Photographs of Churches and Architecture in Mexico and England: Finding Aid

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Overview of the Collection

Title: Photographs of Churches and Architecture in Mexico and England
Dates: approximately 1890s
Collection Number: photCL 238
Creators: Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928; Valentine, James, 1815-1879; F. Frith & Co.
Extent: 261 photographs in 2 boxes; prints 19 x 28.5 cm (7.5 x 11 in.) and smaller.
Repository: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Photo Archives
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, California 91108
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Abstract: This disbound album is made up of two volumes, the first containing late 19th century photographs of sites throughout Mexico and parts of South America; most notable are Mexico City, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Peru, Bolivia, and the Mesoamerican ruins of Mitla, Tiahuanacu, and Gran Chimu. Some of the photographs in volume one are cyanotypes made by C.F. Lummis. Views of some California missions are also included, with a focus on San Fernando Rey. The second volume of the album also holds late 19th century photographs of Anglican church buildings in England, featuring York Minster, Winchester Cathedral, and Ely Cathedral.
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Photographs of Churches and Architecture in Mexico and England. The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Kubly on December 18, 1979.

Scope and Content of Collection

This disbound album is made up of two volumes, the first containing late 19th century photographs of sites throughout Mexico and parts of South America; most notable are Mexico City, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Peru, Bolivia, and the Mesoamerican ruins of Mitla, Tiahuanacu, and Gran Chimu. Some of the photographs in volume one are cyanotypes made by Charles F. Lummis. Views of some California missions are also included, with a focus on San Fernando Rey. The second volume of the album also holds late 19th century photographs of Anglican church buildings in England, featuring York Minster, Winchester Cathedral, and Ely Cathedral.
Volume 1 contains photographs set in Mexico include images of street and church scenes in Mexico City, Aguacalientes, Zacatecas, Cuernavaca, Orizaba, Cordoba, Guanajuato, and Guadalupe. Noteworthy sights from this group include the Statue of Cuauhtémoc, Plaza de la Paz, Alhóndiga de Granaditas (where Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla’s severed head was publically displayed), Jardín Boda (the 1865 summer home of Maximilian I, the Emperor of Mexico), the Biblioteca Nacional de México, and the ancient Pre-Columbian ruins of Mitla. Photographs of South America include street scenes of Arequipa, Peru; Lima, Peru; Puno, Peru; La Paz, Bolivia, and the Pre-Columbian ruins of Tiahuanacu and Gran Chimu. Some of the photographs show scenes from the Western United States, mainly of California and New Mexico. Interesting images are of Missions San Carlos Borromeo, San José, San Juan Capistrano, San Fernando Rey, San Francisco de Asís, San Luis Rey, and Santa Barbara; also included are images of Diego de Vargas’ grave and the stone altar at Cristo Rey Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Volume 2 of this collection is made up of photographs of churches spread throughout England and Ireland. Many of the churches have not been identified, but among the ones that are known include: Ely Cathedral, York Minster, Canterbury Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral, and Robert of Knareborough’s Chapel (Yorkshire). Fifty-one of the Mexico photographs were created by a photographer by the name of Cox. Thirty-three of the Mexico, South America, and California mission photographs are attributed to Charles F. Lummis; the remaining forty-nine Latin America photographs are not signed but may be by Lummis. All of the 128 photographs of English churches were created by various photographers and photograph companies, many of which remain unidentified.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the Huntington Library's Online Catalog.  
Anglican churches—England -- Photographs.
Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe (Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico) -- Photographs.
Biblioteca Nacional de México -- Photographs.
Canterbury Cathedral -- Photographs.
Catholic churches—Mexico -- Photographs.
Ely Cathedral -- Photographs.
Jardín Boda (Cuernavaca, Mexico) -- Photographs.
Mission San Carlos Borromeo (Carmel, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Mission San Jose (Alameda County, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Mission San Juan Capistrano -- Photographs.
Monuments—Mexico -- Photographs.
Peterborough Cathedral -- Photographs.
San Fernando, Rey de España (Mission : San Fernando, Calif.) -- Photographs.
San Francisco de Asís Mission (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Photographs.
San Luis Rey Mission (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Santa Barbara Mission -- Photographs.
St. Peter and St. Paul (Church : Wisbech, England) -- Photographs.
York Minster -- Photographs.
Winchester Cathedral -- Photographs.
Agua Caliente (Baja California, Mexico)
Arequipa (Peru)
Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Guanajuato (Mexico)
La Paz (Bolivia)
Lima (Peru)
Puno (Puno, Peru)
Rostrevor (Northern Ireland)
Querétaro (Mexico)
San Pablo Villa de Mitla (Mexico)
Tiahuanacu (Bolivia)
Tlaltenango (Zacatecas, Mexico)
York (England)
Zacatecas (Mexico : State)
Architectural photographs
Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928, photographer.
Valentine, James, 1815-1879, photographer.
F. Frith & Co.

