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Series I: Archival Collection Material 1942-2013; undated

box 1, folder 1

Correspondence from American Red Cross soldier Shirley Cobb to soldier Kune Hisatomi 1945

box 1, folder 2

Photographs (mostly 2" x 3") of the daily lives of Japanese soldiers in Italy 1944

box 1, folder 3

Newspaper clippings 1994 -1998

box 1, folder 4

Pacific Citizen article: "Last Call for WWII Veterans Names on "Go for Broke" Monument 1997

box 1, folder 5

Reference photographs/printed resources ("A More Perfect Union" and "Go for Broke") 2004

box 1, folder 6

National Japanese American Historical Society and Hawaii's Medal of Honor Salute 1991 , 1993, 2000

box 1, folder 7

Los Angeles Times magazine article: "Homeland Insecurity" 2003

box 1, folder 8

Japanese American National Museum Quarterly V 10 No 3 1995

box 1, folder 9

The Girl With the White Flag by Tomiko Higa 1991

box 1, folder 10

WWII/Japanese encampment, reference and educational materials

box 1, folder 11

Essay: "The Scar: Plight of the American Japanese" 1982

box 1, folder 12

Final Report: Japanese Evacuation From the West Coast

box 1, folder 13

"Go For Broke" Project, "thank you" letter, and copy of project 2002

box 1, folder 14

Camp Shelby WWII reunion and homecoming program 1995

box 1, folder 15

Japanese American National Museum, commemorative buttons

box 1, folder 16

Rohwer War Recollection Center: first Rohwer reunion photobook 1990

box 1, folder 17

Rohwer War Recollection Center: first Rohwer reunion program and letter 1990

box 2, folder 1

Rohwer War Recollection Center, second Rohwer reunion program

box 2, folder 2

Anti-tank Company 442nd Infantry History booklets 1945

box 2, folder 3

On Silent Wings: Military Gliders as Used in WWII booklet

box 2, folder 4

Lil Dan'l: One Year in a Relocation Center children's booklet 1989

box 2, folder 5

West coast newspaper articles on Japanese Americans during WWII booklet

box 2, folder 6

Anti-tank Chapter 100th/442nd Veterans Association, printed articles and literature 1997 -2006

box 2, folder 7

Military Intelligence Service SoCal, printed resources 2000

box 2, folder 8

Mini Reunion of AT Chapter 100th B Chapter photos with list 1995

box 2, folder 9

Student correspondence 2001

box 2, folder 10

"Go For Broke" newsletters 1995

box 2, folder 11

The Torch newsletters 2004 -2013

box 2, folder 12

Star Advertiser Newspaper 2012

box 2, folder 13

The Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper 2

box 2, folder 14

Spirit of Aloha, Vol 18, No 3 magazine clipping

box 2, folder 15

Special units of WWII

box 2, folder 16

The Rafu Shimpo newspaper 2013

box 2, folder 17

Highways of Honor Military Intelligence Service 442nd Regimental Combat Team 100th Infantry Battalion booklet

box 3, folder 1

Military Intelligence Service Language School: Camp Savage, Minnesota booklet 1942 -1944

box 3, folder 2

Pacific Rim Profiles booklet

box 3, folder 3

"The End of the War in the Pacific: Surrender Documents in Facsimile" booklet 1970

box 3, folder 4

"Rising Anti-Asian Bigotry: Manifestations, Sources, Solutions" public hearing booklet 1983

box 3, folder 5

Translation of Japanese Interview Commemorating the 25th year of "A Colossal Sacrifice" printed resource 2000

box 3, folder 6

Golden Anniversary Reunion 442nd RCT booklet 1993

box 3, folder 7

Japanese American Korean War Veterans Souvenir booklet 1997

box 3, folder 8

"Echoes of Silence" AJA WWII Memorial Alliance resource disk (CD) 2006

box 3, folder 9

D-Day 60th Anniversary WWII Veterans Committee photographs

box 3, folder 10

Veterans of Military Intelligence Service Second National Reunion program 1968

box 3, folder 11

Mud and Blood 34th Infantry Division, Vol 2, 2003, printed resource 2003; undated

box 3, folder 12

- A Pictorial History of the 36th Texas Infantry Division printed resources 1944 -1945

box 3, folder 13

Letter re-submission of topic to National Geographic

box 3, folder 14

Remarks by President at Ceremony Honoring Asian American Medal of Honor Recipients printed resource 2000

box 3, folder 15

Battle of Bruyeres, Oct 6-26, 1944, O'Conner's Task Force, printed resources 2006

box 3, folder 16

Americans of Japanese Ancestry WWII Memorial Alliance List, printed resources 2005

box 3, folder 17

65th Anniversary of the Rescue of the Lost Battalion Tribute Dinner resources 2009

box 3, folder 18

"Fighting for Tomorrow" Japanese American National Museum exhibit 1995 -1996

box 4, folder 1

The Rafu magazine article: Memories of the Wars 1993

box 4, folder 2

An American Childhood: panel headings and labels printed resources

box 4, folder 3

Japanese American Veteran biographies, printed resources

box 4, folder 4

"225 Years of Service: The US Army 1775-2000" booklet 2000

box 4, folder 5

"Inside View Japanese American Evacuee Center at Rohwer, Arkansas" booklet 1979

box 4, folder 6

Soldiers magazine article "Go for Broke! Honoring Japanese American Vets" 2003

box 4, folder 7

"Redress! The American Promise" booklet

box 4, folder 8

"A Brief Account of the Korean War" booklet

box 4, folder 9

"Memorial Day Services Evergreen Memorial Park" program 1998

box 4, folder 10

"Honorary Texas Citizen Recognition for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team" certificate 1963

