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Christopher Hewitt Papers, 1963-2004 GLC 67
GLC 67  
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Table of contents What's This?


Series 1 Correspondence, 1993-2004, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Scope and Contents

The series contains letters and notes sent to Hewitt from friends, family, coworkers, editors, fellow writers, and businesses. The subjects include daily activities, job qualifications, letters of recommendation, and status of poetry submitted for publication. Some letters by Hewitt to businesses or government agencies pertain to injuries sustained or treatment received by Hewitt, or, immigration issues. Some signatures were illegible, others only contained first names.


Arranged into two folders: correspondence sent or received; and correspondence that was not sent. The material in both folders is arranged chronologically.
Box 1, Folder 1

1993-2004, undated

Scope and Contents

The series primarily contains letters written to Hewitt. Some pertain to his work as guest editor for The James White Review (1997). A few letters written by Hewitt appear here, others appear in his notebooks. The Edward Wolf (1997) note includes the poem: "Remembering Daddy From A New Home" by Llewen Hepburn Usilton III (4/21/1983). In a few instances, Hewitt's submissions to poetry publications were returned with an accompanying note.

Adastra Press / Gary Metras (1996)


Anderson, Rob (1995, 2003)


Angela's husband (1993)


Arcangelini, M. J. (1997)


Beamish, Mrs. Maud (2003)


Berg, [Stephen], American Poetry Review (1997) [returned poems: Recovery (in memory of Troy Davis); When I Am Old; Elegy for Dylan Thomas; Veterans; The Lake]


Bill ([1995? undated]) [William Dickey?]


Boyers, Peg, Salmagundi (1999-2000) [returned poems: The Roses (for a friend stricken with depression); When I Am Old; Elegy for Dylan Thomas; The Oak Tree]


Cassian, Nina (undated)


Chairperson (1997) [job application cover letter]


Clapham, John E. (2002)


Clara (undated)


[Daniels], Peter (1997)


Drage, Alison (1995)


Ed (undated)


Elledge, Jim, Illinois Review (1996) [includes returned poems: The Bad Children; On Raggedstone Hill; A Day in Camarthen, 1919; For Winter]


Eve (1996)


Field, Edward (1994)


Flint, Vivekan Don (1997)


Fordham University letter of recommendation (1994)


[Fries], Kenny (1995)


Gene Chihuahua (1999, 2002, 2004)


[Georgiades], William, Perkins Press (undated)


Giannini, Allan Valentino (1997)


Golden, Gerard (1994)


Guilding, Rosemarie (1995) [includes photo of J.M. Hewitt]


Healey, Trebor (1997)


Heggie, Jake (1999)


Hemry, Mark (1997)


Herndon, John (1995) [includes inventory of Hewitt's stored boxes]


[Hess], Benton (1999)


[Hess?], Bent[on] (2002)


Hewitt, Joan M. (1994, 1998, 2003) [mother]


Hull, Glynda (1995) [contains Hewitt c.v.]


Humphrey, Matthew, San Francisco Review (1996)


IBIS Hotel, Heathrow Airport (2000)


Jenkins, Norah (1995)


Jerry / Jov (1995)


KDFC Radio (2002)


[Killacky], John, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (2000)


Kormier, James, Sonoma State University ([1994?])


Lamb, Margaret, Fordham University (1996)


Lauer, Kristin O., Fordham University (1996)


LGBT Center, San Francisco (2004)


Lucas, Katherine, San Francisco State University (1995)


Luczak, Raymond (2004)


McLachlan, Angie ([1994?], 2004)


McMullen, Sarah, Elton John AIDS Foundation [regarding interview of Elton John] (1998)


Marguerite ([2001])


Mark (undated)


Mattes, Jed (1995)


Munth, Malcolm (1993)


NEDRAC, Inc. (2000)


Norah (2001)


O'Brien, Ruth (2000)


Oberon Foundation (2002)


Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (1997)


Paulson, Kevin Thaddeus (1997)


Pete ([1997?])


