviet documents newly available in the West proved that the Rosenbergs had indeed been Soviet spies, shedding new light on the decades-long historical debate. In 2008, Sobell claimed in an interview with the New York Times that both he and Julius Rosenberg engaged in espionage for the USSR, reversing decades of maintaining his innocence.
box 21, folder 1

"To Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_001_01 March 1952

box 21, folder 2

"Save Their Lives: The Rosenbergs Must Not Die!" [flyer] WEAT_021_002_01 circa November 1952

box 21, folder 3

"Re: U.S.A. v. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg" WEAT_021_003_01 December 23, 1952

box 21, folder 4

"An Appeal for Clemency for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg" [reprint] WEAT_021_004_01 December 28, 1952

box 21, folder 5

"Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's Appeal for Clemency" December 30, 1952

box 21, folder 6

"Los Angeles Rallies to the Rosenbergs"; flyers WEAT_021_006_01-04 September 12, 1952

box 21, folder 7

"A Statement on the Rosenberg Case by a Distinguished Leader of Orthodox Jewry: Rabbi Dr. Meyer Sharff" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_007_01 1952

box 21, folder 8

"Message from the Death House" [flyer] WEAT_021_008_01 1952

box 21, folder 9

"The Rosenberg Case: A Fact Sheet" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_009_01 circa 1952

box 21, folder 10

"An Appeal for Clemency" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_010_01 circa 1952

box 21, folder 11

"The Rosenbergs Must Not Die! Hundreds of Thousands of Americans are appealing for Clemency!"[flyer] WEAT_021_011_01 1952-1953

box 21, folder 12

"An Editorial and an Ad for Clemency for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg" [flyer] WEAT_021_012_01 January 1953

box 21, folder 13

"Letters to the Times: Rosenberg Sentence Queried" [flyer] WEAT_021_013_01 January 8, 1953

box 21, folder 14

"The Nation: Mercy for the Rosenbergs by Freda Kirchwey" [flyer] WEAT_021_014_01 January 10, 1953

box 21, folder 15

"Einstein Supports Rosenberg Appeal" [flyer] WEAT_021_015_01 January 13, 1953

box 21, folder 16

"The Suppressed Facts in the Rosenberg Case" by Irwin Edelman [pamphlet] WEAT_021_016_01 February 1953

box 21, folder 17

"Copy of Letter from D. Bernard Loomer, Dean of Theology, Chicago University, Chicago to President Eisenhower" WEAT_021_017_01 February 13, 1953

box 21, folder 18

"The People Speak Out -- On the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_018_01 circa March 1953

box 21, folder 19

"Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case" [letter] WEAT_021_019_01 March 10, 1953

box 21, folder 20

"Summary of Letter to the President of Rosenberg Case" WEAT_021_020_01 March 21, 1953

box 21, folder 21

"A Conference of Inquiry Into the Facts of the Rosenberg Case" [mailer] WEAT_021_021_01 May 16, 1953

box 21, folder 22

"Conference of Inquiry: Source Material for Panel Discussion: Legal Aspects" [packet] WEAT_021_022_01 May 16, 1953

box 21, folder 23

"Conference of Inquiry: Source Material for Panel Discussion: Scientific Aspects" [packet] WEAT_021_023_01 May 16, 1953

box 21, folder 24

"Conference of Inquiry: Source Material for Panel Discussion: Moral Aspects" [packet] WEAT_021_024_01 May 16, 1953

box 21, folder 25

"Parents to Die on Wedding Anniversary: Rosenberg Children Plead with President" [flyer] WEAT_021_025_01 May 20, 1953

box 21, folder 26

"A Call to All People of Good Will to Assemble in Prayer for Clemency for the Rosenbergs; June 8, [1953]" [flyer] WEAT_021_026_01 June 1953

box 21, folder 27

"The Hour of Decision: Rosenbergs Must Not Die! Prayer Vigil June 15, [1953]" [flyer] WEAT_021_027_01 June 1953

box 21, folder 28

"Tribute to Truth: A Choral Dramatic Presentation" [flyer] WEAT_021_028_01 June 17, 1953

box 21, folder 29

"The Electric Chair Did Not Kill the Truth! Rosenberg Dedication Meeting, July 16, 1953" [flyer] WEAT_021_029_01 June-July 1953

box 21, folder 30

"I Volunteer for Work" [volunteer form] WEAT_021_030_01 1953

box 21, folder 31

"The Shocking Truth! An Open Letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower" WEAT_021_031_01 1953

box 21, folder 32

"Can Your Conscience Rest?" [flyer] WEAT_021_032_01 1953

box 21, folder 33

"The Vatican and the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_033_01 1953

box 21, folder 34

"Fact Sheet in the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_034_01 1953

box 21, folder 35

"New Evidence in the Rosenberg Case" [booklet] WEAT_021_035_01 1953

box 21, folder 36

"Over One Million Have Appealed" 1953

box 21, folder 37

"The Negro People Speak Out on the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_037_01 1953

box 21, folder 38

"The Rosenbergs: Their Story..." [booklet] WEAT_021_038_01 1953

box 21, folder 39

"Petition for Clemency" WEAT_021_039_01 1953

box 21, folder 40

"The Rosenberg Case: Some Reflections on Federal Criminal Law" [journal article, reprint] WEAT_021_040_01 February 1954

box 21, folder 41

"Shish-Kebab Dinner; May 8, 1954"; flyer and tickets WEAT_021_041_01 April 24, 1954

box 21, folder 42

"Presenting John Wexley in First and only appearance 'Special Reading' of his forthcoming book: The Rosenberg Case: Jan 3" [flyer] WEAT_021_042_01 1954

box 21, folder 43

"Jubilee; March 27" [flyer] WEAT_021_043_01 1954

box 21, folder 44

"Announcing the Rosenberg Memorial Meeting; June 18, 1954" WEAT_021_044_01 1954

box 21, folder 45

"Summary of article in 1954 Columbia Law Review, Page 219, entitled 'The Rosenberg Case: Some Reflections on Federal Criminal Law' as it pertains to the case of Morton Sobell" [packet] WEAT_021_045_01 1954

box 21, folder 46

"Was Justice Done? The Rosenberg-Sobell Case" by Malcolm P. Sharp [pamphlet] WEAT_021_046_01 May 1956

box 21, folder 47

Letters from Amos C. Barstow Murphy: to Times editor, to John Weatherwax WEAT_021_047_01-02 September 1974

box 21, folder 48

Mailer from the National Committee to Re-Open the Rosenberg Case WEAT_021_048_01 1976

box 21, folder 49

"Mildred Simon speaking on Why Re-open the Case? September 28" [flyer] WEAT_021_049_01 undated

box 21, folder 50

"An Appeal for Clemency" [flyer] WEAT_021_050_01 undated

box 21, folder 51

"Clemency for the Rosenbergs" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_051_01 undated

box 21, folder 52

"World Labor Asks Clemency for the Rosenbergs" [flyer] WEAT_021_052_01 undated

box 21, folder 53

"Appeals from Abroad" WEAT_021_053_01 undated

box 21, folder 54

"Perjury in the Rosenberg Case" [pamphlet w/one-sheet correction] WEAT_021_054_01-02 undated

box 21, folder 55

"Leading Rabbis of Israel Protest Rosenberg Death Sentence!" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_055_01 undated

box 21, folder 56

"Why Write the President?" [mini flyers] WEAT_021_056_01 undated

box 21, folder 57

"Protest! Eisenhower Refusal to Commute Death Sentence Against Rosenbergs" [pamphlet] WEAT_021_057_01 undated


Sub-Series E: National Federation For Constitutional Liberties 1940-1946; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains flyers, memorandums, pamphlets, action letters, mailers, and other documents produced by the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties (NFCL), a civil rights advocacy group that worked to gain democratic freedoms. Also included is correspondence, and National Action Conference programs.
box 17, folder 3

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "Oklahoma Story- 1940" [pamphlet]; "Hitlerism! Oklahoma Style" [flyer] WEAT_017_002_002; WEAT_017_003_001 circa 1940

box 17, folder 4

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "National Action Conference for Civil Rights" part 1 and part 2 [pamphlets] WEAT_017_004_001-003 circa 1941

box 17, folder 5

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "To Secure the Blessings of Liberty"; "Civil Liberties and National Defense" by Edwin S. Smith [pamphlets] WEAT_017_005_001-002 June 9, 1940; undated

box 17, folder 6

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: pamphlet, leaflet, application for membership WEAT_017_006_001-003 June 8, 1940; undated

box 17, folder 7

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letters to Jack Weatherwax WEAT_017_007_001-005 October-December 1940

box 17, folder 8

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; press release WEAT_017_008_001-007 November-December 1940

box 17, folder 9

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: correspondence between Jack Weatherwax and Milton Kemnitz WEAT_017_009_001-004 January-February 1941

box 17, folder 10

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; statement on H.R. 1776 WEAT_017_010_001-006 January 1941; undated

box 17, folder 11

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: national right-to-strike petition campaign memorandum, order card, petition WEAT_017_011_001-003 February 4, 1941; undated

box 17, folder 12

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "On Freedom of Elections" [memorandum] WEAT_017_012_001 February 4, 1941

box 17, folder 13

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "State Legislative Programs for the Defense, Analysis of the Model 'Sabotage Prevention' and 'State Guard' Bills" WEAT_017_013_001 circa 1941

box 17, folder 14

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Wiretapping Bill HR 2266- telegraphs; action letter; pamphlets WEAT_017_014_001-007; WEAT_017_014_006-05-08 February-March 1941

box 17, folder 15

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_015_001-004 February-March 1941

