Guide to Christian Identity and Far Right Wing Politics collection ARC Mss 83

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Title: Christian Identity and Far Right-Wing Politics collection
Identifier/Call Number: ARC Mss 83
Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
Physical Description: 43 Linear Feet 38 boxes
Date (inclusive): 1910-2015
Date (bulk): 1970-2010
Abstract: The collection consists of over 100 periodicals, pamphlets, books, programs, and other printed ephemera regarding American Christian Conservative groups' philosophies, mainly Christian Identity, as well as Far Right wing politics and election propaganda.
Language of Material: The collection is in English, Spanish, and German.

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Purchased, 2016, 2017

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American Religions Collection, ARC Mss 1, Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of over 100 periodicals, pamphlets, weekly newspapers, booklets, and books as well as a few audio visual works concerning Conservative Christian ideologies and political philosophies, mainly that of the Christian Identity movement. The collection spans from the early 1900s to 2015 and arranged by subject. The first series-- Series I. Christian Identity and other Christian Conservative Tenets-- consists of works describing Christian Identity origin beliefs and major tenets. Christian Identity is an ideology rooted in the belief those of European descent, Anglo-saxon, Germanic, and Nordic people, can be traced back to the "Lost Tribes of Israel" or the real "Israelites" descended of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; as opposed to those of the Jewish descent, who are believed to be impostors. Accompanying those works are a few works relating to British Israelism, a precursor to Christian Identity ideology but with a foundation in philosemitism. Of particular note, included in the series is works from the Silver Legion and Christian Separatist Church, who hold more extremist view of the relationship/correlation between the Bible and fascism. There are works by Christian conservative religions, such as Baptist and Evangelical, which heavily describe their interpretations of biblical prophecies. Beyond origin beliefs, Christian Identity beliefs are highly political and are linked to White nationalism while also paradoxically believing anti-government, thus Series II. Right-Wing and Christian Identity Political Theory consists of material relating to Christian Identity and Far Right Wing political beliefs in anti-socialism and communism, anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality, antisemitism and, most notably from Christian Identity, anti-government rhetoric. Series III. Periodicals encompass a new addition (acquired in 2017) of newspapers, newsletters, and bulletins from various Right wing organizations.


The collection is arranged by subject.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Christian Separatist Church Society
Evangelicalism -- Political Aspects -- United States -- History -- 19th century
Bible -- Prophecies.
African Americans Segregation
Homophobia Religious aspects
America's Promise Ministries
Right-wing extremists United States
Right-wing extremists
Pro-life movement
Christian Identity (Sect)
Aryan Christian Knights
Rand, Howard B., 1889-1991
Peters, Peter J.
Herrell, V. S.


Series I. Christian Identity and Other Christian Conservative Tenets 1925-2015

Scope and Content

Consists of pamphlets, booklets, books, and ephemera regarding Christian Identity and other Christian conservative ideological beliefs. The series is arranged by subject and format.
box-folder 1:1-2:4

Christian Identity origin beliefs and Evangelical prophecies 1925-2013


"The Civil War and The Jews" undated


"His Example. Tom Anderson's Christmas essay," by Tom Anderson 1969


"Christendom," by Athanasian Society 1967


"Are you an Anti-Semite?," by Robert Alan Balaicius 2013


"The Promise Keepers: Politics and Promises," by Bryan Brickner 1999


The Return of the Puritans, by Patricia O. Brooks 1976


"Metallurgy in the Bible," by Andrew Buchanan 1945


"Book of Esther," by Reverend Bertrand Comparet undated


"The Cain-Satanic Seed Line," by Reverend Bertrand Comparet undated


"Your Heritage: an identification of the True Israel through Biblical and Historic Sources," by Reverend Bertrand Comparet undated


"Biblical Calvinism," by Curt Daniel undated


"Divine Diet," by Dr. Clem Davies circa 2000


"Did Our Lord Visit Britain, As They Say In Cornwall and Somerset?," by Reverend C.C. Dobson 1944


