Inventory of the Anarchy Pamphlets and Publications Collection SPC.2022.007

Thomas Philo
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February 22, 2022
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Contributing Institution: California State University Dominguez Hills, Gerth Archives and Special Collections
Title: Anarchy Pamphlets and Publications Collection
Identifier/Call Number: SPC.2022.007
Physical Description: 2 boxes 2 document boxes Analog
Physical Description: 58 folders
Date (inclusive): 1870-2008(?), undated
Abstract: This collection contains pamphlets, article reprints, printed speeches, journals, underground papers, zines, and comics related to the history, theory, and practice of anarchy, in the United States and around the world. Materials include works of noted anarchists, such as Emma Goldman and Peter Kropotkin, as well as items protesting the trials of anarchists such as Sacco and Vanzetti and Caplan and Schmidt.
Language of Material: English , Spanish; Castilian .

Scope and Content

The Anarchy Pamphlets and Publications Collection (1870-2008, undated, bulk 1900-1970) contains two boxes comprising 58 folders of material purchased in 2021. The pamphlets cover the history of anarchy movements, particularly in Great Britain and the United States, with some material dealing with revolution (or the possibility of it) in Spain and Mexico. While much of the material is strictly theoretical -- arguing for anarchy as a requirement for true human liberty, a large portion of the collection is dedicated to defending anarchists accused of crimes, most notably Sacco and Vanzetti (tried and executed for murder in 1927), viewed by many as innocent. There is also material defending David Caplan and Schmidt (convicted for their role in the dynamiting of the Los Angles Times Building in 1910). The collection contains pamphlets published by early figures in the development of anarchy theory, including Guy Aldred, Alexander Berkmann, Peter Kropotkin, and Errico Malatesta. There are several pamphlets by Emma Goldman, including a number published by the Mother Earth Publishing Association, which Goldman founded.Publications include periodicals published in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, with the bulk of materials printed in the 1960s-1970s. The collection also includes undergound publications, an anarchy comic book, and zines. Finally, the collection also contains two anti-anarchy documents, an undated pamphlet on Bolshevism, and the transcript of a congressional speech delivered by Rep. Albert Johnson in 1919, arguing for the deportation of anarchists.


The collection is arranged into five series:
• Series I: Theory and History, 1870-1976; undated • Series II: Sacco and Vanzetti, 1921-1977; bulk 1921-1928 • Series III: Anarchists 1899-1990; undated • Series IV: Periodicals. 1962-2008; undated • Series V: Anti-Anarchist, 1919, undated

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The collection was processed in January, 2022, and the finding aid was created by Tom Philo in February, 2022.

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Materials were purchased by the Gerth Archives and Special Collections in 2021.

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Separated Materials

three books purchased as part of this collection were cataloged separately for the Gerth Archives and Special Collections Reading Room. These include: Borghi, Armando. "Mussolini red and black," (1938); Goldman, Emma "Anarchism and other essays," (1917); Parsons, Albert R. "Anarchism: its philosophy and scientific basis," (1887).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Anarchists -- United States -- Biography
Sacco-Vanzetti Trial, Dedham, Mass, 1921
Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940
Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936
Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921
Sacco, Nicola, 1891-1927
Vanzetti, Bartolomeo, 1888-1927


Theory and History 1870-1976; undated

Physical Description: 24 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains pamphlets, tracts, retrospectives, and other materials related to anarchism, in the United States and around the world. anarchism is treated both in thory and practices, and some of the materialrelates to trials of anarchists accused of crimes. though there are some similar themes in the series, the materials are not directly related to each other. The materials are arranged chronlogically.
box 1, folder 1

Spooner, Lysander, "No Treason: No. VI. The Constitution of no authority," Published by the author. 1870

box 1, folder 2

Appleton, Henry "What is freedom, and when am I free?" 1886

Scope and Contents

2nd edition, 1st Tucker edition.
box 1, folder 3

Tucker, Benj. R., "State socialism and anarchism: for far they agree, and wherein they differ" 1888

box 1, folder 4

Bilgram, Hugo "A study of the money question," Humboldt Publishing Company 1894

box 1, folder 5

Tucker, Benj. R. Henry George, traitor" 1896

box 1, folder 6

Most, John "The God pestilence," Freiheit Publishing Association 1900

box 1, folder 7

James, C. L. "Origin of anarchism," 1902

box 1, folder 8

Fox, Jay. "trade unionism and anarchism" 1908

box 1, folder 9

Caplan and Schmidt. "A message to Labor from David Caplan and M. A. Schmidt" 1915

