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Meltzer (David) papers
BANC MSS 2003/256 c  
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Series 1. Correspondence/Writer Files 1953-2016

Physical Description: Cartons 1-19; Carton 20, folders 1-25; Carton 21, folders 1-24; Oversize Folders 2, 5-8, 10


Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization. A small amount of email from unidentied correspondents is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of Meltzer's correspondence with contemporary poets; scholars of Judaica; writer friends - many of whom he collaborated with; publishers and colleagues in professional organizations; and his students at New College of California. The is a small amount of outgoing mail, but his correspondence is primarily incoming, and is personal and professional. There are letters and email. Some correspondence is addressed to both David and Tina. Files for individuals and organizations may also include manuscripts, typescripts, poetry, art, writing assignments, MFA theses, and subject file material. There are also some broadsides. Writers often sent Meltzer chapbooks or other publications; these have been transferred to Acquisitions for cataloging, but drafts and related correspondence can be found in this series. Please note that there is correspondence in other series.
carton 1, folder 1

Abrams, Sam, includes American Renaissance Criminals and Other Poems approximately 2003-2010

carton 1, folder 2

Ainsworth, Edward 1995-1998

carton 1 , folder 3

Alaoui, Youssef, includes Arabesques and Other Texts, Poems 2001, undated

carton 1, folder 4

Albers, Missy 1972-1976, undated

carton 1 , folder 5

Alcalay, Ammiel/Lost and Found approximately 2001-2004

carton 1, folder 6-10

Alexander, Robert (Baza) and Anita/Temple of Man, includes an Interview with Robert Alexander 1961-2010

carton 1 , folder 11

Allen, Don, includes We Are the Ancestors 1975-1997

carton 1, folder 12-13

Armistead, Annie Laurie, includes Poetry, and Max Jacob Translations approximately 1989

carton 1 , folder 14

Auster, Paul approximately 1974

carton 1, folder 15-16

Avital, Samuel/Le Centre du Silence/Phil Smith approximately 1973-1985

carton 1 , folder 17-18

"A" approximately 1974-2006

carton 1, folder 19-20

Ballard, Micah, includes M.A. Thesis, Administrative and Personal Correspondence approximately 1999-2014

carton 1 , folder 21

Ballentine Books/George Young/George Walsh (Birth, The San Francisco Poets) approximately 1973-1975

carton 1, folder 22

The Bancroft Library, includes Coyote Suitcase, Symposium on Ferlinghetti, City Lights, and the Beats in San Francisco 1996-2003

carton 1 , folder 23

Baraka, Amiri, includes Newark Influence/Somebody Blew Up America/Proposal to Create a Razor 1998-2003

carton 1, folder 24-25

Baron, Todd, includes Eye, [Chain Letter] 1986-2003

carton 1 , folder 26-27

Barrish, Keith, The Vindicators 1982

carton 1, folder 28

Baxter, Glen approximately 1985-2002

carton 1 , folder 29

Beausoleil, Beau, includes Poetry 1977-1984

carton 1 , folder 30

Beckett, Larry, includes Typescript

carton 1 , folder 31-36

Before Columbus Foundation (BCF) 1977-2000

Scope and Content Note

Meltzer was a founding member of the Foundation. Materials and files in Cartons 1-2 include correspondence, writings, BCF in Manhattan, American Book Awards, board meetings, annual reports, catalog/anthology II, BCF review, multiculturalism, Gundars Strads
carton 2, folder 1-9

Before Columbus Foundation 1984-2003

Scope and Content Note

See scope note for Carton 1
carton 2, folder 10

Benamou, Michel approximately 1977

carton 2, folder 11

Bentley, Wilder 1989-1991

carton 2, folder 12-15

Benveniste, Asa and Pip 1968-2004

carton 2, folder 16

Berg, Peter (Bioregionalist, Planet Drum Foundation) 1976-1986

carton 2, folder 17

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) - Brakhage, Broughton, Maclaine, Radical Light 2010

carton 2, folder 18-20

Berkson, Bill approximately 1975-2016

carton 2, folder 21

Berman, Tosh/Tam Tam Books 1996-2004

carton 2, folder 22

Biala, Arlene, Continental Drift 1996

carton 2, folder 23-26

Birnbaum, Noam, includes Manuscript [Thesis?] 1999-2003

carton 2, folder 27

Black, Noel, Bridge

carton 2, folder 28-32

Black Sparrow Press/John Martin/David Godine Publisher, Inc., includes Contracts 1969-2008

carton 2, folder 33

Bontaites, Carmella, MA Thesis 2001

carton 2, folder 34

Book People 1973-1976

carton 2, folder 35-36

Bradwell, Robert, and W.E. "Dutch" Haley, Night-Hunter, a Novel

carton 2, folder 37

Brafman, Allen 1976-1977

carton 2, folder 38-40

Brakhage, Jane and Stan, includes Goodbye to Barbara, Chris MacLaine, Bird Journal 1967-1988

carton 3, folder 1-9

Brandi, John 1970-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes Hiding Behind Open Doors and other manuscript materials; The Sky House (art); photographs; materials from Brandi and Renée Gregorio
carton 3, folder 10

Brandon House (The Agency) 1967-1972

carton 3, folder 11-16

Briggs, Robert and Diana/Robert Briggs Associates, includes Ruined Time 1973-2003

carton 3, folder 17

Brodley, Douglas

carton 3, folder 18-25

Brook, James 1989-2016

Scope and Content Note

Brook was an editor at City Light. Includes his work as translator of poems by Victor Serge; material related to San Francisco Beat; his Senior Thesis from the Weekend BA Completion Program, New College of California [translations of Benjamin Péret]; and his MFA Thesis from San Francisco State University
carton 3, folder 26

Bryan, J.B. 2003-2004

carton 19, folder 21-38

Buck, Marilyn 1990-2010

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, essays, and poetry by political prisoner, educator, and poet Marilyn Buck (1947-2010). Includes manuscripts; ephemera; New College assignments, practicum presentation, and MA Thesis; poems and publication data; and poems for a book with Meltzer, and David's "A" list [of Buck's work].
carton 20, folder 1-6

Buck, Marilyn 2010-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes Inside/Out: Selected Poems - manuscript draft, Meltzer's working copy, and correspondence; In Her Spirit: A Commemorative Solidarity Booklet to Benefit the 6 Political Prisoners in New York State; and Sparks Fly 2020 – honoring Marilyn Buck and all women political prisoners
carton 3, folder 27

Bulitt, Patricia 1985-1986

carton 3, folder 28

Burch, Charlton 1997-1999

carton 3, folder 29

Burger, Hedwig (Hedy) 1990

carton 3, folder 30

Burghardt, Tom 1997

carton 3, folder 31

[Burke, Clifford] 1969-2003

carton 3, folder 32

Burke, Liz, includes Translation of Cristina Peri Rossi, and Poetry 1997-1999

carton 3, folder 33

Burnett, John, Senior Project 1993

carton 3, folder 34-37

"B" approximately 1975-2006

carton 3, folder 38-41

Caldwell, Christopher, includes MFA Thesis, Practicum re: the David Meltzer Archives 1999-2001

carton 3, folder 42-44

Callahan, Bob and Eileen O'Mally 1975-2008

carton 3, folder 45

Canan, Janine 1978-2000

carton 3, folder 46

Caples, Garrett ("The Art/the Veil") approximately 2010-2014

carton 4, folder 1

Capra Press (Noel Young) 1972-1973

carton 4, folder 2

Carll, Steve, MA Thesis, Draft 1990-1993

carton 4, folder 3

Castro, Jan and Michael/River Styx 1975-2002

carton 4, folder 4-7

Cassidy, Daniel, includes Tuig it! and Other Typescripts 2000-2004

carton 4, folder 8

Chapman, Kent 1979

carton 4, folder 9

Charters, Ann and Sam 1977-2001

carton 4, folder 10

Cherkovski, Neeli 2000-2009

carton 4, folder 11

Cherney, Esther/Esther Rich approximately 1977

carton 4, folder 12

Ciavonne, Carol 1994-2006

carton 4, folder 13-17

City Lights 1962-2003

Scope and Content Note

Correspondents include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Stacey Lewis, and Nancy Peters; includes folder labeled "Lawrence suggests these be reprinted"
carton 4, folder 18

Clare, includes Poetry 1990

carton 4, folder 19-20

Clark, Angelica, Tom Clark, Adam Cornford, Bob Callahan (New College of California) 2000-2005

carton 4, folder 21-27

Clarke, Christopher/Christopher Clarke Productions 1976-2002

Scope and Content Note

Includes Gerard V. Parker, Chance, screenplay based on a story by Clarke; No Vine Before Its Time; Morgan's Edge, Screenplay; Thunder from the East; Viking's Nightmare; Thomas K. Nash, Supersecs, an original motion picture for Christopher Clarke Productions
carton 4, folder 28

Clarke, Ned

carton 4, folder 29

Claymore, Rick and Shiela [Tully] 1999-2000

carton 4, folder 30

Cole, Norma, Working Notes on Reading Rhythm

carton 4, folder 31

Coleman, Horace 2000

carton 4, folder 32

Coleman, Sharon, Yiddish Poetry 1999

carton 4, folder 33

Collom, Jack 1975-1994

carton 4, folder 34

Conant, Jeff 1997-1999

carton 4, folder 35

Connor, Julia 1987-1996

carton 4, folder 36

Contemporary Authors approximately 1996-1997

carton 4, folder 37-38

Continuum Books/Crossroad Books/Herder and Herder/(New) Seabury Press/Rossel Books 1971-1983

carton 4, folder 39-47

Coolidge, Clark 1973-2003

Scope and Content Note

In addition to correspondence from Cooolidge, includes CC's Wants; Kerouac/CC - The Long, Long Skies; correspondence from Meltzer to Coolidge; Joe Dodge in conversation with Clark Coolidge; Shifts in the Gamut; and To the Cold Heart
carton 20, folder 7-18

Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines 1969-1976

Scope and Content Note

Includes annual report, board and regional meetings, correspondence, grant materials
carton 4, folder 48-49

Corman-Roberts, Paul – MFA and MA Theses in Poetics 2002-2003

carton 4, folder 50

Cornford, Adam approximately 1988-2000

carton 4, folder 51

Coshnear, Daniel 1993

carton 5, folder 1

Creative Work Fund 2008-2011

carton 5, folder 2

Creeley, Robert 1972-1983

carton 5, folder 3

Crispell, Marilyn, Animalized Spirit (Interviewed by Anne Waldman)

carton 5, folder 4-5

Crowe, Thomas Rain, includes 10,000 Dawns: Love Poems of Yvan & Claire Goll, Translated by Rain and Nan Watkins 2001-2004

carton 5, folder 6

Curtay, Jean Paul approximately 1982

carton 5, folder 7-9

"C" 1974-2008

carton 5, folder 10

Dalachinsky, Steve (Ted Joans Lives) 2003

carton 5, folder 11

Damon, Maria 1999-2003

carton 5, folder 12

Dannenmüller, Sophie 2002-2003

carton 5, folder 13

Davidson, Michael/University of California, San Diego Poetry Archive approximately 1976-1982

carton 5, folder 14

Davis, Leslie

carton 5, folder 15

Dawson, Thomas/Stone Press/San Francisco International Poetry Festival 1976-1978

carton 5, folder 16

Deveaux, Quinn, Poetry

carton 5, folder 17-26

Dickison, Steve/Shuffle Boil 1976-2008

Scope and Content Note

Includes The Poetry Center, San Francisco State; manuscripts for Shuffle Boil; Disposed; John Temple on John Wieners (manuscript); The Orphic Sacred Stories
carton 5, folder 27-30

Di Prima, Diane approximately 1985-2010

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials re: New College of California, broadside celebrating Di Prima's 70th birthday; The Mysteries of Vision: Some Notes on H.D.; Tryst; and The Hall of Mirrors (for Tree)
carton 5, folder 31

di Vincenzo, Jan, One Hundred Fragments (Chapbook) 1989

carton 5, folder 32

Doubiago, Sharon 2005-2009

carton 5, folder 33

Doubleday re: Anthology of Jewish Poetry, Edited. By J. Rothenberg 1976

carton 5, folder 34-35

Drachler, Rose, includes Manuscripts, Photographs approximately 1976-2003

Scope and Content Note

One of the photos (of Drachler) may date back to the 1930s or 1940s
carton 5, folder 36

Ducat, Stephen, Wimp Factors and Gender Gaps... (Draft)

carton 5, folder 37

Duerr, Jill 1987

carton 5, folder 38

Dumont, Raymond 1998-2000

carton 5, folder 39

"D" 1978-2010

carton 5, folder 40-44

Edminster, Suzanne (Suzanne Reilard), includes MA Thesis/Notes on Lorine Niedecker approximately 1985-1998

carton 5, folder 45

Einzig, Barbara approximately 1969-1981

carton 5, folder 46

Ehrlich, Marty, includes Interview by Steve Dickison and Meltzer approximately 2002-2003

carton 5, folder 47

Ellingham, Lewis 1982-1984

carton 5, folder 48

English, Avrill, MA Thesis 1990

carton 5, folder 49

Essex House, includes Hodge, Houchins Zweig; Kennedy and Zweig; and Jaybird Publications 1969-1976

carton 5, folder 50

Evans, John, MA Thesis 1987

carton 5, folder 51

Evensmo, Jan, The Piano of Richard Twardzik 2016

carton 5, folder 52

"E" 1975-2010

carton 6, folder 1-6

Fagin, Larry 1971-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes work with Ron Padgett, such as Teachers & Writers; Parade of the Cater Pillars; Adventures in Poetry educational pamphlet; Ordinary Fascism; Guidelines without Realizing (with Clark Coolidge); [catalog of Fagin's record collection]; and emails re: Death of Jazz
carton 6, folder 7

