Michael Finch Cigar Label Collection D-575

Liz Phillips and Lara Stilling
University of California, Davis General Library, Dept. of Special Collections
1st Floor, Shields Library, University of California
100 North West Quad
Davis, CA 95616-5292
(530) 752-1621
URL: http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/dept/specol/

Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: University of California, Davis General Library, Dept. of Special Collections
Title: Michael Finch Cigar Label Collection
Creator: Finch, Michael
Identifier/Call Number: D-575
Physical Description: 1 linear ft.
Date (inclusive): circa 1880-1932
Abstract: The collection includes cigar bands and box labels.
Physical Location: Researchers should contact Special Collections to request collections, as many are stored offsite.

Scope and Contents

Collection includes cigar bands and box labels.


Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], D-575, Michael Finch Cigar Label Collection, Department of Special Collections, University Library, University of California, Davis.


Gift of Michael Finch, 2014.

Publication Rights

All applicable copyrights for the collection are protected under chapter 17 of the U.S. Copyright Code. Requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Regents of the University of California as the owner of the physical items. It is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained by the researcher.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Cigar bands and labels
Cigar box labels
Commercial art
Finch, Michael

Box-folder 1:1

Abbey undated

Box-folder 1:2

Acme Cubana undated

Box-folder 1:3

Adam & Eve undated

Box-folder 1:60

El Aguila Nacional undated

Box-folder 1:4

Alcazar undated

Box-folder 1:5

Alexander's Special undated

Box-folder 1:6

Always In It undated

Box-folder 1:144

Las Amantes undated

Box-folder 1:7-8

American Protectorate undated

Box-folder 1:9

America's Pride undated

Box-folder 1:10

Americus undated

Box-folder 1:145

Las Amigas undated

Box-folder 1:11

Antonio Arango undated

Box-folder 1:12

Aristocrat undated

Box-folder 1:13

Artola undated

Box-folder 1:14

Azucena circa 1884

Box-folder 1:130

La Balca undated

Box-folder 1:15

Banker's Bouquet undated

Box-folder 1:16

Barrister undated

Box-folder 1:17

Bernardo Morecla undated

Box-folder 1:18

Big B Brand undated

Box-folder 1:19

Big Wolf undated

Box-folder 1:20

Billy undated

Box-folder 1:21

Bingo undated

Box-folder 1:22

Black Bass undated

Box-folder 1:23

Blue Bonnet undated

Box-folder 1:24

Blue Heaven undated

Box-folder 1:25

Blue Poll undated

Box-folder 1:26

Blue Ribbon undated

Box-folder 1:61

El Briche undated

Box-folder 1:27

Bumper undated

Box-folder 1:28

Call Again undated

Box-folder 1:29

Cambridge undated

Box-folder 1:30

Canadian Club undated

Box-folder 1:31

Castle Hall undated

Box-folder 1:32

Champ Clark undated

Box-folder 1:33

Chapman House undated

Box-folder 1:34

Chief Rabban undated

Box-folder 1:35

Christy Girl undated

Box-folder 1:36

Claro undated

Box-folder 1:37

Clear Havana undated

Box-folder 1:38

Club House undated

Box-folder 1:39

College Ribbon undated

Box-folder 1:40

The Colonel undated

Box-folder 1:41

Compliments of the Season 1911

Box-folder 1:43

Conrad Weiser undated

Box-folder 1:42

Conrad's Gold Dollar undated

Box-folder 1:131

La Cornelia undated

Box-folder 1:44

Corral De Luxe undated

Box-folder 1:132

La Creosa undated

Box-folder 1:46

Cuban undated

Box-folder 1:47

Custom House 1902

Box-folder 1:48

Cyclone Twister 1928

Box-folder 1:49

Cyrilla undated

Box-folder 1:50

Cyro undated

Box-folder 1:51

Daily Habit undated

Box-folder 1:52

De Luxe undated

Box-folder 1:62

El Dedicado undated

Box-folder 1:53

Diamond Crown undated

Box-folder 1:54

Dick Custer undated

Box-folder 1:56

Don Remo undated

Box-folder 1:57

Don Rey undated

Box-folder 1:55