Collection Contents

Volume 1

Latin America and Southern California Missions


Mexico Photographs by Cox (Vol. 1, 1-50)

Volume 1, Item 1

At Guadalupe near Mexico City

Volume 1, Item 2

Church at Aguascalientes

Volume 1, Item 3

Parish Church at San Angel [?]

Volume 1, Item 4

Archbishop’s palace, Zacelacas [Zacatecas?]

Volume 1, Item 5

National Station at Cuautla—formally a church

Volume 1, Item 6

Cloister at priest’s house at Ozumlea, Mex.

Volume 1, Item 7

Statue of Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Volume 1, Item 8

The bells of San Angel [?]

Volume 1, Item 9

Bas relief on statue of Cuauhtémoc. Welcome of [illegible words] to [illegible word]

Volume 1, Item 10

Hotel in Amecameca

Volume 1, Item 11

Bas relief on statue of Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City representing the torture of Cuauhtémoc and one of his companions

Volume 1, Item 12

In Guanajuato

Volume 1, Item 13

Church of Guadalupe in Zacatecas

Volume 1, Item 14

Hacienda El Bernardez

Volume 1, Item 15

Jarro market in Guanajuato

Volume 1, Item 16


Volume 1, Item 17

The entrance to cathedral at Zacatecas

Volume 1, Item 18

Old arch on top of church in Aguacalientes

Volume 1, Item 19


Volume 1, Item 20

Church of the Campañas. Guanajuato

Volume 1, Item 21

Entrance at Cathedral, Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 22


Volume 1, Item 23

Peace Statue, Guanajuato

Volume 1, Item 24


Volume 1, Item 25


Volume 1, Item 26


Volume 1, Item 27


Volume 1, Item 28


Volume 1, Item 29


Volume 1, Item 30

Old gateway to churchyard, Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 31

Cathedral at Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 32

Tlaltenango near Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 33

Interior. Guadalupe Church

Volume 1, Item 34

Zacatecas Cathedral through the trees of the Alameda

Volume 1, Item 35


Volume 1, Item 36

Theatre. Cordoba

Volume 1, Item 37

Old prison Alhóndiga [?]. Hidalgo’s head was hung on the corner. Chihuahua. [Research has found that the location is Guanajuato.]

Volume 1, Item 38

Market, Cordoba

Volume 1, Item 39


Volume 1, Item 40


Volume 1, Item 41

Guadalupe near Zacatecas

Volume 1, Item 42

Maximilian’s lodge, Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 43

Industrial School at Guadalupe near Zacatecas

Volume 1, Item 44

Baths. Aguacaliente

Volume 1, Item 45

Guadalupe near Zacatecas

Volume 1, Item 46

At Guadalupe

Volume 1, Item 47

Churches, Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 48

The shrine of Guadalupe at Cuernavaca

Volume 1, Item 49

Alameda Cordoba

Volume 1, Item 50



C.F. Lummis Photographs of Mexico, South America, and California (Vol. 1, 51-133)


These unsigned photographs were most likely taken by Lummis.
Volume 1, Item 51

San Fernando [San Fernando Rey Mission, California][collapsed roof]

Volume 1, Item 52

[Ancient Mesoamerican stone carvings]

Volume 1, Item 53

Arequipa, Peru

Volume 1, Item 54

Arequipa, Peru. Old Spanish house.