Dear Poetry Editor (undated)


Richard (undated)


Resendez, Salvador R. ([1997])


Rosemary (1996)


San Francisco Performances ([1999])


Tanksley, William (1996)


Taylor, Timothy Tyrone (1997)


Thompson, Timothy (1995)


Townsend, Pete (1994)


Trentacoste, Camille and Frank Alexander Kronberg (1995)


USAir (1997) [photocopy]


van Kerwijk, Henk (1994, 2002)


van Welzenis, Taco (2000)


Ware, John A. (1994, 1997)


Who's Who in the West ([1998])


Winwood, David (1997)


Wolf, Edward (1997-1998)

Box 1, Folder 2

Addressed correspondence that was returned or not mailed/posted, 1995-1999, undated

General note

Includes two manila envelopes addressed to Marianne Moore Poetry Prize. The contents ("Museum Pieces" and "Evesham Station") were moved to Series 2B.

International Society of Poets (1996)


Coppinger, Mrs. Constance Lawrence (undated)


Goodwill, Val (undated)


Kessler family ([1999])


Grundding, Mrs. Rosemary ([1999])


McLachlan, Angie and Lesley Shane ([1999])


Brown, Sue ([1999])


Flamm, Mrs. Helen ([1999])


Marianne Moore Poetry Prize (undated)


Series 2 Writing, 1990-2004, undated

Scope and Contents

The series includes the poetry, prose, reviews, interviews and other writing by Hewitt. His notebooks are included in this series because he often wrote several drafts of a piece before its completion. The notebooks and looseleaf pages often contain several different poems. The typescripts in subseries 2A may also include several drafts. Final published pieces appear in the series as well. Often Hewitt's writing draws from his own experience. There is a notebook with drafts of Hewitt's memoir Brittle Bones, a more final version of the same in the typescripts, and an audiotape with a reading of Chapter One in Series 7. Some of Hewitt's writing touches on his recovery from alcoholism, his work with people with HIV and AIDS, interviews with writers such as Armistead Maupin, Paul Reed, and Ruth Felt.


Arranged into two subseries: Subseries 2A. Notebooks, Journals, Drafts; and, Subseries 2B. Typescripts.

Subseries 2A Notebooks, journals, drafts, 1995-2004, undated

Physical Description: 17.0 folders


Arranged chronologically with undated notebooks at the end.
Box 1, Folder 3

Notebook [70 page Theme Book cover], 1995, undated

General note

includes: page 4 lines about phone call; project description for writing workshop for people with AIDS and HIV; artist's statement; The Bird Watcher for Roger Webster, 1940-1970); about being 50; Tony.
Box 1, Folder 4

Composition notebook, [1995-1996], undated

General note

Includes: phone numbers; partial prose piece; notes on finances; action plan; It's as if I had died...; The Princess & Pea; review of A Few Tricks Along the Way by Gary J. Stern (Crossing Press, 1996); review of The Promise of Rest by Reynolds Price (Scribners, 1995); Saturday's Child; In the Garden of the Angels; well-meaning but wrong-headed...; Six poems based on the poems of...; Preludes; The East & The West; It was too beautiful?...; Prologue?; Prelude; English 101 Section 12 & 13; Prelude; Courage; Hang It Out; Ebglish Section 13 names and grades.
Box 1, Folders 5-6

Poetry and prose drafts, 1995-2004, undated

General note

Folder 1 includes: heart drawing "for flyer"; The Lifting Team; action plan; job action plan; The Bird Watcher (for Roger Webster, 1940-1970); Managing Pain; notes for poetry retreat at Asilomar?; 11. The old lady's parrot; 12. The heron think he hears...; 1. A sudden rain shower...; The white hare dozes...; draft letter to contributors to The James White Review [Hewitt was guest editor]; Eight poems written after seeing the paintings of T'ao-Chi; Clouds at sunset; Ten poems written after seeing the Paintings of T'ao-Chi; Mightier than the Mouth; preface; Denial; The Miracle / That Moment; The Window Cleaner; The Waiter; Acting Out; In Sobriety; review of The Promise of Rest by Reynolds Price (Scribners, 1995); Love's Foolishness; Pretty Men, Fancy Dancers. Folder 2 includes: partial prose pieces; Funny Things People Say; The Salmon; Flyer: Poetry & Music at Quetzal, 1234 Polk Street, August 12, 1996 [Hewitt was a reader]; Portrait: Gay Man and Mother, October 1995; The Angel in the Garden [photocopy]; Tenacity [photocopy]; Dearest Mum, January 10, 2004; meeting rules; Why I Grew a Beard; Tenacity; notes on sixth step; Terry Bass IOU, 1999; Badmouthing successful writers makes me...; The Madman; notes on 4th step; The Lifting Team; Armistead Maupin...; partial review of Stephen Petronio's dance company; Though my blood pressure...; Out of the hospital; Dear Norah, 1998; In Early Spring; Coming Out; Ode To the Violet; This Thing, Friday Night, Castro Street, San Francisco; The Middle Heart; Love's Foolishness; Consolation; To: Joseph at Desktop; Lines written after a long illness in hospital; What Reality.
Box 1, Folder 7