box 17, folder 16

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Letters to Jack Weatherwax; National Action Conference program WEAT_017_016_001-003 March-April 1941

box 17, folder 17

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "More of the Oklahoma Story" [memorandum] WEAT_017_017_001 April 8, 1941

box 17, folder 18

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Committee on Free Elections letter; chart entitled "1941 Legislative Attacks on Free Elections" WEAT_017_018_001 April 10, 1941

box 17, folder 19

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; National Action Conference program WEAT_017_019_001-006 April-May 1941

box 17, folder 20

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Dies Campaign, anti-poll tax bill action letters; press release WEAT_017_020_001-008 May-June 1941

box 17, folder 21

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_021_001-005 June-July 1941

box 17, folder 22

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "National Legislative Summary" WEAT_017_022_001 March 1941

box 17, folder 22

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letters addressed to Mr. Weatherwax; CALL to California Action Conference for Civil Rights program; news items WEAT_017_022_001 1; WEAT_017_022_002-006 July-September 1941

box 17, folder 23

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_023_001-009 July-November 1941

box 17, folder 24

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "A Bill of Duties for the American People" WEAT_017_024_001 April 20, 1941

box 17, folder 25

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: meeting minutes and summary; Rev. Knox's letter of resignation; action letter WEAT_017_025_001-005 August-October 1941

box 17, folder 26

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; "Civil Liberties and the Anti-Axis War" [pamphlet]; "The Case of Harry Bridges" [pamphlet]; "An Open Letter to the President of the United States of America" WEAT_017_026_001-007 January-June 1942; undated

box 17, folder 27

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; letter addressed to Mr. J. Weatherwax WEAT_017_027_001-008 July-October 1942

box 17, folder 28

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Letters to Mr. Weatherwax; "A Message to the House of Representatives" document and signatures WEAT_017_028_001-005 December 1942-January 1943

box 17, folder 29

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Weatherwax correspondence WEAT_017_029_001-005 January-March 1943

box 17, folder 30

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "An Open Letter to President Roosevelt" WEAT_017_030_001 April 22, 1943

box 17, folder 31

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_031_001-007 October-December 1942

box 17, folder 32

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; "A Message to the House of Representatives"; emergency bulletin; "Would You Help This Man?" [Joseph Goebbels pamphlet] WEAT_017_032_001-009 January-February 1943; undated

box 17, folder 33

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: news release; letter WEAT_017_033_001-002 February 5, 1943

box 17, folder 34

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; "Statement on Anti Poll Tax Legislation" WEAT_017_034_001-011 February-April 1943

box 17, folder 35

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; blank order forms WEAT_017_035_001-005 April-May 1943

box 17, folder 36

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "Legislation for Victory, A Summary of Federal Legislation Affecting Civil Rights" WEAT_017_036_001-003 May 15, 1943; circa 1943

box 17, folder 37

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_037_001-007 May-July 1943

box 17, folder 38

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "One Nation, Indivisible"; "Defend America" [pamphlets]; blank order form; letter WEAT_017_038_001-004 August 19, 1943; circa 1943

box 17, folder 39

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; blank order form WEAT_017_039_001-007 September-October 1943

box 17, folder 40

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; pamphlet WEAT_017_040_001-005 November-December 1943; undated

box 17, folder 41

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letters to Mr. Weatherwax; executive board summary; pamphlet; dinner for racial and national unity [invitation] WEAT_017_041_001-008 October 1943-October 1944; undated

box 17, folder 42

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_017_042_001-007 January-March 1944

box 18, folder 1

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_018_001_001-005 April-June 1944

box 18, folder 2

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "Statements in Support of Fair Employment Practice Committee" WEAT_018_002_001 June 7, 1944

box 18, folder 3

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: voting in November elections action letter; pamphlet; blank order form WEAT_018_003_001-003 August 14, 1944; undated

box 18, folder 4

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letter and press release concerning permanent FEPC Bill WEAT_018_004_001-002 September 1944

box 18, folder 5

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_018_005_001-005 September-December 1944

box 18, folder 6

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: academic council letter; statement; and memorandum regarding Homer P. Rainey academic freedom case WEAT_018_006_001-004 December 1944; undated

box 18, folder 7

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: press release WEAT_018_007_001 circa 1944

box 18, folder 8

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "The People's Rights and the 1944 Elections, a Comparative Record" [pamphlet] WEAT_018_008_001 October 1944

box 18, folder 9

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: FEPC leaflets WEAT_018_009_001-002 circa 1945

box 18, folder 10

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Committee for Equal Justice for Mrs. Recy Taylor pamphlet; action letter WEAT_018_010_001-002 February 12, 1945; circa 1945

box 18, folder 11

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letter; statement regarding Homer P. Rainey academic freedom case WEAT_018_011_001-004 February 15, 1945; circa 1945

box 18, folder 12

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters for FEPC WEAT_018_012_001-003 February-April 1945

box 18, folder 13

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Letter addressed to President Harry S. Truman WEAT_018_013_001 April 13, 1945

box 18, folder 14

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letters and statement "The Only Sound Policy for a Democracy"; blank order form WEAT_018_014_001-005 April 1945; circa 1945

box 18, folder 15

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_018_015_001-007 March-July 1945

box 18, folder 16

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_018_016_001-005 July-September 1945

box 18, folder 17

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters WEAT_018_017_001-008 September-December 1945

box 18, folder 18

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: letters and petition regarding permanent FEPC bill WEAT_018_018_001-002 December 14, 1945; January 18, 1946

box 18, folder 19

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters regarding anti-labor; civil liberties violations WEAT_018_019_001-006 January-February 1946

box 18, folder 20

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: action letters; statement regarding House Committee on Un-American Activities (Rankin Committee) WEAT_018_020_001-004; 006 January-April 1946

box 18, folder 21

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: "Stop the Un-American Committee" [leaflet] WEAT_018_021_001-002 1945

box 18, folder 22

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: " Emergency National Conference to Stop Lynch Terror in Columbia, Tennessee" memorandum; resolution; action letters WEAT_018_022_001-005 March 1946

box 18, folder 23

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties: Congress on Civil Rights [letter, program] WEAT_018_023_001-003 April 1946

box 27, folder 6

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties- action letters, pamphlets 1943; circa 1940; undated

box 27, folder 7

National Committee to Abolish the Poll Tax [brochure] circa 1940s


Sub-Series F: Socialism, Marxism, Labor, Fascism, Trotskyism 1913-1974; undated 1934-1948

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains pamphlets, flyers, correspondence, and other documents regarding issues related to socialism, marxism, labor, fascism, Trotskyism, and other sociopolitical topics. This includes material generated by the Socialist Labor Party, California Labor School, and International Labor Defense; as well as material regarding Spanish Civil War, Sam Darcy case, efforts to recall the Meade McClanahan Campaign, a second front in World War II, and other related topics.
box 22, folder 1

"Prepare for May Day Demonstration" Communist Party of Fillmore Section; notes on American history, war, and fascism WEAT_022_001_001-002 undated

box 22, folder 2

Pacific Coast Maritime Strike- flyers, article, guidelines, and resolution WEAT_022_002_001-007 1934, 1936; undated

box 22, folder 3

Spanish Civil War- flyers; pamphlets WEAT_022_003_001-010 1938; 1941; undated

box 22, folder 4

"Repeal the Smith-Connally Act" [flyer] WEAT_022_004_001 circa 1940?

box 22, folder 5

National Emergency Conference for Democratic Rights "A Warning to America" [pamphlet] WEAT_022_005_001 1940

box 22, folder 6

J.B. McNamara, In Memorial [flyer] WEAT_022_006_001 March 8, [1941]

box 22, folder 7

Garden Party- Parranda Mexican Themed Party [flyer] WEAT_022_007_001 1941

box 22, folder 8

Schneiderman-Darcy Defense Committee correspondence WEAT_022_008_001-004; 006; 008 August-September 1941

box 22, folder 9

Sam Darcy Case- pamphlet, flyer, bulletins WEAT_022_009_001-005 January, July-August 1941; undated

box 22, folder 10

Japanese Garden Party (Sam Darcy) [flyer] WEAT_022_010_001 circa 1941

box 22, folder 11

La Follette Committee- notes from the LaFollette Report WEAT_022_011_001 March 2, 1942

box 22, folder 12

"The American Guerilla Warrior" Vol. 1, No. 6 WEAT_022_012_001 October 15, 1942

box 22, folder 13

"A Turning Point in History" pamphlet regarding 1944 elections WEAT_022_013_001 August 1944

box 22, folder 14

Los Angeles Citizens' Housing Council "Act Now for Housing!" [flyer] WEAT_022_014_001 [1945]

box 22, folder 15

Recall Meade McClanahan Campaign- Citizens' Committee Bulletin, flyers, pamphlets, clippings, notes WEAT_022_015_001-033 October 1945; January-March 1946; February 1947; undated

box 22, folder 18

Independent Progressive Party flyers; Progressive Party candidates pamphlet WEAT_022_018_001-003 1948; 1952

box 22, folder 19

article regarding opening a second front in Germany/Europe during WWII WEAT_022_019_001 undated

box 22, folder 20

Petition to President Franklin Roosevelt regarding a second front [telegraph] WEAT_022_020_001-003 August 1942

box 22, folder 21

Call of Mayor Fletcher Bowron to organize Citizen's Consumer Council; proposed 1941-1942 budget WEAT_022_021_001-003 May 1941; January 1942

box 22, folder 29

Trotskyism- essay; flyer; and other documents WEAT_022_029_001-006 1937-1948

box 22, folder 30

Workers Defense Bulletin WEAT_022_030_001-005 1944; 1946-1948

box 22, folder 31

"Declaration of Principles and Constitution of the Workers Party of the U.S." [pamphlet] WEAT_022_031_001 circa 1935

