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Bush (Larry) papers
SFH 580  
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Processed Materials, 1974-2001 1992-1995

box 1

Series 1 CitiReport, 1992-1995

Scope and Contents

Has newsletters and some business files.

Newsletters, 1992-1995

Physical Description: 5 folders

Business Documents, 1991-1992






Renewal Letters

box 1

Series 2 Ethics Series 2 1990-1999

Scope and Contents

Has documents related to Bush's ethics reforms work in San Francisco. including

San Francisco


Commission Business, 1995-1999

Physical Description: 4 folders

Ammiano, Tom, 1997-1998


Board of Supervisors


Brown for Mayor, Willie, 1995


Campaign Contributions, Proposition G, 1996-1997


Campaign Finance Reform, Proposition N, 1999


Campaign Handbook


Charter: Civil Service Provisions, 1991


Competitive Bidding, 1996


Complaints and Investigations


Violation Reportings 1992-1996

Physical Description: 2 folders

Democratic Central Committee Campaign Statement 1996


Frank Jordan Election Committee 1996


Police Officers Association 1996


California Voters Guide, Attention: Republicans 1996


California Voter Guide, Barnes and Whitehurst 1997-1998


Supervisors Teng and Leno 1998


San Franciscans for Sensible Government v. Ethics Commission 1999


Industrial Waste Ordinance, 1997


Lobbyist Ordinance, 1998


Lobbyist Registrations, 1996-1997


News Articles


Notes, [1998?]


Soft Money




Campaign Contribution Limits, Proposition 208, 1996-1998


Elections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendments, 1995-1997


Fair Political Practices Commission: Political Reform Act, 1997


Los Angeles, 1990-1996

Physical Description: 3 folders

Reporting Requirements and Restrictions on Lobbying


Republican Party: Raper Letter, 1997


Soft Money, Proposition 208, 1997-1998


New York, 1995-1996

Physical Description: 2 folders

Series 3 Research Files, 1974-2001

Scope and Contents

Mainly documents Bush's work after leaving Mayor Agnos' office, but includes a few files from his time in Washington DC.


Organized alphabetically by subject.
box 1



Agnos' Record, 1990-2000

Physical Description: 2 folders

Campaign Literature


City Budget, 1993-1994

Physical Description: 2 folders

City: Technology Concerns, 1995


Fan Mail, 1993-1994


Immigration [Washington DC Work], 1979-1983


International [Washington DC work], 1974-1983

box 2



Interviews [Washington DC work]


Living Wage, 1999


National Association of Business Councils [Washington DC Work], 1982


News Clippings, 1992-1998


Police Interrogations, 1992


Press Pass, 1991


"What I Saw from Art Agnos' Office" Article


Wong, Walter, 2000-[2001?]


Unprocessed Materials, 1976-2003 1992-1995

Scope and Contents

Has some of Bush's files from his time as a journalist in Washington, D.C., as well files as a journalist and good government advocate following his time as an aide to Assemblyman and Mayor Art Agnos. Includes CitiReport files. (Bush edited the publication beginning in 1992.) Focuses on ethics in San Francisco government and campaign finance reform.

Series 4 "Book," 1980-2001

Scope and Contents

Original boxes were marked "Book." Files may have been set aside for a publication. Subjects include Agnos' Mayoral accomplishments, polling, political issues, bond rating drop, and an ethics complaint against Mayor Frank Jordan's inaugural committee. Has some articles authored by Bush as well as draft text for position pieces and article ideas and speeches.


Organized alphabetically.
box 2



Affordable Housing Editorial and Speeches


Agnos Biographical, 1989-2001

Physical Description: 5 folders

Agnos Editorials and Letters to Editor, January 1992-[199-]


Agnos Speeches, 1984-1998


Assembly, 1984-1985


Bay Counties Statistics, 1992-1993


Brown, Jr., Willie L., 1996


Bush Articles, Columns and Editorials, 1989-1994

Physical Description: 3 folders

Bush Biographical, 1982-[?]


Bush Book Proposal, The Revolt of the Commuter Class, no date


Bush Personal Correspondence, 1964-[1992]


Bush Reporting Services, 1981-1985

Physical Description: 2 folders

Budget/Bond Rating Drop, 1994


CitiReport Stationery


Committee on Jobs, 1991-1996

Physical Description: 2 folders

Consultants, 1990-1995


Embarcadero Freeway, 1991-1994


Geneva Towers, 1994


Health, 1990


Home Ownership, 1990-1996


Homeless Paper (Mayor's Office of Economic Planning), April 1992


Housing, 1990-2001


Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1992-2000

Physical Description: 3 folders
box 3



Laguna Honda, 2000-2001


Mayoral Choices Poll, 1994


Mayoral Staff (Agnos'), 1988-1991


Mission Bay Development, 1990-1996


Newspaper Clippings, 1982-2002

Physical Description: 2 folders

Olympics Bid, 1998-2002


Police and Fire, 1990-2001


Proposals (Newspaper Story Ideas), 1983-2000


Russian Jews, 1984-1988


San Francisco Housing Authority, Report and Five-Year Work Plan, May 1993


State Legislature, 2000


USS Missouri Homeporting, 1987-1993

Physical Description: 3 folders

Welform Reform, 1994

box 3

Series 5 CitiReport Production Files, May-December, 1992

Scope and Contents

Material for specific issues.