Volume 1, Item 55

San Fernando [San Fernando Mission, California] [A room in disrepair]

Volume 1, Item 56

[Grand staircase. A restaurant in Humboldt, California]

Volume 1, Item 57

[Woman sitting at bottom of ruined building]

Volume 1, Item 58

Arequipa, Peru: Side Entrance, Church of the Compañia de Jesus

Volume 1, Item 59

Mitla, Mexico [Zapotec ruins]

Volume 1, Item 60

[Man and women with watering cans outside of elaborate carved wooden doors]

Volume 1, Item 61

Domes at San Angel [Mexico] [Photographer: Cox]

Volume 1, Item 62

Zacatecas [Mexico]

Volume 1, Item 63

Mission San Fernando. The Cloisters. [California]

Volume 1, Item 64

Mitla [Mexico] [Young woman standing next to wall carvings] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 65

Tower of San Francisco, Chihuahua [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 66

[Stone plaque at Mission San Fernando Rey, California?]

Volume 1, Item 67

San Fernando [Ruined buildings at San Fernando Rey] [California]

Volume 1, Item 68

[Large church (?) engraved wooden doors]

Volume 1, Item 69

[Man in city street with rubble]

Volume 1, Item 70

[Building arches with rubble]

Volume 1, Item 71

[Man and women in front of the “Gran Cantina”]

Volume 1, Item 72

[Mosaic tiled building and garden]

Volume 1, Item 73

San Fernando [Mission] [California] [Ruined buildings]

Volume 1, Item 74

[Young woman pointing at ruins. Possibly at Mitla, Mexico]

Volume 1, Item 75

Lima: A Corridor, Convent at Santo Domingo [Peru]

Volume 1, Item 76

San Juan Capistrano [Ruined arches at mission. California]

Volume 1, Item 77

[A home complex with patio (?)]

Volume 1, Item 78

[Storefronts and cantina]

Volume 1, Item 79

Arequipa. A Back Street [Peru]

Volume 1, Item 80

Mitla [Men standing in Mitla ruins] [Mexico]

Volume 1, Item 81

La Paz: Ancient Spanish Bridge. Cobblestone Arch [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 82

Casa del Cacahual [?], one of the oldest in Mexico

Volume 1, Item 83

[Garden patio in an elaborate house]

Volume 1, Item 84

[Entrance archway to patio garden]

Volume 1, Item 85

[Church next to tree]

Volume 1, Item 86

A corner in Panama [Men and boys on a street corner]

Volume 1, Item 87

La Paz: One of the Oldest Houses [A family sitting on stairway landing in patio] [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 88

[Bridge with potted plants on ledges]

Volume 1, Item 89

Zacatecas [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 90

A patio, Leon [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 91

[Men sitting by fountain in patio]

Volume 1, Item 92

[Two-storied building with awnings over windows]

Volume 1, Item 93

Lima: A court, Convent of Santo Domingo [Peru]

Volume 1, Item 94

La Paz: One of the Old Streets [Herd of llamas walking down street] [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 95

[Ruined Mesoamerican building]

Volume 1, Item 96

Tiahuanaco [Tiahuanacu] : The Great Monolith [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 97

Mitla [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 98

Corner of Plaza, Leon [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 99

Ruins of Gran Chimu. Adobe Arabesques [Peru]

Volume 1, Item 100

[Top level of building overlooking patio]

Volume 1, Item 101

La Paz: the River Choqueyapu [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 102

Puno, Peru

Volume 1, Item 103

Mitla [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 104

Arequipa, Peru: Patio, Convent of San Agostin

Volume 1, Item 105

[Lower floor in patio]

Volume 1, Item 106

San Juan Capistrano [Ruins of mission arches] [California]

Volume 1, Item 107

La Paz: the Ojeta [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 108

Mission San Fernando [California]

