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Inventory of the Mildred R. and James L. Gillingham New Religious Movement Collection

Collection number: GTU 2008-6-02

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Mildred R. and James L. Gillingham New Religious Movement collection
Dates: 1925-1970
Collection number: GTU 2008-6-02
Collector: Gillingham, Mildred R.
Collector: Gillingham, James L.
Collection Size: 11 boxes, 1 folio (10 linear feet)
Repository: The Graduate Theological Union. Library.
Berkeley, CA 94709
Abstract: The collection contains ephemera, printed materials and correspondence on Hindu, Buddhism, Theosophy, new age, religious science, UFOs, Society of Friends, new thought Christian writers and related materials. Within these materials are correspondence and writings from some well known 20th century figures from related fields.
Physical location: 7/J/1-5
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open for research.

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Preferred Citation

Mildred R. and James L. Gillingham New Religious Movement collection, GTU 2008-6-02. Graduate Theological Union Archives, Berkeley, CA.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Maya Gillingham Chung in June 2008.

Biography / Administrative History

The collection includes materials and correspondence collected by Mildred Newell Rider Gillingham (1893-1984) and James Love Gillingham (1893-1970), who lived in Oakland, Alameda and Los Altos. Materials also include writings and mentions of their son, Peter Newell Gillingham, who had similar interests in alternative religious and scientific fields.
This collection supplements the GTU's other New Religious Movement collections.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection contains ephemera, printed materials and correspondence on Hindu, Buddhism, Theosophy, new age, religious science, UFOs, Society of Friends, new thought Christian writers and related materials. Within the collection are correspondence and writings from some well known 20th century figures: Margaret Taylor Fisk (sacred dance pioneer), Cedric Wright (violinist and wilderness photographer), Ida Hagen Marshall (author), Ruth Fuller Sasaki (Zen translator) and Howard Thurman (co-minister of Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, San Francisco). Four boxes of other correspondence (friends, acquaintances and business) have not been processed but are in the original alphabetical folder order.


The collection is arranged as follows: Series 1. Subjects/Organizations/People; Series 2, Serials; Series 3, Pamhlets. Series 4, Family Correspondence.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.


LSD (Drug)
New Age movement.
Society of Friends.
Unidentified flying object cults.
Zen Buddhism.

Taylor, Margaret Fisk
Wright, Cedric
Marshall, Ida Hagen
Sasaki, Ruth Fuller, 1893-1967
Thurman, Howard, 1900-1891
Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples

Other Finding Aids

See other New Religious Movements collections.

Separated Material

The original donation included around 700 books and four boxes of serials and pamphlets. Half of the books will be incorporated into the circulating collection. The other half, duplicates of the GTU collection, were sold at the annual book sale. Publications that supplemented existing serials were added to the periodical collection.

