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Kathy Labriola Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 250 Collection
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Series 1:  Kathy Labriola Personal Narratives and Papers 1976-2015

Physical Description: 8 folders(Carton 1, folders 1-8)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Series 1, Kathy Labriola Personal Papers, contains histories written by Labriola on her experiences as a union organizer for Local 250, as a committee member on the AIDS Education Committee and the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee, as a commissioner on the City of Berkeley Labor Commission, and as a member of the Rank And File Committee Against The 2-Gate System. Labriola's narratives provide detailed descriptions of the people she worked with, the challenges she faced in her career, her time picketing for better working conditions in the healthcare industry, and her efforts campaigning for greater democracy in the union. Kathy Labriola's resume and certifications are also included in this series.
carton 1, folder 1

Resume, references and certifications 1982-2013

carton 1, folder 2

Kathy Labriola grievances 1976, undated

carton 1, folder 3

Anarchist conference talk notes 1989 July 22

carton 1, folder 4

Kathy Labriola history of Local 250 2013

carton 1, folder 5

Kathy Labriola history of Local 250 AIDS Education Committee 2013

carton 1, folder 6

Kathy Labriola history of Local 250 Southern Africa Solidarity Committee 2013

carton 1, folder 7

Kathy Labriola history of the City of Berkeley Labor Commission 2013

carton 1, folder 8

Kathy Labriola history of the Rank and File Committee Against The Two-Gate System 2015 May 25


Series 2:  Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 250 1975-1995

Physical Description: 65 folders(Carton 1, folders 9-55; Carton 2, folders 1-17, Carton 6, folder 1)


Arranged in seven subseries: Subseries 2.1: Administrative Materials; Subseries 2.2: Convention Materials; Subseries 2.3: Correspondence; Subseries 2.4: Grievances and Arbitration; Subseries 2.5: Healthcare Contract Negotiations; Subseries 2.6: Publications, Ephemera, and Clippings; and Subseries 2.7: Miscellany

Scope and Contents

Series 2, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 250, consists of records produced in the day-to-day operations of Local 250, including administrative and outreach materials, contract negotiations, correspondence, and grievances between rank and file members and union leadership. The bulk of the records relate to Local 250's negotiations with various hospitals and healthcare institutions as the union campaigned for improved working conditions and wages, and rallied against the hospital administration's proposed two-tier wage system. This series also includes newsletters and bulletins produced by Local 250 for its members, materials related to the SEIU's 1987 trusteeship of Local 250, various news clippings concerning Local 250 negotiations with healthcare institutions, and manuscripts documenting LGBT organizing within the SEIU in the 1980s.

Subseries 2.1:  Administrative Materials 1975-1988

Physical Description: 9 folders

Scope and Contents

Comprises agreements and bylaws, as well as records produced in the day-to-day operations of Local 250, and promotional materials generated by union elections.


Arranged as received.
carton 1, folder 9

History of Local 250, 1932-1976, by Ellen Schaffer 1976

carton 1, folder 10

Blanche Bebb shop steward materials and personal certifications 1975-1987

carton 1, folder 11-12

Election materials 1976-1988

carton 1, folder 13

Agreements and bylaws 1978-1987

carton 1, folder 14

Statement of purpose and resolutions 1981, undated

carton 1, folder 15

Shop steward materials 1982-1988

carton 1, folder 16

Bargaining surveys and workshops 1984-1987

carton 1, folder 17

Finances and dues 1984-1988

carton 1, folder 18

Facilities list 1987


Subseries 2.2:  Convention Materials 1982-1988, undated

Physical Description: 3 folders


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Materials predominantly related to the 1982 California Labor Federation conference and the 7th Annual Women's Conference, held in 1986 in Oakland. Also includes Local 250 buttons and one from the United Steelworkers of America.
carton 1, folder 19

Convention notes, flyers, surveys, and reports 1982-1988

carton 1, folder 20

Union buttons 1987, undated

carton 1, folder 21

Kathy Labriola convention name badge 1987


Subseries 2.3:  Correspondence 1983-1990

Physical Description: 10 folders

Scope and Contents

Local 250 correspondence, particularly between rank and file members and union leaders. Includes a telegram from Kathy Labriola to Tim Twomey, Secretary-Treasurer, requesting a meeting to discuss her termination from Local 250.