box 22, folder 32

"They Gave Their Freedom" by Rose Baron, International Labor Defense [booklet] WEAT_022_032_001 1935

box 22, folder 33

"Night Riders in Gallup" by Louis Colman, International Labor Defense [pamphlet] WEAT_022_033_001 1935

box 22, folder 34

"Ernst Thaelmann Fighter Against War and Fascism", International Labor Defense [booklet] WEAT_022_034_001 1935

box 22, folder 35

"Free War Map" from "People's World" WEAT_022_035_001 circa 1943

box 22, folder 36

Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics "Information Bulletin" No. 50 WEAT_022_036_001 September 10, 1941

box 22, folder 37

"The Big Lie?" California Labor School [pamphlet] WEAT_022_037_001 1946

box 22, folder 38

California Labor School [syllabus] WEAT_022_038_001 undated

box 22, folder 39

League for Industrial Democracy- pamphlets; mailers WEAT_022_039_001-004 1947-1948

box 22, folder 40

"Outline on Fundamentals of Marxism", Educational Committee- L.A. County Communist Party WEAT_022_040_001 May 1947

box 22, folder 41

"Fundamentals of Marxism", L.A. Workers School WEAT_022_041_001 October 1943

box 22, folder 42

"A Program Against Fascism", Los Angeles Local, Socialist Workers Party [flyer] WEAT_022_042_001 circa 1930s-1940s

box 22, folder 43

"From Imperialist to a People's War, Collected Works No. XIX" by W.I. Lenin [flyer] WEAT_022_043_001 undated

box 22, folder 44

Socialist Party materials, Kate Crane Gartz- flyers, pamphlets, invitation, ballot, mailers, memorandum, and other documents WEAT_022_044_001-016 1940, 1946, 1948

box 22, folder 45

Socialist Party, U.S.A./Los Angeles- Fraternal Bookshop and Commonwealth Book Shop booklists WEAT_022_045_001-003 1949; undated

box 23, folder 16

Socialist Labor Party of America [pamphlets] WEAT_023_016_01-09 circa 1932

box 23, folder 17

Socialist Labor Party of America [pamphlets] WEAT_023_017_01-05 circa 1932

box 23, folder 18

New York Labor News Co. "Order List" WEAT_023_018_01 July 1932

box 23, folder 19

Socialist Labor Party: election leaflets WEAT_023_019_01-02 November 9, 1946

box 23, folder 20

Socialist Labor Party: pamphlet; flyer WEAT_023_020_01-02 1948

box 23, folder 21

Socialist Labor Party [pamphlets] WEAT_023_021_01-07 circa 1948

box 23, folder 22

Socialist Labor Party: pamphlets; flyer WEAT_023_022_01-06 circa 1960

box 23, folder 23

New York News Co., "Daniel De Leon: His Life and Work" [pamphlet] Socialist Labor Party WEAT_023_023_01 circa 1928

box 22, folder 46

"Index to Labor Articles, Volume XVIII" Rand School of Social Science WEAT_022_046_001 January-February 1944

box 15, folder 10

Socialist National Campagin Committee- "The Intelligent Voter's Guide" 1928

box 16, folder 6

"Leaflet Project"- notes; mock-ups with sketches for pamphlets regarding politics, civil liberties, anti-war; pamphlets WEAT_016_006_001-31 circa 1949

box 16, folder 19

"For the Benefit of the Corona Defense Fund" [flyer] WEAT_016_019_001 circa 1952

box 16, folder 34

"Spark" Vol. 5, No. 1. Published by the Student Socialists WEAT_016_034_001-002 September 19, 1949

box 17, folder 1

Southern California Councils for Constitutional Rights- memorandums; executive council lists WEAT_017_001_001-002 February 1936

box 17, folder 2

American League for Peace and Democracy- "Call to an Emergency Conference to Oppose Anti-Alien Legislation" [pamphlet] WEAT_017_002_001 June 24, 1939?

box 13, folder 8

International Workers Order- memorandums, staff list, event flyers, pamphlets, "Sparks" newsletters, and other related documents 1942-1951; undated

box 14, folder 4

Los Angeles Institute of Marxist Studies [flyers] 1974-1975

box 14, folder 9

Martin, Al- booklets; invitations; correspondence; documents related to Rank & Filers for Democracy and other related organizations 1952, 1960-1964

box 14, folder 10

Marxism and Freedom- correspondence; event flyers; clippings 1931-1963

box 15, folder 14

Southern California Teamster Newspaper, Vol 1, No. 12; Vol. 2, No. 5 1942-1943

box 27, folder 12

Southern California Committee for the People's World leaflets regarding donor banquets, holiday bazaars, picnic and world fair 1959, 1960, 1964, 1973, 1975

box 26, folder 3

Fascism (general file) circa 1937; undated

Scope and Contents

Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee [program]; "Peddler of Propaganda and Hero of the Pro-Fascists, A Report by Friends of Democracy Inc." (two copies)
box 26, folder 6

Labor and Unions (general file) 1916, 1940s-1950s

Scope and Contents

Weekly News Letter from California State Federation of Labor; International Labor Defense News [press release]; "March of Labor" No. 6, No. 6, Vol. 8, No. 4; "A National Wage Policy for 1947"; Research Institute of America "Protecting Management's Rights under a Union Contract"; "Historical Background of the World Labor Movement" by E.W. Campbell; "Workers and National Defense"; International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union "Which Way? China Trade and Jobs or Depression?"; "A Labor Party for the United States", the Social Economic Foundation; "The Printers Fight for Life and Victory" by A.M. Simons issued by International Typographical Union; "10 Facts About the Proposal to Unite 15 Democracies in a Federal Union…Now"
box 26, folder 7

Marxism (general file) 1913, 1948, 1949, 1957, 1974

Scope and Contents

"A Marxist Exposure of the Fallacy of Technocracy" by Sam Darcy; "Science and Society, A Centenary of Marxism" Vol. XII, No. 1; "Revisionist Marxism: The Opposition Within" by Ralph M. Faris; "Marxism and Revisionism and the Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism" by V.I. Lenin; Marxism and the Theatre, flyer; "The Marxist Institute of Los Angeles County"
box 27, folder 2

Trotskyism (general file) 1932, 1935, 1937, 1943, 1946

Scope and Contents

"The Fight Against Trotskyism" by Hyman Lumer; "Germany, the Key to the International Situation" by Leon Trotsky; "Youth Want Jobs", Peoples Socialist League"; "Hitler's Agents Exposed!" By John Mahon; "Lessons of the Wrecking, Diversionist and Espionage Activities of the Japanese-German-Trotskyite Agents" by V.M. Molotov; "Trotskyism Counter-Revolution in Disguise" by M.J. Olgin; "Post War World Council".

Sub-Series G: May Day 1934-1981; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series includes pamphlets, flyers, leaflets, and other material related to May Day events in Los Angeles and the history of May Day.
box 29, folder 1

"Resolution Against Hitler Fascism"; "Resolution" May_Day_01_001-002 May 1, 1934

box 29, folder 2

"Demonstrate May Day Labor's International Day of Struggle Against Capital" [flyer] May_Day_02_001 1934

box 29, folder 3

"History of May Day" by Alexander Trachtenburg. International Pamphlets, No. 14 May_Day_03_001-032 1934

box 29, folder 4

"Call for May Day Conference" [flyer]  May_Day_04_001-002 April 7, 1935

box 29, folder 5

"For A United May Day!" [flyer] Includes letter from John. L. Leach to Joint Board, International Ladies Garment Workers Union May_Day_05_001_002 May 1, 1935

box 29, folder 6

"Demonstrate May Day Against War, Fascism, C.S.Law!" [broadside] May_Day_06_001 circa 1937

box 29, folder 7

Document entitled "May Day Campaign"  May_Day_07_001-002 1937

box 29, folder 8

"May Day 1938 for Democracy Jobs Security Peace" [pamphlet] by Alan Max  May_Day_08_001-016 April 1938

box 29, folder 9

"Rally for May Day 1938" [flyer] May_Day_09_001 April 30, 1938

box 29, folder 10

"May Day 1939, In Defense of Democracy for Social and National Security" [pamphlet] Issued by State Org. Ed. Commission May_Day_10_001-006 1939

box 29, folder 11

Reproduction of front cover of "Review, Vol. 5, No. 7", May Day Special [flyer] May_Day_11_001 April 25, 1940

box 29, folder 12

"May Day Mass Meeting" [flyer]  May_Day_12_001 May 1, 1940

box 29, folder 13

"May Day 1940" [pamphlet] by Louis F. Budenz, published by Workers Library Publishers, Inc. May_Day_13_001-016 1940

box 29, folder 14

Pamphlet entitled "The Hour for Action was Struck" Reprint of an article from "The Worker", originally published in "The Communist International"  May_Day_14_001-015 April 26, 1942

box 29, folder 15

"May Day Manifesto of the Communist Party" [leaflet]  May_Day_15_001-004 1943

box 29, folder 16

"Join the Crowd - Celebrate May Day Demonstrate for Victory" [flyer] May_Day_16_001-002 May 3, 1942

box 29, folder 17

"May Day Anti-War Rally" [flyer] May_Day_17_001 May 3, 1946

box 29, folder 18

"May Day Picnic and Frolic" [flyer] May_Day_18_001 May 4, [1947]

box 29, folder 19

"May Day is Labor's Day", Communist Party of Los Angeles [leaflet] May_Day_19_001-004 May 7, 1947