Contents of Containers


Series 1 Subjects/Organizations/People 1923-1969

Physical Description: 74 folders
Box 1:1

Adventures in Faith, Marcus Bach 1959

Box 1:2

American Friends Service Committee 1943

Box 1:3

Aramaic Research, Nestorian Cross 1924

Box 1:4

Association for Research and Enlightenment 1966

Box 1:5

A.U.M. Foundation undated

Box 1:6

Aureon Institute

Box 1:7

Biorhythm 1964

Box 1:8

Brown Cell Laboratories 1950s

Box 1:9

Buddhadharma-Clarkstown Country Club 1923 May 19

Box 1:10

Buddhist Seminar 1952

Box 1:11

The Builder, Ervin Seale 1951 May-July

Box 1:12

Cayce, Edgar 1960s

Box 1:13

Centre undated

Box 1:14

Clark, Glenn 1950s

Box 1:15

Clippings 1961-1966

Box 1:16

Comfort, Will Levington- Reconstruction Letter 35, 53 1920-1921

Box 1:17

Cosmic Science 1957-1958

Box 1:18

Cultural Integration Fellowship 1967-1969

Box 1:19

Dianetics 1950s

Box 1:20

The Divining Rod, Arthur J. Ellis 1917

Box 1:21

Esalen Programs 1968-1969

Box 1:22

Fellowship Church --Howard Thurman 1940-1960

Box 1:23

Friendly Hills Friendship 1966

Box 1:24

Garrett, Eileen J. Experience with Psilocybin 1960

Box 1:25

Great Western University undated

Box 1:26

No files

Box 1:27

No files

Box 1:28

Hall, Manly, Philosophical Research Society 1960s

Box 1:29

Huddleson, Charles 1951, 1955, 1969

Box 1:30

Huxley, Aldous - Reaction under narcotic 1954 March 7

Box 1:31

I Am, Ascended Master 1939, 1948

Box 1:32

Kahuna Practice undated

Box 1:33

Kairos 1969

Box 1:34

Krishnamurti Foundation 1968-1969

Box 1:35

Krishna and the Gita, N.G.D. Joardar 1963

Box 1:36

Le Gallienne, Hesper 1919

Box 1:37

LSD 1961

Box 1:38

Lucis Trust (Reappearance of the Christ) 1968

Box 1:39

Marshall, Ida Hagen-writings, correspondence 1952-1958

Box 1:39a

Marshall, Ida Hagen-writings, correspondence 1952-1958

Box 1:39b

Moral Rearmament 1946, 1959

Box 1:39c

Music for Health, Harriet Ayer Seymour 1918-1939

Box 1:39d

OMI Brotherhood 1948-1958

Box 1:40

Parapsychology Foundation (Eileen J. Garrett) 1955-1957

Box 1:41

Parapsychology Lab (J.B. Rhine) 1953

Box 1:42

Phenomena 1969

Box 1:43

Phrenology-Two Readings by Jessie Allen Fowler 1929 January 23

Box 1:44

Radha Soami Satsang 1941

Box 1:45

Relax Tensions, Kay Ortemis 1952-1954

Box 1:46

Religion and Science in Relation to Personal Experience, Jocelyn Playfair 1963 Spring

Box 1:47

Religious Drama, Union Seminary 1956, 1958

Box 1:48

Science and Religion, Oscar Brunler, Radiation Reporter 1954 November

Box 1:49

Scientific Studies (Altruism and control of mind) 1960s

Box 1:50

Scientology 1967

Box 1:51

Society for Comparative Philosophy - Alan Watts 1960-1968

Box 1:52

Society of Friends 1960-1969

Box 1:53

Song of Sanny Asin, Vivekanda undated

Box 1:54

Space Time Forecasting of Economic Trends 1965

Box 1:55

Suzuki, Dr. Daisetz Teitano, New Yorker 1957 August 31

Box 1:56

Tai Chi Ch'uan 1965

Box 1:57

Taylor, Margaret Fisk 1954-1969

Box 1:58

Tibetan-Nyingmapa Meditation Center undated

Box 1:59

Trabuco College 1942-1949

Box 1:60

UFO, various accounts 1949-1954

Box 2:1

Various organization newsletters and ephemera 20th century

Box 2:2

A Voice from the Gallery 1949-1958

Box 2:3

White Lama (Theos Bernard), Family Circle 1938

Box 2:4

Ernest Wood's Question and Answer Bulletin 1959-1961

Box 2:5

Worrall, Ambrose -On faith, Prayer

Box 2:6

Wright, Cedric-correspondence 1952-1955

Box 2:7

Wright, Cedric-correspondence 1937-1955

Box 2:8

Wright, Cedric-writings

Box 2:9

Yoga Tantra Sanhita undated

Box 2:10

A Young Man's Primer, Dan Dana undated

Box 2:11

Zen Center 1971

Box 2:12

Zen booklet 1941

Box 2:13

First Zen Institute of America, Ruth F. Sasaki 1960s

Box 2:14

Zen-Tomioka Tessai, Flute Without a Mouthpiece, Nyogen Sensaki 1937, 1958

Box 2:15

Paticcasamuppada undated

Box 2:16

Breath Manuscript (14 inch) undated


Series 2 Serials 1939-1972

Physical Description: 24 serials
Box 3

Awake O'Man (Mrs. Satish Khurana, New Delhi, India) Vol 1 No. 1-Vol 2 No. 506 1961 April-1962 August -September

Box 3

Breakthru ( Hollywood, Calif. ) 1959 Spring and Fall, 1960 Fall, 2 undated

Box 3

Crusader (World Healing Crusade, Blackpool, England) 1960 January-February and April -September. 1961 May and July, 1962 February -July, November; 1963 June-1964 January; 1964 June-July; 1967 April-May; undated.

Box 4

Fate (Clark Publishing) 1953 June, 1965 October, 1967 March, 1968 March, 1970-March-1971 January

Box 4

Fields within fields within fields. New York, World Institute Council) Vol 1,3;vol 2, 1; Vol 3, 1; Vol 4, 1 and 2; Vol 5, 1. 1968-1972

Box 4

Guideposts Magazine 1957 February, 1961 July, 1965 June, 1966 June, undated

Box 4

New Outlook: A digest of Ideas and Ideals 1954 July, 1959 April and June, 1962 May, 1963 November.

