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Which Way, LA? Collection

Collection number: CSLA-20

William H. Hannon Library

Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, California
Processed by:
Steven Smith, Joe Purtell, Susan Jones, and Clay Stalls
Date Completed:
Encoded by:
Clay Stalls, Rachel Deras
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Descriptive Summary

Title: Which Way, LA? collection
Dates: 1992-2000
Collection number: CSLA-20
Creator: KCRW (Radio station : Santa Monica, Calif.)
Collection Size: 598 programs, 124 transcripts now open to researchers
Repository: Loyola Marymount University. Library. Department of Archives and Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90045-2659
Abstract: The Which Way, LA? Collection consists of audiotapes, with some transcripts, of the major public affairs program in Los Angeles, "Which Way, LA?."
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open to research under the terms of use of the Department of Archives and Special Collections, Loyola Marymount University.

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[Identification of item], Series number, Box and Casenumber, Which Way, LA? Collection, CSLA-20, Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University.

Acquisition Information

Gift of radio station KCRW. Accession number: 2001.36

Processing Information

The first four years of the program (1992-1995) are open to researchers, with transcripts available for the first year. Processing of this immense collection is a work in progress; as programs in the collection are processed the program information will be added to the on-line collection guide.

Administrative History

"Which Way, LA?" is a public service radio program of KCRW, the National Public Radio station of Santa Monica Junior College, Santa Monica, California. "Which Way, LA? began in 1992 as a weekday program examining the state of Los Angeles after the civil calamity that were the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Under the guidance of host Warren Olney and producer Ruth Seymour, "Which Way, LA?" was originally intended only as a temporary program, but its depth and relevance to Los Angeles social and political events resulted in the show's becoming part of KCRW's regular programming. Now publicized by KCRW as the program "on the issues Southern Californians care about," "Which Way, LA?" is a fixture on the city's air waves and stands as a landmark program in the history of Los Angeles broadcast journalism.

Collection Description

"Which Way, LA?" is a landmark public service radio program of the National Public Radio station KCRW, of Santa Monica Junior College. Using the format of a talk show, "Which Way, LA?" debuted on 1 June as a response to the great civil riot of April 1992, and from this starting point branched out into other, but often related, issues vital in the Los Angeles of the 1990s. In general, these include public education, crime and criminal justice, ethnic relations, city and state government, and urban policy and renewal. Particular programs covered such pivotal Los Angeles moments and issues as the O. J. Simpson trial, the end of Mayor Tom Bradley's tenure, the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots, the resignation of Police Chief Daryl Gates and his subsequent replacement by Willie Williams, and the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The highly-respected host of "Which Way, LA?" was, and remains, Los Angeles news icon Warren Olney, whose intelligent moderating of the program insured its high quality and subsequent reputation for even-handed exploration of often divisive issues in Los Angeles. By 1994, though, "Which Way, LA?" had begun to examine national and international issues not possessing direct local impact but with a strong potential audience in the city. Such topics included the Middle East, Mexican politics and elections, and presidential politics in the United States.
The chronological span of the "Which Way LA?" program tapes donated to the Center for the Study of Los Angeles Research Collection runs from 1 June 1992 (the debut program) through December 2000. "Which Way, LA" originally had five weekday programs, although not for every one of the full fifty-two weeks of the year. Breaks were taken for holidays or vacations by the host of the program, for example, leading to interruptions in programs. Undoubtedly programs are missing in the run of programs that KCRW donated to the Research Collection, although no program logs or other records are available from KCRW to determine how large the lacuna is. Thus, the holdings of our collection are incomplete, stemming not only from the fact that KCRW has continued to broadcast the program after 2000, but also because of programs missing from the records of this NPR station itself. Only the first three years of the program have been fully processed and opened to researchers.
The format of the original "Which Way, LA?" program tapes is Digital Audio Tape (DAT). For use by researchers, programs were duplicated on CD-Roms.
Each program usually runs approximately one hour; if a program occurred during a KCRW pledge week, then it is usually only forty-five minutes in length. "Special Edition" Which Way, LA? programs are present, although infrequent, and may run up to two hours. There are usually four to five guests per show, who are interviewed by program host Warren Olney by phone. A call-in segment occurring in the last ten or fifteen minutes usually concludes the program. Unless otherwise noted, the program moderator is Warren Olney. Guests' names are indexed along with the individual program in which they appeared. Program guests have been identified whenever possible; names that cannot be verified are so indicated either by a question mark in parentheses or the word phonetic in parentheses following the name. The names of guests for each program recorded in the index are those given by the moderator for that program. A sampling of the personages who have been guests on the program include Richard Riordan, Tom Hayden, Jackie Goldberg, Earl Ofari Hutchison, Reverend Cecil Murray, and Kevin Starr.
The index to the processed holdings of the Which Way LA? Collection provides the box and case number in which each program CD-Rom is stored. Within each year's index, programs are also arranged chronologically, with date coming first in the index, then program title as recorded by KCRW, then box and case number, and finally the names of guests. It should be assumed that Warren Olney is the moderator, unless the name of a guest host is provided along with the names of guests.
Researchers should also note that some programs for 1992, the first year of the program, and the first six months of the second year of the program (1993) have been recorded only on audiocassette and are stored in boxes separate from those with programs on CD-Roms. These boxes must be paged separately. For the first year of the program (1992), there is a listing of the box and folder numbers for program transcripts, which, presently, are available only for this year.


The Which Way, LA? Collection has been divided into series arranged chronologically by year: Series 1: 1992, Series 2: 1993, Series 3: 1994, Series 4: 1995. Presently only the first three years of the program have been fully processed and available to researchers; other programs are being processed and will be made as soon as possible. This preserves the original order of the program and provides witness to the issues that mass media in Los Angeles like KCRW considered topical.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
KCRW (Radio station : Santa Monica, Calif.)
National Public Radio (U.S.) -- Archives
Radio journalism -- California -- Los Angeles -- History -- Sources
Interviewing on radio
Public radio -- California -- Los Angeles -- History -- Sources
Riots -- California -- Los Angeles
Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Race relations -- History -- 20th century -- Sources
Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Social conditions -- 20th century -- Sources
Public service radio programs


Series 1: 1992

Physical Description: 2 archival document boxes (for programs). 4 archival document boxes (for transcripts)
Box 1, Case 1

"Debate on Proposition F" "Debate on Proposition F". Guests: Jesse Brewer, George Beck, Harold Meyerson, Debra Saunders Transcript: Box 1, Folder 1. 6-1-92

Box 1, Case 2

"Up From the Ashes". Guests: Linda Griego, Nick Patsaouras, Oscar Wright, Milton Gordon, Jerry Eu. 6-2-92

Box 1, Case 3

"What's the Message? California Primaries". Guests: Bill Boyarsky, Ken Thomas, Lou Cannon. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 3. 6-3-92

Box 1, Case 4

"Pollsters, Pundits, and Politicians". Guests: Zev Yaroslavsky, Arnold Steinberg, Mervyn Field, Joseph Wapner. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 4. 6-4-92

Box 1, Case 5

"Daryl Gates. Is He Psycho". Guests: Stanley Sheinbaum, James Hahn, Mark Fabiani, Joe Domanick. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 5. 6-9-92

Box 1, Case 6

"Guns". Guests: "Jesse" Lane Haywood, Luis Tolley, Cathy Tolley, Whit Collins. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 6. 6-10-92

Box 1, Case 7

"Rebuilding of LA: Insurance/Contractors". Guests: Mark Fabiani, Jeong Gil Kuk, Arnick Robinson(?), Al Williams, John Garamendi. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 7. 6-15-92

Box 1, Case 8

"Covering the Story". Guests: Jim Willworth, Bart Bartholomew, Pat Harvey, Warren Cereghino. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 8. 6-16-92

Box 1, Case 9

"Willie Williams". Guests: Willie Williams, George Hofstetter, Joseph Wambaugh. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 9. 6-17-92

Box 1, Case 10

"Can You Get a Fair Trial?". Guests: Fred Graham, Celes King, Paul Hoffman, Peter Boyer. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 10. 6-18-92

Box 1, Case 11

"African-American". Guests: Itabari Njeri, Chet Holmes, James Dix, Bill Johnson. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 11. 6-19-92

Box 1, Case 12

"Film Violence". Guests: Whit Collins, Kenneth Turan, Judith Reisman, Edward James Olmos, David Horowitz. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 12. 6-22-92

Box 1, Case 13

"Gangs". Guests: Chilton Alphonse, Jerry Eu, Shawn Mathers (?), Terrick Ross. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 13. 6-23-92

Box 1, Case 14

"60's Radicals". Guests: Dorothy Healey, Tom Hayden, Peter Collier, Bob Shear, Harry Edwards. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 14. 6-24-92

Box 1, Case 15

"Disciplining the Police". Guests: Jesse Brewer, Steve Lerman, Robert Michaels, Rick Dinse, Roger Parloff, Barry Levin. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 15. 7-1-92

Box 1, Case 16

"Illegal Immigrants". Guests: Edward "EJ" Flynn, Dana Rohrbacher, Mike Hernandez, Robert Moschorak, Sylvia Argutta. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 16. 7-2-92

Box 1, Case 17

"Immigration". Guests: Peter Brimelow, Maria Elena Durazo, Dan Lungren, Johnny McCalla. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 17. 7-3-92

Box 1, Case 18

"Protecting Ourselves". Guests: Whit Collins, Nancy Litwak, Neil Perkins, Tom Reddin, Dr. L.J. West. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 18. 7-6-92

Box 1, Case 19

"The Urban/Suburban Split". Guests: Kevin Starr, Christopher Cox, Maxine Waters, Danny Bakewell, Nick Patsaouras. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 19. 7-7-92

Box 1, Case 20

"The New Koreans". Guests: Mr. Pak, Mr. Chung, Gin Lee, David Holbert. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 20. 7-8-92

Box 1, Case 20A

"AID--(Rebuild LA)". Guests: Henry Weinstein, Cynthia Robbins, Robert Grady, Oscar Wright, Bernard Kinsey. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 21. 7-9-92

Box 1, Case 3

"Day of the Democrats". Guests: Joe Cerrell, Lou Cannon, Steve Merksamer, Abby Liebman, Dan Walter. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 22. 7-10-92

Box 1, Case 21

"Dem. Convention Day no. 1". Guests: Pat Brown, Steve Roberts, Harold Meyerson, Randy Duran, Tom Hayden, David McNeil, Dan Walters. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 23. 7-13-92

Box 1, Case 22

"Dem. Convention Day no. 2". Guests: Steve Roberts, Harold Meyerson, Howard Berman, Nan Robertson, Jeremy Harris, Dan Walters. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 24. 7-14-92

Box 1, Case 23

"Dem. Convention Day no. 3". Guests: Steve Roberts, Julian Dixon, Marcus Mabry, Jack Shankman, Harold Meyerson, Patrick O'Heffernan. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 25. 7-15-92

Box 1, Case 24

"Dem. Convention Day no. 4". Guests: Gene Waltmann, Mark Nykanen, Derek Shearer, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, Paul Gigot, Richard Goodwin, Dan Walters. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 26. 7-16-92

Box 1, Case 5

"Democratic Convention Report Card". Guests: Jack Brodbeck, Frank Rich, Daniel Schoor, Steve Roberts, Arnold Steinberg. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 27. 7-17-92

Box 1, Case 6 (audio cassette)

"Police Spying". Guests: Mark Rothmiller, Zev Yaroslavsky, Rod Berensen, Marvin Rudnick, Tom Reddin, Ramona Ripstein. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 28. 7-20-92

Box 1, Case 7

"Tourism". Guests: Steve Spickard, Michael Collins, Saul Leonard, Muhammed Nassardeen, Mark Fabiani, Matthew Walker. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 29. 7-21-92

Box 1, Case 8

"New Visions". Guests: David Friedman, Vari McNeil, José Lozano, Harold Chung, Nelson Davis, Joel Kotkin. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 30. 7-22-92

Box 1, Case 9

"Jews". Guests: Marvin Hier, Gary Greenebaum, Baruch Hecht, Neil Comess-Daniels, David Lehrer, Marlene Adler Marks. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 31. 7-23-92

Box 1, Case 10

"The State Budget Crisis. Guest: Kathleen Brown, Dr. Bryan Johnston, Christina Keefer, Terry Parker, Richard Moore, Terry Friedman, Zev Yaroslavsky, Mike Woo, Mike Hernández, Phil Eisenberg. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 32. 7-24-92

Box 1, Case 11

"Rebuilding LA: A Report Card.". Guests: John Bryant, Al Williams, Xavier Hermosillo, Tony Thomas, Tyrone Baker, Joseph Kung. Transcript: Box 1, Folder 33. 7-27-92

Box 1, Case 12

"Jockeying for Position". Guests: Paco Alvarado, Marcella Howell, Carlos Chavez, Richard Riordan, Gin Lee. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 1. 7-28-92

Box 1, Case 13

"The Sheriff Responds". Guests: Sherman Block, Joe Domanick, Gloria Romero, Merrick Bobb. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 2. 7-29-92

Box 1, Case 14

"The D.A.". Guests: Ira Reiner, Gil Garcetti. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 3. 7-30-92

Box 1, Case 16

"L.A.--The World View". Guests: Philippe Coste, Arturo Rodríguez, Phil Reeves,Shigeo Matsui, Che Yung(?). Transcript: Box 3, Folder 1. 7-31-92

Box 1, Case 15

"Weed and Seed". Guests: Wendy Greuel, Harriet Walden, Paul Walters, Kevin Zeece, Terry Bowers. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 4. 8-3-92

Box 1, Case 25

"The Schools". Guests: Cecilia Mansfield, Helen Bernstein, Julie Korenstein, Leticia Quesada, Mike Roos. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 5. 8-4-92

Box 1, Case 26

"Venice". Guests: Michael Fausset(?), Linda Lux, Pearl White, Diane Bush, Fern Sizer, Rick Mayhew(?), Ruth Gallanter. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 6. 8-5-92

Box 1, Case 17

"The African American Economy". Guests: Marvin Clark, Roger E. Stangeland, Deborah Pagay, Derryl Reed, Drew Field, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 7. 8-6-92

Box 1, Case 18

"The Role of Religion in the Aftermath of the Civil Disturbances". Guests: Cecil Murray, Tom Smolich, Salam al-Maryati, Robert Alvarado, Hector Lopez, David Langness. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 8. 8-7-92

Box 1, Cassette 19

"Justice on Trial". Guests: Peter Arenella, David Horowitz, Barry Levin, Paul Hoffman, Diane Watson, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Harlan Braun. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 9. 8-10-92

Box 1, Case 20

"The Reality of Urban Planning". Guests: Dan Baum, Eduardo Reyes, Don Spivak, Bill Boyarsky, John Abashan(?), and Carlyle Hall. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 10. 8-11-92

Box 1, Case 21

"Rebuild LA: Myth or Reality?". Guests: David Greenberg, Peter Ueberroth, Linda Griego, James Johnson, Joel Kotkin, Barry Sanders. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 11. 8-12-92

Box 1 Case 22

"The Decline of Defense". Guests: Barry Wolfe, Julie Meyer-Wright, Larry Parker, Steve Burke, David Barclay, David Friedman. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 12. 8-13-92 8-13-92

Box 1, Case 27

"The Conservative Blacks". Guests: Milton Morris, Clint Bolick, Clarence Carter, Celes King, Robert Woodson. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 13. 8-14-92

Box 1, Case 27A

"Republican Convention. Day One". Guests: Paul Gigot, Ken Rudin, Dan Goodgame, Ian Shoales, Arnold Steinberg, Bruce Herschenson. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 14. 8-17-92

Box 1, Case 28

"Republican Convention. Day Two". Guests: John Seymour, Mark Cooper, Paul Gigot, Ian Shoales, Christopher Cox, Dan Walters. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 14. 8-18-92

Box 1, Case 29

"Republican Convention. Day Three". Guests: John Fund, Joe Cerrell, Alan Hoffenbloom, Gaddi Vasquez, Celes King, Ian Shoales, Jerry Lewis. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 15. 8-19-92

Box 1, Case 30

"Republican Convention. Day Four". Guests: John Fund, Suzanne Garmett, Eileen Padburg, Gaddi Vasquez, Ian Shoales, Celes King, Steve Roberts. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 16. 8-20-92

Box 1, Case 31

"Republican Convention. Wrap-up". Guests: Paul Gigot, Steve Roberts, John Emerson, James Lee. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 17. 8-21-92

Box 1, Case 32

"New Media Pressure Groups". Guests: Dorothy Gilliam, Brian Jenkins, Asume Haru(?), Leo Lewinsky. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 18. 8-24-92

Box 1, Case 33

"Democrats, Republicans, and the Inner City". Guests: Derek Shearer, Tony Mitchell, Brenda Payton, Tim Ferguson. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 19. 8-25-92

Box 1, Case 34

"West Hollywood Culture Clash". Guests: Stella Astritz (?), David Welch, Jodie Curly (?), Nancy Lonk (?). Transcript: Box 2, Folder 20. 8-26-92

Box 1, Case 35

"Preferential Contracts". Guests: Rita Walters, Robert Scott, Fred Gruen, Zev Yaroslavsky. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 21. 8-27-92

Box 1, Case 23

"North American Free Trade Agreement". Guests: Dave Sickler, Manuel Rosales, Harold Martínez, Larry Williams, Raul Hinojosa, David Ayón. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 22. 8-28-92

Box 1, Case 36

"How Do You Spell Relief?". Guests: Marilyn Boyco, Ana-Marie Anderson, Bob Bellany, Ben Peter Kim, Paul Lee, Frank Kishton. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 27. 8-31-92

Box 2, Case 1

"Here Comes the Judge". Guests: James Gillan(?), Patricia Moore, Larry Aubrey, Edgar Boyd, Peter Arenella. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 28. 9-1-92

Box 1, Case 25 (audio cassette)

"The California Budget Crises". Guests: Richard Katz, Bill Honig, Tom McClintock, Phil Eisenberg, Pat Nolan. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 29. 9-2-92

Box 2, Case 2

"Budget Aftermath: Health and Disabled". Guests: Steve Miller, Pat Cambern, Judy McDonald, David Langness, Cathy Wright. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 4. 9-3-92

Box 1, Case 27

"Not in My Neighborhood". Guests:Robin Cannon, Mark Fabiani, Lee Streep, Don McIntire, Ruth Lansford, Eric Mann. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 2. 9-4-92

Box 1, Case 28 (audio cassette)

"California Budget Crises: Can We Fix It". Guests: Peter Schrag, Phil Eisenberg, Joel Fox, Steve Smith, Tom McClintock. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 5. 9-8-92

Box 1, Case 29 (audio cassette)

"Quick Fixes for State Government". Guests: my Albright, Drew Mendelson, Lenny Goldberg, Peter Kelley, Arnold Steinberg. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 11. 9-9-92

Box 1, Case 30

"Will There Be a Latino Gang Truce?". Guests: Mike Duran, M. C. Boulevard, Kevin Rogers, Gus Frías, Nati Vásquez. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 30. 9-10-92

Box 1, Case 31

"Rebuilding LA. 4 (sic) Later". Guests: Mike Hernández, Maxine Waters, Celes King, Bong Hwan Kim. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 6 Transcript: Box 3, Folder 6. 9-11-92

Box 2, Case 39

"LA Riots as Entertainment". Guests: Moderator: Digby Diehl. Susan Fales, Ann Marcus, Rodney Mitchell, Jeff Jarvis, Vic Rauseo, Elvis Mitchell. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 3. 9-14-92

Box 1, Case 33

"Bookstore and the Community". Guests: Moderator: Digby Diehl. Bebe Moore Campbell, Tom Lorenzen, Alfred and Bernice Legone(?), Margie Ghiz, Bernie Rath, David Dutton. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 23. 9-15-92

Box 1, Folder 34 (audio cassette)

"The Rights of the Homeless". Guests: Peter Marin, Pete Guarini(?), Robert Meyers, Herb Katz, Dennis Zane, Alan Parachini. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 24. 9-16-92

Box 1, Case 35

"Reinventing Government after Prop. 13". Guests: Roy Ulrich, Joel Fox, Frank Hill, Charlie Wong, Arnie Croce, Don Benninghoven. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 31. 9-17-92

Box 1, Case 36

"L.A. Under the Microscope/Reiner Quits". Guests: Ira Reiner, Lawrence Bobo, Gary Phillips, Mel Oliver, Richard Scribner, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 7. 9-18-92

Box 1, Case 37

"Health Care: Public or Private". Guests: Philip Wessels, Jonathan Weisbuch, Bob Poole, Ed Edelman, David Langness, Richard Brown. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 8. 9-21-92

Box 1, Case 38 (audio cassette)

"Low-Cost Housing". Guests: Paul Leonard, Gary Squire, Sister Diane Donahue, Tom Safron, Alan Heskin. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 25. 9-22-92

Box 1, Case 39

"Gil Garcetti". Guests: Gil Garcetti, Reginald Holmes, Bob Philibosian, Mary Nichols, Kathie Class, Antonio Rodríguez. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 26. 9-23-92

Box 1, Case 40

"Clearing the Air". Guests: Larry Berg, Robert Wendoll, Jim Jenl, Bill Sessa, Cody Cluff, Ken Ferber, Lisa Hoyos Tweten. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 32. 9-24-92

Box 1, Case 41

"The Mayoral Candidates". Guests: Richard Katz, Richard Riordan, Mike Woo, Joel Wachs, Nat Holden. Transcript: Box 2, Folder 33. 9-25-92

Box 1, Case 42

"Worker's (sic) Compensation". Guests: Wilford Godbold, Casey Young, Steve Pease, Jim Little, John Garamendi, Thomas Preston. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 9. 9-29-92

Box 1, Case 43

No title provided on tape case. Guests: Itabari Njeri, David Glidden, Fernando Guerra, David Friedman, Stuart Kwoh. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 10. 9-30-92

Box 1, Case 44

"Flight Out of LA". Guests: Gustavo Perotti, Clarence Brown, Lonnie Dawson, Doug Hill, Paula Rowland, Marlene Adler Marks. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 14. 10-1-92

Box 1, Folder 45

"The Perot Factor". Guests: Mervyn Field, John Emerson, James Lee, Gene Waldman, Paul Gigot, Steve Roberts, Ron Brownstein. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 15. 10-2-92

Box 2, Case 3

"Race in the Mayor's Race". Guests: Kevin Starr, Victor Briego, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jerry Eu, Zev Yaroslavsky, Mark Fabiani. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 27. 10-5-92

Box 1, Case 46

"LAUSD: Out of Control?". Guests: William Warner, Barbara Boudreaux, Nichole Miller, Jeff Horton, John Perez, John Van de Kamp. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 4. 10-6-92