"An Open Letter to Any Minister Who Teaches "the Jews are Israel"," by Sheldon Emry undated


"The Old Jerusalem is Not, The "New" Jerusalem," by Sheldon Emry undated


"Jesus Christ The Galilean," by Sheldon Emry undated


"Heirs of the Promise," by Sheldon Emry undated


"Cinderella: A Bible Story," by Sheldon Emry undated


"Who Killed Christ?," by Sheldon Emry 1977


"Racial and National Identity," by William Gale 2002


"Buddha the Israelite," by Isabel Hill Elder 2003


"Did you Say You were from the Church of Israel?," by Pastor Dan Gayman undated


"If You Need the Holy Ghost, Upon All Flesh Double Portion Days The Better Dispensation," by W.V. Grant undated


The Time of the End, by R. E. Griffith undated


"God's Great Race," by M.K. Hallimore undated


"Judeo-Christian, A Study," by Pastor Bob Hallstrom 1995


"The Need of the Anglo Israel Truth" by Mordecai F Ham 2002


"The Marks of Israel," by Henry D Houghton undated


The New World Coming!, by Henry D. Houghton 1930


"The Wolf and The Sheep," by Richard Kelly Hoskins 2002


"The Need of the Anglo Israel Truth," by Charles A Jennings 2002


"The Rapture of the Saints," by Duncan McDougal 1982


"Exploding the "Chosen People" Myth," by Col. Gordon Mohr undated


"Things Christians need to know (about Jews, Judaism, and Zionism)" by Col. Gordon Mohr undated


"Thank God! : my Savior was not a Jew! : a critical look at the historical Christ, free of Jewish distort!," by Col. Gordon Mohr circa 1990s


"The Serpent of Genesis 3," by F. W. C. Neser undated


The Budding Fig Tree, God's Plan for Both Israel and Juddah, by Roy R Newman & Pat Brooks 1987


"The Inadvertent Confessions of a Jew" by Pastor Peter J Peters


"The Real Hate Group," by Pastor Peter J Peters 1987


The Veil, by Howard O Pittman undated


"Man Thinking," by Meryvn T Judge Sydney 1970


"Baptism, The Door to Service in the Bride," by Dr. E. G. Ramsey undated


"The Bible and Space Travel," by Howard Rand 1969


The Ku Klux Klan in Prophecy by Bishop Alma White 1925


"La Semilla de la Serpiente (The Seed of the Serpent)," by James E Wise undated


"Die Nachkomme der Schlange (The Descendant of the Snake)," by James E Wise


"The Bible Devil and Satan Defined," by America's Promise Ministries circa 1990s


"Satan's New Lie, "God is Dead," or Satan's Wishful Thinking," by W. H. Probus-Pleming, Mary Hazell Gayer, Walter Metcalfe, and Holmes Milner circa 1960s


Identity, Identifying God's Chosen, VHS undated

box-folder 2:5-3:1

Christian Separatist Church circa 2000s

General Note

All booklets written by Pastor V.S. Herrell

"The Baptism of Fire," Book 1 and 2 2001


"Christ or Religion?" 2001


"The Christian Separatist Manifesto" 2001


"The Divine Laws of Establishment" 1999


"The Genesis of Evil' 2001


"II Corinthians Chapter 6, A Literal Translation with Notes" circa 2000s


"The Joudikoi in Our Midst" 2001


"The Racial War at Baal-Peor, A Study In Pornos" circa 2000s


"Strong Illusions and Tongues" circa 2000s


"Martin Luther: Select Quotes Concerning the Jews" circa 2000s

box 7

Silver Legion

General note

The Silver Legion of America, commonly known as the Silver Shirts, was an underground American fascist organization fashioned after Hitler's Brownshirts. Its founder, William Dudley (1890-1965), was an American extremist and spiritualist adding pyramidology and pseudo-spiritualism to Right-Wing and Christian Identity rhetoric.