Box 3

Pendle Hill Pamphlets (Wallingford, Pa)7, 20, 80, 83, 84, 93, 103, 116, 120, 123, 134, 135, 156 1939-1967

Box 3

Pendle Hill Bulletin 1955-1958

Box 3

Reader's Digest and article Prayer is Power `1944 February, 1945 May and June, 1954

Box 4

Round Robin ( Borderland Sciences Research Associates. San Diego, Calif. )incomplete run, 27 issues 1952 July-August to1959 February-March

Box 4

Tomorrow (Tomorrow Publications, London, UK) 1962 Autumn, 1963 Spring

Box 7

Cosmos 22 (Vol 3 No22) 1963 January

Box 7

The Healing Life (Vol 28,No.8,9) 1957 August/September

Box 7

Immortality=1 1966

Box 7

Interplanetary News Digest (Vol II No. 1) 1954 Joshua

Box 7

The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (Vol XLVII No. 4) 1953 October

Box 7

The Laymen's Movement Review (Vol. 1 No. 1) 1958 Jan-Feb

Box 7

Light: A Journal of Psychical Research, Spiritualism and Occultism (vol. LXXIX No. 3438) 1959 Spring

Box 7

Science of Thought Review (Vol XXXIII No. 5) 1954 May

Box 7

Seicho-No-le (vol. XI No. 12) 1962 December

Box 7

The Searcher 1961 May

Box 7

Vedanta and the West (Vol IX No. 2) 1946 March-April


Series 3 Pamphlets 1920-1979

Physical Description: 131 pamphlets
Box 6:1

10th Anniversary of Fellowship Church, Why I have Chosen the Christian Ministry, Dwight Wesley Harwell 1954 July 18

Box 6:2

A Doctor's Thoughts on Healing, William S. Reed 1961

Box 6:3

Gandhi's Signature, Muriel Lester 1949

Box 6:4

Art, Nature Education, Gretchen Warren 1943

Box 6:5

Aurobindo: Prophet of Human Unity, Sydney Kartus 1961

Box 6:6

Being and Becoming, Alwyne Buckley (Photo by Cedric Wright) undated

Box 6:7

Brainstorming Toward Survival, Harold Fowler 1957

Box 6:8

Brother Lawrence: His Conversations and Letters on the Practice of the Presence of God undated

Box 6:9

Catalog of Psychical Research 1957-1958

Box 6:10

Catalog of Psychical Research (imported from England) undated

Box 6:11

Clips-Quotes and Comments-F-5 (Borderland Sciences Research Associates) 1956 May 15

Box 6:12

Clips-Quotes and Comments-F-6 (Mark Probert trances) 1956 May 15

Box 6:13

Creative Healing, Rev. John Mailard undated

Box 6:14

Cybernetics of the sacred, Paul Ryan 1974

Box 6:15

Esoteric Philosophy in Spiritual Science, Emma Curtis Hopkins ( High Watch Fellowship) undated

Box 6:16

Fellowship Messenger (Vol 21, No. 5) 1959 September-October

Box 6:17

Fellowship Messenger (Directory of Camps) 1965

Box 6:18

Fifth Spiritual Healing Seminar on "The Nature of the Healing force" (Wainwright House Publications) 1956 October 8-10

Box 6:19

Finding Your Place in Life, Roy Eugene Davis 1966

Box 6:20

Forgive Mama, the Story of a Family Who Survived Insanity 1975

Box 6:21

The Fountain of Youth, Life Prolongation by the Blood Washing Water Cure, Benedict Lust 1962

Box 6:22

From Our Minister's Desk: A Minister and His Congregation Experience the Miracle of Praying Into the Light, Charles Huddleston 1959

Box 6:23

Hear My Prayer, Rev. R.G. Chaney 1942

Box 6:24

Hypnosis and Yoga, Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri undated

Box 6:25

The Healing Words of Jesus: Meditations Day by Day, Part 5, Williston Merrick Ford undated

