Trade cards ephemera collection, circa 1880-1900 TC EPH

Jaime Henderson
California Historical Society
June 23, 2016
678 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Contributing Institution: California Historical Society
Title: Trade cards ephemera collection
Identifier/Call Number: TC EPH
Physical Description: 6 boxes
Date (inclusive): circa 1880-1900
Language of Material: Collection is primarily in English. A few trade cards are in Spanish.
Abstract: Consists of trade cards advertising a variety of trades, goods, and services. The bulk of the materials are color lithographs dating from 1880-1900. Some of the trades, goods and services advertised include food and beverages, household goods, furniture, clothing, shoes, pharmacies, medicines and tonics.


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Processing Information

Processed by Jaime Henderson in 2016.

System of Arrangement

Collection is arranged alphabetcally, first by type of trade depicted in the card and then by name of business or product being advertised.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains trade cards advertising various companies, products or services. The bulk of the cards are color lithographs dating from 1880 - 1900s. Significant trades represented include: clothing and dry goods; food and provisions; medicines and tonics; sewing threads; shoes; and tobacco. There is also a section of blank sample trade cards and trade cards on which a business is advertised but the type of trade is unidentified.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Advertising cards.
California Ephemera Project.
Trade cards.




John W. Roberts & Co.


The Whitehead & Hoag Co.


Art galleries


Cobb's Dore Gallery


Art schools


Piazzoni's Atelier d'art


Art supplies


T.J. Bass & Company


Auction and commission houses


Onstott, I.H.




Electro-magnetic Complexion and Vapor Baths


Sanitarium Hot & Cold Salt Water Baths




The Excelsior


Canton Bazaar


Close, O.H.


G.T. Marsh & Company


Geo. Vrachliotti's Great Western Bazaar


Guttman's Standard Bazaar


Harris (J.F.) Bakery and Bazaar


Japanese Bazaar


Jones' Bazaar


Sing Chong Company


Beer, liquor, and wine


E.J. Baldwin's Pure Grape Brandy (Santa Anita Vineyard)


Eclipse Champagne


Falk's Milwaukee Bottled Beer


Old Jordan




Geyser Water Company


Hires Root Beer


Roman Spa Natural Mineral Table Water




Varney, Thomas H.B.


Blacksmith supplies


Varney, Thomas H.B.




Bible House


Hardy, W.B.


Hibbard & Sommer


Hofmann, Joseph A.


J. Dewing & Co.


Kendrick & Co.


Mearns, James


Stephens & Packard


Woodward, G.P.


Camping supplies


E. Detrick & Co.'s




A. Beismann's Fine Confectionery


Bacon's Palace of Sweets


Blank, C.A.


Burton's, L.A.


George Haas & Sons




Hall, A.


Hewitt, Fred H. (Candy Palace)




Parkman, C.E.


Roberts' Fine Confections


Roberts, G.F.




Suchard, Ph.


Townsend's California Glace Fruits


Walter Backer & Co.'s




Fairbank Canning Company


Carpet cleaning


City Steam Carpet Beating and Renovating Works (H.L. Jones)


Pioneer Steam Carpet Beating (J. Spaulding & Co.)




Mackay, Alex.




Carvill Manufacturing Company


Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing




Sells Brothers Enormous Railroad Shows


Clothing and dry goods


A.F. Hill & Co.




Beck Brothers


Bell, H.C.


Berman, Otto


Canfield Dress Shields (Canfield Rubber Company)


Caro, S.


Colman Brothers


Curtin, C. (Grand Dry Goods Store)


D.A. Mendenhall & Company


D.M. Moran & Co.


Doane & Henshelwood


Eagleson & Company


Eastman Bros. and Bancroft


Figel, Joseph


G.H. Gerwin & Co.


Great Beehive Auction Store


Hale Brothers & Company


The Hastings


Heiman Clothing Company


Hess & Irving, Irving & Neustadt


Hirshberg, S.


J.M. Dyer & Co.


J.W. Davidson & Co. (The White House)


John Cran & Co.


Joseph Brothers


Kahn & Sons


Kelly Brothers


L. Popper's Shirt Factory


Ludorff, A.


M. Hellman & Co.'s


Mack, M.F.


Madam McCabe's Sanative Corsets (The St. Louis Corset Company)


Mrs. H. Jacobs & Co.


Oakland Clothing House (J. Letter)


O'Neill & Stuart


Pacific Shirt Co.


The Red House


Schafer and Company


Schwartz, M.


Thomson's Patent Glove-Fitting Corsets (Freud's Corset House)


Williams & Burdick




Asmussen, G.