Beyond Grandeur: Design for Immortality 1955


Soul Eternal 1955


Soulcraft Scripts, volume seven 1955


Gospel of Christ Kingdom Church

Scope and Contents

The Gospel of Christ Kingdom Church published pamphlets and booklets of sermons and writings of many Christian Identity preachers.
box 37, folder 1

Christian Law Journal, vol. 10 1991

box 37, folder 2

The Watchmen by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 3

Unfaithful Shepherds and False Prophets by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 4

Christian Law Journal, vol. 6 1987 June

box 37, folder 5

Who is Behind It All? by Herbert L. Brown undated

box 37, folder 6

Russia in Prophecy by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 7

The Whole Armor of God by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 8

The Coming Red Dictatorship undated

box 37, folder 9

The Crumbling of A Myth by Herbert L. Brown undated

box 37, folder 10

Unfaithful Shepherds and False Prophets by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 11

The Hidden Empire undated

box 37, folder 12

Hitler and the 20th Century Hoax by Kenneth Goff undated

box 37, folder 13

Allied Satanic War Crimes, vol. 1 by Herbert L. Brown undated

box 37, folder 14

The Whole Armor of God by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 15

No Pacifism in the Bible by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 16

I Refuse to Submit by John S. Woods undated

box 37, folder 17

The Bible Is Not A Jewish Book by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 18

Adam Was Not the First Man by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 19

Christianity Discriminates by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 20

Ye Are of Your Father, The Devil by John S. Woods undated

box 37, folder 21

The Destiny of Your Race by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 22

Please Let Me Live! by Dick and Tina Allen undated

box 37, folder 23

America's Christian Beginnings by Inez Comparet undated

box 37, folder 24

The Civil and Ceremonial Law by Karl Schott undated

box 37, folder 25

America is a Bible Land by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 26

God's Immigration Laws by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 27

God's Nomination for Public Office by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 28

Beast of the Field by John S. Woods undated

box 37, folder 29

Can Anyone be Judaeo-Christian by Comparet and Woods undated

box 37, folder 30

The Hydrogen Bomb in Bible Prophecy by Bertrand L. Comparet undated

box 37, folder 31

God Commands Racial Segregation by Bertrand L. Comparet undated


Series II. Far Right and Christian Identity Political Theory 1910-2015

Scope and Content

The series consists of pamplets, booklets, books, and a couple audio-visual material relating to the political rheotric of America's Christian Right-wing, specifically around the late seventies to early 2000s, and Christian Identity's anti-government stance.
Arranged by subject.

Anti-Abortion 1978-2009

box 4

Anti-Abortion pamphlets 1980s-1995

box 4

Abortion: Genocide in America, by John Coleman 2009

box 4

Thou Shalt Not Kill, ed. Richard Ganz 1978

box 35, folder 10

Praying the Rosary: Pro-Life 1981

box 38, folder 8

Why should Non-Christians care about abortion, Zion Mission Korean Baptist Church booklets undated

box-folder 4:2-5:1

Anti-Socialism and Anti-Communism circa 1910-1966


The Phoenix Papers, If Not Treason What? by James Bale 1966


Strange Fire by Kenneth Goff 1954


"Communism...a religion!" By William Strube undated


"Russia's Doom Prophesied"


The Russian Chapters of Ezekiel by Rev. W.M.H. Milner 1941


"The Brainwashing of America"


"Bolshevism, Communisim, Judaism, and Zionism" undated


"Communism, Diagnosis & Treatment" by Fred Schwarz


"Is Time Running Out For the Panama Canal?" circa 1970s


"What You Can Do to Help Destory Communism" undated


"How Red is the Federal Council of Churches?" undated


"American...Listen!" undated


"Is Atheism Inherent in Socialism? Answered by Socialist," by The Movement Against Socialism in the Church 1926


"The Economic and Religious Aspects of Socialism; Selections from Eminent Authorities" circa 1910


"World Government and American Freedom," by Edward D. Gates 1952


"The Teachings of Jesus Christ Concerning the Social Order," by Francis Peabody 1927