Donna Sancha undated

Box-folder 1:58

Duo-Art undated

Box-folder 1:59

Edward Parke undated

Box-folder 1:66

Elsie undated

Box-folder 1:69-70

Epco undated

Box-folder 1:63

El Escudero undated

Box-folder 1:71

Even Steven undated

Box-folder 1:77

F. Lozano The House of Morgan undated

Box-folder 1:72

Factory 370 undated

Box-folder 1:64

El Famaro undated

Box-folder 1:73

First Banner undated

Box-folder 1:74

First Blush undated

Box-folder 1:75

First Cabinet undated

Box-folder 1:76

First Flag undated

Box-folder 1:133

La Flor de Algeo undated

Box-folder 1:134

La Flor de Ben Tracy undated

Box-folder 1:135

La Flor de Leandro undated

Box-folder 1:136

La Flor de Luis Martinez 1902

Box-folder 1:137

La Flor de Mission undated

Box-folder 1:138

La Fragra undated

Box-folder 1:78

Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932

Box-folder 1:79

Frazzle undated

Box-folder 1:80

Garcia undated

Box-folder 1:81

Garcia Chico undated

Box-folder 1:82

Garcia Monte undated

Box-folder 1:83

General Almonte undated

Box-folder 1:84

General Fremont undated

Box-folder 1:85

General Hartranft undated

Box-folder 1:86

General Sutter undated

Box-folder 1:87

Geo. Conning undated

Box-folder 1:88

Gettysburg Commanders undated

Box-folder 1:89

Ginger Ale undated

Box-folder 1:90

Golden Veil undated

Box-folder 1:91

Good Company undated

Box-folder 1:45

Grain Belt Smokers undated

Box-folder 1:92

Grand Council undated

Box-folder 1:93

Green-Brier undated

Box-folder 1:65

El Guardo undated

Box-folder 1:106

H.S. Northrup undated

Box-folder 1:107

H.W. Longfellow undated

Box-folder 1:94

Hambone Sweets undated

Box-folder 1:95

Hand Made Cigar undated

Box-folder 1:96

Harry Houck undated

Box-folder 1:101

Hava-Rexa, The undated

Box-folder 1:98

Havana Filler undated

Box-folder 1:97

Havana Flower undated

Box-folder 1:99

Havana Preferred undated

Box-folder 1:100

Havana Seed undated

Box-folder 1:102

Haynie's Special undated

Box-folder 1:103-104

Henry Clews undated

Box-folder 1:105

Henry W. Longfellow undated

Box-folder 1:108

High Toned undated

Box-folder 1:109

Hummer, Schafer's undated

Box-folder 1:110

Ideal, Upmann's undated

Box-folder 1:111

Infanta Eulalia undated

Box-folder 1:112

J.A.C. undated

Box-folder 1:113

James Lewis undated

Box-folder 1:114

Jano undated

Box-folder 1:115

Jean Valjean undated

Box-folder 1:116

Jewelo undated

Box-folder 1:117

John Ashe undated

Box-folder 1:118

John Carr undated

Box-folder 1:119

John Carver undated

Box-folder 1:120

John Dottinger undated

Box-folder 1:121

John Karl undated

Box-folder 1:122-123

Jose Vila undated

Box-folder 1:124

Judge Best undated

Box-folder 1:125

Judge Kent undated

Box-folder 1:126

Katy Barry undated

Box-folder 1:127

King Alfred undated

Box-folder 1:129

King Vega undated

Box-folder 1:128

Kinsmen undated

Box-folder 1:151

Laurita 1908

Box-folder 1:154

Lawrence Barrett undated

Box-folder 1:155

Little Berdan undated

Box-folder 1:156

Little Cousins undated

Box-folder 1:157

Little Playfair undated

Box-folder 1:158

Little Tom undated

Box-folder 1:267

Long Distance undated

Box-folder 1:159

Lorimer undated

Box-folder 1:160

Lucky Bell undated

Box-folder 1:161

Luriana undated

Box-folder 1:162

Lurline 1943

Box-folder 1:163

Lyra undated

Box-folder 1:164

Madame Butterfly undated

Box-folder 1:165

Malta undated

Box-folder 1:139

La Mareva undated

Box-folder 1:166

Marshall Field undated

Box-folder 1:140

La Meloda undated

Box-folder 1:167

Merchants Queen undated

Box-folder 1:141

La Mira undated

Box-folder 1:263

Miscellaneous undated

Scope and Contents

Cigar bands
Box-folder 1:168

Miss Primrose undated

Box-folder 1:169

Mission undated

Box-folder 1:170

Morning Tap undated

Box-folder 1:171

Moro Light 1918

Box-folder 1:172

National Seal undated

Box-folder 1:173

Navy Ribbon undated

Box-folder 1:174

Nefta undated