Arranged as received.
carton 1, folder 22

Local 250 general correspondence 1984-1990

carton 1, folder 23

Blanche Bebb correspondence 1983-1989

carton 1, folder 24

Bar Association correspondence related to Victor Van Bourg and Leslie Kuykendall 1985

carton 1, folder 25

Michael J. Smith correspondence related to Herestine Andrews resignation 1985

carton 1, folder 26

Sheila Patterson resignation 1985

carton 1, folder 27

Leslie Kuykendall termination and reinstatement 1985-1986

carton 1, folder 28

Kathy Labriola employment termination from Local 250 1986

carton 1, folder 29

Reuben Serna resignation 1987

carton 1, folder 30

Charlie Ridgell incident 1988

carton 1, folder 31

Charlie Ridgell and Ralph Cornejo resignations 1988


Subseries 2.4:  Grievances and Arbitration 1982-1993

Physical Description: 8 folders

Scope and Contents

Records include material related to arbitration proceedings and grievance cases including Local 250 charges against Timothy J. Twomey, John Ring, Sal Roselli, and Shirley Ware.


Arranged as received.
carton 1, folder 32

Margaret Temple grievance against U.C. Berkeley 1982-1983

carton 1, folder 33

The People of the State of California vs. Michael Smith, Susanna Peterson, Charles Ridgell, Kathleen Labriola, Rose Askey, Pamela Martinez, Brook Ann Demmerle 1984

carton 1, folder 34

Local 250 charges against Timothy Twomey and John Ring 1984-1986

carton 1, folder 35

Blanche Bebb grievance 1988

carton 1, folder 36

Local 250 charges against Sal Roselli and Shirley Ware 1988

carton 1, folder 37

Local 250 charges against Sal Roselli 1989

carton 1, folder 38

SEIU charges against Sandy Reshes, Charlie Ridgell and Ralph Cornejo 1988-1989

carton 1, folder 39

Local 250 and Isabel Hernandez arbitration proceedings 1993


Subseries 2.5:  Healthcare Contract Negotiations 1976-1995

Physical Description: 24 folders

Scope and Contents

Records relate to Local 250 negotiations with various hospitals and healthcare institutions as they campaigned for improved working conditions and wages, and rallied against the proposed two-tier wage system. Includes the following strikes and contract negotiations: the 1982-1983 Laurel Grove Hospital strike, the 1983 Merritt and Peralta Hospitals strike, Alta Bates and Herrick Hospitals negotiations, Associated Hopitals of the East Bay negotiations, the 1984 strike against Shoreline South Convalescent Home, and the 1986 strike against Kaiser hospitals in Northern California.
This subseries also includes a 1985 East Bay Express article, No One Home: The Sad Story of Shoreline Convalescent Home, and the SEIU publication We Won: The 1988 Affiliated Hospital Strike describing the long conflict between Local 250 and seven hospitals in San Franciso and Daly City.


Arranged as received.
carton 1, folder 40

Nursing home negotiations 1976-1987

carton 1, folder 41

Broadway Hospital strike 1978 April 24

carton 1, folder 42

Oakland Hospital strike undated

carton 1, folder 43

Associated Hospitals of the East Bay 1979

carton 1, folder 44

Alta Bates and Herrick Hospitals and Health America/Rockridge negotiations 1981-1988