Box 1, Case 47

"Report on Causes of Los Angeles Riots". Guests: Curtis Tucker, David Hayes-Bautista, Geoffrey Taylor Gibbs, Dennis Luna, Jay Stanley Saunders, Angela Oh. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 28. 10-8-92

Box 2, Case 4

"Rate the Debates". Guests: Steve Roberts, John Fund, Virginia Postrell, Ron Brownstein, Dennis Schatzman, Michael Meyer. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 29. 10-12-92

Box 2, Case 5

"Prop. 166". Guests: George Gallup, Richard Corland(?), David Carlyle, Gail Nielander(?), Marvin Saul, Martin Hopper, Netty Hogue. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 12. 10-13-92

Box 2, Case 6

"Rate the Debate no. 2". Guests: Peter Collier, Cynthia McClain-Hill, Guy Aoki, Fernando Oaxaca, Mark Singer. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 16. 10-14-92

Box 2, Case 7

"The Sad State of the State". Guests: Robert Jones, Tom Hayden, B.T. Collins, Richard Katz, Dick Mountjoy. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 19. 10-15-92

Box 2, Case 8

"Rate the Debates no. 3". Guests: Bob Hayden, Dana Rohrbacher, Maxine Waters, Paul Gigot, Linda Wright, Ron Brownstein. 10-16-92

Box 2, Case 9

"Sexual Harassment". Guests: Melanie Lomax, Isabelle Gunning, Paula Petrada, Abby Leibman, David Horowitz, Arthur Silbergeld. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 17. 10-19-92

Box 2, Case 10

"Rate the Debates no. 4". Guests: George DeLama, Jack Nelson, Eileen Padburg, Steve Roberts, Virginia Postrell. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 21. 10-20-92 10-20-92

Box 2, Case 4

"Props. M and N: Can LAPD Control LA?". Guests: David Fried, Joe Domanick, Dave Baca, Bill Pavlik, Joel Fox, Richard Close, Jesse Brewer. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 30. 10-21-92

Box 2, Case 5

"Black and Brown". Guests: Danielle Elliott, Jack Miles, Art Torres, Roberto Lovato, Jesse Peterson, Robert Arias. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 18. 10-22-92

Box 2, Case 6

"Webster Report". Guests: Hubert Williams, Jesse Brewer, Reggie Jackson. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 22. 10-23-92

Box 2, Case 11

"Props. B and C". Guests: Kevin Starr, Seth Hufstedler, Jay Curtis, Constance Rice, Nancy Ramírez, Judy Borasch(?), Gerald Hardeman, Mark Fabiani, Zev Yaroslavsky, Mike Woo. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 23. 10-26-92

Box 2, Case 11 10-27-92

"Props. 158, 159, 161". Guests: Ruth Holton, Pete Schabarum, Kurt Sjoberg, Anita Rufus, J. Gale Katterhagen, Sam Heilig. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 24. 10-27-92

Box 2, Case 8

"Props. 165 and 167". Guests: Richard Katz, Lenny Goldberg, Amy Albright, Jean Cohen. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 28. 10-28-92

Box 2, Case 9

"Perot Factor/ Herschenson, Boxer". Guests: Bob Haden(?), Daniel Sheehan, John Burnett, Bruce Herschenson, Barbara Boxer. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 25. 10-29-92

Box 2, Case 10

"Beilenson/McClintock". Guests: Marty Wilson, John Emerson, Robert Reinhold, Tom McClintock, Anthony Beilenson. Transcript: Box 3, Folder 31. 10-30-92

Box 2, Case 11

"CA inside the Beltway". Guests: Lynn Nofziger, Lou Cannon, Ben Bisell, Jack Nelson, Larry Berg. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 1. 11-2-92

Box 2, Case 12

"Election Day". Guests: Eugene Levin, Nancy Ramiro, Jennifer Scott, Dave Ferrier, Mike Dolan, Jim Camp, Sharon Delugach, Herb Alexander. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 6. 11-3-92

Box 2, Case 12

"Election Night Special Coverage". Guests: Virginia Postrell, Steve Roberts, John Fund, Dan Walters. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 7. 11-3-92

Box 2, Case 13

"The Day After the Elections". Guests: Ron Brownstein, Eileen Padberg, Richard Reeves, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Fernando Oaxaca, Peter Schrag. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 2. 11-4-92 11-4-92

Box 2, Case 14

"RLA--Again". Guests: Barry Sanders, David Friedman, Mike Woo, Abby Liebman, John Abashan. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 5. 11-5-92

Box 2, Case 15 (audiocassette

"In the Aftermath". Guests: Moderator: Ruth Hirschman. Mike Moulin, Johnny Cochran, Gary Schwartz, Julie Pak, James Hahn. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 3. 11-6-92

Box 2, Case 16

"The New Democrats". Guests: Mike Schroeder, Tony Beilenson, Luis Caldera, Tom Hayden, Mel Levine. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 8. 11-9-92

Box 2, Case 18

"Getting Along". Guests: Teresa Langness, Rodney Beard, Paco Alvarado, Judy Pam-Bycel, Charlotte McKale, Jerry Eu, Ron Wakabayashi. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 9. 11-11-92

Box 2, Case 19

"What Do Teachers Want". Guests: Judy Burschak(?), Sid Thompson, Lou Cohan, Martha Cardenas, Helen Bernstein. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 10. 11-12-92

Box 2, Case 20

"LAUSD Teachers--Milken Award Winners". Guests: Joyce O'Jibway Jennings, Gary Bacon, Shereene Wilkerson, María Azucena Vigil, Kenneth Sakatani, Gary Soto. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 11. 11-13-92

Box 2, Case 21

"RLA--Task Forces". Guests: Joe Muse, David Black, Bruce Corwin, Dan García, Cody Press, Barry Sanders. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 12. 11-16-92 11-16-92

Box 2, Case 22

"The Libraries". Guests: Joanne Bliss, Stephen Klein, Maria Stone, Lynn Moore, Jerry Weinstein, Doug Ring. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 13. 11-17-92

Box 2, Case 23

"LAPD Use of Force". Guests: Alan Parachini, Stacy Koon, James Fyfe, Gloria Romero, Ron Chapel. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 14. 11-18-92

Box 2, Case 25

"The Downtown Plan". Guests: Robert Harris, Don Spivak, Don McIntyre, Laurie Gay, Charlie Woo, Ira Yellin. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 15. 11-19-92

Box 2, Case 13

"Claims vs. Reality". Guests: Barry Sanders, Mike Woo, Henry Weinstein, John Micklethwait, Joel Kotkin, Mark Fabiani. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 16. 11-20-92

Box 2, Case 26

"LA Schools: Where Do We Stand". Guests: Sid Thompson, Stuart Godholt, Helen Bernstein, Leticia Quesada, Luce Aguilar, Mike Roos.Transcript: Box 4, Folder 17. 11-30-92

Box 2, Case 18

"Rodney King Memo Leak". Guests: Jim Newton, Laurie Levinson, Harlon Braun, Johnny Cochran, Celes King, Peter Arenella. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 18. 12-1-92

Box 2, Case 27

"Weed and Seed Cos". Guests: Wendy Gruel, Terry Bowers, Anthony Thigpen, Maurice Moore, David Beightol. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 19. 12-3-92

Box 2, Case 28

"Multiculturalism Revisited". Guests: Esther Taira, Margaret Fieweger, J.Eugene Grigsby III, Leticia Quesada, Ronald Takaki. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 20. 12-4-92

Box 2, Case 29

"The Mayoral Campaign". Guests: Larry Berg, Richard Riordan, Jerry Brown, Jack McGrath, Joe Cerrell, Jack Beatty. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 21. 12-7-92 12-7-92

Box 2, Case 30

"Jobs in Southern California". Guests: David Hensley, Mark Chapin(?), Laura Valverde Sánchez, Daphne Jenkins, Mark Whitlock. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 22. 12-8-92

Box 2, Case 31

"Lottery and Legalized Gambling". Guests: David Johnston, Sharon Sharp, George Hardy, Burt (Member of Gamblers Anonymous), Jerry London, Steve Wynn. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 23. 12-9-92

Box 2, Case 32

"Liquor Licenses". Guests: Sylvia Castillo, John Murray, Richard Scribner, Ryan S. Song, Jane Blumfield, Ben Indel (?), Carl Falletta. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 24. 12-10-92

Box 2, Case 15

"Rand's New Study on LA". Guests: James Steinberg, George Vernay(?), Christopher Cox, Peter Greenwood, Peter Collier. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 25. 12-11-92

Box 2, Case 33

"Latino National Political Survey". Guests: Rudolfo de La Garza, David Ayón, John García, Bea Stotzer, Marta Arevalo, Fernando Guerra. Transcript: Box 4, Folder 26. 12-17-92


Series 2: 1993

Physical Description: 6 archival document boxes
Box 2, Case 34

"Rail and Rapid Transit".Guests: Neil Peterson, Ray Grabinski, Tom Silver, Roger Stannard, Antonio Villaraigosa, Sharon Papa. 1-4-93

Box 2, Case 16

"The Black-Korean Alliance: Not".Guests: Bong Hwan Kim, Joe Hicks, Karen Bass, Ryan Song, Christine Chung, Larry Aubrey, Denise Harlans, Angela Oh. 1-5-93

Box 2, Case 35

"Mayoral Candidates".Guests: Mike Woo, Joel Wachs, Richard Riordan, Richard Katz. 1-6-93

Box 2, Case 36

"The Two Trials".Guests: Laurie Levinson, Harlan Braun, Robert Tannenbaum, Kweko Duran, Cynthia McClain Hill, Erwin Chemerinsky. 1-7-93

Box 2, Case 37

"Development Issues: Slow Growth/No Growth".Guests: Ruth Galanter, Nelson Rising, Rosemary Woodlock, Russ Baggerly, Maria Vanderkolk, Bart Doyle, Madelyn Glickfield Guests: Ruth Galanter, Nelson Rising, Rosemary Woodlock, Russ Baggerly, Maria Vanderkolk, Bart Doyle, Madelyn Glickfield. 1-8-93

Box 2, Case 17

"Immigration".Guests: Eugene McCarthy, Manuel Moreno-Evans, Valerie Small-Navarro, Leticia Quesada, Dan Stein, David Ione. 1-11-93

Box 2, Case 38

"Minority Earnings".Guests: Shawn Hubler, Stuart Silverstein, David Horowitz, Carlos García, Jorge Sánchez, Vincent Maximilian Yee, Byong-See Hong(?). 1-12-93

Box 2, Case 39

"IRAQ/WWLA Capsule".Guests: Tom Baldwin, Virginia Postrell. 1-13-93

Box 2, Case 40

"Mayoral Candidates".Guests: Tom Houston, Julian Nava, Stanley Sanders, Linda Griego. 1-14-93

Box 14, Case 17

"The C.R.A".Guests: Ned Avila, Gloria Garry, Curtis Tucker, Zev Yaroslavsky, David Wilcox, Charles Woo. 1-15-93

Box 2, Case 41

"Down and Out in the Rain".Guests: Jennifer Wolch, James Lawson, Peter Marin, Scott Wylie, Alice Callaghan, Jeff Dietrich. 1-18-93

Box 2, Case 42

"The Clinton-Wilson Connection".Guests: Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Russ Gould, Terry Friedman, Frank Hill, Dennis Zane, Bob Stern, Peter Schrag. 1-19-93

Box 2, Case 43

"New Generation: President Clinton".Guests: Robert Ward, Danny Goldberg, Nikki Finke, Allan Mayer, Richard Berkheiser, Annie Gilbar. 1-20-93

Box 2, Case 44

"LA Schools Crisis".Guests: Victoria Thompson, Amyim Palmer, Carla Groth(?), Gary Hart, Robert Scott, Reuben Rodríguez. 1-21-93

Box 2, Case 45

"The Local Economy: Can It Rebound?".Guests: James Dertouzos, Floyd Sparks, Nelson Rising, Jack Kyser, David Friedman. 1-22-93

Box 14, Case 17A

"Sexual Harassment in Schools".Guests: Virginia Postrell, Gary Hart, Jean Hahn, Erin Krakow, Rozele Apino(?), Donna Cassyd, Tom Baldwin. 1-25-93

Box 2 , Case 47

"What is an Anglo?".Guests: Marty Baron, Berdj Karapetian, James Johnson, Richard Rodríguez, Michael Barone, Sandra Ball-Rokeach. 1-26-93

Box 2, Case 48

"Gangs and Autopsies".Guests: Mark Cooper, Pam Rector, Anthony Borbon, Maxwell Melvins, Anthony Valdez, Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke, Paul Juarez. 1-27-93

Box 2, Case 49

"No Insurance".Guests: George Bivins, Steven Miller, Jim Colquitt, Jeff Beyer, Stuart Wilkinson, Bob Gnaizda, Al Osterloh. 1-28-93

Box 2, Case 50

"Is the Justice System Bankrupt".Guests: Raymond Morris, Cara Lee Newman, Kenneth Kahn, Bill Hodgeman, Ed Edelman, Robert Milano. 1-29-93

Box 2, Case 18

"Tribes".Guests: Joel Kotkin, Kevin Starr, Sandy Close, Mark Cooper. 2-1-93

Box 2, Case 19

"Domestic Violence, Battered Women Defense".Guests: Gloria Allred, Gil Garcetti, James Hahn, Lilian Stevens, Sheila Halfon, Sonny Burmeister, Sheila Kuehl. 2-2-93

Box 2, Case 20

"Local Response to Bosnia".Guests: Ieda Homilich(?), Catherine O'Neil(?), Suba Solemegavich(?), Mike Farrell, Lynn Rose Avila(?), Barbara Francis. 2-3-93

Box 2, Case 21

"Banking".Guests: Hector Brollo, Barbara Fallon-Walsh, Thomas Nix, Ellis Gordon, Charlie Parsons, Whit Collins. 2-4-93

Box 2, Case 22

"Higher Education".Guests: Pat Callon, Belinda J. Wilson, Michael Grandfield, Tom Martínez, Don Phelps. 2-5-93

Box 2, Case 23

"Mayoral Candidates #3".Guests: Nick Patsaouras, Julien Nava, Nate Holden. 2-8-93

Box 2, Case 24

"The Payback Hollywood".Guests: Jack Valente, Marge Tabankin, Lionel Chetwynd, Del Reisman. 2-9-93

Box 2, Case 25

"The School Strike".Guests: Denise Rockwell-Woods, Luis Aguilar, Karen Dudley, Leticia Quesada. 2-10-93

Box 2, Case 26

"Trouble in the Streets".Guests: Tandy Bozeman, Mark Fabiani, Mike Hillman, Chilton Alphonse, Lance Payton. 2-11-93

Box 2, Case 27

"What is Clinton Doing About LA?".Guests: Will Marshall, Joel Kotkin, Joe Hicks, Fernando Guerra. 2-12-93

Box 2, Case 28

"Gays in Service".Guests: Keith Meinhold, Mitchell Grobson, John Davidson, Steve Sheldon. 2-15-93

Box 2, Case 29

"The Two Trials: Can We Get a Fair Jury?".Guests: F. Lee Bailey, David Friedman, Gerry Chaleff, Mel Levine, Derek Bell. 2-16-93

Box 2, Case 30

"Guns on the Street".Guests: David Friedman, David Zhu, Joyce Rabbit, Paxton Quigley, Larry Agran, Whit Collins. 2-17-93

Box 2, Case 31

"The California Economic Summit".Guests: David Friedman, James Brulte, Gray Davis, Wilford "Woody" Godbold, John Vasconselos. 2-18-93

Box 2, Case 32

"Selling the Plan".Guests: Maxine Waters, Roger Johnson, Robert Paulson, Paul Gigot, Christopher Cox, Henry Waxman. 2-19-93

Box 14, Cases 18, 19, 20

"WWLA? Special Edition: President Clinton Visits Santa Monica College".Guests: Henry Waxman, Stanley Sanders, Gray Davis, Joy Picus, Willie Brown, Dana Rohrbacher, Virgina Postrell, Terry Friedman, James Squire, Tom Hayden, Tom Bradley. 2-21-93

Box 2, Case 33

"Learning About LEARN".Guests: Willie Brown, Tom Bradley, John Pérez, Mike Roos, Virgil Roberts, Alan Auden, Anthony Thompson. 2-22-93

Box 2, Case 34

"The Teachers and the Brown Proposal".Guests: Kitty Felde, Sid Thompson, John Pé rez, Geoffrey Lantos, Pat Corrasick(?), Miss Johnny Johns, Eli Brent, George Woods. 2-23-93

Box 2, Case 35

"Teaching About the Trials/Violence in Schools".Guests: Kitty Felde, Rick Rossini, Edgar Cowan, Warren Furutani, Cathy Imahara, Sarah Brady, Marie Clark, Dr. Ruben Zacharias. 2-24-93

Box 2, Case 36

"The New Chief Speaks".Guests: Kitty Felde, Robert Vernon, Willie Williams. 2-25-93

Box 2, Case 37

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do".Guests: Kitty Felde, David Roberti, Rita Walters, Paula Bolan, Marta Escudia, Julie Korenstein, Anthony Thompson. 2-26-93

Box 2, Case 38

"Illegal Aliens. Can We Do Without Them?.Guests: Kitty Felde, Fernando Oaxaca, Marie Elena Durazo, Robert Mushrack, Ann Comsvag(?), Anthony Beilenson, Roger Miller, Rob Giannangeli. 3-1-93

Box 3, Case 1

"Private Fortunes and Public Finance".Guests: Kitty Felde, Richard Riordan, Richard Katz, William Karl Mills, Joel Fox, Bon Stern. 3-2-93

Box 3, Case 2

"Terrorism: Has It Reached America's Shores?.Guests: Kitty Felde, Daniel Shore, Bruce Hoffman, Norman Smith, Brian Jenkins. 3-3-93

Box 3, Case 3

"Church Politics in East LA".Guests: Kitty Felde, Bob Jiménez, Lupe Loera, Father Robert Sambrini, "Dino," Father Gregory Corio, Father Richard Estrada, Pam McDuffy, Joe Battalia. 3-4-93

Box 3, Case 4

"The Other Mayoral Candidates #1".Guests: Kitty Felde, John Barrunda(?), Theodore Hayes Jr., Oscar Valdez, Eileen Anderson, Frank Toran, Melrose Larry Green. 3-5-93

Box 3, Case 5

"Rise of Graffiti and Tagging".Guests: Dory Marlor(?), "Nuke," Roy Ramiro, Gil Garcetti, Diana Alexander, Candace Mead, Joe Guzmán. 3-8-93

Box 3, Case 6

"The Other Mayoral Candidates".Guests: Ernani Bernardi, Leonard Shapiro, Randy Pavelco, Philip Ashmala (?), Douglas Carlton, Kim Allen, Adam Bregman. 3-9-93

Box 3, Case 7

"Anti-Muslim Backlash".Guests: Kitty Felde, F.C. Nadjiya(?), George Arani, Robert Silvers, Dr. Mahir Hatut, Rabbi Marvin Hier. 3-10-93

Box 3, Case 8

"Eco. Expo/Business and the Environment".Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Merson, Larry Agran, Lynn Scarlett, Mike Gage, Conway Collis, Matthew Spaulding. 3-11-93

Box 3, Case 9

"The Myth of Black Powerlessness".Guests: Kitty Felde, John Butler, Andrew Billingsly, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Foresey Hogan Rolls(?), Dean Jones, Joe Hicks, Errol Smith. 3-12-93

Box 3, Case 10

"California Military Base Closings".Guests: Kitty Felde, Dan Walters, Wayne Wadine(?), Roger Schnapp, Christopher Cox, Tom Umberg. 3-15-93

Box 3, Case 11

"Is Our Town "Falling Down?".Guests: Kitty Felde, Ebbe Roe Smith, Peter King, Bob Baker, Julie Solomon, Kenneth Turan, Gina Park. 3-16-93

Box 3, Case 12

"Cults in Southern California".Guests: Kitty Felde, Deborah Jenkins, Kathy Gordon(?), Phil Prophet, John Hockman, Priscilla Coats. 3-17-93

Box 3, Case 13

"The Two Trials: (Rodney King) How Do They Differ?".Guests: Kitty Felde, Henry Weinstein, Barry Levin, Howard Rosenberg, Daniel Renzel, Norman Garland. 3-18-93

Box 3, Case 14

"Latinos and the LA Uprising".Guests: Kitty Felde, Manuel Pastor, Monigo Alvarado(?), Oscar Andrade, Fernando Oaxaca, Marta Escudia. 3-19-93

Box 3, Case 15

"White Collar Unemployment".Guests: Kitty Felde, Steven Roach, Bruce Eden, Patrick Jefferies, Charles Knickerson, Mark Silbert, Jack Schuster. 3-22-93

Box 3, Case 16

"The Attorney General's Gang Report".Guests: Kitty Felde, Dan Lungren, Charles Rachel, Art Herrera, Manny Velásquez, Chilton Alphonse. 3-23-93

Box 3, Case 17

"Debate Team/UCLA".Guests: Felde, Gershon Lesser, Allison Holdorff, Jill Grozenchic(?), Bonny Marlow, Laurie Marlow, Tom Miller. 3-24-93

Box 3, Case 18

"The City Budget Crisis/Mayoral Candidates".Guests: Kitty Felde, Richard Katz, Mike Woo, Richard Riordan, Joel Wachs, Zev Yaroslavsky. 3-25-93

Box 3, Case 19

"Korean-Americans In the Aftermath".Guests: Lou Cannon, Eric Shockman, Minh Pak(?), Sung Soo Kim, John Song, Wong Song, Kyeyoung Park, Brian Kim. 3-26-93

Box 3, Case 20

"The ACLU in the 90's".Guests: Kitty Felde, Ramona Ripstein, Robert Vernon, Roger Nelson, Paul Hoffman, Vivian Rothstein, Marvin Braude. 3-29-93

Box 3, Case 21

"Does the Justice System Discriminate?".Guests: Kitty Felde, Charles Lindner, Elizabeth McCoy, Robert Milano, Reginald Holmes, Candace Cooper, Cynthia McClain-Hill. 3-30-93

Box 3, Case 22

"Death of a Neighborhood".Guests: Kitty Felde, Sam Hall Kaplan, Nate Holden, Wayne Radkovich, Jim Ewing, Steve Brewer, Martin Weil, Linda Dishman. 3-31-93

Box 3, Case 23

"Tom Bradley's Legacy".Guests: Kitty Felde, Steven Reinhardt, Bill Boyarsky, Celes King, Barry Groveman, Michael Josephson, Johnny Cochran, Mark Fabiani. 4-1-93

Box 3, Case 24

"Power of the Post: The LA Mayor".Guests: Kitty Felde, Jack Beatty, Sandra Caden(?), Tom Hayden, John Ferraro, Kevin Starr. 4-2-93