Falk, Marcia 1975-1976

carton 6, folder 8

Falk-Hirschman, Agneta, may include some Jack Hirschman 2000-2015

carton 6, folder 9

Fay, Tom, Selected Works 2004

carton 6, folder 10

Feinstein, Sascha 1994-1996

carton 6, folder 11

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 1974-1996

carton 6, folder 12-14

Finkel, Bruria, includes Catalogs, Photographs 1981-1988

carton 6, folder 15

Fisher, Christina approximately 1999-2000

carton 6, folder 16

Fisher, Grant

carton 6, folder 17-18

Fitzgerald, Kevin S., Email and MA Thesis (with Revision) 1999-2000

carton 6, folder 19

Fixel, Lawrence, includes Writings for [Man/Woman] approximately 1979-1992

carton 6, folder 20

Florsheim, Stewart, A Split Second of Light 2011

carton 6, folder 21

Foley, Jack – from Visions and Affirmations, includes Photographs approximately 2005

carton 6, folder 22

Fortey, Bryn 2001-2004

carton 6, folder 23

Foye, Raymond, includes Biographical Entry on Kirby Doyle approximately 1981-1984

carton 6, folder 24

Friedman, Richard 1996

carton 6, folder 25-26

Frym, Gloria, includes Mind Over Matter: A Tribute to Poetry approximately 1983-2011

carton 6, folder 27-28

"F" approximately 1976-2009

carton 6, folder 29

Gach, Gary approximately 1977-2011

carton 6, folder 30

Gaon, Nan (and Jack/Zanko) approximately 1996-2005

carton 6, folder 31

Gardner, Geoffrey 1975-1981

carton 6, folder 32

Gassoway, Cliff, Mosaic Coefficients of a Futurist Kabbalah, MFA Thesis 1998

carton 6, folder 33-34

Gatza, Geoffrey – includes A Poem (in a Cigarette Box); and A Rocket Full of Pie, etc. approximately 2010

carton 6, folder 35

Getty Research Inst./Semina Culture 2002-2007

carton 6, folder 36

Getzler, Marsha approximately 1999-2001

carton 6, folder 37

Ginsberg, Allen, includes Memorial Program and Poem 1973-1998

carton 6, folder 38

Gitin, David and Maria 1973-1986

carton 6, folder 39

Gizzi, Michael 1998-2006

carton 6, folder 40-41

Gladman, Renee, includes Prose City (Thesis) 1996-2006

carton 6, folder 42

Goldman, Albert 1993-1994

carton 6, folder 43

Gonzalez, Matt 1999-2001

carton 6, folder 44

Goodman, Hananya/Kabbalah: A Newsletter of Current Research in Jewish Mysticism 1985-1986

carton 6, folder 45

Gottesman, Leslie (Les) 2012

carton 6, folder 46

Grahn, Judy 1989-1991

carton 6, folder 47

Granary Books/Steve Clay 1996-2001

carton 6, folder 48

Gray, Denise - Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles 2000

carton 6, folder 49

Griffiths, David B. approximately 1992-1995

carton 6, folder 50

Grossman, Martin, includes The Bread of Our Affliction 1975-1977

carton 6, folder 51

Gruenwald, Ithamar 1976

carton 6, folder 52

Grundberg, Carl, includes Notes in Exile/War Diary 1985-2002

carton 6, folder 53

Guss, David, The Tale, etc. approximately 1981

carton 6, folder 54

Guy, Arielle approximately 2006

carton 6, folder 55-56

"G" 1967-2010

carton 6, folder 57

Hall, Holly 2003

carton 6, folder 58

Hankin, Larry (to Tina and David) 1994

carton 6, folder 59

Hartsholme Primary School 1997

carton 7, folder 1-3

Hawley, Bob/Oyez Press, Holmes Book. Co., includes Meltzer Bio for Beat Writers Volume approximately 1974-2003

carton 7, folder 4-5

Hejinian, Lyn 1987-2001

carton 7, folder 6

Hellar, Mark and Paul Madonna - A Day's Prayer for the Hatred Machine 1995

carton 7, folder 7-8

Herms, George, includes Sue Herms, Slides from The Secret Archives/Catherine Clark Gallery 1973-2000

carton 7, folder 9

Hessing, Siegfried 1972-1976

carton 7, folder 10

Higgins, Tiffany, Love 1999

carton 7, folder 11

Hill, Owen, Sea of Kooks, Novel Manuscript approximately 2001

carton 7, folder 12

Hiller, Tobey, includes Poetry, Certain Weathers approximately 1981

carton 7, folder 13

Hirschman, David, includes Tyger Blues, and an Aya Tarlow Poem approximately 1964-1970

carton 20, folder 19-25

Hirschman, Jack - Correspondence approximately 1967-1973

carton 21, folder 1-24

Hirschman, Jack 1961-2012

Scope and Content Note

There is correspondence; artwork, including The Mad Dogwolf, and Wallbreak; poetry; Saurès: S. Yetsira, tr[anslated] by Hirschman; Aur Sea; translations [for Tree]; Schnapps Son!, The Book of the Letter (translated by Hirschman); Messiah: Shabbati Zevi; Abraham Abulafia's Works and Doctrine - Thesis by Moshe Idel; on Paul Celan; Choroso! An Autobiographical Sketch of Jack Hirschman; Erotic Verses, by Lucia Lucchensino (tranlaated by Hirschman); Kabbalistic Common Points, translated by Hirschman (Tree Text: 1); Tobia Ravà; and Hirschman's Arcanes (The Urinal Stalls Arcane; The Black Chrysanthemum Arcane; and the Ulitsea Arcane)
oversize_folder 5A

Hirschman, Jack - Paintings, Collages [Mail Art] approximately 1976

carton 7, folder 14

Hollander, Benjamin – 2. Citation Is the Order of the Day/Academica Judaica 2001-2002

carton 7, folder 15

Howard, Silas 2002

carton 7, folder 16

Hunter, Carrie approximately 2001-2002

carton 7, folder 17

Hurvitz, Mark 1973-1981

carton 7, folder 18-19

"H" approximately 1974-2010

carton 7, folder 20

"I" 1977-2005

carton 7, folder 21

Jabès, Edmond 1972-1974

carton 7, folder 22

Jafrate, Keith, includes Body Lyrics approximately 2000

carton 7, folder 23

Jakubowski, Maxim 1976-1995

carton 7, folder 24

James, Laura Dewitt, includes The Word Went Forth [1943?] approximately 1971-1973

carton 7, folder 25

[JG?] [JJ?] - Tanzin: Putting in Order

carton 7, folder 26

JHT Email 1997-2001

carton 7, folder 27

Joans, Ted/Ted Joans Lives! approximately 1993-2004

carton 7, folder 28

Johnson, Ray – Mail Art 1976

carton 7, folder 29-30

Johnston, Alistair/Poltroon Press, includes Interview with Meltzer 1978-2010

carton 7, folder 31

Jones, Steve, Dark Flowers, Manuscript Submission

carton 7, folder 32

"J" approximately 1974-1997

carton 7, folder 33

Kaphan, Bruce 2001-2006

carton 7, folder 34

Kamenetz. Rodger 1979-2003

carton 7, folder 35-37

Karavatos, Nicholas – debt (Magazine), "How to Die" (MFA Thesis), No Asylum 1997-2009

carton 7, folder 38

Kat -- MFA Manuscript 2003

carton 7, folder 39

Kaufman, Alan 1995-2000

oversize_folder 10A

[Kaufman, Bob] - Photograph

carton 7, folder 40

Kearney, Larry, North Beach

carton 7, folder 41

Keenan, Larry 1999-2000

carton 7, folder 42

Kelleher, Michael - Visible Instruments

carton 7, folder 43

Kemp, Carolyn L., includes MA Thesis in Poetics 1989

carton 7, folder 44

Kharma, Ed, Michael Thomas, and Tom Mankiewicz - Ladyhawke (Screenplay) 1982

carton 7, folder 45

Kinney, Jay/Gnosis approximately 1982-1991

carton 7, folder 46-48

King, Basil (BAZ), Learning to Draw/A History

carton 8, folder 1

King, Basil and Martha, includes A Frame for Stefan approximately 1988-2007

carton 8, folder 2-4

Kolokithas, Dawn, includes MA Thesis (on Jack Spicer), H.D. (Thesis Proposal) 1983-1986

carton 8, folder 5

Körte, Mary Norbert – Mammals of Delight approximately 1977

carton 8, folder 6

Krakowsky, Rabbi Levi L., includes Kabbalah: Dialogue between G-D and the Hebrew Alphabet 1973

carton 8, folder 7

Kronsky, Betty approximately 1995-2001

carton 8, folder 8

Kulakow, Adam 1999

carton 8, folder 9-10

Kun, Josh, includes Strangers Among Sounds (Dissertation Outline, UC Berkeley) approximately 1996-2001

carton 8, folder 11-16

Kush (Steven Kushner) approximately 1988

carton 8, folder 17-19

Kyger, Joanne, includes Selected Poems of 1973-2011

carton 8, folder 20-21

"K," includes B. Kliban Letter/Drawing approximately 1976-2014

carton 8, folder 22

Landauer, Carl 2010-2016

carton 8, folder 23-24

Landauer, Susan, includes Stray Cat Theatre, by Landauer and Tanya Marina Maxwell approximately 2016

carton 8, folder 25

Lang, Daniel, Stories of Our Youth 1999

carton 8, folder 26-30

Lazzara, Marina 1992-2011

Scope and Content Note

Includes When Poetry Happens, Thesis Ideas and Poems; MA Thesis; Wind on the Firecracker of the Building Next Door/The Public Sound Inside the Sun; and The Ear Is the Last Face – Manuscript
carton 8, folder 31

Leblanc, Peter, Back to the Beat Proposal, Illustrations approximately 1995

carton 8, folder 32-34

Lenowitz, Harris, includes Transparencies, The Words of the Lord [Jacob Frank] approximately 1973-2000

carton 9, folder 1-2

Lenthe, Jean-Vi, includes MA Thesis and Syllabus approximately 1989-2000

carton 9, folder 3

Letters Removed from Books 1968-1998

Scope and Content Note

Includes letters from Anne Lombardo, Marielle Setzu, and Dr. Philip S. Gruberger, President of the yeshiva Kol - Yehuda/National Institute for Research in Brooklyn. Correspondence from Jenny includes a Jerome Rothenberg poem. The books these letters came from have been cataloged separately.
carton 9, folder 4

LeVasseur, Greg and Keiko approximately 1991-2004

carton 9, folder 5

Levi, Louise Landes, The Book L 2010

carton 9, folder 6-7

Lewis, Joel, includes [Jazz Poems by Joel] approximately 1990-1995

carton 9, folder 8

Lewis, Marilyn Jaye 2000

carton 9, folder 9-11

Leyton, Gayle, includes Poetry and a Play 1988-2009

carton 9, folder 12

Lifson, Beth approximately 2001

carton 9, folder 13

Lim, Genny, Child of War: Poems, and Correspondence approximately 2001-2003

carton 9, folder 14-17

Litton, M.C., (Mark) 1999-2002

Scope and Content Note

Includes Litton, Broken Beer Bottles…/Funkey Monkey Press; Syllabus; MFA in Poetics Thesis and Draft (The Collected Books of the Game)
carton 9, folder 18

Llacera, Jennifer, re: Writing Jazz 1997

carton 9, folder 19

Locust Media/Dawson Prater 2003

carton 9, folder 20

Lombardo, Anna, includes Photographs approximately 1997-1999

carton 9, folder 21

Longoria, Christopher 2003-2005

carton 9, folder 22

Los Angeles, City of, Cultural Grant Panel – Literary Arts, and Cultural Affairs Grants 1990-1996

carton 9, folder 23

Lowenstein, Tom 1979-1992

carton 9, folder 24

Lucas, Brian, Circles Matter

carton 9, folder 25

Luna, Christopher, Ghost Town USA 2004

carton 9, folder 26

Luria-Sukenick, Lynn 1995

carton 9, folder 27

Luttrell, Steve/Café Review 1996-2012

carton 9, folder 28

Lyle, Kathryn, Musical Metasonics, MA in Composition, Mills College

carton 9, folder 29-30

"L" approximately 1966-2007

carton 9, folder 31

Mackey, Nate approximately 1981-1997

carton 9, folder 32

Maimes, Steven L./Judaic Book Service, includes Tzaddikim Review 1974-1978

carton 9, folder 33-34

Malanga, Gerard, includes Crowns 1972-1975

carton 9, folder 35

Marco, Rosamund K. (Mrs. Anthony) (David Meltzer's Mother) - Incoming and Outgoing 1956-1964, 1996-1997

carton 9, folder 36

Margolin, Malcolm/Heyday Books/California Poetry Series approximately 1995-1999

carton 9, folder 37-39

Marin, Peter, includes The Book of Chairs, and Going Home on Water approximately 1974-1993

carton 9, folder 40

Mattingly, George approximately 1999-2000

carton 9, folder 41

Mayo, Michael 1985

carton 9, folder 42

McBride, Pat – with Student Poems from Colne Valley High School, England

carton 9, folder 43-44

McClure, Michael, includes Touching the Edge, Pierre Variations 1982-2011

carton 9, folder 45

McCracken, Michael 1999

carton 9, folder 46

McKenna, Kristine (kiki7) approximately 1998-2003

carton 10, folder 1-7

McNaughton, Duncan approximately 1979-2014

Scope and Content Note

Includes I; Companies in Reality I-X; and La Rosita
carton 10, folder 8-10

Meilicke, Christine, includes Her Writings about Meltzer and the Journal Tree 1999-2003

carton 10, folder 11-19

Meltzer Children and Family approximately 1981-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes Adam Meltzer; Amanda Meltzer; Daniel Meltzer; Jennifer (Jen/Jenny); Margaret (Maggie); Deborah Richardson. Some letters and notes date from when David Meltzer's children were very young.
oversize_folder 1A

Birthday Card Collage to Dad from Amanda

carton 10, folder 20-21

Mercury House, includes Kirsten Janene-Nelson and Thomas Christensen 1990-2000

carton 10, folder 22

Mernit, Susan/Hand Book approximately 1975-1984

carton 10, folder 23

Meru Foundation/Meru Project 1985-1989

carton 10, folder 24

Milos, Marilyn 1985-2008

Scope and Content Note

There is correspondence from Timothy Milos in the "M" folders
carton 10, folder 25

Min, Hongyu, Thirteen Ways to Breathe a Word

carton 10, folder 26

Mines, Muriel Newman (Minnie), includes A Life Remembered 1984-2002

carton 10, folder 27-28

Mines, Stephanie, includes Nadia, Photographs approximately 1973-2007

carton 10, folder 29-30

Minganti, Franco approximately 1994-2001

carton 10, folder 31-33

Moore, Daniel P., aka Abd al-Hayy approximately 1999

Scope and Contents

Includes The Blind Bookkeeper and Other Poems; and Easy Steps to Nowhere (microsongs for macrovoices)
carton 10, folder 34

Moore, Richard O., Particulars of Place

carton 10, folder 35

Moore, Thurston/Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal approximately 2001-2003

Scope and Content Note

Transferred copies of the journals to Acquisitions for separate cataloging
carton 10, folder 36

Morgan, Bill 1999-2003

carton 10, folder 38-41

Morgan, Seth, Homeboy approximately 1989-1990

carton 11, folder 1-2

Morgan, Seth 1986-1990

carton 11, folder 3

Multimedia Edizioni/House of Poetry 1999-2000

carton 11, folder 4-5

[Murray] approximately 1994

carton 11, folder 6-7

Music-Related Letters approximately 1983-1994

carton 11, folder 8-11

"M" 1973-2015

carton 11, folder 12

Naropa Summer Writing Program/Naropa Institute 2004

carton 11, folder 13

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) 1974-2000

carton 11, folder 14

National Poetry Festival 1973-1977

carton 11, folder 15

Natsoulas, John/John Natsoulas Gallery/The Beat Generation & Beyond 2002-2005

carton 11, folder 16

Newton, Ryan approximately 2002

carton 11, folder 17-19

Nicosia, Gerald 1988-2007

Scope and Content Note

Includes Gerard Nicosia/D.S. Lliteras; and The Keroauc Conspiracy – A Book Proposal
carton 11, folder 20

