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Dansky (Steven F.) papers
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Personal papers Series 1

Box 1, Folder 1

Articles written by, about, or with images of Dansky 1970-2010

Scope and Contents

Articles written by Dansky include "The Look of Liberation," "Come Out!'s Historic 3-Year Run," "Chronicles of an Activist Photographer," "The Visible Vidal," "Mapplethorpe's Muse," "The Politics of Focus," "Love Songs of Gandhi and Malcolm X," "Of Beefcake and Beauty Queens," and "On the Persistence of Camp," The Gay & Lesbian Review (2009-2013). Other articles written by Dansky include "Alice Crimmins vs. The Brotherhood," "Strange Bedfellows: The Right and Left Against Jane Alpert," and "Motherhood, Monogamy and Love," The Soho Weekly News (1975); as well as "Hey Man," Gay Flames and Come Out! (1970); "Our Critical Direction," Community (2004); and "Broken Gender," Gertrude (2006). Includes the articles "40 years after Stonewall" interview of Dansky (2009); "Vegas resident Steven F. Dansky presents photo exhibit and lecture," Q Vegas (2010); and images of Dansky in Out Week, no.1 (1989) and Gay, v.2, no.40 (1970).
Box 1, Folder 2

Basta Enough, no.10, editor Dansky May 1969

Box 1, Folder 19

Biographical information 2015

Box 1, Folder 3-4

Correspondence 1970-2008

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence with Robin Morgan, Blake Morgan, and Kenneth Pitchford (2004-2008). Also includes correspondence with Jane Alpert (1975-1976), Adrienne Rich (1974), and Erica Zimetbaum (1982), and an invitation to attend Christopher Street Liberation Day (1970).
Box 1, Folder 5

Double F: A Magazine of Effeminism 1972-1976

Scope and Contents

A periodical of Steven Dansky, John Knoebel, and Kenneth Pitchford.
Box 1, Folder 6

DVDs, second copies 2010-2013

Existence and Location of Originals

See the ONE audiovisual collection for a listing of the orginals.
Box 1, Folder 7

"The Effeminist Moment: Thirty-Eight Years Later" 2008

Box 1, Folder 8

"The Effeminist Papers: The Making of a Male Profeminist" 2006

Box 1, Folder 18

Faggotry periodical, creator Dansky 1972

Box 1, Folder 9

Gay liberation flyer and press release 1971, 1994

Box 1, Folder 10

"In Public: Studies from the Street" exhibit records 2010

Box 1, Folder 11

Marriage records, including media clippings 2004-2006

Box 1, Folder 12

"On Anger: The Months After the Stonewall Rebellion" 2013

Box 1, Folder 13

"On Bearing Witness: Images & Reflections on the LGBT Movement" exhibit records 2010

Box 1, Folder 14

On the occasion of "From the Shadows to the Sunlight: The First Year of Gay Liberation" 2008

Box 1, Folder 15

Peace/La Paz periodical, editor Dansky 1968-1969

Box 1, Folder 16

Photographs 1970-2014

Physical Description: [12 photographic prints]

Scope and Contents

Includes images of Dansky, Suzanne Levine, Robin Morgan, Blake Morgan, Ned Rorem, and Gloria Steinem.
Box 1, Folder 20

Tom Ashe photographs of first New York gay pride march 1970

Physical Description: 8 photographs : b&w.Includes a CD of digitized images.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Donated by Allen Young, 2016.
Box 1, Folder 17

"The Work of Steven F. Dansky" pamphlet circa 2005


Outspoken: Oral History from LGBTQ Pioneers Series 2

Scope and Contents

This series primarily includes digital video interviews produced by Dansky for project Outspoken: Oral History from LGBTQ Pioneers, begun in 2013. This series also includes photographs and release forms for the project.

Conditions Governing Access

The digital video interviews from Dansky's Outspoken project are available for viewing in the Archives' reading room.
Box 2, Folder 1

Interviewee release forms ca. 2013-2016


Still photographs

Box 2, Folder 2

Portraits A-B ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Trey E. Allen, Dennis Altman, Taura Anderson, Ron Auerbacher, Steve Ault, Paola Bacchetta, Bill Baird & John Kennedy, Ian Baldwin, Dennis Baum, Nick Benton, Renee L. Birder & Karen Schmidt, Mark Blumberg, Richard Bolingbroke, Richard Bradbury & Dick Weismann, Christopher Bram, Perry Brass & Hugh Young, Ellen Broidy, William Bryan.
Box 2, Folder 3

Portraits C-D ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Roberto Camp, Glenorchy Campbell, David Carter, Jacob Carter & Don Johnson, Brenda Catania & Deb Perkins, Sam Chong, Elizabeth Clifford, Judy Corbisiero, Kristine Cottom & Trina Porte, Steven F. Dansky & Barry Safran, Nikos Diaman.
Box 2, Folder 4

Portraits E-H ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Murray Edelman, Tim Elliott, Angel Adrian Plancarte Entrada & Fina Plancarte Entrada, Jim Fouratt, Miriam Frank, Jack Fritscher & Mark Hemry, Marcia Gallo, Danny Garvin, Donna Gottschalk, Michela Griffo, Walter Herron, Ingrid Holmgaribay, Katie Anne Holton, Jerry Hoose, Andy Humm.
Box 2, Folder 5

Portraits J-K ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Karla Jay, Karen Kerner & Woody, Ted Johnson, Miguel Juarez, Dajenya Kafele, Charles Kameyski, Jeffrey Karaban, Sue Katz, Jonathan Ned Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, John Kennedy, Don Kilhefner, John Knoebel, Giles Kotcher, Larry Kovacs, Martin Kreloff & Tim Olsen.
Box 2, Folder 6