Box 3, Case 25

"Preparing for the Verdicts: Schools".Guests: Kitty Felde, Ruben Zacharias, Helen Bernstein, Marshall Croddy, Marjorie Green, Mike O'Sullivan, Ronette Eumins(?), Angela Romeus. 4-5-93

Box 3, Case 26

"Preparing for the Verdicts: Riot Hysteria".Guests: Kitty Felde, Tom Bradley, Willie Williams, Donald Waldrop, Clark Kissinger, John "Apollo" Payne, David Handleman, John Duncan, Mark Whitlock. 4-6-93

Box 3, Case 27

"Preparing [for] the Verdicts: The Media".Guests: Kitty Felde, Jackie Stevens, John Mack, Jose Ríos, Matthew Fairster(?), Irwin Safchik, Joe Sánchez, Chilton Alphonse. 4-7-93

Box 3, Case 28

"Preparing for the Verdicts: Religion and Psychology".Guests: Kitty Felde, Jaikwan Ahn, Harvey Fields, Charles Orr, Louis Chase, Jim Sidanius, David Feinberg. 4-8-93

Box 3, Case 28A

"Preparing for the Verdicts: Listener Speakout 1pm".No guests. 4-9-93

Box 3, Case 28B

"Preparing for the Verdicts: Listener Speakout 7pm".No guests. 4-9-93

Box 3, Case 29

"Understanding the Trial: Awaiting the Verdicts".Guests: Kitty Felde, Peter Arenella, Harlon Braun, Paul Hoffman, Karen Grigsby Bates, James Fife, Sam Pilsbury. 4-12-93

Box 3, Case 30

"Is a New City Being Born?".Guests: Kitty Felde, Frank Holloman(?), Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Fernando Oaxaca, Kevin Starr, Peter Collier, Yehuda Lev. 4-13-93

Box 3, Case 31

"City Attorney/Prop. One".Guests: Kitty Felde, Phyllis López-Caruso, Bert Pines, Mike Goreno, Mark Kroker, Joel Fox. 4-14-93

Box 3, Case 32

"Rumors: Waiting for the Verdicts".Guests: Kitty Felde, Leo Lewinsky, Jean Yauch, Joy Picus, Gary Sherwin, Eugene Mornell, Sandra Ball-Rokeach, Anthony Thigpen. 4-15-93

Box 3, Case 33

"Political Campaign Ads".Guests: Kitty Felde, Laura Park, Rick Orloff, Richard Katz, Stan Sanders, Joe Cerrell, Roslyn Silver(?). 4-16-93

Box 3, Case 34

"Voter Apathy and Turnout".Guests: Will Marshall, Richard Martínez, Dennis Schatzman, Scott Hitt, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe. 4-19-93

Box 3, Case 35

"The Good News".Guests: Donna Bojarsky, Ed Scott, Judy Chu, Molly Han Wan, Cynthia Campoy, Diane Donohue, Forsey Hogan Rolls(?), Valerie Holton, Sam Burris, Derrick Burris, Arturo Ibarra, Gloria Garry. 4-20-93

Box 3, Case 36

"LA Elections: The Day After".Guests: Richard Riordan, Mike Woo, Dennis Schatzman, Joe Cerrell, Marvin Braude, Mark Ridley Thomas, Arturo Vargas. 4-21-93

Box 3, Case 37

"The Anti-Defamation League Controversy".Guests: Dennis Opatrny, John Crew, David Lehrer, Barbara Wahl, Osama Dumani(?), Pete McCloskey. 4-22-93

Box 3, Case 38

"The Gay Political Agenda".Guests: Tori Osborne, Frank Browning, Henry Waxman, John Ruble, Christy Hamrick, Michael Fumento. 4-23-93

Box 4, Case 1

"The Urban Agenda".Guests: Steve Roberts, Will Marshall, Mike Davis, Derek Shearer, Vin Weber. 4-26-93

Box 4, Case 2

"LA Is Burning, or Is It?".Guests: Kevin Starr, Tim Rutten, Sue Horton, Susan Anderson, Donna Foote, Ruben Martínez. 4-27-93

Box 4, Case 3

"Waco Speakout, with Ruth Hirschman; 7-8pm".Guests: Mary Zeiss Stange, Charles Sikes. 4-28-93

Box 4, Case 4

"LAUSD: State Bailout and; Budget Cuts".Guests: Patricia Reysenos(?), Rich Mason, Denise Rockwell-Woods, Michelle Maglalang Malkin, Gray Davis, Natalie Battersby, Lourdes Serrano. 4-29-93

Box 14, Cases 21-26

"Which Way LA? Then and Now [program]".No guests. 4-30-93

Box 4, Case 5

"Justice by the Numbers".Guests: Layne Phillips, Terry Hatter, Richard Cullen, Joan Petersilia, George Terwilliger, Alan Ellis. 5-3-93

Box 4, Case 6

"Rebuilding the LA: Filling the Gaps".Guests: Kitty Felde, Abby Liebman, Clyde Johnson, Dave Honda, Eric Mann, Joel Kotkin. 5-4-93

Box 4, Case 7

"Workers' Compensation".Guests: Bill George, Pat Johnson, Lloyd Rowe, Bob Gore, Jack Henning. 5-5-93

Box 4, Case 8

"Bilingualism".Guests: Bill Anderson, Esteban Lisardo(?), Domingo Rodríguez, Linda Chávez, Marta Escudia, Judy Chu. 5-6-93

Box 4, Case 9

"The Drug War".Guests: James Gray, Betsy Arnell(?), Kevin Zeese, Bill Adelman(?), Dan Lungren. 5-7-93

Box 4, Case 10

"The Rand Sex Survey".Guests: Sandy Barry, David Canouse(?), Robin Trento, Neil Carey, John Ludwig, Lindy Reznick, Pat Hoffman. 5-10-93

Box 4, Case 11

"The Gang Truce and Summit".Guests: Barbara Becknell, Tony Bogard, Richard Riordan, Maliq Spellman, Bill Humphrey, Hal Bernson, Alex Marrufa. 5-11-93

Box 4, Case 12

"LEARN: Getting It Started".Guests: Mike Roos, Wayne Johnson, Helen Bernstein, David Abel, Leticia Quesada, Sheila Roth, Ann Ithequeneguay(?). 5-12-93

Box 4, Case 13

"UCLA Chicano Studies".Guests: Rudy Acuña, Vilma Ortiz, Ramiro Barragan(?), James López, Ruben Navarrette, Jr., Claudia Mitchell Kernan. 5-13-93

Box 4, Case 14

"National Service".Guests: Rick Allen, Anthony Klein, Martha Diepenbrock, Dave Henderson, Adam Molinsky. 5-14-93

Box 4, Case 15

"Hollywood and the Administration".Guests: Moderator: Steve Proffitt. Bernard Weinraub, Marge Tabankin, Danny Goldberg, Donna Bojarsky, Richard Cohen, Sara Pilsbury, Ron Brownstein. 5-17-93

Box 4, Case 16

"Hollywood Violence: Liberal Ideals".Guests: Moderator: Steve Proffitt. Kitty Felde, Ken Auletta, Richard Walter, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Paul Verhoeven, Lionel Chetwyn, Warrington Hudlin. 5-18-93

Box 4, Case 17

"Clinton's Visit to LA".Guests: Moderator: Ruth Hirshman. Lou Cannon, Stan Sanders, Joe Sánchez, Howard Buck McKeon, Joe Cerrell, Lynn Nofziger. 5-19-93

Box 4, Case 18

"Gangs on the Beach".Guests: Moderator: Ruth Hirshman, Kyle Richards, Ruth Gallanter, Mark Ryavec, Juan Song(?), Chilton Alphonse, "Big Phil," Russ Leach. 5-20-93

Box 4, Case 19

"Stereotypes and Diversity".Guests: Moderator: Ruth Hirshman, Ruben Navarrette Jr., Roberto Lovato, Celes King, Frida Spaulding, David Abel, Rosalie Zalis, Kyeyoung Park, Naomi Hirahara, Bill Boyarsky, Al Martínez. 5-21-93

Box 4, Case 20

"The Health Care Plan".Guests: David Langness, Jack Sokoloff, Richard Corland(?), Shirley Knight, Paul Worthman, Larry Lavin. 5-24-93

Box 4, Case 21

"Peter Ueberroth Resigns".Guests: Barry Sanders, John Emshwiller, Mark Ridley Thomas, Fernando Oaxaca, Tom Hayden. 5-25-93

Box 4, Case 22

"LA's New Political Alliances".Guests: Melanie Lomax, Brenda Shockley, Celes King, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Dennis Schatzman, Rafael Sonenshein. 5-26-93

Box 4, Case 23

"The Denny Case: Examining the Case".Guests: Moderator: Donna Mungen. Kitty Felde, Stan Goldman, Robert Tannenbaum, Eric Rose, Charles Lindner. 5-27-93

Box 4, Case 24

"County Budget Cuts".Guests: Lenny Goldberg, Dallas Jones, Maureen Demarco, Gil Garcetti, Ed Edelman. 5-28-93

Box 4, Case 25

"Clinton's Civil Right Appointments".Guests: Will Marshall, Erwin Chemerinsky, Ben Wattenberg, Dana Cunningham. 6-1-93

Box 4, Case 26

"Immigration Issues".Guests: Roberto Lovato, Elton Gallegly, Javier Becerra, Dan Stein, Harry Pachon, Ruth Hirschman. 6-2-93

Box 4, Case 27

"Mayoral Campaign".Guests: Zev Yaroslavsky, Joel Wachs, Arnold Steinberg, Larry Berg. 6-3-93

Box 4, Case 28

"County Budget Cuts: The Sheriff".Guests: Sherman Block, Gil Garcetti, John Vasconsellos, Phil Eisenberg, James Brulte. 6-4-93

Box 4, Case 29

"Mayoral Race: Last Day".Guests: Monica Lozano, Naomi Hirahara, Dennis Schatzman, Marlene Adler Marks, Bill Boyarsky. 6-7-93

Box 4, Case 30

"The UCLA/Chicano Studies Settlement".Guests: Jorge Mansillas, Carol Hartzog, Art Torres, Dennis Praeger, Sergio Muaoz. 6-8-93

Box 4, Case 31

"The Mayoral Race: The Results".Guests: Kevin Starr, Joe Sánchez, Maxine Waters, Johnny Cochran, Angela Oh, Robert Scott, Joel Kotkin. 6-9-93

Box 4, Case 32

"Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Outcome".Guests: Linda Chávez, Constance Rice, David Twersky, Erwin Chemerinsky, Richard Martínez, Al From. 6-10-93

Box 4, Case 33

"Wednesday School Violence/ACLU Report".Guests: Allan Parachini, Catherine O'Neill, Mark Slavkin, Martha Cardenas, George Woods. 6-11-93

Box 4, Case 34

"The Ban Against the Smoking Ban".Guests: Terry Friedman, Curtis Tucker, Marvin Braude, Jo Linda Thompson, Jim Abrams, Kim Alexander. 6-14-93

Box 4, Case 35

"Liquor Store Business Conversion Plan".Guests: Moderator: Donna Mungen. Eric Nakano, Karen Bass, Ryan Song, Mike Woo, Carl Fileta(?), Melba Dunlap. 6-15-93

Box 4, Case 36

"Food Distribution in LA".Guests: Linda Ashman, Doris Bloch, Robert Rechter, Jody Nafes(?), Marc Dohan, Mary McAboy. 6-16-93

Box 4, Case 37

"The School Voucher Initiative".Guests: Bruce Adelstein, Joe Durado(?), Starr(?) Parker, Joan Jaeckel, Janet Beals, Peter Schrag. 6-17-93

Box 5, Case 1

"Rebuilding, Red Tape, and Latino Immigrant Merchants".Guests: Jorge Mansillas, Robert Belaney(?), Cynthia Robins, Kevin Berg, Frank Eberhard, Richard Alatorre. 6-18-93

Box 5, Case 2

"The State Budget Compromise".Guests: Tom McClintock, Ed Edelman, Joel Fox, Mark Paul, Diane Watson, Cathy Wright. 6-21-93

Box 5, Case 3

"Defense Conversion".Guests: Tom Bates, David Friedman, Michael Kennedy, Kelly Dodson, Marie Jones, Jane Harman, Greg Bischak. 6-22-93

Box 5, Case 4

"The AQMD and Reclaim".Guests: James Lents, Larry Berg, Jim Yentil, Joel Schwartz, Robert Wyman. 6-23-93

Box 5, Case 5

"The MTA".Guests: Kim Kimball, John Walsh, Larry Zarian, Lisa Hoyos, Anthony Villaraigosa, Richard Katz. 6-24-93

Box 5, Case 6

"UCLA: Budget Cuts and Reorganization".Guests: Norman Abrams, Abdelmonem A. Afifi, Kathleen Dracup, Michael Granfield, Patrick Callan, Walton Senterfitt. 6-25-93

Box 5, Case 7

"The New LA City Council".Guests: Jackie Goldberg, Rick Orlov, Richard Alarcon, Laura Chick, Joy Picus. 6-28-93

Box 5, Case 8

"Budget Cuts and Health in LA County".Guests: Gary Wells, Reed Tuckson, Diane Watson, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, David Langness, Gilbert Cedillo. 6-29-93

Box 5, Case 9

"Bradley: End of an Era".Guests: Tom Bradley, Kevin Starr, Joe Hicks, Ron Wakabayashi, Raphael Sonenshein. 6-30-93

Box 5, Case 10

"Privatization and the New Mayor".Guests: Steven Goldsmith, Linda Ard, Pete Schabarum, Gilbert Cedillo, Bill Eggers, Harold Brackman. 7-1-93

Box 5, Case 11

"The War Against Libraries".Guests: Sandra Rubin, H. D. Palmer, Terry Burns, Joel Fox, Betty Karnette, Ed Szynaka, Elaine Sevononius. 7-2-93

Box 5, Case 12

"Who is a Minority?".Guests: Douglas Laskin, David Ghoogasian, Jonathan Friedlander, Mehdi Bozorgmehr, Michelle Maglalang Malkin, Leticia Quesada, Ewrin Chemerinsky. 7-6-93

Box 5, Case 13

"Sen. Barbara Boxer: California in the Capitol".Guests: Barbara Boxer, Chris Cox, Howard Berman. 7-7-93

Box 5, Case 14

"LAPD: the New Mayor and Police Reform".Guests: Bill Violante, Dennis Schatzman, Bill Pavlik(?), anonymous officer, Jesse Brewer, Joe Domanick. 7-8-93

Box 5, Case 15

"Lawyer Bashing".Guests: Jonathan Kirsch, Harvey Saferstein, Ann Kirsch, Seth Hufstedler, Chuck Erlich, Charlie Hauck, Peter Arenella. 7-9-93

Box 14, Case 27

"Janet Reno Live 10am".No guests. 7-9-93

Box 5, Case 16

"Jack Shakely: Black/Latino Relations".Guests: Joe Hicks, Errol Smith, Raphael Sonenshein, Fernando Oaxaca, Arturo Vargas, Joel Kotkin. 7-12-93

Box 5, Case 17

"Campaign Contributions/Common Cause".Guests: Kim Alexander, Deborah Bowen, George O?Connell, Don Novey, Jan Goldsmith, Michael Twombley, Tommye Hutto. 7-13-93

Box 5, Case 18

"Campaign Contributions Part 2".Guests: Deborah Bowen, George O?Connell, Don Novey, Jan Goldsmith, Michael Twombley, Tommye Hutto. 7-13-93

Box 5, Case 19

"Graduation by Quota?".Guests: Marguerite J. Archie-Hudson, Peter Schrag, Tom Hayden, John Bunzel, Adolfo Bermeo, Virginia Postrell. 7-14-93

Box 5 ,Case 20

"Three States?".Guests: Kerman Maddox, Stan Statham, Willard Murray, Kevin Starr, Kirk Uhler, Fernando Guerra. 7-15-93

Box 5, Case 21

"Throw the Bums Out".Guests: Frank Girardot, Henry Morgan, Fred Hoopshire(?), Earl Purkhiser, Rick Cole, Chris Vosberg, Robert McElvaine. 7-16-93

Box 5, Case 22

"Hate Crimes LA: The Skinheads".Guests: Jerry Shapiro, Mark Whitlock, Heidi Imus(?),Gary Greenebaum, Laurie Levinson, David Webb, Brian Levin. 7-19-93

Box 5, Case 23

"Image Enhancement: LA Fights Back".Guests: Andy Murr, Dan García, Arden Ostrander, Ira Yellin, Larry Fisher, David Friedman. 7-20-93

Box 5, Case 24

"County Budget Cuts: Human Services".Guests: Peter King, Tony Hernandez, Ray Garcia, Shirley Fannin, Gilbert Cedillo, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. 7-21-93

Box 5, Case 25

"School Breakup/Reform Strategies".Guests: Roberta Weintraub, Mike Roos, David Abel, Ken Khachigian, Carolyn Ellner, Jackie Goldberg. 7-22-93

Box 5, Case 26

"Chinese Boat People".Guests: Wong (first name not determined), Gil Wong, Hope Frye, Kathy Imahara, Julie Malinowski. 7-23-93

Box 5, Case 27

"Panhandling, with Kitty Felde".Guests: Moderator, Kitty Felde. Harold Martin, Robin Toma, Joe Colletti, Barbara Tenzer, Mark Morenz(?), Rhonda Meister, Amy Mattick. 7-26-93

Box 5, Case 28

"The 3rd Sex? Homosexuality and Biology".Guests: Moderator, Kitty Felde. Simon LeVey, Peter Nardi, Lourdes Arguelles, Adele Starr, Walter Williams, Michael Shapiro. 7-27-93

Box 5, Case 29

"The Los Angeles Festival".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Peter Sellars, Al Nodal, Richard Staten, Ulysses Jenkins, Marla Gibbs, Greg Kreitzer. 7-28-93

Box 5, Case 30

"Koon/Powell Sentencing".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Ira Saltzman, Laurie Levinson, Karen Smith, Barry Levin, Jerome H. Skolnick, Dennis Schatzman. 7-29-93

Box 5, Case 31

"TV and Violence: The Industry Summit".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Paul Simon, Dick Wolf, Marcy Kelly, Missy Zeitsoff, Del Reisman, Rick Cotton, Bryan Stonehill. 7-30-93

Box 5, Case 32

"Smoking Ban".Guests: Marvin Braude, Kate Nelson, Tim McCune, Michael Siegel, Gary Sherwin, Marvin Saul, Mario Oliver. 8-2-93

Box 5, Case 33

"Immigrant School Children".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Lorraine McDonald, Vickie Castro, Michelle Crescenzio, Julie Thompson. 8-3-93

Box 5, Case 34

"Immigration: Asylum, Stings, and Liberals".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Andrew Murr, Angelo Ancheta, Lou Cannon, Richard Riordan, Ruth Picone, Rick Oberlink, Vern Jervis, Carl Schusterman, Elton Gallegly, Robert Foss. 8-4-93

Box 5, Case 35

"Special Edition hosted by Ruth Seymour".Guests: Moderator: Ruth Seymour. Ramona Ripstein, James Fyfe, Karen Grigsby Bates, Seth Mydans. 8-4-93

Box 5, Case 36

"Koon/Powell Sentencing II".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Karen Smith, Peter Aranella, Barry Levin, Dennis Schatzman, Harlan Braun, Robert Tannenbaum. 8-5-93

Box 6, Case 1

"Clinton Budget: California Impact".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Ron Brown, Joel Kotkin, Arnold Steinberg, Joe Cerrell, Michael Huffington, Chris Cox. 8-6-93

Box 6, Case 3

"LAX: Leasing, Fees, and Revenue Diversion.".Guests: John Driscoll, John Meenan, Ted Stein, Hank Verbais, Ruth Galanter. 8-9-93

Box 6, Case 3

"The Healthcare Hearing".Guests: Gary Wells, Reed Tuckson, Willie T. May, Phil Wilson, Stan Statham. 8-10-93

Box 6, Case 4

"County Budget: Where's the Money".Guests: Marla Fisher, Brian Alcorn, Dean Dana, Gilbert Cedillo, Elliott Marcus, Richard Rothschild, Ray García. 8-11-93

Box 6, Case 5

"Diving vs. Thriving Neighborhoods".Guests: Fred Kent III, Jeanne Armstrong, Steve Ryfle, Dennis Zane, Don Nelson, Jackie Goldberg, Dori Pye, Zev Yaroslavsky. 8-12-93

Box 6, Case 6

"Victimless Crime/Heidi/Prostitution".Guests: Shawn Hubler, Dennis McCarthy, Nikki Finke, Joe Gunn, Ramona Ripstein, Edward Tabash. 8-13-93

Box 6, Case 7

"Justice: Middle Class Black Perceptions".Guests: Cecil Murray, Malcolm Young, Stan Sanders, Errol Smith, Karen Grigsby Bates, Christopher Mayeure(?). 8-16-93

Box 6, Case 8

"Children and Violence".Guests: Roland Gilbert, Leonard D. Eron, Marcy Kelly, Danny Goldberg, John Kodig(?). 8-17-93

Box 6, Case 9

"Richard Riordan".Guest: Richard Riordan. 8-18-93

Box 6, Case 10

"Immigration and Politics".Guests:Lou Cannon, Richard Martínez, Tom Chabolla, Maureen Demarco, Javier Becerro. 8-19-93

Box 6, Case 11

"Toxics (sic) in Santa Monica Bay".Guests: Bob Sulnick, Michael Stenstrom, Paul Papanek, Xavier Swami Kanu(?), Mark Gold. 8-20-93

Box 6, Case 12

"Death Penalty in CA".Guests: Pat Clark, Richard Holmes, Elizabeth Semel, Helen Prejean, Curt Livesay. 8-23-93

Box 6, Case 13

"NAFTA: The Fight in Congress".Guests: Tim Ferguson, David Dreier, Christopher Childs, Jerry Brown. 8-24-93

Box 6, Case 14

"Race Relations, Trials, and Rebuilding".Guests: Stan Sanders, Joe Duff, Molly Bell, Joel Kotkin, Mark Whitlock, Kweko Duran. 8-25-93

Box 6, Case 15

"Selling the LA Library".Guests: Doug Ring, Raymond Melrose, Ben Corson, Jan Briedenbach, Pierre Lorenger. 8-26-93

Box 6, Case 16

"Illegal Contributions".Guests: Craig Steele, Dennis Curtis, Joel Wachs, Ben Davidian, Joe Cerrell. 8-27-93

Box 6, Case 17

"Vince Foster/Depression/Suicide".Guests: Tom Rosenstiel, William Styron, Robert Gerner, Ed Guthman, Edwin Schneidman. 8-30-93

Box 6, Case 18

"Immigration and CA Economy".Guests: Newton Russell, Richard Polanco, Tom Umberg, Alan Nelson, Ralph S. Abascal, Carl Schusterman. 8-31-93