carton 1, folder 45-46

Alta Bates and Herrick Hospitals negotiations 1982-1995

carton 1, folder 47

Laurel Grove Hospital strike 1982

carton 1, folder 48

Merritt/Peralta Hospitals strike 1983-1984

carton 1, folder 49

Strike fund notes 1985

carton 1, folder 50

Paracelsus Healthcare Corporation 1986

carton 1, folder 51

Affiliated Hospitals in San Francisco 1986-1988

carton 1, folder 52

We Won: The Affiliate Hospitals Strike 1988



carton 1, folder 53

Negotiations and two-tier wage plan 1984-1987

carton 1, folder 54

Kaiser Unions promotional stickers undated

carton 1, folder 55

Negotiations and strike 1985-1987

carton 2, folder 1

Clippings 1986-1987

carton 2, folder 2

Scalpel and Local 250 Action News newsletters 1974-1987

carton 2, folder 3

Local 250 and Kaiser Permanente proposals 1983

carton 2, folder 4

Master Agreements 1986-1989

carton 2, folders 5-8

Local 250 and The Permanente Medical Group, Inc. arbitration proceedings 1989-1992


Subseries 2.6:  Publications, Ephemera, and Clippings 1979-1986

Physical Description: 8 folders


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Contains issues of Rank & File News, Local 250 Worker, and Local 250 Bulletin as well as clippings from local newspapers.
carton 2, folder 9

Local 250 Bulletin 1979-1986

carton 2, folder 10

Rank & File News 1984

carton 2, folder 11

Clippings 1984-1986

carton 2, folder 12-13

Local 250 Worker 1984-1988

carton 2, folder 14

Newsletters, flyers, reports, meeting minutes, and notes 1984-1988

carton 2, folders 15-16

SEIU trusteeship of Local 250 clippings and notes 1987-1988


Subseries 2.7:  Miscellany 1983-1993

Physical Description: 2 folders


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Contains materials related to LGBT organizing within SEIU during the 1980s, as well a biography of Helen Constance Shain, a pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente and former shop steward of Local 250 SEIU.
carton 2, folder 17

Helen Constance Shain biography and memorial 1984

carton 6, folder 1

Lesbian and Gay employment rights 1983-1993


Series 3:  Southern Africa Solidarity Committee 1976-1990

Physical Description: 10 folders(Carton 2, folders 18-27)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Comprises notes and minutes produced at committee meetings and various flyers protesting the South African government and its system of apartheid. Other promotional and fundraising materials, including bulletins, newsletters, and badges, encouraged people to boycott organizations with investments in South Africa, including the University of California system. Also includes conference materials related to the West Coast Regional Conference in Solidarity with The Struggling Peoples of Southern Africa, held June 27-29, 1986 at San Francisco State University (Carton 2, folder 23), and news clippings related to apartheid South Africa and the anti-apartheid solidarity movements in the United States.
carton 2, folder 18

With Freedom in Their Eyes: A Photo-Essay of Angola 1976

carton 2, folder 19

Meeting minutes, notes, correspondence and promotional materials 1978-1990

carton 2, folder 20-21

Anti-apartheid divestment and protest materials 1979-1986

carton 2, folder 22

The Fight for Freedom in South Africa by the Boston Organizing Committee 1979

carton 2, folder 23

West Coast Conference in Solidarity with the Struggling Peoples of Southern Africa 1986 June 27-29

carton 2, folder 24

African National Congress 75th anniversay celebration souvenir program 1987 January 10

carton 2, folder 25

Clippings 1978-1987

carton 2, folder 26

Stamp undated

carton 2, folder 27

Buttons undated


Series 4:  AIDS Education Committee 1984-1998

Physical Description: 24 folders(Carton 2, folders 28-30; Carton 3, folders 1-10; Carton 6, folders 2-12)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Consists of materials collected by Kathy Labriola in her role as a founding member of the AIDS Education Committee. Contains reports, articles, brochures, pamphlets and other publications related to the care and treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS, as well as various health and safety materials aimed at workers in healthcare institutions. The materials cover the risks faced by healthcare workers from needle stick injuries and the transmission of blood-borne infections. Includes an article in the Labor Research Review by John Mehring, AIDS at Work: The SEIU AIDS Project (carton 3, folder 4), a HIV/AIDS Needlestick Factpack, published by SEIU, Kathy Labriola's notes for a talk with social workers on caring for patients (carton 3, folder 2), and various news clippings and articles on HIV/AIDS and public health.
carton 2, folder 28-29

