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Preliminary Guide to the Daniel del Solar Papers CEMA 145
CEMA 145  
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Daily planner


Personal Writings


Self published books






Lucienne Bloch (1909 -1999) and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (1920 -1996)


Fresco Painting and Diego Rivera (1886 -1957)


Video Series with Lucienne and Stephen workshop on Frescos


Isamu Noguchi (1904 -1988)




Luchita Hurtado (1920 -)


Smithsonian Interview


Autobiographical writings


Family photos of her


Lee Mullican (1919 -1998)




Books about Mullican


Exhibit Material


Videos on Mullican by Daniel and his brother, some ruff cut material


Wolfgang Paalen (1905 -1959)


Susan Castelan (1942 -2003)


Published scrapebook for Susan




Family photos






Anita Rodriquez (Adobe Buildings)


Belkin (photos and slides)


Eva Cockcroft (video and slides and perhaps more)


Paste up regarding Eva Cockcroft in her own words: talks about association with mural honoring Siqueiros at old Self-Help Graphics


Slides of photos she took of Arnold Belkin (1930 -1992) and his work.


Video includes her talking about murals, also include Lucienne and Stephen


Frida Kahlo (1907 -1954)


Frida Kahlo scrapbook


Latin America Travel










Latin American Politics (third world politics)




Public Broadcasting (Radio and Television)


Writings (other than autobiographical)





Box 1-12

Mexican Antiquities

General Physical Description note: These Mexican Antiquities are in the Special Collections vault.

Scope and Content

11/05/2012 (12 boxes) accession report
Box 1 There are five pieces in this box. Three are human shaped, one is canine shaped, and the other one is an abstract figure.
Box 2 There are seven pieces in this box. Five of them are masks/faces, two are human shaped.
Box 3 There are six pieces in this box. One is of a warrior, one is a small pottery pitcher, one is a stone mask, and the final three are beads.
Box 4 There are seven pieces in this box. Six of them are small face shaped masks or human shaped figurines. The final figurine is a long thin cylinder with a face at the top.
Box 5 This box contains beads of various sizes. There is also a long oval shaped figurine.
Box 6 There are seven pieces, two of which are rings. One of the rings depicts a face on top and the other depicts a bird, possibly an eagle. The remainder of the figurines are medium sized face shaped beads.
Box 7 This contains a beaded necklace. The center bead is a medium sized human shaped bead.
Box 8 There are eight pieces in this box. All are abstract shapes and various sizes.
Box 9 This box contains a necklace made of beads and possibly animal teeth.
Box 10 Four human shaped figurines all a uniform size are contained in this box.
Box 11 In this box there are five abstract pieces.
Box 12 One large abstract figurine can be found in this box




Item A23170/R10

"Cuestion Urgente: la salud en la industria electronica" Cristian Opaso. Spanish doc on health and electronics industry in Mexico undated

Item A23171/R10

"From the ground floor up: an interview with an American lawyer in Chile" undated

Item A23187/CS

0 - 40 Buenaventura Jazz undated

Item A23188/CS

0001: No podran (Lucy Murphy; Lichi Fuentes) October 1996

Item A23189/CS

0002: Theater for a new city (Steven Ben Israel; Willies) 1983

Item A23190/CS

0003: Yancey (Janis Joplin) undated

Item A23191/CS

0004: Quinto festival teatro (Adalberto; Isabel Alegria) undated

Item A23192/CS

0005: Thinking white and sandini (Thinking white; Sandista days) undated

Item A23193/CS

0006: Suni Paz and friends 1 and 2 (Suni Paz) November 27, 1981

Item A23194/CS

0007: Fort Mason (Guillermo Gomez Pena) March 26, 1999

Item A23195/CS

0008: Che songs (Che Guevara) undated

Item A23196/CS

0009: Liberation theology (Rick Teja de Flores) 1986

Item A23197/CS

0010: Dinner tape (Luchita Hurtado) undated

Item A23198/CS

0011: Masilon 5 and 6 (Daniel del Solar; Jorge Latelier) June 17, 1979

Item A23199/CS

0013: Celina Gonzalez (Celina Gonzalez) 1994

Item A23200/CS

0014: All I know is what I feel (Pointer Sisters; Barbara) undated

Item A23201/CS

0015: At the Bazaar Café (Kim Gill) December 7, 1998

Item A23202/CS

0016: Yaqui (Buck Speed) December 5, 2001

Item A23203/CS

0017: Café Galeria poetry and music (La tertulla) August, 1993

Item A23204/CS

0018: En vivo (Trinidad; Iuki Illiami) 1994

Item A23205/CS

0019: Carnival '84 (John Blake; Mozart summers) March 25, 1984

Item A23206/CS

0020: There was never torture in our country…(Pual Bundy; Frances Emily) undated

Item A23207/CS

0021: Nuclear gang (Rose Gafney; Rose Gafney and the gang) January 20, 1981

Item A23208/CS

0022: Mexico (Tepotzlan) undated

Item A23209/CS

0023: Concierto en vivo (Taj Mahal) July 18, 1984

Item A23210/CS

0024: Latin American mix (Daniel del Solar) 1981

Item A23211/CS

0025: Super Salsa (Daniel del Solar) March, 1989

Item A23212/CS

0026: Tin Tan no. 2 (Mezcla Fina) 1989

Item A23213/CS

0027: Pan finals (Trinidad) undated

Item A23214/CS

0028: Pan finals (Trinidad) undated

Item A23215/CS

0029: Plaza revolution (Intelectuales; Sergio Ramirez) July 18

Item A23216/CS

0031: Early music (Bill Sokol) undated

Item A23217/CS

0032: Carmencita (Izanaba Guillen) 1978

Item A23218/CS

0033: Rock and Roll (Ferry) March, 2000

Item A23219/CS

0034: Examiner sale scandal (Ben Bagdation; Philip Moldarg) May, 2000

Item A23220/CS

0035: Equinoxe, Zoolook and Jean Michelle Jaré (Equinoxe; Zoolook) undated

Item A23221/CS

0036: Dance your ass off (Pointer Sisters) undated

Item A23222/CS

0037: Birthday '89 (Daniel del Solar) 1989

Item A23223/CS

0038: Mancotal (Daniel del Solar; Linc) November, 1985

Item A23224/CS

0039: 182 Grand/Audio memoirs (Chinatown; Daniel del Solar) July, 1982

Item A23225/CS

0040: Textus: Musica (Steve Ben Israel) March 31, 1982

Item A23226/CS

0041: Musica (Nacatamal de Oro; Max acizi) undated

Item A23227/CS

0042: African shortwave radio (Guitarra Armada) October 6, 1980

Item A23228/CS

0043: Mission (Mirasol) undated

Item A23229/CS

0044: Aragon, Live (Grupo Tecone) August 1, 1978

Item A23230/CS

0045: Community murals, music (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23231/CS

0046: Toquinho (Vinicus; Nos fuimos y volvimos) 1975

Item A23232/CS

0047: Nicaragua 7th anniversary (Izanco; Debra Ruban) July 19, 1988

Item A23233/CS

0048: Pena 1 and 2 (Rumi Sonkos) October 12, 1979

Item A23234/CS

0049: Marilon no. 1 and 2 (Lucy Murphy) undated

Item A23235/CS

0050: Poetry (Peter Baird) 1974

Item A23236/CS

0051: Latino DC mix (Brian Jackson; Gil Scott) December 1980

Item A23237/CS

0052: KALW interview (Daniel del Solar) January 27, 1992

Item A23238/CS

0053: Freedom is a constant struggle (Jack Hirschman; Nina Serano) March 2, 1991

Item A23239/CS

0054: Kumpo Beat (Daniel del Solar) January 16, 1997

Item A23240/CS

0055: Tubthumping (Chumbawamba) undated

Item A23241/CS

0056: Nica special: Tape 3 (Daniel del Solar; KPFA) undated

Item A23242/CS

0057: Nica special: Tape 2 (Daniel del Solar; KPFA) undated

Item A23243/CS

0058: Fidel en la Victoria de Julio (Fidel Castro Ruz; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23244/CS

0059: Fidel en la Victoria de Julio (Fidel Castro Ruz; Daniel del Solar) January 11, 1985

Item A23245/CS

0060: Suni Paz Sings in English! (Suni Paz) undated

Item A23246/CS

0061: Es el caso de hablar (Canto general) undated

Item A23247/CS

0062: Plaza (Sandino) February 23, 1980

Item A23248/CS

0063: Comunicacion Aztlan: Chile- Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23249/CS

0064: Cuba radio/Radio ciudad (Grupo moncada) June 25, 1995

Item A23250/CS

0066: Live oustide GLIDE march (Nora astorga) March 1987

Item A23251/CS

0067: Press conference (Nora astorga) March 19, 1987

Item A23252/CS

0068: SF state (Norma Elena Gadea) February 26, 1985

Item A23253/CS

0069: Firmes y adelante part b (Daniel del Solar) July 30

Item A23254/CS

0071: March '84 reading, 3 and 4 (Otto Rene Castillo) March, 1983

Item A23255/CS

0072: 1 and 2 (Otto Rene Castillo) undated

Item A23256/CS

0073: Sound check, music (Otto Rene Castillo) undated

Item A23257/CS

0074: New Years Tape (Mary Fleetwood) 1982

Item A23258/CS

0075: Chile women / Women musician (WPFW; Daniel del Solar) July 27, 1980

Item A23259/CS

0076: Radio rebel (Lenny Anderson) May 1981

Item A23260/CS

0077: Music of the Pacific Basin (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23261/CS

0078: Live Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar) November, 1979

Item A23262/CS

0079: New revelations, interview (Fred Hirsch) September, 1974

Item A23263/CS

0080: Indy (Daniel del Solar; KTAO) January 5, 1974

Item A23264/CS

0081: Uzulu, mono, 3 and 4 (Mancotal) November 15, 1986

Item A23265/CS

0082: Uzulu dance, stereo, 1 and 2 (Monocotal; KPFA) November 15, 1986

Item A23266/CS

0083: Uzulu ensayo, 1 and 2 (Monocotal) November 15, 1986

Item A23267/CS

0084: Poetry/song (Nina; Ruben) 1974

Item A23268/CS

0085: Kate Wolf tribute (Mike Cury; Kate Wolf) December 15, 1986

Item A23269/CS

0086: Rock Creek Park (The Mural) undated

Item A23270/CS

0087: Miramba, Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar) 1981

Item A23271/CS

0088: Argentina/Bolivia (Rius) June, 1976

Item A23272/CS

0089: De que suda, suda (Dimension costena) undated

Item A23273/CS

0090: Electric handmaidens (Krab nebula) undated

Item A23274/CS

0091: Radical humor festival (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23275/CS

0092: Theater (Nica) undated

Item A23276/CS

0093: 3-6 de agosto (El tren de las seis) undated

Item A23277/CS

0094: 5th anniversary os las milicias populares (Humberto Ortega) February 26

Item A23278/CS

0095: Cears 3 and 4 (Moncotal) undated

Item A23279/CS

0096: 7 de 85, 3 and 4 (Moncotal) undated

Item A23280/CS

0097: Collective for living cinema (Nica night) undated

Item A23281/CS

0098: Teatro (Praxis; Ruben Dario) August 4, 1983

Item A23282/CS

0099: Fundraising-Central America (Javier Bagana; WBAI-FM) May 9, 1984

Item A23283/CS

0100: Ana Vio interview with Daniel del Solar (Ana Vio; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23284/CS

0101: Grabacion-Conferencia (Daniel del Solar; Jaime Wheelock Roman) 1984

Item A23285/CS

0102: Shortwave and music (Daniel del Solar; KTAO) undated

Item A23286/CS

0103: Deep dish tv (Dee Dee Hawlock) undated

Item A23287/CS

0105: Nicaragua: Artist call, interviews (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23288/CS

0106: Congress Black Caucus, Pat Jones (Michael Manley; Pat Jones) undated

Item A23289/CS

0108: Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23290/CS

0109: Musica de Colombia y de Venezuela (Los ocho; Nelson Rodriguez) undated

Item A23291/CS

0110: Dracion de un desocupado (Juan Gelman) undated

Item A23292/CS

0111: Plaza revo, radio sandino (Jaime Wheelock) November 8, 1984

Item A23293/CS

0112: Gallery talk (Matt Mullican) March 1987

Item A23294/CS

0113: Democracy in Nicaragua no. 2 (Hoffman; Wheelock) January 11, 1985

Item A23295/CS

0114: November 15, 1984, Radio Sandino (El Tren de las Seis; Radio Sandino) November 15-16, 1984

Item A23296/CS

0115: Monimbo, lo 'n slow (Daniel del Solar; Nica) January 3, 1986

Item A23297/CS

0116: Managua, 6th anniversary (Tomas Borge; Radio Sandino) July 19, 1985

Item A23298/CS

0117: National Lawyers Guild (Nica; Mike Maglu) September 1980

Item A23299/CS

0118: Conferencia de la Prensa (Fidel Castro; Jackson) undated

Item A23300/CS

0119: Concert, interviews (Pancansan) 1984

Item A23301/CS

0120: Tropical (Amalia Batista) undated

Item A23302/CS

0121: Historia de Cuba (Vivulo; Carlos Luis Tejevas) undated

Item A23303/CS

0123: April in Managua (Daniel Viglietti; Adrain Giuzueta and Grupo) undated

Item A23304/CS

0124: Poetry and music, Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar) July 1, 1979

Item A23305/CS

0125: Air check-AM, elections tape no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) November 4, 1984

Item A23306/CS

0126: Calypso '85 (Daniel del Solar) 1985

Item A23307/CS

0127: Poetry and music from Chile (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23308/CS

0128: Cachao, Celoso (Augustin Fara) undated

Item A23309/CS

0129: Taos (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23310/CS

0130: Great Falls walk, concert (Pancansan; Ms Summers) July 16, 1983

Item A23311/CS

0131: Last of (Daniel del Solar) November 12, 1983

Item A23312/CS

0132: Guernica on my mind: Being an artist in the age of Orwell (Daniel del Solar; George Orwell) undated

Item A23313/CS

0134: Masilon (Suni Paz) undated

Item A23314/CS

0135: Emergency poetry 2 (Carlos Ruda; Max Schwartz) August 3, 1985

Item A23315/CS

0136: Emergency poetry 1 (Max Schwartz; Francisco acarcon) August 3, 1985

Item A23316/CS

0137: The secret's out, poetry (Stephen Henrick; Nicaraguita and Rosario Murillos) undated

Item A23317/CS

0138: La maldicion de malinche (Gabino Palomares; Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23318/CS

0139: Piano, December (George Winston; KPFK) undated

Item A23319/CS

0140: Santa Cruz (Denis Brutus) undated

Item A23320/CS

0141: Sun city, Sisters are doing it for themselves (Aretha Franklin; The Eurhythmics) undated

Item A23321/CS

0142: Interview (Gabino Palomares) undated

Item A23322/CS

0143: Morning Show (Roberto Vasquez; Joel Covel) July 20, 1985

Item A23323/CS

0144: Press conference, March '87 (Nora Astorga; Vivian Halinam) March 1987

Item A23324/CS

0145: Live at Glide no. 2 (Nora Astorga) undated

Item A23325/CS

0146: Tango, Carta a nina (Tito Mermello; Robert Sussman) undated

Item A23326/CS

0147: Musica Catalunya (Daniel del Solar) June 3, 1984

Item A23327/CS

0148: Roy Brown y Los Aires Bucaneros (Roy Brown; Los Aires Bucaneros) undated

Item A23328/CS

0149: Ry Cooder, Satie (Ry Cooder; Satie) undated

Item A23329/CS

0150: Motown (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23330/CS

0151: Betty Maldonaldo mix, Salsa fiesta (Betty Maldonaldo) undated

Item A23331/CS

0152: Nicaragua canta (Otto de la Rocha; Jorge Isaac Carvallo) October 9, 1986

Item A23332/CS

0153: Anuncios (Daniel del Solar; Radio Sandino) undated

Item A23333/CS

0154: Event, music (Nica day; Holly Near) March 1986

Item A23334/CS

0155: Nicaragua-Lo and slo (Roberto; Rick) 1984

Item A23335/CS

0156: 23 April 83, NYC (Tetsuo Kogawa) April 23, 1983

Item A23336/CS

0157: Nuclear war tv show (Daniel del Solar) 1988

Item A23337/CS

0158: KPOO (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23338/CS

0159: N. Vietnamese statement (Daniel del Solar) August 24, 1972

Item A23339/CS

0160: Non-Compliance day (Daniel del Solar) August 1972

Item A23340/CS

0161: Rich and Martin's room, DQU (Daniel del Solar; Carlos Madrid) undated

Item A23341/CS

0162: In search of the lost chord (Moody Blues; Sandy Bull) undated

Item A23342/CS

0163: Mexico (Daniel del Solar; KPOO) undated

Item A23343/CS

0164: Mexico dub at Suzi's (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23344/CS

0165: Teatro Cariola (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23345/CS

0166: Human rights award (Letlier; Moffit) September 21, 1978

Item A23346/CS

0167: Carribean (James Gang; Cat Stevens) undated

Item A23347/CS

0168: The record (Yaqui) undated

Item A23348/CS

0169: Mix tape (Daniel del Solar; KPFA) undated

Item A23349/CS

0170: Brazil (Andes) undated

Item A23350/CS

0171: Indian (Utah) undated

Item A23351/CS

0172: Arruda, Feb 8, 1972 (Daniel del Solar; Carlos Arruda) February 8, 1972

Item A23352/CS

0173: Arruda, February 18, 1972 (Daniel del Solar; Carlos Arruda) February 18, 1972

Item A23353/CS

0174: Mexican music, Redding (Otis Redding) undated

Item A23354/CS

0175: Arizona group, Yaqui (Yaqui; Buck Speed) 1970

Item A23355/CS

0176: Masilon 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar) August 5, 1979

Item A23356/CS

0177: Palo de mayo (Dimension Costena) undated

Item A23357/CS

0178: Cuba music, show (Ritmos magicos; KPOO) August 19, 1979

Item A23358/CS

0179: Reggae (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23359/CS

0180: Grateful Dead 9 and 10 (Grateful Dead) undated

Item A23360/CS

0181: Poolo de recordings (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23361/CS

0182: Reggae, Gayle, Gloria, Tito Lolo Guerra (Radio Exito; Radio Sandino) July 24

Item A23362/CS

0183: Top 14 disco tunes (Daniel del Solar; WKIS) August 24, 1984

Item A23363/CS

0184: Analfabetissimo: Illiteracy and Latinos (Audrey Coleman; NPR) undated

Item A23364/CS

0185: Grupo Zero at La Pena in Berkeley, CA (Grupo Zero; Daniel del Solar) September 8, 1981

Item A23365/CS

0186: The drum (Victor Perrera; Eden Pastora) November 15, 1986 and November 17, 1986

Item A23366/CS

0187: Minority writers no. 2, poetry reading (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23367/CS

0188: Minority writers no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23368/CS