Box 6, Case 19

"Koon/Powell Sentences: Federal Appeal".Guests: Myrna Raeder, Ira Saltzman, Dennis Schatzman, Geoff Cowan, Reginald Holmes, Erwin Chemerinsky. 9-1-93

Box 6, Case 20

"Guilty by Appearance".Guests: Jordan Legong(?), Daniel Tsang, Annie Lee, Nghia Tran, Mark Silverstein, Tony Lam. 9-2-93

Box 6, Case 21

"Immigration: Historical Perspectives".Guests: Kevin Starr, Bill Hing, Rudy Acuña, Virginia Postrell. 9-3-93

Box 6, Case 22

"Prosecuting Pedophilia".Guests: Michael Durfee, Cynthia Dickman, Astrid Heger, Leslie Wimberly. 9-7-93

Box 6, Case 23

"Victims, Abuse, and Revenge".Guests: Peter Arenella, Paul Mones, Lee Coleman, Linda Starr. 9-8-93

Box 6, Case 24

"Labor Unrest/Privatization".Guests: Michael Moore, Bob Duncan, William Eggers, Dennis Richmond, Mike Keeley, Marc Cooper, Mark Fink. 9-9-93

Box 6, Case 25

Education through Rose-Colored Glasses.Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Brandy Prado, Paul Chapman, Blanche Bettington, Steven Brown, Lauren or Loren Schlow, Paul Carey, Elizabeth Arreola, Robert Hector. 9-10-93

Box 6, Case 26

"LAUSD at the Crossroads".Guests: Sid Thompson, Helen Bernstein, Leticia Quesada, Theresa Bustillos, Jessie Franco, Henry Ortiz, Sally Peterson. 9-13-93

Box 6, Case 27

"NAFTA: Mickey Kantor and Congress".Guests: Mickey Kantor, David Dryer, Abraham Lowenthal, Jane Harman, Dana Rohrbacher. 9-14-93

Box 6, Case 28

"Local Reaction/Middle East Peace".Guests: David Lehrer, Don Bastani, Shimon Erem, Akef Shihabi, Gerald Bubis, Maher Hatout. 9-15-93

Box 6, Case 29

"Mayor Riordan's First Budget".Guests: Richard Riordan. 9-17-93

Box 6, Case 30

"Is California Business-Friendly?".Guests: Willie Brown, Julie Wright, Sheila Walsh, Jennifer Jennings, Allan Zaremberg, Lenny Goldberg. 9-20-93

Box 6, Case 31

"Video on Trial".Guests: Bill Stanley, Charles Lindner, Kevin Hussey, Patricia Greenfield, Charles Goodwin, Myrna Raeder. 9-21-93

Box 6, Case 32

"Why Johnnie Can't Read?".Guests: Lawrence Feinberg, Marilyn Whirry, Tommye Hutto, William Dawson, Louise Simon. 9-22-93

Box 6, Case 33

"Clinton Health Plan: First Response".Guests: Alice Rivlin, Christopher Cox, Henry Waxman, William Schwartz, Steven Miles, Maryann O'Sullivan. 9-23-93

Box 6, Case 34

"Blacks and Jews in LA".Guests: Harold Brackman, Maulana Karenga, Raphael Sonenshein, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Gary Greenebaum, Joe Hicks. 9-24-93

Box 6, Case 35

"Schools in the 90s: Evaluation".Guests: Geraldine Herrera, Michelle Maglalang Malkin, Tony Alcala, Pam Sopkin, Michael W. Kirst. 9-27-93

Box 6, Case 36

"Clinton Health Plan in California".Guests: Burt Margolin, Robert Valdez, Martin Hopper, Rex Greene, Catherine Dodd, Jim Barber. 9-28-93

Box 6, Case 37

"Out on Appeal: Koon and Powell".Guests: Leo Terrell, Joseph Wapner, Laurie Levinson, Maxine Waters, William Kopeny, Barry Levin. 9-29-93

Box 6, Case 38

"Police Actions/Ambushes".Guests: Dave Ziegler, Joel Wachs, John Duncan, Bob Vernon, Zev Yaroslavsky, Richard Close. 9-30-93

Box 7, Case 1

"The New LA Public Library".Guests: John Wellborn, Doug Ring, Gary Ross, Sam Hall Kaplan, Yvonne Crapano, Elizabeth Martinez, Rita Walters, Kevin Starr. 10-1-93

Box 7, Case 2

"LA Eme (sic) Nixes Drive-by".Guests: Art Herrera, Antonio Rodríguez, Mike Genelin, Joe (alias used for show), Gil García, Alex Marufo. 10-4-93

Box 7, Case 3

"Homeless Revisited".Guests: Pete Hammel, Michael Dear, Shirley Fannin , Vivian Rothstein, Tom Burcham, Peter Marin. 10-5-93

Box 7, Case 4

"Latinos and the Courts".Guests: Cruz Reynoso, Marta Romero, Javier Hermosillo, Virginia Reed (?), Rudy Acuña. 10-6-93

Box 7, Case 5

"Vouchers: Financial Implications".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Michael Kirst, Steven J. Carroll, Charles Quackenbush, David Barelich, Frank Ury, Mark Slavkin. 10-7-93

Box 7, Case 6

"Evolution of Multiculturalism".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Father George O'Brien, Margarita Melville, Robert Pickus, Jorge Mansillas, Peter Collier, John Slaughter, Gerald Graff. 10-8-93

Box 7, Case 7

"Lower Incomes, Higher Costs".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Judith Bell. Barry Sanders, Gilbert Baker, Roberto Barragan, Mary Lee, Wayne-Kent Bradshaw, Roger Lafferty. 10-11-93

Box 7, Case 8

"The Morality of Menendez".Guests: James Dunn, Peter Arenella, Robert A. Pugsley, Father Robert Friday, Gail Wyatt, Mordechai Finley. 10-12-93

Box 7, Case 9

"Health Benefits and the Undocumented".Guests: Lee Kemper, Stan Statham, Castulo de la Rocha, Gayle Ensign, Julie Thomas, Tom Chabolla. 10-13-93

Box 7, Case 10

"The Denny Jury".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Marty Berg(?), Ed Lawyer, Warren Ettinger, John Arguelles, Ann Ginger, Lois Heaney, Theo Wilson. 10-14-93

Box 7, Case 11

"Compton Rap Flap".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. David Lehrer, High C (rapper), Allan Light, Dan Charnas, Robert Ozen. 10-15-93

Box 7, Case 12

"Denny Verdicts".Guests: Molly Bell, Peter Arenella, Robert Scott, Joe Duff, Karen Grigsby Bates, Erwin Chemerinsky, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Errol Smith, Gil Garcetti. 10-18-93

Box 7, Case 13

"Live Special Edition".Guests: Moderators: Kitty Felde, Warren Olney. Mark Ridley-Thomas, Charles Lindner. 10-18-93

Box 7, Case 14

"LA: Tribes or Community".Guests: Richard Riordan, Barry Sanders, Gloria Romero, T(ong). S(ung). Chung, David Ghoogasian, Joel Kotkin. 10-19-93

Box 7, Case 15

"Denny Verdicts: Final Day".Guests: Celes King, Robert Pugsley, Cecil Murray, Errol Smith, Molly Bell, Richard Close, Leo Terrell, Larry Aubrey or Abrey, Gil Garcetti. 10-20-93

Box 7, Case 16

"Props. 170 and 172".Guests: Trudy Schafer, Joel Fox, Diane Watson, Richard Mountjoy. 10-21-93

Box 7, Case 17

"Denny Revisited".Guests: Mark Kroker, Laurie Levinson, Allan Bach, Paula Boland, Bobbie Fiedler, Fernando Oaxaca. 10-22-93

Box 7, Case 18

"Higher Education in Crisis".Guests: Joannie Finney, Larry Mason, Steve Olson, Art Ward, Walter Massey, Lucy Killea. 10-25-93

Box 7, Case 19

"Gun Control and the LA Times".Guests: Greg Scott, Molly Selvin, Whit Collins, Patricia A. Salber, Jonathan Varat, Paxton Quigley. 10-26-93

Box 7, Case 20

"Non-Lethal Weapons".Guests: Dan Lungren, Allan Parachini, Gary Greenebaum, Angel Montoya, Bob Vernon, Ron Chapel. 10-27-93

Box 7, Case 21

"Janet Reno and TV Violence".Guests: Bernard Weinraub, George Vradenburg, Timothy Dyke, Nicholas Johnson, Winston "Tony" Cox. 10-28-93

Box 7, Case 22

"Fires' Aftermath".Guests: Ursula Hyman, Jean Behari(?), Ronald Markman, Ina De Long, Robert Bruce, Bill Bailey. 10-29-93

Box 7, Case 23

"State Corruption".Guests: Mark Gladstone, Dan Schnur, Michael Twombly, Jackie Spear, Burt Margolin. 11-1-93

Box 7, Case 24

"Koreans Under Siege".Guests: K.W. Lee, Eui Young Yu, Angela Oh, Sandra Garner, T.S. Chung, Bong Wong Kim. 11-2-93

Box 7, Case 25

"Fires".Guests: Donald Manning, Terry Friedman, Bruce Hirschenson, Kevin Ackerly, Fernando Oaxaca. 11-3-93

Box 7, Case 26

"Calif., Borrowed Time?".Guests: Steve Pine, Kevin Starr, Sam Hall Kaplan, Laura Lake, Arnold Steinberg. 11-4-93

Box 7, Case 27

"Can We Make It Safer?".Guests: Sabrina Schiller, Michael Chuck, Tom Remalard(?), Paul Ripens(?), Rosemary Whitlock(?), Richard Minnich. 11-5-93

Box 7, Case 28

"Race, Politics, and Cities".Guests: Nicholas Leemann, Bob Mulholland, Rafael Sonenshein, Richard Martínez, Robert Woodson, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. 11-8-93

Box 7, Case 29

"Local Govt. And 1st Amendment".Guests: Terry Frank, William Choctaw, Bill Croufa(?), Christopher Sutton, Kweko Duran, Patricia Moore, Carol Sobel. 11-9-93

Box 7, Case 30

"NAFTA Call-In Show (Evening)".No guests. 11-9-93

Box 7, Case 31

"NAFTA Debate Follow-up".Guests: Javier Becerra, Jim Woods, Jane Harmon, W. Bowman Cutter, Dana Rohrbacher, Howard Berman. 11-10-93

Box 7, Case 32

"Preparing for the Next Disaster".Guests: Scott Franklin, Philip Riggan, John McDanell, Richard Wilson, Mike Ritz, Ed Edelman, John Engleman. 11-11-93

Box 7, Case 33

"Street Vendors in LA".Guests: Jackie Goldberg, Nate Holden, Madeline Janice-Aparicio, Richard Wagner, Gerald Silver, Richard Alarcon. 11-12-93

Box 7, Case 34

"LA's Evolving Economic Future".Guests: Joel Kotkin, Safi Qureshey, Chet Pipkin, David Friedman, Tim Ferguson. 11-15-93

Box 7, Case 35

"Who Wins the Lottery Every Time.Guests: Bill Branch, Tim Lesley, Mike Burton, Dennis Malady(?), Bill Bergman, Nelson Rose. 11-16-93

Box 7, Case 36

"Clinton and King".Guests: James Lawson, Shelby Steele, Will Marshall, Chilton Alphonse, Errol Smith. 11-18-93

Box 7, Case 37

"Restructuring RLA".Guests: Bernard Kinsey, Paul Feldman, Linda Wong, William McCarley, Dan Garcia, Celes King. 11-19-93

Box 8, Case 1

"APEC and Los Angeles".Guests: David Zigler, Joel Kotkin, William Stafford, Michael White, David Friedman, Dennis Harter, Estrellita Jones. 11-22-93

Box 8, Case 2

"The Dump by the River #1".Guests: Roy Mills, Carol Marcus, Dan Hirsch, Steve Romano, Dell Scott. 11-23-93

Box 8, Case 3

"The Dump by the River #2".Guests: Barbara Boxer, Lisa Brant, Fred Woocher, David Miller, Alan Pasternack, Jim Wharf(?). 11-24-93

Box 8, Case 4

"Smog Checks: CA vs. the Feds".Guests: Dennis Zane, Felicia Marcus, James Strock, Richard Katz, Dennis Dakota, Robert Presley. 11-29-93

Box 8, Case 5

"Felony Kids".Guests: Dennis Brown, Gil Garcetti, Candace McCoy, Mark Buller, Marcus Tucker, Barry Krisberg. 11-30-93

Box 8, Case 6

"The Homeless, Revisited".Guests: Ted Hayes, Jeff Dietrich, Kelly Olsen, Lynn Ducet(?), Don Burns. 12-1-93

Box 8, Case 7

"More Cops/Less Crime?".Guests: Bill Violante, Mark Lichman (?), James Fife, Dan Watson, Laura Chick, Gary Greenebaum. 12-2-93

Box 8, Case 8

"School Reform: A Rough Start".Guests: Sherry Lakind(?), Mike Roos, Judy Burton, Deborah Cahn, Toby Cronin, Joe Rayell (?), Judy Johnson. 12-3-93

Box 8, Case 9

"INS Promotes Citizenship".Guests: Donald Looney, Dan Stein, Harry Reid, Karen Escalante, Blossom Chen. 12-6-93

Box 8, Case 10

"Denny: The Final Sentence".Guests: Kitty Felde, Cecil Murray, Robert Pugsley, Joe Duff, Frank Hollowman, Gil Garcetti, Dennis Schatzman, Molly Bell. 12-7-93

Box 8, Case 11

"How Safe Are Our Children?".Guests: Cynthia Epps, Ellen Snortland, Doug Claybourne, Sandra Turner Settles(?), Linda Meyer. 12-8-93

Box 8, Case 12

"Crime's Down--Fear's Up".Guests: Ron Ostrow, Charles Kinderman, Gerald Silver, James Lynch, Sherman Block, Joe Duff. 12-9-93

Box 8, Case 13

Sanctioned Sexism: Social Workers vs. Probation Officers".Guests: Norman D. Willis, Phil Ansel, Richard Chumsky(?), Gil Cedillo, Steven Rhodes, Abby Liebman. 12-13-93

Box 8, Case 14

"Smoking and the Ethnic Market".Guests: Bruce Allen, Patricia Lasada(?), Tom Loria, Peggy Toy, John Mantz. 12-14-93

Box 8, Case 15

"New Epidemic of an Old Disease".Guests: Shirley Fannin, Janine Quayar(?), Lee Pastman, Richard Jackson, Graydon Shepard. 12-15-93

Box 8, Case 16

"Status of California's Black Males".Guests: Franklin Gilliam, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Stanley Crouch, Joe Hicks, Errol Smith. 12-16-93

Box 8, Case 17

"1993: Where Has LA Been?".Guests: Robert Reinhold, Dennis Schatzman, Dennis McCarthy, Philip Cheung, Monica Lozano, Bill Boyarsky. 12-17-93


Series 3: 1994

Physical Description: 6 archival document boxes
Box 8, Case 18

"Which Way LA? In 1994".Guests: Marcia Chu, Carl Washington(?), Joel Kotkin, Dolores Sánchez, Zev Yaroslavsky. 1-3-94

Box 8, Case 19

"Crime and Fear: Perception and Reality".Guests: Robert Dacy, Stuart Fischoff, Adam Levinthal, Margaret Ensley, Robert McDonald, Jerry Teo. 1-4-94

Box 8, Case 20

"Community Policing in South Central".Guests: Mark Kroker, Anthony Thigpen, Fernando Zuniga, Ken Thomas, Abel Diaz. 1-5-94

Box 8, Case 21

"Downtown Plans and the Image of LA".Guests: Sue Laris, Jeffrey Krinski (?), Ira Yellin, Robert Caddell, Lisa Sugino, Bobbie Fiedler. 1-6-94

Box 8, Case 22

"People Who Make a Difference".Guests: Susan Dempsey, James Author(?), Steve Margolis, Mark Greenberg. 1-7-94

Box 8, Case 23

"Solutions to Urban Violence: The Jesse Jackson Conference".Guests: Maxine Waters (recorded speech), Robert Woodson, Dolores Tucker, Joe Hicks, Leon Watkins, Karen Bass. 1-10-94

Box 8, Case 24

"Homeless Families".Guests: "Tanya" (first name only), Tanya Tull, Christine Killory, Joanne Zegantz(?), Laura Waxman. 1-11-94

Box 8, Case 25

"Clamping Down On Violence".Guests: Frank Zimring, John Garamendi, Tom Bates, Bill Jones, Richard Katz, Ramona Ripstein. 1-12-94

Box 8, Case 26

"Mexican Rebellion: CA Connection".Guests: Victor Perera, Angus Wright, Jeffrey Rubin, Rafael Martínez, Don Villarejo, Jose Mayan(?). 1-13-94

Box 8, Case 27

"The Paramount Buyout: Who Cares?".Guests: Steve Proffitt, Brian Burrough, Porter Bibb, Charles Fleming, Peter Bart. 1-14-94

Box 8, Cases 28, 29

"Earthquake!! 1-2:30pm (recorded on 2 CDs)".Guests: Mark Kroker, Wayne Garcia, Jim Morey, Kitty Felde, Leonard Thompson, Michael James, Pete Wilson, Richard Riordan, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Diane Feinstein, Ellen Withrow, Mike Moore, Patty Cogan(?), Ron Wise, DeeDee Myers, Frank Holloman. 1-17-94

Box 8, Case 31

"Why Do We Live in LA?".Guests: Harry Shearer, Dennis McDougal, Sandra Tsing Loh, Kevin Starr, Bill Boyarsky. 1-18-94

Box 14, Case 28

"Back in the News: Clinton Town Hall Meeting".Guests: Jim Willworth, Stryker McGuire, Peter Boyer, Arden Ostrander, Bill Clinton Town Hall Meeting (audio live feed). 1-19-94

Box 8, Case 32

"Is There a Silver Lining? Finding the Opportunity in Adversity".Guests: Roger Brenner, Joel Kotkin, Sam Hall Kaplan, Sheila Irani, Steve Pontell. 1-20-94

Box 8, Case 33

"God and Disaster".Guests: Harold Schulweis, David Green, Thomas O'Malley, Sister Denise (no last name given), Swami Akabediananda(?), Swami Sarvadevananda, Cecil Murray. 1-21-94

Box 8, Case 34

"Health, Safety, and Shelter".Guests: Jim Morey, David Langness, Terry Hamlin, Sheldon Perles, Melvin Green, Jim Slosson. 1-24-94

Box 8, Case 35

"Transportation Alternatives".Guests: Dave Grannis, Franklin White, Chuck O?Connell, Richard Katz, Bill Boyarsky, David Rizzo, Richard Schwadel. 1-25-94

Box 8, Case 36

"Where Will They Live?".Guests: Hal Bernson, Barbara Kingston, Joe Shuldiner, Lisa Monk Borrino, Bill Shaw, Daniel Fowler, Joel Wachs, Robert Lamershaw(?). 1-26-94

Box 8, Case 37

"Ethnic Diversity after the Quake".Guests: Dana Rohrbacher, Ruben Martínez, Howard Berman, Fernando Oaxaca, Dennis Schatzman, Robert Scott, Angela Oh. 1-27-94

Box 9, Case 1

"Disaster: Leadership Perspective".Guests: Arnold Steinberg, Rusty Arias, Larry Berg, Alan Hoffenblum, Julie Meyer Wright, George Skelton, Dari Sherago(?), Bill Carrick. 1-28-94

Box 9, Case 2

"Another Disaster: For Business Too?".Guests: John Emshwiller, James Flannegan, Ara Boyajian, Diane Brady, Gary Coclinka(?), Jack Kaiser, Art Ginsberg, Linda Griego. 1-31-94

Box 9, Case 3

"Stress on the Earth, Stress on the Mind".Guests: Beverly Frank, Michi Okano, Laurie Shelsky(?), Susan Silverstein. 2-1-94

Box 9, Case 4

"The Mayor and Money".Guests: Richard Riordan, Zev Yaroslavsky, Rick Tuttle, Chuck Dickerson. 2-2-94

Box 9, Case 5

"Earthquake Insurance".Guests: Ron Sherman, Rusty Arias, Marjorie Berte, Jack Weber, Ina De Long, Mary Crystal, Gail Hillebrand. 2-3-94

Box 9, Case 6

"Immigration: The New Crackdown".Guests: Doris Meissner, Miguel Santana, Danielle Elliot, Ron Packard, Ron Alvarado, Neil Zefrenzen(?), Rosalyn Gold. 2-4-94

Box 9, Case 7

"The Menendez Retrial".Guests: Leslie Abramson, Robert Tannenbaum, Gerry Chaleff, Fred Graham, Betty Burke, Lois Heaney. 2-7-94

Box 9, Case 8

"The ADL/Farrakhan Controversy".Guests: Julian Dixon, Steven Barboza, Louis Farrakhan (speech recording), David Lehr, James Lawson, Christopher John Farley, Joe Duff, Lawrence Martin, Chaim Seidler-Feller. 2-8-94

Box 9, Case 9

"Disaster and the Environment".Guests: Tom Hayden, Barry Groveman, Bill Wiggins, Jim Jenal, James Strock, Dennis Zane. 2-9-94

Box 9, Cases 10, 11

"Bosnia Special (recorded on 2 CDs)".Guests: Moderator: Ruth Seymour. Tom Gelton, William Schneider, Jean-Marie Repaire(?), Catherine O'Neil, Ron Steel, Solay Solamonogich(?), Doyle McManus. 2-10-94

Box 9, Case 12

"LA's New Housing Crisis".Guests: Ron Taylor, David Carlson, Wendy Greuel, Guido de Rienzo, Gary Squier, Philip Haggar, Joseph Eben(?), Don Smith. 2-11-94

Box 9, Case 13

"Seismic Safety and Public Buildings".Guests: Erin McCormick, L. Thomas Tobin, Art Torres, Cynthia Ingham, Samuel Aroni, Jon Regnier, Amy Forbes. 2-14-94

Box 14, Case 32

"Gang Tension: Blacks vs. Browns".Guests: Robert Spearer(?), Paul Hoffman, Jill Sharer, Brad Merritt, Lorenzo Merritt, Carmen Gonzáles. 2-15-94

Box 14, Case 33

"Trade Sanctions Against Japan".Guests: Charlene Barshefsky, David Friedman, Michael White, Jack Rodman, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Joel Kotkin, Fred Notehelfer. 2-16-94

Box 9, Case 14

"Malathion Spraying".Guests: Anne Summers, Joel Nelson, Jorge Mancias, Peter Kurtz, Dallas Holmes, Charles Getz, Bruce McKeller. 2-17-94

Box 9, Case 15

"America's Most Dysfunctional".Guests: Edwin Diamond, Nikki Finke, Cliff Einstein, Richard Reeves, John Corry, Frank McConnell. 2-18-94