Scope and Contents

Caplan and Schmidt were accused and convicted of being accomplicies in the dynamiting of the Los Angeles Times building on October 1, 1910. the pamphlet is published by the Caplan and Schmidt
box 1, folder 10

Pioneer Aid and Support Association. "Remember the eleventh of November : to the memory of our friends who were judicially murdered November 11, 1887" 1927

Scope and Contents

The pamphlet is dedicated to those executed (or imprisoned) for their role in the Haymarket Affair in Chicago, May 4, 1886.
box 1, folder 11

Barrett, George. "The anarchist revolution," Freedom Press, London. 1929

box 1, folder 12

Villar, Manuel. "Condiciones para la revolucion en America" Ediciones Nervio. 1932-08

Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian.

Scope and Contents

Published in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
box 1, folder 13

"The International Working Men's Association (I.W.M.A.) : its policy, its aim, its principles," published by the International Working Men's Association. 1933

box 1, folder 14

Badcock, Jr., John "Slaves to duty," Laurance Labadie 1938

box 1, folder 15

Various, "Anarchism... a solution to the world's problems : a presentation of ten essays," MAN! 1940

Scope and Contents

Contains ten short essays by the following: I. War and capitalism (Melchior Seele; II. The Russo-German union (Ray Randall); III. The economic system of today (Samuel Polinow); IV. Government and franchise (Edward Cuningham); V. Anarchism (Ammon A. Hennacy); VI. The state and anarchism (Hippolyte Havel); VII. Socialism and anarchism (M. B Resin); VIII. A moneyless society (Edna Larkin); IX. Is anarchy possible? (marcus Graham); X. the creating force (Richard Wagner).
box 1, folder 16

"Vote : What for?" Freedom Press 1942

Scope and Contents

"Freely adapted from Malatesta's 'En periode electorale."
box 1, folder 17

"Las revoluciones en Mexico," Comite de Relaciones Exteriores de Washington 1946

Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian.
box 1, folder 18

Goodman, Paul. "The black flag of anarchism," Black Mountain Press 1968

Scope and Contents

Reprinted from the New York Times Magazine, July 14, 1968.
box 1, folder 19

Walter, Nicolas. "About anarchism." Freedom Press 1969

box 1, folder 20

Bookchim, Murray. "Anarchy and organization," Dickens, Bob "Anarchism, terrorism and individualism." Freedom Press 1969?

Scope and Contents

Two essays in same pamphlet.
box 1, folder 21

"If you think Sacco & Vanzetti were the last anarchists to be framed and killed by the government... SRA Print Co-op 1970s

Scope and Contents

Presented by Black Cross and the General Defense Committee. Mimeographed publication.
box 1, folder 22

Siren(?) "Why the black flag?" 1972?

box 1, folder 23

Meltzer, Albert. "The anarchists in London 1935-1955," Cienfuegos Press, Ltd. 1976

box 1, folder 24

Zerzan, John. "Letter bombs and fixed ideas: and other writings from an anarchist perspective relating to the unabomber. n.d.


Sacco and Vanzetti 1921-1977, bulk 1921-1928

Physical Description: 6 folders

Scope and Contents

Series contains tracts, pamphlets, and contemporary commentary on the trial of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, anarchists accused of murder. The 1921 trial and 1927 execution of Sacco and Vanzetti was largely viewed as a political trial, and generated protests around the world. Most of the documents in the series are published by, or in support of, the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committtee, including commentary written about the trial and execution by famed poet Edna St. vincent Millay, reprinted as a stand-alone tract. There are also printed lyrics to a French song about Sacco and Vanzetti, and finally, a poster for a film about the trial, made fifty years after the execution. Materials are arranged chronologically.
box 1, folder 25

The Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee "The story of the Sacco-Vanzetti Case," Progress Printing Company, 1921?

Scope and Contents

First major pamphlet published by the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee, second edition.
box 1, folder 26

The Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee. "The awakening of America's conscience." April, 1927

Scope and Contents

Compendium of opinions from various publications regarding the conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti
box 1, folder 27

Millay, Edna St. Vincent. "Fear" Sacco-Vanzetti National League, 1927?

