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San Francisco AIDS Foundation Magnet Program Records
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cartons 1-2, carton 4, folders 1-2, carton 5, folders 1-2

Artifacts undated

carton 1, item 1

"We Need It Bad" - Castro Guys - White T-Shirts (Large) (3 shirts) undated

carton 1, item 2

Magnet bicycle top shirt (black) undated

carton 1, item 3

Grey Magnet T-Shirt – Signed in Black & Red – Written Slogans (2 shirts) undated

carton 1, item 4

Magnet t-shirt (black) undated

carton 1, item 5

Magnet t-shirt (gray) undated

carton 1, item 6

Magnet handkerchief (black & white) undated

carton 1, item 7

Nurse Tim lab-coat undated

carton 1, item 8

Magnet Cloth Banner – "men ∙ sex ∙ health ∙ life" - 56in x 32in undated

carton 1, item 9

Magnet hand towels (2 towels) undated

carton 1, item 10

Paper luggage tags – each with a note about love and/or HIV – seemingly part of an installation celebration Nurse Tim – former Director of Nursing at Magnet (43 tags) undated

carton 1, item 11

Magnet Cloth Bicycle Banner undated

carton 2, item 1

Keychains undated

carton 2, item 2

Magnet Stickers undated

carton 2, item 3

"Get Tested" foam penises undated

carton 2, item 4

Magnet buttons and lapel pins undated

carton 2, item 5

red ribbons for making AIDS ribbons undated

carton 2, item 6

Magnet-branded metal water bottle undated

carton 2, item 7

3 large – black Magnet comment books undated

carton 2, item 8

2 medium – black Magnet comment books undated

carton 4, item 1

The Grand Duke Don Baker Memorial Humanitarian Award undated

carton 4, item 2

Etched Glass/Lucite Magnet Donner Support Plaque – 10in x 10in – Bristol Myers Squibb Virology & SF Mayors Office undated

carton 5, item 1

Plastic marquee letters/numbers – from Magnet's marquee at 4122 18th Street undated

carton 5, item 2

Steve Gibson Lanyards undated

carton 3, carton 4, item 3, carton 4, folders 1-11, carton 5, folder 5

Photographs and Audio/ Visual Material 2003-2008

carton 3, item 1

Tin lunchbox- "The Enemy Is Syphilis" Polaroid photo collection (Restricted) undated

carton 3, item 2

Box of "Photo Shots" CDS undated

Scope and Contents

Item 2 is restricted
carton 3

Various – DVDs, CDs, floppy disc, digital video cassette including 2 DVDs of "Welcome to My Path undated

carton 4, item 3

Roll of film undated

carton 4, folders 1-9

Magnet event photos 2006-2008

Scope and Contents

Photographs in Folder 4 are restricted.
carton 4, folder 10

Photo album of Polaroids of penises from the "The Penis Project" (Restricted) undated