Volume 1, Item 109

Mission San Luis Rey [California]

Volume 1, Item 110

[Ruins of archways, possibly at a mission]

Volume 1, Item 111

[Detail of stone altar in Cristo Rey Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico]

Volume 1, Item 112

Stone Altar, 1760, of the Parish Church (Founded 1627) Santa Fe, N.M. Grave of Diego de Vargas [Cristo Rey Church]

Volume 1, Item 113

Hanging arches in the National School of Medicine [Damaged]

Volume 1, Item 114

[Woman sitting at bottom of ruined building] [Duplicate of (57)]

Volume 1, Item 115

[Mission Santa Barbara, California]

Volume 1, Item 116

Mission Dolores [San Francisco, California]

Volume 1, Item 117

San Fernando Mission [Ruined church] [California]

Volume 1, Item 118

[Man in Mitla ruins] [Mexico] [See also (59)]

Volume 1, Item 119

[Church in Mexico?]

Volume 1, Item 120

Querétaro [Mexico] [1896]

Volume 1, Item 121

[Rooftop of a church?]

Volume 1, Item 122

The National Library [Mexico]

Volume 1, Item 123

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia [California]

Volume 1, Item 124

La Paz: the Ojeta [Damaged] [Bolivia]

Volume 1, Item 125

[Ruins of a mission?]

Volume 1, Item 126

Casa del Cacahuatal [?], one of the oldest in Mexico [See also (82)]

Volume 1, Item 127

[Mission bell tower and building ruins?]

Volume 1, Item 128

Mission San Juan Capistrano ruins [California]

Volume 1, Item 129

[Storefronts and cantina] [Duplicate of (78)]

Volume 1, Item 130

Carmel Mission. Monterey, Cal.

Volume 1, Item 131

South window of Baptistry. Mission San José [California]

Volume 1, Item 132

The Santa Barbara Mission. Remodeled and still used as a place of worship [California]

Volume 1, Item 133

[Men and women by ruined adobe building]

Volume 2

English Churches (Vol. 2, 1-128)

Volume 2, Item 1

Wolsey’s Gate & St. Peter’s Church. Ipswich [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 2

York, Bootham Bar

Volume 2, Item 3

York from the Walls

Volume 2, Item 4

St. Nicholas Church. Gt. Yarmouth [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 5

[Man in graveyard in front of church]

Volume 2, Item 6

[Boy sitting on gate next to church]

Volume 2, Item 7

St. Michael’s Church. Southampton. [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 8

Gate House. Kenilworth Castle [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 9

[Church and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 10

[Ivy-covered church and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 11

[Church next to tree]

Volume 2, Item 12

[Church and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 13

All Saints Church. Sudbury. [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 14

St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Church. Wisbech. [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 15

[Church and its double gate]

Volume 2, Item 16

[Church and its graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 17

[View of a church from down a lane]

Volume 2, Item 18

[Church and its bush covered graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 19

[Detail of gravestone] [Photographer: D.G.?]

Volume 2, Item 20

[A line of five gravestones] [Photographer: D.G.?]

Volume 2, Item 21

The Altar, Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 22

Choir Looking E. Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 23

Nave E. Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 24

The Choir Screen, Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 25

Choir W, Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 26

Nave West, Ely Cathedral [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 27

Ballroom. Haddon Hall [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 28

St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Church. Wisbech. [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 29

The Nave. St. Nicholas Church. Gt. Yarmouth [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 30

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 31

York Minster. The Choir.

Volume 2, Item 32

York Minster. The Nave

Volume 2, Item 33

[Church interior with view of baptism font]

Volume 2, Item 34

Lady Chapel. Ely Cathedral. [Photographer: J.V.]