Nilsson, Paoloa and Judith Jamison 1999-2009

carton 11, folder 21

Nisbet, Jim/Sweetie's 2002-2005

carton 11, folder 22

Noble, Joseph, Antiphonal Airs, etc. 2013

carton 11, folder 23

Noel, Susan 1997-2001

carton 11, folder 24-25

Noonan, Erik, MA Thesis; Poetry; and Songs 2006-2009

carton 11, folder 26-29

Northington, Joseph 1999

Scope and Content Note

Includes Days of Awakening; The Lynching Series (thesis project); Days of Awakening - Last Volume; Oxford School practicum
carton 11, folder 30

"N" 1974-2007

carton 11, folder 31

Oliver, Laura J., [MA Thesis]

carton 11, folder 32

Olson, Charles, These Days

carton 11, folder 33

A One Shot Deal – Anthology of Various Poets, Bolinas approximately 1969

carton 11, folder 34

Ortiz, Travis, Variously, Not Then; and Geography of Parts 1998

carton 11, folder 35

"O" approximately 1973-1995

carton 11, folder 36

Padgett, Ron 1973-1979

carton 11, folder 37

Parmeley, Tish, includes Senior Project 1999

carton 11, folder 38-39

Patler, Louis, includes Eloísa; and Holiday Cards/Broadsides with Poems 1980-1984

carton 11, folder 40

Patterson, Ron 1999

carton 11, folder 41

Payne, Dottie, on the Hirschman Arcanes 2011

carton 11, folder 41-42

Peoples, David and Janet (Jan), includes Femme Fatale, a Screenplay 1978-2003

carton 12, folder 1-5

Peoples, David Webb 1977-1985

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following screenplays: The Journey to the 14 Presidents/The Journey to the Presidents (drafts and revisions); Joint Account; and Taxi to Glory
carton 12, folder 6

Perkins, Michael 1969-2002

carton 12, folder 7

Perkins, Stephen/Assembling Magazines 1996

carton 12, folder 8

Perkoff, Stuart Z. and Gerald T. approximately 1987-1995

Scope and Contents

Photocopied materials date back to the fifties.
carton 12, folder 9

Pevnick, Stephen, includes Photograph

carton 12, folder 10

Pickens, Kayanne, includes Poetry, Garberville Anthology, and Tribute to Jean Paul Pickens 1982-2000

carton 12, folder 11

Pickering, Steve/Yeshiva Books approximately 1972-1975

carton 12, folder 12-14

Pickett, Amy T., includes MA Thesis (on Audre Lorde) and Draft 1997-2000

carton 12, folder 15

Pietarinen, Fred/Prison Literature Course, MA Proposal 1991

carton 12, folder 16

Pines, Paul, includes Last Call at the Tin Palace 2009-2010

carton 12, folder 17-18

Pintchuck, Liz (Liz P.) 1996-1999

carton 12, folder 19

Poetry Center/Poetry in the Schools - San Francisco State circa 1976-2001

carton 12, folder 20

Poetry Flash approximately 1983-2004

carton 12, folder 21

Poetry Project/Bernadette Mayer 1980-2011

carton 12, folder 22

Poirier, Julien, Out of Print

carton 12, folder 23

Pope, J.F. (Just) 1997-1998

carton 12, folder 24

Price, Michael 1996-2000

carton 12, folder 25-26

Procopio, Danielle 1986-1989

Scope and Content Note

Beersheeba: The Explanation of Completion, by Don and by Danielle Procopio; and The Stranger's Bible, by Gizmo C. Thingamajig
carton 12, folder 27

Prosodia approximately 1993-2000

carton 12, folder 28

Pupko, Daniel 1998-2000

carton 12, folder 29-30

"P" 1975-2009

carton 12, folder 31-33

Quasha, George, includes Amanita's Hymnal; and Talking Tree 1970-1998

carton 12, folder 34-36

Radford, Michèle, includes Journey to the Spiritual Heart 1982-1993

carton 12, folder 37

Rainy Day Women Press/Robin Rule 2002-2003

carton 12, folder 38

Ratner, Rochelle/American Book Review, includes Hand Book 1977-2001

carton 13, folder 1

Raworth, Tom 1997-2003

carton 13, folder 2-4

Re, Gg

Scope and Content Note

Also known as Gg Poetrescr and Greg Spector. Includes writings; syllabus for Musing the New: New Women's English Poetry and Museek List; Poetreefree Press; Grey Space; Po; Qwee; and Jonny and Gg
carton 13, folder 5

Reed, Ishmael/Before Columbus Foundation/Multiculturalism 1980-2001

carton 13, folder 6

Reynolds, Tim, Manuscript, with Jack Shoemaker Correspondence 1985

carton 13, folder 7

Ring, Kevin (Beat Scene Magazine) 2000-2001

carton 13, folder 8

Robbins, Tasha, An Angel Alphabet

carton 13, folder 9

Roberts, Marcia 2002

carton 13, folder 10

Roberts, Paul Corman, MA Proposal 2002

carton 13, folder 11

Roche, John, Road Ghosts 2010-2011

carton 13, folder 12-14

Roche, Judith, includes Myrrh; and H.D. 1984-2005

carton 13, folder 15

Rockwell, Jarvis, Illustrations

carton 13, folder 16

Rogers, Julie, includes Poetry 1977-2016

carton 13, folder 17

Roper-Harmon, Jenna 1999

carton 13, folder 18

Ross, Bruce, A Poetics of Absence: Kabbalist Allegory in the Poetry of Paul Celan, Edmond Jabès and David Meltzer 1992-1993

carton 13, folder 19-21

Rotenberg, Tina (Bettina), includes Bearing Horror/Jerusalem Story 1991-2006

carton 13, folder 22-23

Rothenberg, Jerome, includes Abulafia's Circles 1974-2004

carton 13, folder 24-33

Rothenberg, Michael 1991-2010

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials with Walter Blue; The Drums of Grace; Rockpile; Big Bridge Press; King Cosmos Collections 1-2; The Blanket of Goodness (with Steve Irish); Echo; Last American Smile; Unhurried Vision; and Head Shed
carton 13, folder 34-35

Roush, Tricia, includes MFA Thesis, from The Books of Danger 1995-1999

carton 13, folder 36

Rudolf, Anthony/Menard Press 1973-1993

carton 13, folder 37

Ryscamp, John, On New Ground 1988

carton 13, folder 38-39

"R" approximately 1973-2003

carton 14, folder 1

St. James Press, includes James Vinson 1972-1995

carton 14, folder 2

Sanchez, Victoria

carton 14, folder 3-5

Sanfield, Steve, includes The Rain Begins Below; and Fools of Chelm (with Bob Jenkins) approximately 1976-2009

carton 14, folder 6

San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival – Outlaw Poets 1998

carton 14, folder 7

San Francisco Mime Troupe approximately 1965

carton 14, folder 8

Saunders, Theo 2010-2011

carton 14, folder 9-10

Savoy, Jude, includes Senior Project 1997-2000

carton 14, folder 11

Scalapino, Leslie 1979-2001

carton 14, folder 12

Schachter, Z.M., includes Translation of Heschel Poems 1971-1975

carton 14, folder 13

Schlesinger, Nicholas, Senior Project

carton 14, folder 14-18

Schneider, Jono approximately 1997-2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes MA thesis and drafts (on Edmond Jabès); and Treatise Spoken through Transparent Fibers
carton 14, folder 19

Schnurer, Danielle Louise, includes MA Thesis 1989

carton 14, folder 20

Scholem, Gershom 1976-1981

carton 14, folder 21-28

Schwartz, Howard 1968-2011

Scope and Content Note

Includes Reflections (poetry magazine from the University of Missiour); Vessels; and Breathing in the Dark
carton 14, folder 29

Selinger, Eric 2000-2001

carton 14, folder 30

Semina Culture - Wallace Berman and His Circle approximately 1993-2007

Scope and Content Note

At the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Berkeley Art Musem/Pacific Film Archive, and San Francisco Art Insitute
carton 14, folder 31-32

Shafer, Felix (Alan Felix) 1996-2010

Scope and Content Note

Includes Photographs; and "the blue afterwards: mourning for Marilyn" [Buck?]
carton 14, folder 33-35

Shamir, Yehuda 1975-1982

Scope and Content Note

Includes Mystics of Galilee; and Judaica Studies Annual Review, University of Miami
carton 14, folder 36

Shepherd, Joe D., A Secret Survivor, a Novel

carton 15, folder 1-6

Shoemaker, Jack and Victoria/North Point Press/Sand Dollar Booksellers and Publishers 1970-2010

Scope and Content Note

Includes book contracts and other financial records; a draft catalog for Sand Dollar; Magical Mayan Survival Techniques and The Spring Clouds/The Summer Stars by Jack Shoemaker
carton 15, folder 7

Silesky, Barry 1988-1990

carton 15, folder 8-9

Singleton, Giovanni, includes Blue Cactus; and Still Life with Trees 1995-2001

carton 15, folder 10-11

Skinker, Will, includes MA Thesis; and "the fittest of the fit" approximately 2002

carton 15, folder 12

Skratz, G.P. approximately 2003

carton 15, folder 13

Small Press Distribution (SPD) 1995-2004

carton 15, folder 14-15

Smith, Dale, includes MA Thesis; The Ass: A Romance approximately 1997-2000

carton 15, folder 16

Smith, Phil – Light Blew/Dark Blue (Poems)

carton 15, folder 17

SNT - Pythagorean Garden/Speculations, Draft 1984

carton 15, folder 18

Snyder, Gary 1998-1999

carton 15, folder 19

Solnit, Rebecca, Manuscript on Wallace Berman 1985

carton 15, folder 20

Sorkin, Jenni approximately 2003

carton 15, folder 21

Soules, Dale Sterling, and Janet Tallman, includes Truth: Fatigue's By-Blow 1993-1999

carton 15, folder 22

Spicer, Jack, Broadside (from Language) 1965

carton 15, folder 23

Springer, Anna Joy, includes True Crime 1992-1998

carton 15, folder 24

Stahl, Jayne Lyn, Riding with Destiny 2010

carton 15, folder 25-27

Stahl, Thomas approximately 2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes The Bear Trilogy; Green Themes, Hard Hearts, and Joy; and Epiphanies of Consciousness
carton 15, folder 28

Stengel, Jill, Poems 2012

carton 15, folder 29

Stephans, Michael, Experiencing Jazz

carton 15, folder 30

Stephenson, Gregory 1978

carton 15, folder 31-32

Stone, Leah, includes Aloft, Where Wind Speeds Are Great 1999-2007

carton 15, folder 33

Storer. Thomas Tone, "A Good Day to Die," Christopher Clarke Productions, Inc. 1975

carton 15, folder 34

Strauss, David Levi approximately 1986-1998

carton 15, folder 35

Suarès, Carlo 1971-1972

carton 15, folder 36

Surelia, Jitesh 1999

carton 15, folder 37

Switaj, Elizabeth Kate, Poems in Support of MFA Degree and Other Assignments approximately 2001

carton 15, folder 38-41

"S" 1974-2011

carton 15, folder 42

Taggart, John 1977-2016

carton 16, folder 1-3

Tallman, Janet -- What Can I Say? (Draft); and Syllabus 1991-1993

carton 16, folder 4-14

Tarlow, Aya Rose approximately 1972-2010

Scope and Content Note

Includes poetry; materials re: Mothership Enterprises (Mothership Astrological Serivces]; files labeled "Marrying, etc. *" and "Tarlow, Aya/D[avid]." She is also known as Idell Tarlow.
carton 16, folder 15

Taylor, William R. - Survivors 2000

carton 16, folder 16

Taylor-York. Jesse approximately 1991-1995

carton 16, folder 17-28

Thompson, Scott J. approximately 1983-1998

Scope and Content Note

Includes Hegel on Neoplatonism (translation); materials re: Greece; Hölderlin – Vol. I-II, Translated; and Walter Benjamin on Hashish
carton 17, folder 1-2

Thompson, Scott J.

Scope and Content Note

Includes translation of Gershom Scholem's "Zelem: The Re-Presentaion of the Astral Body"
carton 17, folder 3

Tikkun/Michael Lerner approximately 1986-2004

carton 17, folder 4-5

Tolbert, M. Blake (Blake Tolbert), includes MA Thesis, Harlem to Hip-Hop approximately 1998-1999

carton 17, folder 6

Torres, Emma 1991

carton 17, folder 7-8

A Traveling Jewish Theatre/Corey Fischer approximately 1983-2000

carton 17, folder 9

Traveling Poet May 1998

carton 17, folder 10

Turtle Island Foundation/The Netzahualcoyotl News approximately 1979

carton 17, folder 11

Tussman, Malka Haifetz 1974-1979

carton 17, folder 12-13

"T" approximately 1976-2011

carton 17, folder 14

Upton, Charles 1993-2011

carton 17, folder 15

Utah State University, O.C. Tanner Symposium: The 1950s, the Beat Generation & the Power of Expression 2006

carton 17, folder 16

"U-V" approximately 1969-2015

carton 17, folder 17-18

Vartnaw, Bill, includes MA Thesis 1982-2007

carton 17, folder 19

Vincent, Stephen/Momo's Press, includes Birth Journal 1977-1982

carton 17, folder 20

Vinograd, Julia approximately 2004

carton 17, folder 21

Voigt, John 1985-1996

carton 17, folder 22

Volpendesta, David approximately 2016

carton 17, folder 23

Voillequé, J.P. - 1953 - Explorations, Arguments, Decisions, Lyrics

carton 17, folder 24-29

Wagstaff, Christopher 2011-2013

Scope and Content Note

Includes Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts; and A Poet's Mind: Collected Interviews with Robert Duncan (ed.)
carton 17, folder 30

Wainio, Ken - Automatic Antiquity (Thomas Rain Crowe, New Native Press) 2004

carton 17, folder 31

Walden, T. [Teresa] 1983-2011

carton 17, folder 32

Waldman, Anne approximately 1975-2001

carton 17, folder 33-34

Waldrop, Rosmarie approximately 1973-1979

Scope and Content Note

Includes Her Translation of The Book of Questions by Edmond Jabès
carton 17, folder 35

Walsh, Alex, Senior Project 1996

Scope and Content Note

Includes audio cassette (Alex and the Chocolate Blockhead Band)
carton 17, folder 36