Church, S.R.


Ebbets, Arthur M.


Henderson, John Jr.


Middleton, John


Pacific Coal & Wood Yard


Seattle Coal


Star Coal


Wellington Coal


Coffee and tea


A. Schilling & Co.


Acme Health Koffy Co.


Arbuckle Bros.


Cocoa Coffee


Eagle Coffee and Spice


Globe Tea Company


Great American Importing Tea Company


Great Scandinavian Tea and Grocery Company


Hills Brothers


North Star Tea Company


Olcovich Brothers


Original California Tea Company


St. Bernard Herb Tea Company


Standard Tea Co.




Jahn & Foster




Manchester Creamery


Oakland Cream Depot and Sweet Briar Dairy


P.J. McGovern & Co.


Quaker Dairy


Dry cleaning


A. Bertin, Dyer and Cleaner


F. Thomas & Company, Parisian Dyeing and Cleaning


Pacific Cleaning & Dyeing Works


Spaulding's Pacific Dyeing and Cleaning Works




Diamond Dyes




Adams' Linings


Fancy goods, lace, embroidery & trimmings


Chester, Sharkey & Co.


E.F. Sanders & Co.


L. & A. Meyer


The Lace House


M.E. Fairweather


Mansbach, E.


Mme. D. Deppen


Mme. L.E.W. Keyzer


Mrs. E.A. DeWolfe


Newman & Freud


S. Bine


Samuel Weitz & Co.




Balny, A.J.


The Fashion Flower & Feather Store


The Wonder, Flower and Feather Store




Duhem, A.


Food and provisions


A. Schilling & Co. Baking Powder


American Biscuit Co.


American Condensed Milk Co.


B.T. Babbitt's Best Baking Powder


Beehive Baking Powder (Washington Manufacturing Co.)


Bibo, Newman & Ikenberg Preserves, Jellies and Jams


Blanchard's Life Food


C.E. Andrews & Co.'s Pearl Pure Cream Tartar Baking Powder


California Coralline Milling Co. (Rolio)


Central Depot California Cracker Co.


Champagne Baking Powder (C.C. Burr & Co.)


Chas. Counselman & Co.'s Royal Hams


Colima Baking Powder


Columbian Evaporated Cream


G. Gilbert's Corn Starch


Gail Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Milk (N.Y. Condensed Milk Co.)




Golden Gate Compressed Yeast Co.


H.J. Heinz Co.


J.G. MacDonald's Tea and Cracker Store


Lea & Perrins' Sauce


Libby, McNeill & Libby's Cooked Corned Beef


Mellin's Food


Merry, Faull & Company Meat Products and Provisions


MJB Pure Food Rice (M.J. Brandenstein & Co.)


N.K. Fairbank & Co. (Lard and Cottolene)


Niagra Corn Starch


Pacific Coast Syrup Co. (Toboggan Brand Maple Syrup)


Pacific Cocoanut Company


Platt & Cos. Baltimore Oysters


Queen Bee Flour


Ridge's Food for Infants and Invalids


Scotch Oats


Southern Baking Powder


Standard Biscuit Co.


Union Flour Mills




Burr Folding Bed Company


California Furniture Manufacturing Company


Gilbert & Moore


Gross, H.H.


Indianapolis Furniture Company


J.A. Munro & Co.


Pacific Spring and Mattress Co.


Robinson's Self-Adjusting Hammock Chair


Schellhaas, H.




Lofstad, John N.




Ackerman Brothers


Atwater, F.H.


Behrns, C.


The Famous Crockery & Fancy Goods Co.


Potter, F.A.




Keane & Kinnane's


The Paris Glove House (Metz & Co.)






Bidwell & Cook


Blue Front Cash Grocery


C.J. Hawley & Co.


Garret & Elder


German Commercial Co.


John L. Williams & Co.


Lawrence Bros.


Lehmann, C.


Newton Brothers & Co.


Norton, J.B.


Peterson & Palmer


Hair products and wigs


Ayer's Hair Vigor


Goldstein & Cohn


Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer




Mrs. E.H. Hubbard




Adcock's Millinery


Bay City Manufacturing Co.


Butler, P.F.


Herrmann "The Hatter" (C. Herrmann)


Jones, R.


K. Meussdorffer's Hats and Caps


Leon L. Rey, French Hatter


M. Meussdorffer's Fine Hats


Mrs. Fout's French Millinery


The Opera, French Millinery


P. Fernandez Hat Bazaar








Seamless Hosiery (S.B. Wilkins Company)


Household cleaners


Arm & Hammer


Bon Ami


Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio


Gilbert S. Graves' Mirror Gloss Starch


H.K. & F.B. Thurber & Co.