Box-folder 1:175

Nepos undated

Box-folder 1:176

Newcomer undated

Box-folder 1:177

O-Claire 1910

Box-folder 1:268

Ojibwa undated

Box-folder 1:178

Old Abe undated

Box-folder 1:179

Old Hickory undated

Box-folder 1:180

Old Honesty undated

Box-folder 1:269

Old Soldier undated

Box-folder 1:181

Old Mixon undated

Box-folder 1:182

Olinda undated

Box-folder 1:183-184

Omar undated

Box-folder 1:185-186

Original Old Time Shoe Peg undated

Box-folder 1:187

Our Bird undated

Box-folder 1:189-190

Our Kitties undated

Box-folder 1:188

Ourida undated

Box-folder 1:191

Overland undated

Box-folder 1:192

Pacific Highway undated

Box-folder 1:195

Paid in Full undated

Box-folder 1:193

Pancho Garcia undated

Box-folder 1:194

Pandora undated

Box-folder 1:196

Patrick Browne undated

Box-folder 1:142

La Patura 1924

Box-folder 1:197

Peace Time undated

Box-folder 1:198

Pedro Perez undated

Box-folder 1:199

Peggy O'Moore undated

Box-folder 1:200

Peter Schuyler Briefs undated

Box-folder 1:201

Planco undated

Box-folder 1:202

Pony Post undated

Box-folder 1:203

Prima Lucia undated

Box-folder 1:204

Princess Ena undated

Box-folder 1:206

Quaker Cigar undated

Box-folder 1:205

Queen Seal undated

Box-folder 1:207

Ralph Paine undated

Box-folder 1:208

Record Bond undated

Box-folder 1:209

Red Cloud undated

Box-folder 1:210

Red Tips undated

Box-folder 1:211

Regreso updated

Box-folder 1:212

Reina Bella undated

Box-folder 1:270

Riata 500 undated

Box-folder 1:213

Rip Van Winkle undated

Box-folder 1:143

La Rita undated

Box-folder 1:214-215

Rofelda undated

Box-folder 1:216

Rosa Moro undated

Box-folder 1:217

Rosetta undated

Box-folder 1:218-220

Round-up, The undated

Box-folder 1:221

Rudolph Valentino undated

Box-folder 1:222

Sam Houston undated

Box-folder 1:223

Samo undated

Box-folder 1:146

La Saolo undated

Box-folder 1:147

La Saramita undated

Box-folder 1:264

Scrap Album undated

Scope and Contents

Cigar bands
Box-folder 1:148

La Sedora undated

Box-folder 1:224

Seminola undated

Box-folder 1:225

Senator Dixon undated

Box-folder 1:226

Sherlock Holmes undated

Box-folder 1:227

Silver Prince undated

Box-folder 1:228

Sonny Boy undated

Box-folder 1:229

Spirit of St. Louis undated

Box-folder 1:230

STB undated

Box-folder 1:149

La Sultana undated

Box-folder 1:231

Sun Maid undated

Box-folder 1:232

Surveyor undated

Box-folder 1:233

Susette 1903

Box-folder 1:234

Thomas Roscoe undated

Box-folder 1:235

Three Twins undated

Box-folder 1:236

Tom Keene undated

Box-folder 1:237

T.P.A. undated

Box-folder 1:238

Traveler 1917

Box-folder 1:239

Traveler undated

Box-folder 1:67

El Tributo undated

Box-folder 1:240

Two Homers undated

Box-folder 1:265

Unidentified 1 undated

Scope and Contents

Unidentified cigar labels
Box-folder 1:266

Unidentified 2 undated

Scope and Contents

Unidentified cigar labels
Box-folder 1:271

Unidentified 3 undated

Scope and Contents

Unidentified cigar labels
Box-folder 1:241

Union Sport undated

Box-folder 1:242

Upper Ten undated

Box-folder 1:243

Utica Club undated

Box-folder 1:244

Vasa undated

Box-folder 1:245

Vaudeville Sports undated

Box-folder 1:150

Las Vegas undated

Box-folder 1:152-153

La Venga undated

Box-folder 1:246

Vest Pocket undated

Box-folder 1:247

Victor 1896

Box-folder 1:248

Victory undated

Box-folder 1:249

Villena undated

Box-folder 1:250

Volumo 1907

Box-folder 1:251

Vuelta Blend undated

Box-folder 1:252

Walt. Whitman undated

Box-folder 1:68

El Weldo undated

Box-folder 1:253

Western Bee undated

Box-folder 1:254

White Cat undated

Box-folder 1:255

White Orchard undated

Box-folder 1:256

William Beal undated

Box-folder 1:257

William Butler undated

Box-folder 1:258

Wizard undated

Box-folder 1:259

World's Fair 1938

Box-folder 1:260

43, Saeger's undated

Box-folder 1:261

200 Oak undated

Box-folder 1:262

1861 undated