Walton, Todd 1994-1999

carton 17, folder 37

Warner, Simon approximately 1997-2005

carton 17, folder 38

Warshall, Peter/Bio-Centennial approximately 1975

carton 17, folder 39

Watkins, Nan/Yvan Goll 2010

carton 17, folder 40-42

Weiners, John 1973-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes newspapers with poems; and "The sea under the house": The Selected Correspondence of John Weiners and Charles Olson, Parts I-II, from Lost and Found, the CUNY Poetics Documentation Initiative
carton 18, folder 1-2

Weiss, Jason, includes an Interview with Edmond Jabès 1983-1998

carton 18, folder 3

Welch, Lew approximately 1965-1998

carton 18, folder 4

Welsh, Lawrence 1999-2001

carton 18, folder 5

West Coast Print Center/J.D. Whitney (John) 1976-1978

carton 18, folder 6-9

Whalen, Philip approximately 1957-2002

Scope and Content Note

Includes Whalen-Charles Olson Correspondence (photocopies); Off the Wall - Interviews; celebratory readings for Whalen with correspondence from Michael Rothenberg and Alistair Johnston; and correspondence removed from "Some of These Days"
carton 18, folder 10

White, Chel 1999-2004

carton 18, folder 11

White Rabbit Symposium and Jack Spicer Conference, includes Dawn Kolokithas Correspondence 1985-1986

carton 18, folder 12-13

Whittington, Eric and Nicholas James 2003-2011

Scope and Content Note

Includes Bird and Beckett flyers, newspaper clipping, interview with Meltzer, and poems
carton 18, folder 14

Waiter, Michael 1973

carton 18, folder 15

Wile, Joan 1973-2014

carton 18, folder 16-21

Willems, J. Rutherford (James Rutherford Lassen-Willems) 1971-2015

Scope and Content Note

Includes The Fine Strain; Poems for the Goddess, a Journey; Opening the Cube (a Tree book); and academic papers he wrote for his theology program that he shared with Meltzer
carton 18, folder 22

Wiltern Theatre 1985

carton 18, folder 23

Winans, A.D., includes San Francisco Poems 1983-2010

carton 18, folder 24

Wingbow Press 1975-1984

carton 18, folder 25

wingly spire the wiered glidder, includes Dreams 'o mine 1999-2000

carton 18, folder 26-27

Winks, Christopher, includes MA Thesis (in Poetics) and Thesis Outline 1992-2000

carton 18, folder 28

Wizard, Mariann G., includes Didn't You Hear me the First Time 2013

carton 18, folder 29

Wabol, Murray - Poems 2000-2001

carton 18, folder 30

Wodening, Jane 2002-2003

carton 18, folder 31

The Word Hoard approximately 1997-2000

carton 18, folder 32-33

"W" approximately 1975-2009

carton 18, folder 34-43

Young, Karl 1974-2004

Scope and Contents

Includes The Old English Rune Poem; Stellar Dreams above the Middle Kingdom; correspondence; chapbooks; essays; some Mexican images of death; materials re: Light & Dust Books, the International Shadows Project, and the Barrie Philip Nichols Memorial; and prints for Meltzer broadsides
carton 19, folder 1

Yu, Wendy Smyer 1994-1999

carton 19, folder 2

"Y-Z" approximately 1975-2010

carton 19, folder 3

Zambrano, Julio J., includes Potential Space, Demonstrations 1999-2000

carton 19, folder 4-19

Correspondents by First Names: "A-Z" and Unidentified Correspondents approximately 1971-2010

Scope and Content Note

Also includes email where the correspondent couldn't be identified. Many correspondents just signed their first name. Those are filed here, alphabetically. Includes a folder that contains letters from various Michaels and one with correspondence from different Steves.
carton 19, folder 19-20

Outgoing Correspondence, includes Clark Coolidge and Jack Hirschman approximately 1969-2015

Scope and Content Note

Most outgoing correspondence is filed with incoming correspondence from the same recipient, as that was how Meltzer generally did it. These folders primarily contain stray outgoing letters and emails he sent himself (which often contained poems)
oversize_folder 2A, oversize_folder 6B, oversize_folder 7A, oversize_folder 8B, oversize_folder 10A

Broadsides, Various Poets approximately 1969-2012

Scope and Content Note

OSF 2A: many of these broadsides are signed or include dedications to Meltzer. Writers include Tom Raworth, Andrei Codrescu, Diane di Prima (and Sheppard Powell), Howard Schwartz, Jack Shoemaker, Asa Benveniste, Samuel Charters, Lew Welch, and Katie McDonald. There is also a Bardo Matrix broadside from the mid-1970s (on dreamers! /waken or die/only the SY/is open to you now/UNITE/or you may/never know)
OSF 6B: Poem for David Meltzer by Stephen Vincent (for A Father's Reading)
OSF 7A: Milk Magazine, Rose and Jacob Dreschler, Tomas Tranströmer, and the SF County Jail Creative Writing Workshop
OSF 8B: In-Terminal Rose [Doren Robbins, with letter, multiple copies], Ira Cohen poems; broasides by Rose Supply
OSF 10A: The San Francisco Weather Report, Richard Brautigan, 1969 (newsprint); From Mind Over Matter, Gloria Frym, 1999 signed; Saving It, geri digiorno, Clamshell Press, 2005 "Write Something about Poetics," Joanne Kyger, 2011 (Lost & Found Celebration, 2012); This Time, Michael Palmer, 1984; The Rainbos Calendar of Isaac Luria, Version by Jerome Rothenberg & Harris Lenowitz; YANAGI Broadside Number 1 (#34 of 150); and John Weiners Poem (Lost & Found Celebration, 2012)

Series 2. Writings 1885-2015

Physical Description: Cartons 20, folders 26-40; Cartons 22-32; Carton 33, folders 1-27;Oversize Box 1; Oversize Folders 2-3, 10


Arranged alphabetically by title or first line. Poems he grouped by year precede the alphabetical files.

Scope and Content Note

This series documents Meltzer's prolific output of poetry and prose, including his poetry anthologies, and his edited volumes Reading Jazz and The Secret Garden. There are administrative files regarding publications; autobiographical writings; broadsides; drafts of manuscripts and poems; drawings and doodles; editing and translation projects; essays and articles; fragments; galleys and page proofs; interviews; journals, notes, and notebooks; lectures; music research files; reviews of books, films, and recordings written by Meltzer; and reviews of his work. Contents of folders were kept intact and original folder titles were retained. Please note that this series includes some correspondence, and there is overlap with Series 3.Tree, Judaica, Kabbalah and Series 4. New College of California (some writings may be lectures notes for classes he taught at the college).
carton 20, folder 26-33

1972, 1981-1983, 1985-1987, 1990-2001

carton 20, folder 34


carton 20, folder 35

1945 (Nineteen-Forty-Five) 1976

carton 20, folder 36

The absolute total crazy energy of sanity…

carton 20, folder 37-40


Scope and Content Note

Work re: Abraham Abulafia (sometimes spelled "Abulaphia"). Includes drafts, final copy, assorted articles.
carton 20, folder 41

After Beat – Interviews with Bay Area Poets, includes Correspondence 2001-2002

carton 22, folder 1-4

After *

Scope and Content Note

Stories; some are by "Lionel Meltzer" (Meltzer's full name is Lionel David Meltzer). Includes Shells; Ten; from Love and Death; Pinball; Mischnah; and The Rehearsal
carton 22, folder 5

The Agency Trilogy – Galleys, Book Covers, Review 1968, 1994

Scope and Content Note

The bookcovers are for the Agent, and How many blocks in the pile? (both from 1968)
carton 22, folder 6


carton 22, folder 7

All Right (and R.W.R.)

carton 22, folder 8

Alone as the street denies touch 1988

carton 22, folder 9-11

Alphabet Museum

Scope and Content Note

Includes Word Magic; Seeds; Aleph; AB; WB
carton 22, folder 12-13

Alphabet Soup; and Alphabet Soup Re-Stirred

carton 22, folder 14

Angelize approximately 2006

carton 22, folder 15-17

Arrows: Selected Poetry 1957-1993, includes Typescript, Review 1982-1995

Scope and Content Note

One folder is labeled Arrows/A Rose/Eros Rose [Eros Sorg]
oversize_folder 2A

Arrows Book Covers (also Book Covers for The Name, and Blue Rags)

carton 22, folder 18-19

The Art/the Veil (The Veil, the Art), Typescript, Poems

carton 22, folder 20

As If To Name It approximately 1987

carton 22, folder 21


carton 22, folder 22-24

Autobiographical Writings, includes Intro/Fragmentation; Auto-Bios-Graphy approximately 1993

carton 22, folder 25

"A" approximately 1985

carton 22, folder 26

B there – and Other Drafts of Poems 2010

carton 22, folder 27

(From) The Bad Book/Luna Two approximately 2012

carton 22, folder 28

Bakelite, includes Draft 1988

carton 22, folder 29


carton 22, folder 30

Beat Me, Daddy and/or Mommy, Eight to the Barbed

carton 22, folder 31-41

Beat Thing 1991-2004

Scope and Content Note

Files include typescript (computer); Beat Thing: The Text; The Beat Thing Looms Up; Beat Thing: The Text – La Alameda Press/J.B. Bryan and Cirreleda Sinder-Bryant; Beat Thing/From the Beat Thing; Beat/Sexville; and Sexville Outtakes
carton 23, folder 1-2

Beat Thing/Sexville/Raw approximately 1991-2004

carton 23, folder 3

Beginning always approximately 1994

carton 23, folder 4

Biographies/Biographical Sketches

Scope and Content Note

Subjects include Susan Howe, Charles Olson, Nathaniel Mackey, and Asa Benveniste
carton 23, folder 5-10

Birth, an Anthology of Ancient Texts, Songs, Prayers, and Stories (Editor), includes Original Paste-Up and Reviews 1979-1981

carton 23, folder 11

Blue Rags 1974

carton 23, folder 12

Bob Hawley - The Ampersand Interview 2000

carton 23, folder 13

Bolero, includes Final Drafts 1976

carton 23, folder 14-21A

Bomb Culture/Back to the Beat/Wallace Berman 1962-2011

Scope and Content Note

Includes Bomb Culture: 2 and materials on Kenneth Patchen; and Up with Down; or WB (Working Title: Down with Up; Or, W.B.). There is also correspondence; newspaper and magazine articles; ephemera; and Aleph Beat: Wallace Berman between Photography and Film (by Louis Kaplan)
carton 23, folder 22

Book within Book approximately 1978

Scope and Content Note

aka The Book Within The Book Within the Book. This is part of Meltzer's second Kabbalah anthology (some folders are labeled Tree/KBL Antho [2])
carton 23, folder 23

Brain-Plant; or Fun-Zone (aka Glue Factor) 1969

carton 23, folder 24

Brandi, John - Writing About

oversize_folder 2A, oversize_folder 3A, oversize_folder 7A, oversize_folder 10A


Scope and Content Note

Broadsides in Oversize Folder 10A include Santa Maya/Love Song for Basho and Pound; The Beginning of Machinery, the Start of Language (Meltzer and Jack Shoemaker), 1968; The Wedding for Victoria & Richard, 2002; and Who Knows One? One; Two; Stones (Meltzer and Shirley Kaufman)
carton 23, folder 25

Broke the wing's edge...

carton 23, folder 26


carton 23, folder 27


carton 23, folder 28

California Dreamin or Onion Rings approximately 1982-2011

carton 23, folder 29

[California Dreamin] trance parent... 1995

carton 23, folder 30

Certificates of Copyright - Hero/Lil; Harps; Six 1973-1976

carton 23, folder 31

Chains – Proof, Draft [2005]

carton 23, folder 32

A Conversation with David Meltzer by Steven Gray 2015

carton 23, folder 33

Count me out of the men's group…

carton 23, folder 34

The Cube

carton 23, folder 35

Cultural Studies/Cultural Histories approximately 1996

carton 23, folder 36

"C" approximately 1991-2006

carton 23, folder 37

D Mutt Biograf Fragment/Mongol Mutt/Dogma

carton 23, folder 38

David Dog the Lion/Songs of David Dog the Lion

carton 23, folder 39

Darn that dream and bless it too approximately 1972

carton 23, folder 40-52

David's Copy 2004-2005

Scope and Content Note

Includes first and second pass of pages; galleys; and David's Final Copy
carton 24, folder 1-3

David's Copy approximately 2005-2009

Scope and Content Note

Includes Tell Them I'm Struggling to Sing with Angels, and poems by other writers; a Tribute to Meltzer on the occasion of the publication of David's Copy (edited by Michael Rothenberg); and memos and financial records from Penguin Books
carton 24, folder 4-9

Death : An Anthology of Ancient Texts, Songs, Prayers, and Stories approximately 1982-1983

Scope and Content Note

Includes Death Notes; permissions and notes; and the copy-edited manuscript
carton 24, folder 10

Diringer/Book [Review of The Book Before Printing] approximately 1983

carton 24, folder 11

Dog Rose Quartet/David Dog the Lion

carton 24, folder 12-13

Drafts (Poems and Prose) approximately 1988-1995

carton 24, folder 14

Dreams; From the Dream

carton 24, folder 15

Duncan, Robert - for Sagetrieb Special Issue 1984

carton 24, folder 16

"D" 1972-2010

carton 24, folder 17

Ehrlich, Marty - Interview (by Steve Dickison and David Meltzer) 2002

carton 24, folder 18-19


Scope and Content Note

Includes Drafts for First Two Parts; Enter Light; and O Bride, O Queen
carton 24, folder 20

Everything happens

carton 24, folder 21

An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11 2002

carton 24, folder 22

The Eyes, the Blood...

carton 24, folder 23


carton 24, folder 24

Father Notes approximately 1982, 1994

carton 24, folder 25

French Broom 1973

carton 24, folder 26

Friday Night Entry

carton 24, folder 27

From the Rabbi's Dream-Book approximately 1996

carton 24, folder 28

Further Study

carton 24, folder 29

Giono, Jean - Writing About approximately 1981

carton 24, folder 30

Golden Gate: Interviews with Five San Francisco Poets 1982

carton 24, folder 31


carton 24, folder 32

Growing old in a house of beans...