box 29, folder 20

"May Day 1947" by Howard Fast. Published by United May Day Committee [pamphlet] May_Day_20_001-016 1947

box 29, folder 21

Pamphlet entitled "History of May Day" by Alexander Trachtenberg [revised edition] May_Day_21_001-026 1947

box 29, folder 22

"May Day 1949 Discussion Outline" Issued by National Education Department Community Party, U.S.A. May_Day_22_001-007 1949

box 29, folder 23

"May Day Rally" [leaflet]  May_Day_23_001-006 1949

box 29, folder 24

"Calif. Labor School May Day Celebration" [flyer] May_Day_24_001 April 30, [1949]

box 29, folder 25

"May Day 1950, Mass Meeting" [flyer]  May_Day_25_001-002 May 1, 1950

box 29, folder 26

"May Day and the Struggle for Peace!" [leaflet] May_Day_26_001-004 May 1, 1951

box 29, folder 27

"A May Day Reminder for Everyone" [leaflet] May_Day_27_001-004 May 4, 1956

box 29, folder 28

"Support the May Day Celebration. Hear James E. Jackson to the Twenty First Congress Communist Party, Soviet Union" [leaflet]  May_Day_28_001-004 May 1, 1959

box 29, folder 29

Document entitled "May Day Song Sheet" May_Day_29_001 1959

box 29, folder 30

Event flyer and card entitled "May Day 1960 Commemorating Law Day USA May 1st and the spirit of law which grants justice to all people everywhere" May_Day_30_001-002 1960

box 29, folder 31

"Celebrate Diamond Jubilee, 75 years of May Day" [leaflet] May_Day_31_001-003 May 7, 1961

box 29, folder 32

Event leaflet entitled "May Day 1962" May_Day_32_001-003 May 1, 1962

box 29, folder 33

Event flyer entitled "May Day 1970" [two copies] May_Day_33_001 May 3, 1970

box 29, folder 34

Flyer entitled "A Call to Celebrate May Day - Cinco de Mayo" Includes letter from Admiral Dawson regarding participation in the Rally [two copies, one with notes]  May_Day_34_001-004 1974

box 29, folder 35

Flyer entitled "United May Day - Cinco de Mayo Rally" [two copies] May_Day_35_001 April 10, 1974

box 29, folder 36

Program entitled "Celebrate May Day and Cinco de May" [two copies]  May_Day_36_001-004 May 4 [circa 1974]

box 29, folder 37

Flyer entitled "Celebrate! May Day - Cinco de Mayo Griffith Park Breakfast Club" [two copies; one is in Spanish]  May_Day_37_001-002 circa 1974

box 29, folder 38

"Los Angeles May Day -- Cinco de Mayo" [memorandum]  May_Day_38_001 1975

box 29, folder 39

L.A. Area Committee for Trade Union Action and Democracy letter regarding planning for May-Day Cinco de May '75 [two copies]  May_Day_39_001 February 26, 1975

box 29, folder 40

Flyer entitled "May Day - Cinco de May 1976 Celebration" [two copies] May_Day_40_001-002 May 1, 1976

box 29, folder 41

Flyer entitled "Celebrate... On May Day Rally '77" [two copies]  May_Day_41_001 May 1, 1977

box 29, folder 42

Flyer entitled "Celebrate May Day - Cinco de May" [two copies] May_Day_42_001-002 April 30, 1978

box 29, folder 43

"Celebrate May Day!! Rally to Defend Workers' Jobs, Families, Communities, and Living Conditions!" [2 flyers]  May_Day_43_001-003 May 3, 1980

box 29, folder 44

LA United May Day Committee brunch invitation [flyer] May_Day_44_001-002 April 12, 1981

box 29, folder 45

"Join in a celebration of May Day '81" [pamphlet] May_Day_45_001-004 May 2, 1981

box 29, folder 46

"Demonstrate on May Day! Keep America out of the Imperialist War! For Jobs, Security, Civil Liberty, Peace!" [pamphlet] May_Day_46_001-004 undated

box 29, folder 47

"Celebrate May Day at a Meeting to Support Liberation Struggles" [flyer] May_Day_47_001 undated

box 29, folder 48

"Celebrate May Day" [flyer]  May_Day_48_001 undated

box 29, folder 49

"Celebrate May Day" [leaflet] May_Day_49_001-004 undated

box 29, folder 50

"Come and Celebrate May Day Cinco de Mayo" [two copies]  May_Day_50_001 undated


Sub-series H: Anti-War 1934-1981; undated 1940-1952

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, letters, and other material related to peace groups that were opposed to war. A majority of the material in this sub-series comes from the Southern California Committee to Win the Peace, and National Committee to Win the Peace (formerly known as the American Peace Mobilization) an organization that fought for issues such as nuclear disarmament and the withdrawal of United States involvement in China.; as well as documents published by the American Peace Crusade, Communist Party of Los Angeles, Southern California Peace Council, and other organizations. For more material related to communism, consult Sub-Series A: Red Scare, Smith Act, McCarthyism, Communism.
box 23, folder 1

Southern California Committee to Win The Peace [pamphlet] WEAT_023_001_01 circa 1946

box 23, folder 2

National Committee to Win the Peace: "Open Secret" [booklet] WEAT_023_001_02 September 1946

box 23, folder 3

Chicago Committee to Win the Peace: flyers, cash receipts and disbursements; "America's Responsibility for Civil War in China" pamphlet WEAT_023_003_01-11 circa 1946

box 23, folder 4

National Committee to Win the Peace: flyer; press release; notes; New York Committee to Win the Peace pamphlet WEAT_023_004_01; 03-06 April, September 1946; undated

box 23, folder 5

Southern California Committee to Win the Peace: pamphlet, flyer, program WEAT_023_005_01-03 May 12, 1946; circa 1946

box 23, folder 6

New York Committee Win the Peace: conference proceedings; letterhead WEAT_023_006_01-02 June 29, 1946; undated

box 23, folder 7

National Committee to Win the Peace: letter regarding "Peace Key" by John Weatherwax WEAT_023_007_01 August 28, 1946

box 23, folder 8

National Committee to Win the Peace: letterhead WEAT_023_008_01 circa 1946

box 23, folder 9

National Committee to Win the Peace: letters to and about Weatherwax; sponsors list WEAT_023_009_01-08 August-November 1946; undated

box 23, folder 10

Northern California Committee to Win the Peace [mailer] WEAT_023_010_01 September 13, 1946

box 23, folder 11

National Committee to Win the Peace: Conference on China and the Far East WEAT_023_011_01-03 October 18-20, 1946; December 1946

box 23, folder 12

Southern California Committee to Win the Peace: program of action; flyers; mailers; bulletin WEAT_023_012_01-07 November 1946-January 1947

box 23, folder 13

Committee to Win the Peace: San Pedro Committee WEAT_023_013_01-02 December 12, 1946

box 23, folder 14

Southern California Committee to Win the Peace: Letters to Weatherwax; peace bonds WEAT_023_014_01-06 December 1946-January 1947

box 23, folder 15

Southern California Committee to Win the Peace: "Spotlight on China" [pamphlet] WEAT_023_015_01 March 25, 1947

box 23, folder 24

Anti-War Leaflets: Student League for Industrial Democracy WEAT_023_024_01 April 13, 1934

box 23, folder 25

Anti-War Leaflets: American Youth Congress "Lincoln's Day Peace Rally" WEAT_023_025_01 February 12 [no year]

box 23, folder 26

Anti-War Leaflets: Pacific Coast Congress WEAT_023_026_01-02 April 27-28, 1935

box 23, folder 27

Anti-War Leaflets: The American Peace Crusade WEAT_023_027_01-02 circa 1936-November 1951

box 23, folder 28

Anti-War Leaflets: The American League Against War and Fascism WEAT_023_028_01-02 April 22, 1936-circa 1940

box 23, folder 29

Anti-War Leaflets: Communist Party of Los Angeles County WEAT_023_029_01 circa 1938

box 23, folder 30

Anti-War Leaflets: American Peace Mobilization WEAT_023_030_01 September 24 [no year]

box 23, folder 31

Anti-War Leaflets: America First Committee of California, Inc. WEAT_023_031_01 circa 1940

box 23, folder 32

Anti-War Leaflets: Alameda County Committee Communist Party; National Election Campaign Committee Communist Party, U.S.A. WEAT_023_032_01-03 circa 1940-1952

box 23, folder 33

Anti-War Leaflets: Committee to Postpone Conscription circa 1945?

box 23, folder 34

"Will War Come?", flyer for talk by Weatherwax for California Committee Against War March 25 [no year]

box 23, folder 35

Anti-War Leaflets: American Peace Mobilization WEAT_023_035_01 May 18, 1940

box 23, folder 36

Anti-War Leaflets: Beverly Westwood Democratic Committee and the Peoples Educational Association WEAT_023_036_01 circa 1945

box 23, folder 37

Anti-War Leaflets: Northern California Committee to Win the Peace WEAT_023_037_01_02 October 18, 1946

box 23, folder 38

Anti-War Leaflets: Communist Party of Los Angeles WEAT_023_038_01 April 1946

box 23, folder 39

Anti-War Leaflets: National Council for American-Soviet Friendship; Southern California Council for American-Soviet Friendship WEAT_023_039_01-04 May 1948-September 1950

box 23, folder 40

Anti-War Leaflets: Southern California Peace Council WEAT_023_040_01-03 circa 1948

box 23, folder 41

Anti-War Leaflets: 13th Congressional District Communist Party WEAT_023_041_01 April 1948

box 23, folder 42

Anti-War Leaflets: "Manifeste Du Congres Mondial Des Partisans De La Paix" (leaflet is in French) WEAT_023_042_01-02 April 25, 1948