Box 9, Case 16

"The Ongoing Mexican Rebellion".Guests: Terry Mulgannon, David Aspen, Marc Cooper, Luiz Maizel, Paco Taibo. 2-21-94

Box 9, Case 17

"The New LAPD".Guests: Martin Pomeroy, Bill Violante, Dan Watson, Catherine Spiller(?), Audrey Honig(?), Joe Domanick, Barry Levin. 2-22-94

Box 9, Case 18

"Universal Health Care?".Guests: Walter Zellman, Paul Wellstone, Larry English, Barry Pressman, Leonard Schaffer. 2-23-94

Box 9, Case 19

"Milliken's Millions".Guests: Michael Tannenbaum, James Stewart, Susan Estrich, Al Burn, Carol Goldberg-Ambrose, James Kuhn, Erma Colen, Mordecai Finley. 2-24-94

Box 9, Case 20

" Saving the City Money?".Guests: Michael Tannenbaum, Michael Moore, Danny Staggs, Zev Yaroslavsky, Eli Broad, Dave Trowbridge, John Meenan, Rick Tuttle. 2-25-94

Box 9, Case 21

"Gun Control".Guests: Kent Markus, William Gibson, David Roberti, John Stoos, Alan Parachini, Dana Rohrbacher, Sal Rosano, Randy Hearst. 2-28-94

Box 9, Case 22

"Who Spies on the Spies?".Guests: Stansfield Turner, Miles Robertson, Bradford Westerfield, William Colby, Craig Whitney, Robert Lindsey, Greg Dinallo. 3-1-94

Box 9, Case 23

"Jews and Palestinians: Local Reaction".Guests: Yoav Ben-Horin, Sari Nusseibeh, Max Kessler, Akef Shihabi, Chaim Seidler-Feller, Harold Schulweis. 3-2-94

Box 9, Case 24

"Three Strikes Times Five".Guests: John Vasconcellos, Craig Brown, Phil Eisenberg, John Ladenberg, Gil Garcetti, Gil Ferguson, Peter Greenwood. 3-3-94

Box 9, Case 25

"Re-imagining LA".Guests: Moderator: Sam Hall Kaplan. Charles Jenks, John Chase, Kate Diamond, Steve Flusty, Michael Pridewells(?), Morris Newman. 3-4-94

Box 9, Case 26

"LAPD Video".Guests: Dennis Zine, Kevin Starr, "Officer Bill", Michael Collins, Maria Elena Durazo, Joel Wachs, Zev Yaroslavsky. 3-7-94

Box 9, Case 27

"Japan and Hollywood".Guests: James Stewart, James Flannegan, Porter Bibb, Tachi Kiuchi, George Gilder, Edwin Reingold. 3-8-94

Box 9, Case 28

"Disaster and Economic Recovery".Guests: Anonymous homeowner, Russ Edmondston, Toni Riordan, Morton Shapiro, Robert Scott, Guido de Rienzo, Ron Wynn, Nelson Pedroza(?). 3-9-94

Box 9, Case 29

"The Politics of Health Care".Guests: Will Marshall, Henry Waxman, Steve Roberts, Rick Brown, Ed Chen, Trisha Smith, Virginia Postrell. 3-10-94

Box 9, Case 30

"The National Conference Report on Minority Attitudes".Guests: Sanford Cloud jr., Velina Hasu Houston, Karen Grigsby Bates, Joe Benitez(?), Bill Boyarsky. 3-11-94

Box 9, Case 31

"The Media and Whitewater".Guests: Joe Klein, Lou Cannon, Frank Mankiewicz, Tom Rosensteel, Robert Balkin. 3-14-94

Box 9, Case 32

"Money and Politics".Guests: Bob Stern, William Dannemeyer, Debra Bowen, Donald Heller, Tom Hayden, Joseph Farah, Ben Bycel. 3-15-94

Box 9, Case 33

"Medical Ethics/UCLA".Guests: Robert Aller, Michael Gitlin, Alexander Capron, Raymond Lydig(?), "Joe" (no last name given), Robert Spragg(?), Steven Marder. 3-16-94

Box 9, Case 34

"Low School Test Scores".Guests: Fred Tempest(?), Matt Burns, Maureen Demarco, Richard Paul, Lloyd Housekey(?), Kathleen Dixon, Michael Kirst, "Karen" (no last name given). 3-17-94

Box 9, Case 35

"Mexican Rebellion Revisited".Guests: Carlos Heredia, Eduardo Varon-Levy (?), Lawrence Krohn, Carlos Salinas, Luis Magaña, Abraham Lowenthal. 3-18-94

Box 9, Case 36

"Which Way, Hollywood?".Guests: Michael Medved, Gary Ross, Steven Farber, Sean Daniel, Marcy Kelly. 3-21-94

Box 9, Case 27

"Can Hollywood Save LA?".Guests: Joel Kotkin, Carl Rosendahl, Casey Bernay, Tom Sito, Cody Cluff, David Handleman. 3-22-94

Box 14, Case 34

"Rebuilding So. Central".Guests: Maxine Waters, Mary Lee, Donald Jones, Ron Harris, Michael Anderson, Peter Dreier. 3-23-94

Box 14, Case 35

"Mexico Assassination".Guests: Denise Dresser, Lawrence Krohn, Manuel Pastor, Larry Burns, Elena Poniatowska, Fernando Oaxaca. 3-24-94

Box 10, Case 1

"Crime War Casualties".Guests: Gil Garcetti, Gloria Molina, Barry Groveman, Mark Hanson, Tom Soto, Joseph Markey. 3-25-94

Box 10, Case 2

"Who's Entitled?".Guests: Shelby Steele, Charles Henry, Linda Chávez, Constance Rice, Tamar Jacoby. 3-28-94

Box 10, Case 3

"Is There Sex After Education?".Guests: Rick Felkins, Barbara Donovan, Bonnie Park, Maureen Bryant(?), Judith Pratt(?), Robert Simonds, Bob Chase. 3-29-94

Box 10, Case 4

"English Only in the Workplace".Guests: Priscilla García, Christopher Ho, James Carter, Robin Toma, George Trafiatis(?), Rick White, Sam Culbert. 3-30-94

Box 10, Case 5

"Crime: Does It Take an Army?".Guests: Alan Parachini, Gary Fullerton, Joe Hicks, Mark Kroker, Catherine O?Neill, Errol Smith. 3-31-94

Box 10, Case 6

"Are We Scaring The Japanese Away?".Guests: Ken Kono, Mike Mullen, Tamiko Nakamoto, Susan Moore, Ken Amano, Aki Surikami(?). 4-1-94

Box 10, Case 7

"Mexico: Update".Guests: Dick Reavis, Sergio Muñoz, Denise Dresser, Carlos Puig, Juan José Gutierrez, David Ayón. 4-4-94

Box 10, Case 8

"Is There a New Nihilism?".Guests: Larry Aubry, Dane Archer, Robert Dacy, Peter Marin, Nina Easton, Peter Greenwood. 4-5-94

Box 10, Case 9

"Lynwood Shooting?Koreans and Latinos".Guests: Marcia Chu, Armando Soto Mayor, Armando Rea, Joe Hicks, Stuart Fischoff, Angela Oh. 4-6-94

Box 10, Case 10

"Early Opening (Freeway)".Guests: Dean Dunphy, Richard Katz, Phillip Romero, Tom Soto, Tom Hayden. 4-7-94

Box 10, Case 11

"No Smoking (CA and Federal)".Guests: Terry Friedman, Art Torres, Henry Waxman, Jacob Sullum, Stanton Glantz. 4-8-94

Box 10, Case 12

"Mexican Assassination Update".Guests: Marc Cooper, Sebastian Rotella, Denise Dresser, Elena Poniatowska, Sergio Sarmiento. 4-11-94

Box 10, Case 13

"Firefighter Diversity".Guests: Tim Larson, Burt Pines, Larry Niles, Michelle Eun Jeu Park Steele(?), Joe Duff. 4-12-94

Box 10, Case 14

"Bosnian Situation".Guests: Tom Gjelten, Warren Zimmerman, Elliot Cohen, Richard Cohen, Ron Steele(?). 4-13-94

Box 10, Case 15

"Three Strikes and Economics".Guests: Richard Riordan, Victor Kappeler, Philip Romero, Mark Kleinman, Bill Jones, Joe Liu(?). 4-14-94

Box 10, Case 16

"Whitewater and the Media".Guests: John Katz, Howard Kurtz, Fran Coombs, Lars Erik Nelson, Carl Cannon. 4-15-94

Box 10, Case 17

"Single Payer Health Care: CA".Guests: Steve Shearer(?), Sara Singer, Jim McDermott, Mitchell Karlan, Jennifer Rifle(?), James Meehan. 4-18-94

Box 10, Case 18

"Which Way the AQMD?".Guests: Jim Jenal, Robert Wyman, Randy Solganik, Marvin Braude, Harriet Wieder, Gail Feuer, Sabrina Schiller. 4-19-94

Box 10, Cases 19, 20

"Crisis in Bosnia (2 hour program)".Guests: Richard Riordan, Zalmay Khalilzad, Dan Goure, David Eisenberg, David Shipler, Brian Hall, Saul Friedman. 4-20-94

Box 10, Case 21

"Operation Safe Home".Guests: Francine Washington, Jay Miller, Lars Erik Nelson, Don Smith, Shirley Spearman Andrews, Mark Kroker. 4-21-94

Box 10, Case 22

"UC-Who (sic) is it for?".Guests: Sean Cartwright (?), Roy Schultz, Paul Horcher, Ward Connerly, George Mitrovich, Charlie Schwartz. 4-22-94

Box 10, Case 23

"Nixon's the One".Guests: Jack Brown, Herb Klein, Hale Champion, Frank Mankiewicz, Ken Khachigian, Alan Cranston, Robert Finch. 4-25-94

Box 10, Case 24

"The Mayor's Budget".Guests: Richard Riordan, Jackie Goldberg, Zev Yaroslavsky, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Jan Breidenbach. 4-26-94

Box 14, Case 36

"Two Years Later".Guests: Joe Hicks, Bong Hwan Kim, Maxine Waters, Linda Griego, Mike Hernández, Ron Wakabayashi. 4-27-94

Box 14, Case 37

"Talk Radio".Guests: Moderator: Joe Morgenstern. Howard Kurz, David Lehrer, Michael Harrison, Joe Marshall. 4-28-94

Box 10, Case 25

"Political Correctness in the Newsroom".Guests: Moderator: Joe Morgenstern. William Glaberson, Tony Day, Margo Magee, Linda Seebach, Charles Schatzman, Steven Pinker, Russell Jacoby. 4-29-94

Box 10, Case 26

"Race for Governor".Guests: John Kurzweil, Dan Schnur, John Garamendi, Tom Hayden, John Whitehurst. 5-2-94

Box 10, Case 27

"Buses and Trains".Guests: Gloria Olin, Richard Alatorre, Chris Niles, Peter Gordon, Marvin Holen. 5-3-94

Box 10, Case 28

"County Lifeguards: Sink or Swim?".Guests: Jim Boulgarides, Joel Bellman, Jeff Droulian(?), Dean Dana, Ken Johnson, Ian Shapiro. 5-4-94

Box 10, Case 29

"Black Racism".Guests: Franklin Jenifer, Abraham Foxman, Lawrence Martin, George Walker Smith, Russell Adams, Ramona Ripstein. 5-5-94

Box 10, Case 30

"Another Look at Mexico".Guests: Sebastian Rotella, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, Diego Moreno, Denise Dresser, Alejandro Ramos, Rosanna Fuentes Berain. 5-6-94

Box 10, Case 31

"Oakwood".Guests: Pearl White, Brad Merritt, Kathy(?) Brown, David Ramos, Brad Carson, David Kramer, Drew Lewis. 5-9-94

Box 10, Case 32

"Zero Emissions Vehicles (program tape incomplete)".Guests: John Stauter(?), Tom Austin, Diane Wittenberg, Reg Modlin, Terry Price, Dennis Zane, John Wallace. 5-10-94

Box 10, Case 33

"Community Policing".Guests: Anthony Thigpen, Mark Kroker, Jeanette Hughes, Gary Greenebaum, Richard Alarcon, Bernard Parks, Andrea Ordin. 5-11-94

Box 10, Case 34

"Water, Water Everywhere?".Guests: David Kennedy, Robert Gottlieb, Felicia Marcus, Bob Vice, John Wodraska, David Behar. 5-12-94

Box 10, Case 35

"Parents and Teachers".Guests: Sandra Sandoval, Leticia Quesada, Laurie Becklund, Helen Bernstein, Mike Roos, Kathleen Dixon. 5-13-94

Box 10, Case 36

"Earthquake Rebuilding".Guests: Gary Squire, Suzanne Delana(?), Diane Brady, Philip Hager, Russ Edmonston, Ina Delong. 5-23-94

Box 10, Case 37

"Election Fraud".Guests: Bill Gephardt, Fred Woocher, Bea Valdez, Karen Saranita, Tony Miller, Roger Gunson, Rosa Hernández. 5-24-94

Box 11, Case 1

"Police Union Contract Dispute".Guests: Marvin Braude, Dennis Zine, Bill Harkness, Gary Morgan, Deirdre Hill. 5-25-94

Box 11, Case 2

"The Decline of Politics".Guests: Lou Cannon, Tom Hayden, Arnold Steinberg, Michael Feinstein, Dan Walters, Joel Fox, Lenny Goldberg. 5-26-94

Box 11, Case 3

"Morality and Politics".Guests: Kate Anderson, Sara DiVito Hardman, Steve Wasserman, Shelby Steele, Peter Marin, Harold Schulweis. 5-27-94

Box 11, Case 4

"Mexico: Update/Aburtos and Finance".Guests: Sebastian Rotella, Peter Schey, Jorge Mansillas, Diego Moreno, Denise Dresser, Miguel Basañez, Pat Nelson. 5-31-94

Box 11, Case 5

"Ballot Measures".Guests: Allan Zaremberg, Tom McClintock, Lenny Goldberg, Ron Brand, Leroy Green, Ted Brown, Molly Corbett Broad, Joel Fox, Jerry(?) Merrill. 6-1-94

Box 11, Case 6

"First Amendment, Hate Speech, and Universities".Guests: Jack Chapel, Steven Windmueller, Hannibal Tabu, Ramona Ripstein, Stanley Fish, Ken Heller. 6-2-94

Box 11, Case 7

"Slate Mailers".Guests: Mark DiCamillo, Joe Cerrell, Steven Glazer, Bill Press, Allan Hoffenblum, Scott Hitt, Byron Sher, Bill Boyarsky. 6-3-94

Box 11, Case 8

"Save Our State".Guests: Allan Nelson, Jeff Horton, Bryan Johnston, Peter Schey, Susan Alva, Harry Pachón, Ira Mehlman, Joel Kotkin. 6-7-94

Box 11, Case 9

"College Courts".Guests: Richard Pérez Peña, Max Rod Wolfe or Wolff, Krishna Winston, Howard Rosen, Christopher Burroughs, Daniel Wakil, William O?Neill. 6-8-94

Box 11, Case 10

"World Cup in LA".Guests: Mary Shander(?), David Kaplan, Elizabeth Primrose Smith, Madeline Janis-Aparicio, Julie Cart, Harley Frankel, Ron Rappaport, Frank Rojas. 6-9-94

Box 11, Case 11

"Quake Bonds Fail".Guests: Timothy Coyle, Bill Shaw, Richard Close, Paul Kranhold, Richard Katz, Mark Watts. 6-10-94

Box 11, Case 12

"Vacancy Decontrol".Guests: Dan Walters, Peter Dreier, Steve Carlson, Larry Gross, Greg McConnell, Jay Johnson, Christopher Harding. 6-13-94

Box 11, Case 13

"Gay and Lesbian Education in LAUSD".Guests: Laurie (first name only), Kathy Gill, Christine Soto, Sara DiVito Hardman, Jeff Horton. 6-14-94

Box 11, Case 14

"Gangs and Money".Guests: Marilyn Martínez, Bernard Parks, Louis Negrete, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Ruth Galanter, Greg Boyle, S. J.. 6-15-94

Box 11, Case 15

"The New NAACP".Guests: Joe Duff, Michael Meyers, Gabriel Kahn, George Buntin, Ronald Taylor, Cecil Murray. 6-16-94

Box 11, Case 16

"LAPD Contract (History) Interrupted by O. J. Simpson Coverage".Guests: Danny Staggs, Zev Yaroslavsky, Robert Vernon, Mark Epstein, Joe Domanick, Melanie Lomax, Marvin Braude. 6-17-94

Box 11, Case 17

"Battered Women (show is over 1 hour long)".Guests: Gayle Pincus, Lydia Bodin, Alana Bowman, Ron Markman, Daniel Willick, Saul Hoyos. 6-20-94

Box 11, Case 18

"Senator Feinstein/Mrs. Huffington".Guests: Diane Feinstein, Ariana Huffington. 6-21-94

Box 11, Case 19

"O. J. Simpson/Race".Guests: Dennis Schatzman, Ron Rappaport, Karen Grigsby Gates, Barry Groveman, Leonard Jackson. 6-22-94

Box 11, Case 20

"Mexico Update/Chiapas Camacho".Guests: Angel Gurrea, Tim Golden, Froylan López Narvaez, Denise Dresser, Carlos Monsivais, Fausto Fernández Ponte. 6-23-94

Box 11, Case 21

"Clipper Chip/Cryptography".Guests: Stephen Levy, James Kallstrom, Jim Bidzos, John C. Droge, Mark Rotenberg, Ed Roback. 6-28-94

Box 11, Case 22

"O. J. Simpson/Preliminary Hearing".Guests: Stuart Rappaport, Ed Guthman, Gerry Spence, Rex Heinke, Jo Ellen Demetrios(?), Charles Lindner. 6-29-94

Box 11, Case 23

"O. J. Simpson Preliminary Hearing".Guests: Kristin Jeanette Meyers, Harlan Braun, Laurie Levinson, Sharon Begley, Norman Garland, Barry Levin. 6-30-94

Box 11, Case 24

"MTA: Budget/Fares/Leadership".Guests: Renee Montagne, Franklin White, Mike Antonovich, Chris Niles, Bill (no last name given), Marv Holden. 7-1-94

Box 11, Case 25

"Cable, TV, and Phones: Changes Along the Information Superhighway".Guests: Porter Bibb, Bill Daniels, Gene Jankowski, Larry Levine, Norm Fein, Bruce Collins. 7-5-94

Box 11, Case 26

"The Tobacco Wars".Guests: Terry Friedman, Jacob Sullum, Steven Bayard, Paul Knepprath, Michael Fumento, William Lerach. 7-6-94

Box 11, Case 27

"State Budget Compromise".Guests: Kathleen Brown, John Vasconcellos, James Brulte, Gray Davis, Joel Fox. 7-7-94

Box 11, Case 28, 29

"Special Edition of Which Way LA?: O. J. Simpson Decision".Guests: Harlon Braun, JoEllen Demetrius,Stuart Rappaport, Ed Guthman, Dennis Schatzman, Melanie Lomax, Barry Levin. 7-8-94

Box 11, Case 30

"Earthquake Insurance Crisis?".Guests: Ken Cooley, John Garamendi, Marjorie Berte, Kathy Trapani, Rick Baum, Harvey Rosenfield, David Schiff, Robert Pike. 7-8-94

Box 11, Case 31

"O. J./Race, Class, Gender".Guests: JoEllen Demetrius, J. Stanley Sanders, Earl Ofari Hutchison, Melanie Lomax, Reginald Holmes, Kimberly Crenshaw, Antonio Rodríguez, Joe Madison. 7-11-94

Box 11, Case 32

"Chief Willie Williams: 2 Years Later".Guests: Willie Williams, Jackie Goldberg, Carol Heppe, Al Robles, Dennis Zine. 7-12-94

Box 11, Case 33

"North Korea".Guests: Katy Oh, Robert W. Gascon, Stephen Linton, Harrison Kim, Peter Kim, Tom Byung. 7-13-94

Box 11, Case 34

"Haiti".Guests: Kenneth Freed, James O?Dea, Niels Frenzen, Jean-Pierre Brax, Jean-Claude Martineau, Ramon Joseph, Major Owens. 7-14-94

Box 11, Case 35

"Black Leadership".Guests: Art Golab, Ellis Cose, Chip Murray, Marsha Gillespie, Leonard Jeffries, Russell Adams, Leonce Gaiter. 7-15-94

Box 11, Case 36

"Disney's America".Guests: Robert Singletary, Robert T. Dennis, Scott Gibb, Shelby Foote, Gideon Kanner, Kathleen Higgins. 7-18-94

Box 11, Case 37

"Welfare Cut (9th Circuit Decision)".Guests: Clare Pastore, Mike Genest, Beth Steckler, Jim Adler, Virginia Postrell, Mark Greenberg. 7-19-94

Box 12, Case 1

"O. J./The Race Card".Guests: Jeffrey Toobin, Gerry Chaleff, Dennis Schatzman, Joe Hicks, Harlan Braun, Kimberly Crenshaw, Deborah Rhode. 7-20-94

Box 12, Case 2

"Mexico: A Look at the Elections".Guests: Sergio Aguayo, Raimundo Riva Palacio, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, Ricardo Pasco, Mauricio Reyes, Fernando Estrada Sámano, Raimundo Reynoso. 7-21-94

Box 12, Case 3

"Kathleen Brown Campaign/Democratic Politics".Guests: Joel Kotkin, Will Marshall, Tom Epstein, Arnold Steinberg, Bill Bradley, Joe Cerrell. 7-22-94

Box 14, Case 31

"O.J. Arraignment".Guests: O.J. Arraignment (audio live feed), Harlan Braun, Barry Levin. 7-22-94

Box 12, Case 4

"Three Strikes Revisited".Guests: Kathleen Posey, Bill Jones, Peter Bozanich, Mark Klass, Mike Reynolds, Darwin Farrar, Don Novey. 7-25-94

Box 12, Case 5

"Health Reform Revisited".Guests: Phyllis Torda, Robert Scott, Joseph Topping, Richard Wiebe, Steve Schear, J. C. Pickett, Jennifer Rifle(?). 7-26-94

Box 12, Case 6

"Transit Strike".Guests: John Walsh, James Cragin, Goldy Norton, Nick Patsaouras, Carlos Coryell (?), Elliott Sclar, Eric Mann, Marvin Holen. 7-27-94

Box 12, Case 7

"Rwanda and the Politics of Giving".Guests: Edward Luttwak, Allan Keyes, George Ayittey, Catherine O?Neill, Dorene Young, Cyrus Nargewe(?). 7-28-94

Box 12, Case 8

"Governor Wilson".Guests: Sara DiVito Hardman, Eileen Padberg, Arnold Steinberg, Tom Hayden. 7-29-94

