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John Ruskin Collection: Finding Aid
mssHM 6097-6129, etc.  
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Manuscripts and correspondence arranged by title


Loose volumes

Physical Description: 9 volumes
Loose volume

HM 6104 Gold; a dialogue. 1863

MS.S. 24 leaves 4to. In the hand of an amanuensis. Content connected with the subject of "Munera Pulveris."
Loose volume

HM 6099 Lectures on architecture and painting: "The Edinburgh Lectures." c. 1854

A.MS. 201 leaves 4to. and fol. The versos of some of the leaves have eleven line-and-wash sketches.
Loose volume

HM 6102 [Notes on Samuel Prout and William Hunt]. 1879-1880

MS. (partly autograph) 88 leaves. Some printed pages, most with autograph corrections; includes pen-and-ink sketch.
Loose volume

HM 6100 [Notes on the Royal Academy and other exhibitions]. c. 1855

A.MS. 53 leaves fol. and 8 proof sheets. Includes pen-and-ink sketches.
Loose volume

HM 6103 Practical Geometry. 1833

A.MS. 38 leaves 4to. A note of presentation and page headings in ornamental pen work, in another hand; with inscription on the flyleaf: Master Ruskin, Jan. 21, 1833.
Loose volume

HM 6097 The Seven Lamps of Architecture. [c. 1849]

A.MS. 2 vols. fol. Vol. 1: text, 224p., with several sketches. Vol. 2: 17 drawings, plus two sets of proofs of 14 plates engraved on India paper for the first and second editions, respectively.
Loose volume

HM 6101 The Two Paths. 1858-1859

A.MS. 170 leaves fol. Included are pen-and-ink sketches and 130 pages in proof of the 1st edition with many corrections.
Loose volume

HM 6098 Unto the Last. [c. 1862]

A.MS. 82 leaves. Essays three and four only, "Que Judicati" and "Ad Vaolrem." Includes several small pen-and-ink sketches, and on leaf 82, there is a large original drawing by Ruskin.
Box  1 , Folder 1


Physical Description: 9 pieces

 HM 21659.  [ Arrows of the Chace: Fragments from "The Arts As a Branch of Education" and the "Turner Sketches and Drawings"] [1857-1858]

A. MSS. 1 leaf fol. And 1 leaf 9 x 8 3/8 in. 2 pieces. Includes pencil sketch.

HM 7587 The Elements of Perspective. [c. 1859]

A.MS. 43 leaves. Includes preface, introduction, and portion of text and appendices, with 11 pp. of corrected proofs. Versos of leaves 2 and 3 are from the second letter of "The Oxford Museum," in an unknown hand with Ruskin's autograph corrections.

 HM 21662.  [Expedition of Darius into Scythia] [c. 1836]

A. MS. 1 leaf. fol. Fragment; includes sketches.

HM 7589 Fors Clavigera. [c. 1878]

A.MS. 10 p. fol. & 4to. Fragment of letter 88.

 HM 21661.  [Fragment of notes relating to the competitive designs submitted for the new Government buildings] [c. 1857]

A. MS. 3 leaves. fol.

HM 7591 [Miscellaneous notes]. [c. 1870]

A.MS. 10 p. fol. Includes a pen-over-pencil sketch.

 HM 21660.  [Notes for: Essay on Baptism] [c. 1850]

A. MS. 1 leaf. fol.

HM 7586 Pre-Raphaelitism. [c. 1851]

A.MS. 17 p. fol. (incomplete). Begins abruptly in mid-text.

HM 7588 To Dear Dr. Acland, 2nd letter on the Oxford Museum. [c. 1859]

A.MS. 12 p. fol. Includes pen-and-ink sketch. Incomplete letter to Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, with a fragment of a second draft, with cuttings from proofs pasted on.

HM 7590 To Henry Swan [notes and draft for an article on Fra Filippo Lippi and Carpaccio]. [1879 January 12]

A.MS. 11 p. 8vo.