Notebook [Five-Star cover. Notes on Gala Concert in honor of Ruth Felt, contacts, "Dear Buddy" letter, poems, action plans], 1998

General note

Includes: Grief; contacts, addresses; review of gala concert in honor of Ruth Felt, Herbst Theatre, March 3, 1998; monthly expenses; Dear Buddy, May 19, 1998 [photocopy]; action plan; Partpokmort?; Confectionary; action plan; part-time job, qualities in teaching job; the television here...; Myself as Killer; High Blood Pressure; We All Had Such a Great Time; read step 1; action plan, 1998.
Box 1, Folder 8

Notebook [70 sheets blue cover. Poems, prose, etc.], 1998, undated

General note

Includes: Man with a Van; letter dated August 29, 1998 regarding permanent alien residency; Time debting recovery; Ideal day; Thanking You, San Francisco; Visa history; notes on 1st step; When Teninika Dance; The Food of Love--notes on poems to include; The Edwardians [photocopy and drafts]; Elgar was still full...; poetry writing workshop outline for people with AIDS/HIV "writing for our lives"; Love's Journalists; Irises; and, The Romantic Gets a Reality Check.
Box 1, Folder 9

Notebook [100 sheets red cover. Poems, prose, etc.], [1998], undated

General note

Includes: In memoriam: Matthew Shepard (1976-1998); The Missing Tie; Christopher Death; author's preface for memoir; notes for memoir; quotes for frontispiece; Left-Wing Angel; and, I wonder...
Box 1, Folder 10

Notebook [100 sheets blue cover. Poems, prose, notes on finances, last will and testament, etc.], 1999-2000, undated

General note

Includes: The Madman; monthly expenses; He wears a jacket...; Queercomp; Elegy for Dennis Riley, 1943-1999; ACT-UP, Anyone?; Garbage on the Seventeenth Floor; Why I Grew A Beard; The Hornbeam Seed; The Call; On Seeing Vermeer's Lady Seated at the Virginal; The Bull in the China Shop; Last Will and Testament, September 23, 1999; monthly expenses; You spent more than forty years...; Hewitt agreement to hire Scott Banning as full-time care-giver, April 2000; action plan; spending and action plans; First of all I want to say I'm absolutely thrilled to be in S.F. to launch my latest book Reining in Paris...; Scott Banning agreement to act as full-time care-giver to Hewitt, April 2000; Reina du Coq; Hope/Day Trip; Perception; PRG new actions, March 19, 2000; notes on trip/travel; Dear Mitch.
Box 1, Folder 11

Notebook [100 sheets green cover], 2000, undated

General note

Includes: The Bull in the China Shop; Will the Real Teacher Please Stand Up; spending plan, May 31, 2000; The Prevailing Wind; I wanted to forget...; After Purging; The Outstretched Hand; poetry writing workshop page 2; wheelchair for sale ad; partial letter to Stella.
Box 1, Folder 12

Memo books (2 books) [includes notes on activities, finances, poetry collections, phone numbers, poems used for readings, Sunlight/Sunshine, etc.], 2002, undated

Box 1, Folder 13

Notebook [70 sheets, green cover], 2002, undated

General note

Includes: Homing Instinct; Why I'm A Poet; Nostalgia / To My Credit; The Idiot; Grammar School; partial letter regarding cuts to mental health services; letter to Brian Chiu, Executive Director, LGBT Center, San Francisco (2002); Oh To Be In England.
Box 1, Folder 14