John Horstmann's Lavarine


Lustro Company


Merten, Moffitt & Co.


Professor Tyler's Lightning Cleansing Compound


Household goods


Adams & Westlake Oil Stoves (J.F. Myers & Co.)


Buckeye Stoves


Eclipse Wringer Co.


Empire Wringer Co.


Granite Iron Ware


Keystone Wringer Co.


The Little Giant Lemon Squeezer


Metropolitan Manufacturing Co.


Peep o' Day Alarm Clock


Universal Clothes Wringer


Universal Stoves and Ranges




Feigenbaum & Company


J.P. O'Toole & Co.


Moller & Mautz


The Paul Lau Company, The Chinese Shoppe




Buhach Producing and Manufacturing Company




Brookings, C.C.


German American Insurance Co.


Liverpool & London & Globe


The Metropolitan Plate Glass Insurance Co.


Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co.


Jewelry and watches


Boss' Patent Gold Watch Cases


Cohen, D.


Crosett & Samuel


Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing Co.


Finck, George


Keystone Watch Cases


Koch, John


Uncle Harris'




B.T. Babbitt's Best Potash or Lye


Mikado Soap


Niagara Gloss Starch


Pyle's Pearline


Topeka Starch Company




Linard, B.R.


Shober & Carqueville Lith. Co.


Medicines and tonics


Ayer's medicine and tonics


Barry's Tricopherous for Skin and Hair


Brown's Iron Bitters


Burnett's Floral Hand Book


Caloric Vita Oil Co.


Clifford's Febrifuge


D.D.D. De Haven's Dyspepia Destroyer


Dr. Abbey's Great Specific for Skin Diseases


Dr. C. Mc Lane's Liver Pills


Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water


Dr. Jayne's medicines and tonics


Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills


Dr. Radcliffe's Seven Seals of Golden Wonder


Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil


Globe Sugar-coated Pills


Hire's Cough Cure


Horsford's Acid Phosphate


Humphrey's Witch Hazel Oil


Hunt's Remedy


Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound


Lyon's Kathairon


Malt Bitters Company


Mason & Pollard's Anti-Malaria Pills


McClellan's Fever Remedy, McClellan's Diphtheria and Tennessee Ague Cure


Merchant's Gargling Oil


Mexican Mustang Liniment


Mother Swans Worm Syrup


Mystic Drop


One Minute Toothache Drops (Hurtzig & Schultze)


Oregon Kidney Tea


Parker's Tonic


Peruvian Bitters


Pond's Extract


Red Star Cough Cure


Redding's Russia Salve


Sanitas Grape Food


Scott's Emulsion


Slaven's California Fruit Salt


Stubbs' Big Medicine Bitters


Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient




White's Prairie Flower & German Elixir


Wistar's Balsam


Mirrors, pictures and frames


Dampf & Schussler


S. & G. Gump


Musical instruments


Chickering Pianos




Hallet, Davis & Co.'s Pianos


Kohler & Chase Pianos & Organs


Matthias Gray Co.


Model Music Store


S. Newman & Company


San Francisco Music & Piano Company


Steck, Estey, Bradbury & Schwechten Pianos




Tobin, E.M.




Kimball Opera-Comique Co.


Moore's Opera House


Opticians and eyeglasses


Celluloid Eyeglasses (Smith, E.F.)


Lawrence & Houseworth


West, R.


Perfume and cologne


Alfred Wright's Perfumery Sachet Powder


Austen's Forest Flower Cologne


Burnett's Cologne Water


Eastman's Fine Perfumes


Franco-American Perfumery Co.


Henry Tetlow's Extracts


Hoyt's German Cologne


Keil's California Floral Extracts


Mellier's Perfumes


Murray & Lanman's Florida Water


Orange Flower Cologne


Peck's Premium Perfumes


Seely's Perfumes


Slaven's Yosemite Cologne


Pharmacies and pharmacists


Coffin & Mayhew


Daggett, Henry


F.L. Bartlett & Co.


Fouch, John F.


Hyde, W.I.


Stockton Pharmacy


Merrill, M.C.


Wenzell, W.T.


Wollweber, Theo.




Edward Gagne's Photo Gallery




George Fiske, Landscape Photographer


Lamson, J.H.


Morse, G.D.




Scott, Tom


Real estate agents


Palermo Land & Water Company (McAfee Brothers, Agents)


Will E. Fisher & Co.


Restaurants and cafes


Bird's Quaker Restaurant


Neptune Gardens


Tivoli Cafe


Roller skating


Mission Skating Pavilion


Olympian Club Elite Roller Skating Rink


Will & Finck




Eite Saloon


Sample trade cards












Wyman, J.F.