carton 24, folder 33


carton 24, folder 34

Handbook of the Invisible: A Poetry Primer (Assembled by David Meltzer)

carton 24, folder 35

Harps 1975

Scope and Content Note

Harps was published separately but notes indicate it may be part of Asaph
carton 24, folder 36


carton 24, folder 37


carton 24, folder 38

hello death hovering around Tina/From No Eyes 1995

carton 24, folder 39

Herms, George/George Herms Notes 1992

carton 24, folder 40

(From) Hero/Hero in Outer Space/Hero's Mom approximately 1973

carton 24, folder 41

Hero/Lil approximately 1980

carton 24, folder 42

Howls, Raps & Roars - Recordings from the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance 1993

carton 24, folder 43

I Once Had a Comrade

carton 24, folder 44

Impossible Music

carton 24, folder 45-46

Imprint: Two Musicians; and Imprint: Four Musicians approximately 1985

carton 24, folder 47-48

In: Beginning: Notes approximately 1984

carton 24, folder 49

In like Flynn... approximately 2008

carton 24, folder 50

The insane ain sof aur rite as sleepwalked by Rebbe Yaakov Yosef ben Ariel as charted & diagrammed by Rube Goldberg & framed by Henny Youngman

carton 24, folder 51

Interview with David Meltzer for The Café Review (by Steve Luttrell/Timothy Gillis) 2014

carton 24, folder 52

Interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti and David Meltzer 2013

carton 24, folder 53

In the Groove/ For Chris Gaynor/Counter-Notes/ Tones/ Points

carton 24, folder 54

It goes quicker than the blast of past flutter...

carton 24, folder 55

It was the Bomb

carton 24, folder 56

"I" approximately 1978-1998

carton 24, folder 57

Jabes (Jabès)

carton 24, folder 58

Jazz Singers

carton 24, folder 59

Jean the Clown

carton 24, folder 60

Jennifer & Nicholas

carton 25, folder 1

Jew-ish; a Meditation

carton 25, folder 2


carton 25, folder 3

Jive Compassion

carton 25, folder 4

Journal of the Birth 1967

carton 25, folder 5-15

Journal for the Protection of All Beings: A Visionary and Revolutionary Review 1977-1979

Scope and Content Note

Meltzer co-edited the journal with Michael McClure and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Includes used and unused material; Puffins and Eregrines: Excerpts from My Farallones Journal.
carton 25, folder 16-19

Ka:Rear [Reviews, etc.], includes Events approximately 1971-1992

carton 25, folder 20


carton 25, folder 21

Kabbalistic Tree Poem for R. Skratz 1985

carton 25, folder 22-36

KBL [Kabbalah]

Scope and Content Note

Files include KBL 1 and KBL 2; Writings on the Kabbalah; KBL and Fragments on Kabbalah; KBL Survey; Kotzker; Notebooks; Writings on Kabbalah; If occultism is the "belief in hidden, mysterious, superhuman powers..."; and a fragment of an unidentified typescript. The KBL Survey is an annotated checklist of titles pertaining to the Kabbalah in the New College of California (NCOC) library. There is likely overlap here between Meltzer's writings and his NCOC lectures.
carton 26, folder 1-3

Kinot/Blues; Kinot: Rant: 1st Entries; and Kinot Notes approximately 1978

carton 26, folder 4

Knots 1971

carton 26, folder 5


carton 26, folder 6

Lemmebe: Amulets, and Other Amulet Poems

carton 26, folder 7

Life on Line approximately 2004

carton 26, folder 8

Lionel David Meltzer Poems

carton 26, folder 9

Luna 1970

carton 26, folder 10

Lute - A Momentary (not necessarily brief) inner-lute

carton 26, folder 11

Men's Magazines with Stories by Meltzer 1959-1969

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following stories: Judgement Day, …and all that Jazz, Glue Factory, and Kick Me Deadly
carton 26, folder 12

millennial mutter

carton 26, folder 13

Mongol Mutt: Drafts early 1980s

carton 26, folder 14


carton 26, folder 15

More on the Art [from R.W.R.]

carton 26, folder 16

(F) Mourning (VI/)

carton 26, folder 17

Mr. Peanut

carton 30, folder 0 (Zero)

Music – Notes/Typescripts, includes Riffrap approximately 1993-1994

carton 26, folder 18


carton 26, folder 19-26

The Name: Selected Poetry, 1973-1983 approximately 1981-1984

Scope and Content Note

Files include typescripts; Hero/Lil/The Process, Bart, Brother, R.W.R.; Poems from The Name; and Notes [from The Name]
carton 30, folder 1

The Name: Selected Poetry, 1973-1983 1984

carton 26, folder 27

The Name Reversed/Reversed Name

carton 26, folder 28

Natura 2/Nature

carton 26, folder 29

The New World Project 1969-1971

Scope and Content Note

Includes The New World: Turtle Island/The New World: A History of the U.S.A.'s Hidden Life, Revealed
carton 26, folder 30

Newsreel (Black Ace, Book 1) [1991]

carton 26, folder 31

Night Book/Sparks/Pearl

carton 26, folder 32

Night Reel/Night Reels/Night Reals

carton 26, folder 33-35

No Eyes: Lester Young, includes Reviews 2000-2001

carton 26, folder 36

North Point Press, Book Proposal [on Music/the Little River Band] 1985-1993

carton 26, folder 37


carton 26, folder 38


carton 26, folder 39-40

Oddities: Notes for a Future Labyrinth 1973-1997

carton 26, folder 41

"Ode" to Naropa

carton 26, folder 42

oh tired flames...

carton 26, folder 43

Old Man in a House of Beans

carton 26, folder 44

On KJAZ announcement of Richard Lord Buckley's birthday... 1979

carton 26, folder 45

OP Reviews (of Albums), from OPtion Magazine 1983-1986

carton 26, folder 46

open up your Golden Gate California... 1995

carton 26, folder 47

Orbits, includes Obituaries, Correspondence 1986-1991

carton 26, folder 48

Orf - Book Cover, Review 1972

carton 26, folder 49

Or No [from R.W.R.]

carton 26, folder 50

Other DM Work [Poems from 1976]

Scope and Content Note

Folder labeled Meltzer Book/Mss 3 of 6
carton 26, folder 51-52

Out/OutSpots 1985

Scope and Content Note

Includes Jeffrey H. Weinberg Rare Books/Roman Books Catalog, and Correspondence
carton 26, folder 53


carton 26, folder 54

PRDS -- Manuscript in Progress [Paradise?]

carton 26, folder 55

The Path of the Names: Writings by Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia, Edited by Meltzer - Typescript 1976

carton 30, folder 2

The Path of the Names - Galleys approximately 1976

carton 27, folder 1


carton 27, folder 2


carton 27, folder 3

Poems to Jim Dickson, Vaya Records 1958

carton 27, folder 4

Poetry -- Drafts (Prose Piece)

carton 27, folder 5

Poetry & Jazz

carton 27, folder 6

Poets for Peace 2001

carton 27, folder 7

Possibilities: Anthologies approximately 1999

carton 27, folder 8

Pre/Old Reds

carton 27, folder 9

PW Project (Philip Whalen Project) 2010

carton 27, folder 10


carton 27, folder 11-36

Reading Jazz 1992-1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence; annotated drafts; the author's copy and Mercury House's copy of the first page proofs; Books on Parade; Intro to Origins, Meanings; Pre-Ramble Conclusion; and second page proofs
carton 28, folder 1-17

Reading Jazz 1974, 1991-1994

Scope and Content Note

Includes second page proofs; correspondence; Jack Hirschman poetry; reviews; public relations; typescript; administrative records; production schedules and memos; uncorrected page proofs; multi-cult; and prose fragments about jazz. There are also some reviews of Arrows: Selected Poetry, 1957-1992
carton 28, folder 18

The Red Shoes 1981

carton 28, folder 19-20

Reds vs Feds: Poems of Radical Yearning & Years Spent at the Party [1995]

Scope and Content Note

One copy is labeled "Beatitude 25"
carton 28, folder 21-29

Reviews approximately 1968-2002

Scope and Content Note

Reviews of The Dark Continent, and Journal of Birth (both by Meltzer). The rest are Meltzer's reviews of the following: Paul Gilroy's The Black Atlantic; various poetry collections (by Jack Hirschman, Robert Bly, Rodger Kamenetz, Diane Di Prima, Ducan McNaughton, and Elias Canetti); movies; Julia Vinograd's Jerusalem; books about Judaica/Kabbalah, including some published in Gnosis, such as The View from Golem Heights (with correspondence); records, and San Francisco Bay Guardian music columns; and books by John Giono, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
oversize_box 1

Reviews - San Francisco Bay Guardian Music Columns 1996-2001

carton 28, folder 30

Rexroth, Kenneth (Writings on)

carton 28, folder 31

Riff Rap: Notes on Jazz Autobiography and Biography – Drafts and Passes May 1985

carton 28, folder 32

The Ritual (or the Chosen, or The One)

carton 28, folder 33

Rock Around the Clock

carton 28, folder 34-35

Rock Tao – Draft, Photographs

carton 30, folder 3

Rock Tao - Photographs/Field Trip: Fillmore Cherry

carton 28, folder 36

Rockpile Performance; Miscellaneous Typescripts and Drafts, including Dark Park approximately 2009

carton 28, folder 37

Rogers, Julie, and David Meltzer – Poetry and Events 2010-2012

carton 28, folder 38

Rose Balcony 2011

carton 28, folder 39

RWR: Excerpts (R.W.R.)

carton 28, folder 40


carton 29, folder 1-15

San Francisco Beat: Talking with the Poets (Edited by Meltzer) 1994-2001

Scope and Content Note

Includes cover, proof, interviews, and bibliographies. Interview files: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bob Hawley on William Everson, Jack Hirschman, Joanne Kyger, Philip Lamantia, Michael McClure, David Meltzer, Jack Micheline, Musical Offerings Café, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, and Philip Whalen.
carton 29, folder 16

The San Francisco Poets - Intro

carton 29, folder 17

A Scientific Poesy

carton 29, folder 18-26

The Secret Garden (Edited by Meltzer) 1976-1977

Scope and Content Note

Variously subtitled "The Classic Kabbalah," "An Anthology in the Kabbalah," and "An Anthology Dedicated to Kabbalah." Includes typescripts; master pages/dead matter; and "The Secret Garden: The Classic Kabbalah"
carton 30, folder 4-11

The Secret Garden 1976

Scope and Content Note

Includes galleys - master set, first and second passes; and author's galleys; and manuscript
carton 29, folder 27

The secret text lost in the processor

carton 29, folder 28

Shekinah, Sefiroth, Safed [Lecture]

carton 29, folder 29-30

[Shema and Other Drafts]; From: Shema

carton 29, folder 31

Sh'Ma approximately 2002

carton 29, folder 32-35

Shiga, Naoya - Translations, Correspondence approximately 1976

Scope and Content Note

Meltzer notes that "Allen Say translated the text from the Japanese and I then 'Englished' his translations." One of the folders is labeled "Rakagu"; it is not clear whether the text inside was written by Shiga.
carton 29, folder 36-37


carton 29, folder 38

Six/Five/Vav; and Apple approximately 1975-1976

Scope and Content Note

The folder says Six; the typescript says Five/Vav; Apple
carton 29, folder 39

A Slew of Blues

carton 29, folder 40

Small Black Fabricoid Notebook

Scope and Content Note

This is housed in a folder labeled "Drafts for P.H"
carton 29, folder 41-42

Snaps; Or, Blips, includes The American Book Review 1981-1982

carton 29, folder 43


carton 29, folder 44


carton 29, folder 45


carton 29, folder 46-47

[Spirit Gum]; Spirit Gum, Part 1 approximately 2009

carton 31, folder 1

spoken into emptiness... 1995

carton 31, folder 2

stamped on/Stravinsky's birthday 1991

carton 31, folder 3

start here

carton 31, folder 4

Static: A Brief History of Capitalism & Communism 1978

carton 31, folder 5

Story of the Eye, by Georges Bataille, Review of 1977

carton 31, folder 6

The Struggle/Poems For The Muse

carton 31, folder 7


carton 31, folder 8


carton 31, folder 9

Sy/Sy Abstract

carton 31, folder 10


carton 31, folder 11

3 Teeth from Her Comb

carton 31, folder 12

to the Coronet Louvre to watch Isou's Venom and Eternity/Joe Carroll at Birdland (Bolero/Asaph)

carton 31, folder 13

to you/to us...

carton 31, folder 14

Tough Break, Kid: Or Faust Upscaled

carton 31, folder 15

Trail of Apache Blood/The Horse-Trader (Motion Picture Synopsis)

Scope and Content Note

Folder is labeled Meltzer book/mss 1 of 6
oversize_folder 3A

Trail of Apache Blood - Movie Posters

carton 31, folder 16

Tree for Reb Zvi

carton 31, folder 17

True Car-Driving Story/Two True Car Driving Stories

carton 31, folder 18-22

Two-Way Mirror approximately 1977, 2014

Scope and Content Note

Includes Two-Way Mirror: A Note-Book
carton 31, folder 23


carton 31, folder 24

Uncollected Poems approximately 1955-1961

carton 31, folder 25

Under 1995

carton 31, folder 26

The Wedding/We stand in the center of your lives...

carton 31, folder 27

The Wedding Ceremony of Liza Boone and Frank Pedrick as Performed by the Reverends David and Tina Meltzer... 1979

carton 31, folder 28

What about Beat food?

carton 31, folder 29

What Am Jam

carton 31, folder 30

What Can Be Done?

carton 31, folder 31

what can the observant seeing-eye poem do... 1995

carton 31, folder 32

What Remains/The Heavens, the Earth/The Love and Mythology of Writing - Anthology Proposals

carton 31, folder 33-39

When I Was a Poet; and Outs from When I Was a Poet 2010-2011

Scope and Content Note

Includes reviews and [Part V: New Poems]
carton 31, folder 40

who's the jew...

carton 31, folder 41

Word: Name

carton 31, folder 42

Working Paper: Statement of Intent [re: New College of California] approximately 1990

carton 30, folder 12

* Works * - includes Poetry and Prose

carton 31, folder 43-47

Writing Jazz (Edited by Meltzer) approximately 1991-2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes typescript, list of computer files, correspondence, entries, and reviews
carton 30, folder 13-16

Writing Jazz, includes Permissions and Manuscript Schedules 1991-1996

carton 31, folder 48


carton 31, folder 49

Your Boat 1985

carton 31, folder 50

Yu: Or, Enthusiasm/Put Ubu out to dry 1982

carton 31, folder 51


carton 31, folder 52

Zero Notes

carton 31, folder 53


carton 31, folder 54-64

Fragments and Miscellaneous Writings approximately 1977-1989

Scope and Content Note

Primarily poetry and prose. Meltzer's arrangement/grouping within folders was maintained
carton 32, folder 1-7

Notes and Drawings approximately 1967-2006

Scope and Content Note

There are fragments of poems and prose, but these files primarily contain miscellaneous notes, drawings by Meltzer, addresses, cartoons, ephemera, and secondary sources that he collected. Meltzer's arrangement/grouping within folders was maintained
oversize_box 1