Occupational health and safety 1984-1988

carton 2, folder 30

Licensed Vocational Nurses 1985-1988

carton 3, folder 1

Meeting minutes and agenda 1987-1989

carton 3, folder 2

Meeting notes 1987-1990, undated

carton 6, folder 2

Clippings on HIV/AIDS 1985-1998

carton 3, folders 3-5, carton 6, folder 3-5

HIV/AIDS and healthcare workers 1987-1990

carton 6, folder 6

SEIU 250 AIDS Training manual 1987

carton 6, folders 7-11

HIV/AIDS education materials 1987-1997

carton 6, folder 12

SEIU AIDS project report 1988

carton 3, folder 6

Needlestick Factpack and HIV/AIDS safety in the workplace 1987-1991

carton 3, folder 7

HTLV 111 mandatory testing 1988

carton 3, folder 8

Kathy Labriola testimony on healthcare workers and blood-borne infectious diseases 1990 January 16

carton 3, folder 9

Kathy Labriola resignation from AIDS Education Committee 1990 December 24

carton 3, folder 10

Peggy Ferro obituary 1998


Series 5:  Committee for a Democratic Union (CDU) 1982-1990, undated

Physical Description: 7 folders(Carton 3, folders 11-17)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Labriola joined the Committee for a Democratic Union (CDU) when she saw the need for greater democracy and transparency in how Local 250 was run. This series includes Labriola's notes taken at CDU committee meetings where issues ranged from contract negotiations and strike pay to the expense accounts of union leaders. Carton 3, folders 13-14, contain correspondence between Blanche Bebb, original founder of the CDU in 1981, Kathy Labriola, Pat Hendricks, Amy Grossman, Meg Brizzolara and Local 250 members and union leaders. The bulk of the correspondence relates to the CDU's demands for greater financial accountability, an end to secrecy, and a larger role for rank and file members. In April 1984 the CDU was successful in its efforts to hold an election, with CDU members winning seven seats on the executive board. CDU-produced newsletters document the election process and provide details on fundraisers, meetings, and important achievements of the committee (carton 3, folders 12-13). A narrative by Meg Brizzolara on her experiences with the CDU is included in this series.
carton 3, folder 11

Meg Brizzolara narrative of the CDU, 1982-1985 2013

carton 3, folder 12-13

Newsletters 1982-1985, undated

carton 3, folder 14-15

Correspondence, notes, press releases and promotional materials 1984-1987

carton 3, folder 16

Advisory Committee meeting notes 1987

carton 3, folder 17

Pin undated


Series 6:  City of Berkeley Labor Commission 1971-1994

Physical Description: 39 folders(Carton 3, folders 18-31; Carton 4, folders 1-16; Carton 5, folders 1-9)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Bulk consists of notes, reports, correspondence, and reference materials related to the City of Berkeley's "West Berkeley Plan," a long term plan for development in the area between San Pablo Avenue and the Eastshore Freeway. The plan establishes policies regarding land use, economic development, architecture, housing, transportation, and social services for the region. Other records comprise meeting agendas, minutes, correspondence, and notes pertaining to labor disputes between workers and non-unionized Berkeley businesses. Also includes a copy of the Labor Bill of Rights, a document written by Labriola in 1986 supporting worker's rights.
carton 3, folder 18