Organized chronologically, by issue.
box 4

Series 6 Notebooks and Videos, [1992-1995?]

Scope and Contents

Contains handwritten notes on legal pads, and two videotapes.



Public Housing Ownership, [199-]


CBS News Story on Berkeley and San Francisco Homelessness, [1999]


Series 7 Research Files, 1992-1995

Scope and Contents

Covers people and subjects, likely for CitiReport publication and Examiner articles. Includes press releases, articles written by Bush, and financial statements of candidates and political committees. Subjects include Economy, Fire Department Consent Decree, Gays, Key Votes, Lobbyists, Elections (under November Elections), Police, Shanti, and Unions. Includes IRS 990 filings of organizations including Frends of San Francisco Public Library, Friends of Recreation & Parks, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Friends of San Francisco Police, Friends of Health Department, and Friends of San Francisco Fire Department.


Organized into two sub-series, which are each alphabetically organized. Some files are labeled. Contains many unorganized papers.

Sub-series A, 1992-1995

box 5


box 6


box 7


box 8



Sub-series B, 1992-1995

box 8


box 9



Series 8 Ethics, 1990-2003 1993-1997

Scope and Contents

Focuses on Bush's investigations into possible ethics violations, particularly on Frank Jordan; as well as coverage of San Francisco Ethics Commission work. Includes finance statements of elected officials.


Not organized. Some files are labeled. Contains many unorganized papers.
box 10-11

Frank Jordan and Wendy Paskin, 1990-1995

Physical Description: 1.5 Cubic Feet
box 11

Other Subjects, 1990-1995


Mayoral Election, 1995


Actenberg Financial Statements, Roberta, 1990-1992


Alioto Financial Statements, Angela, 1994


Hedleston, Carl


Housing Authority


Patrol Specials Lawsuit

box 12

Other Subjects, 1991-2003


Campaign Committees


Executive Director's Reports, 1995-1997


Opinions from City Attorney, 1992-1997


Electronic Filing (of Election-Related Financial Information)


Political Contractor Laws, 1996


Campaign Finance Reform, San Francisco Laws, 1995-1996


Major Donors, 1996


Ethics Commission Regulations, 1996-1997


City Charter, 1996-1997


Lobbyist Manual, 1996


Candidate Manual, 1996


Ammiano FPPC Request on Lobbyist Issues, Tom, 1996-1997


Fair Political Practices Commisdion Bulletins, 1993-1996


California Campaign Laws, 1996-1997


Kilroy's Directory of SF's Politically Active Groups, 1994


SF Ballot Propositions, 1961-1990, 1991


Bush Review of Ethics Commission minutes, 1995


1997/98 Commission Budget, 1995-1996


John Doe v Gavin Newsom for Mayor Campaign, 2003


Committee to Build the Boulevard, 1999

box 13

Other Subjects, 1995-2003

Scope and Contents

Mostly loose papers including complaints filed by Bush and documents for court cases including Clint Reilly for Mayor vs. City and San Franciscans for Sensible Government vs. City; campaign constultants' quarterly reports, Commission memoranda and reports from director. Subjects include lobbyist restrictions, campaign finance and public financing of campaigns.
box 14

Other Subjects, 1991-1995

Scope and Contents

Has San Francisco Taxpayers Associations's financial documents and Quentin Kopp's Lawyer's letter regarding a CitiRreport article about ethics in politics (1993-1994); Ted Fang's deposition for Citizens for a United San Francisco campaign violations case; and a Ted Fang FPPC order, 1995. Includes People's Earth Day Accounting (funded by Redevelopment Agency), 1993-1994; and South Bayshore Community Development Corporation's public records, for a Redevelopment Agency survey, 1994-1995. Many loose papers on corruption, ethics, campaign finance, and public records requests, 1994-1995. Subjects include Police including helicopter and 101 California shooting transcripts.
box 15

Other Subjects, 1990-1996

Scope and Contents

Loose papers including Bush letter to Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., declining an Ethics Commission apointment, 1996; and San Francisco Fire Department Consent Decree court papers, 1990-1993.
box 15

Series 9 Bush Reporting Service and Washington, D.C., 1976-1984

Physical Description: .67 Cubic Feet


Folders are labeled but not organized.

Scope and Contents

Research files from Bush's work and volunteerism in Washington D.C.