"Dangerous Tripulets, 1. Russian Communism 2. New-Deal Socialism 3. Bible-Denying Modernism," by John Rice 1960


"The Bible says: Russia Will Invade America! (And Be Defeated)," by Sheldon Emry undated


Anti-communism ephermera undated

box 35, folder 30

Documentation of the Red Stars in Hollywood 1950

box 38, folder 28

"The Weapons of Falsehood" undated


Homosexuality 1977, 1993,1998

box 5

"Sodomites on Trial A Review of the Facts, History, and Legal Status of Sodomy and Sodomites" by Charles Weisman 1993

box 5

"Death Penalty for Homosexuals is Prescribed in the Bible" by Pastor Peter J Peters 1993

box 5

Ephemera and educational pamphlets by the Family Research Institute 1998

box 5

"Praise God for Aids" handbill of J. B. Stoner, Crusade Against Corruption

box 35, folder 11

Leave! Me! Alone! undated

box 35, folder 12

Seven Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child 1998

box 38, folder 4

"Death penalty for homosexuals is permittted in the bible" undated

box 38, folder 5

"Sexual Abuse of children, a guide for parents" 1977

box 38, folder 47

Pursuit of Reality, volume 5 number 8 1996 August

box-folder 5:4-6:1

Extreme Right Wing and Anti-Government Rhetoric 1932-2015


National Determination Party (NDP) 1986


"The Cliches of Zoning," By Raymond Buker circa 1990s


From Sovereignity to Slavery, by Dr. Everett Sileven 1983


"Firearms and Freedom! Gun Control Means People Control," by Col. Gordon Mohr undated


"The Pernicious Treadmill of Credit" by Bruce G. McCarthy 1990


"Warning! Vaccinations Are Dangerous," by Pastor Peter J. Peters 1993


"The Marriage License Issued by God or the State?," by Kingdom Identity Ministries undated


"Women's Lib One Way Street to Bondage" undated


"America Needs the Divine Law," by Franklin Snook undated


"Does the Tithe Always go to the Storehouse?" by Gary Naler 1992


"Will you Let Your Church be Destroyed?" by Christian Defense League 1965


"Biblically Handling Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage" by Joe Martin 2014


"Saving the Environment: New World Order Style" by Pastor Peter J Peters 1992


Baal Worship, by Pastor Peter J Peters 1995


"The Hilter Cult," By Col. Gordon Mohr undated


"Right? or Wrong? God and Lincoln on Negro-White Marriages," by Sheldon Emry undated


"God, Man, Nations and the Races," by Wesley Swift 1972


"Authority: Resistance or Obedience," by Pastor Peter J Peters undated


"God Wrote the Law of Segregation and the Ten Commandments on the Two Tables of Stone," by Mrs. B. J. Gaillot


"George Washington's Vision and Prophecy for America," by John Grady undated


"Attention, Christians!," by Lanston Hughes 1940


Dragons of Gods, by Vincent Coppola 1996


Election pamphlets and ephemera circa 1980s

box 35, folder 2

News Into Focus, Borger News-Herald undated

box 35, folder 3

Texas Voters for Enforcing the Constitution letter to Senator Stennis, from Keep America Committee undated

box 35, folder 4

Capital News Service newsletter 1965 September

box 35, folder 5

"Militant plan to create crisis in Mississippi" 1957 July-1963 November 20

box 35, folder 6

Wilson Lorimer Presbytarian church leaflets undated

box 35, folder 7

An open letter to the members of the Board of Fire Commissioners of Los Angeles, California, from An open letter to the members of the Board of Fire Commissioners of Los Angeles, California 1954 November 18