Portraits L-O ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Richard Landman, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Michael Lavery, Sally H. Levy, Fernando Zweifach, Barbara Love, Connor Maddocks, Elaine Magalis, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Debra Moldavan, Jason Baumann Montilla, Tracy Moore, Kyle Morgan, Thomas Negron Jr., Robert Patrick O'Connor, Tim Olsen.
Box 2, Folder 7

Portraits P-S ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Trina Porte, Flavia Rando, Linda Rhodes, Ned Rorem, Matile Rothschild, Claire Russell, Barry Safran, Rob Schlegel, Sarah Schulman, Jason Serinus, Martha Shelley & Sylvia Allen, Ellen Shumsky, Dennis Siple, Hilary Sloin, Dan Smith, Susan Stryker.
Box 2, Folder 8

Portraits T-Y ca. 2013-2016

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of Steve Tortell, Meredith Vezina & Ellen B. Holzman, William Bond Walker & John Balkema, Rich Wandel, Dick Weismann, Liat Wexler, Fran Winant, Merle Woo, Gary Wotherspoon, Allen Young.

2nd Anniversary ca. 2013-2017


Altman, Dennis ca. 2013-2017


Anderson, Jim ca. 2013-2017


Anderson, Taura ca. 2013-2017


Athens, Ohio portraits ca. 2013-2017


Auerbacher, Ron ca. 2013-2017


Bacchetta, Paola ca. 2013-2017


Baird, Bill ca. 2013-2017


Bookish: The Art of William Bond Walker ca. 2013-2017


Bookish trailer ca. 2013-2017


Bradbury, Richard ca. 2013-2017


Bram, Christopher ca. 2013-2017


Brass, Perry ca. 2013-2017


Brass, Perry, teaser ca. 2013-2017


Bryan, William Joseph ca. 2013-2017


Campbell, Glenorchy ca. 2013-2017


Carter, David ca. 2013-2017


Carter, Jacob ca. 2013-2017


Chong, Sam ca. 2013-2017


Clifford, Elizabeth ca. 2013-2017


Clifford, Jim ca. 2013-2017


Corbisiero, Judy ca. 2013-2017


Cottom, Kristine ca. 2013-2017


Cruse, Howard ca. 2013-2017


Dansky, Steven F. ca. 2013-2017


Del Mar and San Diego, California portraits ca. 2013-2017


Diaman, Nikos ca. 2013-2017


Edelman, Murray ca. 2013-2017


Elliot, Tim ca. 2013-2017


Elliot, Tim, teaser ca. 2013-2017


Fall Catalog ca. 2013-2017


Frank, Miriam ca. 2013-2017


Fritscher, Jack ca. 2013-2017


From Trauma to Activism ca. 2013-2017


Garner, Darlene ca. 2013-2017


Garvin, Danny ca. 2013-2017


Griffo, Michela ca. 2013-2017


Herron, Walter ca. 2013-2017


Holmgaribay, Ingrid ca. 2013-2017


Hoose, Jerry ca. 2013-2017


Hot August Night ca. 2013-2017


In Public: Studies from the Street ca. 2013-2017


Javors, Irene ca. 2013-2017


Jay, Karla ca. 2013-2017


Johnson, Ted ca. 2013-2017


Kafele, Dajenya ca. 2013-2017


Karaban, Jeffrey ca. 2013-2017


Kennedy, John ca. 2013-2017


Knoebel, John ca. 2013-2017


Knoebel, John; Memories of My Uncle Roy ca. 2013-2017


Knoebel, John; Gay Men's Chorus ca. 2013-2017


Koob, Richard ca. 2013-2017


Kreloff, Martin ca. 2013-2017


Landman, Rick ca. 2013-2017


Langer, Cassandra ca. 2013-2017


Lanigan-Schmidt, Thomas ca. 2013-2017


Latronico, Nestor ca. 2013-2017


Lavery, Michael ca. 2013-2017


Love, Barbara ca. 2013-2017


McNaught, Brian ca. 2013-2017


Mecca, Tommi Avicolli ca. 2013-2017


Miller, Carl ca. 2013-2017


Olsen, tim ca. 2013-2017


On Performing Identity ca. 2013-2017


Outspoken Film ca. 2013-2017


Outspoken Trailer ca. 2013-2017


Perez, Frankie ca. 2013-2017


Porte, Trina ca. 2013-2017


Portraits ca. 2013-2017


Rothschild, Matile ca. 2013-2017


Schlegel, Rob ca. 2013-2017


Schnapp, Marc ca. 2013-2017


Schulman, Sarah ca. 2013-2017


Sederbaum, Ed ca. 2013-2017


Serinus, Jason Victor ca. 2013-2017


Shelley, Martha ca. 2013-2017


Shelley, Martha, teaser ca. 2013-2017


Shumsky, Ellen ca. 2013-2017


Sloin, Hillary ca. 2013-2017


Smith, Dan ca. 2013-2017


Stockman, Thor ca. 2013-2017


Stonewall Teaser ca. 2013-2017


Stryker, Susan ca. 2013-2017


Toy, Jim ca. 2013-2017


Turtell, Steve ca. 2013-2017


Vider, Stephen ca. 2013-2017


Wandel, Rich ca. 2013-2017


Weismann, Richard ca. 2013-2017


Witeck, Bob ca. 2013-2017


Young, Allen ca. 2013-2017


Young, Allen, teaser ca. 2013-2017


Young, Paulette ca. 2013-2017