Volume 2, Item 35

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 36

[Church interior, view of side door]

Volume 2, Item 37

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 38

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 39

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 40

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 41

[Church interior from baptism font]

Volume 2, Item 42

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 43

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 44

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 45

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 46

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 47

Kirkbymoorside Church [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 48

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 49

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 50

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 51

St. Nicholas Church. Arundel [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 52

Parish Church. Aldeburgh [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 53

St. Cuthbert’s Church. Darlington [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 54

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 55

St. Margaret’s Church. Ipswich

Volume 2, Item 56

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 57

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 58

[Church exterior]

Volume 2, Item 59

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 60

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 61

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 62

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 63

St. John’s Church. Lowestoft [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 64

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 65

[Two wooden engraved chairs]

Volume 2, Item 66

[Sword and scepter]

Volume 2, Item 67

[Stone arch in wall of church]

Volume 2, Item 68

Choir looking E. Sherborne Abbey [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 69

[Saxon coffin lid with the caption: “[Saxon coffin lid with the caption: "This ancient piece of sculpture was discovered underneath the chancel when the interior of the church was newly arranged in the year 1821”. St. Mary’s Church, Wirksworth.]

Volume 2, Item 70

[(St.) Robert of Knaresborough’s Chapel. Yorkshire]

Volume 2, Item 71

[Ruined graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 72

Rostrevor [The Cloughmore Stone. Northern Ireland]

Volume 2, Item 73

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 74

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 75

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 76

[Church exterior]

Volume 2, Item 77

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 78

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 79

[Church interior view from baptism font]

Volume 2, Item 80

[Church interior view of altar and pulpit]

Volume 2, Item 81

[Church interior view of altar]

Volume 2, Item 82

[Church interior view of altar]

Volume 2, Item 83

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 84

[St. Peter’s Church. Nottingham]

Volume 2, Item 85

Hathersage Church [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 86

[Ivy-covered church and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 87

[Church interior view of altar]

Volume 2, Item 88

Wirksworth Church [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 89

[Church exterior]

Volume 2, Item 90

[Church interior view of altar]

Volume 2, Item 91

[Ruined arched corridors of church]

Volume 2, Item 92

[Ivy-covered tower]

Volume 2, Item 93

Parish Church. North Walsham. [Photographer: Poulton’s Series]

Volume 2, Item 94

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 95

[Church interior]

Volume 2, Item 96

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 97

[Entrance to church with notice board]

Volume 2, Item 98

St. Hilda’s Church. East Hartlepool.

Volume 2, Item 99

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 100

[Church interior view of pulpit]

Volume 2, Item 101

[Exterior view of church from hill]

Volume 2, Item 102

[Ruined tower covered in plants with graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 103

[Church exterior covered in ivy]

Volume 2, Item 104

[Ruined church exterior on sloped hill]

Volume 2, Item 105

[Silhouette of house or church by the sea at night]

Volume 2, Item 106

[Christ Church Gate. Canterbury Cathedral]

Volume 2, Item 107

[Church exterior and graveyard]

Volume 2, Item 108

[Church exterior view from field]

Volume 2, Item 109

[Church entrance door with elaborate stone arch]

Volume 2, Item 110

Christchurch Priory [Photographer: Rush of Warwick]

Volume 2, Item 111

New Shoreham Church

Volume 2, Item 112

Old Shoreham Church (Interior)

Volume 2, Item 113

[Exterior of church on street corner]

Volume 2, Item 114

[Carved stone archway with gate]

Volume 2, Item 115

[Church exterior with broken Celtic Cross]

Volume 2, Item 116

St. James EP Church. Belfast. [Northern Ireland] [Photographer: R.W.]

Volume 2, Item 117

[Manor house?] [Photographer: R.W.]

Volume 2, Item 118

[Men in front of office building(?)]

Volume 2, Item 119

Peterborough Cathl. [Cathedral]

Volume 2, Item 120

Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 121

The Choir, Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 122

The Screen, Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 123

Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 124

Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 125

Winchester Cathedral [Photographer: Poulton]

Volume 2, Item 126

Exeter, St. David’s Ch. *Photographer: F.F. & Co.]

Volume 2, Item 127

[Interior view of church congregation seating] [Photographer: R.W.]

Volume 2, Item 128

[Ruined abbey or church]