Drawing/Doodles on a Paper Towel

carton 32, folder 8-22

Unidentified Writings/Writings by Others approximately 1964-1989

Scope and Content Note

Most of these are probably not by Meltzer. Titles/folder names include Bending Edges (for David Meltzer); Haiku; Heaven; Huxley, Alduous (letter to Julien and Juliette); Polar Particles/New Devotional Rabbitson White [by Running Scarecrow?]; Gasum; The Ten Sefiroth and the Ten Commandments; Unidentified Poem [by Tina]; Unidentified Manuscript [re: the Messiah] - not Meltzer; Unidentified Poetry - not Meltzer; Unidentified Typescript (there are five folders with the following chapter titles: Rings n Things, Street Court, Sunny Deelight, Stick Pussy, Z Block, and Epilogue (Don't Look Back). There are also various Published Poems. Meltzer's arrangement/grouping within folders was maintained
carton 32, folder 23-33

Journals 1968-1989

Scope and Content Note

Includes illustrated journals and notebooks; a music-related notebook; a journal kept in London, Bolinas, and Richmond; and a notebook titled "Notes." Meltzer's original titles were retained when available, and items were arranged chronologically
carton 33, folder 1-6

Journals approximately 1985-2004

Scope and Content Note

Includes Death Book Notes; Transit Book (and New College of California Notebook); a diary with notes; and an addressbook
carton 33, folder 7-14

Music Research - Music Publications 1964-1995

Scope and Content Note

Includes Beatles Fanzines (The Beatles Appreciation Society Magazine Book; All about the Beatles; The Beatles Talk! The Beatles Color Pinup Album; and Beatles Film); Comstock Lode; Creative World; Doo/Dah – the Bonzo Dog Band Fan Club; downbeat, Hot Raz Times, Impetus; John Edwards Memorial Foundation (JEMF) Quarterly/Newsletter; Letter from Evans; Sonic; and Surface Noise
oversize_box 1

Music Research - Music Publications 1975-1984

Scope and Content Note

Includes Pulse (the Tower Records Magazine); Rolling Stone Articles
carton 30, folder 17-18

Music Research - Music Publications: Sound Choice approximately 1984-1987

carton 33, folder 15-27

Music Research - Subject Files approximately 1959-2012

Scope and Content Note

Includes Cecil Taylor Panel Discussion; Counterculture Timeline, 1965-1967; Jazz Research (Kenneth Patchen, and San Francisco Psychedelic Music); a music notebook; New Perspectives on Jazz; Newspaper Clippings (Miscellaneous); obituaries, biographies, and Wikipedia pages; files on Philosophy, Poetry, Situationists, Politics, and Clarence White
carton 30, folder 19-20

Music Research - Subject Files 1885-1994

Scope and Content Note

Includes music history (articles, catalogs, posters); sheet music; and flyers from Keystone Korner
oversize_box 1

Music Research - Subject Files approximately 1913, 1974-1978

Scope and Content Note

Includes sheet music (Rose of Italy); a Randy Newman poster; and liner notes (Duke Ellington, Fred Astaire)

Series 3. Tree, Judaica, Kabbalah approximately 1896-2010

Physical Description: Carton 30, folders 22-24; Carton 33, folders 28-36; Carton 34; Carton 35, folders 1-7; Cartons 36-38; Carton 39, folders 1-6; and Oversize Folder 11

Scope and Content Note

According to scholar Christine Meilicke, the journal "Tree" (approximately 1970-1976) was a literary, aesthetic, and spiritual undertaking that sought to center dissident texts and marginal voices and create a new Jewish "countercanon." Each issue – there were five – was an anthology of poetry, prose, medieval treatises, translations, lists, graphs, and charts that revolved around a particular theme. (Meltzer established Tree Books soon after the first issue was published.) Meilicke explains that Tree demonstrates Meltzer's expertise in the fields of 19th and 20th century Kabbalistic writing, and his recognition of talented writers. Many poet contributors became well known later, and Meltzer published groundbreaking translations of works by Jewish writers that were not available in English. For more on Tree, please see Meilicke's 2003 article, "The Forgotten History of David Meltzer's Journal Tree": https://www.jstor.org/stable/41205982
This series consists of materials related to the journal Tree and Tree Books, including administrative and financial records; correspondence; illustrations, manuscripts, paste-ups, and design materials; subject files; and translations. There are also materials relating to Judaica generally, and Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism more specifically. These include 19th and 20th Century Judaica and Kabbalah texts that Meltzer collected. The series includes some materials relating to the occult. Please note that many of the correspondents in Series 1 also wrote for "Tree" so there is overlap with that series, and Meltzer taught courses on Judaica and Kabbalah at New College, so there is overlap with that series as well.


carton 33, folder 28-33

Manuscripts, etc. approximately 1971-1975

carton 33, folder 34

Hermanowicz, Henry K., 7 Photo Montages 1974

carton 33, folder 35-36

Tree: Number 4, Galleys 1974

carton 34, folder 1-3

Tree: Number 4, Galleys; and Tree: Number 4, Typeset but Never Used 1974

carton 34, folder 4

Miscellaneous Tree Books, including Blessing over Ashes, by Howard Schwartz approximately 1974

carton 34, folder 5

Drachler, Rose, Burrowing In, Digging Out 1974

carton 34, folder 6-7

Hirschman, Jack, Aur Sea; and The Book of Noah (translated by Hirschman) 1974-1975

carton 34, folder 8

Amulet approximately 1974-1977

carton 34, folder 9

Mernit, Susan, The Angelic Alphabet 1975

carton 34, folder 10

Rothenberg, Jerome, The Pirke & the Pearl 1975

carton 34, folder 11

Willems, J. Rutherford, Opening the Cube 1975

carton 34, folder 12

Tree: Number 5 approximately 1975

carton 34, folder 13

Angel approximately 1976

carton 34, folder 14

Young, Karl, Cried and Measured 1977

carton 34, folder 15

Three Tracks [The Book of Prophecy]

carton 34, folder 16-17

Letters and Manuscripts approximately 1977-1983

Scope and Content Note

Some of these may not be from Tree
carton 34, folder 18

Tree: 6 – Sayings of Yakov Frank translated by Harris Lenowitz 1977

carton 34, folder 19

A Book of Trees approximately 1977

carton 34, folder 20

Bornstein, Emily approximately 1978

carton 34, folder 21

Golem approximately 1979

carton 34, folder 22

Creation, Emanation, The Tree

carton 34, folder 23

Messiah, Shekonah, Prophecy

carton 34, folder 24-27

Orders, Subscriptions, Invoices, Tree Business, Mailing Lists approximately 1972-1986

carton 34, folder 28-32

Correspondence approximately 1974-1990

Scope and Content Note

Includes "Dead Letters," a Dead Letter File, and manuscripts
carton 34, folder 33

Telos Press, Ltd., Brodart Books, Iowa State 1995-1996

carton 34, folder 34

Tree Catalog/Bibliographic Information, Original Stationery, Rejection Forms 2000, undated

carton 34, folder 35

"A History of Tree," Christine A. Meilicke approximately 2003



carton 30, folder 22

Jewish Mysticism ("Jewish Archival Materials") 1963-2005

carton 34, folder 36

[Nature Notes, etc.] approximately 1970-1984

carton 34, folder 37

Hessing, Perle (Article About) and Siegfried (Articles By) approximately 1974

carton 34, folder 37A

The Golem: The Thing that Walks Like a Man! Marvel Comics, and Articles about Golem approximately 1974

carton 34, folder 38-40

Sephirot Notebook; Kabbalistic Notebook; and Alphabet Notebook 1981

Scope and Content Note

[from Jane Edelman?]
carton 34, folder 41-42

Miscellany, includes Xeroxes, Diagrams 1984-1985

carton 34, folder 43

Articles about Kabbalah/Jews/Judaism 1984-2010

carton 34, folder 44

Religion and Spirituality, including Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism approximately 1985-2010

carton 34, folder 45

The Jewish Publication Society Members Catalog 1988

carton 34, folder 46

The Formative Meanings of the Ten Sephirot Belmina/Sefiroth approximately 1989

carton 34, folder 47


carton 30, folder 23

Kabbalah – Copies of Photographic Images


Occult, Mysticism

carton 36, folder 1

Tesla; Mysticism; Metaphysics; Health Research Publications and Newsletters approximately 1960s-1970s

carton 36, folder 2

Occult Publications, including T.A.R.O.T. Newsletter approximately 1970-1991

carton 36, folder 3-10

Tracts * Fortunes approximately 1984-1995


Xeroxed Judaica

Scope and Content Note

Consists of articles, chapters, and monographs xeroxed and/or collected by Meltzer. Some are rare; some are available elsewhere. Many have been bound. They are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name or by title. Enumerated titles should give researchers a sense of the kinds of materials Meltzer collected.
carton 36, folder 11


carton 36, folder 12

Amblein, Robert, La Kabbale Pratique 1951

carton 36, folder 13

Arendt, Hannah, The Jew as Pariah: Jewish Identity and Politics in the Modern Age 1978

carton 36, folder 14-16


carton 36, folder 17-18

Bosman, Leonard approximately 1914-1932

Scope and Content Note

Includes The Book of Genesis Unveiled; The Meaning and Philosophy of Numbers; The Music of the Spheres or Cosmic Harmony; and The Sacred Names of God
carton 36, folder 19-19A


carton 36, folder 20-21


carton 36, folder 22

Davidson, P., The Sepher Jetsirah; and The Chaldean 1896, 1911

carton 37, folder 0 (Zero)

Corpus Hereticum

carton 37, folder 1


carton 37, folder 2


carton 37, folder 3-5

Fludd, Robert, History of the Macrocosmos, Books I-III, Translated by William D. Dragos

Scope and Content Note

Includes corrections and a celebration of the first complete translation of one of the books into English
carton 37, folder 6-8


carton 30, folder 24

"G," "L," "M"

carton 37, folder 9

The Greater Treatise Concerning the Palaces of Heaven, with Edits and Commentary

carton 37, folder 10-11

Gruenwald, Ithamar, Apocalyptic and Merkavah Mysticism; and From Apocalyticism to Gnosticism 1980, 1988

carton 35, folder 1

Guillame, Alfred, Prophecy and Divination among the Hebrews and Other Semites 1938

carton 37, folder 12


carton 37, folder 13

Hall, Manly P., The Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah 1925

carton 37, folder 14

Harrison, Jane Ellen, The Religion of Ancient Greece 1905

carton 37, folder 15


carton 37, folder 16

I.O.K. Conference 1975 (International Order of Kabbalists)

carton 37, folder 17


carton 38, folder 1-4

"K," "L," "L-M"

carton 38, folder 5-7

Lambert, A. C. (Asael Carlyle), A Private Notebook on Blood Atonement, Blood Sacrifice, Blood Vengeance, Infant Sacrifice, and Mystical and Religious Ideas Concerning the Blood 195-

carton 38, folder 8


carton 38, folder 9

Maclaine, Christopher, The automatic wound; and The time capsule 1949, 1960

carton 35, folder 2

Miscellany, including Notes from 1983

carton 38, folder 10

The Morning Star 1892, 1907

carton 38, folder 11

Munk, Rabbi Michael L., The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet: The Sacred Letters as a Guide to Jewish Deed and Thought 1983

carton 38, folder 12


carton 35, folder 3

[The New World] approximately 1976-1979

carton 38, folder 14


carton 38, folder 15

Page, Thomas Frederick 1888

Scope and Content Note

Jewish Mythology or the Coming of the Messiah; and The Golden Fleece: A Book of Jewish Cabalism
carton 38, folder 16

Quispel, Gilles, Gnostic studies; and Jewish and Gnostic Man (The Birth of the Child) 1974, 1986

carton 38, folder 17-18


carton 39, folder 1

Sassoon, George, and Dale, Rodney, The Manna Machine 1978

carton 35, folder 4

Schachter, Rabbi Zalman M., The Yehidut (Encounter): A Study of Counselling in Hasidism 1968

carton 39, folder 2

Scholem, Gershom

Scope and Content Note

Jewish Mysticism in the Middle Ages (1964); Jewish Mysticism and Kabbala; and The Name of God and the Linguistic Theory of the Kabbala
carton 35, folder 5

Sepher Yetzirah/Sefer Yetsira 1980, undated

carton 35, folder 6


carton 39, folder 3-4

Thompson, Scott approximately 1985

Scope and Content Note

Sepher Yetzirah: Book of Formation (Thompson is translator and editor); and Saadia's Commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah (translated by Thompson and Dominique Marson)
carton 39, folder 5


carton 35, folder 7

Various Articles

Scope and Content Note

Includes Pythagorean Number Theory; A Dictionary of Amulets; The Zoharic Tradition, articles about the Sefer Yetsirah and the Sephiroth; notes
carton 39, folder 6


oversize_folder 11A

Posters and Drawings

Scope and Content Note

Includes Permutations [illegible]: AIN SOPH AUR "Light of Eternity"; The Mystery Mani Fest and The Heart of Paridiso, by Scott Thompson (ink drawings and text), approximately 1982; line-cut, with images and a poem that begins "holy apple garden…"; poster illustrating quotes from The Book of Ecclesiastes by John Swanson, inscribed "for David, Tina, Jenny, Maggie and Amanda, Love, Howard; and The Golden Rule poster (from Utah State Museum of Art)

Series 4. New College of California 1975-2007

Physical Description: Carton 39, folders 7-35; Cartons 40-42; Carton 43, folders 1-24; and Oversize Folders 2, 10

Scope and Content Note

David Meltzer taught in the Weekend BA Completion Program, and the Humanities and Graduate Poetics program at New College of California for nearly 30 years (New College was founded in 1971 and ceased operations in 2008). This series consists of files related to his tenure at the college, and includes administrative records; course bulletins and program catalogs; flyers for events; faculty and staff meeting minutes and memos; mission statements, manifestos, and policies; a small amount of material regarding accredidation; student/college publications; and teaching materials. New College teaching materials include course readers, handouts, lectures and notes, and syllabi. There is a small amount of material from the Naropa Institute and from Meltzer's other teaching gigs; some student writing; and BA and MA theses. (Theses were kept because there is currently no archive of New College records.) Many of Meltzer's students became his colleagues, or corresponded with him extensively. If a student has a file in the Correspondence/Writer Files (Series 1.) their thesis will be found there. Some correspondence from Meltzer's colleagues regarding New College business can also be found in that series.