carton 4, folder 11

Magnet Website photos of gay men (Restricted) August 2003

carton 5, folder 6

Magnet photos undated

oversized-box 1, oversize-box 2, folders 3-7

Posters 2002-2012

oversized-box 1

Magnet Health Center – lighting layout (cardboard) 2003

oversized-box 1

Various Poster Notes undated

oversized-box 1

Various Posters of Butt Prints undated

oversized-box 1

" The Penis Project" undated

oversized-box 1

Behold, the Butt Prints at Magnet sign, clipped with color pictures undated

oversized-box 1

"We Need It Bad" undated

oversized-box 1

"The Moral Majority. Family Values. Right to Live" undated

oversize-box 2, folder 3

Blueprints 2002

oversize-box 2, folders 4-7

Various Posters/ Large Flyers 2003-2012; undated

Scope and Contents

Various poster may include "Peter Berlin – solo exhibition Oct 1-Oct 31, 2014", "Adriana Bozzi Paintings December 7th", "Man Candy by Jason Mercier", "Call for Entries", "Sexo Latex", "Speak to your Brothers", "Sexual Health is Just Health", "Mental Health is Just Health", "Wrap Your Man in Pleasure", "Speak to Your Brothers from the Heart – Cascade AIDS Project", "Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e. V.", "Be a Rubberman – Use a Condon Every Time", "Our Love – That's What Is All About", "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", "Beibe Tage Beiber Sand Kondom und Gleitgel immer dabie", "Hot Rubber the Condom: To Be or Not to Be", "The Terrence Higgins Trust Helpline", "ich will dich, du willst mich, ganz klar", "Gleich hier? Aber sicher!", "Let's Give HIV a Human Face!", "On Meurt Encore Du Sida a Paris. Protegez-Vouz", "We Can Live. Together.", "Sex, Safe und Far", "Alles was geil und sicher ist- Safer Sex", "Infiziert nicht isolient", "Mein Freund Ist Positiv", "Wir Sind Ganz Schon Stark", "Vom Sex kriege ich noch kein AIDS.", "Frauen Positiv Power", "Vivi Integrament tu Humanidad", "Hart oder zart. Das ist nicht die Frage.", "Sie Tun, Was Sie Immer Tun, "Okay: ich bin schwul. Ich bin stark", "Positiv Lieben.", Cardboard check for Magnet ($2.000), Mission of Magnet – cardboard, Magnet, Graffiti Art @ Magnet, Boys with Balls (05/20/07), Pink Triangle Park Benefit (March 31st), Qual der Wahl, "Raw Sex" Are the Rules Changing?, Three-Way Book Party: Calderwood, Hittinger and Mills, Dungeon.com: Dirty Alley, 16,000 HIV/AIDS, Blow Buddies, Bulldog Baths Mural, Peter Berlin: A Solo Exhibition of Photoraphs Oct1-Oct31, 2014, Magnet Holistic Service, G.A.W.K Gay Artists and Writers Kollective, Easy Bake Oven, Paisleys Xmas Nightmare, Smack Dab Celebrates 10 years!, Put It On!, Escort Photography, Rough Gods – photographs by Michael Alago, A Magnet for Pride, B.A.R. Teaser Campaign, June 2003, Odyssey Advertisements, July 2003, Gloss Advertisement, July 2003, Sex and Icons, Identifying Acute HIV Infection, Get Tested for Syphillis, Celebrating 2 Years! Magnet, Will Clark's 2nd Annual Bad Boys by the Bay, Castroguys Spring Cleaning, Pajama Rama – EROS, Magnetic Couples: When Opposites Attract Part 2, $25,000 Give Today, double your support, We'll Give You a Load of Advice About Staying Healthy, No Blame, No Shame, How You Fuck Is Your Business. Your Health Is Ours, Pig Play the Healthy Way, Linq, Link, Linq cardboard sign, Magnet cardboard sign, Castro/18th cardboard sign, We Need It Bad, A Boy and His Camera, Alexi Lekat's Paintings at Magnet, Toby Jantzen Presents "A Grand Painting", Before There Was Magnet There Was…, Annual Deaf Aids Memorial, SMACKdab – Jaime Cortez (2005), SMACKdab – Trina Robbins (2005), SMACKdab – Kelly Kegger, Mattilda (2005), SMACKdab – Kasastrophe (2005), SMACKdab – Nar (2005), SMACKdab – Joe Arcangelini, SMACKdab – horehound stillpoint (2005), SMACKdab – Bambi Lake, Alvin Orloff (2004), SMACKdab – Jim e sparkple pants, Julia Serrano (2004), SMACKdab – Ed Mycue, SMACKdab – Simon Sheppard, SMACKdab – Ed Wofl, Grampa Jack Book Reading/Siging, There's a Human Being Attached To This – Handle Him With Care!, Call for Entries, Fill Your Hungry Hole With Information, Meet and Greet International Mr. Leather John Pendal, Affirmative Gay Relationships, Pride '04 Margarita Booth, SMACKdab poster with various pictures of entertainers, Beer Bust at the Loading Dock San Francisco 2003, Magnet in Collaboration with Duane Cramer, Viva Variety 42 (2004), The Penis Project press release (10/14/2004), From Happy Hour to After Hours, Tea Dance October 14, Phoenix Arizona, The Magnet Book Club Spring 2012, The Magnet book club Winter 2012
carton 5, folders 1-5, 7-19