Language of Material: French.
box 23, folder 43

Anti-War Leaflets: War Resisters' International WEAT_023_043_01-04 circa 1945

box 23, folder 44

Anti-War Leaflets: Stockholm Petition for Peace WEAT_023_044_01-02 circa 1950

box 23, folder 45

Anti-War Leaflets: 24th C.D. Headquarters "Defeat the Smith Act" WEAT_023_045_01 circa 1952

box 23, folder 46

Anti-War Leaflets: Southern California Peace Crusade WEAT_023_046_01-02 1952

box 23, folder 47

Anti-War Leaflets: Peace Film Center WEAT_023_047_01 1952

box 23, folder 48

Anti-War Leaflets: American Women for Peace WEAT_023_048_01 1952

box 23, folder 49

Anti-War Leaflets: Southern California Peace Crusade WEAT_023_049_01-25; 28-30; 32-41 1950-1954

box 23, folder 50

Anti-War Leaflets: Los Angeles Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy WEAT_023_050_01-02 April 1961

box 23, folder 51

Anti-War Leaflets: "Opposition to the War in Vietnam" [New York Times reprint] WEAT_023_051_01 1967

box 23, folder 52

Anti-War Leaflets: United May Day circa 1970

box 23, folder 53

Anti-War Leaflets: Association for Friendship and Cultural Relations WEAT_023_053_01 December 17, 1972; December 9, 1973; May 18, 1975

box 23, folder 54

Anti-War Leaflets: Southern California AD Hoc Coalition Against China's Invasion of Vietnam WEAT_023_054_01 circa 1979

box 23, folder 55

Anti-War Leaflets: Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Monks WEAT_023_055_01 October 24, 1981

box 24, folder 19

Southern California Committee to Win the Peace meeting [flyer] WEAT_024_019_001 circa 1946

box 26, folder 5

"Report on the Japanese Peace Treaty" published by the Palo Alto Peace Club August 1951

box 27, folder 13

Anti-War Leaflets (general file) 1950, 1962, 1964, 1970; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes: Los Angeles Labor Youth League Unity for Peace Rally and Review; "Pre-Moratorium Peace Friend"; Gertrude Betts' birthday party (celebration of her continued activity for peace and a democratic America); Valley Peace Center children's holiday party; New Year's Eve celebration for peace and freedom; Peace-Friendship SCR Society for Cultural Relations; "Had a Peace Lately?"

Sub-series I: Alameda County Labor Party 1935-1937

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains programs, meeting minutes, letters, bulletin, flyers, and other material produced by or related to the Alameda County Labor Party.
box 23, folder 56

Alameda County Labor Party: programs March 31, 1935

box 23, folder 57

Alameda County Labor Party: From Acting Secretarial Committee to Assembly District Secretary circa 1935

box 23, folder 58

Alameda County Labor Party: handbook WEAT_023_058_01 March 1935

box 23, folder 59

Alameda County Labor Party: application cards; membership cards WEAT_023_059_01-05 circa 1935

box 23, folder 60

Alameda County Labor Party: "Assembly District Com. Set-Up" drawing; notes WEAT_023_060_01-02 April 1935

box 23, folder 61

Alameda County Labor Party: "Why a Labor Party?", "Necessity for a Labor Party"; rally flyer WEAT_023_061_01-03 April 1935

box 23, folder 62

Alameda County Labor Party: Letter to Weatherwax WEAT_023_062_01-03 May 9, 1935

box 23, folder 63

Alameda County Labor Party: meeting minutes WEAT_023_063_01 August 11, 1935

box 23, folder 64

Alameda County Labor Party: "Summary of Organizations Present at Labor Party Conference" WEAT_023_064_01 September 1935

box 23, folder 65

Alameda County Labor Party: "Call to the First Almeda County Labor Party Conference" WEAT_023_065_01 September 1935

box 23, folder 66

Alameda County Labor Party: Municipal Elections in Alameda/San Francisco WEAT_023_066_01-05 October-November 1935

box 23, folder 67

Alameda County Labor Party: Commissions 1 and 2 WEAT_023_067_01 December 5, 1935

box 23, folder 68

Alameda County Labor Party: List of organizations circa 1935

box 23, folder 69

Alameda County Labor Party: Weatherwax money order WEAT_023_069_01 January 2, 1936

box 23, folder 70

Alameda County Labor Party: "A Labor Party for the United States" WEAT_023_070_01 1936

box 23, folder 71

Alameda County Labor Party: Labor Day Bulletin for CIO Locals, East Bay WEAT_023_071_01 1937

box 23, folder 72

Alameda County: Labor Non-Partisan League WEAT_023_072_01-05 circa 1937


Sub-Series J: California Politics 1934-1973

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains mostly flyers and pamphlets related to campaigns and elections in California. This includes documents related to Franklin Bissell Jr. for Berkeley Supervisor; Emil Free, communist candidate for congress; Leo Gallagher and Anita Whitney; Charles Kramer for congress; Democratic Voting Committee; Prop. 12; Prop. 14; Ed Roybal; and others. For more material related to the Leo Gallagher campaign consult Sub-Series K: Leo Gallagher Campaign.
box 24, folder 1

California Politics: A.B. Wilson, Justice of the Peace re-election [pamphlet] WEAT_024_001_001 1934

box 24, folder 2

California Politics: "Independent Political Action of Labor" [flyer] WEAT_024_001_002 circa 1937

box 24, folder 3

California Politics: League of California Municipalities- 40th Annual Convention program, letter; Alameda County Bar Association pamphlet WEAT_024_003_001-003 August 1934, September 1938, August 1939

box 24, folder 4

California Politics: Franklin Bissell Jr. for Berkeley Supervisor [pamphlet] WEAT_024_004_001 circa 1936

box 24, folder 5

California Politics: "The Strange Case of the District Attorney of Los Angeles County" [pamphlet] WEAT_024_005_001 August 1940

box 24, folder 6

California Politics: "Democracy in Action" circa 1940

box 24, folder 7

California Politics: Ellis E. Patterson- Patterson election pamphlets; Patterson Slate flyer WEAT_024_007_001-003 1940; circa 1942

box 24, folder 8

California Politics: Elect Senator Robert W. "Bob Kenny" Attorney General [flyers] WEAT_024_008_002 circa November 1942

box 24, folder 9

California Politics: Mary Dorothy Connelly for L.A. Board of Education [pamphlet] WEAT_024_009_001 circa 1940

box 24, folder 10

California Politics: "Down on the Farm" [flyer] WEAT_024_010_001 circa 1940

box 24, folder 11

California Politics: California Politics: King-Ramsay-Conner Defense Committee [flyer] WEAT_024_011_001 circa 1940

box 24, folder 12

California Politics: "The Real Democrat" August 1942

box 24, folder 13

California Politics: Emil Freed, Communist Candidate for Congress [pamphlet] WEAT_024_013_001 1942

box 24, folder 14

California Politics: "Win with Wilson" Vol. 1, No. 1 WEAT_024_014_001 October 1, 1942

box 24, folder 15

California Politics: election, candidate Charles Kramer for congress- flyers, pamphlet, meeting agenda, notes, clippings, receipts WEAT_024_015_001-016 March 1941, July-August 1942

box 24, folder 16

California Politics: Voting propaganda leaflets WEAT_024_016_001-003 circa 1944

box 24, folder 17

California Politics: No on Prop 12 [pamphlet] WEAT_024_017_001 circa 1944

box 24, folder 18

California Politics: Voting- Mrs. Helen Adams Neely, "Save Opa!", Robert W. Kenny for Governor WEAT_024_018_001-003 1944; 1946; undated

box 24, folder 20

California Politics: Governor and Senator Election [flyers and pamphlets] WEAT_024_020_001-008 circa 1946

box 24, folder 21

California Politics: Leo Gallagher and Anita Whitney [pamphlets] WEAT_024_021_001-003 circa 1946

box 24, folder 22

California Politics: Congress Elections [flyers] WEAT_024_022_001-003 1946

box 24, folder 23

California Politics: American Peace Crusade [pamphlet] WEAT_024_023_001 circa 1946

box 24, folder 24

California Politics: 56th Assembly District Democrats meeting [flyer] WEAT_024_024_001 July 1946

box 24, folder 25

California Politics: Telegrams to John Weatherwax WEAT_024_025_001-002 July 12, 1946 - July 19, 1946

box 24, folder 26

California Politics: 20th Congressional District Democratic Clubs [flyer] WEAT_024_026_001 1947

box 24, folder 27

California Politics: Beverly-Westwood Democratic Committee [flyer] WEAT_024_027_001 July 11, 1947

box 24, folder 28

California Politics: Will Rogers Clubs of California /Will Rogers Jr.- flyers; pamphlets; other documents WEAT_024_028_001-008 circa 1947

box 24, folder 29

California Politics: Democratic Victory Committee- letters; pamphlet WEAT_024_029_001-003 1946; circa 1947

box 24, folder 30

California Politics: Hollywood Democratic Committee [pamphlet] WEAT_024_030_001 circa 1947

box 24, folder 31

California Politics: Clyde Doyle for Congress [flyer] WEAT_024_031_001 circa 1947

box 24, folder 32

California Politics: Congress Elections- flyers; pamphlets WEAT_024_032_001-005 1948

box 24, folder 33

California Politics: Citizens for Raphael Konigsberg [pamphlet] WEAT_024_033_001 1949

box 24, folder 34

California Politics: Robert W. Kenny/ Jack B. Tenney- flyers; pamphlets WEAT_024_034_001-006 circa 1946; 1950

box 24, folder 35

California Politics: "A Petition For Jobs, Pensions, Relief" WEAT_024_035_001 1950