0189: Jeff's old time Cuban music April 1986

Item A23369/CS

018th ACLU bill of rights 3/4 undated

Item A23370/CS

018th Bill of Rights ACLU 1/2 undated

Item A23371/CS

0190: Texto: teatro/cultura (WFAL) undated

Item A23372/CS

0191: Children of Che (KQED TV) undated

Item A23373/CS

0192: Caribbeana (Daniel del Solar) March 29, 1980

Item A23374/CS

0193: Don't hold back (Holly Near) undated

Item A23375/CS

0194: Introspection towards the future (Daniel del Solar) April 15, 1984

Item A23376/CS

0195: Class (Johnny Otis) March 7, 1999

Item A23377/CS

0196: March 19, 1988 (La Pena Chorus) March 19, 1988

Item A23378/CS

0197: Love story, Man from Wareika (Ry Cooder; Randy Newman) undated

Item A23379/CS

0198: ACLU Bill of Rights no. 1 and 2 (ACLU; Dick Grosboll) December 15, 1996

Item A23380/CS

0199: Soul music and welcome '91 (ACLU) undated

Item A23381/CS

020 grandes exitos Latino mix WPFW DC 1978

Item A23382/CS

0200: Music after the ceremony (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) November 25, 1987

Item A23383/CS

0201: Zula no. 1 and 2 (Zula; Daniel del Solar) December 23, 1972

Item A23384/CS

0202: Zula no. 3 and 4 (Zula; Matt Mullican) December 23, 1972

Item A23385/CS

0203: Zula no. 5 and 6 (Zula; Matt Mullican) December 23, 1972

Item A23386/CS

0204: In NYC with David and Matt (Mia Agef; Carlos Fuentes) undated

Item A23387/CS

0205: For Lee with love, David (Mullican and Mullican; Matt Mullican) March 31, 1989

Item A23388/CS

0206: Mullican and Mullican (Mullican and Mullican; Matt Mullican) June 1999

Item A23389/CS

0207: Intro (Lincoln Brigade; Ariel Dorfman) February 1999

Item A23390/CS

0208: Pacifica radio news (Frank Shaffer-Corona) 1985

Item A23391/CS

0209: Latino heat (Jose Ruis; KPFA) March 7, 1998

Item A23392/CS

0210: Robert Kreider Fugues (Robert Kreider Fugues) undated

Item A23393/CS

0211: Concerto in E and F (JC Bach) undated

Item A23394/CS

0212: Triptico Vol. II (Silvio Rodriguez) undated

Item A23395/CS

0213: Hasta siempre (Carlos Puebla y Sus Tradicionales) undated

Item A23396/CS

0214: Ry Cooder, Chicago jazz (Ry Cooder; Joseph Byrd) undated

Item A23397/CS

0215: Dualidad Nahua (Mariano Leyna) 1997

Item A23398/CS

0216: Salsa for Lans (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23399/CS

0217: Living room (Jerry Starr) July 21, 2000

Item A23400/CS

0218: Encuentro del canto popular (Mezcla) undated

Item A23401/CS

0219: Inti Illimani and Latin Mix (Inti Illimani) March 30 (1980's)

Item A23402/CS

0220: Mix tape (Van Morrison; Grateful Dead) undated

Item A23403/CS

0221: Justicia! Parts A and B (Abraham Lincoln Brigade) February 28, 1999

Item A23404/CS

0222: Justicia! Parts C (Abraham Lincoln Brigade) February 28, 1999

Item A23405/CS

0223: Last of interview August 10 (Nixta Yolero; Mari Jose) August 10

Item A23406/CS

0224: Interview August 10th part 1 (Nixta Yolero) August 10

Item A23407/CS

0225: Nueva Cancion (Carlos Nunez Tellez; El Tren de las Seis) July 18, 1983

Item A23408/CS

0226: Teatro Tenaz at Stanford no. 2 (Teatro Tenaz; Carlos Morton) April 8, 1997

Item A23409/CS

0227: Teatro Tenaz at Stanford no. 3 (Teatro Tenaz; Carlos Morton) April 8, 1997

Item A23410/CS

0228: Teatro Tenaz at Stanford no. 1 (Teatro Tenaz; Carlos Morton) April 8, 1997

Item A23411/CS

0229: Teatro Tenaz at Stanford (Teatro Tenaz) undated

Item A23412/CS

0230: Mexico DF radio (Daniel del Solar) January 23, 1987

Item A23413/CS

0231: Kathy's music (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23414/CS

0232: Kathy's music tape no. 2 (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) November 21

Item A23415/CS

0233: Kathy's ceremony 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23416/CS

0234: Kathy's song by Jimmy Metzner (Jimmy Metzner) undated

Item A23417/CS

0235: Deborah and others: A Reading (Daniel del Solar; Deborah) undated

Item A23418/CS

0236: Kathy's song by Jimmy Metzner (Jimmy Metzner) undated

Item A23419/CS

0237: Kathy's ceremony, 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23420/CS

0238: Kathy on the night of her death (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) November 21

Item A23421/CS

0239: Kathy- A journey, On the road (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23422/CS

0240: Deb and Kathy's play (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23423/CS

0241: Kathy's play (Last show) (Daniel del Solar; Kathy) undated

Item A23424/CS

0242: African Roots (Daniel del Solar; WAFW) January 13, 1979

Item A23425/CS

0243: Textos NY city (Off mike) (Daniel del Solar; WBAI FM) 1984

Item A23426/CS

0244: End of La Denuncia and discussion (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23427/CS

0245: Astrology, Daniel and Judith at night (Daniel del Solar; Judith) undated

Item A23428/CS

0246: Interview with Enrique Buenaventura (Enrique Buenaventura) July 4, 1974

Item A23429/CS

0247: Cien Fuegos Band music (Daniel del Solar; Arroz con Nicoleta) April 11, 1979

Item A23430/CS

0248: Human rights award (Letlier; Moffit) September 21, 1978

Item A23431/CS

0249: 3W workshop, audio history (Inti Illimani; Yaqui) July 12, 1974

Item A23432/CS

0250: DC take overs (WPFW) March 9, 1977

Item A23433/CS

0251: Interview, day 2, poetry (WPFW; Lolita Lebun) March 1, 1977

Item A23434/CS

0252: Martin Luther King Jr's birthday concert (People's music weekend; Martin Luther King Jr.) January 15, 1982

Item A23435/CS

0253: TEC 3, End of Soldados (Enrique Buenaventura) Dcember 11, 1972

Item A23436/CS

0254: TEC 2, End of Soldados (Enrique Buenaventura) undated

Item A23437/CS

0255: TEC 1, Pre production, La Maestra (Enrique Buenaventura) undated

Item A23438/CS

0256: TEC A, Cartas del Infierno undated

Item A23439/CS

0257: Tenaz, Historia de Carta no. 1 (Mariano Levin; Tenaz) September 8, 1974

Item A23440/CS

0258: Crucificado 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar; Mexico DF radio) July 13, 1974

Item A23441/CS

0259: Mexico / End of La Delana (KTAO; Steve) March 25, 1974

Item A23442/CS

0260: Touch it (Laurie Anderson) undated

Item A23443/CS

0261: Musique Espanole (Martinique VI) January 1985

Item A23444/CS

0262: Inside Nicaragua: Mix tape (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23445/CS

0263: Honduras (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23446/CS

0264: End of Morning Show, Traffic Jean (Carlos Baron; KPFA) July 20

Item A23447/CS

0265: Blues (WPFW) May 19, 1984

Item A23448/CS

0266: KPFA March 1996 (KPFA; Greg London) March 1996

Item A23449/CS

0267: Christmas program, first hour (KPFA) December 25, 1974

Item A23450/CS

0268: Aircheck (Johnny Otis; KPFA) October, 1997

Item A23451/CS

0269: Flor del pueblo la mujer (Alejandro Marguia; Bandera Roja) undated

Item A23452/CS

0270: Masilon (Gato Barbieri) July 1979

Item A23453/CS

0271: Radio Progesso April 79 (Daniel del Solar; Radio Progresso) April 1979

Item A23454/CS

0272: April 6: TV interview (Daniel del Solar) April 6

Item A23455/CS

0273: Pacifica: Africa (WPFW) May 1979

Item A23456/CS

0274: African Roots (WPFW) undated

Item A23457/CS

0275: Coast Guard cutter live (Daniel del Solar; Coast Guard cutter) May 26, 1990

Item A23458/CS

0276: Bill Graham in concert part 2 (Bill Graham; Crosby Stills Nash and Young) November 3, 1991

Item A23459/CS

0277: What the shadow knows (Robert Bly) 1983

Item A23460/CS

0278: Native American rock music (Daniel del Solar; Progressive Radio) undated

Item A23461/CS

0279: World music: Africa (Henri Piere; KPFA) January 1998

Item A23462/CS

0280: Latin American music orgy (KPOO; KTAO) undated

Item A23463/CS

0281: Alturas de Macchu Picchu (Daniel del Solar) May 30, 1987

Item A23464/CS

0282: FNC 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar) September 21, 1985

Item A23465/CS

0283: Communicacion Aztlan: 20th anniversary (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23466/CS

0284: Maya Q and A (Susana Glusker) November 1996

Item A23467/CS

0285: Chile no tomo tu nombre (Cine Ojo) February 18, 1984

Item A23468/CS

0286: Live Saturday (Son 14) undated

Item A23469/CS

0287: False promises no. 1 and 2 (Mime Troupe) August 15

Item A23470/CS

0288: The Little Mermaid Sundtrack (Paul McCartney) undated

Item A23471/CS

0289: Africa: Congo, Niger, Guinea (Daniel del Solar; Xylophone Masikoro) undated

Item A23472/CS

0290: Nicaragua 1986 Contra aid house debate (Solarz; Campbell) April 1986

Item A23473/CS

0291: Nicaragua (Rosario Murillo) January 21, 1986

Item A23474/CS

0292: Abortion: Living run (KPFA) Novemeber 24, 1998

Item A23475/CS

0293: Brazil (Michael Johnsons; KALW) June 1996

Item A23476/CS

0294: Nigeria oil doc (KPFA) November 26, 1998

Item A23477/CS

0295: The Building (Ry Cooder) undated

Item A23478/CS

0296: Rashida '73/'84 (Jon Lucien) undated

Item A23479/CS

0297: Health care living room (KPFA; Kris Stracwitz) February 25, 1998

Item A23480/CS

0298: Mexico conference (Domingo Garcia) undated

Item A23481/CS

0299: Living with the animals (Mother Earth; Tracy Nelson) February 13, 1984

Item A23482/CS

02nd opinion Stanford (Daniel del Solar) August 4, 2000

Item A23483/CS

0300: Chile mix (Daniel del Solar; Inti Illimani) undated

Item A23484/CS

0301: Masilon, live (Masilon; WPFW) March 30, 1980

Item A23485/CS

0302: De Chile y Para Chile (Inti Illimani; Isabel Parra) 1978

Item A23486/CS

0303: Musica de las entrañas de Chile (Daniel del Solar) 1977-78

Item A23487/CS

0304: Masilon, November 12 (Masilon) November 12

Item A23488/CS

0305: Letlier Moffitt awards tape 1 (WPFW; Letlier) undated

Item A23489/CS

0306: Letlier Moffitt awards tape 2 (WPFW; Letlier) undated

Item A23490/CS

0307: Letlier Moffitt awards tape 3 (WPFW; Letlier) undated

Item A23491/CS

0308: Afro pop (Henri Piere Kudadca) 1998

Item A23492/CS

0309: Interview (Haciendo Punto) undated

Item A23493/CS

0310: Viques, Puerto Rico (Viques; Roy Brown) May 18, 1979

Item A23494/CS

0311: Chavez on mural, Camfusano and Cortasar (Chavez) 1974

Item A23495/CS

0312: Oldies (Wolfman Jack) 1976

Item A23496/CS

0313: As it happens: Nica invasion of Honduras (Daniel del Solar) April 1986

Item A23497/CS

0314: Fire on the mountain, Private dancer (Tina Turner; Pete Seeger) undated

Item A23498/CS

0315: Film festival (Gustavo Mosqufra; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23499/CS

0316: El hombre, Cancion de la guerra (Ralarcon; Inti Illimani) 1969

Item A23500/CS

0317: Summary-theater, graphics (Inti Illimani) November 22

Item A23501/CS

0318: Mobius (Gustavo Masquera) May 1997

Item A23502/CS

0319: ACLU Bill of Rights no. 3 and 4 (ACLU; Daniel del Solar) December 15, 1996

Item A23503/CS

0320: Inti Illimani-Pena/KQED-TV (Inti Illimani; KQED) undated

Item A23504/CS

0321: April '86 (Vida Luz Meneces; David Henderson) April 1986

Item A23505/CS

0322: Mexicanisimo (Felipe Ehrenberg) January 26, 1987

Item A23506/CS

0323: Various Salsa (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23507/CS

0324: MAcilon (MAcilon) undated

Item A23508/CS

0325: Guatemalan folk music (KPFA) undated

Item A23509/CS

0326: Stop the killing (Daniel del Solar; Johnny) undated

Item A23510/CS

0327: Carlos Ramirez live (Carlos Ramirez; Pretty Chirp Productions) February 22, 1992 and June 5, 1992

Item A23511/CS

0328: Politica, Homage to Von Showen (KPFA; Von Showen) December 1975

Item A23512/CS

0329: KPFA August '75 (KPFA; Larry Berk) August and September 1975

Item A23513/CS

0330: Parra/Jara (Isabel Parra; Angel Parra) March 16, 1967

Item A23514/CS

0331: I-House, El hombre (Third world bureau; Rolando Alarcon) August 4, 1977

Item A23515/CS

0332: Rock 'N Roll (Workers) undated

Item A23516/CS

0333: PAcifica/CIA (KPFA) April 27, 1976

Item A23517/CS

0334: Masilon, April 20 (Masilon; WPFW) April 20

Item A23518/CS

0335: Sunday morning: Japan (KALW) undated

Item A23519/CS

0336: Inti Illimani: stereo, last side (Inti Illimani; KPFA) March 30

Item A23520/CS

0337: Guajira Cubana (Celina Gonzalez) undated

Item A23521/CS

0338: Cuba at the crossroads (Bensky; Pacifica Radio) November 8-12, 1984

Item A23522/CS

0339: Morning show, Nicaragua (KPFA; Daniel del Solar) 1993

Item A23523/CS

0340: Mercedes Soza and Cuba (Mercedes Soza; Isabel Hegria) 1975

Item A23524/CS

0341: Pena 5 and 6 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23525/CS

0342: Dia de los muertos (Daniel del Solar) November 2, 1986

Item A23526/CS

0343: World music mix (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23527/CS

0344: Old Jazz (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23528/CS

0345: Inti Illimani, Victor Jara (Inti Illimani; Victor Jara) undated

Item A23529/CS

0346: Textos: Caribbean poets (WBAI) June 30, 1982

Item A23530/CS

0347: Textos: El Salvador (WBAI) June 23

Item A23531/CS

0348: Textos (Otto Rene Castillo; Steven Ben Israel) April 28

Item A23532/CS

0349: Orlando Leteliar songs (Orlando Leteliar) 1976

Item A23533/CS

0350: You mean so little to me! (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23534/CS

0351: September 28, 1975 (Kaufman; Robles) September 28, 1975

Item A23535/CS

0352: Poetry, Modern times; Nightline (ABC News; Nina) undated

Item A23536/CS

0353: Tema de los Amerindios (Sara Gonzalez) 1982

Item A23537/CS

0354: Musica de Italia, Nueva trova (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23538/CS

0355: Plus (Divine Divas) 1997

Item A23539/CS

0356: Varella- Cuba '94, Holiday (Carlos Varella; Billie Holiday) undated

Item A23540/CS

0357: Cancion para una muerte anunciada (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A23541/CS

0358: Grupo Zero at La Pena (Grupo Zero; Daniel del Solar) September 8, 1981

Item A23542/CS

0359: La Pena chorus 2 (La Pena chorus) March 19, 1988

Item A23543/CS

0360: Textos: Nicaragua, aircheck (Ralph Vega Jr; Daniel del Solar) 1983?

Item A23544/CS

0361: Cuba 1975 / Cuba 1986 (Isabel Algeria; Daniel del Solar) 1975/1986

Item A23545/CS

0362: Summary (Varadero) 1982

Item A23546/CS

0363: Caribbean/Puerto Rico (Daniel del Solar0 undated

Item A23547/CS

0364: Rocky wrap-up 1 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23548/CS

0365: Rocky wrap-up 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23549/CS

0366: Trish party tape (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23550/CS

0367: Pi de la Serra (Daniel del Solar) September 1996

Item A23551/CS

0368: July 26, 1975, I (Nicolas Guillen; Radio Rebelde) July 26, 1975

Item A23552/CS

0369: Quila press (Daniel del Solar) March 30, 1975

Item A23553/CS

0370: SF art (Guillermo Gomez Pena) undated

Item A23554/CS

0371: Viglietti concert (Holly Near) undated

Item A23555/CS

0372: GLIDE (Phil Ochs) October 16, 1974

Item A23556/CS

0373: GLIDE / Last of concert (Daniel Viglietti) undated

Item A23557/CS

0374: Daniel Viglietti (Daniel Viglietti) undated

Item A23558/CS

0375: Cancion para una muerte anuncianda (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A23559/CS

0376: Ken Kesey no. 1 (Ken Kesey) undated

Item A23560/CS

0377: Matt's audio pieces (Daniel del Solar; Matt) undated

Item A23561/CS

0378: 1973 tape (Cesar Chavez; Emmy Lou) March 27, 1973

Item A23562/CS

0379: Carlos de Jesus mix / Maclion (Carlos de Jesus; Maclion undated

Item A23563/CS

0380: Building Democracy in the aftermath of the Cold War (Culture press politics; Jeane Rouverol Butler) July 1998

Item A23564/CS

0381: At La Pena in Berkeley (Grupo Zero) September 8, 1981

Item A23565/CS

0382: La Voz de los Altos (Marimba de la 5a Zona) 1976

Item A23566/CS

0383: Catalan music (Daniel del Solar) June 22

Item A23567/CS

0384: Zydeco practice tape (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23568/CS

0385: Textos, Teatro popular (WBAI) undated

Item A23569/CS

0386: Poetry dub master (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23570/CS

0387: The electronic penetration of Nicaragua (Howard Frederick; Larry Benski) undated

Item A23571/CS

0388: Teatro de la Raza / Umberto poem (Mercedes Soza; Ramon Pinero) undated

Item A23572/CS

0389: Textos April 14 (James Monroe; Jeff Fox) undated

Item A23573/CS

0390: Textos March 31 (Jeff Fox; Marta Rodriguez) March 31, 1982

Item A23574/CS

0391: Acting White, Nica mix '88 (Carlos Fuentes) 1988

Item A23575/CS

0392: A Meditation on Race (Steve Rowland; Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 1994

Item A23576/CS

0393: Cantante del pueblo Mexicano (Gabino Palomares; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23577/CS

0394: Vivian Hallin, May 16, 1999 (Vivian Hallin; Daniel del Solar) May 16, 1999

Item A23578/CS

0395: November '83 WBAI FM (Simon Bolivar; WBAI) November 10, 1983

Item A23579/CS

0396: NYC poetry mix (Miguel Pinero; Gabino Palomares) undated

Item A23580/CS

0397: Poetry dub master no. 1 (Beto Vargas; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23581/CS