Journal, August, undated

General note

Includes: The Letter; 8/19 diary entry; The Weather; Introduction to Composition: Hewitt, sample outline; The Return; What the Moon Said; notes on 4th step; Chicken Wings; debts, August.
Box 1, Folder 15

Notebook [Fordham University cover], undated

General note

Includes: names and grades for Course 099 Sections 8 and 7, March; We have an understanding...; I'm without a Lover; The Stranger; All the While the Planet Moves; A soul...; In Mule Shoe...; The Death of a Soldier; Two Men...; At the Stud; Your boot strap; Saturday Evening 3 am; notes movies, etc.; exercise on combining sentences.
Box 1, Folder 16

Notebook [Autobiography], undated

General note

Includes: Boys in Green; The headmaster was tall...; left Hanley School; Eleven Plus; Sex Change; Appalachian Spring; The First Poem; Getting Away with Murder; First and Last Steps; The Painter's Son; My first attempts at poetry were...; Moonlight Sonata; The Hills; Growing up in a hotel...; The Long Grasses; pages 3-4 of prose piece: It was a sweet and precious thing.
Box 1, Folder 17

Notebook [Strawberry on cover], undated

General note

Includes: contacts for doctors, social workers, etc.; Pyrites; After the Operation; Interstellar; Vital Signs.
Box 1, Folder 18

Notebook ["Why I Grew A Beard," etc.], undated

General note

Includes: Why I Grew a Beard; phone numbers; page 3 Allan was hedging his bets...; Having told my friend Patrick about my dilemma...; Why I Grew a Beard; travel notes.
Box 1, Folder 19

Notebook [100 sheets green cover. Poems, prose, etc.], undated

General note

Includes: Nine Lives; The Blaspheming Moon; Dropping Out; Courage; pages 5-8 of memoir; Courage; Chasing Rainbows; Cafe Society I; loose pages of stories.

Subseries 2B Typescripts, 1990-2004, undated

Physical Description: 30.0 folders


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Box 1, Folder 20

Acting Out ( S. F. Frontiers, page 26), June 8, 1995

Box 1, Folder 21

As A Good Father Should ( Bent), 2002

Box 1, Folder 22

The Blaspheming Moon. Adapted for the stage by Christopher Hewitt and Michael Anthony Thomas, 1990

Box 1, Folder 23

The Blaspheming Moon: a play in one act. Dramaturgy by Michael Anthony Thomas, 2004

Box 1, Folder 24

Brittle Bones [memoir], 2000-2001

General note

Includes rejection letter from Mercury House, January 24, 2001.
Box 1, Folder 25

Cavafy in the Castro, 1997

Box 1, Folder 26

The Edwardians [also: The Edwardiardians], undated

Box 1, Folder 27

The Enticing Lane ( Bent), 2004

Box 1, Folder 28

Evesham Station: poems by Christopher Hewitt, undated

Box 1, Folder 29

The Flying Womb, undated

Box 1, Folder 30

Four Poems by Chris Hewitt ( Bent), 2001

General note

Love's Foolishness, Newly Blind, The Favorite Place, and The Lifting Team.
Box 1, Folder 31

Grief, undated

Box 1, Folder 32

Individual poems, undated

General note

Includes: Rain; Letter to Patrick; Trust (Three Lessons in History); Ten Poems Written After Seeing the Paintings of T'ao-Chi; Resolution; Cuba; Cavafy in the Castro; The Romantic Gets a Reality Check; No More Monica; At The Hospice; and, Newly Blind.
Box 1, Folder 33

Interviews conducted by Hewitt of Armistead Maupin, Ruth Felt, Paul Reed, 1998, 2002

Physical Description: 1.0 folder
Box 1, Folder 34

Irises, undated

Box 1, Folder 35

Irises: poems by Christopher Hewitt (for Joe on his birthday) [draft and 2 spiral bound copies], undated