Scope and Contents

Reprinted from The Outlook (date of issue not given)
box 1, folder 28

The Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee. "Massachusetts the murderer," 1927?

box 1, folder 29

"Fellow workers: Remember" 1977

Scope and Contents

Poster for showing of film "Sacco and Vanzetti," directed by Giuliano Montaldo. Flyer lists time for showings at various Biffalo, New York theatres.
box 1, folder 30

Gebe. "Ils ont osé! Sacco et Vanzetti," Printed by Hurel. n.d.

Scope and Contents

Front of folded newsprint shows pictures of Sacco and Vanzetti, the back has lyrics to song protesting their execution.

Anarchists 1870-1990

Scope and Contents

This series contains pamphlets, treatises, speeches, and memoirs by and about some of the major figures in worldwide anarchism. The materials show the vibrant discussion of anarchist issues, both in the United States and worldwide, much of it carried out while governments were trying to combat anarchist ideas. The series carries a number of publications by Emma Goldman, perhaps the key figure in American anarchist thought. Some of these items are published by the Mother Earth Publishing Association, founded by Goldman in 1906. There is also an exhibit for a UCLA exhibit about Goldman noting thefiftieth anniversary of her 1940 death. The work of other noted figures of anarchism include Guy Aldred, Alexander Berkman, Peter Kropotkin, and Errico Malatesta. The materials are arranged alphabetically by name.
box 1, folder 31

Guy Aldred Pamphlets 1908, 1940

Physical Description: 3 items

Scope and Contents

Contains three pamphlets: "From Anglican boy-preacher to anarchistic socialist impossiblist," Bakunin Press, (1908); "Dogmas discarded Part II: an autobiography of thought 1902-1908," Strickland Press (1940); "Pioneers of anti-parliamentarism," Strickland Press, (1940).
box 1, folder 32

Alexander Berkman Pamphlets, 1925-1936

Physical Description: 3 items

Scope and Contents

Contains three pamphlets, one by Berkman, two about him: Berkman, Alexander . "The anti-climax: the concluding chapter of my Russian diary 'the Bolshevik myth,' Berlin, (1925); "Alexander sixtieth birthday celebration," Martin Press (1930); Committee to Do Honor to Berkman, "A meeting in commemoration of Alexander Berkman" (1936).
box 1, folder 33

Bell, T. H. "Edward Carpenter: the English Tolstoi," The Libertarian Group 1932

box 1, folder 34

Various. "Francisco Ferrer: his life, work and martyrdom," Francisco Ferrer Association 1910

Scope and Contents

Contains essays, poems, reportage, and other materials by various writers, including maxim Gorky, Havelock Ellis, Jack London, and others.
box 1, folder 35

The Anarchist Prisoners Defense and Aid Committee of America. "Free Francesco Gheezi from Bolshevist inferno." 1930?

box 1, folder 36a

Emma Goldman pamphlets 1908?-1916

Physical Description: 3 items

Scope and Contents

COntains three pamphletswritten by Goldman and published by Mother Earth Publishing Association, which Goldman founded. "What I believe," (1908?); Patriotism: a menace to liberty (1910?); Anarchism: what it really stands for...,2nd edition, (1916)
box 1, folder 36b

Emma Goldman pamphlets 1908?, 1940?

Physical Description: 2 items

Scope and Contents

Contains two pamphlets written by Goldman toward the end of her life. "Trotsky protests too much," Anarchist Communist Federation, (1938?); "The place of the individual in society," Free Society Forum (1940?);
box 1, folder 36c

Emma Goldman pamphlets 1990

Scope and Contents

Exhibit Catalog for UCLA exhibit celebrating the publication of the Emma Goldman Papers.
box 2, folder 1

Peter Kropotkin pamphlets 1896-1943

Physical Description: 5 items

Scope and Contents

Contains four pamphlets by Kropotkin, and one pamphlet about him. Kropotkin's pamphlets include: "An appeal to the young," William Reeves, (1896); "The place of anarchism in socialistic evolution," William Reeves, (1899); "Modern science and anarchism," Mother Earth Publishing Association, (1908); "Anarchist Morality," Mother Earth Publishing Association (19??) [front wrapper incorrectly title "ideals and realities in Russian literature"]. The pamphlet about Kropotkin is by Berneri, C. "Peter Kropotkin: his federalist ideas," Freedom Press, 1942.
box 2, folder 2

Errico Malatesta pamphlets 1942-1980?