box 35, folder 8

Unrestricted Suffrage and Its Consequences 1948 June

box 35, folder 9

The Attack on Your Local Police by William Steuart McBirnie 1968

box 35, folder 13

Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street 2010 November

box 35, folder 14

Judea's Wars Agaisnt Htiiler's Germany and Their Consequences 2016

box 35, folder 15

Epitaph for American Labor 1996

box 35, folder 16

Trybuna Narodow Zniewolonych (Tribune of Enslaved Nations) 1960

box 35, folder 17

Return the hostages stamps undated

box 35, folder 18

American pathetic stamps undated

box 35, folder 19

The Principle of Liturgical Contradiction 1971 February 20

box 35, folder 22

Association of Citizens' Council: Second Annual Report 1956 August

box 35, folder 23

Special Bulletin: "For the Love of God and Country Heed this Warning!" 1963 July

box 35, folder 25

Anti-trespassing warning signs undated

box 35, folder 27

Guide to the America Dictionary and Bibliography 1993

box 35, folder 28

The Big Lie: Who Really Told It, from National Socialist White People's Party undated

box 35, folder 29

Postcards from Elizabeth Dilling 1941 January 31

box 35, folder 31

Social Chaos Survival Guide 2000

box 35, folder 32

Seven Financial Conspiracies That Have Enslave the American People 1892

box 35, folder 33

Some Questions That Need Straight Answers undated

box 35, folder 34

The Fiery Cross: An Introduction to the United Knights of America Inc. Knights of the Ku Klux Klan undated

box 35, folder 36

This Is It! 1967

box 35, folder 37

A Discourse on National Sins

box 35, folder 38

Secret Battle Strategies for the War on Freedom 2003

box 35, folder 39

Bioterrorism Secrets for Survival 1999

box 35, folder 40

The Law-Abiding Citizen's Defense Guide to America's Emerging Police State 1998

box 35, folder 41

Unmasking the Civil Rights Bill undated

box 35, folder 42

Communism and the NAACP 1958 September 25

box 35, folder 43

Dark Desire, Ars Nova 1932

box 35, folder 44-45, box 36, folder 1

The White Book of the John Birch Society for 1961,1962,1963 1961-1963

Scope and Contents

The John Birch Society is a conservative advocacy group, founded in 1958, which supports anti-communism and limited government.
box 38, folder 1

"Alabama Democarcy" 1930

box 38, folder 2

"I am an American Nazi," American Nazi Party undated

box 38, folder 3

Kill! Magazine 1962 July

box 38, folder 6

Ku Klux Klan bonfire undated

box 38, folder 7

The Roman Catholic Altar undated

box 38, folder 9

Hamilton Square Baptist Church undated

box 38, folder 10

National Socialist White Peoples Party, Application form undated

box 38, folder 11

National Socialist White Peoples Party, flyers undated

box 38, folder 20

"All Patriots Are Fascists" 1939 August 2

box 38, folder 21

"Baruch Moves in--With Vice President Garner" 1939 March 20

box 38, folder 27

The Public Eye 1992 December

box 38, folder 32

"A Serious Warning to the Nation" 1977

box 38, folder 33

"The Lesson the United States can learn from Cuba" 1964 December 10

box 38, folder 34

"Economic Liberty Under the Human Effort Monetary System" 1936 November

box 38, folder 35

Never Fear-the Klan is Here! undated

box 38, folder 36

The New Phariseeism 1978

box 38, folder 38

"Rich Bankers Poor Us" 1983

box 38, folder 39

"God, Land and Politics: The Wise Use and Christian Right Connection in 1992 Oregan Politics" 1992

box 38, folder 40

Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization 2015

box 38, folder 41

Kloran: Knights of the Ku Klux Klan undated

box 38, folder 42

The YAF Story 1969

box 38, folder 43

Fusion of the Races undated

box 38, folder 44

How to Get Out and Stay Out of the Insane Asylum, Sons of Liberty 1960

box 38, folder 48

"The Supreme Court's Decision on Sodomite "Marriage"" 2015

box 38, folder 49

"Wanted by the FBI posts, left-wing activists circa 170

box 38, folder 50

The White Patriot undated

box 38, folder 52

"The inside story of what they're really saying about Young Americans for Freedom" 1968