Administrative Records and Correspondence

carton 39, folder 7-9

Poetics Program, includes Faculty Meetings, Course Descriptions, Book Lists, Writing & Literature Center, Catalogs and Information, Notes 1980-1987

carton 39, folder 10-11

Faculty-Staff Community Meetings/Schedules/General Admin, Poetics Faculty Meeting Minutes, Agenda, Budget 1981-1997

carton 39, folder 12

Visions – Vision and Mission Statements 1981

carton 39, folder 13

Humanities, Visual Arts Catalogs and Programs 1981-1983

carton 39, folder 14

Spring Schedules/ACTS (Publication) 1982-1983

carton 39, folder 15-16

New College, includes Administrative Records, Class Schedules, Correspondence, Course Descriptions, Meeting Notes, Memos, Publications (New Visions #1), Student Newsletters 1984-1987

carton 39, folder 17

New College Notes II Fall 1985

carton 39, folder 18-21

Course Descriptions and Listings, Electives – Humanities and Poetics Programs, includes Email 1985-2003

carton 39, folder 22-26

Humanities Program/Graduate Program in Psychology approximately 1986-2002

Scope and Content Note

Includes School of Humanities catalogs; graduate program catalogs; Core Humanities Program – Faculty Meeting Minutes, Recruitment Committee; The Core Humanities Cluster; and Ducat, Stephen – Crosscultural Psychology Course
carton 39, folder 27

Meltzer – Class Lists, ID, Contract, Notes, Resume (Partial) approximately 1986-2003

oversize_folder 2A

Certificate Honoring Meltzer

carton 39, folder 28-30

Correspondence, Memos and Forms, includes Faculty Process and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation; and Micah Ballard (Administration) approximately 1986-2007

carton 39, folder 31-32

Advising/Learning Evaluations/Student Learning, Humanities Advising 1987-2000

carton 39, folder 33

Professional Judgement and Dissent at New College/Working Papers on Critical Pedagogy approximately 1988

carton 39, folder 34

Curricula approximately 1989

carton 39, folder 35

Student Handbooks – Poetics & Humanities Programs/Intro to the Library/Advising Guide 1989-1990

carton 40, folder 1-2

Faculty Development Grant Group/Faculty Development Seminars; and Faculty Meeting Calendars approximately 1989-1991

carton 40, folder 3

By-Laws, Grading Proposal, Advertisements, Notes 1990

carton 40, folder 4-5

Poetics Workshop, includes Correspondence; Poetics Program Calendar; Student Handbook; JFK University Faculty Grievance Procedures 1990

carton 40, folder 6

Statement of Intent: Working Paper approximately 1990

carton 40, folder 7-8

Graduate Student Teaching Proposals/Student Teaching Proposals 1990-1991, 2001-2002

carton 40, folder 9

New College Politics Student Meeting Minutes; Student Co-Representative Notes; Student Grievances and Concerns 1993-2002

carton 40, folder 10

Lawlor, William – Syllabi on Teaching the Beats 1995

carton 40, folder 11

Graduation Programs 1995-2003

carton 40, folder 12

Manifesto for a New College 1998

carton 40, folder 13

Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community – BA Completion Program/MA in Humanities & Leadership/MFA Creative Inquiry, Bay Guardian Ad approximately 1998-1999

carton 40, folder 14

Proposals for Revision of Poetics Curriculum [2001?]

carton 40, folder 15

(Western Association of Schools and Colleges) WASC Self-Study Report (re: Accreditation ) 2001-2002

carton 40, folder 16

Course Descriptions and Catalog Listings 2002-2003

carton 40, folder 17

Weekday BA Program/NC in Solidarity Students 2003

carton 40, folder 18

Sign Up Sheets, Emails re: Expectations and Standards, Faculty Meeting Minutes 2006-2007

carton 40, folder 19

Meeting with Martin Hamilton, Ceila Esposito, Beth Kransburger, Juana Alicia, Maria Luisa Medonça, and Ann Berklak - Transcript

carton 40, folder 20

Writing and Literature Program/Cultural Studies Program

carton 40, folder 21

Events 1988-2004

carton 40, folder 22

New College Publications approximately 1985-2001

Scope and Content Note

Includes Poetry/Poetics Journals in the Special Poetry Collection, NCOC Humanities School Library, compiled by Jeff Gburek, Jeff and D. Soules, 1985; Humanities Newsletter, 1988; New Knowledge News & Views, [1988]; The Funkey Monkey, 1999; and The Traveling Poet, 2000-2001


Scope and Content Note

Includes lectures and readings for classes, and assignments. Files are arranged (roughly) in chronological order. There may be overlap with the Writings and Judaica series.
carton 40, folder 23-27

Kabbalah Courses approximately 1980-1985

Scope and Content Note

Files nclude Lectures re: Feminine Elements, Bahir, Sefiroth, AA (Abulafia); Lectures and Notes, including Letter, Word, Sound, Number; Classwork; Kabbalah Course; Lectures, Readings; and Annotated Checklist of Titles Pertaining to the Kabbalah in the New College Library/KBL and Notes, Judaica Classes
oversize_folder 10A

Hand-Painted Gift Certificate, Kabbalah Class 1981

Scope and Content Note

Good for one complete set of the complete works from Kabbalah class, 1980-1981; Philo of Alexandria and Robert Duncan/Diane Di Prima
carton 40, folder 28

Dream Workshop approximately 1981

carton 40, folder 29

Lectures – on (Everyday) Myth and Jazz, including Jazz List, Jazz Words, Intro, Bird, Poles (Polarities) approximately 1981

carton 40, folder 30

Class on Ads/Everyday Myths

carton 40, folder 31

Ha! NCOC Poetics Class with [Duncan] McNaughton – Class Notes 1983

carton 40, folder 32

In Beginning approximately 1985

carton 40, folder 33

History [Assignment?] approximately 1986

carton 40, folder 34

Primaries Handouts 1986

carton 40, folder 35

[The Book Within the Book: Six Lectures on the Kabbalah], includes The Prophetic, Prophecy, Prophecy Miscellaneous, Poet: Prophet: Seer: Fool: 2, Futurus; or, Ehu; or, Abut; or, Bheu–, and Nature approximately 1988

carton 40, folder 36-38

The Prophetic, includes Lecture Notes, Class Readings approximately 2008

carton 40, folder 39

Romance – Defining Art (Maria Luisa Mendoza) 1988, 1994

carton 40, folder 40-48

Humanities 2/Shocks and Breaks Lecture Notes approximately 1988-1989

Scope and Content Note

Includes Hum 2: Modern/Modernity/Modernism/Modernization/The Endlessly New; Letter, Word, Sound, Number: Second Semester; In: Personing; Presence(s) Part Two; Gaia; Sophia; Prophet/Prophecy; Notes on the Book; "What's New" – Modernism Lecture Notes; Humanities 2: US History: Beginnings and Endings; Lecture Notes – Humanities 2, Shocks and Breaks, etc.; Shocks/Breaks, includes Automatism; Courses – Shocks/Modernity; Shocks, etc./Hum. 2; and Shocks WWI
carton 40, folder 49

Auto/Writing 1988-1990

carton 40, folder 50

Miscellaneous Courses Taught, Drawings and Notes, includes Unexpected Gifts: The Prophetic Tradition in Jewish Poetry Before and After the Holocaust approximately 1988-2003

carton 40, folder 51-53

Letter, Word/Before, During, After Writing approximately 1989-1993

Scope and Content Note

Before, During, and After Writing: A Survey of Literatures, includes Course Notes: The Unspeakable/Unsayable; Is/Isn't; and In-Personing Presence
carton 41, folder 1-4

Myth; and Everyday Myth: Sources/X Masters 1990-1991

carton 41, folder 5

Writing/Lit/Course Proposals approximately 1994

carton 41, folder 6

Answer approximately 2000

carton 41, folder 7

Course Notes, includes Poetry Fragments, Drawings, Course Enrollment Forms 2001

carton 41, folder 8

Assignments – Hand Outs, Sign Up Sheets, includes Poetry for the People approximately 2004

carton 41, folder 9

Music and Poetry – Women Musicians and Poets (Secondary Source Material) 2005

carton 41, folder 10

Readings on Jazz/The Tibetan Myth of Divination [2006-2007]

carton 41, folder 11

Duck & Cover

carton 41, folder 12-13

Duncan, Robert

Scope and Content Note

Class on Duncan: Lecture, Notes, and Poems; and The Nature of a Person – Transcribed from a Lecture by Robert Duncan
carton 41, folder 14

[Visual Poetry Course]

carton 41, folder 15-23

NCOC/Teaching Notebooks approximately 1990-2001

Scope and Content Note

Please note that there may be overlap with the notebooks in Series 2. Writings

Course Readers

carton 41, folder 24

The Future as Seen through Utopian Literature (Weekend College) 1990

Scope and Content Note

The class was taught by Meltzer. The course reader also contains readings for a course taught by Jerry Decker, Alternative Social Systems I & II
carton 41, folder 25

Utopian Literature [1990]

carton 41, folder 26

Bomb Culture Fall 1992

carton 41, folder 27-30

Romantics and Revolt; and Revolting Romantics approximately 1992-2002

carton 42, folder 1

Before, During After Writing Spring 1993

carton 42, folder 2

Everyday Myth Fall 1993

carton 42, folder 3

Video Seminar (Maria Louisa Mendonça) Fall 1993

carton 42, folder 4-6

Everyday Art; and Critical Perspectives on Western Civilization: Everyday Art approximately 1994-1996

Scope and Content Note

One class is with Maria Louisa Mendonça
carton 42, folder 7

Techno-Onthology Spring 1997

carton 42, folder 8

History's History Fall 1998

carton 42, folder 9-12

Urban Scrawl: Making it New; and Urban Scrawl approximately 1998-2003

Scope and Content Note

Includes Notes, Khurban Revised Syllabus
carton 42, folder 13-14

Silent Sound (Fasicle One, Reader #2) approximately Spring 2000

carton 42, folder 15

Start & Stop: Survey of Creation and Cessation Myths Spring 2001

carton 42, folder 16-18

Art vs. Trash 2002-2006

carton 43, folder 1

Art vs. Trash Fall 2007

carton 43, folder 2-4

Kid Lit, includes Lecture Notes approximately 2007

carton 43, folder 5

Making it New: The Williams Line Fall 2007

carton 43, folder 6-7

American Earthquake: Reading the Thirties


Miscellaneous Student Work

carton 43, folder 8-11

Poetry, Independent Studies, Assignments 1986-2001

Scope and Content Note

Includes "Extraction of Notes from the Basic Elements," by Lynne Wildey; Fawnita A. Williams interview with David Lyle; and assignments from the class Making It New, 2001. These assignments consist of students' reactions to the canon, to their writing community, and to what they learned in the course/how it transformed them. Note that there may be other papers from student in this class in the individual correspondence/writer files.
carton 43, folder 12-13

Kid Lit/Alphabets – Various Handmade Chapbooks; and Alphabet Class – Assignments

carton 43, folder 14-19

Non-MFA/Non-Poetry Theses approximately 1990-2003

Scope and Content Note

Some other theses (mostly for the MFA) can be found in the correspondence/writers' files. Includes the following: Deborah Nagle Burks, California Institute of Integral Studies Dissertation Proposal (1993); Claudia Crosetti, Claudia, Senior Thesis, Weekend BA Completion Program (2003); Avrill English, thesis (approximately 1990); The Poetics of Raymond Carver, MA Thesis Draft; Ellie Sugar, thesis (2000); and Mary Willging MA Thesis in Poetics (1997). These were retained because it is not clear that a New College of California archives exists.

Other Teaching

carton 43, folder 20

Poetry Workshop [Urban School?] 1975

carton 43, folder 21-23

Poetry/Translations by Students on Jewish Subjects/Themes [Correspondence Course] approximately 1986

Scope and Content Note

Students includes published authors, such as Rodger Kamenetz; most students are in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Louisiana
carton 43, folder 24

Naropa Institute – MFA Program in Writing and Poetics 1987-1988


Series 5. Prison Teaching, Workshops, and Poetry Anthologies approximately 1971-1985

Physical Description: Carton 43, folders 25-38; Carton 44, folders 1-20

Scope and Content Note

This series includes administrative records, correspondence, manuscripts, and other materials related to writing workshops and classes Meltzer taught at Vacaville Prison. There are also materials related to the publication of two poetry anthologies: About time: an anthology of California prison writing, edited by Seth Morgan and Edward Posada (1980) and From the heart to the people: an anthology of Vacaville Prison poetry, edited by R.V. Cottam (1983). The series also has files related to Kite, a magazine for writers in prison, the KPFA radio program "Inside Out," and copies of newsletters, including the Vacaville Star. Some materials related to individual writers may also be found in Series 1. Correspondence/Writer Files.
carton 43, folder 25-28

Vacaville Writing Workshop and Anthology approximately 1977-1983

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, writing, flyers; and materials from the California Arts Council. Correspondents include Eloise Pickard Smith, and Edward Posada
carton 43, folder 29-31

Prison Arts Project, Vacaville approximately 1979-1981

Scope and Content Note

Iincludes correspondence, personnel and financial records, proposal, and materials re: Kite Magazine, and Inside Out
carton 43, folder 32-35

Inside Out, KPFA Radio 1981-1985

Scope and Content Note

Includes script, and KPFA Program Guides. Writers represented include L. Gene Ferris, Donald C. Stroud, and Bob Grove.
carton 43, folder 36

Newsletters 1979-1980

Scope and Content Note

Includes Newscam (from the Department of Corrections), The Outreach Press, El Progresso Del Empleo, and the Vacavalley Star
carton 43, folder 37-38

About Time Anthology, includes Additional Material approximately 1978-1980

carton 44, folder 1-2

About Time - Correspondence 1979-1980



carton 44, folder 3

De Victoria, Joe, Desert Ordeal approximately 1979-1981

carton 44, folder 4-6

Ferris, L. Gene – Manuscripts

carton 44, folder 7

Ferris, L. Gene-Edward Posada, Works in Progress approximately 1980

carton 44, folder 8

Ferris, L. Gene/William Franklin aka Bob Grove – Writing and Correspondence approximately 1982-1983

carton 44, folder 9

Franklin, Wm., Death of a Child

carton 44, folder 10

MacDonald, Charles – Play 1980

carton 44, folder 11-13

Stanchi, Hugo, The Rattle of Our Own Drum – Novel Manuscript, with Correspondence 1975, 1979

carton 44, folder 14

Stroud, Donald C. 1983

carton 44, folder 15

Thompson, Gene approximately 1981

carton 44, folder 16

Trantino, Tommy approximately 1971

carton 44, folder 17

Prison Poems, including Edmundo Ayala, Wm. Franklin, Bob Grove, Chet Morris, Joe De Victoria, Melvin Lowery

carton 44, folder 18

Tuesday Afternoon #2 – Writings Selected from the Tuesday Afternoon Writers Workshop [1980]

carton 44, folder 19

The Volunteers of Vacaville approximately 1978

carton 44, folder 20

Melter's Notes, Newspaper Clippings, Miscellany approximately 1980


Series 6. Music 1959-2009

Physical Description: Carton 44, folders 21-41

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of materials related to Meltzer's career as a musician. Subjects include Meltzer's psychedelic rock band, The Serpent Power (1966-1968), which featured his wife Tina on vocals and poet Clark Coolidge on drums; the music he created with Tina; and MIX, the poetry and jazz combo he was in with Tina and Coolidge (formed in 1993). Meltzer's writings about music, including his books on jazz and album reviews, can be found in Series 3.
carton 44, folder 21