Box 1, Folder 36

The Ladybug, undated

Box 1, Folder 37

Love's Fool, 2002, undated

General note

Includes draft, proof, and publication. Subtitle varies: "Lyrics from a Gay Life: poems by Chris Hewitt" and "New and Selected Poetry by Chris Hewitt" (San Francisco: Big Town Press).
Box 1, Folder 38

Museum Pieces: poems by Christopher Hewitt, undated

Box 1, Folder 39

The Quilt Revisited, undated

Box 1, Folder 40

Reaction, undated

Box 1, Folder 41

Review: Here To Dare: Ten Black Gay Poets edited by Assoto Saint (Galiens Press, 1992). Review by Christopher Hewitt (A & U), [1992]

Box 1, Folder 42

Review: The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me by David Drake; Review: Chroma by Derek Jarman; Interview with William Parker; Interview with Edward Field; "Tribute: Remembering a Poet, William Dickey," 1993-1995, undated

Box 1, Folder 43

Review: The Promise of Rest by Reynolds Price. "Southern Saga" ( Bay Area Reporter), May 25, 1995

Box 2, Folder 1

Safe as Houses [also titled "SPAHA"], undated

Box 2, Folder 2

[Statement regarding injury sustained as a result of MUNI bus driver's negligence], December 1995

Box 2, Folder 3

Still Breathing: poems by Christopher Hewitt, undated

Box 2, Folder 4

Under the Table, undated

Box 2, Folder 5

The Villain, undated

Box 2, Folder 6

Will the Real Teacher Please Stand Up? undated


Series 3 Artwork, 1986, undated

Physical Description: 6.0 folders + 2 oversized folders

Scope and Contents

The series contains sketches and drawings by Hewitt, a small mounted painting by J.M. Hewitt, Christopher's mother, and some printed posters by others. Several of the drawings by Hewitt have satirical captions. Many of the drawings are unsigned.


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Box 4, Oversize-folder 1

Art/posters by others, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 oversize items
Box 2, Folder 7

Drawings, undated

Box 2, Folder 8

Old Church Tower, Upton-on-Severn by J. M. Hewitt, undated

Box 2, Folder 9

Pen and ink drawings by Hewitt with captions, undated

Box 2, Folder 10

Sketchbook with pen and ink drawings by Hewitt, undated

Box 2, Folder 11

Sketchbook with pencil, crayon, and pen and ink drawings, undated

Box 2, Folder 12

Sketchbook with satirical drawings by Hewitt, undated

Box 4, Oversize-folder 2

Sketch tablet, 1986, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 oversize items

General note

12" x 18". Includes sketch of Christopher Hewitt by "B," and sketches by Hewitt regarding hospital care after and accident in 1986.

Series 4 Subject Files, 1974-2004, undated

Physical Description: 23.0 folders + 2 oversized items

Scope and Contents

The series contains flyers for readings by Hewitt, materials collected to assist with job searches and interviews, calendars and address books, some financial information, and proposals for courses Hewitt wanted to teach. There are some student papers with Hewitt's feedback. One folder contains writing by others that Hewitt considered for publication in The James White Review, Able-Together, or Art & Understanding. The folder of Hewitt family records contains several copies of Christopher Hewitt's birth certificate, correspondence and forms relating to immigration status, and some materials on his mother's finances and care.


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Box 2, Folder 13

Address / Telephone books (3 books), undated

Box 2, Folder 14

Addresses. Mailing lists, 1997, undated

Box 2, Folder 15

Article about Tavistock group exercises (unsigned), undated

Box 2, Folder 16

Bay Area Bridges staff meeting, 1995

Box 2, Folder 17

Buttons: "Living Sober, San Francisco"; "Al-Anon, 13 Years, Friday Step", 2002, undated

Box 2, Folder 18

Calendars (5 books), 1996-1997, 2001, undated

Box 2, Folder 19

California Community Colleges, 1996

Box 2, Folder 20

California Poets in the Schools. Poet application, 1994

Box 2, Folder 21

Course Proposals, 1986-2000

Box 2, Folder 22

Curriculum vitae, applications, 1996-1997, undated

Box 2, Folder 23

Financial. Income tax materials, bills and receipts, legal notices regarding unpaid medical bills, 1993-1994, 1997