box 38, folder 51

"The Symbol of a Crusade," Committee of 1,000,000 1941 May 28

box 38, folder 53

Letter from Gordon Winrod of the St. Paul Lutheran Church 1962 March

box 38, folder 54

"My Heart and My Husband" 1923

box 38, folder 55

"The Campaign for Human Development: Christianity Charity or Political Activism" 1958

box 38, folder 56

"Modern Israel: Fulfillment of Prophecy" undated

box 38, folder 57

"Civil Rights and Legal Wrongs," by Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government undated

box 38, folder 58

"Facts Regarding the Community Chest You Should Know," from National Blue Star Mothers of America 1949 October

box 38, folder 59

"Burn, Baby, Burn!" Is Your City Next?, from Christian Crusade Publications undated

box 38, folder 60

"The Death of a Nation" undated

box 38, folder 61

"52 Unanswered questions regarding alleged gold reserves of the United States" 1977

box 38, folder 62

"How the United States lost its gold reserves" 1977


Antisemitism 1938-1978

box 38, folder 12

"Edmondson Jew-Exposure Patriotic Bulletins," Robert Edward Edmondson 1940 June 5

box 38, folder 13

Jew-Exposure books and agencies circa 1939

box 38, folder 14

"Jews Bringing on War?" 1938 August 3

box 38, folder 15

"Half-Pint Hitlers" 1938 August 1

box 38, folder 16

"Jew "Take-Over" Plot Emerges" 1940 June 10

box 38, folder 17

"The Nations Bar Jews" 1938 July 12

box 38, folder 18

"Jew Persecution" A Business Passion 1939 January 3

box 38, folder 19

"The Jewish Hymn: Onward Christian Soldiers!" 1939 January 10

box 38, folder 22

"Jews Caused & Prolonged War to Save Their Gold System" 1940 February 19

box 38, folder 23

"Dies Puts Jews Before Americans" 1939 August 14

box 38, folder 24

"Frankfurter's A.C.L.U. Sidesteps Edmondson case free press issue" 1936 September

box 38, folder 25

"Edmondson Jew-Exposure Patriotic Bulletins" circa 1939

box 38, folder 26

"Truth At Last: Secret Kosher Tax Boosts Food Services" undated

box 38, folder 29

"The End of the Jewish Race" 1940

box 38, folder 37

"My Irrelevant Defense: Meditations inside gaol and out on Jewish ritual murder" 1973

box 38, folder 45

"Questions and Answers About the Jewish Right" 1970

box 38, folder 46

"Censorship in the U.S. I blame the Jews" 1978


Miscellaneous 1974-2006

box 6

The Cult of Revolution in the Church, by John Eppstein 1974

box 6

The Real Antichrist: How America Sold its Soul by Rev. Michael Piazza 2006

box 6

The Patriot Primer III by Jan Payne Pierce 1987

box 6

Saturday Morning Mind Control by Phil Philips 1991

box 6

"Un Analisis del Rock Parte I (An Analysis of Rock Part I)," by Carmin Ramos de Lopez 1989

box 6

"My Farewell to Israel, The Thorn in the Mideast," by Jack Bernstein 1985

box 6

Mission to Israel Minsteries 2010

Scope and Content

Includes booklets, pamphlets, and CD regarding Mission to Israel Ministries.
box 6

Miscellaneous pamphlets undated

box 6

The Biology of the Race Problem by Wesley Critz George

box 6

The Bible and Segregation by C. R. Dickey

box 6

A Chronology of the Bible: Challenge to the Standard Version by Yosef Ben-Jochannan

box 34, folder 1

"Your President's Life May Be in Danger" poster circa 1970s

Scope and Contents

A call to protect President Nixon from being tried for Genocide by United Nations from the Liberty Lobby.
box 33, folder 1