box 24, folder 36

California Politics: William F. Knowland [pamphlet] WEAT_024_036_001 circa 1950

box 24, folder 37

California Politics: Myra Tanner Weiss [flyers] WEAT_024_037_001-002 circa 1945; 1950

box 24, folder 38

California Politics: Betram L. Sharp / Mollie Gosman/Horace Alexander/George Arnold- pamphlets; flyers WEAT_024_038_001-007 1952, 1954-1955

box 24, folder 39

California Politics: George Arnold 1954

box 24, folder 40

California Politics: Governor Goodwin J. Knight [pamphlet] WEAT_024_040_001 1954

box 24, folder 41

California Politics: Voting- Vote Yes for Schools; Southern California Conference on Legislation [pamphlets] WEAT_024_041_001-002 1955

box 24, folder 42

California Politics: George R. Thomas- pamphlets; campaign song lyrics WEAT_024_042_001-005 1955-1956

box 24, folder 43

California Politics: Erroll Banks- letter; pamphlet WEAT_024_043_001-002 February-April 1957

box 24, folder 44

California Politics: Bill Knowland [pamphlet] WEAT_024_044_001 circa 1958

box 24, folder 45

California Politics: Clayton D. Russell- flyers; pamphlet WEAT_024_045_001-004 1959

box 24, folder 46

California Politics: George McLain- news releases; pamphlets WEAT_024_046_001-009 circa 1960

box 24, folder 47

California Politics: Eddie Atkinson- flyer; pamphlet WEAT_024_047_001-003 circa 1960

box 24, folder 48

California Politics: "Forum: Hear Steve Murdock" [flyer] WEAT_024_048_001 1962

box 24, folder 49

California Politics: "Tenants' Meeting" [flyer] WEAT_024_049_001 circa 1962

box 24, folder 50

California Politics: Roybal Newsletter WEAT_024_050_001 circa 1963

box 24, folder 51

California Politics: Ed Roybal- awards and citations document; pamphlet; flyers WEAT_024_051_001-005 August, October 1962; circa 1962

box 24, folder 52

California Politics: "Vote 'No' on 14" [pamphlet] WEAT_024_052_001 circa 1964

box 24, folder 53

California Politics: James Roosevelt Campaign- pamphlet, Congressional Record, reprint WEAT_024_053_001-005 April 1960; December 14, 1964 - January 1965

box 24, folder 54

California Politics: "A Platform for Positive Thinking" issued by Roosevelt for Mayor Committee WEAT_024_054_001 circa 1965

box 24, folder 55

California Politics: United Labor Committee [flyer] WEAT_024_055_001 March 1965

box 24, folder 56

California Politics: flyers; pamphlets WEAT_024_056_001-006 1961; 1966

box 24, folder 57

California Politics: Tom Bradley [flyer] WEAT_024_057_001 circa 1973

box 13, folder 1

13th Congressional District Council- guide to preccint workers; memorandums July-August 1946


Sub-series K: Leo Gallagher Campaign 1933-1934; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains documents from the Leo Gallagher's 1933 and 1934 judicial campaigns collected by his campaign manager, John Weatherwax. It contains press releases, pamphlets, legal filings, campaign literature, lists of expenditures and receipts, internal campaign committee literature, endorsements, and correspondence, including an exchange between Gallagher and Upton Sinclair.

Biographical / Historical

Leo Gallagher (1887-1963) was a Los Angeles-based attorney specializing in labor law, as well as a labor activist. During his career, Gallagher defended such high-profile clients as San Francisco labor union activist Tom Mooney and communist George Dimitroff, as well as workers, activists, and minorities. In 1933, Gallagher ran for Los Angeles Municipal Court judge and lost. In 1934, he ran for associate justice on the California Supreme Court, losing that race as well. Gallagher ran for California Supreme Court again in 1936, for California Secretary of State in 1938, and for Los Angeles Board of Education in 1949. Although Gallagher was never elected to public office, he used his campaigns as a platform to advocate for his progressive causes.
box 30, folder 1

Endorsement by Theodore Dreiser [press release]  April 7, 1933

box 30, folder 2

Endorsement by Dr. Robert Whitaker [press release] April 12, 1933

box 30, folder 3

Endorsement by Louis Weitzenkorn [press release] April 12, 1933

box 30, folder 4

Endorsement by National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners, Hollywood branch [press release] April 17, 1933

box 30, folder 5

Endorsement by Tom Mooney Molders' Defense Committee; Change of address and leadership for campaign committee [press release]  April 18, 1933

box 30, folder 6

Gallagher's election to be "a signal victory for the Negro race as well as for all minority classes" [press release] April 20, 1933

box 30, folder 7

Endorsements by several AFL union locals, Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters local, and Dining Car Employees local [press release] April 21, 1933

box 30, folder 8

Endorsement by Municipal League of Los Angeles April 24, 1933

box 30, folder 9

Endorsement by Studio Electricians union local and recap of past endorsements [press release]  April 26, 1933

box 30, folder 10

Volunteer Mobilization Letter  April 28, 1933

box 30, folder 11

Endorsement Article - Suggested Draft  1933

box 30, folder 12

Telegram - Leo Gallagher to John Weatherwax April 6, 1934

box 30, folder 13

Labor Outreach Mailer - Solicitation for speaking opportunities and copies of correspondence with Upton Sinclair re: endorsement solicitation June 29 - July 14, 1934

box 30, folder 14

CA gubernatorial candidate John R. Quinn's statement against communism, reprinted from "The California Legionaire"  July 1934

box 30, folder 15

Leo Gallagher to CA gubernatorial candidate John R. Quinn re: his statement on communism [correspondence]  July 3, 1934

box 30, folder 16

Notice of intent to file restraining injunction against San Francisco city and county officials by Leo Gallagher and John Weatherwax August 1, 1934

box 30, folder 17

Letter authorizing John Weatherwax to speak on behalf of Leo Gallagher re: his candidacy  August 6, 1934

box 30, folder 18

Leo Gallagher on Negroes, Germans, Italians, and Mexicans [press release] August 6, 1934

box 30, folder 19

Endorsement letter from Charles Erskine Scott Wood [3 copies] August 8, 1934

box 30, folder 20

Copy of letter from Charles Erskine Scott Wood and Sara Bard Field to SF Attorney Matthew Brady re: repression of protest activity; note from Wood explaining letter contents August 10, 1934

box 30, folder 21

Campaign Expenditures Records August 10-28, 1934

box 30, folder 22

Contract and invoice for radio broadcast on KTAB, Associated Broadcasters Inc. August 14, 1934; August 21, 1934

box 30, folder 23

Rough draft of campaign outreach letter "to all friends of militant labor" by John Weatherwax August 15, 1934

box 30, folder 24

Copy of letter from Gallagher campaign manager to "Marguerite," seeking support from East Bay teachers August 15, 1934

box 30, folder 25

Permit to use precanceled postage stamps on mailings of second, third, or fourth class matter; San Francisco PO permit #2834 August 16, 1934

box 30, folder 26

Admission tickets to Leo Gallagher pre-primary election rally "Leo Gallagher Nite" [2] August 18, 1934

box 30, folder 27

Notice letters to Superior Court Judges and DA Neil R. McAllister re: rumored injunction to restrain Communist organizing August 21, 1934

box 30, folder 28

Letter from Leo Gallagher to John "Jack" Weatherwax August 31, 1934

box 30, folder 29

"Citizens of Sacramento Hear Leo Gallagher, Sunday August 19th" [flier] August 1934

box 30, folder 30

Miscellaneous receipts for campaign expenditures  August 1934

box 30, folder 31

Form for organizational endorsements and contributions August 1934

box 30, folder 32

Drafts/revisions of campaign outreach letter "to the rank and file members of the American Federation of Labor" August 1934

box 30, folder 33

Rough draft of press release re: arrests at campaign assembly circa September 1934

box 30, folder 34

List of newspapers by language/nationality with addresses circa 1934

box 30, folder 35

List of Oakland and Berkeley-Alameda union locals with addresses circa 1934

box 30, folder 36

Copy of letter from John Cowper Powys to Esther McCoy, praising Leo Gallagher [press release] circa 1934

box 30, folder 37

"Vote for Leo Gallagher for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Office No. 1" [pamphlet, 2 copies] circa 1934

box 30, folder 38

"Vote Leo Gallagher Associate of Supreme Court, Office 1. Defends Workers' Rights" [poster] circa 1934

case 4, drawer 5

"For the Supreme Court- Leo Gallagher Defender of Militant Labor Counsel for Mooney! A Fighter!" [oversize poster] circa 1934

box 30, folder 39

Leo Gallagher Campaign Committee Internal Report on campaign successes and failures circa 1934 circa 1934

box 30, folder 40

Revisions for "Vote for Leo Gallagher for Judge Municipal Court Office No. 10" [pamphlet]  circa 1934

box 30, folder 41

Questions and answers from interview by Sidney Hutchinson of The Spokesman [2 copies of answers] circa 1934

box 30, folder 42

Essay probably written by Leo Gallagher on the status of workers undated


Sub-Series L: Other Material 1926-1980; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains material that does not topically fit into any of the other sub-series in the Subject File series. Subjects include: literature, religion, art, science, race, community activism, education, health, politics, music, and others. Organizations represented in this sub-series includes: Julia Ellsworth Ford Foundation; Laubach Literacy Movement; Palms Magazine; Southeast Symphony Association; League of Women Voters; and others. Also included are flyers and leaflets regarding events, and childcare in Los Angeles.
box 13, folder 2