0398: Poetry master '92 / Ferligett (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23582/CS

0399: Progressive poetry, music, humor (WBAI) 1983-84

Item A23583/CS

0400: En vivo / La decada inolvidable (Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23584/CS

0401: Inti Illimani-C (Inti Illimani) undated

Item A23585/CS

0402: Super Salsa '88 (Daniel del Solar) 1988

Item A23586/CS

0403: Super Salsa (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23587/CS

0404: Mexican music / SF Mime Troupe (Daniel del Solar; San Francisco Mime Troupe) undated

Item A23588/CS

0405: 26 Julio Part II (Daniel del Solar) July 26

Item A23589/CS

0406: Lucy Murphy / CBC -Atom shield (Lucy Murphy; CBC) undated

Item A23590/CS

0407: Galeria (Galeria) December 1972

Item A23591/CS

0408: Sara with folk singer, Interview (Macilon; Sara) 1978

Item A23592/CS

0409: Joselito Fernandez / Los Ocho Papines (Joselito Fernandez; Los Ocho Papines) 1994

Item A23593/CS

0410: Historic Johnny Otis (Johnny otis; KPFA) December 12, 1997

Item A23594/CS

0411: Musica (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23595/CS

0412: Memorial speeches (Eric Carlson) September 18, 1997

Item A23596/CS

0413: Adults only / Burnin (Marvin Gaye; Patti LaBelle) undated

Item A23597/CS

0414: Dance mix (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23598/CS

0415: Brookland's Cup of Dream (Lucy Murphy; Rasiel Suarez) November 21, 1997

Item A23599/CS

0416: Venezuela (KPOO; KTAO) September 1, 1973

Item A23600/CS

0417: Roy Brown, Aires Bucaneros (Roy Brown; Aires Bucaneros) undated

Item A23601/CS

0418: Washington, DC Poetas y Demas (Soledad Bravo; Daniel del Solar) May 1, 1981

Item A23602/CS

0419: Chinese New Year Irish Bash (Daniel del Solar; Julie Nyquist) January 27, 1979

Item A23603/CS

0420: Chulas Fronteras (Chulas Fronteras) undated

Item A23604/CS

0421: Concert / Interview (Lucy Murphy) December 10, 1977

Item A23605/CS

0422: Canto Nuevo / Latin American resistance songs (Agrupacion Cultural) 1979

Item A23606/CS

0423: Carnival Abstracta (Machado Zapada) Novemeber 1976

Item A23607/CS

0424: To my dear friend Jose (Highway; Lynyrd Skynyrd) undated

Item A23608/CS

0425: Chile mix / Orlando Letlier (Orlando Letlier) undated

Item A23609/CS

0426: R and B/Blue Monday (WGTB; WPFW) January 7, 1979

Item A23610/CS

0427: Africa mix (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23611/CS

0428: Soweto, African roots (WPFW) June 16, 1979

Item A23612/CS

0429: Blues and Caribbean (WPFW) March 27, 1981

Item A23613/CS

0430: Caribbeana (Vaugn Martin) 1981

Item A23614/CS

0431: El Salvador hunger strike (Daniel del Solar) February 10, 1982

Item A23615/CS

0433: Chevy no. 4 (Steven P. Dimitroff) undated

Item A23616/CS

0434: Dimitroff Wake dubbing (Steven P. Dimitroff) October 1996

Item A23617/CS

0435: Lucienne Block and Steven Dimitroff (Steven P. Dimitroff) 1991

Item A23618/CS

0436: Dimitroff Wake master / dub (Steven P. Dimitroff) October 19, 1996

Item A23619/CS

0437: Dimitroff Wake (Steven P. Dimitroff) October 19, 1996

Item A23620/CS

0438: Dimitroff Wake (Steven P. Dimitroff) October 19, 1996

Item A23621/CS

0439: Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) undated

Item A23622/CS

0440: Johnny Otis October 29, 2000 (Johnny Otis; KPFA) October 29, 2000

Item A23623/CS

0441: Johnny Otis Fine 2000 (Johnny Otis) undated

Item A23624/CS

0442: Johnny Otis October 29, 2000 (Johnny Otis; KPFA) October 29, 2000

Item A23625/CS

0443: De que suda, suda (Dimension Costena) 1994

Item A23626/CS

0444: Tierra y Libertad (Gente del Pueblo) undated

Item A23627/CS

0445: Sears interview (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23628/CS

0446: Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23629/CS

0447: Latin festival (KTAO; KPOO) undated

Item A23630/CS

0448: Guajira Cubana (Celina Gonzalez) undated

Item A23631/CS

0449: Sol de Santa Clara (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23632/CS

0450: Trinity part II/Chile (Daniel del Solar) June 1, 1978

Item A23633/CS

0451: Trinity part I/Chile (Daniel del Solar) June 1, 1978

Item A23634/CS

0452: Five of Los Siete, '69 interview (Los Siete de la Raza; Pacifica Radio) June 1970

Item A23635/CS

0453: God Bless the Child side 3 (The Ark) undated

Item A23636/CS

0454: Poetry reading/Nicaragua (KPFA) December 25

Item A23637/CS

0455: Refleciones- Chile revolution (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23638/CS

0456: Musicos- Chile hoy (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23639/CS

0457: On the Rock (Israel Vibration) January 1, 1997

Item A23640/CS

0458: Program no. 5: Women and Liberation Theology (Toni Morrison; Nancy Graham) undated

Item A23641/CS

0459: Music for Eva's memorial (Juan Fernandez; Paz0 May 1-2, 1999

Item A23642/CS

0460: Romantic jazz ballads, Instrumental and vocals (Louis Armstrong) undated

Item A23643/CS

0461: Bahia (Virginia Rodriguez; NOS) undated

Item A23644/CS

0462: Bahia (Virginia Rodriguez; NOS) undated

Item A23645/CS

0463: African Roots no. 1, Mother's Day (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23646/CS

0464: Nicaragua April 17, 1979 (Daniel del Solar) April 17, 1979

Item A23647/CS

0465: Sacred service, Choir and orchestra (Ernest Bloch; Michael Feldman) March 30, 1990

Item A23648/CS

0466: Aillarehue / Osvaldo Torres (Aillarehue; Osvlado Torres) undated

Item A23649/CS

0467: Yocamba Ita, Andes- Fiest del Sol (Yocamba Ita; Andes) undated

Item A23650/CS

0468: La Penca/CBC- Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar) November 1986

Item A23651/CS

0469: DC concert (Daniel Viglietti) March 25, 1978

Item A23652/CS

0470: Glide (Daniel Viglietti; Phil Ochs) August 16, 1974

Item A23653/CS

0471: Glide (Phil Ochs; Holly Near) 1974

Item A23654/CS

0472: Mariachi, Daniel's photo opening (Daniel del Solar) 1981/1982

Item A23655/CS

0473: Masilon 5 and 6, Ruarcas poet (Masilon; Daniel del Solar) June 17, 1979

Item A23656/CS

0474: Nica, Mex '94 (Daniel del Solar) 1994

Item A23657/CS

0475: Spanish interview about Orlando Letlier (Orlando Letlier) undated

Item A23658/CS

0476: Chile '81 / Heavy weather (Daniel del Solar) 1981

Item A23659/CS

0477: Antena 3 concert, Radio Teatro (Antena 3) undated

Item A23660/CS

0478: KPFA October, 1989 (KPFA) October 1989

Item A23661/CS

0479: You Musn't Leave (Que Hacer) undated

Item A23662/CS

0480: How to mural with Dimitroff (Steven Dimitroff) undated

Item A23663/CS

0481: Cuba 1976 / Musica de Argentina (Los Ocho Papines) 1976

Item A23664/CS

0482: Quinteto Contapunto/People's International Silver (Quinteto Contapunto; People's International Silver) 1972

Item A23665/CS

0483: Bola / Side 3 (Tatu; Las Papines) undated

Item A23666/CS

0484: Jimmy Cliff / Soledad Bravo (Jimmy Cliff; Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23667/CS

0485: Bonnie Simmons- KPFA February '96 (Bonnie Simmons; KPFA) February 1996

Item A23668/CS

0486: Irakere / Cuba medley (Irakere; Hasta Siempre) undated

Item A23669/CS

0487: Grupo de Experimentacion (Grupo de Experimentacion; Pablo Milanes) undated

Item A23670/CS

0488: Blues, Caribbean (WPFW; Bill Harris) undated

Item A23671/CS

0489: Salsa de las Americas 1981(La Muralla) 1981

Item A23672/CS

0490: Ritmos Magicos (KPOO; Ritmos Magicos) August 18, 1979

Item A23673/CS

0491: Congress, Black Caucus-Criminal Justice (Daniel del Solar) September 25, 1981

Item A23674/CS

0492: Chilean woman (Parra) undated

Item A23675/CS

0493: Magic Set / Caribbeana (Art Cromwell) February 7, 1981

Item A23676/CS

0494: Bob Marley tribute (Bob Marley; WBAI) February 1982

Item A23677/CS

0495: Inside the Monster (Nicholasa Mohr) July 1, 1981

Item A23678/CS

0496: Last of Pancho Aguila, State of Siege (Pancho Aguila; Ernesto Cardenal) undated

Item A23679/CS

0497: Musica del Pueblo (Jose de Molina) undated

Item A23680/CS

0498: Side 3 with Soledad Bravo (Inti Illimani; Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23681/CS

0499: Pena Concert / KQED (Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23682/CS

0500: Musica del Viejo Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23683/CS

0501: Aras del Suelo Scenes (Daniel del Solar) April 28, 1987

Item A23684/CS

0502: UC Media War (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23685/CS

0503: Shortwave (Pat Brett) undated

Item A23686/CS

0504: Kennedy Center homage to Victor Java (Quilapayun; Peter, Paul and Mary) March 9, 1979

Item A23687/CS

0505: Birthday of Marx: Music from the whole world (David Roach; Marx) undated

Item A23688/CS

0506: Last of Vespucci (Vespucci) undated

Item A23689/CS

0507: Nica: Now it was (Daniel del Solar) 1981

Item A23690/CS

0508: Nuyorican Café IV (Suni Paz) December 1976

Item A23691/CS

0509: Pinochet (Gabriel Garcia) undated

Item A23692/CS

0510: El Topo (Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23693/CS

0511: Poetry (Nina Daniel) undated

Item A23694/CS

0512: Last of Annete (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23695/CS

0513: Side 1 of Kennedy Center (Quilapayun; Peter, Paul and Mary) undated

Item A23696/CS

0514: Touching you touching me (Quilapayun; Masilon) undated

Item A23697/CS

0515: Un Canto de Chile (Inti Illimani) undated

Item A23698/CS

0516: Matt's music / Leon Russel (Leon Russel; Matthew) undated

Item A23699/CS

0517: Glide (Phil Ochs; Holly Near) October 17, 1974

Item A23700/CS

0518: Santana tape (Carlos Santana) undated

Item A23701/CS

0519: Glide (Viglietti; Holly Near) August 16, 1974

Item A23702/CS

0520: At St. Mark's (The Ark) undated

Item A23703/CS

0521: Pa 'la Loma (WAMU) November 20, 1976

Item A23704/CS

0522: Sig (Cuco Sanchez; KTAO) January 21, 1972

Item A23705/CS

0523: Warming the Stone Child (Clarissa Pinkola Estes) 1990

Item A23706/CS

0524: Helen Caldicott interviews (Helen Caldicott; Julia Butterfly) July 26, 2002

Item A23707/CS

0525: Johnny Otis December 22, 2001 (Johnny Otis; KPFA) December 22, 2001

Item A23708/CS

0526: 46th annual meeting: Gray in the Rainbow (American Society for Aging; Nationwide Recording Services) undated

Item A23709/CS

0527: Johnny Otis December 22, 2001 (Johnny Otis; KPFA) December 22, 2001

Item A23710/CS

0528: Johnny Otis April 27, 2002, Tape 2 (Johnny Otis) April 27, 2002

Item A23711/CS

0529: Tina (the Opera) (Daniel del Solar) June 11, 1998

Item A23712/CS

0530: Estefan / Los Panchos (Gloria Estefan; Los Panchos) undated

Item A23713/CS

0531: U R What U Media (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23714/CS

0532: Matt and Val's wedding (Daniel del Solar; Matt and Val) July 27, 1986

Item A23715/CS

0533: Matt and Val's wedding copy (Daniel del Solar; Matt and Val) July 27, 1986

Item A23716/CS

0534: Musica Master (Daniel del Solar) 1995

Item A23717/CS

0535: Argentina mix (Daniel del Solar; Vigleti) 1981

Item A23718/CS

0536: El Leyton (Gonzalez; Justiniano) undated

Item A23719/CS

0537: Sheridan Circle and Potpouri (Letlier; Moffitt) September 20, 1981

Item A23720/CS

0538: GW University, Haciendo Punto en otro son (Viglietti; Haciendo Punto) undated

Item A23721/CS

0539: International Women's day Tape no. 1 (B. Dane) undated

Item A23722/CS

0540: International Women's day Tape no. 2 (B. Dane) undated

Item A23723/CS

0541: Tape no. 9 side B / Cuban Folkloric chorus (Guaguanco; Grupo Claves) undated

Item A23724/CS

0542: Tape 5, Side A / Tape 8, Side B (Los Guaracheros; Grupo Irakere) undated

Item A23725/CS

0543: Viva Riverside (Grupo Riverside) 1974/1975

Item A23726/CS

0544: Tape 7 with narration (Grupo Tipico del son Trio; Grupo Antares) undated

Item A23727/CS

0545: Isa's Venceremos Tapes no. 1 (Grupo Riverside; Isa) 1998

Item A23728/CS

0546: Yard Bird Sisters May 5, 1981 (Yard Bird Sisters; WPFW) May 5, 1981

Item A23729/CS

0547: Dick Clark's All Time 21 Hits (Dick Clark) undated

Item A23730/CS

0548: Soul mix / Salsa mission mix (KALW) undated

Item A23731/CS

0549: Salsa Rosa (Jose de Molina) undated

Item A23732/CS

0550: Between the Lines / PISS (Janis Ian; People's International String Singer) undated

Item A23733/CS

0551: Phil Ochs, Tape 1 (Phil Ochs) undated

Item A23734/CS

0552: Viglietti concert, Side 3 (Daniel Viglietti) undated

Item A23735/CS

0553: Glide concert (Daniel Viglietti; Holly Near) October 16, 1974

Item A23736/CS

0554: Flor del Pueblo (San Francisco Mime Troupe) undated

Item A23737/CS

0555: Valentine poems (KPOO) undated

Item A23738/CS

0556: Inti interview (Inti Illimani) April 1978

Item A23739/CS

0557: Inti Illimani / Soledad Bravo (Inti Illimani; Soledad Bravo) undated

Item A23740/CS

0558: Daniel and Miriam's wedding (Daniel del Solar; Miriam) undated

Item A23741/CS

0559: Fine Salsa de Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23742/CS

0560: Loungue / Movie DJ (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23743/CS

0561: Critical Resistance, Tape 1 (KPFA; Daniel del Solar) September 25, 1998

Item A23744/CS

0562: Critical Resistance, Tape 2 (KPFA; Daniel del Solar) September 25, 1998

Item A23745/CS

0563: Critical issues group no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23746/CS

0564: Mystery Salsa (KPFA; Patricia Con Sabor) June 1997

Item A23747/CS

0565: Cooder - Borderlands/Newman-Little Criminals (Ry Cooder; Randy Newman) undated

Item A23748/CS

0566: La Moderna de Siempre (Ray Barreto) undated

Item A23749/CS

0567: Palomares / Mexican mass (Gabino Palmores; Los Ocho de Columbia) undated

Item A23750/CS

0568: Quilapayun no. 1 and 2 (Quilapayun; KPFA) May 9, 1986

Item A23751/CS

0569: Quilapayun no. 3 and 4 (Quilapayun; KPFA) May 9, 1986

Item A23752/CS

0570: Orlando's music, Lucy Murphy (Lucy Murphy; Orlando) undated

Item A23753/CS

0571: Textos, Music from Brazil (Orlando Letlier) 1976

Item A23754/CS

0572: Comunicacion Aztlan tape (Letlier; Moffit) undated

Item A23755/CS

0573: Letlier Moffit Human Right (Letlier; Moffit) September 20, 1985

Item A23756/CS

0574: La Muralla, New song festival (Quilapayun; Daniel del Solar) May 11, 1981

Item A23757/CS

0575: Aniversario IX (Vargas; Tunerman) 1985

Item A23758/CS

0576: Orlando Letlier, September 10, 1976 (Orlando Letlier) September 10, 1976

Item A23759/CS

0577: NYC Radio Off Mike, Very good (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23760/CS

0578: 23rd Taxi interview (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23761/CS

0579: Communicado Estado de Emergencia (Bayardo; Arce) November 7, 1984

Item A23762/CS

0580: Interview on Fact- Finding tour of Nicaragua (Rev. Joseph Lowery; M. Summers) December 21, 1983

Item A23763/CS

0581: Poema / TV, 21st of February (Daniel del Solar) February 21

Item A23764/CS

0582: TV 21st of February (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23765/CS

0583: Nicaragua: Church bells, Interview (Daniel del Solar) February 13-14

Item A23766/CS

0584: El Tren de las Seis en Radio (El Tren de las Seis; Ana Karenina) August 2, 1983

Item A23767/CS

0585: Lucy Murphy with Steve Jones (Lucy Murphy; Steve Jones) March 5, 1983

Item A23768/CS

0586: Diablitos (2x) / Cesar Postillo de la Luz (Diablitos; Cesar Postillo de la Luz) August 1983

Item A23769/CS

0587: Reggae, Radio Exito (Gayle) July 24, 1983

Item A23770/CS

0588: Conacyt - American university (Edmundo Flores) September 9, 1980

Item A23771/CS

0589: Nicaragua and Central America (Daniel del Solar) October 3, 1983

Item A23772/CS

0590: ATC Marcha (Edgardo Garcia; Jaime Wilot) February 17, 1980

Item A23773/CS

0591: ATC (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23774/CS

0592: Part 3 of Poetry reading, Salsa (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23775/CS

0593: Nica radio, Tuesday, February 12 (Daniel del Solar) February 12

Item A23776/CS

0594: ATC no. 2, Demo (Daniel del Solar) February 17

Item A23777/CS

0595: Community Murals Audio/Los Viaseros (Los Viaseros) undated

Item A23778/CS

0596: 1979 Cultural Workers (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23779/CS

0597: The Drum (WHUR) July 11, 1983

Item A23780/CS

0598: Talk Nica: Take 1 / Take 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23781/CS

0599: Musica de Cuba (Barbara Dane; KPFA) August 20, 1986

Item A23782/CS

0600: Aidin's dinner, Center of Geothemal (Daniel del Solar) February 16, 1972

Item A23783/CS

0601: ACLU, Dennis Brutus (Dennis Brutus) 1985

Item A23784/CS

0602: Symposium: Women film makers (Sylvia Morales) August 25

Item A23785/CS

0603: 5th Annual Chicano film festival (Mercela Fernandez) undated

Item A23786/CS

0604: Talking Nica, Take no. 2/Interviews (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23787/CS