Box 2, Folder 24

Financial. Spending plan, activity plan, September-October 1994, undated

Box 2, Folder 25

Flyers, 1995, 1997, undated

General note

Wheelchair for sale; apartment wanted; American Stories concert by New Amsterdam Singers; "Recovery Today (working title)" Al-Anon literature submission guidelines.
Box 2, Folder 26

Flyers for readings and workshops, [1986]-1999, undated

Box 2, Folder 27

Francis of Assisi Community / Mercy Housing. Volunteer application, 2003

Box 2, Folder 28

Haight Ashbury Alcohol Treatment Services, 1995

Box 2, Folder 29

Hewitt family records: Christopher Hewitt birth certificates, immigration papers, X-ray, Hewitt family history, durable power of attorney, correspondence regarding Joan Hewitt's finances, 1974-2001

Box 2, Folder 30

Malvern Hills and Bredon Hill ordnance survey, 1996

Box 2, Folder 31

Meditation in recovery: a half-day retreat, San Francisco Zen Center [includes Buddhism and the Twelve Steps," March 16, [2002?]

Map-case GLC 67

Memorial posters with photographs and remembrances of Christopher Hewitt, 2004

Physical Description: 2.0 oversize items
Box 2, Folder 32

O'Brien, Mark. Come Celebrate the Life of Mark O'Brien [readers include Hewitt], [1999]

Box 2, Folder 33

Poetry classes and poetry prize submission guidelines, 1986-2000

Box 2, Folder 34

Student essays with Hewitt comments, 1986

Box 2, Folder 35

Writing sent to Hewitt for criticism or publication, 1997-2003, undated

General note

Some items were solicited by Hewitt for an issue he guest edited for The James White Review. Other material was considered for the publication A&U (Art & Understanding). Includes poetry, stories, and/or correspondence by: Kevin Thaddeus Paulson; Ed Wolf; Carl Wiener; Trebor Healey; Alfred Corn; Mark Moody; Kenny Fries; Christopher Norbury; David Winwood; Peter Daniels; Michael Lassell; Carl Wiener; M. J. Arcangelini; Christopher Bernard; Joseph Arthur Nathans; Timothy T. Taylor; Tommi Avicolli Mecca; Mark Hemry; Vivekan Don Flint; Carl Wiener; [Gary Peterson?]; Michael Allen (Wish You Were Here; and, Ivan and Misha); Raymond Luczak (Landmarks, Signposts, Corners); Robert Guter; David "A Gentleman's Letter to a Lover"; Mark Moody; Leonard Sanazaro and estate of William Dickey; Ricky Teague.

Series 5 Published Material, [1988?]-2001

Scope and Contents

The series contains prose and poetry by Hewitt published in chapbooks, magazines, and journals. The series also includes published work that was inscribed to Hewitt and material that Hewitt edited. Of note are the scores by composers Benton Hess, Richard Maltz and Dennis Riley that feature Hewitt's poetry.


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Box 2, Folder 36

Able-Together Magazine (San Francisco), vol. 6, no. 2 [2 copies], Spring 1999

General note

Includes "The Lifting Team" [poem] by Chris Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 37

Able-Together Magazine (San Francisco), vol. 6, no. 3, Summer 1999

General note

Includes "Moonlight Sonata" [excerpt from Hewitt's memoir Brittle Bones] and "Chicken Soup" [poem] by Chris Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 38

Able-Together Magazine (San Francisco), vol. 6, no. 4, Fall 1999

General note

Includes "No More Monica" [poem] by Chris Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 39

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), vol. 1, no. 3, Spring 1992

General note

Includes "Giving Way To Light: in memory of Bart G." by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 40

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), vol. 2, no. 4, October/November 1993

General note

Includes "All I Know To Do" [poem] by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 41

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), issue 12, vol. 3, no. 3, August 1994

General note

Includes "A Portrait of Felice Picano" [interview] by Chris Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 42

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), issue 13, vol. 3, no. 4, October/November 1994

General note

Includes: "Retrospective: A Conversation with Keith Haring's Official Biographer, John Gruen" by Chris Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 43

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), issue 21, vol. 5, no. 3, May 1996