Oakland Police Department training bulletin 1971

carton 3, folder 19

The Commissioners' Handbook: Guidelines for Boards, Commissions and Committees, and The Commissioners' Manual: For Boards, Commissions and Committees 1977-1988

carton 3, folder 20

Littler, Mendelson, Fastiff & Tichy law firm 1980-1989

carton 3, folder 21

Plant Closures Project 1983-1989

carton 3, folder 22

Miscellaneous correspondence, clippings and flyers 1984-1994

carton 3, folder 23-26

Meeting agendas, minutes, notes and correspondence 1985-1994

carton 3, folder 27

Labor Education at Oakland Technical High School 1987-1988

carton 3, folders 28-29

Labor Bill of Rights 1987-1992

carton 3, folder 30

Labor Bill of Rights Child Care Policy 1987-1990

carton 3, folder 31

His Lordship's Restaurant, Huston's Shoes, Hormel, and other labor disputes 1987-1994

carton 4, folder 1

City of Berkeley reports on business retention and expansion; Berkeley housing and rent control 1988-1990

carton 4, folder 2

Occupational Safety and Health: Ergonomics standards, Video Display Terminals (VDT) Ordinance 1989-1994

carton 4, folder 3

U.S. Department of Labor bulletin: Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment 1989


West Berkeley Plan

carton 4, folder 4-6

Notes and reports 1989-1994

carton 4, folder 7

Environmental impact report 1991-1993

carton 4, folder 8

Draft 1991

carton 4, folder 9

Development Agreement By and Between the City of Berkeley and Miles Inc. [Draft] 1991

carton 4, folder 10

Miles Inc./Cutter Biological and City of Berkeley agreement negotiations 1991

carton 4, folder 11

Miles Inc./Cutter Biological development 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 12

Draft 1992 November

carton 4, folder 13

Draft 1993 Fall

carton 4, folder 14

City contracts 1990-1992

carton 4, folder 15

Working in Berkeley-Trends in the 1980s, Policy Directions for the 1990s undated

Scope and Contents

Report on employment in Berkeley submitted to the City of Berkeley Labor Council by Kathy Labriola, Labor Commission Chair. The report addresses labor issues such as job discrimination against disabled persons, protection for VDT workers, and implementation of the West Berkeley Plan.
carton 5, folder 1, carton 4, folder 16

Whole Foods Market labor dispute 1990-1993

carton 5, folder 2

EnviroCycle Sack 1991

carton 5, folder 3

North Face labor dispute 1992-1994

carton 5, folder 4

Alta Bates/Herrick Hospitals labor dispute 1993-1994

carton 5, folder 5

Oakland Tribune dispute 1993-1994

carton 5, folder 6

Berkeley Training and Employment Collaborative 1993-1994

carton 5, folder 7

Kathy Labriola Labor Commission notes 1994

carton 5, folder 8

City of Berkeley Conditions, Trends & Issues: A Background Report for Updating the City's General Plan [Draft] 1994 March 8

carton 5, folder 9

State of The Unions: Labor Rights in Berkeley forum notes 1994 June 11

Scope and Contents

Labor rights forum organized by the City of Berkeley Commission on Labor on June 11, 1994.

Related Archival Materials

Cassette tape of Kathy Labriola on KPFA, and photographs taken at the forum, are housed in Series 9: Audiovisual Materials.

Series 7:  Rank And File Committee Against The 2-Gate 1977-1990

Physical Description: 18 folders(Carton 5, folders 10-24; Box 1, folders 7-9)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Comprises notes, correspondence, clippings, administrative materials, and protest materials generated and collected by the Rank And File Committee Against The 2-Gate, a group of rank and file union members protesting construction contractors use of the two-gate system, also known as the reserve gate system. The two-gate system is a procedure recognized under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that allows an employer to create two separate entrances to a construction site, forcing unions to only picket the non-union gate. The Rank And File Committee Against The 2-Gate organized demonstrations at two-gate and non-union job sites, distributed flyers and leaflets, and lobbied politicians who supported common situs legislation. The committee's mascot, a two-headed alligator, was used on leaflets and picket signs and on a large float constructed to take to demonstrations and picket lines. The series also includes court documents and clippings related to contempt of court charges against Kathy Labriola and Donna Levitt for refusing to identify demonstrators at a San Francisco picket line protesting a two-gate construction site.
carton 5, folder 10