0605: CWFOOA no. 1 (Adrian Vargas; Alejandro Stuart) February 8, 1975

Item A23788/CS

0606: CWFOOA no. 2 (Eli; Joan Holden) February 8, 1975

Item A23789/CS

0607: CWFOOA no. 3 (Robert Mendoza; Elisa Masina) February 8, 1975

Item A23790/CS

0608: CWFOOA no. 4 (Janet Hedani; Wilma Bonet) February 8, 1975

Item A23791/CS

0609: CWFOOA no. 5 (Judy Grahm) February 8, 1975

Item A23792/CS

0610: CWFOOA no. 6 (Hilton Obillzinger) February 8, 1975

Item A23793/CS

0611: CWFOOA no. 7 (Hilton Obillzinger; Teatro de la Gente) February 8, 1975

Item A23794/CS

0612: CWFOOA no. 8 (Hilton Obillzinger; Luis Talamcontes) February 8, 1975

Item A23795/CS

0613: CWFOOA no. 9 (Third World Caucus) February 8, 1975

Item A23796/CS

0614: CWFOOA no. 10 (Daniel del Solar) February 8, 1975

Item A23797/CS

0615: Inti Illimani, Chile interview (Inti Illimani; Doug Cruickshank) 1979

Item A23798/CS

0616: News Feed (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23799/CS

0617: Enoc (Enoc Ortez) undated

Item A23800/CS

0618: Enoc 1 and 2 (Enoc Ortez) undated

Item A23801/CS

0619: Enoc, Side 3 (Enoc Ortez) July 1979

Item A23802/CS

0620: Eyewitness Nicaragua (Don Chase) January 16, 1983

Item A23803/CS

0621: Joan's Tape (Buck Speed; Yaqui) undated

Item A23804/CS

0622: Bob Marley, WPFW- May 13, 1981 (Bob Marley; WPFW) May 13, 1981

Item A23805/CS

0623: Brooklyn Rivera story (Brooklyn Rivera; Pacifica National Radio) January 29, 1985

Item A23806/CS

0624: Nica radio, February 11 (Daniel del Solar) February 11

Item A23807/CS

0625: Octubre / Center for Constitutional Rights (Filartiga; Cunningham) undated

Item A23808/CS

0626: Union Temple Baptist Church (Clarence Lusane; Leon Jackson) May 9, 1981

Item A23809/CS

0627: Motunuy / Viaje al Corazo (Taina Valkava) undated

Item A23810/CS

0628: Concierto por la Paz (Daniel del Solar) May 1983

Item A23811/CS

0629: Osvaldo Torres- Chile 1980 1980

Item A23812/CS

0630: Holmes Society show/Nica Report (Holmes Society; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23813/CS

0631: Dragon Lady's Revenge (San Francisco Mime Troupe) July 4, 1987

Item A23814/CS

0632: Contragate (Larry Benski; KPFA) undated

Item A23815/CS

0633: Rehearsal, Talking Nica (WBAI; Sally O'Brien) June 6, 1983

Item A23816/CS

0634: Managua (Daniel del Solar) July 19, 1984

Item A23817/CS

0635: Maurice Bishop, Hunter College (Maurice Bishop) undated

Item A23818/CS

0636: Concert, Radio Ciudad (Daniel del Solar) June 25, 1995

Item A23819/CS

0637: Endo of Nixta lo lleno talk (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23820/CS

0638: Noche Monimbo no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) February 28, 1981

Item A23821/CS

0639: KALW Labor Day special (Julia Randall; KALW) undated

Item A23822/CS

0640: SST (Tomas Borges; Sergio Ramirez) undated

Item A23823/CS

0641: Community Murals, Narration track (Daniel del Solar; Suni Paz) undated

Item A23824/CS

0642: The Secret Team (KPFA) undated

Item A23825/CS

0643: Poetry in the Air (Sonia Sanchez; WXPN) undated

Item A23826/CS

0644: Central America and the Caribbean (Carlos Chocmoro; Daniel del Solar) April 30-May 2

Item A23827/CS

0645: Pacifica National News (Pacifica National Radio) Januray 14, 1985

Item A23828/CS

0646: Aircheck (Frank Schafer; Pacifica National News) October 22, 1984

Item A23829/CS

0647: Nica Night no. 1 and 2 (Collective for Living Cinema) October 20, 1983

Item A23830/CS

0648: Broadcast (part) on Nicaragua (WBAI) July 21, 1984

Item A23831/CS

0649: Strike / Poems (KPFA; Ruben Raybal) July 1974

Item A23832/CS

0650: Radio Drama / Radio Catalunya (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A23833/CS

0651: Nicaragua 7th Anniversary (James Early; Hilda Mason) undated

Item A23834/CS

0652: Friendship city Managua (John C. Endelstein; KGMU) June 26, 1984

Item A23835/CS

0653: Community Murals tv show (Daniel del Solar; KQED) undated

Item A23836/CS

0654: Formats Sampler (teaching aid for documentary class) (Daniel del Solar) 1982

Item A23837/CS

0655: Pablo Armando (Pablo Armando Fernandez) April 1980

Item A23838/CS

0656: Textos: Salvador (WBAI; Daniel del Solar) May 19, 1982

Item A23839/CS

0657: Lincoln Brigade radio drama (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23840/CS

0658: Nicaragua, BBC version (BBC) January 9, 1985

Item A23841/CS

0659: Sheridan Circle (Letlier; Moffit) September 18, 1983

Item A23842/CS

0660: Amparo Ochoa / On the Road (Amparo Ochoa; Ry Cooder) undated

Item A23843/CS

0661: Democracy in Communications (Daniel del Solar) March 1987

Item A23844/CS

0662: How does radio sell records? (Mike Peterson) 1984

Item A23845/CS

0663: Cults: Is there a differene (Ivette Bonano) undated

Item A23846/CS

0664: Bulemia: An eating disorder (Eileen Glasom) undated

Item A23847/CS

0665: The Tattered Masses / Blacks fighting back (Michael Manley; KPFA) undated

Item A23848/CS

0666: Secret Team, "Other Americas" (KPFA) 1987

Item A23849/CS

0667: Paul Bunyan Opera (Marshall School) undated

Item A23850/CS

0668: Musica del Peru (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23851/CS

0669: Kennedy Bio no. 1 (WBAI) November 22, 1983

Item A23852/CS

0670: Kennedy Bio no. 2 (WBAI) November 22, 1983

Item A23853/CS

0671: Kennedy Bio no. 3 (WBAI) November 22, 1983

Item A23854/CS

0672: Kennedy Bio no. 4 (WBAI) November 22, 1983

Item A23855/CS

0673: Kennedy Bio no. 5 (WBAI) November 22, 1983

Item A23856/CS

0674: Sandino Vive no. 2 (Humberto Ortega) February 23

Item A23857/CS

0675: Sandino Vive no. 3 (Maurice Bishop) February 23, 1980

Item A23858/CS

0676: Sandino Vive no. 4 (Tomas Borges) undated

Item A23859/CS

0677: Sandino Vive no. 5 (Sergio Ramirez Mercado) undated

Item A23860/CS

0678: El Salvador local (Frank Christopher) undated

Item A23861/CS

0679: Nicaragua / July 4, 1957 (Ella Fitzgerald; Billie Holiday) July 4, 1957

Item A23862/CS

0680: Lady Day (WKCR) undated

Item A23863/CS

0681: Eric Satie - Ry Cooder (Eric Satie; Ry Cooder) undated

Item A23864/CS

0682: Elague Jones (Elague Jones) undated

Item A23865/CS

0683: Frida (the movie) (Julie Taymor; Frida Kahlo) 2002

Item A23866/CS

0684: The Late LOL CO. (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23867/CS

0685: September 13, 1973 (Daniel del Solar) September 13, 1973

Item A23868/CS

0686: Reporter Tamia, Teen pregnancy (CBC) undated

Item A23869/CS

0687: Unama (Cleta) August 24, 1974

Item A23870/CS

0688: Mills leadership conference (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23871/CS

0689: Brazil 1971 (KTAO) September 1, 1973

Item A23872/CS

0690: Changuito y Orestes (Patato; Ritmo and Candela) undated

Item A23873/CS

0691: Meeting: Comm Atzlan no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) April 16, 1973

Item A23874/CS

0692: Meeting: Comm Atzlan no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) April 16, 1973

Item A23875/CS

0693: En el Caribe (Africa Vive) December 22, 1974

Item A23876/CS

0694: Simon Bolivar Side 3 / Cancion para una Muerte Anunciada (Simon Bolivar; WBAI) November 1983

Item A23877/CS

0695: Solidarity: Earth watch (WBAI) undated

Item A23878/CS

0696: SF State (Norma Elena Gadea) December 9, 1985

Item A23879/CS

0697: US- Cuba relations no. 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar) September 24, 1981

Item A23880/CS

0698: Cancion Protesta, Carlos Puebla (Carlos Puebla) undated

Item A23881/CS

0699: Happy Land (Tiempo Meneado) 1987

Item A23882/CS

0700: One Destiny (Soul Vibrations) undated

Item A23883/CS

0701: The Best (Ruben Blades) undated

Item A23884/CS

0702: Weather Report- Heavy Weather (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23885/CS

0703: Fancy Latin mix / Diane's Women mix (Daniel del Solar; Diane) October 1989

Item A23886/CS

0704: Gamelon / Lady Day (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23887/CS

0705: Colombia: Como mis Antepasados (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23888/CS

0706: Lady Day Pat 1 and 2 (Billie Holiday; KPFA) undated

Item A23889/CS

0707: Memory of Trees / Shepherd Moons (Enya) undated

Item A23890/CS

0708: Stanford (Daniel del Solar; Tenaz Cleta) undated

Item A23891/CS

0709: Archive Sampler no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23892/CS

0710: Mills College Women's Leadership Institute (Shirley Abe Springer; Diane Dillon) April 17, 1999

Item A23893/CS

0711: Music, ac no. 1 (Ry Cooder) undated

Item A23894/CS

0712: Music, ac no. 2 (Ry Cooder) undated

Item A23895/CS

0713: PhD mix for Greg (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23896/CS

0714: En Vivo (Trinidad; Inti Illimani) undated

Item A23897/CS

0715: Nueva Cancion (El Tren de las Seis; Mercedes Soza) undated

Item A23898/CS

0716: Salsa Amancer (Daniel del Solar) 1977

Item A23899/CS

0717: Baraka no. 3 / January 10, 1976 Ahora no. 1 (Baraka) January 10, 1976

Item A23900/CS

0718: Ahora Tape no. 2 (KPFA) September 9, 1989

Item A23901/CS

0719: De las Andes and la Ciudad- Tambo (Osvaldo Torres) undated

Item A23902/CS

0720: August 11, 1983 (Puno en Alto) August 11, 1983

Item A23903/CS

0721: African Roots / Cuban interview (WPFW) July 31, 1979

Item A23904/CS

0722: December 18, 1971 (Ed Couple; Daniel del Solar) December 18, 1971

Item A23905/CS

0723: no. 3 / Cesars, Bayardo Arce (Mantocal; CBC) undated

Item A23906/CS

0724: Last of Dec. 7 and Club Elegant undated

Item A23907/CS

0725: Fiesta de Santo Domingo (Marimba) July 31

Item A23908/CS

0726: Nicaragua and Central America: Saying No to Reagan's Wars (Sloan Coffin; Miguel D'Escoto) October 2-3, 1983

Item A23909/CS

0727: Nicaragua Music (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23910/CS

0728: Lennon, Bolivar, Cardenal (John Lennon; Simon Bolivar) December 17, 1983

Item A23911/CS

0729: Broadcast on Nicaragua (WBAI) July 21, 1984

Item A23912/CS

0730: Wicker / D'Escoto (Tom Wicker; Miguel D'Escoto) undated

Item A23913/CS

0731: Cooper Union, Great Hall (Cardenal) November 30, 1983

Item A23914/CS

0732: Luis M. Godoy (Luis M. Godoy) undated

Item A23915/CS

0733: Saying No to Reagan's Wars (Miguel D'Escoto; Sloan Coffin) October 2, 1983

Item A23916/CS

0734: Hot Music (Radio Sandino) January 12, 1985

Item A23917/CS

0735: Nica Radio (Daniel del Solar) February 15, 1980

Item A23918/CS

0736: Nica Radio (Daniel del Solar) February 12

Item A23919/CS

0737: News Marathon (WBAI; Suni Paz) March 1, 1982

Item A23920/CS

0738: Side 5 (Letlier; Moffit) September 21, 1978

Item A23921/CS

0739: Community Murals, Spanish Music (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23922/CS

0740: Ernesto Cardenal / Tortura en Nica (Ernesto Cardenal) September 18, 1978

Item A23923/CS

0741: Radio Ciudad, Habana Aircheck (Daniel del Solar) 1995

Item A23924/CS

0742: Salsa de las Americas (Enrique Ramirez) November 23, 1989

Item A23925/CS

0743: Cienfuegos, Argentine and Black Caribbean (Daniel del Solar) 1978

Item A23926/CS

0744: Mix of the Americas: Canada Mexico (Nancy White; CBC) undated

Item A23927/CS

0745: The Miami Connection (Ronnie Lovler; Pacifica Tape Library) undated

Item A23928/CS

0748: Algeria, Latin American lit (KPFA; WPFW) March 25, 1977

Item A23929/CS

0749: Blank / Church, Friday 3 PM (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23930/CS

0750: IX Aniversario Reception (Pete Seeger; Rose Tunerman) undated

Item A23931/CS

0751: Return from Nicaragua, Audio track (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23932/CS

0752: Daniel Ortega Sides no. 1 and 2 (Daniel Ortega) March 3, 1990

Item A23933/CS

0753: Daniel Ortega Sides no. 3 and 4 (Daniel Ortega) March 3, 1990

Item A23934/CS

0754: Padre D'Escoto/Tom Wicker (Miguel D'Escoto; Tom Wicker) undated

Item A23935/CS

0755: Daniel Ortega Sides no. 1 and 2 (Daniel Ortega) March 3, 1990

Item A23936/CS

0756: Daniel Ortega Sides no. 3 and 4 (Daniel Ortega) March 3, 1990

Item A23937/CS

0757: Nica radio (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23938/CS

0758: Letlier testimony by Saul (Letlier; Saul) undated

Item A23939/CS

0759: KPFA, Oshkonosh, Young (KPFA; Oshkonosh) undated

Item A23940/CS

0760: Revo and Intervention in Central America (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23941/CS

0761: Macilon November 12 (Macilon) November 12

Item A23942/CS

084 Peace tape (Alacranes Mojados; Perez Prado) undated

Item A23943/CS

0864: Charna's Africa mix (Daniel del Solar) 1993

Item A23944/CS

0865: Tropical Rainforest SOKA (Keith Jarrett) undated

Item A23945/CS

0866: The Mass media: Whose side are you on? Part 2 (Daniel Ortega) June 26, 1986

Item A23946/CS

0867: Ontario I / Haciondo punto en otro sin (Walt Wagoner) undated

Item A23947/CS

0868: World Beat I (Raymond Walters) 1989

Item A23948/CS

0869: Los Americas, Stan's tape (Daniel del Solar) 1992

Item A23949/CS

0870: Sara Gonzalez (Sara Gonzalez) undated

Item A23950/CS

0871: Salsa: Adalberto (Isaac) July 26, 1994

Item A23951/CS

0872: Nocturnal emissions of love and life/Feeling the commotion (Helday Nystrom) undated

Item A23952/CS

0873: Tony Hiss NPR (Tony Hiss) November 16, 1996

Item A23953/CS

0874: Nicaragua- NYC no. 1 St Clements church (Miguel Algarin; Suni Paz) December 11, 1976

Item A23954/CS

0875: African Roots / Carribeana WPFW (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23955/CS

0876: KQED (Holly Near; Ruthie Gordon) undated

Item A23956/CS

0877: La Onda Bauita (Antonio Burciaga) October 18, 1996

Item A23957/CS

0878: KPFA Comunicacion Aztlan (Daniel del Solar) November 15, 1986

Item A23958/CS

0879: Ralph McDonald, Roy Ayers, George Benson, Peabo (Ralph McDonald; Roy Ayers) undated

Item A23959/CS

0880: Radio Habana, Chile y Demar (Daniel del Solar) October 1978

Item A23960/CS

0881: KPFA 3rd world (Atahualpa Yupanqui) December 15, 1973

Item A23961/CS

0882: Kumpo Beat KALW (Daniel del Solar) December 1997

Item A23962/CS

0883: Johnny Otis, KPFA (Johnny Otis) January 1997

Item A23963/CS

0884: Filartiga (Myrna Cunningham) October 14, 1984

Item A23964/CS

0885: Wild Sound, Guazapa El Salvador (Daniel del Solar) February, March 1982

Item A23965/CS

0886: Sweet honey in the rock (Daniel del Solar) 1983

Item A23966/CS

0887: Central America, Nicaragua and feminism (Adriene Rich) October 28, 1983

Item A23967/CS

0888: A.N.: Starvation Amid Plenty (Scott Shulim) undated

Item A23968/CS

0889: Nica teach in, Cultural work in (Daniel del Solar) December 3, 1983

Item A23969/CS

0890: Bob and Pleasance (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23970/CS

0891: Los Folkloristas live at KPFK (Daniel del Solar) January 1982

Item A23971/CS

0892: Leo Lee's 1981 mix (Leo Lee) 1981

Item A23972/CS

0893: Musica Columbiana (Carlos Gardel) undated

Item A23973/CS

0894: Pro El Salvador (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23974/CS

0895: VI Aniversario KPFA (Norma Smith; Daniel Ortega) July 19, 1985

Item A23975/CS

0896: TV 21st no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) February 21

Item A23976/CS

0897: Day After Part III (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23977/CS

0898: Las causas de la situacion economica (Jamie Wheelock) February 13, 1985

Item A23978/CS

0899: Argentina music in and out (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23979/CS

0900: Central America conference (Daniel del Solar) July 18, 1983

Item A23980/CS

0901: Revo and Intervention in Central America (June Wash) May 5, 1984

Item A23981/CS

0902: The Secret Team (KPFA) undated

Item A23982/CS

0903: Ry Cooder film scores (Ry Cooder; KPFA) February 1988

Item A23983/CS

0904: Revo and Intervention in Central America Tape no. 2 (Alberto Arene) May 5, 1984

Item A23984/CS

0922: Chant du Cuba, Carnaval Santiago de Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23985/CS

0923: Mexicanismo musica, Pena (Guillermo Gomez; Carlos Puebla) undated

Item A23986/CS

0924: Trinidad Carnival '84, Introspection towards the future (John Blake; Maragaret Summers) September, 16, 1984

Item A23987/CS

0925: Valentine fine (Jose Ruiz; KPFA) February 12, 2000

Item A23988/CS

0926: La moderna de siempre (Ray Barreto; Willie Colon) 1999

Item A23989/CS

0927: Musica master (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A23990/CS

0928: Textos, Nuevo Trova (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23991/CS