General note

Includes "The Purple Flower: in memory of Jim Johnson 1937-87" [poem] by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 44

Art & Understanding (Albany, N.Y.), issue 44, vol. 7, no. 6, June 1998

General note

Includes "Tall Tales" [interview with Armistead Maupin] by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 45

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Children Coming Home (Chicago: The David Company) [inscribed to Hewitt], 1991

Box 2, Folder 46

Caveat Lector (San Francisco), vol. 9, no. 2 [2 copies], Summer 1997

General note

Includes: Two Poems by Christopher Hewitt: "Ophelia" and "To a Friend Who Has Not Written."
Box 2, Folder 47

Helena Marie, Sister C.H.S. Seasons of the Spirit: Meditations of a Jogging Nun (Ridgefield, Conn.: Morehouse Publishing) [inscribed to Hewitt], 1994

General note

Includes letter from Rosemary Glynne Gosselin to Hewitt, October 10, 1994.
Box 2, Folder 48

Hess, Benton. Metamorphosis. Music by Benton Hess, poems by Christopher Hewitt (Daringdiva Press), 1989, 1990

Box 4, Oversize-folder 3

Hess, Benton. Amours [score]. Nine poems by Christopher Hewitt, music by Benton Hess, [1988?]

Physical Description: 1.0 oversize items

General note

Inscribed to Hewitt by performers Benton Hess, James Jeter, Peter A. Stewart, Carol S. Webber, and Larry Tietze.
Box 2, Folder 49

Hewitt, Christopher. The Careless Days (New York: The Groundwater Press), [3 copies], 1989

Box 2, Folder 50

Maltz, Richard. Seeing With the Heart: three songs for mezzo soprano, baritone and piano: on poetry by Christopher Hewitt, 1994

General note

I. Newly Blind; II. At the Beach, Venice, California; III. The Favorite Place.
Box 2, Folder 51

New York Native (New York), issue 680, vol. 16, no. 21, April 29, 1996

General note

Includes "The Sparrow," "Midnight Serenade," and "Gentleness" [poems] by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 52

New York Native (New York), issue 694, vol. 16, no. 35, August 5, 1996

General note

Includes "Home," "Chicken Soup" and "Rain" [poems] by Christopher Hewitt (page 59).
Box 4, Oversize-folder 4

Perkins Press (Northampton, Massachusetts), no. 13 (2 copies, one missing cover), Fall 1994

Physical Description: 1.0 oversize items

General note

Includes poem: Giving Way to Light, in memory of Bart G.
Box 2, Folder 53

Riley, Dennis. Cantata V (Raggedstone Hill). Poems by Christopher Hewitt. Mixed chorus, harp, piano and percussion. Choral score [2 copies], 1989

Box 2, Folder 54

Salmagundi (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.), no. 113, Winter 1997

General note

Includes "Hypochondria" by Christopher Hewitt.
Box 2, Folder 55

Shurin, Aaron. Unbound: a Book of AIDS (Los Angeles: Sun and Moon Press) [final proofs sent to Hewitt with note], 1997

Box 2, Folder 56

"Yerba Buena Arts Director Bares It All" [interview with John Killacky, mentions Hewitt] ( San Francisco Chronicle), November 9, 2001

Physical Description: 21.0 folders + 2 oversized folders

Series 6 Photographs, 1963, 1985, 2000, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders + 1 oversized item

Scope and Contents

The series contains photographs of Christopher Hewitt by Barbara Loudis, Richard Kanuck, and a pencil drawing by TL. There is also a photo of Roger Webster and a panorama photo of the Grammar School, Hanley Castle from 1963.


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Map-case GLC 67

The Grammar School, Hanley Castle, September 1963

Physical Description: 1.0 oversize items
Physical Description: Mounted on cardboard (7" x 36").
Box 2, Folder 57

Hewitt, Christopher (includes and a drawing of Hewitt), 1985, 2000, undated

Box 2, Folder 58

Webster, Roger, undated


Series 7 Audiovisual Materials, 1978-2001, undated


Arranged into two subseries by format.