Manuscripts and correspondence arranged by author


Loose volume

Physical Description: 1 volume
Loose volume

HM 6105-6129 Ruskin, John. To Edward Clayton. 1839-1845

25 letters. HM 6110 and 6118-20 include pen-and-ink sketches. Many of these letters were published as Letters addressed to a college friend during the years 1840-1845 (1894).
Box  1

Manuscripts and correspondence, Ruskin to A-D

Physical Description: 82 pieces

HM 21655. Ruskin, John. To George Allen. [1873, October 14].


HM 21656. Ruskin, John. To George Allen. [1875 November-December].


HM 21657. Ruskin, John. To George Allen. [1876, November 4].


HM 30653-30657. Ruskin, John. To Charles Edward Cutts Birch Appleton, Editor of Academy.  [between 1873 and 1879].

5 letters.

HM 7612. Ruskin, John. To Daniel Bromly.  1877, April 15.


HM 7622. Ruskin, John. To Francis H. Butler. [1886, March 9].


HM 12881. Ruskin, John. To George Butterworth.  [c. 1870].


HM 21658. Ruskin, John. To Ernest Chesneau.  1882, July 3.


HM 32002. Ruskin, John. To Clifford [----]. 1885 April 24.


HM 7604. Ruskin, John. To Frederick Crawley.  1875, Oct. 4.


HM 7614-7619. Ruskin, John. To Frederick Crawley. 1878-1881.

6 letters. 

HM 7621. Ruskin, John. To Frederick Crawley.  1882, November 14.


HM 25801-25861. Ruskin, John. To Louisa De La Poer, Marchioness of Waterford. 1858-1873.

61 letters. Includes a note by Euphemia Chalmers (Gray) Millais in HM 25801 and pen-and-ink sketches in HM 25839-40. 
Box  2

Manuscripts and correspondence, Ruskin to E-Z

Physical Description: 83 pieces

HM 31088-31098. Ruskin, John. To Sarah Corlass. [c. 1850-1865 and undated].

11 letters.

HM 7601. Ruskin, John. To Editor of the Examiner. 1867, December 9.


HM 32003-32014. Ruskin, John. To Norman Forbes. 1888.

12 letters.

HM 7592. Ruskin, John. To Frederick James Furnivall.  [1850].


HM 7613. Ruskin, John. To Frederick Gale.  1878, July 2.


HM 7620. Ruskin, John. To Miss Gatty.  1881, July 24.


HM 30344-30369. Ruskin, John. To Margaret (Raine) Hunt. 1867-1887.

26 letters. HM 30353 includes a pen-and-ink sketch.

HM 30885. Ruskin, John. To "Dearest Isola" [----].  [c. 1870?].


HM 7595. Ruskin, John. To George Jones.  [1855, October 6].


HM 7605-7610. Ruskin, John. To Henry Larkin. 1875-1876.

6 letters.  HM 7598-99 include pen-and-ink sketches.

HM 7597-99. Ruskin, John. To John Richard Larkin. [1865, August 24-September 25].

3 letters. 

HM 7596. Ruskin, John. To Sir John Murray Naesmyth, Bart.  [1861, Mar?] 25.


HM 26353. Ruskin, John. To I. M. Nicholson.  [after 1843] Jan. 31.


HM 30883. Ruskin, John. To Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore.  [1871?].


HM 30884. Ruskin, John. To Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore.  1881 June 10.


HM 30658. Ruskin, John. To [----] Pattison.  [before 1879].


HM 7611. Ruskin, John. To Robert Rawson.  1876, May 18.


HM 7600. Ruskin, John. To Charles Richardson.  [1867, May 15].


HM 18908. Ruskin, John. To George Richardson.  1868 July 13.


HM 7602. Ruskin, John. To Sir John Simon.  [1871] March 31.


HM 7593. Ruskin, John. To George Smith.  [1851 August 3].


HM 7594. Ruskin, John. To George Smith.  [1855, May].


HM 30341-30343. Ruskin, John. To Dora Thomas, a student. 1879-1883.

3 letters. 

HM 21663. Ruskin, John. To [----]. [between 1856 and 1871].


HM 39921. Ruskin, John. To "Dear Sir". 1862 April.


HM 26320. Ruskin, John. To "My dear Sir" (with sepia photograph of Ruskin).  [before 1871].


HM 7603. Ruskin, John. To [----].  1875 February 19.


HM 21664. Ruskin, John. To Dear Madam.  1883 August 19.