Box 6:26

The Idea of a World Community, L.P. Jacks undated

Box 6:27

Inner Light and Power, Louise Eggleston 1955

Box 6:28

It Will Happen in February!, Michael X (The great conjunction of 1962) 1961

Box 6:29

Let's Join the Human Race, Stringfellow Barr 1951

Box 6:30

Letters by a Modern Mystic, Frank C. Laubach 1937

Box 6:31

Letters from Africa, Frances P. Bolton 1955

Box 6:32

Living A-Top of the World, Charles P. Morlan undated

Box 6:33

Llewellyn's Book Magazine for 1960 1960

Box 6:34

Master to Disciple (2nd ed), Helen Ellsworth Van Loben Sels (signed, Mantrams) 1938

Box 6:35

Master to Disciple (3rd ed), Helen Ellsworth Van Loben Sels 1938

Box 6:36

The MasterM Aports 1944

Box 6:37

The Meaning and Practice of Prayer, William Littleboy 1964

Box 6:38

Metaphysical Meditations, Paramahansa Yogananda 1964

Box 6:39

Missiles, Man and God (19th Annual Conference of the Layman's Movement) 1960

Box 6:40

The Natural, The Mystical and the Paranormal, Gardner Murphy (Second John William Graham Lecture on Psychi Science) 1952 April 27

Box 6:41

The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death, Howard Thurman 1947

Box 6:42

Nine Books of the World, Will Levington 1920

Box 6:43

The Occult Anatomy of Man, Manly P Hall 1947

Box 6:44

Our Unfailing Strength, Louise Eggleston 1954

Box 6:45

Paranormal, Phenomena, Nature and Man, C.J. Ducasse (First John William Graham Lecture on Psychic Science) 1951 April 29

Box 6:46

Perfect Peace, Trinity Sunday, A.M. Curtis 1942 May 31

Box 6:47

The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence 1950

Box 6:48

Prayer is Power, Alexis Carrel undated

Box 6:49

Prayers of Affirmation, Haridas Chaudhuri 1956

Box 6:50

Prayers of the Life of the Spirit undated

Box 6:51

Prayer Therapy, William Parker 1953

Box 6:52

Psychosynthesis Research foundation undated

Box 6:53

Religious Science 1954 December

Box 6:54

Sanity and Survival: II The Non Violent Alternative, Jerome D. Frank 1960

Box 6:55

Second Seminar on Science and the Spiritual Nature of Man 1958 October 24-28

Box 6:56

The Secret Place, Emmet Fox undated

Box 6:57

Secrets of Healing, Millicent Smith undated

Box 6:58

The Servant as Leader, Robert Greenleaf 1973

Box 6:59

Sex and Sense, Roy E. Dickerson 1944

Box 6:60

Song fest, Dick Best; Beth Best; 1948

Box 6:61

Stack, William-The New Name 1931 July 12

Box 6:62

Stack, William-The Friend 1931 October 18

Box 6:63

Stack, William-Three Gods 1932 January 10

Box 6:64

Stepping Heavenward, Louise Miles Clark 1940

Box 6:65

The Third Eye, Roy Eugene Davis 1969

Box 6:66

The Third force in European Psychology--Its Expression in a Theory of Psychotherapy, Adrian van Kaam 1960

Box 6:67

The Time is at Hand, Lillian De Waters 1930

Box 6:68

This is Your Life, Brother Mandus undated

Box 6:69

Thoreau and the Prophetic Tradition, Richard Groff 1961

Box 6:70

Training for the Life of the Spirit, No. 1, Gerald Heard 1941

Box 6:71

Training for the Life of the Spirit, No. 2, Gerald Heard 1942

Box 6:72

The Ultimate Transformation, Dr. R.P. Kaushik 1974

Box 6:73

Ways of Praying, Muriel Lester undated

Box 6:74

The Wellsprings of Teaching, Edward Yeomans 1969

Box 6:75

When God speaks Peace to all Nations, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York 1959

Box 6:76

The White Bird of Tao, Manly P. Hall 1964

Box 6:77

Why a Karmic Life Reading, Neva Dell Hunter 1960

Box 7:78

Abhidhamma Studies, Researches in Buddhist Psychology, Nyanaponika Thera 1976

Box 7:79

A New Age? A Buddhist View, Bhikkhu Khantipalo 1977

Box 7:80

Beat Zen, Square Zen and Zen, alan W. Watts 1959

Box 7:81

Garuda, Tibetan Buddhism in America 1971

Box 7:82

Gleanings from Soto-Zen, Ernest Shinkaku Hunt (ed) undated

Box 7:83

On the No-Self Characteristic, Dr. K.N.G. Mendis 1979

Box 7:84

Practical Insight Meditation: Basic and Progressive Stages, Mahasi Sayadaw 1976

Box 7:85

The Power of Mindfulness, Nyanponika Thera 1976

Box 7:86

Ten Bulls of Zen, Nyogen Senzaki and Saladin Reps undated

Box 7:87

Tibetan Mysticism, Haridas Chaudhuri 1964

Box 7:88

Wayfaring: A Manual for Insight Meditation, Sobin S. Namto 1979

Box 7:89

The Way of Liberation in Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts 1955

