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Underwood (John) Photographic Collection
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Series I: Documents

Physical Description: 1. Postcard from John Underwood to Mrs. Sandy Clary; Mr. Underwood is inquiring whether Mrs. Clary has any newspaper accounts or photographs of a crash at Lindbergh Field. 2. Newspaper picture of female aviators including Blanche Noyes, Helen Richey, Helen McCloskey, and Louise Thaden. 3. Letter from John Underwood to Col. Owen Clarke regarding Mr. Underwood’s interest in providing some photographs for the Women in Aviation exhibit.

Series II: Photographs

Physical Description: 1. Barnes, Florence “Pancho.” 2. Bowen, Marion, Newspaper woman, aviation columnist with an Aeromarine Klemm and a Ford Model A, 1929. 3. Clark, Julia in San Diego, Curtiss School, 1912. 4. Clark. Julia over North Island, 1912. 5. Cobb, Jerri. 6. Cochran, Jackie and Alex de Seversky, 1938. 7. Cochran, Jackie and Alex de Seversky. 8. Cochran, Jackie and Alex de Seversky, 1938. 9. Cochran, Jackie in the F-104, 1961-1962 Records. 10. Cochran, Jackie. 11. Conatser, Rosemary in No. Am. F-86H. 12. Conatser, Rosemary. 13. Crosson, Marvel, August, 1929 (Killed 2nd Day of the First Powder Puff Derby. 14. Crosson, Marvel. 15. Davis, Arlene, First Female Rated 4-Engine, 1938 or 1939. 16. Dietrich Twins, Marion (lower) and Jan. 17. Drag, Joellen, Second pilot of Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 3, checking a Ch-46 Sea Knight Helicopter, 1975. 18. Drinkwater, Winifred, 4/33; 2nd woman in western world hired on a full-time basis as an airline pilot. She flew co-pilot of a Fokker Trimotor, London-Glasgow service. 19. Earhart, Amelia with Ruth Nichols and Louise Thaden, NAR, 1936. 20. Earhart, Amelia with Neta Snook. 21. Earhart, Amelia signing autographs at Los Angeles in front of a Beechnut plane, 1931. 22. Earhart, Amelia in Al Wilson’s Pusher at the National Air Races, Los Angeles, 1928. 23. Earhart, Amelia at National Air Races, 1936. 24. Elder, Ruth with her Swallow J5 at the Powder Puff Derby, 1929. 25. Elder, Ruth at the Powder Puff Derby, 1929. 26. Haizlip, Mary (Mae) with Mary the Duchess of Bedford next to a Cessna C-34 at the Lympne International Air Show, c.1936. 27. Ingle, Gladys next to Art Goebel’s JN-4D. 28. Law, Ruth took Mrs. Robert Goelet of NYC for a twenty minute flight in her Model Wright B. 29. Lindbergh, Amy M. and Charles A., June, 1929. 30. Lindbergh, Amy M. and Charles A., September, 1929. 31. Lindbergh, Amy M. and Charles A., with Mrs. Helene Maddux, co-founder of Maddux Airlines (later TAT then TWA), herself a pilot in the 1929 National Air Races. 32. Lindbergh, Amy M. and Charles A., with Mr. Louis Greve and Cliff Henderson at the 1929 National Air Races in Cleveland. 33. Lindbergh, Amy M. and Charles A., at Glendale, April, 1930. 34. Lindbergh, Amy M. taking a lesson in her own Bird BK with Charles in the front cockpit, 1930. 35. Morgan, Mildred with a friend in the 1932 Powder Puff Derby (Previously finished the 1930 Powder Puff Derby in 2nd place. 36. Neuffer, Judith Ann inspecting the wheel well of a WP-3A Orion Weather Reconnaissance aircraft, 1974. 37. Neuffer, Judith Ann, a personnel officer for Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Four in Jacksonville, Florida, 1974. 38. O’Donnell, Gladys in the 1930 Powder Puff in Waco CTO (#7); she finished first. 39. O’Donnell, Gladys, winner of Aerol Trophy Race – speed dash for women pilots. 40. O’Donnel, Gladys, Waco Taperwing, Winner of the Los Angeles Race, October, 1931. 41. Omlie, Phoebe at the Powder Puff Derby starting line in a Monocoupe, August, 1929; she finished first, B. class. 42. Peyre, Andree was the first woman to achieve fame as a wing-walker. She became an accomplished pilot in 1920-1921. She raced with Amelia Earhart at the opening of Glendale Airport, 1923. 43. Quimby, Harriet is the Dramatic Editor of Leslie’s Weekly, and is a pupil in the Moisant Aviation School at Garden City, Long Island. She is the first woman monoplanist and the first American woman to try for her pilot’s license. 44. Rasche, Thea, first Powder Puff Derby, August, 1929. 45. De la Roche, Baroness, first woman to earn a pilot’s license, 1911. 46. De Seversky, Evelyn and Alex in first SEV-1. She was an accomplished flier and played a vital role in the success of Seversky (later “Republic”) Company. 47. Smith, Elinor with Bobbie Trout (sleeping) in a Richfield Sunbeam plane, attempting an endurance record in 1929. 48. Smith, Elinor, and Bobbie Trout. 49. Stinson, Katherine with Fairbanks Sr., in either San Diego or San Francisco, 1917. 50. Stinson, Katherine at the recruiting drive in San Francisco, 1917. 51. Stinson, Katherine and Miss Thornton (actress) and Oscar A. Brindley (Curtiss Pilot) in San Diego California, c.1915. 52. Strother, Dr. Dora Dougherty, Helicopter Records; as a former WASP member, she flew B-29s in 1944. 53. Thaden, Louise, August, 1929. 54. Walker, Vera Dawn and Lou Goldsmith, Pickwick Airways Inaugural Flight. 55. Waterman, Waldo and Lady Mary Heath, 1929.

Oversized Material

Physical Description: 1. First Women’s Transcontinental Air Race; Take off, Santa Monica, August 19, 1929. Twelve planes (Rasche, Trout, Foltz, Crosson, Noyes, Barnes, Thaden, Kunz, Earhart, Cooper, Nichols, V. Mach). Placed in the Oversized Materials Special Collection Box OSMC_00001. It is labeled as Underwood_01.