"Berkeley, Governor Brown: What have you done?" undated


Series III. Periodicals 1969-2015

box 30

Attack!, Number 42

box 3, folder 2-7

Aryan Nation Newsletters and Aryan Nation Youth Korps Quarterly 1992-1999

Other Descriptive Information

Includes Aryan Nation badges
box 38, folder 31

Aryan Nations, newsletter 1993 March

box 35, folder 24

Buckley Newsletter volume 1, number 1 1971 February-March

box 31

Christian Beacon 1982-1984


Volume XLVII, Numbers 47-49; Volume XLVII, Numbers 51 and 52
box 30

Christian Defense League undated

box 31

Citizens Informer 1998-2000


Volume 29-31
box 34, folder 2

"Citizens Council Section," The Clarion Ledger, Jackson Daily News 1968 August 11

box 29

The Confederate Leader 1985


Issues 85-1
box 29

The Councilor 1969-1970


Volume 6, Number 12, 15-19, 21 Volume 10, Number 12 Volume 11, Number 9
box 30

The Councilor 1973 July 28-August 18, 1974 June 15


Volume 11, Number 9 and Volume 10, Number 12
box 33, folder 2-5

The Councilor 1977-1981

box 30

The Crusader 2009-2014


Issue 176, 177, 179
box 3, folder 2-7

The Dragon Slayer Newsletter 2003-2015

Scope and Content

Published newsletters from Scriptures for America Worldwide, an international Christian Identity outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church of Christ directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters.
box 33, folder 6

DAWN, vol.2,no. 4 1957 April

box 32

Instauration 1982-2000


Vol. 8, 10-12, 20-25.
box 36, folder 2-10

Kingdom Digest: A Family Magazine Heralding the Israel Message 2002 March- 2004 October


29 issues
box 30

The Klansman 1984 January-1984 September


Issues 96-104
box 31

The Klansman 1984 October-1985 January, 1990 May-1990 June


Issue 105-108, Special Mini-Edition Issue 145
box 33, folder 7

life in america 1971 April

box 35, folder 35

Massachusetts Bulletin, volume 1, number 6 1971 March

box 31

Michael undated

box 35, folder 26

National Socialist: Journal of the American National Socialist Workers Party 2007 October

box 20

National Spotlight 1976 March 22-1976 April 26


Volume 2, Numbers 12-17
box 21

National Spotlight 1976 January 5-1976 April 12


Volume 2, Numbers 1-11, 13-15
box 22

National Spotlight 1975 September-1975 December 29


Volume 1, Numbers 1, 2, 12-15
box 30

National Spotlight 1976 January 12


Volume 2, Number 2
box 8

The New Order 1998, 2001-2002


Volumes 134, 136, 150
box 31

The New Order 1985 July-August


Number 62
box 38, folder 30

Separatist Brief, volume 4, no. 1-7, 9-12 undated

box 3, folder 2-7

"Showers of Blessing" Ezekial 34:26 1979, 1980, 1983

Scope and Content

Contains Issue no. 705, 711, and 746
box 31

Racial Loyalty 1993


Edition 84 and Special Mini-Edition
box 33, folder 9

The Thunderbolt, Issue no. 39 1962 February

box 16

The Thunderbolt 1982-1984


Issues 277, 279, 182, 285-287, 289-290, 292-295, 297-301, 303-313, 315-324, 326-329
box 31

The Thunderbolt 1970 May


Issue 125
box 8

The Truth at Last undated


Volumes 335, 337, 360, 373, 376-391, 393-407, 410-421, 423, and 425-428
box 33, folder 8

The Truth at Last, Issue number 359 circa 1990s

box 31

White Knight undated


Issues 61, 62
box 31

The White Patriot 1983 January, 1983 August-1985 May


Numbers 55, 59, 68
box 31

White Power 1971-1977


Numbers 21, 23, 38, 62, 76
box 35, folder 20

Valor: A Journal of Interpretatin for Students of Soulcraft, volume 1 number 5 1951 January 28

box 35, folder 21

Action, number 17 1971 April

box 35, folder 10

Praying the Rosary: Pro-Life 1981