0929: Alternative media NYC (Henry Crowe; George Gerbuer) 1996-1997

Item A23992/CS

0930: "Crossroads" soundtrack (Ry Cooder) 1986

Item A23993/CS

0931: Latino, Great tape (Enrique Ramirez) November 23, 1989

Item A23994/CS

0932: Reading at Cody's, Berkeley (Victor Hernandez Cruz) September 1982

Item A23995/CS

0933: Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) February 19, 2000

Item A23996/CS

0934: Ali Akbar, Beatles, Rescue Me (A. Kahn; Martha) undated

Item A23997/CS

0935: Soledad Bravo at La Pena (Soledad Bravo) March 5, 1976

Item A23998/CS

0936: Johnny Otis, KPFA (Johnny Otis) November 30, 1997

Item A23999/CS

0937: Introspection towards the future (Daniel del Solar) April 15

Item A24000/CS

0938: Chile merengue Chile (Janis Ian) undated

Item A24001/CS

0939: Steel pulse Side 3 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24002/CS

0940: Secret team (KPFA) undated

Item A24003/CS

0941: Nixtayolero, Teatro la Esperanza (Caperucita Roja) November 14, 1984

Item A24004/CS

0942: City lights literary landmark (George Cleve; Lawrence Ferlinghetti) June 26, 1992

Item A24005/CS

0943: Nica 88, Soul vibrations (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24006/CS

0944: Inheritor's d.j. (Masilon; WPFW) March 29, 1980

Item A24007/CS

0945: John O Connell birthday special (KALW) May 29

Item A24008/CS

0946: Masilon DC (WPFW) June 3

Item A24009/CS

0949: Gabino Palomares: Cantante del pueblo Mexicano (Gabino Palomares) undated

Item A24010/CS

0950: Jorge Buitrago, dos veces (Jorege Buitrago; Jacinto Vaca) undated

Item A24011/CS

0951: Zydeco (Clifton Chernier) undated

Item A24012/CS

0952: Madona rainforest cd mix (Bill Withers) undated

Item A24013/CS

0953: Masilon (Masilon) December 31, 1978

Item A24014/CS

0954: Django Reinhardt (Django Reinhardt; Stephane Grappelli) undated

Item A24015/CS

0955: Salsa aircheck (KPFA) September 1999

Item A24016/CS

0957: KPOO interview (Karen Wald; Carlos Baron) April 1987

Item A24017/CS

0958: Hot rock aircheck (KPFA; Jim Boyd) undated

Item A24018/CS

0959: Kumpo Beat (KALW) June 1992

Item A24019/CS

0960: Karoyln's afro pop (KALW) December 7, 1988

Item A24020/CS

0961: Textos, texts III (WBAI) February 17

Item A24021/CS

0962: Daniel's birthday tape (Fred Small; Bob Marley) 1982

Item A24022/CS

0963: Jerry Mander on globalization (Jerry Mander; KPFA) December 16, 1998

Item A24023/CS

0964: Writer in Cuba, interview (Pablo Armando Fernandez) 1978

Item A24024/CS

0965: DC poets against nuclear war (Daniel del Solar) May 1979

Item A24025/CS

0966: Demo on street (KPFA) undated

Item A24026/CS

0967: Latin roots music (Claudia Gomez) 1992

Item A24027/CS

0968: Youth and Violence (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24028/CS

0969: India: film (Daniel del Solar) 1992

Item A24029/CS

0970: Carlos de Jesus interview (Don Goro) June 19, 1982

Item A24030/CS

0971: A Question of Place (W.E.B. Dubois; Douglas Turner) undated

Item A24031/CS

0972: Cuba (Masilon; Rene Thompson) 1978

Item A24032/CS

0973: Baraka vs Baraka (Daniel del Solar) November 22, 1981

Item A24033/CS

0975: Como mis antepasados (Carlos Puebla) undated

Item A24034/CS

0976: Coltrane sampler (Coltrane) 1988

Item A24035/CS

0977: Cantante (Gabino Palomares; KPFA) June 14, 1997

Item A24036/CS

0978: Cuando me pongo acantar (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24037/CS

0979: Se fue la nina (Consuelo Luz) undated

Item A24038/CS

0980: Frontejas (Tish Hinojosa) undated

Item A24039/CS

0981: Zoolook equinox (Jean Michael Jarre) undated

Item A24040/CS

0982: Hasta te conoci (Juan Gabriel) undated

Item A24041/CS

0983: Chile / Cuba (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24042/CS

0984: Daniel's 20 years "live" taping (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24043/CS

0985: Buena vista social club (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24044/CS

0986: Men and women- Love at war (CBC) February 14, 1993

Item A24045/CS

0987: Potpourri Cubana (Daniel del Solar) 1979

Item A24046/CS

0988: Latin mix (Ron Dellums; Nancy White) 1984

Item A24047/CS

0989: Men and women- Love at war (CBC) February 14, 1993

Item A24048/CS

0990: Burciaga tribute no. 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar) October 13, 1996

Item A24049/CS

0991: Burciaga tribute no. 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar) October 13, 1996

Item A24050/CS

0992: Burciaga tribute no. 5 and 6 (Daniel del Solar) October 13, 1996

Item A24051/CS

0993: Cancion para una muerte anunciada/Nica mix (Daniel del Solar) January 1984

Item A24052/CS

0994: Dance mix 3rd world (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24053/CS

0995: Afrobased mix (Daniel del Solar) 1994

Item A24054/CS

0996: Textos side 1 and 2 (Daniel del solar) March 10, 1982

Item A24055/CS

0997: Textos side 3 (Daniel del Solar) March 10, 1982

Item A24056/CS

0998: Textos volume III (Nolan Bowie) February 17, 1982

Item A24057/CS

0999: Macilon 5/Aragon (Farah Maria; Pablo Santamaria) undated

Item A24522/CS

1 undated

Item A24058/CS

1000: Radio play draft (Charles Mingus) July 19, 1982

Item A24059/CS

1001: Oye mi quinto doctor (Los Ocho Papines) undated

Item A24060/CS

1002: Who are the terrorists?: A year in El Salvador (Amy Melnick) undated

Item A24061/CS

1003: Tropicu Mexico DF (92.7 FM) November 3, 1991

Item A24062/CS

1004: Mexico mix (Vacilow) undated

Item A24063/CS

1005: Uno para todos (Los Ocho Papines) October 30

Item A24064/CS

1006: Calypso II (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A24065/CS

1007: Chant dula revolucion (Gato Barbieri) undated

Item A24066/CS

1008: Gregg McVican and J. Hendrix part 2 (KPFA) July 12

Item A24067/CS

1009: Across the great divide (Daniel del Solar) July 22, 2001

Item A24068/CS

1010: Last of across the great divide (Daniel del Solar) July 22, 2001

Item A24069/CS

1011: KPFA aircheck (Johnny Otis) May 29, 1999

Item A24070/CS

1012: Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) July 14, 2001

Item A24071/CS

1013: Brahms: Symphony No. 2 (Karajan; Berlin Philharmonic) undated

Item A24072/CS

1014: Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) November 17, 2001

Item A24073/CS

1015: Bensky interviews (Robert Blygh; Susan Miselas) undated

Item A24074/CS

1016: Across the great divide (Daniel del Solar) August 25

Item A24075/CS

1017: KPFA aircheck (Johnny Otis) March 11

Item A24076/CS

1018: Vivian Hallinan (Vivian Hallinan; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24077/CS

1019: Unicornio, zitarosa (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24078/CS

1020: Johnny Otis part 2 (Johnny Otis) March 24, 2001

Item A24079/CS

1021: Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) March 24, 2001

Item A24080/CS

1022: Larry Bensky and Robert Blygh interview (Larry Bensky; Roberty Blygh) undated

Item A24081/CS

1023: Kevin Vance no. 1 (Kevin Vance) July 15, 2001

Item A24082/CS

1024: Salsa, rap (David McBurky; KPFA) undated

Item A24083/CS

1025: I like it like that (Ruben Blades) undated

Item A24084/CS

1026: Across the great/Women the world over 1 and 2 (Kevin Vance; KPFA) March 10, 2002

Item A24085/CS

1066: Dance mix 3rd world (Taj Mahal, Max Azizi) undated

Item A24086/CS

1067: Orquesta andalusi de tango (Juan Pena Lebijano) undated

Item A24087/CS

1068: Letelier Moffit (Sam Rubin; Ben Chavis) September 21, 1978

Item A24088/CS

1069: 2nd annual Howard University (Letelier; Moffit) September 21, 1978

Item A24089/CS

1070: Salsa, poetry (Brenda Munigal) 1997

Item A24090/CS

1071: Greatest hits II, Colossal Head (Al Green; Los Lobos) undated

Item A24091/CS

1072: Craft fair, Chilean flute (KPFA) December 2000

Item A24092/CS

1073: Halloween at Castro street (Daniel del Solar) October 31, 1991

Item A24093/CS

1074: Aircheck (Johnny Otis; KPFA) July 15, 2000

Item A24094/CS

1075: Across the great divide, Xmas and politics special (KPFA) December 17, 2000

Item A24095/CS

1076: Inti Illimani 1 of 2 (Inti Illimani) Novmeber 4, 1990

Item A24096/CS

1077: Inti Illimani 2 of 2 (Inti Illimani) undated

Item A24097/CS

1078: 20 year summary of progressive music (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24098/CS

1084: Frente Mexico City (Enrique Buenaventura) 1974

Item A24099/CS

1085: 20th anniversary poets reunion 3 and 4 (San Juan Bautista; Luis Valdez) undated

Item A24100/CS

10th aniversary Managua writers undated

Item A24101/CS

10th anniversary (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) July 18

Item A24523/CS

214 Hoffman undated

Item A24524/CS

2nd Lunar Musical Feast 2/22/2004

Item A24102/CS

6:45 pm to 7:00 pm Sat end [illegible] 1/18/1997

Item A23172/R10

A vast wasteland (Newton Minow) July 23, 1961

Item A24103/CS

A whole new world captiol steps undated

Item A24104/CS

ACLU 7/20/1991

Item A24105/CS

ACLU Bill of Rights Day no. 1 no. 2 undated

Item A24106/CS

ACLU part 2, poetry (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24525/CS

ACLU performance showcase undated

Item A24122/CS

AMARC III, Intro 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24123/CS

AMARC III, Intro 3 and 4 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24128/CS

ATC Matt Mullican Dolby B "artist vs CIA" 7/14/1988

Item A24526/CS

Across the great divide 2006

Item A24107/CS

Across the great divide (Daniel del Solar) September 24, 2000

Item A24108/CS

Across the great divide (Keith Vance) Part 2 6/11/2000

Item A24109/CS

Across the great divide 1 and 2 2/20/2000

Item A24527/CS

Across the great divide Kevin Vance 6/11/2000

Item A24110/CS

Across the great divide broadcast KPFA undated

Item A24111/CS

Across the great divide no. 1 (KPFA) May 28, 2000

Item A24112/CS

Across the great divide no. 3 (Daniel del Solar) May 28, 2000

Item A24113/CS

Acting White (Carlos Fuentes) undated

Item A24114/CS

Acto de Clausura (Daniel Ortega) November 1, 1984

Item A24528/CS

Adalberto (Cuba 95) amplio and salsero amplio undated

Item A24115/CS

Adalberto, Los Ocho Papines (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24116/CS

Afropop Venezuela 1993

Item A24529/CS

Afropop aircheck 10/31/2013

Item A24530/CS

Agua de luna Ruben Blades undated

Item A24117/CS

Air express (Daniel del Solar) 1985

Item A24118/CS

Alger Hiss on as it happens 10/30/1992

Item A24120/CS

All's Fair in Love (Clifton Chenier; Cleo Laine) undated

Item A24119/CS

Allan Ginsburg memorial (Daniel del Solar) April 1997

Item A24121/CS

Altamira (live) Bolinas (Daniel del Solar) 1987

Item A24531/CS

Altamira at Bolinas 1987 undated

Item A24532/CS

Altazor/Zukai undated

Item A24533/CS

American, Am E Rican 10/9/1983

Item A24124/CS

Amparo Ochoa (Amparo Ochoa; Natacha Gueuara) undated

Item A23173/R10

An interview with Carlos Fuentes (Carlos Fuentes; WBAI) October 28, 1962

Item A23174/R10

Anais Nin: A reading (Anais Nin) May 22, 1966

Item A24125/CS

Aniversario KPFA mix Nica libre undated

Item A24534/CS

Antonio Molina, Juanito Valderama, Jose Menese flamenco undated

Item A24126/CS

Ashkenaz 1 and 2 1/18/1997

Item A24127/CS

Ashkenaz tape 3 1/18/1997

Item A24535/CS

Asian Americans post pearl harbor discussion undated

Item A24536/CS

Audio comunicaciones midinra Winston Blades undated

Item A24537/CS

Audio de la … undated

Item A24129/CS

Awake freeing the female orgasm 1, 2 undated

Item A24130/CS

Awake the Goddess: freeing the female orgasm 3, 4 undated

Item A24131/CS

Bad news bearers part 3 (Daniel del Solar) February 1989

Item A24132/CS

Banned in the USA no. 1 and no. 2 9/30/1990

Item A24133/CS

Banned in the USA no. 3/4 9/30/1990

Item A24538/CS

Banquet of the assassins undated

Item A24134/CS

Barbara Dane's 75th birthday, Kris Welch living room KPFA 7/9/2002

Item A23175/R10

Behind the mask: AIDS in the Asian-American community (Deborah Lee) 1989

Item A24539/CS

Ben Lindner Nina Serrano 1987

Item A24135/CS

Benny Cruz and Sabia, Detroit (Benny Cruz; Sabia) undated

Item A24136/CS

Benski and Cockburn (Benski; Cockburn) December 4, 1987

Item A24540/CS

Benski secret team Nica music undated

Item A24137/CS

Bensky and Pacifica Sunday salon aircheck plus across the great devide 3/25/2007

Item A24541/CS

Berkeley Nica 1 and 2 7/20/2013

Item A24138/CS

Berkeley panel discussion (Carlos Broullon; Julianne Burton) April 1985

Item A24139/CS

Berkeley panel discussion: Latin American films (Daniel del Solar) April 1985

Item A24542/CS

Bilingual Betty no. 1 undated

Item A24140/CS

Blues fundraiser (KPFA) 1996

Item A24141/CS

Brazil dub (KALW) 1996

Item A24142/CS

Bruce Hornsby (Bruce Hornsby) undated

Item A24143/CS

Bucky side 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24144/CS

Bucky side 3 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24145/CS

Buenos Dias (Sara Gonzalez) undated

Item A24146/CS

CA 20th 1 and 2 undated

Item A24147/CS

CA 20th 5 and 6th undated

Item A24551/CS

CBC 11/16/2013

Item A24160/CS

CBC Sunday morning pirate radio 1/5/1997

Item A24171/CS

CIPB no. 1 and no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24172/CS

CIPB no. 3 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24148/CS

Call in El Salvador 2/24/1982

Item A24149/CS

Call the 90's (M. Cohen; Daniel del Solar) August 27

Item A24150/CS

Cantina in Mexico(live) undated

Item A24543/CS

Cantonese tape undated

Item A24151/CS

Cantos a flor de pueblo (Carlos Mejia Godoy) undated

Item A24152/CS

Cantos a flor de pueblo (Carlos Mejia Godoy; Amparo Ochoa) undated

Item A24544/CS

Capsulas de interes social 7/8/1993

Item A24545/CS

Capsulas y promoocionales/ INAH OAXACA undated

Item A24153/CS

Cara al pueblo (Sergio Ramirez) September 16, 1990

Item A24154/CS

Cara al pueblo, Argentina (Daniel Ortega) undated

Item A24155/CS

Cardenal (Ernesto Cardenal) undated

Item A24156/CS

Cardenal- N.Y.C. (Robert Walsh) February 28, 1977

Item A24546/CS

Cardenal: music undated

Item A24547/CS

Carlos Fuentes, acting white undated

Item A24548/CS

Carlos Fuentes, thinking white undated

Item A24157/CS

Carlos Mejia Godoy concert (Mario Antonio; Carlos Mejia Godoy) 1981

Item A24549/CS

Carlos Puebla Indios del Sol undated

Item A24158/CS

Carlos Rigby (Carlos Rigby) May 11, 1986

Item A24550/CS

Carmencita IZNAGA Guillem 1978

Item A24159/CS

Cat Steven greatest hits I, II undated

Item A24552/CS

Celina part 2 undated

Item A24161/CS

Centro America (Luci Murphy) April 22, 1986

Item A24162/CS

Centro mission cultural center side 1 and 2 (Pancho Aguila) August 1997

Item A24163/CS

Cesar Chavez (UFWA) undated

Item A24165/CS

Charles M. Schultz, 2 of 3 (Charles Schultz) February 21, 2000

Item A24166/CS

Charles Schultz, 3 of 3 (Charles Schultz) February 21, 2000

Item A24167/CS

Chata + 94 (Chata Gutierrez; Ruben Blades) undated

Item A24168/CS

Chata Gutierrez (Chata Gutierrez) November 4, 2000

Item A24553/CS

Chicanarte, panel present LA Muralist Woman (Venice) undated

Item A24554/CS

Chicano poetry Daniel's tape undated

Item A24170/CS

Chile Fernando San Jose Juanito 1978

Item A24169/CS

Chile entre el Dolar y la Esperanza (Monica Gonzalez; Patricio Verdugo) 1986

Item A24555/CS

Chile, march Santiogo undated

Item A24556/CS

Chuy: women's progress 4/2/1988

Item A24557/CS

Citlali y los estrellas and 18 minutes/ 5 samples for SFS children's program KPFA by Jorge Aerrara 5/26/1992

Item A24173/CS

City arts and lectures (Alice Walker) undated

Item A24558/CS

City lights 50th undated

Item A24174/CS

Collective for living cinema (Daniel del Solar) October 20, 1983

Item A24175/CS

Colombia 2 como mis antepasados 4/20/1974

Item A24176/CS

Colombia 3 como mis antepasados Berkely 4/27/1974

Item A24177/CS

Colombia 3 new imperialism 4/27/1974

Item A24178/CS

Colombia: Camilo Torrts Como mis Antepasados(IV) undated

Item A24179/CS

Colombia: The conquest como mis ante pasados (II) undated

Item A24180/CS

Comm Aztlan undated

Item A24181/CS

Communicacion Aztlan no. 3 (Luis Talamontes) undated

Item A24182/CS

Communicasion Aztlan no. 1 undated

Item A24559/CS

Community Access tv * undated

Item A24183/CS

Community Forum Carl Cooper WHAT AM 8/25/1994

Item A24184/CS

Community forum Cuba 1 and 2 9/1/1994

Item A24185/CS

Community forum/ WYBE Carl Cooper 8/24/1994

Item A24560/CS

Comunicacion Aztlan undated

Item A24186/CS

Comunicacion Aztlan 20th 5/6 undated

Item A24187/CS

Comunicacion Aztlan Chile- Cuba undated

Item A24188/CS

Comunications policy in the Caribean early Frederick Nicaragua 1984

Item A24190/CS

Con Voz de Mujer (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24189/CS

Con te y sentimento brothers band undated

Item A24191/CS

Concert no. 1, Side 3 an 4 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24561/CS