Correspondence, notes, and memos 1984-1990

carton 5, folders 11-12

Protest materials 1984-1988

carton 5, folder 13

Business Roundtable and the open-shop movement undated

carton 5, folder 14

Membership lists undated

carton 5, folder 15

Kathy Labriola and Dionna Levitt arrest (clippings) 1989

carton 5, folders 16-19

Kathy Labriola and Dionna Levitt arrest (court proceedings) 1984-1989

carton 5, folder 20

Hard Hat News 1987-1994

General Note

Hard Hat News was a quarterly paper published by the Rank And File Committee Against The 2-Gate.
carton 5, folder 21

Hard Hat News financial statements 1984-1988

box 1, folder 7-8

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America constitutions, by-laws, and guides 1977-1987

box 1, folder 9

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America contract and bargaining materials 1985-1988

carton 5, folder 22

Articles and clippings 1982-1989

carton 5, folder 23

Frank Cera artwork undated

carton 5, folder 24

Picket photographs 1988, undated


Series 8:  General Union Materials 1972-1990

Physical Description: 15 folders (Carton 5, folders 25-26; Carton 6, folders 13-22; Box 1, folders 1-3)


Arranged as received.

Scope and Contents

Consists of SEIU and other union materials, including various union publications and promotional materials.
carton 5, folder 25

Constitutions and bylaws 1972-1985

Scope and Contents

Comprises Constitution and By-Laws for the Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 29 (October 1978, 1981, 1982); Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order for ILWU Local 6 (June 7, 1975); Constitution Rules and Order of Business for the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO (July 19-21, 1982).
carton 5, folders 26, carton 6, folders 13-15

Union publications and clippings 1979-1990

carton 6, folder 16

SEIU 18th International Convention 1984

carton 6, folder 17

SEIU Pay Equity Bargaining Guide 1985

carton 6, folder 18

National Healthcare Now Week 1990 September 1-7

carton 6, folder 19-22

Ephemera 1974-1986

box 1, folder 1

Articles and reports 1980-1987

box 1, folder 2

Clippings 1980-1990

box 1, folder 3

Sexual discrimination grievance, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) 1974


Series 9:  Audiovisual Materials 1984-1994, undated

Physical Description: 3 folders (Box 1, folders 4-6)


Further arranged into two subseries: Photographs and Audio Cassette Tapes.

Scope and Contents

Contains audio cassette tapes and photographs.

Subseries 9.1: Photographs 1984-1994

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Contents

Comprises photographs of CDU members, and four color photographs from the "State of the Unions: Labor Rights in Berkeley" forum that took place on June 11, 1994.
box 1, folder 4

Committee for a Democratic Union (CDU) 1984-1990, undated

box 1, folder 5

State of the Unions: Labor Rights in Berkeley forum 1994 June 11


Subseries 9.2:  Audio Cassette Tapes 1986-1994, undated

Physical Description: 1 folder

Scope and Contents

Consists of three audio cassette tapes: a June 1994 KPFA interview of Kathy Labriola on the Kris Welch show; a roundtable on the topic of workplace and people's lives; and a forum on the Kaiser Hospital strike, December 1986.
box 1, folder 6

Kathy Labriola on KPFA [cassette tape] 1994 June

Scope and Contents

Kathy Labriola on the Kris Welch show on KPFA radio. This interview was conducted during the State of the Unions: Labor Rights in Berkeley forum in June, 1994.
box 1, folder 6

Kaiser Strike: Socialist Action Forum [cassette tape] 1986 December 13

box 1, folder 6

Roundtable 1: Workplace and People's Lives [cassette tape] undated