Box 7:90

Zen, Sogen Asahina 1954

Box 7:91

The Rhythm of Truth, Haridas Chaudhuri 1958

Box 7:92

Who Am I? , TMP Mahadevan 1959, 1966

Box 7:93

Children of the New Age, from Edgar Cayce, by Kydia J. Schrader Gray 1948

Box 7:94

A Commentary on the Book of The Revelation, Edgar Cayce, (2nd printing) 1961

Box 7:95

A Psychic Interpretation of some Late-Cenozoic Events Compared with Selected Scientific Data, from Edgar Cayce 1959 January 12

Box 7:96

The Gifts of Healing, Hugh Lynn Cayce 1951 June 1-15

Box 7:97

By What Authority, Krishnamurti 1927

Box 7:98

Star Bulletin, Talks and Writings by Krishnamurti 1932 January-February

Box 7:99

Star Bulletin, Talks and Writings by Krishnamurti 1932 July-August

Box 7:100

Authentic Report of Twelve Talks given by Krishnamurti, Ojai Camp 1934

Box 7:101

Authentic Report of Twenty-five Talks given by Krishnamurti, in Latin America 1935

Box 7:102

Authentic Report of Twenty-five Talks given in 1936 by Krishnamurti 1936

Box 7:103

Revised Report of Fourteen Talks given by Krishnamurti, Ommen Camp 1937-1938

Box 7:104

Authentic Notes of Discussions and Talks given by Krishnamurti, Ojai and Sarobia 1940

Box 7:105

Authentic Report of Ten Talks given by Krisnamurti, Ojai 1944

Box 7:106

Krisnamurti's Talks (Verbatim Report), Series II-Ceylon 1949-1950

Box 7:107

Krisnamurti's Talks (Verbatim Report), Series IV-New York and Seattle 1950

Box 7:108

Krisnamurti's Talks (Verbatim Report), Madras, India 1952

Box 7:109

Krisnamurti's Talks (Verbatim Report), London 1952

Box 7:110

Five Conversations, J. Krishnamurti 1968

Box 7:111

Eight Conversations, J. Krishnamurti 1969

Box 7:112

Meditations, J. Krishnamurti 1969

Box 7:113

The Three Mysteries of Jesus, Glenn Clark 1942

Box 7:114

The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of the Universe, Glenn Clark 1946

Box 7:115

The Way of Love, Glenn Clark (2nd ed) 1948

Box 7:116

The Man Who Walked In His Steps (3rd ed), Glenn Clark 1951

Box 7:117

The Thought Farthest Out (9th ed), Glenn Clark 1952

Box 7:118

The Divine Plan, Glenn Clark 1953

Box 7:119

Corresponding Course in Spiritual Healing, Glenn Clark undated

Box 7:120

The Simplification of Life, Thomas R. Kelly 1950

Box 7:121

Toward a Less Divided Life, Julia Lee Rubel 1954

Box 7:122

Worship After the Manner of Friends, Norval E. Webb 1963

Box 7:123

The Wider Quaker Fellowship Its History and Purpose, Emma Cadbury 1964

Box 7:124

This Life We Take: A Case Against the Death Penalty, Revor Thomas 1965

Box 7:125

Rufus M. Jones, Mary Hoxie Jones 1970

Box 7:126

Living A-Top of the World, Charles P. Morlan undated

Box 7:127

Speak Truth to Power, A Quaker Search for an Alternative to violence undated

Box 7:128

The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution (Flying discs), Meade Layne 1950

Box 7:129

Spacemen Friends and Foes, Part 1, T. James 1956

Box 7:130

Spacemen Friends and Foes, Part 2, T. James 1956

Box 7:131

We of the New Dimension, Will and Evelyn Miller 1959


Series 4 Family Correspondence 1925-1970

Physical Description: 14 folders

Scope and Content Note

These folders include correspondence concerning family and relatives. Four boxes of other correspondence (friends, acquaintances and business) have not been processed but are in the original alphabetical folder order.
Box 5:1-14

Correspondence identified by Gillingham or family. 1925-1970