Sewing machines


Higham, E.


Household Sewing Machine Company


Light-Running Domestic


New American Sewing Machine


New Home Sewing Machine Company


Sheldon, Mark


Singer Manufacturing Company


Standard Sewing Machine Co.


Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company


The White Sewing Machine


Willcox & Gibbs


Sewing thread


Belding Brothers & Company


Brooks Spool Cotton


California Silk Manufacturing Company


Clark's Mile-End Spool Cotton


Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton


Corticelli and Chadwick's


Corticelli Spool Silk


Eureka Silk


Goff's Braid


J. & P. Coats


John D. Cutter & Co.


Semple's Best Six Cord


Shoe polish


Bon-Ton Polish


Frank Miller's Crown Dressing




A.S.T. Co.


Arcade Boot & Shoe House


Bloomfield, S.


Cahn, Nickelsburg & Co.


California Boot and Shoe Store


Cohnreich Brothers Boots and Shoes


Dunne, Edward (Queen Boot and Shoe Store)


E. Bernheim & Co.


Emerson, D.W.


Kast's Shoes


Mauzy, S.H.


Morgan's Boot, Shoe and Slipper House


Nolan Brothers


Nolan & Company


Nolan, M.D.


P.F. Nolan & Sons


Porter, Slessinger & Co.


Reubold, M.


Rosenthal's Fine Shoes


Russell's New Store


S. Mosgrove & Brothers (Curtis & Wheeler)


Star Shoe Store


Stuart, D. (Laird, Schober & Mitchell)


Thomas M. Harris & Co.


W.H. Nolan & Company


Wilcox, E.J.


Soaps and hygiene products


Chesebrough Manufacturing Co. (Vaseline)


Dr. Hebra's Viola Cream & Viola Skin Soap


Dr. Sheffield's Creme Angelique


Fels & Company's Toilet Soaps


Hagan's Magnolia Balm


Lautz Brothers & Company's Stearine Soap (D.L. Beck & Sons)


New England Soap Company


Pozzoni's Complexion Powder


Rachel's Enamel Bloom


Ricksecker's Dentaroma


Sozodont Teeth Cleanser


Standard Soap Company


Wisdom's Robertine


Spices and extracts


Burnett's Extracts


Giant Flavoring Extracts & Ground Spices


Liebig Company's Extract of Meat


Murphy, Adam H.


Nicholson's Flavoring Triple Extracts


Paul Rieger's Treble-Extra and Concentrated Flavoring Extracts


Sporting goods


Will & Finck




Topsy Tablet




Gibbs, A.


J.M. Litchfield & Co.


Lemos, Leon


Mrs. M. Herbert, Fashionable Dressmaker


Nicoll the Tailor


Poheim, Joe




Blunt, W.G.




W.W. Montague & Company




Drummond Tobacco Company


Duke of Durham (W. Duke Sons & Co.)


E. Sikes & Co.


The Fashion


Harris Bros.


Horse Head Tobacco (Dausman Tobacco Co.)


Jackson's Best (C.A. Jackson & Co.)


Ligget & Myers Tobacco Company


Lorillard's '49 Cut Plug


New Vanity Fair Cigarettes


Newsboy Plug Tobacco


Pet Cigarettes (Allen & Ginter)


Pressed Cigarettes (Allen & Ginter)


Sam. Lewis & Co.


Sanderson & Horn

Scope and Contents

An article titled "Avenues for White Labor" is printed on the trade cards. The article discusses how Sanderson and Horn's tobacco company has eschewed Chinese labor in favor of white labor.

Sutliff (Duke of Durham)


Sweet Golden Seal Cigarettes


Tansill's Punch 5c. Cigar




William S. Kimball & Co.'s Cigarettes




F.M.L. Peters & Company


Feigenbaum & Company




Stockton Trunk Factory




Smith Premier Typewriter Co.


Unidentified trades


Booth & Co.


C.J. Stevens & Co.


Champlin & Williamson


John A. Lowell & Co.


Loucks & McKendrick


M. Levy & Bro.


Messersmith, M.J.


O.A. Hale & Co.


O. Lawton & Co.


Raphael's, Inc.


Rathjen Bros.


S. Rosenthal & Co.


Shepard Norwell & Co.


Steinhart & Koch


Thompson & Beard


Wallpaper & window coverings


Anderson, A.H.


Corliss, W.B.


Edwards, Frank G.


G.W. Clark & Co.


Hartshorn & McPhun


Wilson, S.H.