Physical Description: 3 items

Scope and Contents

Contains two copies of "Anarchy:" Freedom Press, (1942) [Seventh Edition]; Freedom Press, (1980?); "The anarchist revolution," Industrial Workers of the World, (1970?)
box 2, folder 3

Rocker, Rudolf. "The tragedy of Spain," Freie Arbeiter Stimme 1937

box 2, folder 4

Tucker, Benjamin R. (Quotations from Benjamin R. Tucker," International Anarchist Group of Detroit n.d.


Periodicals 1962-2008

Physical Description: 14 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains a number of wide range of publications devoted to aspects of anarchism. many of these publications are published in the United States , but there are also journals from Great Britain and Australia. While the overall nature of the series is political, publications also discuss anarchistic and libertarian aspects of economics, technology, environmentalism, and other topics. In a number of cases, the series contains the first issues of periodicals: some of these are short-lived, while others are still operating. There are also the first two issues of Anarchy Comics, and a zine produced in 2008. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.
box 2, folder 5

The Anarchist, Sydney 1970-1971

Physical Description: 3 items

Scope and Contents

Contains initial 3 issues of magazine: November-December, 1970, January, 1971
box 2, folder 6

Anarchist Feminist Magazine, London Summer, 1983

Scope and Contents

Volume 1, issue 1 of magazine.
box 2, folder 7

Anarchos, New York City February, 1968 - June, 1972

Physical Description: 4 itemsContains initial four issues of Anarchos: No. 1 (February, 1968), No. 2 (Spring, 1968), No. 3 (Spring, 1969), No. 4 (June, 1972).
box 2, folder 8

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (ASR), Champaign, IL Spring, 2001

box 2, folder 9

Anarchy Comics, Last Gasp, Berkeley, CA 1978-1979

Physical Description: 2 items

Scope and Contents

Contains initial two issues of Anarchy Comics: No. 1 (1978); No. 2 (1979).
box 2, folder 10

Anarchy Magazine, London 1971?

box 2, folder 11

Black Flag, London July/August, 1971

box 2, folder 12

JAP (Jewish Anarchist Punk) 2008?

Scope and Contents

Zine, written by unnamed author to "explore dilemmas of contemporary Jewish identity.' Contains ethnic humor and profanity that some may find offensive.
box 2, folder 13

A Mayor, Miami, FL Summer, 1989

Language of Material: English, Spanish; Castilian.

Scope and Contents

Volume 1, Number 2. Magazine is printed completely in Spanish (31 pages), with first 17 pages printed tête-bêche in English.
box 2, folder 14

Revolutionary Anarchist, Seattle, WA Midsummer, 1971

Scope and Contents

Volume 1, number 1.
box 2, folder 15

Views and Comments, New York June,1962; Summer, 1964

Physical Description: 2 items

Scope and Contents

Issues no. 43 and 47. Title varies; earlier issue called Views & Comments of the Libertarian League.
box 2, folder 16

The Word of Dog, San Francisco 1989

Physical Description: 2 items

Scope and Contents

Two 1989 issues of the "official newsletter of the Atheist Anarchist Feminist Eco-Terrorists for Justice."
box 2, folder 17

The Worker, Chicago, IL 1977

box 2, folder 18

Zero, London June, 1977

Scope and Contents

Issue number 1 of publication calling itself an "Anarchist,Anarca-feminist Monthly."

Anti-Anarchy 1919

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Contents

This small series contains two documents reflecting the attitude of the United States government toward anarchism. One document shows a publication date of 1919, for the other the same year is presumed based on internal evidence. There is the published transcript of Representative Albert Johnson's speech before Congress in support of the Immigration Act of 1918, giving the government greater power to deport foreign-born anarchists (along with labor organizers, communists, and other activists. The second document is a pamphlet produced by the Public Affairs Information Service, citing Bolsheviki (synonymous with anarchist) as the greatest threat to American
box 2, folder 19

Johnson, Albert. "Deportation of anarchistic and revolutionary aliens" December 20, 1919

Scope and Contents

Published version of speech given before Congress by Representative Johnson (Washington).
box 2, folder 20

Welsh, F. R.. "America's greatest peril: the Bolsheviki and the Mooney Case" 1919

Scope and Contents

Pamphlet written attacking radical labor organizer Thomas Mooney and others on trial for the Perparedness Day bombing in 1916, which killed ten persons and wounded forty. Mooney and co-defendant Warren Billings were convicted and sentenced to hang. The sentence was commuted, and both men were pardoned in 1939.