Records 2001-2011

Scope and Contents

Materials in Folder 9 is restricted.
carton 5, folder 1

Best of the Bay 2006

carton 5, folder 2

Original Mission & Menu 2008; undated

carton 5, folder 3

Castroguys 2002

carton 5, folder 4

Community Needs Survey 2007

carton 5, folder 5

Hook Us Up! Health Assessment 2007

carton 5, folder 7

Magnet Clinical Survey 2005

carton 5, folders 8-9

CAB Meeting Notes (Restricted) 2001-2002

carton 5, folder 10

Magnet Certificates/ Awards 2005-2009

carton 5, folder 11

Magnet Flyers, Brochures, Pamphlets, Press Release 2008; undated

carton 5, folder 12

Miscellaneous/ Greeting cards undated

carton 5, folder 13

Magnet Health Center Blueprints undated

carton 5, folder 14

Magnet Health Center Building Renovation Larger Poster Notes undated

carton 5, folder 15

Correspondence and Reports 2003-2006

carton 5, folder 16

Program Flyers & Magazines 2003-2011

carton 5, folder 17

Electronic Medical Record System at Magnet 2008-2009

carton 5, folder 18

Safe Sex Poster Contest Entries (Restricted) 2004

carton 5, folder 19

Orasure 2007-2008

carton 5, folders 20-21, oversize-box 2, folder 1

Newspaper Clippings 2003-2007

Scope and Contents

Newspaper clippings may include Academy of Friends announces grants to HIV/AIDS group (BAR 04/28/05), Castro gives 'Tina' the cold shoulder (BAR 03/10/05), BAR 05/26/05, Town hall meeting addresses speed problem, BAR (07/24/03), Barebacking Forum (BAR 05/12/05), Crystal Met users turn to experimental project to kick the habit (02/17/05), Bay Times (03/03/05), Calendare (BAR 03/10/05), Sisters' Revival Bingo is Coming May 5 (Bay Times 04/25/05), Magnet Celebrating Its Second Anniversary (Bay Times, July 14th), Celebrating 2 Years (BAR 07/07/05), SF Chronicle (06/21/04), BAR (08/15/05), PJ Corkery piece on "Auld acquaintance cheer lazy last days", Magnet article in Castro Street Fair guide book (October 2005), BART (12/01/05), Bay Times (09/08/05), Bay Times (12/08/05), Bay Time (11/10/05), Bay Times (08/04/05), Deaf AIDS Memorial, Bay Times (12/08/05), BAR (12/08/05) • Open Up, BAR (12/02/04), Penis Project, BART (09/30/04), BAR (04/15/04), Bay Times (02/19/04), BAR (05/20/04), Bay Times (01/15/04), Familiar Men, Bay Times (2004), Bay times (01/15/04), BAR (05/13/04), BAR (04/08/04), BAR (07/01/04), Castro Star (May 2004), BAR (05/20/04), Odyssey (01/23/04), Bay Times (03/04/04), BAR (02/19/04), SMACK Dab and GAWK announcements (02/12/04), Rapid HIV Testing Coming to the Castro, Bay Times (01/29/04), BAR (01/01/04), BAR (01/29/04), Sentinel (12/16/04), BAR (08/19/04), BAR (07/17/03, Black men voice concerns about Castro (BAR 09/02/04), Meeting for black men, BAR (08/19/04), Mario Gonzalez reception, Bay Times (09/09/04), Tina's Café, Bay Times (09/09/04), Academy of Friends Beneficiary Reception Bay Times (10/07/04), 2004 LGBT News, BAR (December 2004), Bad Boys by the Bay Benefit Magnet, Bay Times (07/29/04), Tina's Café, Bay Times (08/19/04), News in Brief, BAR (08/26/04), Tackling Crystal Use at Tina's Café, Bay Times (07/08/04), Will Clark's 2nd Annual Bad Boys by the Bay, BAR (07/22/04), Bay Times (10/28/04), Bay Times (07/15/04), New gay health center plans July opening, BAR (06/26/03), BBE photo exhibit, BART (07/06/06), Tim Myers reception, Bay Times (07/13/06), Bay Times (09/07/06), Best of the Bay 2006 Party Pics, Magnet receives challenge grant, Bay Times (02/09/06), 3 year B'day Party, Bay Times (07/13/06), Myers Reception, SF Chronicle datebook (07/02/06), Out and About, BAR (09/07/06), BAR (10/05/06), Magnet Building Attacked with Graffiti, Bay Times (10/12/06), Bay Times (10/19/06), Bay Times LGBTQ News, Bay Times (09/13/15), Bay Times (11/12/09), Bay Times (07/09/09), Bay Times (11/05/09), Bay Times (05/07/09), Bay Times (01/15/09), Bay Times (04/09/09), Bay Times (03/12/09), Bay Times (06/11/09), BAR (01/0/09), BAR A and E (08/05/10), Bay Times (12/09/10), SF Chronicle (07/14/10), Bay Times (07/15/10), Bay Times (08/07/08), Bay Times (02/12/09), Bay Times (07/16/09), Bay Times (12/11/09), Bay Times (07/07/08), Magnet health center for gay men opens, BAR (07/03/03), Bar (07/03/03), BAR (April 2015), SF Chronicle (09/28/03), BAR (07/03/03), NY Times, Science Times (10/06/15, BAR (05/03/07), Bay Times (06/14/07), SF Chronicle (09/28/03), A Magnet in the Castro, Bar (07/17/03), Magnet health event bares men's behinds, Check out erotic Celtic Art of Matthew McHale at Magnet, Bay Times (01/14/07), Magnet Gets Funds to Hire Medical Director, Bay Times (01/04/07), Chairs for Charity Seated at Magnet, Bay Times (01/18/07), Patrolling the Castro, Bay Times (02/01/07), Tina's Café, Bay Times (06/22/07), Academy of Friends and Oscar Night Was a Yawner, Bay Times (03/01/07), Juneteenth Party, BAR (06/14/07), Tina's Café, BAR (06/14/07), Black gay men celebrate community, Bay Times (04/19/07) and BAR (04/19/07), BAR 05/03/07, BAR 06/07/07
carton 5, folders 20-21

Magnet 2005

oversize-box 2, folder 1

Magnet 2003-2007