Box 12, Case 9

"The New Terrorism".Guests: Bruce Hoffman, F. C. Najiya(?), Eli Krakowski, Greenebaum, Salam al-Marayati, Harold M. Schulweis. 8-1-94

Box 12, Case 10

"Korean Liquor Stores".Guests: David Peck, Steven Jones, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Sylvia Castillo, Paul Horcher, Mary Lee. 8-2-94

Box 12, Case 11

"Crime Bill".Guests: Andy Foyce(?), Frank Zimring, David Dreier, Bernard Parks, Ron Brownstein, Charles Sevilla, Philip Heymann. 8-3-94

Box 12, Case 12

Multi-racialism and the Census.Guests: Thomas Sawyer, Susan Graham, John Michael Spencer, Sally Katzen, Yehudi Webster, G. Reginald Daniel. 8-4-94

Box 12, Case 13

"Corporate Philanthropy".Guests: Pablo Eisenberg, Russell Sakaguchi, Bradford Cornell, Jack Shakely, Paul Powers, William Pourveau(?), Doug Ring. 8-5-94

Box 12, Case 14

"Abortion Clinic Violence".Guests: Kim Gandy, Mike Bray, Michaelene Jenkins, Laura Weide, Susan Carpenter McMillan, Jennifer Church, Sue Ellen Wood. 8-8-94

Box 12, Case 15

"Health Care Debate Begins".Guests: Larry Hugick, David Langness, Lydia Saad, Dwayne Banks, Walter Zelman, Gail Wilensky. 8-9-94

Box 12, Case 16

"Generation X".Guests: William Strauss, John Rother, Susan Warner, Sam Kopper(?), Michelle Mitchell, Brad Edmondson. 8-10-94

Box 12, Case 17

"Baseball Strike".Guests: Guy Conti, Melissa Line, Arn Tellem, Ron Rappaport, Mark Eisenman, Gene Orza. 8-11-94

Box 12, Case 18

"Mexico: Post Chiapas?Pre-Election".Guests: Miguel Basañez, José Angel Gurria, Adolfo Onofre, Medea Benjamin, Teresa Sánchez, Denise Dresser, Federico Estevez. 8-12-94

Box 12, Case 19

"Clinton's Woes".Guests: Michael Barone, Mervyn Field, David Lauter, David Dreier, Darius Sarago (?), Bill Press, Howard McKeon, Larry Berg, Eileen Padberg. 8-15-94

Box 12, Case 20

"Compton".Guests: Abby Lowell, George O?Connell, Clarence Mitchell, Paul Richards, John Ortega, Ruben Navarrette, Royce Esters. 8-16-94

Box 12, Case 21

"Clean Air: Riordan and the FIP".Guests: Michael Keeley, Dennis Zane, Dave Titus, Hank Wedaa, Lillian Kawasaki, Dave Howekamp. 8-17-94

Box 12, Case 22

"Cynical Polls/Apathetic Voters".Guests: Tony Miller, Dan Walters, Harry Shearer, Larry Berg, Sal Russo. 8-18-94

Box 12, Case 23

"Crime Bill Revisited".Guests: Dana Rohrbacher, Jane Harman, Elliott Currie, Andrew Foyce(?), David Garth, Sandra Ball-Rokeach. 8-19-94

Box 12, Case 24

"SOS Revisited".Guests: Lydia Brazon, Barbara Kiley, Ted Green, Mario Salgado, Kevin McCarthy, Patrick Geary. 8-22-94

Box 12, Case 25

"Mexico After the Elections".Guests: José Angel Gurria, Fernando Estrada Sámano, Federico Estevez, Lydia Brazon, Ricardo Pasco, Denise Dresser. 8-23-94

Box 12, Case 26

"Koon and Powell?s Sentencing".Guests: Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Lane(?) Phillips, Dennis Zine, Laurie Levinson, Victoria King. 8-24-94

Box 12, Case 27

"Gambling Regulation".Guests: Curtis Tucker, Dave Johnston, Nelson Rose, Tom Hayden. 8-25-94

Box 12, Case 28

"Forensic DNA".Guests: Jack Ballantine, George Clark, William Thompson, Anthony Napoleon, Walter Krstulja. 8-26-94

Box 12, Case 29

"LAPD/Gender Inequity".Guests: Ann Rice Lane, Joanne Belknap, Fred Tredy, Jackie Goldberg, Carol Sobel, Bob Kramer, Deirdre Hill. 9-12-94

Box 12, Case 30

"MTA Fare TRO".Guests: Franklin White, Eric Mann, David Kelsey, Larry Zarian, Connie Rice, James Moore II, Kim Kimball. 9-13-94

Box 12, Case 31

"State Schools Superintendent Debate".Guests: Delaine Eastin, Maureen DiMarco. 9-14-94

Box 12, Case 32

"State Campaign Finance Reform".Guests: John Panneton, Bill Lockyer, Jan Goldsmith, Bob Stern, Ruth Holton, Daniel Moses, Joseph Remcho. 9-15-94

Box 12, Case 33

"Haiti".Guests: Robert Joffee, James O?Dea, Niels Frenzen, William Van Alstyne, Edwin Smith, David Dreier. 9-16-94

Box 12, Case 34

"Death Penalty".Guests: Melanie Lomax, Marsha Morrissey, Brian Brown, Helen Prejean, Gloria Allred, Fred Grab(?), Stuart Rappaport. 9-19-94

Box 12, Case 35

"Haiti Agreement Post Carter Policy".Guests: Ricot Dupuy(?), James Steinberg, Jerry Gaspard, Howard Berman, Michel Laguerre, Christopher Cox, Johnnie McCalla, George Ward. 9-20-94

Box 12, Case 36

"School Violence".Guests: Iman Dalchil, Dan Isaacs, Barbara Gallon(?), Mark Slavkin. 9-21-94

Box 12, Case 37

"Haiti".Guests: Lawrence A. Pezzullo, Tom Masland, Julian Dixon, George Ward, Raul Roy Alcala, Dana Rohrbacher. 9-22-94

Box 13, Case 1

"Polls, Pols, and Cynicism".Guests: Mark DiCamillo, Arnold Steinberg, Tom Hayden, Andrew Kohut, Joel Kotkin, Daniel Cass. 9-23-94

Box 13, Case 2

"O. J. Simpson Jury Selection. Hosted by Kitty Felde".Guests: Moderator: Kitty Felde. Christine Spolar, George Dell, Anthony Napoleon, Steven Adler, Harlon Braun, Albert Alschuler. 9-26-94

Box 13, Case 3

"Simpson Trial/ Media Coverage".Guests: Mike Walker, Joe Salzman, Gerry Chaleff, Alan Parachini, Jonathan Chance (traffic report interruption), Anthony Lewis, Deborah Rhode. 9-27-94

Box 13, Case 4

"Haiti/Congress".Guests: Raul Roy Alcala, Howard Berman, Raymond Joseph, Steven Koziac, Howard Buck McKeon, Arthur Stein, Doyle McManus. 9-28-94

Box 13, Case 5

"Prop. 187, SOS (?): Charges of Racism".Guests: Mark DiCamillo, Jesse Laguna, Rodolfo De La Garza, Roberto Lovato, Miya Iwataki, Gil Wong, Alan Freeling, Alan Nelson. 9-29-94

Box 13, Case 6

"The Plague".Guests: Laurie Garrett, Shirley Fannin, Thompson Prentice, David T. Dennis, Mohinder Singh. 9-30-94

Box 13, Case 7

"Assassination: Narco Politics in Mexico".Guests: Blanche Petrich, Sebastian Rotella, Fernando Estrada Sámano, Ricardo Pasco, Denise Dresser. 10-3-94

Box 13, Case 8

"Haiti/Aristide?s U.N. Address".Guests: Raymond Joseph, Ben Dupuy, Lawrence A. Pezzullo, Max Blanch(?), Ian Martin, Raul Roy Alcala, William Taylor. 10-4-94

Box 13, Case 9

"Mid-East Peace/Shimon Peres Visit".Guests: Shimon Peres, Emile Sahliyeh, Robert Weintraub, Yoav Ben-Horin, F. C. Najiya(?), Richard Dekmejian. 10-6-94

Box 13, Case 10

"MTA/Red Line Funds Cut by Feds".Guests: James Cragin, Zev Yaroslavsky, Ray Judson, Jackie Goldberg, Richard Alatorre, Marvin Holen. 10-7-94

Box 13, Case 11

"Michael Huffington".Guests: Michael Schroeder, Hazel Richardson Blankenship(?), Maureen Orth, Sara DiVito Hardman, Glenn Bunting, Jeff Eisenach. 10-10-94

Box 13, Case 12

"Single Payer (After Fed Reform Stalls)".Guests: Kevin Grumbach, Richard Wiebe, Sara Nichols, David Holly(?), Ronald Dworkin, Hersh Crawford. 10-11-94

Box 13, Case 13

"LAPD: Williams Demotes Parks, etc.".Guests: Joe Domanick, Robert Vernon, Zev Yaroslavsky, Gary Greenebaum, Joe Duff, James Rainey. 10-12-94

Box 13, Case 14

"Aristide Returns".Guests: Jean-Pierre Brax, David Welna, Bob Joseph, Ann-Christine d?Adesky, Ian Martin, Richard Morris. 10-13-94

Box 13, Case 15

"Moguls (Speilberg, Katzenberg, Geffen)".Guests: Cory Brown, Max Youngstein, Michael Medved, Sean Daniel, Joel Kotkin, Howard Froomis(?). 10-14-94

Box 13, Case 16

"The Simpson Case Continues".Guests: Kitty Felde, Ephraim Margolin, Seymour Wishman, Henry Weinstein, Roy Ulrich, Laurie Levinson. 10-17-94

Box 13, Case 17

"Unintended Consequences of Initiatives (Schrag article)".Guests: Peter Schrag, Joel Fox, Eugene Lee, Kurt Pringle, William Hauck, John Vasconcellos. 10-18-94

Box 14, Case 38

"No Title Given".Guests: Peter Schrag, Joel Fox, Eugene Lee, Kurt Pringle, William Hauck, John Vascansellos. 10-19-94

Box 13, Case 18

"Religion and Politics".Guests: Ronald Thiemann, Robert Simons, Louise Adler, Mike Uber(?), James Lawson, Ken Jacobson. 10-20-94

Box 13, Case 19

"The State Prison System".Guests: Frank Zimring, Craig Brown, Robert Presley, Dan Morain, Louis Caldera, Don Novey, Michael Judge. 10-21-94

Box 13, Case 20

"LA Economy".Guests: David Friedman, William Ouchi, Richard Schilling(?), Ray Remy, Joel Kotkin, Don Nakamoto, Jackie Goldberg. 10-24-94

Box 13, Case 21

"Props. 185 and 188".Guests: Nick Gillespie, Terry Friedman, Victor Crawford, Jerry Merrill, Anita Mangels. 10-25-94

Box 13, Case 22

"Proposition 187 Rift".Guests: Alan Nelson, David Quo(?), Ron Unz, Bruce Hirschenson, Virginia Postrell. 10-26-94

Box 13, Cases 23, 24

"Israel/Jordan Peace Accord".Guests: Yoav Ben-Horin, Uri Oren, F.C. Nadjiya(?), Robert Weintraub, Emile Sahliyeh, Bill Clinton/Yitzhak Rabin news conference (audio live feed), Daniel Shore, Richard Dekmejian. 10-27-94

Box 13, Case 25

"Judge Ito and the Press".Guests: Earl Casey, Doug Merrill, David Margolick, Joe Salzman, Irwin Chemerinsky, Garrett Zelen. 10-28-94

Box 13, Case 26

"California Bellweather (Kathleen Brown)".Guests: Andrew Kohut, Tom Epstein, John Fund, Kathleen Brown, Lou Cannon, Joe Klein. 10-31-94

Box 13, Case 27

"Insurance Comm./Controller".Guests: Art Torres, Steve Young, Harvey Rosenfield, Tom McClintock, Fred Register, Steve Scott. 11-1-94

Box 13, Case 28

"Prop. 187/Implementation".Guests: Fernando Oaxaca, Alan Nelson, Maria Elena Durazo, Mark Rosenbaum, David Langness, Steve Zimmer, Mark Slavkin. 11-3-94

Box 13, Case 29

"Attorney General".Guests: Tom Umberg, Kevin Washburn, Gail Ruderman Feuer, John Barbieri, Martin Berg. 11-4-94

Box 13, Case 30

"Voter Turnout".Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark DiCamillo, Scott Washburn, Alan Hoffenblum, Larry Frank, Terry Friedman, Christine Soto(?), Alan Bach. 11-7-94

Box 13, Case 31

"The New Congress".Guests: John Fund, Will Marshall, Christopher Cox, Susan Brooks, Bill McGavern, Harold Meyerson. 11-11-94

Box 13, Case 32

"Proposition 187 (1:20-2:30pm)".Guests: Ron Prince, Yolanda Vera, Ron Wakabayashi, Alan Nelson, David Langness, Mark Slavkin, Dana Rohrbacher. 11-9-94

Box 13, Case 33

"Changes in the CA Legislature".Guests: Betty Karnette, Ron Brand, Phil Eisenberg, Bill Lockyer, Robert Hurt, John Kurzweil, Dan Walters. 11-14-94

Box 13, Case 34

"Clarence Thomas".Guests: Jane Mayer, Phyllis Berry Myers, Peter Irons, Laura Ingram. 11-15-94

Box 13, Case 35

"African-American Leadership under the Republicans".Guests: Willie Richardson, Robert Starks, Julian Dixon, Joe Hicks, Chaka Fattah, Joe Duff. 11-16-94

Box 13, Case 36

"Contract with America".Guests: Kitty Felde, David Dreier, Frank Zimring, Christopher Cox, Eugene Carroll, Joel Handler. 11-17-94

Box 13, Case 37

"Prop. 187: Legal Challenge".Guests: Mark Slavkin, Glenn Spencer, Peter Schey, Ron Price, Jessica Hines, Bob Gerstein, Barbara Coe, Karl Michael Manheim. 11-18-94

Box 13, Case 38

"International Reaction to 187".Guests: Eugene Levin, Andy Bowers, Roy Hong, Raul Hinojosa, Murray Fromson, Pedro Enrique Armendares, Jorge Bustamante. 11-21-94

Box 14, Case 1

"Reading the Exit Polls".Guests: Don Kellerman, Sid Golante(?), Alan Hoffenblum, Arnold Steinberg, Pat Ready(?), Ruben Martínez, Joel Kotkin. 11-22-94

Box 14, Case 2

"Politics and the Poor".Guests: Doris Bloch, David Dreier, Mike Spence, Paul Allen, Mark Greenberg, Nick Gillespie, Harvey Fields, James Lawson. 11-23-94

Box 14, Case 3

"Japan and Hollywood, II".Guests: Kim Masters, George Vradenburg, Porter Bibb, Edwin Reingold, John Kao, Cory Brown. 11-28-94

Box 14, Case 4

"Clean Air in the 90?s".Guests: Robert Scott, Dennis Zane, Marvin Braude, Catherine Wasikowski, Douglas Eisinger, Joseph Brecher, Mike Kao(?). 11-29-94

Box 14, Case 5

"Mexico: The Day Before Zedillo".Guests: Mario Massieu, Sergio Aguayo, Denise Dresser, Blanche Petrich, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, Alberto Diaz, Sergio Sarmiento. 11-30-94

Box 14, Case 6

"Prop. 187 Around the Nation".Guests: Harold Ezell, Donald Kellerman, Ben Sherwood, David Quo (phonetic), Bob Joffee, T. R. Fehernbach, Chuck Green. 12-1-94

Box 14, Case 7

"Liberalism and the Democratic Party".Guests: Bob Mulholland, Morley Winograd, Julian Dixon, Art Torres, Tom Hayden, Frank Mankiewicz, Donna Bojarsky. 12-5-94

Box 14, Case 8

"ABC and the Dream Team (Speilberg, Katzenberg, and Geffon".Guests: Jane Hall, Joel Levy, Robert Wussler, Barney Rosenzweig, Richard Turner. 12-6-94

Box 14, Case 9

"O. J./Victims".Guests: Kitty Felde, Bill Boyarsky, Margolin, Efraim Margolin, Gerry Chaleff, Quentin Kopp, Rory Little, GiGi Gordon. 12-7-94

Box 14, Case 10

"El Salvador Refugee Status".Guests: Ron Rogers, Peter Schey, John Hamilton, Oscar Andrade, Ira Mehlman, Roberto Lovato, Jack Martin. 12-8-94

Box 14, Case 11

"Orange County Bankruptcy".Guests: Larry Montay(?), G. Bruce Knecht, Harold Johnson, James Spiotto, Zev Yaroslavsky, Ken Gregory. 12-9-94

Box 14, Case 12

"Orphanages".Guests: David Dreier, Deborah Weinstein, Michael Riley, Robert Woodson, Chilton Alphonse, Susan Einbinder. 12-12-94

Box 14, Case 13

"Capitol Follies".Guests: Richard Katz, Ross Johnson, Mike Shroeder, Mike Walters, Louis Caldera, Daniel Lowenstein. 12-13-94

Box 14, Case 14

"Santa Monica Bay".Guests: Marla Cone, Gail Ruderman Feuer, Catherine Tyrrell, Terry Tamminen, Jim Noyes, Mark Gold, Tom Hayden. 12-14-94

Box 14, Case 15

"More on Orange County".Guests: David Margolick, Joe Mysak, Robert Greenfield, Melvin Weiss, Ron Peterson. 12-15-94

Box 14, Case 16

"Orange County Impact".Guests: Steven D. Johnson, John Moorlach, Harold Johnson, Lisa Eck(?), Richard Peiser, Joel Fox. 12-16-94


Series 4: 1995

Physical Description: 6 archival document boxes
Box 15, Case 1

"Nixon, the Man, the Movie." Guests: Herb Klein, Bob Scheer, Vernon Walters, Stanley Cutler, Hugh Hewitt, Harry Shearer. 1-2-95

Box 15, Case 2

"Tort Reform." Guests: Christopher Cox, Joe Belich(?), Ken Glick, Sherman Joyce, Michael Johnson, Harvey Rosenfield, Ben Stein, Bob Stern. 1-3-95

Box 15, Case 3

"First 100 Days of the New Republican Congress." Guests: David Dreier, Henry Waxman, Matthew Cooper, Steve Horn, Mickey Edwards, Buck McKeon. 1-3-95

Box 15, Case 4

"Orange County Update". Guests: Mark Platte, Gus Ayer, Reed Royalty, Margie Wakeham, John Sawyer, Sr., Jim Ruth. 1-4-95

Box 15, Case 5

"Mayor Riordan, Progress Report Guests: Richard Riordan, Joel Kotkin, Sherri(?) Franklin, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Richard Alarcon. 1-5-95

Box 15, Case 6

"Mexico and the Peso". Guests: Rogelio Ramírez de la O, Pat Nelson, Sergio Vanelli (?), Ricardo Pasco, Manuel Pastor, Denise Dresser. 1-6-95

Box 15, Case 7

"Welfare Reform". Guests: Neil Newhouse, Mickey Kaus, Tim Hutchinson, Lynn Woolsey, Ruth Rosen, Shelby Steele. 1-9-95

Box 15, Case 8

"State of the State, Budget, Assembly Battle, etc.". Guests: Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Joseph Farah, Cathie Wright, Tom Hayden, Sue North, Richard Katz. 1-10-95

Box 15, Case 9

"OJ, Domestic Violence". Guests: Kitty Felde, Marty de la Rosa, Peter Arenella, Gail Pincus, Paul Mones, Gigi Gordon. 1-11-95

Box 15, Case 10

"Rain". Guests: Kitty Felde, Daniel Cayan, Jim Tranquada, Terry Tamminen, Karl Blume(?), Jim Danza, Mark Gold. 1-12-95

Box 15, Case 11

"CPB and Federal Funding". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Dreier, Richard Carlson, Delano Lewis, Steven Moore, David Horowitz, Will Lewis. 1-13-95

Box 15, Case 12

"The NEA in the First 100 Days". Guests: Joe Hicks, Paul Goldberger, James Jeffords, Jacob Neusner, Ernest Fleishman, Sheldon Richman, Gordon Davidson. 1-16-95

Box 15, Case 13

"Northridge Quake Anniversary". Guests: Richard Riordan, John Hall, Ardith Hilliard, Paula Boland, Jan Breidenbach, Gary Squire, Kirk Murphy. 1-17-95

Box 15, Case 14

"California Affirmative Action Initiative". Guests: Kitty Felde, Thomas Wood, Constance (Connie) Rice, Ward Connerly, Elizabeth Toledo, Joe Gelman. 1-18-95

Box 15, Case 15

"Orange County Bailout". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Lifschur(?), Curt Pringle, Christopher A. Taylor, Quentin Kopp, Mary Ann(?) Milburn, John Sawyer, Sr., Jennifer Arlen. 1-19-95

Box 15, Case 16

"Clinton's Mexico Bailout Plan". Guests: Kitty Felde, Andrea Seastrand, Mickey Kantor, Hector Jaime Osuna, David Asman, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, Sergio Sarmiento, Raul Hinojosa. 1-20-95

Box 15, Case 17

"The Environmental Movement". Guests: Kitty Felde, Robert Gottlieb, Christopher Boerner, Gail Ruderman Feuer, Ron Arnold, Dan Hirsch, James Strock. 1-23-95

Box 15, Case 18

"Crime: Prevention, Punishment and a Republican Crime Bill". Guests: Kitty Felde, Steven Schiff, Frank Zimmering, Deborah Constance, Timothy McBride, Pat Fagan, Peter King, Paul Blackman. 1-24-95

Box 15, Case 19

"State of the Nation Reaction". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Brennan, David Dreier, Jane Harman, Lou Cannon, Eileen Padberg, Joe Klein, George Brown, Mickey Edwards. 1-25-95

Box 15, Case 20

"The Middle Class". Guests: Kitty Felde, Alan Brinley, Jeff Eisenach, Patrick Dorton, Lew Siegel, Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick, Barbara Ehrenreich. 1-26-95

Box 15, Case 21

"Tort (Civil Law) Reform". Guests: Brian Bilbray, William Lerach, Raul Kennedy, Bruce Broillet, Michael Johnson, Russell Moran. 1-27-95

Box 15, Case 22

"An Update on LA Gangs". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jesse Katz, Rosalinda Lugo, Chilton Alphonse, Sergio Robledo, Michael Genelin, Father Greg Boyle. 1-30-95

Box 15, Case 23

"LA Sleaze". Guests: Kitty Felde, Bob Stern, Susan Seager, Mark Geragos, Doug Ring, Ben Davidian, Joel Wachs, Greg Golden. 1-31-95