Notes [for a Record Album]/AB: Want List 1959, undated

carton 44, folder 22-24

The Serpent Power 1968-2009

Scope and Content Note

Includes writings about and reviews of The Serpent Power; reviews of Poet Song (an album by David and Tina); a poster; and a master list of David Meltzer's songs
carton 44, folder 25-31

Tina & David Meltzer

Scope and Content Note

Includs songs (love songs); lyrics to songs on one of Tina and David's albums; and Tina and David's compilation of standards
carton 44, folder 32-38

MIX approximately 1994-1995

Scope and Content Note

Includes letters, posters/flyers (for MIX shows and Meltzer's readings), photographs (some by Ben E. Watkins), and reviews
carton 44, folder 39

Jazz Guitar Record Club, etc. 1983-1984

Scope and Content Note

Includes Robert Yelin's Jazz Guitar Record Catalog, catalogs from record clubs, and alternative zines, such as The Green Mystery
carton 44, folder 40

Wolff, Michael, Impure Thoughts 1998-2000

carton 44, folder 41

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings – Correspondence and Royalties 2006-2009


Series 7. Tina Meltzer approximately 1936-1995

Physical Description: Carton 35, folders 8-10; Carton 44, folders 42-45; Carton 45, folders 1-20; Carton 46; and Oversize Folder 4

Scope and Content Note

Musician, singer, and artist Tina Meltzer (née Meyer) was born in 1936; she died of ovarian cancer in 1995. Tina was married to David Meltzer for approximately 30 years. This series includes art and writing from the Meltzer children; correspondence; materials related to Tina's music and teaching; her writings; personalia; photographs; and calendars and stuffed animals she handcrafted annually for David. Please note that there is virtually no correspondence between David and Tina. Letters to David and Tina, and most of the correspondence with their children can be found in Series 1.
carton 44, folder 42-45


Scope and Content Note

Includes childhood photos, and photos of Tina's family and friends that date back to at last 1936. Some are likely from earlier in the 20th century. There is a photo of Elliott Roosevelt, and at least one of Tina and David. There are snapshots, and 8 x 10s; most are in black and white.
carton 45, folder 1-2


Scope and Content Note

See Scope and Content Note for the photographs in Carton 44
carton 45, folder 3

Martin, Don, Photographs approximately 1956

Scope and Contents

Includes a trip to Mexico in 1956; Martin was described as a former lover
carton 45, folder 4

Personalia, includes Birth Certificate, Passport, Postcards, Memorial Program 1936-1995

carton 35, folder 8

Tina and Jenny Meltzer 1958-1995

carton 45, folder 5

Faces, Vol. II (Book) 1969-1994

carton 45, folder 6

Correspondence – Incoming and Outgoing, includes Card to David 1969-1995

carton 35, folder 9

Meltzer Children – Writing and Art approximately 1973

carton 45, folder 7

Adam Meltzer: The Early Years [Family History Project]

carton 45, folder 8

Amanda Meltzer – The World's Tiniest Dog 1975

carton 45, folder 9

Music Instruction

carton 35, folder 10

Music Pre-School Day Camp approximately 1980-1982

carton 45, folder 10

Letters and Notebook approximately 1985-1993

carton 45, folder 11

Art approximately 1989

carton 45, folder 12

Notebook – Tina's Writings and Songs approximately 1989

carton 45, folder 13-15

"Stars" (Script), "Colors," "Wheels," Songs, Youth in Arts 1989-1993

carton 45, folder 16

Brown, M.K. [Illustrated some of Tina's Lyrics] 1993

carton 45, folder 17

Tina to Eduardo/Howl at Slims 1993

carton 45, folder 18

Ideas and Notes

carton 45, folder 19


carton 45, folder 20

Tina's Father

oversize_folder 4A

Handmade Calendars Tina Made for David 1959-1967

carton 46, folder 1-13

Handmade Calendars Tina Made Annually for David 1962-1994

carton 46

Handmade Toys Tina Made for David's Birthdays (His 37-40th, 46th, and 49th)

Scope and Content Note

Toys are in a box inside the carton

Series 8. Biographical Materials and Personalia approximately 1929-2015

Physical Description: Carton 35, folders 11-17; Carton 45, folders 21-41; Carton 47, folders 1-18, Oversize Box 1; Oversize Folders 1, 3, 6-8, and 10


Arranged (roughly) chronologically

Scope and Content Note

Includes addresses and business cards, art made for David or Tina, articles about Meltzer, autobiographical and biographical material, awards and grants, collage scraps, curricula vitaes, datebooks and calendars, family records re: their children and other relatives, horoscopes and astrological charts, materials related to Meltzer's sexual fetishes, [notebooks?], photographs, tracts and fortunes collected by Meltzer, travel ephemera, musicians union membership and other ID cards. Photographs are of family and friends and members of their literary, artistic, and music circle. There is also an album that utilizes 19th and 20th Century photographs to create a fictional account of Meltzer's life.
carton 45, folder 21

Financial Records - McCormick-Santa Barbara Expense Report; Tax Forms 1929, 1980

carton 45, folder 22

Awards, Certificates, Grant 1954, 2005-2012

carton 45, folder 23-32

Photographs approximately 1956-2010

Scope and Content Note

Black & white, 8 x 10s, and color snapshots, negatives, contact sheets, and xeroexed photographs. Subjects include David and Tina Meltzer, and their family and friends, Julie Rogers, Aya Tarlow (a photo magnet), and pets (a dog and cat, [named Murray, and J.R.]). Locations include North Beach, the Jazz Cellar, gallery readings, recording sessions, performances, and New College of California. Photographers include Jim Marshall, Barry Oliver (for the Berkeley Folk Music Festival), Becky Cohen (includes contact sheets), Erik Weber, [Larry Durdan], Tina, Mort Shuman, Chester Kessler, Larry Keenan, Steven Wilson, and John Sarsgard. There are photographs of poet friends (John Weiners, Philip Lamantia, Bob Alexander, and [Bob Kaufman]). Includes photographs from Pip Benveniste documenting visits to England and Connecticut; and a photo of an art object George Hermes made for David and Tina. One folder contains negatives and ephemera from a trip to Amsterdam and the ICA Amsterdam Berman Exhibit; another labeled "Photographs, 4 David #2," has correspondence, and includes materials related to MIX, and photos by Ben E. Watkins.
oversize_box 1

Portraits of David Meltzer approximately 1966-1981

Scope and Content Note

Black & white. Photographers include by Chris Felver, Christa Fleischmann, and Erik Weber
oversize_box 1

Photo Album – A Fictional Account of Meltzer's Life, Utilizing 19th and 20th Century Photographs

oversize_folder 1A


Scope and Content Note

Black and white photographs - Family Portrait; and Performances (by CR Snyder) [The Serpentpower]; and a commercial photo taken by Allen Say that includes Tina and Jenny
carton 45, folder 33

Family Personalia approximately 1960-1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes birth announcement for son Adam, marriage certificate from first marriage, drawings from his kids, and jewelry
carton 45, folder 34

Badges and Musicians Union Card 1967-2004

carton 45, folder 35

Bolinas School Graduation Exercises 1972

carton 45, folder 36-37

Biographical/Autobiographical, includes Articles about Meltzer/Interview 1970s-2015

carton 45, folder 38-39

Horoscope, Astrology, Numerology 1976-2007

Scope and Content Note

Includes David's Solar Return (with Brain-Mind Bulletin, Comics Lecture)
carton 45, folder 40-41

Collage Scraps (1980s)

carton 47, folder 1-7

Datebooks and Calendars 1989-1998, 2006-2010

carton 47, folder 8-9

Addresses, Appointments, and Business Cards

carton 47, folder 10

"Vita Stuff" – includes Reviews approximately 1993-1995

carton 47, folder 11

Family History – Photocopied Documents, Letter to Nan/Roots Search approximately 2006

carton 47, folder 12

List of Meltzer's Artwork for Show at Firehouse Gallery 2014

carton 47, folder 13

Stationary – Mostly Vintage

oversize_folder 3A, oversize_folder 7A, oversize_folder 10A


Scope and Content Note

OSF 3A: an issue of the periodical Praxis One (1971 – may be partial)
OSF 7A: Van Heusen shirt ad featuring Ronald Reagan
OSF 10A: [Japanese] characters drawn in ink

Stuff Meltzer Collected

carton 47, folder 14

Ephemera – includes Entertainment and Clothing Catalogs approximately 1950s-1990s

carton 47, folder 15-16

Fetish/Kink Catalogs (Erotica) approximately 1982-2005

carton 47, folder 17

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog 1999

carton 47, folder 18

WCW: Contents of the Original Volumes (William Carlos Williams)



carton 35, folder 11

Hermes, George [and Pixie?], Collage 1994

carton 35, folder 12

Reggio Emilia at Katherine Michiels School (Photo Album) 1996

carton 35, folder 13

Drawing for David from Guy, Art for Tina, Jim Gill Photograph approximately 1996

carton 35, folder 14

Tasha R., Contemplation, Painting 2001

carton 35, folder 15

Shel Silverstein Drawing and Robo David – The Sequel

carton 35, folder 16

[By Dan]

carton 35, folder 17

Drawing for Tina by [MK Brown – Mary Kathleen Brown]

oversize_box 1

Rebecca Goodsel, Print [Self-Portrait], (#6 of 25) 2002

oversize_folder 3A

Drawings and Birthday Card by Allen Say

oversize_folder 6B

Drawing – [Self-portrait of Tina and David]

oversize_folder 8B

Pencil/Charcoal Drawing by [Deb Frund]

oversize_folder 8B

Untitled Artwork (Mail Art) by [Pip Benveniste to Meltzer]


Series 9. Literary Ephemera approximately 1962-2017

Physical Description: Carton 35, folder 18; Carton 47, folders 19-32; Carton 48, folders 1-20; Oversize Folders 3, and 6-10

Scope and Content Note

Documents poetry readings, music, art events, small presses, conferences, and seminars happening in the literary and arts scenes in the Bay Area and beyond. Many are Beat-related. Though there may be overlap between the two sections, events that featured Meltzer are filed first. These include flyers, poem cards, press releases, small press catalogs, and unidentified manuscripts. Some ephemera has been transferred to Acquisitions for separate cataloging. Please note that there is overlap with Series 1. Correspondence/Writer Files
carton 47, folder 19-32

David Meltzer Events and Ephemera 1960s-2000s

Scope and Content Note

Arranged (roughly) chronologically. There are flyers for poetry readings (solo and with others), benefits for political causes, art exhibits, and cultural events. Includes the International San Francisco Poetry Festival; Beyond Baroque; Berman and Semina; Beat Generation (Cesena); Beat Culture and the New America (DeYoung Exhibit); and Re/Beat; Istituto Gramsci; Literatur Werk Statt Berlin; A Night of the Beats (LA Philharmonic); Outpost Performance Space/Outpost Productions; and Beatnik Shindig.
carton 48, folder 1-3

David Meltzer Events and Ephemera 2000s, undated

carton 35, folder 18

David Meltzer Events and Ephemera

carton 48, folder 4-13

Literary Events and Ephemera approximately 1962-2017

Scope and Content Note

Includes poetry readings, small press info, publication notices/book releases, information about schools and poetry programs, conference materials, invites to gallery shows (Hermes, Jess), and notices of memorials.
carton 48, folder 14-18

Literary Press Ephemera and Catalogs, A-W approximately 1972-2003

Scope and Content Note

Also contains mass mailings from literary presses, including Arte Public Press, City Lights, Oyez, Poltroon, and Post-Apollo. There is overlap with chronologically sorted ephemera, and small press ephemera can also be found in Series 1. Correspondence/Writer Files
carton 48, folder 19-20

Poem Cards and Press Ephemera approximately 1972-1997

oversize_folder 3A, oversize_folder 6B, oversize_folder 7A, oversize_folder 8B, oversize_folder 9C, oversize_folder 10A

Posters for Poetry Readings, Political Benefits, and Other Events approximately 1973-2016

Scope and Content Note

OSF 3A: posters for poetry readings, including Polymnia in the House (Junior Council of MOMA), The Poetry Project, Bread and Wine, Harold Norse Benefit, Noe Valley Poets Workshop (for the publication of Quasar), Duff's Poetry Series, and Writers and Poets in Santa Cruz
OSF 6B: posters for readings and benefits, including a David and Tina Concert, MIX, and Amiri Baraka (a Keystone Korner jazz and poetry benefit). There's also a novelty poster featuring David and Tina in a faux 1950s setting.
OSF 7A: posters for the Poets Theatre at SFMOMA, David and Tina's poetry and music, Mighty Sparrow, The Fillmore, Poets of the Cities: New York and San Francisco, 1950-1965, Michael McClure's The Beard, and William Blakes' Fall of Man. There are also political posters re: consumption, a Prop 15 benefit, and anti-Iraq war events (many by Arch D. Bunker Madvertising)
OSF 8B: posters for SF Jazz, art exhibits (including Pip Beneviste and Hermes), the first annual SF Poetry Festival, Will Eisner SF (The Spirit, 1973), Double Lion Dharma (from Wallace Berman's estate and Michael McClure, 1998), and Brian Ferry
OSF 9C: includes the following posters - Felix the Cat, the Wallace Berman exhibit at ICA Amsterdam (multiple copies - one is signed by Michael McClure), Jazztoldtales, MIX (multiple posters and a handmade sign), Ink Slingers Fair (at the Berkeley Adult School), trippy poster ([MOSOCO] and John Reed); National Tribute to Cesar Chavez, International Women's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Double Lion Dharma, Black Oaks Books event calendars, and Beat Generation Cesena
OSF 10A: posters for the Rotary, a Meltzer Reading at Moe's Books (2007), Outrider Tales, Beyond Baroque (signed, 2014), and Meltzer's Memorial, 2016
carton 48

Series 10. Audiovisual Materials

Physical Description: Carton 48 (5 VHS tapes)

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Access to audio-visual materials may be restricted due to technical limitations.

Scope and Content Note

Overtime, Philip Whalen, for David Meltzer, Ft. Mason, Cowell Theater 1999
Lun*Na Menoh, Dress for Poet with bang! Manifesto, [fashion show], 1993
Computer as a Spiritual Tool?/Dream On - Former husband lives on through technology, part of a panel, audience questions and a performance, 1997
Allen Ginsberg & Company, poetry reading at Nourse Auditorium with [Lens], David, Allen, John, Michael, Phil, Lawrence, 1968
Poetics Faculty Reading, New College Archives, with Tom Clark, Adam Cornford, Gloria Frym, Lyn Heninian, David Meltzer, 1996