The Atlantic Charter and Atlantic Pact- reports, pamphlets, notes, and other documents 1949; undated

box 25, folder 6

African American Civil Rights- flyers; reprints WEAT_025_006_001-004 1945, 1953, 1965, 1974

box 26, folder 1

African American History (general file) 1952; 1956

Scope and Contents

"Integration North and South, Progress Memorandum" by David Loth and Harold Fleming; "Masses and Mainstream, Negro History Week, a Special Number" Vol. 5, No. 2
box 20, folder 24

American Museum of Immigration: pamphlets, memorandum, flyer, clippings, press release WEAT_020_024_01-12 1954-1956

box 25, folder 15

Aquarian Spiritual Center Symposium WEAT_025_015_001-002 1962

box 25, folder 10

"Bomb Terror in L.A.!", Frederick Douglass Chapter of the Civil Rights Congress [flyer] WEAT_025_010_001 circa 1952?

box 13, folder 3

California Transit Timetables circa 1935-1960

box 15, folder 7

Cecilia Rosenfeld- correspondence, articles, notes, address entitled "New Medical Horizons" 1960,1962, 1969-1970

box 25, folder 7

"The Charge is Jim Crow" Civil Rights Congress [pamphlet] WEAT_025_007_001 circa 1954

box 13, folder 4

"A Chicano View of American Trade Items" by Lorenzo Torres (unbound version) undated

box 13, folder 5

Coordination of Consumer Activity for Defense. Prepared by Consumers United [memorandum] circa 1942

box 25, folder 16

"Don't You Want to be Free" [flyer] WEAT_025_016_001 undated

box 14, folder 12

Dr. Marcus McBroom- event programs; press releases 1963-1965

box 25, folder 21

"The Eternal Light", "Immortal Journey" by Alvin Boretz. Presented by the National Broadcasting Company, Inc. [script and letter] WEAT_025_021_001-002 December 6, 1964; March 1965

box 25, folder 25

"Exile, The Story of David Hyun", Friends and Neighbors of David Hyn [pamphlet] WEAT_025_025_001 undated

box 13, folder 6

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles- correspondence, sermons, event flyers and programs, pamphlets, and other documents 1940-1973; undated

box 13, folder 7

Flags- brochures, pamphlets, postcard, menu 1943; undated

box 26, folder 4

Food and Land (general file) 1937, 1939; undated

Scope and Contents

"A Proposed Farm and City Coordinating Council", presented by the Farm and City Coordinating Council; "Agrarian Reform in Spain, an Historical Study" by the Spanish Institute for Agrarian Reform; "The Food Stamp Plan" State Relief Administration-Stamp Division in Conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture.
box 25, folder 8

"Free Tee Davis! A Petition for Justice" [flyer] WEAT_025_008_001 1945

box 25, folder 23

Garrison, Wm. Lloyd [quotes] WEAT_025_023_001-002 undated

box 26, folder 5

general miscellaneous 1922; 1941, 1944, 1946, 1951, 1954, 1955

Scope and Contents

Pacific Southwest Academy and the Southern California Economic Association announce a Conference on 'California Looks Ahead'; "Official Proceedings of the New York Railroad Club" Vol. XXXII, No. 6; 'The Battle for Tin and Rubber, a Lecture Delivered at Curran Town Hall Theatre" by Carveth Wells; "Pacific Coast Youth Recorder", Vol. 1 No. 2"; "Wonder Stories From the Science World" by Dyson Carter; "Toward Better Understanding and Use of Maps Globes Charts" Denoyer-Geppert Co.; "Editorially Speaking" [bulletin]; "Shah's Secret Police"
box 27, folder 18

"Hitler in Los Angeles? Do you Want Our City to be Fascist Headquarters for Gerald L.K. Smith" "American City in Action" rally flyer July 20 [1945]

Scope and Contents

back of flyer contains notes and drawings presumably by Weatherwax.
box 25, folder 24

"Indian Independence"- "India News" reprints; flyers; bulletin WEAT_025_024_001-002; 004-012 1937, 1942-1943, 1950

box 27, folder 11

Jewish Community events (leaflets) 1938, 1950-1952, 1955, 1957-1958, 1960-1961, 1975, 1980,

Scope and Contents

Includes: Intergroup Committee Eastside Jewish Community Center festival; 17th Annual Morning Freiheit picnic; Purim Carnival Hollywood-Los Feliz Jewish Community Center; "Only in Chelm Would They Dare to Call it a Chupah"; Yablon Cultural Center event for Sam Aronoff; Jewish American Cultural Club event; Rubin Saltzman 60th birthday celebration; celebration of 100th anniversary of I.L. Peretz Founder of Modern Yiddish Literature; Jewish Peoples Chorus; 10th Annual Yiddish Cultural Festival; Los Angeles Jewish Cultural Club for Anita Rostodha; American Jewish Choral Society; Los Angeles Jewish Currents Committee; Emma Lazarus Jewish Women's Club Deboarh Greene Concert; Sholom Aleichem event
box 13, folder 9

Jews and the Communist Party- "Condensed Version of Talk Delivered by Rabbi Maxwell H. Dubin, Wilshire Boulevard Temple before the Congregation on Rash Ha-Shono-- The Jewish New Year" (three copies); other pamphlets entitled "Labor and the Jewish People"; "Let My People Go"; "Assimilation and the Jewish People" 1943, 1946, 1964; undated

box 13, folder 10

Dr. Virgil Jordan- speeches, banquet timeline and speakers list 1941

box 13, folder 11

Julia Ellsworth Ford Foundation- book contest flyers, Railway Express Agency receipts and correspondence regarding entries for Clara and John Weatherwax manuscripts 1943-1944

box 13, folder 12

K.F.V.D. Radio Station- letterhead [blank]; and letter to Jack Weatherwax March 8, 1940; undated

box 25, folder 14

Kingdom Baptist Church, Rev A. Wendell Ross- programs, mailer, sermon, draft resolution, essay, notes, correspondence, flyers WEAT_025_014_001-024; 04 1950-1951

box 13, folder 13

Kingsten, Levi- notes, correspondence, and other documents regarding Operation Recapture and Self Advancement Through Education (S.A.T.E.) Organization 1960-1971; undated

case 4, drawer 5

"The Labor Analyst" Published by Labor's Non Partisan League of Los Angeles County. Vol. 1, No. 4 March 1941

case 4, drawer 5

Labor Herald So Cal Edition. Pull-out section featuring comics, advertisement for "Freedom Fiesta" September 14, 1948

box 13, folder 15

Nathaniel Lacy- correspondence and notes 1963-1964, 1973

box 13, folder 16

Laubach Literacy Movement- correspondence, documents related to revisions to the "Aztec Story- The Tree of Life" 1959

box 27, folder 15

Leaflets (general file- benefits, birthday celebrations, memorial services) 1945, 1947, 1952-1953, 1955, 1959-1961, 1970, 1973, 1977

Scope and Contents

Includes: Pancake Breakfast to help Taos Indian Pueblo; City Wide Laymen Movement meeting; Beach Party; "Ride in on a Broomstick and Sweep Out Your Peeves" benefit; National Negro Labor Council dinner for Bernice Henry; Thanksgiving dinner celebration; birthday party for Matilda Tolly; birthday party for Helmer Bergman; memorial for Nell Higman; benefit for Morton Sobell; COmmittee to Aid Soviet War Orphans "An Evening of Stellar Entertainment"
box 27, folder 16

Leaflets (general file- movie screenings, theatre, concerts, festivals) 1947, 1952-1955, 1960, 1963, 1975, 1976

Scope and Contents

Includes: Hungarian Center celebration; musicale extraordinaire at California Art Institute; movie slide show "An Education on China"; Civil Rights Congress 7th Annual Carnival and Dance; Vanguard Presents "The Issues"; Youth Rights Festival; Victor Arnautoff "Realism in the 19th Century Russian Art"; "Many Moons" by James Thurber; Inter-Arts Alliance party; "Fund for the P.W." evening of music; evening of chamber music; Cirus Theatre presents "A Night of Fun and Entertainment"; "Movies Under the Stars" Salem Missionary Baptist Church
box 25, folder 20

League of American Writers, Hollywood Chapter "Prize Play Contest" [flyer] WEAT_025_020_001 undated

box 13, folder 17

League of Nations and League of Nations Association- chronology, bibliography, meeting notice, pamphlets 1944-1945

box 13, folder 18

League of Women Voters- flyers, bulletins, newsletters, correspondence, essays, programs, and other documents 1939-1946

box 14, folder 1

Legislative Conference- conference program, flyers, report, memorandums 1946-1947

box 13, folder 14

Leo Koch- Committee for Leo Koch pamphlet and mailer circa 1960

box 14, folder 2

Library Project Committee- brochures, correspondence, letterhead [blank], program 1964, 1969

box 14, folder 3

Los Angeles Fire Department- flyers circa 1959; undated

box 14, folder 5

Los Angeles Jewish People's Committee, "U…..The Answer of America, Defeat Hitlerism Now" [flyer] circa 1940s

box 25, folder 13

Los Angeles Student Core, Negro History march at the Board of Education [flyer] WEAT_025_013_001 1964

box 14, folder 6-7

Los Angeles- event flyers and leaflets 1940-1982; undated

box 14, folder 8

Los Angeles- flyers for childcare and adoption circa 1956-1957; circa 1973

box 14, folder 11

Marzani, Carl- booklets, flyers, brochures mostly related to Marzani and Munsell Publishers, Inc. 1950s, 1960s

box 14, folder 13

Nation Citizens Political Action Committee- ballot recommendations, newsletter, pamphlets, reports, correspondence 1945-1946; undated

box 14, folder 14

National Council of American Soviet Friendship Inc.- pamphlets, correspondence 1943-1956; undated