Box 15, Case 24

"Orange County". Guests: Kitty Felde, Thomas Hayes, Peer Swan, Christopher Taylor, Gil Ferguson, William Steiner, Connie Haddad, Gus Ayer. 2-1-95

Box 15, Case 25

"Is the Right, right? Is There a Left, left?". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jeff Eisenach, Katrina vanden Heuvel, David Brooks, Richard Cohen, Matthew Rothschild, Colonel Bob McGuiness. 2-2-95

Box 15, Case 26

"The New Clinton Mexico Bailout". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Asman, Pedro Enrique Armendares, James Flanigan, Harry Bernstein, R. C. Schroeder, Ben Davidian. 2-3-95

Box 15, Case 27

"OJ, Race, LAPD". Guests: Melanie Lomax, Gary Fullerton, Reginald Holmes, Joe Duff, Richard Close. 2-6-95

Box 15, Case 28

"Gingrich Profile". Guests: John J. Pitney, Jr., Jeff Eisenach, Maxine Waters, David Dreier, Ellen Miller, George Brown Ellen Miller, George Brown. 2-7-95

Box 15, Case 29

"Public Television". Guests: Kitty Felde, Sheldon Richmond, Joe Levy, Mary Bitterman, Porter Bibb, Charlie Firestone. 2-8-95

Box 15, Case 30

"Surgeon General Nominee Henry Foster/ Abortion/ Welfare". Guests: Kitty Felde, Sharon Winer, Michael Schwartz, Sue Ellen Wood, Jan Carroll, Joan Entmacher. 2-9-95

Box 15, Case 31

"Killing of a Tagger". Guests: Sandy Webb, Luis Alan Carrillo, Robert Cohen, "Gary", Joe Shea. 2-10-95

Box 15, Case 32

"Immigration Proposal". Guests: Alex Aleinikoff, Harold Ezell, Maria Elena Durazo, Reint Reinders. 2-13-95

Box 15, Case 33

"Tough Love: Welfare Reform". Guests: Kitty Felde, Tim Hutchinson, Julian Dixon, Mickey Kaus, Jennifer Marshall, Melinda Berg Jennifer Marshall, Melinda Berg. 2-14-95

Box 15, Case 34

"Ring of Fire: Southern California Is Arming the Nation with Cheap Handguns". Guests: Kitty Felde, Larry Todd, Paul Blackman, Dr. Garen Wintemute, Louis Caldera, Mark Gibson, Whit Collins. 2-15-95

Box 15, Case 35

"Crisis in Mexico: Troops in Chiapas, Financial Meltdown". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Welna, Francisco José Pauley(?), Medea Benjamin, Pedro Enrique Armendares, David Asman. 2-16-95

Box 15, Case 36

"Orange County Crisis Continues: Special State Legislative Session". Guests: Kitty Felde, William Mitchell, Wayne Wedin, Curt Pringle, Harry Simon, Gaddi Vasquez, Bill Lockyer, Robert Moore(?), Mack Byrne(?). 2-17-95

Box 15, Case 37

"Race and The Simpson Trial". Guests: Laurie Levinson, Bill Boyarsky, Dennis Schatzman, Earl Ofari Hutchison, Kimberly Crenshaw, Reginald Holmes. 2-20-95

Box 16, Case 1

"Chief Williams Under Fire". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jim Newton, Melanie Lomax, Leonard Ross, Joe Domanick, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Gary Greenebaum. 2-21-95

Box 16, Case 2

"Intellectual Conservatives". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Frum, James Pinkerton, Sarah DeVito Hardeman(?), David Kuo, Christopher Hitchens, Arnold Steinberg. 2-22-95

Box 16, Case 3

"Hunger: Entitlements vs. Block Grants" Guests: : Kitty Felde, Doris Bloch, David Souper, Mike Spence, Patrick Fagan, Carolyn Olney, Robert Gottlieb, Patricia Whitney-Wise. 2-23-95

Box 16, Case 4

"The LA Zoo". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ed Maruska, John Ferraro, Bob Barker, Laura LaMarca, Madeline Bernstein, Steve Soboroff, Bob Flamm(?). 2-24-95

Box 16, Case 5

"Guns in School: Informer Programs". Guests: Kitty Felde, Bill Gillespie, Michael Romo, John Green, Jay Shaffer, Robert Rabe, Doug McDonald. 2-27-95

Box 16, Case 6

"Downtown LA, Disney Hall". Guests: Kitty Felde, Harry Huffert(?), Gerald Silver, Andrew Wolf, Cheryl Wilson, Fernando Oaxaca, Joel Kotkin, Linda Griego. 2-28-95

Box 16, Case 7

"Affirmative Action". Guests: Kitty Felde, Eva Patterson, Quentin Kopp, Bernard Richter, Arnold Steinberg, J. Eugene Grigsby, Bill Leonard, Diane Watson. 3-1-95

Box 16, Case 8

"Mexico: Salinas and Assassination Conspiracies". Guests: Kitty Felde, Sebastian Rotella, Elena Poniatowska, Roberto Salinas, Ricardo Pasco, Tim Golden, Sergio Sarmiento, John Bailey. 3-2-95

Box 16, Case 9

"Simpson Trial and Clark Divorce". Guests: Kitty Felde, Maggie Gallagher, Leslie Abramson, Heidi Brennan, Gloria Allred, Jill Robbins, Stuart Rappaport, Charles Lindner, Michael Marcus. 3-3-95

Box 16, Case 10

"Mayor Riordan: Permit Reform, etc". Guests: Kitty Felde, Elizabeth Shogren, James Rainey, Elizabeth Armstrong, Richard Close, Richard Riordan. 3-6-95

Box 16, Case 11

"The Public and The Contract". Guests: Kitty Felde, Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick, Fred Yang, David Frum, Matt Rothschild, James Pinkerton, Ed Kilgore, Roger Carrick. 3-7-95

Box 16, Case 12

"President Wilson?". Guests: Kitty Felde, George Skelton, Dan Schnur, Fernando Oaxaca, Ron Brownstein, Sam Bambiet(?), Mark Rosenbaum, Pat Reddy, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Leslie Stahl(?). 3-8-95

Box 16, Case 13

"Mexico: Another Update, Ruiz Massieu". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Fineman, Jack Sweeney, Denise Dresser,Adam Cordery, Mario Ruiz Massieu, Cathy Fleming, Pedro Enrique Armendares, Blanche Petrich, Sergio Vanelli. 3-9-95

Box 16, Case 14

"The Tofflers". Guests: David Margolick, Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler. 3-10-95

Box 16, Case 15

"Simpson Trial: Racial". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ken Noble, George Ramos, Neil Gotanda,Henry Weinstein, George Fletcher, Reuben Martinez, Janey Walker. 3-13-95

Box 16, Case 16

"Orange County Update". Guests: Kitty Felde, Lucy Killea, Michael Wagner, Mark Platte, William Wise, Robert Hurt(?), Toby Lovelace(?), Bryan Snyder, Wayne Wedin. 3-14-95

Box 16, Case 17

"The New Anti-Semitism". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Lehrer, Howard Shapiro, Michael Lind, Sarah Devito Hardeman(?), Jay Lefkowitz, Gary Greenebaum. 3-15-95

Box 16, Case 18

"Gays, Lesbians and Straight Women in LAPD". Guests: Laurie L. Jean(?), Timothy McBride, Mitchell Grobeson, Lisa Phillips, Penny Harrington, Peter Nardi, Deirdre Hill. 3-16-95

Box 16, Case 19

"The Rescissions Package". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Dreier, Lois Salisbury, Jan Breidenbach, John Rother, J. D. Hayworth, Matt Rothschild, David Brooks,. 3-17-95

Box 16, Case 20

"Affirmative Action Debate on Campus". Guests: Kitty Felde, Matea Gold, Errol Smith, Shirley Hune, Reswan Pavri, Jay Joanie Palmer (?), Robert J. Cory, Thomas Nussbaum, George Nolfi. 3-20-95

Box 16, Case 21

"Update: Mexico Bailout". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Bailey, Ricardo Pasco, Jude Wanniski, Raul Hinojosa, Sergio Vanelli, David Asman. 3-21-95

Box 16, Case 22

"Corporate Welfare". Guests: Kitty Felde, Robert Shapiro, Dean Stansell, David Graves, Henry Waxman, David Brooks. 3-22-95

Box 16, Case 23

"City Council Debates, 10th and 5th Districts". Guests: Kitty Felde, Stan Sanders, Kevin Ross, Nate Holden, Jeff Brain, Barbara Yaroslavsky, Michael Feurer, Roberta Weintraub. 3-23-95

Box 16, Case 24

"OJ Simpson vs. LAPD". Guests: Kitty Felde, Dennis Zine, Steven Yagman, John Ferraro, Gigi Gordon, Michael Zinzun, Mark Kroeker, Barry Levin. 3-27-95

Box 16, Case 25

"Legislating Behavior, Welfare". Guests: Kitty Felde, Charles Murray, Steven Ruggles, James Johnson, Michael Tanner, Robert Woodson, Patrice Gaines. 3-28-95

Box 16, Case 26

"Pete Wilson: The Race is On". Guests: Kitty Felde, Lou Cannon, David Yepsen, John DiStaso, Sal Russo, George Skelton, Dan Schnur, Greg Hardcastle. 3-29-95

Box 16, Case 27

"Power to the States". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Dreier, David Whitman, Carol Whiteside, Zev Yaroslavsky, Donald F. Kettle, Patrick Fagin, Amy Abraham. 3-30-95

Box 16, Case 28

"Terrorism". Guests: Kitty Felde, Joseph Curreri, Victoria Tensing, Paul Wilkinson, Kyle Olson, Leonard Cole, Elie Krakowski, Jan Nattier. 3-31-95

Box 16, Case 29

"California's Economic Rebound". Guests: Kitty Felde, Tom Lieser, Joel Kotkin, Steven Levy, Don Nokamoto, Madeline Janice Aparicio, Peter Dreier. 4-3-95

Box 16, Case 30

"Earthquake Awareness Month". Guests: Kitty Felde, Karen McKenna, Ina DeLong, Richard Wiebe, Michael Bidart, Steve Renahan, Roger Rasmussen, Terry Hamlin, Jim Anderson. 4-4-95

Box 16, Case 31

"Managed Care". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Hagland, Roger Taylor, Jennifer Rifle(?), Myra Snyder, Ron P. Bangasser(?), David Langness, Harold Eist. 4-5-95

Box 16, Case 32

"Race Politics". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Schwada, Reginald Jones Sawyer, Kevin Ross, Dennis Schatzman, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Raphael Sonenshein, Mark Ridley-Thomas. 4-6-95

Box 16, Case 33

"Simpson Trial: the Jury". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Schwada, Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Kevin Ross, Dennis Schatzman, Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke, Raphael Sonenshein, Mark Ridley-Thomas. 4-7-95

Box 16, Case 34

"Who Runs LA?". Guests: Bruce Henstell, Jackie Goldberg, Nate Holden, Xandra Kayden, Gerald Silver, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Cal Burton, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Mark Haefele. 4-10-95

Box 16, Case 35

"MCA, Seagram Sale". Guests: Kitty Felde, James Sterngold, Tachi Kiuchi, Chris Dixon, Jim Flanigan, Marvin Rudnick, Nikki Finke, Joel Kotkin. 4-11-95

Box 16, Case 36

"The End of Rent Control?". Guests: Kitty Feld, Michael Tarbet, Christopher Harding, Lenny Goldberg, Greg McConnell, Abby Land, Gideon Kanner. 4-12-95

Box 16, Case 37

"Casino, Gambling and Regulation". Guests: Kitty Felde, Max Vanzie, Fred Karger, Carol Engelhard, George Hardy, John L. Higgins, Nelson Rose, Tom Getty. 4-13-95

Box 17, Case 1

"Affirmative Action: The Ultimate Wedge Issue". Guests: Kitty Felde, Paul Richter, Diane Watson, Bob Mulholland, Joe Gelman, Katherine Spiller, Quentin Kopp, Joe Hicks. 4-14-95

Box 17, Case 2

"Jury Reform". Guests: Kitty Felde, Stuart Rappaport, Tom Hafemeister, Mike Reynolds, Kevin Ross, Albert Alschuler, Anthony Napoleon, George Fletcher. 4-17-95

Box 17, Case 3

"The Environment for Environmental issues in California". Guests: Kitty Felde, Lew Uhler, Tom Hayden, Bob Best, Mike Paparian, Mark Murray. 4-18-95

Box 17, Case 4

"Mental Health". Guests: Allan Stone, Ronald Kahn, Harold Eist, Leslie Scallet, Barry Chaitin, Robert Resnick. 4-19-95

Box 17, Case 5

"McNamara, Vietnam Revisited". Guests: Bob Dornan, Daniel Ellsberg, David Halberstam, David Harris, Harry Summers, Gray Davis, John Prados, Robert Scheer. 4-20-95

Box 17, Case 6

"Oklahoma City Bombing". Guests: Gary Greenebaum, Victoria Tensing, David Lehrer, Timothy McBride, Ramona Ripstein, Salim al-Marayati, Richard Dekmejian. 4-21-95

Box 17, Case 7

"Simpson Trial: Has Ito Lost Contol?". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Margolick, Steve Brill, Dennis Riordan, Harlan Braun, Aaron Marcu, Constance Rice, Neil Gotanda. 4-24-95

Box 17, Case 8

"The Blame Game: Republicans". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Nutter, David Brooks, David Dreier, Mark Melman, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Mack, David Korn. 4-25-95

Box 17, Case 9

"Terrorism, Police Power vs. Civil Liberties". Guests: Kitty Felde, Amitai Etzioni, David Rappaport, David Lehrer, T. J. Johnston, Ed Guthman, Paul Hoffman, Deirdre Hill. 4-26-95

Box 17, Case 10

"Banning Homelessness". Guests: Kitty Felde, Harry Simon, Robert Richardson, Anthony Caso, Maria Foscarinis, Asha Greenberg, Len Doucette. 5-8-95

Box 17, Case 11

"CA Ranks Last on National Reading Test". Guests: Kitty Felde, Lawrence Feinberg, Bill Honig, Carol Jago, Marion Joseph, Marilyn Whirry, Nancy Downer, Mike Roos. 5-9-95

Box 17, Case 12

"It's Immigration, Stupid". Guests: Kitty Felde, William Schneider, Sal Russo, Lillian de la Torre,Glenn Spencer, Rudy Acuña, Howard Berman. 5-10-95

Box 17, Case 13

"The Republican Party: Balancing the Right and the Middle". Guests: Kitty Felde, Kevin Phillips, Don Rogers, Doris Allen, Michael Schroeder, Jack Pitney, Bill Rusher, Ron Unz. 5-11-95

Box 17, Case 14

"Community Development Bank". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mary Leslie, Barry Baszile, Rita Walters, Gil Ray(?), Linda Griego, Joel Kotkin, Virginia Postrell. 5-12-95

Box 17, Case 15

"Juvenile Felons". Guests: Kitty Felde, Grover Trask, Lisa Greer, Frank Zimring, Kevin Washburn, Bill Kolander, Deborah Constance, Saul Faerstein. 5-15-95

Box 17, Case 16

"Medicare Under the Knife". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Hagland, George Radanovich, Barbara Boxer, Gail Wilensky, John C. Rother, David Langness. 5-16-95

Box 17, Case 17

"Militias". Guests: Kitty Felde, T.J. Johnson, Brian Levin, James Bogard(?), Ken Toole, William Kunstler, James William Gibson. 5-17-95

Box 17, Case 18

"Christian Coalition: Contract with the American Family". Guests: Kitty Felde, Sara Devito Hardeman, David Ramage, Robert Simons, Sue Ellen Craig, Brent Coffin. 5-18-95

Box 17, Case 19

"Dow-Corning Bankruptcy". Guests: Kitty Felde, Terry Arnold, Bruce Brusavich, Isaac Pachulski, Sharon Green, Steve Garber, Sybil Goldrich. 5-19-95

Box 17, Case 20

"Defunding the Left", Nonprofits on the Run". Guests: Kitty Felde, Grover Norquist, Patrick Burns, Steven Moore, Beth Osthimer, Bob Smucker. 5-22-95

Box 17, Case 21

"Capitol Follies". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ken Maddy, Willie Brown, Larry Bowler, Bill Lockyer, Michael Schroeder, George Skelton, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Paul Horcher. 5-23-95

Box 17, Case 22

"Chief Williams Lied?". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jim Newton, Dave Doston, Darrell Gates, Raphael Sonnenshein, Susan Seager, Penny Harrington. 5-24-95

Box 17, Case 23

"Dual Nationality: Mexico". Guests: Kitty Felde, Alejandro Carrillo-Castro, Georgie Anne Geyer, Denise Dresser, Glen Spencer, Rudy Acuña, Fernando Oaxaca, Ira Mehlman. 5-26-95

Box 17, Case 24

"Police Bonds and Runoffs in the 5th and 10th Council". Guests: Kitty Feldman, Gordon Murley, Richard Close, Stan Sanders, Michael Feurer, Barbara Yaroslavsky. 5-30-95

Box 17, Case 25

"California Guns and The NRA". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Brennan, Richard Polanco, Don Rogers, Whit Collins, T. J. Johnston, Heather Morris, Carolyn Herbertson. 5-31-95

Box 17, Case 26

"Feds Transfer Ward Valley to California". Guests: Kitty Felde, Deborah Knopman, Lisa Brandt, Dan Hirsch, Steve Romano(?), George Thompson, Martin Mifflin, Roger Carrick. 6-1-95

Box 17, Case 27

"Gov. Wilson, Affirmative Action". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jeff Reid, Fred Jordan, Constance Rice, Thomas Wood, John Hill, Ron Unz, Bill Bagley. 6-2-95

Box 17, Case 28

"Dole and Hollywood, Moral Values". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Yepsen, Corrie Brown, David Horowitz, Gary Ross, Lionel Chetwynd, John Furia, Jim Svejda. 6-5-95

Box 17, Case 29

"The Simpson Jury: Are We Headed to a Mis-trial(sic)?". Guests: Kitty Felde, Dominick Dunne, Curt Lizee(?), Henry Weinstein, William Kopeny, Anthony Napoleon, Mike Reynolds, Gigi Gordon. 6-6-95

Box 17, Case 30

"Malibu and Disaster Assistance". Guests: Kitty Felde, Kathleen Kelleher, Tim Paysen, Jeffrey Kramer, Eric Mann, Arnold Steinberg, Gideon Kanner, Tom Bates. 6-7-95

Box 17, Case 31

"Bosnia: Do We Get Out?". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Alperin, Andy Bowers, Steve Roberts, David Brooks, Charles Kupchan, Harry Summers, Warren Zimmerman. 6-8-95

Box 17, Case 32

"President Newt?". Guests: Kitty Felde, Tony Fabrizio, Arianna Huffington, Mark Melman, Steve Roberts, Rich Lowry, James Pinkerton. 6-9-95

Box 17, Case 33

"US Immigration, New Policy Priorities". Guests: Kitty Felde, Richard Estrada, Lamar Smith, Ron Unz, Bruce Morrison, Vivian Andrade, Yeh Ling-Ling, Steven Moore. 6-12-95

Box 17, Case 34

"Doris Allen and the State Assembly". Guests: Kitty Felde, Dan Walters, William Bagley, Brian Setencich, John Kurzweil, Phil Eisenberg, Deborah Bowen, Jim Righeimer. 6-13-95

Box 17, Case 35

"Riordan Upholds Commission Reprimand". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jean Murrill(?), Dave Dotson, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Marvin Braude, Michael Josephson, Richard Alatorre, Rafael Sonenshein. 6-14-95

Box 17, Case 36

"Money and Politics". Guests: Kitty Felde, Peter Overby, Ellen Miller, Tamara Somerville, Trevor Potter, Bob Stern, Jan Witold Baran, Trevor Potter, Bob Stern, Jan Witold Baran. 6-15-95

Box 17, Case 37

"Supreme Court and Affirmative Action". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Garrow, Nan Guevara Lackie(?), Michael Cornelius, Christopher Westhoff, Richard Samp, Leo Terrell. 6-16-95

Box 17, Case 38

"Rap Music". Guests: Kitty Felde, Malcolm Gladwell, David Lehrer, Russell Simmons, Stanley Crouch, Nikki Finke, Michael Datcher, T-Love, Bill Adler. 6-19-95

Box 18, Case 1

"Orange County: Special Election for Measure R Tax Hike". Guests: Kitty Felde, Christopher Taylor, Mark Baldassare, Connie Haddad, Steven Johnson, Harold Johnson, John Sawyer, Sr., Bruce Bennett, G. Larry Engle(?). 6-20-95

Box 18, Case 2

"Japanese Trade Sanctions". Guests: Kitty Felde, David Dreier, Richard Drobnick, Seiichi Kondo, Steve Beckman, Fred Miller, Laurie Wallach, David Friedman. 6-21-95

Box 18, Case 3

"County Budget Crisis". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ken Kurtz, Gilbert Cedillo, Larry Monteilh, Ronald Kaufman, Joel Fox, Eric Mann, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Zev Yaroslavsky. 6-22-95

Box 18, Case 4

"Council Overturns Commission Reprimand of Chief Williams". Guests: Kitty Felde, John Ferraro, Deirdre Hill, Mark Ridley-Thomas,Gary Fullerton, Richard Alatorre, Dave Dotson, Bill Smith. 6-23-95

Box 18, Case 5

"California's Children: Invest Now or Pay Later". Guests: Kitty Felde, Lois Salibury, Ray Reinhard, Robert Fellmeth, Michael Bowman, Tom Bates, Bill Steiner. 6-26-95

Box 18, Case 6

"Raiders Return to Oakland". Guests: Kitty Felde, Elihu Harris, Steve Springer, Ron Rappaport, Mike Montgomery, Patrick Lynch, Joe Cerrell, Robert Scheer, Roz Wyman, Mark Horowitz. 6-27-95

Box 18, Case 7

"Work, Wages and Technology". Guests: Kitty Felde, James Flanigan, Jeremy Rifkin, Manuel Pastor, Robert Reich, Finus Welsh(?), Christopher Cox. 6-28-95

Box 18, Case 8

"Hollywood Swallows the MTA". Guests: Kitty Felde, Franklin White, Bill Mabee, Zev Yaroslavsky, James Cragin, Tom Hayden, Jackie Goldberg, Julian Dixon. 6-29-95

Box 18, Case 9

"Mexico Week In Review". Guests: Kitty Felde, Denise Dresser, José Angel Pescador, Loren Riebe, Cecilia Ramiro, Ricardo Pasco, Gary Greenebaum. 6-30-95

Box 18, Case 10

"First Amendment in Cyberspace". Guests: Kitty Felde, Martin Rimm, Donna Hoffman, Cathy Cleaver, Mike Godwin, Bruce Taylor, Peter Danzig, Larry Magid. 7-5-95