box 4, folder 11

"Program of Events in Honor of WWII Medal of the Honor Recipients" program 2000

box 4, folder 12

Los Angeles Times article "Brothers: Japanese American Family Saw Many Sides of War" 1995

box 4, folder 13

Los Angeles Times article "Words of Praise for Navajo Code Talkers' Heroics" printed resource 1995

box 4, folder 14

List of books, pamphlets, bulletins, etc. donated by Mildred Ikemoto undated

box 4, folder 15

Donated books/booklets: The Lost Years 1942-46, The MISLS Album, Go For Broke: Legacy in Americanism undated

box 4, folder 16

Donated books/booklets: Asian Pacific Islander Veterans, Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project undated


Series II: Books 1942-2013; undated


Adachi, Ken. The Enemy That Never Was: A history of the Japanese Canadians


Adler, Bill. Growing Up Asian American


Asahina, Robert. Just Americans: How Japanese Americans Won a War at Home and Abroad


Brokaw, Tom. An Album of Memories: Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation


Burton, Miyo. Japanese American Journey: The Story of a People


Chang, Thelma. I Can Never Forget: Men of the 100th/442nd


Cantrell, Bridget C. Once a Warrior: Wired For Life


Crost, Lyn. Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and the Pacific


Dablemont, Larry. Ridge Runner


Duus, Masayo. Unlikely Liberators: The Men of the 100th and 442nd


Halloran, Richard. Sparky: Warrior, Peacemaker, Poet, Patriot


Harris, Catherine. Dusty Exile: Looking Back at Japanese Relocation During World War II


Hanley, James A. A Matter of Honor: A Memoire


Honda, Hiroshi. Reflections of Internment: The Art of Hawaii's Hiroshi Honda


Ichinokuchi, Tad. John Aiso and the M. I. S.: Japanese-American Soldiers in the Military Intelligence Service, World War II


Irwin, Catherine. Twice Orphaned: Voices from the Children's Village of Manzanar


Ishigo, Estelle. Lone Heart Mountain


Kim, Young Oak. The Unveiling of an American Story


Knaefler, TK. Our House Divided


Komatsu, Kimberly. In America's Shadow


Kotani, Roland. The Japanese in Hawaii: A Century of Struggle


Lim, Deborah K. The Lim Report: A Research Report of Japanese Americans in American Concentration Camps During World War II


Malkin, Michelle. In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror


Matsuo, Dorothy. Silent Valor: The Story of the 442nd Medics


McNaughton, James C. Nisei Linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service During World War II


Mochizuki, Ken and Lee, Dom. Heroes


Moulin, Pierre. U.S. Samurais in Bruyeres


Muller, Eric. Free to Die for Their Country: The Story of the Japanese American Draft Resisters in World War II


Nakano, Mei. Japanese American Women: Three Generations, 1890-1990


Na and Rasmussen, Kai. The MISLS (Military Intelligence Service Language School) Album (Twenty First in the Combat Arms Series)


Nicholson, Dorinda. Pearl Harbor Warriors: The Bugler, The Pilot, The Friendship


Nomi. Nisei Odyssey - The Camp Years


Ogawa, Dennis M. Kodomo No Tame Ni--For the Sake of the Children: The Japanese American Experience in Hawaii


Ogawa, Dennis. To A Land Called Tengoku: One Hundred Years of the Japanese in Hawaii


Oppenheim, Joanne. Stanley Hayami: Nisei Son


Poston 1 Schoolchildren. Through Innocent Eyes: Writings and Art from the Japanese American Internment


Pyle, Ernie. Brave Men


Pyle, Ernie. Here is Your War


Sakamoto, Mitsuo. My Best World War II Souvenir: Chronicles of One Man's Experiences in the United States Army


Steidl, Franz. Lost Battalions: Going for Broke in the Vosges, Autumn 1944


Sterner, Douglas. Go For Broke: The Nisei Warriors of World War II Who Conquered Germany, Japan, and American Bigotry


Rooney, Andy. My War


Tamashiro, Ben. Remembrances 100th Infantry Battalion 50th Anniversary Celebration 1942-1992


Sakakida, Richard. A Spy in Their Midst: The World War II Struggle of a Japanese-American Hero


Susumo, Ito. Charlie Battery A Legend 522 FABN 1943-45 Vol. 1


Zedric, Lance Q. Silent Warriors of World War II: The Alamo Scouts Behind the Japanese Lines


517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team


Bruyeres 50 Anniversaire de la Liberation


Due Process: Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United States Constitution


Final Report: Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast 1942


General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for Manzanar National Historic Site


Japanese Eyes American Heart: Personal Reflections of Hawaii's World War II Nisei Soldiers


Military Intelligence Service Language School U.S. Army: Fort Snelling, Minnesota


Report to the Governor on Discrimination Against Asians: Public Hearing Conducted on March 3, 1973, Seattle, Washington


Standing Guard: Telling Our Stories