Subseries 7A Videotapes, 1987, 2001

Physical Description: 3.0 videotapes

Scope and Contents

The series contains three VHS tapes. One is a portrait of Hewitt, another is a reading by Hewitt. Crip Shots is a short documentary film with portraits of artists with disabilities. It features Judy Smith, Greg Walloch, Chris Hewitt, Bill Shannon, and Terry Galloway.


Arranged in chronological order.
Box 3

Portrait of Chris Hewitt, Fall 1987

Physical Description: 1.0 videotape VHS

General note

Made by Barbara Loudis. Student project. New School for Social Research. Approximately 4 minutes, 30 seconds.
Box 3

Under the Raging Moon: Achilles Emperaire as read by Christopher Hewitt, December 8, 1987

Physical Description: 1.0 videotape VHS

General note

Later title: Blaspheming Moon. 1 hour. Part of the Off the Shelf series.
Box 3

Crip Shots (San Francisco), 2001

Physical Description: 1.0 videotape VHS

General note

Made by John Killacky and Larry Connolly. 17 minutes. Color. Includes reading by Hewitt.

Subseries 7B Audiocassette Tapes, 1978-2001, undated

Physical Description: 23.0 audiotapes

Scope and Contents

The subseries contains audiocassette tapes of readings and interviews by Hewitt. It also includes performances of The Blaspheming Moon and Seeing With The Heart; both works are poems by Hewitt set to music. There are also two self-help tapes by Les Brown.


Arranged chronologically with undated items at the end.
Box 3

Reading/Lecture, San Francisco State University (sides 1 and 2), May 3, 1978

Box 3

Reading/Lecture, San Francisco State University (side 3); Hewitt and Hamilton, May 3, 1978; May 14, 1978

Box 3

Christopher Hewitt and Frank Dwyer, Marymount Manhattan College, June 4, 1985

Box 3

Reading at Marymount [Manhattan?] College: Christopher Hewitt (side A) and Karen Swenson (side B), May 16, 1986

Box 3

Hewitt, Christopher. The Blaspheming Moon, Fordham University Theatre, September 26, 1986

Box 3

The Great Spangled Fritillary: for violin and marimba. Music by Andrew Thomas, [1988]

General note

Sharon Leventhal, violin; Nancy Zeltsman, marimba. Andrew Thomas asked Christopher Hewitt to write a poem to accompany the work as a program note. The work premiered in 1988.
Box 3

Chris Hewitt interviewed by Tom Smith ? WMAC, Albany, New York, February 12, 1992

General note

Tape reads: Book Show 920227 #190. Christopher Hewitt. 24:27."
Box 3

Art & Understanding reading. Celebration at A Different Light bookstore, New York City, February 20, 1992

General note

Readers: Guy-Mark Foster, Raymond Luczak, Virginia Pye, Chris Hewitt, Robert E. Penn, Constance Gunthe?. Introduced by Walter Vatter and David Waggoner. Moderated by Chris Hewitt.
Box 3

Interview with Leslea Newman, New York, March 18, 1993

Box 3

Reading by the Poetry Workshop, May 4, 1993

Box 3

Happy Birthday, Chris 1993! From Max [mix tape], 1993

Box 3

Seeing With The Heart. Music by Richard Maltz, poems by Christopher Hewitt (Columbia, South Carolina), May 22, 1994

Box 3

Reading at A Different Light. Pete Townsend (side A); Chris Hewitt (side B). September 17, 1996

Box 3

Performances at 6, Eureka Theatre, San Francisco, October 26, 1999

General note

"On The Move: an evening of poetry and music of travel and transformation." Christopher Hewitt, poet. Gilbert Martinez, harpsichord.
Box 3

Paul Reed interview, April 4, 2001

Box 3

Brittle Bones. Chapter 1, undated

Box 3

How to Control Your Emotions Through Observation. Tape 1, undated

Box 3

Les Brown. Choosing Your Future: It's You! Tape 3, undated

Box 3

Les Brown. Choosing Your Future: It's You! Tape 4, undated

Box 3

Chris Hewitt reading, undated

Box 3

A Different Light poetry reading, undated

Box 3

Hewitt, Christopher. The Blaspheming Moon, undated

Box 3

WQXR: Benton Hess interview with Russell Shemar? and group? with Peter Stewart, undated