Concerts en Chine (fin) Altamira undated

Item A24192/CS

Concierto II (Amparo Ochoa; Alejandro Stuart) July 16, 1986

Item A24193/CS

Conferencia le Prensa Jackson Casteo 1984

Item A24194/CS

Contradicciones (Adal Berto; Juan Gabriel) 1995

Item A24195/CS

Cortines inauguration (Adolfo Ruiz Cortines) June 27, 1986

Item A24196/CS

Cuba African roots 6/29

Item A24201/CS

Cuba Radio 06/23/1994

Item A24562/CS

Cuba Suni Paz 1975

Item A24563/CS

Cuba Suni Paz Amparo Ochoa Flor del Pueblo undated

Item A24197/CS

Cuba no. 1 1976

Item A24198/CS

Cuba no. 2 1976

Item A24199/CS

Cuba no. 3/ WAMU Nicaragua poetry Hector Corporan (Part 4) 1976

Item A24200/CS

Cuba no. 6 undated

Item A24202/CS

Cuidad Dorado (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24203/CS

Culture Clash Che end Sat undated

Item A24204/CS

Culture of gods (Angela Davis; Tod Gitlin) April 15, 1987

Item A24215/CS

DDS and friend plus miscelaneous music undated

Item A24216/CS

DDS at PPTNC 10/10/1992

Item A24573/CS

DDS recording of live jazz/blue music undated

Item A24205/CS

Dan Gotlieb "you are not what I expected" undated

Item A24206/CS

Dan Gotlieb and Polly Young Eisendrath Relationships X 8/25/1993

Item A24207/CS

Daniel 2004 KCHU (Daniel del Solar; KCHU) 2004

Item A24565/CS

Daniel Del Solar story on Turists Conf.-Nica for Pacifica national news 30900

Item A24211/CS

Daniel Ortega part 2 and 3 (Daniel Ortega) undated

Item A24567/CS

Daniel Vigleti concert Washington DC 1978

Item A24564/CS

Daniel del Solar and others discussion on improving local public radio undated

Item A24208/CS

Daniel del Solar reports from Nicaragua (Daniel del Solar; WNUR) July-August 19, 1983

Item A24209/CS

Daniel del Solar talks with Jerome Scott no. 2 (Daniel del Solar; Jerome Scott) undated

Item A24210/CS

Daniel dub Mexico undated

Item A24566/CS

Daniel phone conversations undated

Item A24568/CS

Daniel's "live" tape(20 years) undated

Item A24569/CS

Daniel's 50th undated

Item A24570/CS

Daniel's 50th undated

Item A24571/CS

Daniel's interview KCHU undated

Item A24212/CS

Daniel's radio Mexico's Amparo Ochoa undated

Item A24572/CS

Daniel's sampler tape (proposal) undated

Item A24214/CS

Dario Castille Jos (Dario Castille Jos; Daniel del Solar) February 29, 2008

Item A24213/CS

Dario Castille and Daniel Del Solar 2/29/2008

Item A24574/CS

De mucho vacilon undated

Item A24217/CS

Deadhead David Ganz KPFA new year's day 12/31/1997

Item A24218/CS

Debate (last part) comentario black woman Judy Mowatt 10/24/1984

Item A24219/CS

Del Solar KALW manager's corner 7/29/1992

Item A24220/CS

Del Solar on Sandino anniversary (Daniel del Solar) February 21, 1980

Item A24221/CS

Dellican's Earth Day 4/21/1990

Item A24575/CS

Demo and sample for ready from peotry project undated

Item A24223/CS

Democracy Now (Isabel Allende) June 5, 2003

Item A24222/CS

Democracy in Nicaragua no. 2 (Daniel Ortega; Daniel Hoffman) undated

Item A24576/CS

Democracy in Nicaragua transfer of power 1/10/1985

Item A24577/CS

Democracy now Brad Will 10/30/2006

Item A24578/CS

Demonstrations DC 5/3/2013

Item A24224/CS

Diario para un cuerto (Jana Bokova; Frank Muller) undated

Item A24225/CS

Dispatch death squads in El Salvador undated

Item A24579/CS

Duc Nguyen's NPR and KALW 5/6/1988

Item A24580/CS

Dylan-infidels/blood on the tracks undated

Item A24226/CS

Ed Rally Sacremento 4/3/1991

Item A24227/CS

Edelstam (Daniel del Solar) April 8, 1974

Item A24228/CS

El Salvador debate (Daniel del Solar) 1984

Item A24229/CS

El son nuestrode cada dia (Carlos Mejia Godoy; Oscar Chavez) undated

Item A24230/CS

El tren de la seis IOU notices 11/15-11/16/1984

Item A24581/CS

El tren de las seis 1/8/1985

Item A24582/CS

El tren de las seis bayardo arce 11/29/2013

Item A24583/CS

En vivo 1994

Item A24231/CS

Encuentro del canto popular undated

Item A24584/CS

Entrevistas cortas Ernesto Paul 7/8/1993

Item A24232/CS

Ernesto "Che" Guevera (KPFA) February 1974

Item A24233/CS

Ernesto Cardenal undated

Item A24234/CS

Ernesto Cardenal at Cooper Union (Ernesto Cardenal) November 30, 1983

Item A24235/CS

Ethnic radio part 2 and 3 (Daniel del Solar0 undated

Item A24245/CS

FCC deregulation discussion (Barbara Lee; Bernie Sanders) May 29, 2003

Item A24251/CS

FNC (Daniel del Solar) September 21, 1985

Item A24236/CS

Faces of propoganda A (Daniel del Solar) March 21

Item A24237/CS

Faces of propoganda B (Daniel del Solar) March 21

Item A23176/R10

Faces, mirrors, mask no. 1 (Marquez Garcia) June 5, 1984

Item A23177/R10

Faces, mirrors, mask no. 11 (Alejo Carpenter) August 14, 1984

Item A23178/R10

Faces, mirrors, mask no. 12 (Jean Rulfo) August 21, 1984

Item A23179/R10

Faces, mirrors, mask no. 7 (Carlos Fuentes) September 19, 1989

Item A24239/CS

Fair game (Audrey; Gil Scott Heron) undated

Item A24240/CS

Fair game (Cici; Paul) January 9, 1983

Item A24241/CS

Fair game (Denny Smithson; Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24242/CS

Fair game (Johnny "C") undated

Item A24238/CS

Fair game - music (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24243/CS

Fairgame / Documentary Tech and Adi Gevins undated

Item A24244/CS

Farmworker's legislation (Daniel del Solar) June 3, 1987

Item A24246/CS

Feliz Navidad random mix (Daniel del Solar) 2000

Item A24585/CS

Feliz Navidad/U random mix undated

Item A24586/CS

Fernando Natali taui Alex main undated

Item A24587/CS

Fernando Regina revolutionary/ literature in exile 1979

Item A24247/CS

Fidel at Victoria de Julio (Fidel Castro) January 11, 1985

Item A24248/CS

Fidel at Victoria de Julio, tape 2 (Fidel Castro) January 11, 1985

Item A24249/CS

Fiesta San Geuaro NYC 9/1983

Item A24588/CS

Five sign theater: waiting for the electrician undated

Item A24589/CS

Flor y canto 6/26/1993

Item A24250/CS

Florence Swenley 7/20/1985

Item A24252/CS

For EZ (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24590/CS

Frank Schaeffer undated

Item A24253/CS

Freedom in Nicaragua no. 1 (Roberto Vargas; Julie Huff) undated

Item A24254/CS

Freedom in Nicaragua no. 2 (Denise Oliver; Harold Russell) undated

Item A24255/CS

Freedom singers' reunion concert (Daniel del Solar) August 26, 1983

Item A24591/CS

Frente 7/2/1974

Item A24256/CS

Frida - film soundtack (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24257/CS

Frida Kahlo (Frida Kahlo) undated

Item A24258/CS

Fridamania 11/6/[1991]

Item A24259/CS

Fridamania 1 and 2 11/5/1991

Item A24260/CS

Fridamania no.3 11/5/1991

Item A24592/CS

Friends of Frida 1/1/1987

Item A24593/CS

Friends of Frida (longer) undated

Item A24594/CS

Friends of Frida Part 1 undated

Item A24595/CS

Friends of Frida part 2 end and Q and A undated

Item A24261/CS

Friends of Nicaraguan culture (Ernesto Cardenal) December 2, 1984

Item A24262/CS

Gandi (Alan Parsons Project) undated

Item A24263/CS

Gato 3rd world gato undated

Item A24264/CS

Get along undated

Item A24596/CS

Ginsburg Benski 4/7/1997

Item A24597/CS

Golden oldies 2007

Item A24265/CS

Gore Vidal in LA 2/10/1990

Item A24266/CS

Grass roots communication undated

Item A24598/CS

Gravar cri cri para Enrique undated

Item A24267/CS

Great American music hall 10/1988

Item A24599/CS

Great labor songs, across the great divide undated

Item A24600/CS

Great weather report undated

Item A24268/CS

Greg Landau undated

Item A24269/CS

Grupo Mezcla Cuba undated

Item A24601/CS

Grupo Moncada undated

Item A24270/CS

Grupo Moncada (Silvio Rodriguez) July 16, 1983

Item A24271/CS

Guatemala's pain undated

Item A24602/CS

Gut, gardenas a1002 1927/1932

Item A24603/CS

H. Caldicott commonwealth club speech 2/24/1988

Item A24272/CS

Harry Shartr 12/29/1996

Item A24604/CS

Harvard Radcliffe 25th reunion undated

Item A24273/CS

Hilda on Elemental Roots 7/5/2002

Item A24274/CS

Hispanic Jewish communities and their problems (Jacobo Kovadloff; Bertram H. Gold) undated

Item A24605/CS

History of the morning show 4/13/2006

Item A24275/CS

History social science conference (Carlos Cornejo; Katherine Lai) August 31, 1988

Item A24276/CS

Home nase a la mujer Yucateca (KPFA) 1990

Item A24277/CS

House telecommunications subcommittee part 1 and 2 (Mickey Leland, W. Cooke) September 19, 1983

Item A24278/CS

House telecommunications subcommittee part 3 and 4 (Sidney Poitier; Maya Angelou) September 19, 1983

Item A24279/CS

How to make it work (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24280/CS

Howard "Stretch" Johnson on the US radical and racisom (Howard Johnson) January 13, 1985

Item A24606/CS

Hunter College explorations in the arts undated

Item A24607/CS

Illie Olsen no. 1 undated

Item A24281/CS

Imamu Baraka (Imamu Baraka) November 1975

Item A24608/CS

Impact Paul Watson 11/26/1990

Item A24282/CS

Inang audio undated

Item A24609/CS

Interview on media/ Spanish radio prorgam undated

Item A24610/CS

Interview with Arlene Hamilton and Jane Addison + Misc Music undated

Item A24611/CS

Interview with Max Asekri / miscellaneous music undated

Item A24283/CS

Interview with Steve Goose (Steve Goose) November 14, 1984

Item A24284/CS

Interviews about unit rule, land grants, Raza childhood in New Mexico (Daniel del Solar) September 3, 1972

Item A24612/CS

Inti (Peña) Argentina soul vibe / Niño Saquito Bodeguito - Los Ocho Papines Cuba undated

Item A24285/CS

Inti Illimani concert (Inti Illimani; Victor Jean) undated

Item A24286/CS

Inti Illumani 11/1990

Item A24287/CS

Introduction "Alejandro ORC Ena English Haroldo Beto Otto R. undated

Item A24288/CS

Isamu Noguchi 12/25/1979

Item A24613/CS

Isamu interview Cuba 1981

Item A24289/CS

J Otis live Ashkanaz Class undated

Item A24290/CS

Jackson Fidel press conference Billie Holiday undated

Item A24614/CS

Jaime Wheelock roman 3/4/1982

Item A24291/CS

Jana Bokova, SF International film fest (Jana Bokova) April 28, 2000

Item A24292/CS

Jazz music on KPFA undated

Item A24293/CS

Jazz potpouri undated

Item A24294/CS

Jazz, Ry Cooder and Chicago (Ry Cooder) undated

Item A24295/CS

Jeff Echeveria no. 2 great mix undated

Item A24615/CS

Jim Cockcroft 5/29/2000

Item A24296/CS

Jim Hightower: kicking/hogs/trough undated

Item A24616/CS

Joe Thompson KQED undated

Item A24297/CS

Johan van der Keuken (Johan van der Keuken) April 4, 1998

Item A24298/CS

Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) November 4, 2000

Item A24299/CS

Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis) undated

Item A24300/CS

Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis; KPFA) January 1997

Item A24301/CS

Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis; KPFA) July 15, 2000

Item A24302/CS

Johnny Otis (Johnny Otis; KPFA) undated

Item A24617/CS

Johnny Otis (damaged) 1/26/2002

Item A24618/CS

Johnny Otis KPFA 11/23/2002

Item A24619/CS

Johnny Otis KPFA 4/1/2000

Item A24303/CS

Johnny Otis KPFA aircheck (Johnny Otis; KPFA) July 2000

Item A24304/CS

Johnny Otis no. 1 (Johnny Otis) Apri 29, 2000

Item A24305/CS

Johnny Otis no. 2 (Johnny Otis) Apri 29, 2000

Item A24306/CS

Johny Otis KPFA 1/2/1999

Item A24307/CS

Johny Otis New Orleans lecture and live music undated

Item A24308/CS

Joie la Bali undated

Item A24309/CS

Jose Letelier Orlando undated

Item A24310/CS

Jose Luis Ruiz (Jose Luis Ruiz; KPFA) January 13, 2001

Item A24620/CS

Jose Roberto Borges interview/ radio program undated

Item A24621/CS

Joseito Fernandez los ocho papines Cuba undated

Item A24622/CS

Jotas Aragonesas undated

Item A24311/CS

Juan Gabriel and Nightrain (Juan Gabriel) undated

Item A24312/CS

Juana Alicia's opening (Jim Sagel; Juana Alicia) December 1971

Item A24313/CS

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Julius Rosenberg; Ethel Rosenberg) February 20, 2000

Item A24623/CS

KALW Cantonese broadcast and Misc. Music undated

Item A24315/CS

KALW music shows undated

Item A24624/CS

KALW radio talk undated

Item A24625/CS

KALW school talk undated

Item A24627/CS

KHSU Radio interview of Daniel del Solar as judge of Eureka Foto contest "Water" undated

Item A24321/CS

KPFA "Bay Area divas" jazz broadcast undated

Item A24322/CS

KPFA 50th free speech doc undated

Item A24632/CS

KPFA Bill Mandel undated

Item A24633/CS

KPFA Broadcast 1 undated

Item A24634/CS

KPFA Broadcast 2 undated

Item A24635/CS

KPFA Com Aztlan Nina Serrano 2006

Item A24325/CS

KPFA Women's sexuality (KPFA) February 1, 2001

Item A24323/CS

KPFA blues by the bay show undated

Item A24636/CS

KPFA evening news/ comedy quiz show/ misc music undated

Item A24324/CS

KPFA music show undated

Item A24637/CS

KPOO 8/12/1993

Item A24638/CS

KPOO 8/26/1993

Item A24640/CS

KPOO Joruades de Paz y dignidad Dorinda Guadalupe des de Fresno 9/2/1993

Item A24639/CS

KPOO diade los muertos 11/4/1993

Item A24641/CS

KPOO noticias musica 6/24/1993

Item A24642/CS

KRAB: the conferece, time capsule, arrival bag pipers undated

Item A24314/CS

Kahlo and salsa of the Americas undated

Item A24626/CS

Katumba sweet pan undated

Item A24316/CS

Kawtner Mancotal (Englishman) undated

Item A24317/CS

Ken Dychtwald's "Boomer Wake-up Call" (Ken Dychtwald) 1997

Item A24318/CS

Key's act one (Thomas Frank) undated

Item A24319/CS

Key's act one, part B (Thomas Frank) undated

Item A24628/CS

Kim Gill 11/1/1998

Item A24320/CS

Kim Gill 3x pure drop undated

Item A24629/CS

Kim Gill live performance undated

Item A24630/CS

Kim Gill part 2 undated

Item A24631/CS

Kitty Margdis undated

Item A24326/CS

Kris Stracwitz (Kris Stracwitz) December 1997

Item A24643/CS

Kumpo beat audition demo 4/16/1992

Item A24327/CS

La Pena chorus (Ben Lindner) March 19, 1988

Item A24328/CS

La Pena de los Parra Art de Pajaros/ Inti Illimani State of Seige undated

Item A24329/CS

La Penca (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24330/CS

La Penca (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24331/CS

La Raza chronicles (KPFA) May 9, 2000

Item A24332/CS

La revolucionara 1995

Item A24644/CS

Lang Bansks Pacifica report undated

Item A24645/CS

Lani Guinere Fresh Air undated

Item A24333/CS

Larry Bensky, RacE (Larry Bensky; KPFA) January 13, 2001

Item A24334/CS

Larry Bensky, RacE part 2 (Larry Bensky; KPFA) January 13, 2001

Item A22983/R7

Las Madres Argentina undated

Item A24335/CS

Last of Altamira (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24646/CS

Last of Ben Lindner undated

Item A24337/CS

Last of Kristin Dunn (Kristin Dunn) undated

Item A24338/CS

Last of November 12 Washington DC undated

Item A24336/CS

Last of band undated

Item A24647/CS

Last of revolution / democracy X - the whole thing undated

Item A24339/CS

Latin AM 98 mix (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23180/R10

Latin USA: A tale of four cities (Elisabeth Perez Luna) 1984

Item A24340/CS

Latin, Papines (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24341/CS

Latino Nueva Trova (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24342/CS

Latino! By del Solar 12/28/1989

Item A24648/CS

Latino! KALW undated

Item A24649/CS

Laura Farebo, etc talk (bad quality) undated

Item A24343/CS

Le temps de l'amour chansons francaises undated

Item A24344/CS

Len Daniel gospel (Len Daniel) December 23, 1997

Item A24650/CS

Letelier / Mollit 9/20/1981

Item A24651/CS

Letelier Mollit 5th anniversary 9/20/1981

Item A24345/CS

Liberation theology (Rick Tejada Flores) July 1985

Item A24347/CS

Live Spanish music undated

Item A24346/CS

Live at Marin Community College (Isabel Allende) March 8, 1986

Item A24348/CS

Los Lobos (KPFA) February 29, 1996

Item A24652/CS

Los Nakos undated

Item A24653/CS

Los Ocho Papines (Cuba) undated

Item A24350/CS

Los Prisioneros Chile Calypso 1985

Item A24349/CS

Los prisioneros undated

Item A24351/CS

Loui and W. Mirorits 12/1991

Item A24654/CS

Louis Armstrong interview undated

Item A24352/CS

Lucha Corpi 1er Simposio de Literatura Latinoamericana 12/22/1992

Item A24655/CS

Luchita 5/5/2002

Item A24353/CS

Luis E. Mejia Godoy, Norma Elena Gadea interview (Luis E. Mejia Godoy; Norma Elena Gadea) December 7, 1985