Box 18, Case 11

"Orange County Post Measure R." Guests: Kitty Felde, Joe Mysak, John Kerlan(?), Harold Johnson, Larry Agran, Michael Ward, Robert Poole, Matt Fong. 7-6-95

Box 18, Case 12

"AIDS Funding". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ferd Eggan, Shepherd Smith, Darryl Cummings, David Horowitz, Thomas F. Sheridan, Jessie Grumman. 7-7-95

Box 18, Case 13

"OJ: The Defense". Guests: Kitty Felde, Fred Graham, Ephraim Margolin, Paul Mones, Robert Tanenbaum, Anthony Napoleon, Dennis Schatzman, Mike Reynolds. 7-10-95

Box 18, Case 14

"Unabomber". Guests: Kitty Felde, Matthew Wilson, Bruce Hoffman, Pete Noyes, Will Lewis, William Earl Loges, Saul Faerstein. 7-11-95

Box 18, Case 15

"Money and Politics II". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jeffrey Klein, Lynn Sweet, Bill Canfield, Trevor Potter, Ann McBride, Jan Goldsmith, Michael Feinstein. 7-12-95

Box 18, Case 16

"Religious Equality Amendment". Guests: Kitty Felde, Alan Crippen, Joan Brown-Campbell, Ernest James Istook, Barney Frank, Greg Baylor, Jay Brent-Walker, Gary Greenebaum. 7-13-95

Box 18, Case 17

"Secrecy, Espionage, the Rosenbergs". Guests: Kitty Felde, Robert Miripol(?), David Kahn, David Wise, Walter Schneir, Herb Romerstein, John McTernan, Arnold Beichman. 7-17-95

Box 18, Case 18

"Health Care Priorities, Bill Popejoy". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ronald Kaufman, Jessie Gruman, Gail Wilensky, Larry Eisenberg, Mark Hagland, Bill Popejoy. 7-18-95

Box 18, Cases 19, 20

"Special Live Statewide Broadcast (9-10 am)/ Public Broadcasting with Kitty Felde (1 pm)". Guests: Delano Lewis, Henry Cauthen, Jay Dickey, Julian Dixon, David Horowitz, David Brugger. 7-19-95

Box 18, Case 21

"The LA Times". Guests: Kitty Felde, Laura Morgan, Kevin Starr, Charles Rapley, Lawrence Dietz, Joe Scott, David Everett. 7-20-95

Box 18, Case 22

"LA County Fiscal". Guests: Kitty Felde, Gloria Molina, Zev Yaroslavsky, Gil Garcetti, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Robert Margett, Antonio Villaraigosa, Gilbert Cedillo, Beth Osthimer. 7-21-95

Box 18, Case 23

"New Policy for Bosnia?". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mike Shuster, Abraham Cooper, Eugene Carroll, William Taylor, Charles Kupchan, David Binder. 7-24-95

Box 18, Case 24

"Affirmative Action". Guests: Kitty Felde, Charles Young, Madeline Kunin, S. Charles Feng(?), Joe Klein, Constance Rice, Brian Jones. 7-25-95

Box 18, Case 25

"Breaking up the LAUSD". Guests: Kitty Felde, Stephanie Carter, Paula Boland, Jackie Goldberg, Fernando Guerra, Mark Slavkin, Tom Hayden, Diane Watson. 7-26-95

Box 18, Case 26

"Telecommunications Rewrite". Guests: Kitty Felde, Richard Wiley, Greg Simon, GiGi Sohn, Adam Thierer, Henry Geller, Norman Solomon. 7-27-95

Box 18, Case 27

"LA County Budget Quagmire". Guests: Kitty Felde, Burt Margolin, David Bloom, Mary Abbott, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Ronald Kaufman, Gilbert Cedillo, John Stoos, Beth Osthimer, Zev Yaroslavsky, Richard Katz. 7-28-95

Box 18, Case 28

"Latinos and College Degrees". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jorge del Pinal, Harry Pachon, Fernando Oaxaca, Tony Alcala, David Tokofsky, Jeannine English, Fernando Guerra Tony Alcala, David Tokofsky, Jeannine English, Fernando Guerra. 7-31-95

Box 18, Case 29

"Trustee for Orange County?" Guests: Kitty Felde, Matt Lait, Bill Lockyer, Marian Bergerson, Sarah Katz, Reed Royalty, Robert Moore. 8-1-95

Box 18, Case 30

"Should LA Contract Health Services?" Guests: Kitty Felde, Burt Margolin, Robert K. Ross, Zev Yaroslavsky,Walter Gray, David Langness, Gilbert Cedillo, Joel Kotkin, Mary Rainwater. 8-2-95

Box 18, Case 31

"Disney, CapCities; Westinghouse, CBS" Guests: Kitty Felde, Eli Noam, Porter Bibb, Benjamin Barber, Lawrence Grossman, Kay Koplovitz, B. Donald "Bud" Grant. 8-3-95

Box 18, Case 32

"Simpson Trial". Guests: Kitty Felde, Henry Weinstein, Lou Cannon, GiGi Gordon, Dennis Schatzman, Sonia Hamlin, Lorraine Adams, Leonce Gaiter. 8-4-95

Box 18, Case 33

Electric Cars, Utility Rates Increase. Guests: Kitty Felde, Dan Sperling, Wendy James, Doug Henderson, John Geesman, Veronica Kuhn, Richard Klimisch, Bill Van Amburg. 8-7-95

Box 18, Case 34

"Lincoln Heights Shooting". Guests: Deirdre Hill, Jorge González, Antonio Rodríguez, Dennis Zine, Mike Hernández, Modesto León, Richard Alatorre. 8-8-95

Box 18, Case 35

"Abortion Politics". Guests: Kitty Felde, Jerry Lewis, Jane Harman, Susan Muskett, Helen Alvare, Sue Ellen Craig, Dan Schnur, Bruce Thompson, Connie Friedman. 8-9-95

Box 18, Case 36

"Thai Slave Labor". Guests: Victoria Bradshaw, Richard Rogers, Robert Scheer, Chanchanit Martorell, Bernard Lax, Robin Lanier, Charles Kernigan. 8-10-95

Box 18, Case 37

"Public Health Crisis". Guests: Kitty Felde, Shirley Fannin, Laurie Garrett, Rod Burgoyne, Calvin Flowers, Carla Jacobs, Burt Margolin, Gail Margolis, Sandra Chester. 8-14-95

Box 19, Case 1

"No program title". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mitchell Zeller, Tom Lauria, Henry Waxman, John Fithian, Edward Sweda, Jacob Sullum. 8-15-95

Box 19, Case 2

"Pledge". Guests: Kitty Felde, Nikki Finke, Reuben Frank, Bill Kovach, Evelyn Lee, Charlie Firestone. 8-16-95

Box 19, Case 3

"The Mark Fuhrman Tapes" Guests: Kitty Felde, Jeffrey Toobin, Jerry Chaleff, Maurice Oppenheim, GiGi Gordon, Kevin Washburn, Joseph Hicks. 8-17-95

Box 19, Case 4

"No program title". Guests: Chanchanit Martorell, David Ross, Bill Slattery, Victoria Bradshaw,Maria Echaveste, Marcus Dave, Steve Nutter. 8-18-95

Box 19, Case 5

"Fuhrman Tapes and LAPD". Guests: Kitty Felde, Bayan Lewis, Dave Dotson, Deirdre Hill, Laura Chick,Ronnie Cato, Penny Harrington. 8-21-95

Box 19, Case 6

"No program title". Guests: Kitty Felde, Virginia Hastings, Mandy Johnson, Jim Lott,Zev Yaroslavsky, Allan Harburn(?). 8-22-95

Box 19, Case 7

"Earthquake Insurance". Guests: Kitty Felde, Chuck Quackenbush, Bill Sirola, Harry Snyder, Brian Sullivan, Dick Andrews, Maury Goodman, John Carey. 8-23-95

Box 19, Case 8

"Affirmative Action: Splintering within the Parties". Guests: Kitty Felde, Brian Jones, Kathleen Shanahan, Patty DeDominic, John Petrocik, Will Marshall, John Mack. 8-24-95

Box 19, Case 9

"Second Menendez Trial Starts". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mary Jane Stevenson, Charlie Gessler, Saul Faerstein, William Vicary, Sonya Hamlin, Ephraim Margolin. 8-25-95

Box 19, Case 10

"Reforming the LAUSD". Guests: Kitty Felde, Yvonne Chan, Mark Slavkin, Tony Alcala,Barbara Boudreaux, Mike Roos. 8-28-85

Box 19, Case 11

"The Politics of Sweatshops". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ronnie Shapiro, Stan Levy, Jay Mazer,Richard Rogers, Victoria Bradshaw, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe. 8-29-95

Box 19, Case 12

"Fuhrman Tapes, PPL Survey". Guests: Kitty Felde, Mark Kroker, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Dave Dotson, Art Maddox, Ted Hunt, Ronnie Cato, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. 8-30-95

Box 19, Case 13

"China Women's Conference". Guests: Marjorie Margolies-Mexvinsky, Christy Hamrick, Patty Dedominic, Sheila Dauer, Michael Swain. 8-31-95

Box 19, Case 14

"No program title". Guests: Kitty Felde, Gilbert Cedillo, Gloria Molina, Richard Katz, Curt Pringle,Beth Osthimer, Burt Margolin, Peter Bastone. 9-18-95

Box 19, Case 15

"Third Parties, Colin Powell". Guests: Kitty Felde, J. David Gillespie, Ann Stone, Rick O'Donnell, Fred Siegel, Joel Kotkin, Richard Winger, Michael Feinstein. 9-19-95

Box 19, Case 16

"OJ Nears the End Zone". Guests: Kitty Felde, GiGi Gordon, Neil Gotanda, Karen Grigsby Bates, Sonya Hamlin, Anthony Napoleon, Quentin Kopp. 9-20-95

Box 19, Case 17

"LAPD, Image, etc.". Guests: Kitty Felde, James Hahn,Ted Hunt, Ronnie Cato, R. Samuel Paz, Melanie Lomax, Debbie Glasser. 9-21-95

Box 19, Case 18

"No program title". Guests: Kitty Felde, Elizabeth Shogren, Mickey Kaus, Tim Hutchinson,Lyn Hogan, Mark Greenberg, Bruce Wagstaff, John Clemons(?). 9-22-95

Box 19, Case 19

"Race Relations". Guests: Kitty Felde, Kevin Starr, Joe Hicks, Joe Gelman, Rafael Sonenshein, Ron Wakabayashi, Gloria Romero. 9-25-95

Box 19, Case 20

"No program title". Guests: Kitty Felde, Richard Riordan, Gregory Boyle, Dennis McCarthy, George Ramos,Mike Hernández, Laura Chick, Gary Kleck, Frank Zimring. 9-26-95

Box 19, Case 21

"County Healthy Crisis". Guests: Kitty Felde, Zev Yaroslavsky, Beth Osthimer, Ronald Kaufman, Burt Margolin, Marti Villari, Jim Lott, Francisco Rodríguez, Mandy Johnson. 9-27-95

Box 19, Case 22

"Mideast Peace Conference." Guests: Kitty Felde, Jim Letterman, F. C. Najiyah(?), Yohaff ben Harin(?),Steve Orlow, Akef Shihabi, Richard Dekmejian. 9-28-95

Box 19, Case 23

"Perot's 3rd Party". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ross Perot, Mark DiCamillo, Richard Winger,William Kristol, Bernard Sanders, Ed Kilgore, Arnold Steinberg. 9-29-95

Box 19, Case 24

"No Program Title". Guests: Kitty Felde, GiGi Gordon, MikeReynolds, Charles Lindner, Maurice Oppenheim,Paul Mones, Karen Grigsby Bates, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Leonce Gaiter. 10-2-95

Box 20, Cases 35-38

"Verdict Coverage". Guests: Virginia Biggar, Patty Naman, Frank Holloman, GiGi Gordon, Bob Gerstein,Kitty Felde, Anthony Napoleon, Albert Alschuler, Charles Lindner, Kimberly Crenshaw,. 10-3-95

.Continuation of line 175: Gail Pincus, Gerry Chaleff, Leonce Gaiter, Ephraim Margolin, Joe Hicks, Richard Gabriel, Melanie Lomax.

Box 19, Case 25

"OJ Verdict: Effect on LA". Guests: Kitty Felde, Ken Thomas, Dennis McCarthy, Raphael Sonenshein, Dolores Sánchez,George Thomas, Naomi Hirahara, Bill Boyarsky. 10-5-95

Box 19, Case 26

"Pope in America". Guests: Kitty Felde, Tim Rutten, Jeffrey Sheler, Francis Fiorenza,Mike Ferguson, Helen Kelly, Allan F. Deck, SJ. 10-6-95

Box 19, Case 27

"Medicare, Medicaid". Guests: Mark Hagland, George Radanovich, Henry Waxman, Dave Kendall,Marty Cory, Cindy Mann, Jeff Hollingsworth, David Langness. 10-9-95

Box 19, Case 28

"Legal Immigration Reform". Guests: Elton Gallegly, Frank Sherry, Dan Stein, Robert de Posada,Pam Cowan, Kevin Karnes, Javier Becerra. 10-10-95

Box 19, Case 29

"Million Man March". Guests: Robert Starks, Stanley Crouch, Robert Woodson, David Lehrer,Maulana Karenga, Ken Ulmer, Denise Fairchild, Leonce Gaiter, Al Sampson. 10-11-95

Box 19, Case 30

"Simpson Verdict Aftermath". Guests: Mark Whitlock, Ron Brownstein, Ephraim Margolin, Gideon Kanner, Jean Gary, Abby Liebman. 10-12-95

Box 19, Case 31

"No program title". Guests: Richard Riordan, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Laura Chick, Willie Williams,Richard Alarcon, Gil Garcetti, Julian Dixon. 10-13-95

Box 19, Case 32

"NAFTA: a Report Card". Guests: David Dreier, Marcy Kaptur, Pat Buchanan, Gary Hufbauer,Philip Martin, Kevin Karnes. 10-16-95

Box 19, Case 33

"HIV Epidemic, Youth Survey". Guests: Walt Senterfitt, Daniel Delgado, Ferd Eggan, Shepherd Smith,Frank Browning, Gabriel Rotello. 10-17-95

Box 19, Case 34

"County Health Continued". Guests: Walter Gray, Steven Teitelbaum, Marsha Murray, Bob Smith, Burt Margolin, Gilbert Cedillo, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. 10-18-95

Box 19, Case 35

"Follow Up: Million Man March". Guests: Maulana Karenga, Stanley Crouch, Denise Fairchild, Errol Smith, Joel Kotkin, Leon Watkins, Joe Hicks. 10-19-95

Box 19, Case 36

"Expanding the LAPD". Guests: Jim Newton, Laura Chick, Michael Keeley, David Dotson, David Gascon, Penny Harrington, Byan(?) Lewis. 10-20-95

Box 19, Case 37

"Is the Gang Truce Dead?". Guests: Steven Teitelbaum, Deirdre Anglin, Michael Rushford, Mary Ridgeway, Greg Boyle, Dan Hills, Leon Watkins. 10-23-95

Box 20, Case 1

"Mixed Races". Guests: Reuben Martínez, Roderick Harrison, Ramona Douglass, Reginald Daniel, Marcy Harbut, Ruth White, Joel Kotkin. 10-24-95

Box 20, Case 2

"Guns: State Sentencing-Local Control". Guests: Mike Reynolds, Rudolph Russo, Peter Kasler, Sandy Cooney, Abbe Land, Scott Ehret(?), Frank Zimring. 10-25-95

Box 20, Case 3

"Powell for President--in CA". Guests: Mark DiCamillo, Sal Russo, Eileen Padberg, Arnold Steinberg, Arianna Huffington, Steve Frank, Ron Walters. 10-26-95

Box 20, Case 4

"Housing: the Old, Poor and Disabled". Guests: Christina Kieffer, Johrita Solari, Steve Renehan, Wendy Gruel,Rick Lazio, Ron Utt. 10-27-95

Box 20, Case 5

"Place, Not Race?". Guests: Christopher Edley, Jr., Mike Shalabi, Margaret Simms, John Sibley Butler, Mark Whitlock, Manuel Pastor. 10-30-95

Box 20, Case 6

"Implications of 3 Strikes". Guests: Bill Jones, Robert Kalunian, Greg Harding, Marguerite Archie-Hudson, Theresa Allison, Ed Jagels, Mike Tranbarger. 10-31-95

Box 20, Case 7

"Racial Divisions on Campus". Guests: Ed Gomez, John Villareal, Lawrence Martin, Vladimir Serna,Mark Rocha, Alexander Vollek(?). 11-1-95

Box 20, Case 8

"Canada". Guests: Andre Picard, Dennis Brown, Louis Decleau(?), Francois Bon(?),Michael Frey, Robert Libman. 11-2-95

Box 20, Case 9

"Federal Budget/LA". Guests: Art Agnos, David Dreier, Grantland Johnson, George Radanovich, Howard Buck McKeon, Richard Sawyer, Lonnie Hancock. 11-3-95

Box 20, Case 10

"Crack vs. Powder: A Racial Divide". Guests: Terry Hatter, Nora Manilla, Maxine Waters, David Tell, Marc Mauer, Herbert Cleaver. 11-6-95

Box 20, Case 11

"Clinton and Triangulation". Guests: Andrew Kohut, Ben Wattenberg, James Carney, Henry Waxman, Steve Horn, Ed Kilgore, Steven Frank. 11-7-95

Box 20, Case 12

"Israel". Guests: Abner Weiss, Gerald Bubis, Steve Orlow, Jonathan Jacoby, Robert Weintraub, Yoav Ben Horin. 11-8-95

Box 20, Case 13

"Domestic Violence". Guests: Abby Liebman, Tammy Bruce, Marlene Sanchez, Julie Goldscheid, Mary Beth Hendricks-Matthews, George Thomas. 11-9-95

Box 20, Case 14

"No Powell for President". Guests: David Yepsen, Russ Verney, Julian Dixon, Mark Abernathy,Mark DiCamillo, John Stoos, Dan Schnur, Bob Mulholland. 11-10-95

Box 20, Case 15

"Safety on the Buses". Guests: Joe White, Sharon Papa, Tim Roberts, Marvin Holen, Larry Zarian, Eric Mann, John Fasana. 11-13-95

Box 20, Case 16

"The Plight of Children". Guests: Jonathan Kozol, Tim Hutchinson, Nancy Ebb, Bruce Wagstaff, Lois Salisbury, Jennifer Marshall. 11-14-95

Box 20, Case 17

"Budget Federal Gridlock". Guests: Steve Roberts, Andrew Kohut, Douglas Wolf, Anthony Beilenson, Dean Stansell, George Radanovich, Ed Kilgore, Richard Kogan, Bob Stern. 11-15-95

Box 20, Case 18

"Tobacco and the Media". Guests: Elizabeth Whelan, Tom Lauria, Christopher Patti, Morton Mintz, Ray O'Hara, Susan Vickers, Alan Blum. 11-16-95

Box 20, Case 19

"Hunger". Guests: Ellen Haus(?), Marvin Olasky, David Beckmann, Doris Bloch, Caroline Olney, Charlotte Neumann, Robert Gottlieb. 11-17-95

Box 20, Case 20

"Microsoft, the Internet and The Digital Future". Guests: John McChesney, David Pool, David Heiner, Elliot Disner, Tarun Khanna, Alex Eckelberry, Mike Homer. 11-27-95

Box 20, Case 21

"Concealed Weapons". Guests: Peter Kasler, Brian Bachman(?), Ann Rice Lane, Eugene Byrd, Hourie Taylor, Susan Glick, Gary Kleck. 11-28-95

Box 20, Case 22

"US Troops in Bosnia". Guests: Dale Waters, Christopher Cox, Howard Berman, Harry Summers, William Taylor, Edward Joseph, David Binder. 11-29-95

Box 20, Case 23

"Vermont/Knoll Project". Guests: Mark Ridley-Thomas, Maxine Waters, Julie Simmons, Rosie Milliken(?), Bill Fulton, Bill Boyarsky, Robin Kramer. 11-30-95

Box 20, Case 24

"Mexico, on Zedillo's 1st Anniversary". Guests: Mark Fineman, Denise Dresser, Agustin Navarro, Pedro Enrique Armendares, Roberto Salinas, Ricardo Pasco. 12-1-95

Box 20, Case 25

"Violence in Media". Guests: Joe Morgenstern, Michael Medved, Nina Jacobsen, Harry Shearer,Sean Daniels, Don Roberts, Harvey Greenberg. 12-4-95

Box 20, Case 26

"Governing California" Guests: Dan Walters, Bruce Thompson, Richard Katz, Sal Russo, Lenny Goldberg, Mike Schroeder, Steve Scott, Dan Schnur. 12-5-95

Box 20, Case 27

"Powell's Homecoming". Guests: Richard DelGaudio, Deirdre Hill, Zola Foster, Joe Hicks, Ed Powell, Leonard Ross, Joe Domanick. 12-6-95

Box 20, Case 28

"Will US Policy succeed in Bosnia?". Guests: Eric Schmidt, James Steinberg, Najib Sacirbey, DC Malich, Dale Waters, Dan Gareau, Edward Joseph. 12-7-95

Box 20, Case 29

"Orange County Update". Guests: Marian Bergerson, Mark Petracca, Doug Barton, Carol Greenwald, Mark Baldassare, Bruce Whitaker, Edgar Brower. 12-8-95

Box 20, Case 30

"Playa Vista and Dreamworks". Guests: Mike Keeley, Jeffrey Jones, Ruth Lansford, Marsha Hanscom, Rick Cole, Marva Smith Battle-Bey, Joel Kotkin. 12-11-95

Box 20, Case 31

"MTA, Sex Harrassment, Frank White". Guests: Carol Sobel, Marla Miller, Katherine Spiller, Sally Pipes,Bill Boyarsky, John Fasana, Zev Yaroslavsky. 12-12-95

Box 20, Case 32

"Special Education: LAUSD". Guests: Mark Rosenbaum, Mark Slavkin, Sheila Hopper, David Tokofsky, Helen Bernstein, Ben Adams, Joan Esposito. 12-13-95

Box 20, Case 33

"Is Newt a Liability?". Guests: Jon-Christopher Bua, Heather Higgins, Brian Bilbray, James Pinkerton, Martin Frost, William Schneider. 12-14-95

Box 21, Case 1

"No title given" [Orange County]. Guests: David Margolick, Joe Mysak, Robert Greenfield, Melvin Weiss, Ron Peterson. 12-15-95

Box 21, Case 2

"No title given" [Orange County]. Guests: Steven D. Johnson, John M. W. Morlock, Lisa Eck, Richard Peiser,Harold Johnson, Joel Fox. 12-16-95