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Al Djazair and Tunis, Series I./repositories/3/archival_objects/93367 1881

Al Djazair and Tunis album

box 1, page 1 recto

The New Mosque 2001.R.20-1r./repositories/3/archival_objects/93368

Scope and Contents

Djama'a el Djedid or Jamaa El Jedid; known during French colonial rule as the Mosquée de la Pêcherie or the Mosque of the Fisherman's Wharf.
box 1, page 1 verso

Interior of the Mosque of Sidi bou Mediene in the City of Tlemcen 2001.R.20-1v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93369

box 1, page 2 recto

Entry to the Mosque of Sidi bou Mediene 2001.R.20-2r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93370

box 1, page 2 verso

Interior of Mosque al Kebir, Algiers 2001.R.20-2v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93371

box 1, page 3 recto

Door of Mosque al Kebir 2001.R.20-3r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93372

box 1, page 3 verso

The New Mosque, Algiers 2001.R.20-3v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93373

box 1, page 4 recto

The Palace of Mustapha, Dey of Algiers 2001.R.20-4r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93374

box 1, page 4 verso

Palace of the Dey 2001.R.20-4v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93375

Scope and Contents

Palace of Mustapha.
box 1, page 5 recto

Heart of the Palace of the Dey in Algiers 2001.R.20-5r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93376

box 1, page 5 verso

Quarter in Algiers 2001.R.20-5v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93377

box 1, page 6 recto

Quarter in Algiers 2001.R.20-6r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93378

box 1, page 6 verso

Neighborhood of the al Djadid Gate near Mosque Zeitun 2001.R.20-6v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93379

Scope and Contents

Al Djedid or Jamaa El Jedid Gate.
box 1, page 7 recto

Quarter of Sidi Helal 2001.R.20-7r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93380

box 1, page 7 verso

Palace of the Dey, Neighborhood of Mustapha near Algiers 2001.R.20-7v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93381

box 1, page 8 recto

Garden of an Islamic House near Algiers 2001.R.20-8r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93382

box 1, page 8 verso

[Roman Cistern, Carthage] 2001.R.20-8v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93383

box 1, page 9 recto

Bananas 2001.R.20-9r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93384

box 1, page 9 verso

Gorge of Lakhara near Béjaïa 2001.R.20-9v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93385

Scope and Contents

Formerly known as Bougie.
box 1, page 10 recto

Blida--the Gorge Chiffa, River of Monkeys between Blida and Médéa 2001.R.20-10r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93386

box 1, page 10 verso

Set of Palm Trees in Hamma 2001.R.20-10v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93387

box 1, page 11 recto

Camels in Desert 2001.R.20-11r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93388

box 1, page 11 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-11v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93389

box 1, page 12 recto

Dromedary 2001.R.20-12r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93390

Scope and Contents

A mehari or riding camel.
box 1, page 12 verso

Saharan Traveler 2001.R.20-12v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93391

box 1, page 13 recto

Gorge of Lakhara 2001.R.20-13r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93392

box 1, page 13 verso

Tents [Bwut al-Chaar] near Biskra 2001.R.20-13v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93393

box 1, page 14 recto

Shrine of Sīdī Ya'kub in Grove of Olive Trees, Blida 2001.R.20-14r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93394

box 1, page 14 verso

Tomb of Sīdī 'Uqba near Biskra 2001.R.20-14v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93395

box 1, page 15 recto

Quarter in Biskra 2001.R.20-15r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93396

box 1, page 15 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-15v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93397

box 1, page 16 recto

Gardens near Biskra 2001.R.20-16r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93398

box 1, page 16 verso

[Wall with Graffiti] 2001.R.20-16v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93399

box 1, page 17 recto

Old Quarter in Laghouat 2001.R.20-17r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93400

box 1, page 17 verso

Ruins of Massoura near Tiemcen 2001.R.20-17v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93401

box 1, page 18 recto

El Kantara between Batna and Biskra 2001.R.20-18r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93402

box 1, page 18 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-18v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93403

box 1, page 19 recto

Roman Gate in Lambessa 2001.R.20-19r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93404

box 1, page 19 verso

Coffee House for Muslims, Touggourt 2001.R.20-19v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93405

box 1, page 20 recto

Quarter in Biskra 2001.R.20-20r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93406

box 1, page 20 verso

Coffee House for Muslims in Ouargla 2001.R.20-20v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93407

Scope and Contents

Ouargla is in southern Algeria.
box 1, page 21 recto

Sahara, View from Theniet Siffa, the Road of Sepha 2001.R.20-21r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93408

box 1, page 21 verso

Kabyle Girls and Women and Prostitutes of Algiers 2001.R.20-21v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93409

Scope and Contents

Six images.
box 1, page 22 recto

The Agha and Khalifa of Ouargla 2001.R.20.22r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93410

Scope and Contents

Four images.
box 1, page 22 verso

"Baba Salem" - Algiers 2001.R.20-22v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93411

box 1, page 23 recto

Youth [?] in Algiers 2001.R.20-23r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93412

box 1, page 23 verso

A Merchant of Algeria 2001.R.20-23v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93413

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 24 recto

An Wise Man of Algeria 2001.R.20-24r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93414