box 15, folder 1

National Issues Committee- brochures; mailers; issues of "The Issue" 1954

box 15, folder 2

National Science Foundation- mailers 1947, 1975

box 25, folder 9

"The Negro in Postwar America" by Arnold M. Rose [pamphlet] WEAT_025_009_001 1950

box 25, folder 19

Notes/Text from "The Strange Career of the Crow" by C. Vann Woodward WEAT_025_019_001-003 1957

box 25, folder 4

Pabst Post-War Employment Awards [pamphlet] WEAT_025_004_001 1943

box 15, folder 3

Pacific International University-brochures; pamphlets 1944

box 15, folder 5

Palms Magazine- J. Middleton Morray Letter February 21, 1928

box 15, folder 4

Palms Magazine- notes; clippings; October 1927 issue 1927-1928

case 4, drawer 5

"Propeller" Official Voice of the North American Workers. Vol. 3, No.17 August 31, 1944

box 15, folder 23

Reginald Franklyn Fisher- correspondence, invitations, concert programs, flyers, "The Carillon" Official Organ of the Georgia Laster Branch for he National Association of Negro Musicians Inc. Vol. 2, No. 6, 11 1955-1958, 1963-1965, 1970-1974

box 15, folder 17

Robert Thompson- pamphlets; correspondence 1956

box 15, folder 6

Raul Ruiz, Flyer undated

box 15, folder 8

Russian-American Club of Los Angeles- bulletins, brochures, correspondence, notes 1945-1946; undated

box 15, folder 9

Script Magazine- correspondence copies of January and February issues 1949

box 25, folder 18

Slave Revolts, notes 1961

box 25, folder 17

"Slave Trade", Letter to the Editor by John Weatherwax WEAT_025_017_001 circa 1968

box 15, folder 11

Sojourner Truth Club- brochure; correspondence 1963

box 25, folder 12

Southeast Interracial Council, Los Angeles- mailers, membership cards, newsletters WEAT_025_012_001-022; 003-03; 003-04 1955-1959

box 15, folder 13

Southeast Symphony Association- board meeting notices, banquet cards, event programs, correspondence, essays 1957-1958

box 25, folder 5

Southern Conference for Human Welfare, issues of the "Southern Patriot"; pamphlets WEAT_025_005_001; 003-005 1946-1947

box 15, folder 15

"Soviet Bulletin" memorandums, notes, suggested subjects for serial 1945

box 27, folder 1

Soviet Union (general file) 1939-1946; 1951; undated

Scope and Contents

"A Speech by Andrei Gromyko Soviet Delegate to the UN on A Palestine Solution"; "Greece, the Balkans and Soviet Russia, a Lecture Delivered at Curran Town Hall Theatre" by Dr. A. Polyzoides; "Reviews of the 76th Congress the U.S.S.R. and Non-Aggression" by Earl Browder; "America and Trieste, God and the Russians" United Committee of South-Slavic Americans; "Women's Anti-Nazi Meeting in Moscow"; 'Documents Concerning Franco and His Regime, Concerning Mihajlovic's Treasonable Activities" published by the Newspaper 'TRUD', Moscow; "USSR Information Bulletin"
box 15, folder 16

Thomas, Norman- pamphlets; essay 1948, 1960

box 25, folder 11

essay about conference on Thought Control by John M. Weatherwax WEAT_025_011_001 undated

box 25, folder 1

Till Case- notes taken while attending the October 9, 1955 meeting in Los Angeles called by NAACP to protest the kidnap-murder in Mississippi of Emmett October 9, 1955

box 25, folder 22

Toor, Nishan American Sculptor- letter; photographs of stone sculpture WEAT_025_022_001-002 May 12, 1964

box 15, folder 18

Townsend Plan- booklets, flyers, articles 1935-1936, 1944, 1948; undated

box 15, folder 19

Travel brochures; postcards; entertainment guides; leaflets undated

case 4, drawer 5

United Automobile Worker, Member of the Committee for Industrial Organization. Vol. 1, No. 14 May 15, 1937

box 15, folder 20

United Inventors and Scientists of America- pamphlets, mailers, press release, event programs 1945-1963

box 15, folder 21

United Nation's Conference to International Organization (UNCIO)- transcript of radio broadcast 1945

box 15, folder 12

Waino Sola, Finnish Singer Concert, Aberdeen Washington- essay, notes, concert programs 1926

box 27, folder 3

War (general file) 1941, 1943-1945, 1951; undated

Scope and Contents

"Must the Killing go On? A Peace Catechism" by Dorothy Hutchinson"; "An Urgent Letter from Henry A. Wallace on a matter of life and death to you and your children"; "On the Indictment and Punishment of War Criminals" by Shea Chun-ju; "Ahscan the M-Plan, The Yanks Are Not Coming"; Congressional Record, "Vito Marcantonio Speaks out Against This War"
box 25, folder 3

Notes on White Chauvinism WEAT_025_003_001-003 1954

box 25, folder 2

Notes on White Chauvinism, white supremacy, CRC (Civil Rights Congress) East Hollywood Branch WEAT_025_002_001-009; 011-28 October 9, 1955

box 15, folder 22

Workers Library Publishers- pamphlets 1935, 1938, 1943

box 27, folder 4

Writers (general file) 1936, 1942, 1939

Scope and Contents

"Writer's Year Book"; "Writers' Markets and Methods" (two issues)

Series V: Kate Crane Gartz 1929-1954

Scope and Contents

This series contains a wide array of personal papers including correspondence, poems, clippings, and activism ephemera related to communism and political activism; as well as information and drafts related to Kate Crane Gartz's published travel diary "Around the World with Kate Crane Gartz," and photographs. The materials were collected by her friend and colleague, John Weatherwax.

Biographical / Historical

Kate Crane Gartz was born Katherine Elizabeth Crane in 1865 to the wealthy Crane family, who made their fortune in ironworks. Crane Gartz grew up in Chicago, where she became familiar with Jane Addams' Hull House, to which her father donated money. Early exposure to the contrast of her own affluence with the poverty of those in Chicago's tenement district led Crane Gartz to dedicate much of her life to philanthropy and communism. She moved to Altadena, California, in 1907, where she lived until her death in 1949. Crane Gartz hosted weekly salons for leftist and intellectual discussions in her Altadena home, The Cloisters. She wrote extensively and published several books.
box 31, folder 1

League of Nations Association clippings, newsletters, circulars 1929-1954

box 31, folder 2

"Around the World with Kate Crane Gartz" drafts and author notes circa 1930s

box 31, folder 3

Correspondence with John Weatherwax 1933-1945

box 31, folder 4

Correspondence with Ralph M. Easley of National Civic Federation August 27-31, 1935

box 31, folder 5

Louise Todd case write-in campaign October-November 1935

box 31, folder 6

Personal correspondence 1935-1944; undated

box 31, folder 7

Correspondence related to communism 1935-1953

box 22, folder 47

Kate Crane Gartz letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt "Keep American Out of War" [reprint from "The Open Forum"] WEAT_022_047_001 September 9, 1939

box 31, folder 8

Correspondence regarding radio station KFVD 1939-1940

box 31, folder 9

"Around the World with Kate Crane Gartz" illustration proofs, invoices, correspondence 1939-1942

box 31, folder 10

Correspondence related to Los Angeles area activism  1939-1942

box 31, folder 11

Correspondence and mailings related to World War II 1939-1944

box 31, folder 12

Poems by Kate Crane Gartz  1939-1948; undated

box 31, folder 13

Correspondence with Culbert Olson September 25-December 2, 1940

box 31, folder 14

Estimates and invoices for printing and literature  1940-1941

box 31, folder 15

Personal papers 1940-1948; undated

box 31, folder 16

Solicitations for donations to support leftist political and legal campaigns 1940-1949

box 31, folder 17

Telegrams from Kate Crane Gartz et al. regarding Sam Darcy, Earl Browder, Helen Miller cases June-August 1941

box 31, folder 18

The United States News magazine August 22, 1941

box 31, folder 19

Handmade mock-up of book Dear Mr. President 1942

box 31, folder 20

Handwritten speaking notes 1942; undated

box 31, folder 21

Literature from the Robert De Bruce School of The Eye January 19, 1942

box 31, folder 22

Correspondence and post office documents regarding a lost letter and check sent to John Weatherwax by Kate Crane Gartz  June-July 1942

box 31, folder 23

Correspondence with John G. Moore 1943

box 32, folder 1

Legislative Letter: National and California Editions 1943-1948

box 32, folder 2

John Weatherwax's personal correspondence 1943-1948; undated

box 32, folder 3

Writings by Elsie Long 1943; undated

box 32, folder 4

"KCG of the Crane Family," family history and biography of Kate Crane Gartz December 1944

box 32, folder 5

Declarations of Trust for Kate Crane Gartz Foundation, Emmett Thompson Foundation, and Muhlenberg Foundation 1944-1947

box 22, folder 48

Kate Crane Gartz- "KCG of the Crane Family" genealogical and geographical note; "The Cloister "poem dedicated to Kate Crane Gartz from Edward Lloyd Voorhees WEAT_022_048_001-002 August 31, 1943; December 1944

box 32, folder 6

United Nations Information Office: "After Signing a Charter" packet  circa 1945

box 32, folder 7

Reading lists by H.E. Haines 1947-1948

box 32, folder 8

American Friends Service Committee, Peace Service Bulletin March-April 1948

box 32, folder 9

Correspondence regarding Erven Jourdan's film Toward World Peace June 1948

box 32, folder 10

"Some of her political sayings" and praise for Kate Crane Gartz undated

box 32, folder 11

Photographs undated