Item A24665/CS

MEM church no. 1 undated

Item A24666/CS

MEM church president Bock B school no. 1 undated

Item A24354/CS

Macilon 3/12/1978

Item A24355/CS

Malcolm X (Malcolm X) April 1991

Item A24656/CS

Managua 7/19/1984

Item A24356/CS

Managua 60 aniversario undated

Item A24358/CS

Managua Night sounds 11/19/1984

Item A24657/CS

Managua air undated

Item A24357/CS

Managua morning (Daniel del Solar) July 26, 2002

Item A24359/CS

Mancotal 'Elegante' master 1 and 2 (Luis E. Mejia) December 9, 1985

Item A24658/CS

Manifestacion de protesta embajada Guatemalteca 5/27/1993

Item A24659/CS

March mix 2003

Item A24360/CS

Maria Navaro interview Danzon undated

Item A24361/CS

Mario Savio KPFA 12/8/1996

Item A24362/CS

Mark Hummel Barbara Dall 1/18

Item A24660/CS

Market place undated

Item A24661/CS

Mary Gordon interview/ radio show on global current events undated

Item A24662/CS

Mary Richards- Inna Healer undated

Item A24363/CS

Masilon 3 and 4 5/27/1979

Item A24364/CS

Masilon WPFA 1 and 2 5/27/1979

Item A24365/CS

Masilon WPFW 10/1/1979

Item A24663/CS

Matt Mullican by Cooder undated

Item A24366/CS

Mattel art part 1 (Thomas Borge) undated

Item A24367/CS

Mattel art part 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24368/CS

Media (Benski; Cockburn) December 4, 1987

Item A24664/CS

Media MS M. Summer 9/30/1984

Item A24369/CS

Media and democracy part 3 of 4 undated

Item A24370/CS

Mercedes Castro de mujer a mujer undated

Item A24667/CS

Mercedes Castro de mujer a mujer undated

Item A24371/CS

Mia master (Mia Agee) undated

Item A24372/CS

Michael Mawley congressional black/ Poetry Pat Jones Candace Hill New York Poets undated

Item A24668/CS

Miguel Piñero-Canto para Gaspar Garcia Neyorican café 1/7/1982

Item A24373/CS

Milicianos, Plaza revolucion (Humberto Ortega) July 23, 1983

Item A24684/CS

Miscellaneous Music 16 undated

Item A24685/CS

Miscellaneous Music 17 undated

Item A24686/CS

Miscellaneous Music 18 undated

Item A24687/CS

Miscellaneous Music 19 undated

Item A24669/CS

Miscellaneous music 01 undated

Item A24670/CS

Miscellaneous music 02 undated

Item A24671/CS

Miscellaneous music 03 undated

Item A24672/CS

Miscellaneous music 04 undated

Item A24673/CS

Miscellaneous music 05 undated

Item A24674/CS

Miscellaneous music 06 undated

Item A24675/CS

Miscellaneous music 07 undated

Item A24676/CS

Miscellaneous music 08 undated

Item A24677/CS

Miscellaneous music 09 undated

Item A24678/CS

Miscellaneous music 10 undated

Item A24679/CS

Miscellaneous music 11 undated

Item A24680/CS

Miscellaneous music 12 undated

Item A24681/CS

Miscellaneous music 13 undated

Item A24682/CS

Miscellaneous music 14 undated

Item A24683/CS

Miscellaneous music 15 undated

Item A24688/CS

Miscellaneous music 21 undated

Item A24689/CS

Miscellaneous music 22 undated

Item A24690/CS

Miscellaneous music 23 undated

Item A24691/CS

Miscellaneous music 24 undated

Item A24692/CS

Miscellaneous music 25 undated

Item A24693/CS

Miscellaneous music 26 undated

Item A24374/CS

Miscellaneuous Music 27 and world news undated

Item A24694/CS

Mix-Latino and US folksingers 1980

Item A24375/CS

Modern Times undated

Item A24695/CS

Modern rock doc 3/7/1994

Item A24696/CS

Modern rock doc 8/22/1994

Item A24697/CS

Modern rock doc 8/8/1994

Item A24376/CS

Morasol la mission undated

Item A22984/R10

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Rene Enelbaum undated

Item A24377/CS

Move, Nightline (Ted Koppel) May 13, 1985

Item A24378/CS

Mozangola Caper no. 3 (Mime Troop) September 27

Item A24379/CS

Muckrakers undated

Item A24698/CS

Mullican and Mullican 3/31/1989

Item A24699/CS

Mullican on Mullican 6/1/1999

Item A24700/CS

Mullican, June wayne, Carl Benjamin, Frederick H, Jules Engle Q and A, (2 copies) undated

Item A24702/CS

Music and poetry show in Spanish undated

Item A24701/CS

Music- after the ceremony 11/25/1987

Item A24703/CS

Musica Lavoz radio San Dino no. 1 undated

Item A24705/CS

Musica Venezolana undated

Item A24704/CS

Musica radio rebelde Cubana undated

Item A24706/CS

N Serrano / Diane di Prima undated

Item A24719/CS

NPR Perception of academics amongst Black Youth undated

Item A24720/CS

NPR Perception of academics amongst Black youth and 20th century Latin American Lit and Cuba interview undated

Item A24721/CS

NPR recording undated

Item A24380/CS

Nancy Moreson no. 4, Howard University (Nancy Moreson; Margaret Summers) May 1985

Item A22985/R10

Nathan Schaefler interviewed, California time #4 undated

Item A24381/CS

National undated

Item A24707/CS

National progressive radio news no. 2 undated

Item A24708/CS

Native American poetry / music undated

Item A24709/CS

Neuva trova WBA 4/24/2013

Item A24382/CS

Nica '88 1988

Item A24385/CS

Nica -DC (Mike) 5/7

Item A24383/CS

Nica D.C. Tape no. 1 (Denise Oliver; Roberto Vargas) February 26, 1977

Item A24711/CS

Nica Mix 1 / US latino mix undated

Item A24384/CS

Nica day (Daniel del Solar) July 1, 1979

Item A24710/CS

Nica mix undated

Item A24386/CS

Nica salsa 90's undated

Item A24712/CS

Nicaragua / Nicaraguita undated

Item A24713/CS

Nicaragua / Nicaraguita Steve and Erik undated

Item A24387/CS

Nicaragua Nicaraguita (Stephen Herrick; Rosario Murillo) undated

Item A24716/CS

Nicaragua WPFW 7/1/1979

Item A24388/CS

Nicaragua WPFW Washington DC 7/1/1979

Item A24714/CS

Nicaragua reprise 2000

Item A24715/CS

Nicaragua summary tapes undated

Item A24389/CS

Nicaragua, Monitor Radio (Daniel Ortega) March 1987

Item A24390/CS

Nicaragua, Ron Dellumes, Ali Primera Macilon 11/12/1978

Item A24391/CS

Nicaraguan event Tape no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) February 26, 1977

Item A24392/CS

Nicaraguan event Tape no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) February 26, 1977

Item A24393/CS

Nicaraguan event Tape no. 3 (Daniel del Solar) February 26, 1977

Item A24717/CS

Nina Daniel undated

Item A24718/CS

Ninth Annual Letelier/Morrit human rights awards 9/20/1985

Item A24394/CS

Nonesuch Explorer series (David Lewiston) July 1972

Item A24395/CS

O'Keefe undated

Item A24722/CS

Old time 78s by Stephen Dimitroff undated

Item A24396/CS

Omar Cabezas, Akai (Omar Cabezas) February 1986

Item A24397/CS

One hour of love songs (WPIX) undated

Item A24398/CS

Onta Rio 2 / Haciendo punto en otro son undated

Item A24723/CS

Opening Inaugural 1/17/1989

Item A24399/CS

Orlandao Letelier Conert undated

Item A24400/CS

Orquesta Aragon (Kirby Jones; Frank Keeny) September 24, 1981

Item A24724/CS

Orquesta Aragon live undated

Item A24725/CS

Osualdo Torreo Follconista Chileno 1980

Item A24401/CS

Otilia Casco Cruz (Otilia Casco Cruz) undated

Item A24402/CS

Pablo IPS and Poetry Pando undated

Item A24727/CS

Pacifica national news (Daniel's story on Nicaragua peace proposals) 2/28/1985

Item A24726/CS

Pacifica national news (anchored by M.Summers) 8/10/1984

Item A24728/CS

Pacifica national news, includes Boyd story on Nicaraguan airport 8/20/1984

Item A24403/CS

Pancasan por la Patria (WBAI) 1982

Item A24404/CS

Pancho Aguila (Pancho Aguila; Max Swartz) undated

Item A24405/CS

Pancho Letelier Venice 10/18/2002

Item A24729/CS

Panorama Tape no. 1 1984

Item A24406/CS

Panthers (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24407/CS

Pawcasan DC 7/23

Item A24408/CS

Pearl Harbor and the explosions (Robin Lane) undated

Item A24409/CS

Pena no. 1 and no. 2 (Saul Landau; Karen Wald) July 26, 1985

Item A24410/CS

Pena no. 3 (Saul Landau; Karen Wald) July 26, 1985

Item A24411/CS

Pentagon jazz band Japan undated

Item A24412/CS

Peoples daily world (Vladimir Posner) May 31, 1987

Item A24730/CS

Perfect rose part 2 undated

Item A24413/CS

Piano rags volume II (Scott Joplin; Joshua Rifkin) undated

Item A24414/CS

Poetry / Music undated

Item A24733/CS

Poetry Houston undated

Item A24734/CS

Poetry Pabloa and Fond del Sol undated

Item A24416/CS

Poetry Reading gran hotel radio sandino 7/17/1985

Item A24731/CS

Poetry dub 3/1/2007

Item A24732/CS

Poetry dub undated

Item A24415/CS

Poetry master (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) 1992

Item A24735/CS

Political activism next 25 years no. 6 undated

Item A24736/CS

Press conference at MCC compaña contra el alcohol 7/22/1993

Item A24417/CS

Presumed guilty: women cope with the AIDs crisis KALW undated

Item A24418/CS

Project National Interest (Victor Hoenig; Mike Garza) July 17, 1985

Item A24419/CS

Quilapayun interview / Sunday concert part 1 (Daniel del Solar) March 30, 1975

Item A24421/CS

Radio Habana (Daniel del Solar) February 22, 1985

Item A24422/CS

Radio Habana (Daniel del Solar) February 25, 1985

Item A24423/CS

Radio Marti (Daniel del Solar) September 30, 1985

Item A24424/CS

Radio Original (Daniel del Solar) May 9, 1986

Item A24425/CS

Radio Paz (Daniel del Solar) January 29

Item A24426/CS

Radio Rebelde Dub undated

Item A24427/CS

Radio Rebelde no. 2 undated

Item A24428/CS

Radio Sandina (Daniel del Solar) September 28

Item A24420/CS

Radio aircheck Managua undated

Item A24737/CS

Radio program on Latin American culture undated

Item A24738/CS

Radio trip to Cuba part 1 NFCB 1984

Item A24429/CS

Raza at Somar via KPFA 11/3

Item A24739/CS

Reaggea fine mix undated

Item A24430/CS

Reason to live (David Speru) undated

Item A24431/CS

Reason to live (David Speru) undated

Item A24740/CS

Reflecciones de la Raza featuring Daniel del Solar undated

Item A24432/CS

Reflecciones, prison interviews (Mark Schwartz) December 15, 1973

Item A23181/R10

Reflections of La Raza 1984

Item A24741/CS

Remembering Phil Elwood KPFA undated

Item A24742/CS

Return from Nicaragua Gloria Poesia 1984

Item A24433/CS

Revo and Intervention in Central America (Richard Falk; Leyda Barbieri) May 5, 1984

Item A24434/CS

Right-wing red baits (Larry Pratt; Howard Phillips) December 4, 1984

Item A24435/CS

Ritmo de Las Ameri (KPFA) August 2001

Item A24743/CS

Romero English dolby undated

Item A24744/CS

Romero Spanish dolby undated

Item A24745/CS

Ronnie Gilbert, 70 years of activism Sunday salon 3/14/2004

Item A24436/CS

Roque Dalton (Roque Dalton; Carmen Olivares) undated

Item A24746/CS

Rose Galtnes Bodega Bay 1/14/2013

Item A24437/CS

Rosewood Massacre (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24748/CS

Ruben Blades Caminando undated

Item A24747/CS

Ruben blades undated

Item A24449/CS

SF International film fest Audience Award (Daniel del Solar) May 4, 2000

Item A24457/CS

SSTV news (Daniel Ortega) 1984

Item A24438/CS

Salsa / Africa (Chris Burley; KPFA) February 18, 1997

Item A24439/CS

Salsa 2000 undated

Item A24440/CS

Salsa Mix undated

Item A24749/CS

Salsa: Adalberio Isacassette Cuba 1994 undated

Item A24441/CS

Sandy Darlington 1 and 2 undated

Item A24442/CS

Sandy Darlington MEM service 9/25/1989

Item A24750/CS

Santos Rumba 6/28/1988

Item A24443/CS

Sat eve Ashkenaz 7:30 pm , 6:45 pm 1/181997

Item A24444/CS

Save KPFA (Larry Bensky; Ed Gemlan) undated

Item A24445/CS

Save KPFA (Van Jones; Joan Baez) July 19, 1999

Item A24751/CS

Second Thoughts 5/22/1992

Item A24446/CS

Sendero Campesino (Daniel del Solar) January 28, 1987

Item A24752/CS

Serious bizness undated

Item A24753/CS

Serious bizness part 2 undated

Item A24447/CS

Sex Pad/D Sunda discussion 1/8/1984

Item A24448/CS

Sexto Sol casino tropical conference statement undated

Item A24754/CS

Shoestring radio theater undated

Item A24450/CS

Short wave, Guajiras (Daniel del Solar) 1986

Item A24451/CS

Shortwade undated

Item A24755/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion 7/17/1989

Item A24756/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion 1 and 2 undated

Item A24757/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion Goiva Meidaniv de la Union Sovieta 7/18/1989

Item A24758/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion Kes no. 1 Daniel Ortega 7/17/1989

Item A24759/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion Kes no. 1 Daniel Ortega 7/17/1989

Item A24760/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion Kes no. 2 Daniel Ortega 7/17/1989

Item A24761/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolucion Kes no. 2 Daniel Ortega 7/17/1989

Item A24762/CS

Simposio internacional democracia y revolution 3 and 4 7/17/1989

Item A24452/CS

Sky above (Daniel del Solar) April 29, 2000

Item A24763/CS

Slo hand mysterious weather undated

Item A24764/CS

Soka Penguin we livin in jail undated

Item A24765/CS

Soledad / Mescha Cuba 1994

Item A24766/CS

Soledad Bravo "en vivo" Cuba 1994

Item A24453/CS

Soledad Bravo Pena no. 1 3/5/1976

Item A24767/CS

Solid Gold undated

Item A24768/CS

Somos Indios / Shirley Domingues, Mujer undated

Item A24454/CS

Sony by Lee Mullican TAOS 9/29/1993

Item A24455/CS

South American Music festival KPOO, KTAO, KUSP undated

Item A24769/CS

Spanish music undated

Item A24770/CS

Spanish radio program undated

Item A24771/CS

Spanish radio program undated

Item A24456/CS

Speaker from Nicaragua, April action (Daniel del Solar) April 20, 1985

Item A24772/CS

State of Seige undated

Item A24458/CS

Stephen Ratky affair / NPR broadcast / KALW undated

Item A24460/CS

Steve Rowland on weekend edition undated

Item A24459/CS

Steve and Erik Nicaragua / Nicaraguita take 2 undated

Item A24461/CS

Stockwell (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24773/CS

Sukai dub undated

Item A24462/CS

Sumaj Chasquis, Bolivia (Sumaj Chasquis; Marka Juataqui) June 1993

Item A24774/CS

Summers, Del Solar, Blake, von Martin, Lasy of Panorama undated

Item A24463/CS

Sunday morning (Daniel del Solar) February 8, 1998

Item A24464/CS

Sunday morning no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) February 16, 1997

Item A24465/CS

Sunday morning: Honduras (Daniel del Solar) June 7, 1987

Item A24466/CS

Sunday salon (Nicole Salaya; KPFA) September 3, 2000

Item A24775/CS

Suni Paz 1982

Item A24776/CS

Suni Paz / Alma flor Ada Como una Flor undated

Item A24467/CS

Suni Paz and friends 3 and 4 undated

Item A24470/CS

TATO master dub undated

Item A24468/CS

Talk on latin music and miscellaneous music undated

Item A24469/CS

Taller performance (Charles Frederick) undated

Item A24777/CS

Teatro La esperanza Managua undated

Item A24778/CS

Tema de cri cri, canine to de la iseula undated

Item A23182/R10

Terra Infirma (Daniel del Solar) September 4, 1991

Item A24471/CS

Textos (Daniel del Solar) June 1989

Item A24472/CS

Textos (Daniel del Solar) May 12, 1982

Item A24473/CS

Textos mime troop 5/25

Item A24474/CS

Textos mime troop 5/26/1982

Item A24475/CS

Textos: Texts from the other side (Orlando Letelier; Ronni Moffit) February 10, 1982

Item A24476/CS

The Bush years: A look backwards (Payton Cockburn; Robert Scheer) February 5, 1989

Item A24477/CS

The Last song (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A23183/R10

The Lesson for today (Charles P. Snow) September 2, 1961

Item A24480/CS

The Mozongola Caper (Mime troop; Dolores Park) September 27

Item A23184/R10

The Policy clash (Charles P. Snow) September 2, 1961

Item A24478/CS

The mass media: whose side are they on 1 and 2 undated

Item A24479/CS

The media and human rights undated

Item A24481/CS

The patrol undated

Item A24482/CS

Thinking White (Carlos Fuentes) 1987

Item A24483/CS

Tibet a celebration KPFA 8/2001

Item A23185/R10

Tizard and Charwell (Charles P. Snow) September 2, 1961

Item A24779/CS

Tlatelolco comunicacion Aztlan undated

Item A24780/CS

Tom Rush undated

Item A24484/CS

Tony Avirgan 2012 4/26/1990

Item A24485/CS

Tony Avirgon 4/26/1990

Item A24486/CS

Tracy Drach another door undated

Item A24487/CS

Tracy Drach female blues undated

Item A24488/CS

Trade unionist NYC (Daniel del Solar) February 24, 1982

Item A24489/CS

Tribute to Vivian Halinan undated

Item A23186/R10

Trinidad carnival 1984: introspection towards the future, produced by John Blake, Daniel del Solar, Margaret Summers 1/11/86, 3/27

Item A24781/CS

Trio Garnica-Ascencio undated

Item A24782/CS

Tropicu no. 2 11/3/1991

Item A24490/CS

Tropicu, Mexico city (Daniel del Solar) 1991

Item A24491/CS

Turner private dancer undated

Item A24492/CS

UDC, Mime troop, Nica report (Vini Mosko; Herb Shiller) February 28, 1987

Item A24783/CS

UFO queen / Space Travel undated

Item A24497/CS

US-Iraq war and international low KPFA AM show 3/6/2003

Item A24493/CS

Unaligned movement, side no. 1 and no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) September 17, 1979