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 24 verso

Magician of Biskra 2001.R.20-24v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93415

box 1, page 25 recto

Kabyle Woman 2001.R.20-25r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93416

box 1, page 25 verso

Fatma Tata 2001.R.20-25v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93417

box 1, page 26 recto

Fatma, Daughter of the Turkish Hassan in the Quarter Sour and Es-Settara 7, 30 Years Old 2001.R.20-26r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93418

box 1, page 26 verso

Algierian Woman in City Attire 2001.R.20-26v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93419

box 1, page 27 recto

Al-Hartania in Algiers 2001.R.20-27r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93420

box 1, page 27 verso

Algierian Woman in City Attire 2001.R.20-27v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93421

box 1, page 28 recto

Fatma, a Local Girl, 15 Years Old 2001.R.20-28r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93422

box 1, page 28 verso

Woman of Algiers 2001.R.20-28v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93423

box 1, page 29 recto

Girl of Algiers 2001.R.20-29r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93424

box 1, page 29 verso

Yemina, Daughter of Bani Henna Tribe in Kabylia 2001.20.R-29v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93425

box 1, page 30 recto

Yemina 2001.R.20-30r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93426

box 1, page 30 verso

Blank page 2001.R.29-30v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93427

box 1, page 31 recto

Yemina 2001.R.20-31r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93428

box 1, page 31 verso

Painting by Lazerges, 1879 2001.R.20-31v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93429

Scope and Contents

Reproduction of a painting by Jean-Raymond-Hippolyte Lazerges, depicting two women at a well.
box 1, page 32 recto

Behya 20 Years 2001.R.20-32r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93430

box 1, page 32 verso

Woman of Algiers 2001.R.20-32v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93431

box 1, page 33 recto

Fatma, Yenja Girl, Also Known as Fatma, Daughter of France, Quarter of Sidi Abdallah 40, 15 Years Old 2001.R.20-33r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93432

box 1, page 33 verso

Fatma, Daughter of France 2001.R.20-33v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93433

box 1, page 34 recto

Fatma, Daughter of France 2001.R.20-34r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93434

box 1, page 34 verso

Fatma of France 2001.R.20-34v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93435

box 1, page 35 recto

Jawi, Daughter of Darmush, Neighborhood of Jemaa, Al-Mafrun, 23 Years Old 2001.R.20-35r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93436

Scope and Contents

Judeo-Arabic caption: Joya, daughter of Darmush.
box 1, page 35 verso

Najma of Algeria 2001.R.20-35v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93437

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic. Najma=star.
box 1, page 36 recto

[Young Woman] 2001.R.20-36r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93438

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic (not translated).
box 1, page 36 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-36v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93439

box 1, page 37 recto

[Woman] 2001.R.20-37r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93440

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 37 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-37v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93441

box 1, page 38 recto

[Woman] 2001.R.20-38r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93442

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 38 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-38v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93443

box 1, page 39 recto

[Woman] 2001.R.20-39r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93444

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 39 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-39v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93445

box 1, page 40 recto

Ashtar Daughter of Malili the Algerian 2001.R.20-40r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93446

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic. Esther?
box 1, page 40 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-40v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93447

box 1, page 41 recto

Ashtar 2001.R.29-41r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93448

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 42 recto

"I Didn't Know Your Name at All..." 2001.R.20-42r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93449

Scope and Contents

Title continues: I asked [?] and was told [it is] Zahri / From the day I knew you / you have dug my grave. Caption in Judeo-Arabic; possibly words of a song.
box 1, page 42 verso

[Blank page] 2001.R.20-42v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93450

box 1, page 43 recto

Zahri 2001.R.20-43r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93451

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 43 verso

People and Soldiers of Tunis 2001.R.20-43v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93452

Scope and Contents

Four images: two of men,; two of women.
box 1, page 44 recto

Kabyle Woman 2001.R.20-44r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93453

box 1, page 44 verso

Women of Tunisia 2001.R.20-44v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93454

Scope and Contents

Four images; caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 45 recto

Woman of the Sahara 2001.R.20-45r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93455

box 1, page 45 verso

A Tunisian Woman 2001.R.20-45v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93456

Scope and Contents

Caption in Judeo-Arabic.
box 1, page 46 recto

Nai'li Women - Baraka and Zinja 2001.R.20-46r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93457

Scope and Contents

Ouled Naïl women.
box 1, page 46 verso

Shop; Coffeehouse; Marketplace; Street in Tunisia 2001.R.20-46v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93458

Scope and Contents

Four images.
box 1, page 47 recto

Baraka 2001.R.20-47r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93459

box 1, page 47 verso

Blank page 2001.R.20-47v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93460

box 1, page 48 recto

Zinja 2001.R.20-48r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93461

box 1, page 48 verso

Algerian Woman 2001.R.20-48v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93462

box 1, page 49 recto

The Kaid Ben Diriss 2001.R.20-49r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93463

Scope and Contents

Of Ouargla?
box 1, page 49 verso

Chaouch Ben Diriss 2001.R.20-49v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93464

Scope and Contents

A first-level administrator.
box 1, page 50 recto

Lioness of Sidi Ben Ouda Visiting Algiers 2001.R.20-50r/repositories/3/archival_objects/93465

box 1, page 50 verso

Touareg Man 2001.R.20-50v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93466

box 1, page 51 verso

Touareg Man 2001.R.20-51v/repositories/3/archival_objects/93467