Item A24494/CS

Unidos (Daniel del Solar) June 13, 1974

Item A24495/CS

Unidos together 1 and 2 (KPFA) June 13, 1974

Item A24496/CS

Unidos together side 3 (KPFA; Inti Illimani) June 13, 1974

Item A24784/CS

Various: Tec singers undated

Item A24498/CS

Vartan Gregorian 4/1987

Item A24499/CS

Venezuela KPFA 3/2004

Item A24785/CS

Venezuela KPFA undated

Item A24500/CS

Vespaccio jeugo Andrea Flute Argentina undated

Item A24501/CS

Victoria de Julio (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24502/CS

Vidaluz Menendez and friends (Vidaluz Menendez; KPFA) June 20

Item A24503/CS

Vista 15B (Elmer Lee Thomas) March 15, 1999

Item A24786/CS

Viva Chile undated

Item A24787/CS

Vivian Hallinan undated

Item A24504/CS

Vocalists (Daniel del Solar) 1990

Item A24505/CS

Voces de la revolucion no. 1 Quien fue sandino May 12, 1985

Item A24506/CS

Voces de la revolucion no. 2 La reforma agraria June 1985

Item A24507/CS

Voces de la revolucion no. 3 "La iglesia en Nicaragua" (Manuel Arcadia; KUAT) May 19, 1985

Item A24508/CS

Voces de la revolucion no. 4 "La mujer en Nicaragua" (Manuel Arcadia; KUAT) June 2, 1985

Item A24509/CS

Voces de la revolucion no. 5 "La iglesia en Nicaragua" (Manuel Arcadia; KUAT) May 19, 1985

Item A24510/CS

Voces de la revolucion nol 6 "La ninez en Nicaragua" (Manuel Arcadia; KUAT) June 1985

Item A24511/CS

Voices from Nicaragua (Hurricane Joan) undated

Item A24514/CS

WHU R FM Nicaragua D. del Solar 9/13/1983

Item A24517/CS

WKCR FM undated

Item A24790/CS

WPFW aircheck Caribbeana undated

Item A24512/CS

What ComForum Cuba 3/4 9/1/1994

Item A24788/CS

What will happen in Cuba? undated

Item A24513/CS

What's new in Soviet foreign policy? (Daniel del Solar) January 5, 1988

Item A24515/CS

With Walker in Nicaragua (Cardenal; Asner) undated

Item A24516/CS

Witness for peace (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24518/CS

Woman's Bldg side 1 and 2 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24519/CS

Woman's Bldg side 3 (Daniel del Solar) undated

Item A24520/CS

Women in love (Diane Kapler; Ron Winston) undated

Item A24789/CS

Workshop by Reumin NFCB Friday undated

Item A24521/CS

Xoxocotla (Daniel del Solar) April 10, 1973

Item A24791/

Xoxocotla plus DDS live undated




1 - Diego Rivera's Fresco Murals; 2 - Community Murals - Daniel del Solar; 3 - Nueva Cancion en las Americas 7/27/1991


1 - Diego Rivera's Fresco Murals; 2 - Community Murals - Daniel del Solar; 3 - Nueva Cancion en las Americas


Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff


Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff

Film V5068/F1

1065: Bay guardian no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5069/BC

Bafalla del Café/Doc. De Rio San Juan unknown

Film V5070/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (1A) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 1A
Film V5071/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (1B) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 1B
Film V5072/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (2A) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 2A
Film V5073/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (2B) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 2B
Film V5074/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (3A) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 3A
Film V5075/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (3B) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 3B
Film V5076/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (4A) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 4A
Film V5077/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (4B) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 4B
Film V5078/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (5A) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 5A
Film V5079/BC

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (5B) unknown

Comments and description

Dimi 5B
Film V5080/BC

La Cantata de Santa Maria de Iquique 12/13/2007

General Physical Description note: 55:54
Film V5081/BC

Walkout at Woodlake/And a house to shelter 12/14/1994

General Physical Description note: 38:00
Film V5082/DV

87 Nicaragua: Siete Anosde Reforma Aqiaua 5/6/2008

General Physical Description note: 1:15:00
Film V5083/DV

Say brother "I was born a Chilean" unknown

Film V5084/DV

Teach and peace boat 5/6/2008

General Physical Description note: 1:50:00
Film V5085/DVD

"Dawson Isla 10" Chile a dramatization of prison camps after 1973 coup unknown

Film V5086/DVD

"La Ultima Epoca" Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil/"Wolfgang Paalen" Programa del Canal 22 1993

Film V5087/DVD

87 Nicaragua: Siete Anos de Reforma Agiaua (Last couple minutes are damaged) 2008

General Physical Description note: 1:14:56
Film V5088/DVD

9-11 Citizens' commission no. 1 of 3 (Partially damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:13:00
Film V5089/DVD

9-11 Citizens' commission no. 2 of 3 unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:37:00
Film V5090/DVD

9-11 Citizens' commission no. 3 of 3 (Partially damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:38:00
Film V5091/DVD

Actores secundarios 2004

General Physical Description note: 1:20:45
Film V5092/DVD

Alfabetizacion noticiero no. 5 unknown

Film V5093/DVD

Alfabetizacion noticiero no. 9 unknown

General Physical Description note: 14:00
Film V5094/DVD

Alocuciòn del Presidente de la Repùblica Bolivariana de Venezuela ante el Cuerpo Diplomàtico acreditado en Venezuela unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:37:33
Film V5095/DVD

Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez unknown

General Physical Description note: 41:00
Film V5096/DVD

Amores Perros 2000

General Physical Description note: 2:34:06
Film V5097/DVD

Asedio A Una Embajada 2002

General Physical Description note: 32:52
Film V5098/DVD

Bernardo Alvarez 10/7/2009

General Physical Description note: 41:27
Film V5099/DVD

Blanco y negro: Bebo and Cigala en vivo 2003

General Physical Description note: 1:20:32
Film V5100/DVD

Brown sheep project 6/25/2000

General Physical Description note: 1:01:56
Film V5101/DVD

Cecilia unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:11:33
Film V5102/DVD

Children of the river 1988

General Physical Description note: 57:13
Film V5103/DVD

Chinese military unknown

Comments and description

in chinese
Film V5104/DVD

Cinematographor style unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:26:17
Film V5105/DVD

Commandante 2002

General Physical Description note: 1:35:10

Comments and description

Oliver Stone
Film V5106/DVD

Cuba narrative (hangs up at chapter 8) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:40:00
Film V5107/DVD

Cuba: an African odyssey (last few minutes damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:58:17
Film V5108/DVD

Daniel Del Solar: His Story unknown

General Physical Description note: 54:52
Film V5109/DVD

Daniel's summer 2009

General Physical Description note: 24:03
Film V5110/DVD

DDS 2009 summer 2009

General Physical Description note: 24:24
Film V5111/DVD

Digital laundry unknown

General Physical Description note: 50:00
Film V5112/DVD

Documental Cuba-US La Historia Veridica 2009

General Physical Description note: 1:05:28
Film V5113/DVD

Doug Eaglebart and coop pan 03/2010

Film V5114/DVD

Ed's wake by Daniel unknown

Film V5115/DVD

El Enemigo Comùn unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:03:44
Film V5116/DVD

El Güengüense unknown

General Physical Description note: 13:55
Film V5117/DVD

Finding Lee Mullican unknown

General Physical Description note: 50:55

Comments and description

444 and 445 are diff tapes/same name
Film V5118/DVD

Finding Lee Mullican 2008

General Physical Description note: 1:16:00

Comments and description

444 and 445 are diff tapes/same name
Film V5119/DVD

Fine Glass Berkeley shutdown 2002

General Physical Description note: 2:03:03
Film V5120/DVD

Folding time and space at Burning Man 2 2005

General Physical Description note: 1:26:00
Film V5121/DVD

Fresa y chocolate 3/28/2011

General Physical Description note: 1:45:00
Film V5122/DVD

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (1a, 1b) unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:00:00

Comments and description

Dimi no. 1 (a and b)
Film V5123/DVD

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (2a,2b) unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:00:00

Comments and description

Dimi no. 2a and b
Film V5124/DVD

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (3a,3b) unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:02:32

Comments and description

Dimi no. 3a and b
Film V5125/DVD

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (4a,4b) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:18:00

Comments and description

Dimi no. 4a and b
Film V5126/DVD

Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff (5a,5b) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:50:30

Comments and description

Dimi no. 5a and b
Film V5127/DVD

Hagase la Luz Desafia unknown

General Physical Description note: 34:09
Film V5128/DVD

Happy 88th Father D September, 2006

General Physical Description note: 3:08:00
Film V5129/DVD

Imagine unknown

General Physical Description note: 20:00
Film V5130/DVD

Informatico 6/13/2008

Film V5131/DVD

Informatico chapter 7 6/13/2008

Film V5132/DVD

Informatico Daniel del Solar 05/31/2009

Film V5133/DVD

Informatico Daniel Del Solar 2002 unknown

Film V5134/DVD

Informatico selected videos unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:23:43
Film V5135/DVD

Information MSIR 6/13/2008

Film V5136/DVD

Insurrecciòn Cultural unknown

General Physical Description note: 56:10
Film V5137/DVD

It felt like a kiss 2009

General Physical Description note: 54:32

Comments and description

Directed by Adam Curtis
Film V5138/DVD

Jody Fine leaving Berkeley unknown

General Physical Description note: 5:00

Comments and description

J. Fine Glass
Film V5139/DVD

Josè Martì 2010

General Physical Description note: 2:00:39
Film V5140/DVD

Keys to the massacre 2004

General Physical Description note: 1:44:00
Film V5141/DVD

La Cantata Santa Maria de Iquique unknown

General Physical Description note: 58:00
Film V5142/DVD

La Ciudad de Los Fotografos unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:20:24

Comments and description

Sebastian Moreno
Film V5144/DVD

Latino the director's cut unknown

Film V5145/DVD

Lead Haiti unknown

General Physical Description note: 6:00
Film V5146/DVD

Lee Mullican UCLA wake Jodi and Jodene wedding (partially damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:03:01
Film V5147/DVD

Legacy of torture unknown

General Physical Description note: 28:15
Film V5148/DVD

Libro Blanco Sobre RCTV 2007

General Physical Description note: 56:20
Film V5149/DVD

Life and death of Frida Kahlo program 1975

General Physical Description note: 1:04:14
Film V5150/DVD

Live to remember 2 2008

General Physical Description note: 2:20:39
Film V5151/DVD

Los cinco Toronto November, 7

General Physical Description note: 1:27:00
Film V5152/DVD

Los Guaraguau Venezuela unknown

Film V5153/DVD

Los Momentos Que Brillan 2004

General Physical Description note: 1:16:59
Film V5154/DVD

Most fascinating women/Basquiat (titled Children of Che) unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:38:46
Film V5155/DVD

Mullican and Mullican unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:37:26
Film V5156/DVD

Mullican, Taos- August '81 Anita no. 3 (4 copies) 7/2/2008

General Physical Description note: 26:00
Film V5157/DVD

Nicaragua no. 1 road trip interview unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:04:01
Film V5158/DVD

Nostalgia for the light 2010

General Physical Description note: 1:29:36
Film V5159/DVD

Nostalgia, La Pròxima Estaciòn 1997

General Physical Description note: 19:56

Comments and description

Directed by Jorge Aguirre
Film V5160/DVD

Nuestra America 2005

General Physical Description note: 1:24:00
Film V5161/DVD

Open studio: Suni Paz 6/30/2008

General Physical Description note: 28:00
Film V5162/DVD

Overcoming barriers to 9/11 truth unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:04:54
Film V5163/DVD

Painful deceptions the 9/11 commission report unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:34:20
Film V5164/DVD

Paz Sin Fronteras (Second half damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 4:24:17
Film V5165/DVD

Pedro J. Chamorio/El Viego Marino 1987

General Physical Description note: 27:00
Film V5166/DVD

Pictures from a revolution unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:28:12
Film V5167/DVD

Que Hacer unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:30:00
Film V5168/DVD

Radio Gratica (Argentina) unknown

Comments and description

Quicktime files dated 2009
Film V5169/DVD

Rockdown Central America 1989

General Physical Description note: 29:45
Film V5170/DVD

Rojo Amanecer 1989

General Physical Description note: 1:39:28
Film V5171/DVD

Rompiendo la Oscurana Nica 1980/1981

General Physical Description note: 10:24
Film V5172/DVD

Santiago Alvarez Vol. 1 (2 copies) unknown

Film V5173/DVD

Santiago Alvarez Vol. 3 unknown

Film V5174/DVD

Say brother "I was born a Chilean" 1980

General Physical Description note: 58:00
Film V5175/DVD

Secuestro Express 2004

General Physical Description note: 1:27:15
Film V5176/DVD

SFMT 09 2 Big 2 Fail unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:00:44
Film V5177/DVD

Solar media "Black writers" 1994

General Physical Description note: 29:15
Film V5178/DVD

Solar media "Suni Paz/Open studios TV" 1976

General Physical Description note: 29:00
Film V5179/DVD

Solar media "Teach and peace boat" 5/6/2008

General Physical Description note: 1:50:00
Film V5180/DVD

Soukouss vibration Vol 5 unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:06:41
Film V5181/DVD

Steven Ben Israel: live at the theater for the New City unknown

General Physical Description note: 16:23
Film V5182/DVD

Teaser Curitiba Zero Grau unknown

General Physical Description note: 2:50
Film V5183/DVD

The Cherokee shaft 1971

General Physical Description note: 52:57
Film V5184/DVD

The Gringo in Mañanaland May, 1995

General Physical Description note: 1:02:16

Comments and description

Directed by DeeDee Halleck
Film V5185/DVD

The Lovers in San Fernando 2001

General Physical Description note: 1:28:56
Film V5186/DVD

The Pozon coop: A model of high road development 2007

General Physical Description note: 25:55
Film V5187/DVD

The revolution will not be televised 2002

General Physical Description note: 1:15:10
Film V5188/DVD

The world stopped watching (last half is damagaed) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:22:30
Film V5189/DVD

Under rich earth (second half damaged) unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:33:18
Film V5190/DVD

Venezuela 101 unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:04:49
Film V5191/DVD

Venezuela from below 2004

General Physical Description note: 1:07:32
Film V5192/DVD

Venezuela murals unknown

Film V5193/DVD

Venezuela rising unknown

General Physical Description note: 65:00
Film V5194/DVD

Victoria de un Pueblo en Armas unknown

General Physical Description note: 33:39
Film V5195/DVD

Viva Cuba unknown

General Physical Description note: 42:16
Film V5196/DVD

Waiting for the invasion 1984

General Physical Description note: 27:44
Film V5197/DVD

Walker 1987

General Physical Description note: 1:30:37
Film V5198/DVD

What democracy looks like unknown

General Physical Description note: 1:05:58
Film V5199/DVD

Ya se Pudo Radio KCPN Barnraising unknown

General Physical Description note: 11:00
Film V5200/DVD

Yo Soy El Otro 2008

General Physical Description note: 1:21:07
Film V5201/F1

Hunter's Point Art Gallery Inside Afro Festival 1/2 unknown

Film V5202/F1

Hunter's Point Art Gallery Inside Afro Festival 2/2 unknown

Film V5203/MM

Lost of morning "1010" - First Afternoon (35 min.) unknown

Film V5204/MM

1027: Nata part 2, Kabuki (Loni Ding) unknown

Film V5205/MM

1028: Nata, SF Kabuki (Loni Ding) March 2001

Film V5206/MM

1029: Pacific film archive (Loni Ding) March 14, 2001

Film V5207/MM

1030: Pacific film, tape 2 (Loni Ding) unknown

Film V5208/MM

1031: Storm, hail, nudes, Taos (Lee Mullican) August 5, 2001

Film V5209/MM

1032: Solano walk, bands (Daniel del Solar) September 2001

Film V5210/MM

1033: Monterey dreams (Daniel del Solar) March 17-19, 2001

Film V5211/MM

1034: Digital independence no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5212/MM

1035: Ocean white door, Digital independence no. 1 (Denise Caruso; Andrew Blau) January 29, 2001

Film V5213/MM

1036: Digital independence no. 3 (Peter Hamilton) January 29, 2001

Film V5214/MM

1037: Digital independence no. 5 (Gail Silver; Ken Jordan) January 29, 2001

Film V5215/MM

1038: Digital independence no. 7 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5216/MM

1039: Digital independence no. 8 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5217/MM

1040: Digital independence no. 10 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5218/MM

1041: Digital independence no. 10 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5219/MM

1042: Digital independence, breakout no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5220/MM

1043: Digital independence, last session (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5221/MM

1044: Digital independence no. 11 (Daniel del Solar) 2001

Film V5222/MM

1045: Joaquin Tonali, last of ceremony (Joaquin Tonali) January 3, 2001

Film V5223/MM

1046: Tonali's birthday (Joaquin Tonali) February 3, 2001

Film V5224/MM

1047: Mari's surprise birthday party, tape no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) September 2000

Film V5225/MM

1048: Mari's surprise birthday party, tape no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) September 2000

Film V5226/MM

1049: Home to tam, ceremony, Sunset bridge (Daniel del Solar) November 11, 2000

Film V5227/MM

1050: Michael Nolan's 60th (Michael Nolan) unknown

Film V5228/MM

1051: 60th Jack Davis birthday celebration (Jack Davis) November 19, 2000

Film V5229/MM

1052: Baptism Ari, Mari (Daniel del Solar) February 2001

Film V5230/MM

1053: Last Friday, Jeff's 45th (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5231/MM

1054: Phil Hutchins birthday test (Phil Hutchins) unknown

Film V5232/MM

1055: Curry's picnic (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5233/MM

1056: Rhythmizm no. 3 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5234/MM

1057: Rhythmizm no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5235/MM

1058: After Inti, Part 3 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5236/MM

1059: Sonia's, watercolor exhibit (Daniel del Solar) July 7, 2001

Film V5237/MM

1060: Bloch, Dimitroff (Jose Angel Gutierrez) August 31

Film V5238/MM

1061: Sunday (Daniel del Solar) December 24, 2000

Film V5239/MM

1062: Spin at Mother Jones (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5240/MM

1063: Radio interview "Latinos" Detroit (Al Wong) unknown

Film V5241/MM

1064: Bay guardian no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) May 2001

Film V5242/MM

11th Annual Bay Area Mural Awareness 05/19/2001

Film V5243/MM

11th Annual Bay Area Mural Awareness Part 2 05/19/2001

Film V5244/MM

18th [illegible] Diego Rivera Museum unknown

Film V5245/MM

50th Arrival mass portraits unknown

Film V5246/MM

762: ACLU 2001 Civil Rights no. 1 (ACLU; Daniel del Solar) December 17, 2001

Film V5247/MM

763: Mary Lunch, Dorinda no. 1 (Mary; Dorinda) August 31, 2001

Film V5248/MM

764: Dorinda, Jose Angel, Peter Camejo (Dorinda; Jose Angel) August 31, 2001

Film V5249/MM

765: Intros, Place, Kitchen (Dorinda) unknown

Film V5250/MM

766: Misc, Skyline-pre no. 1 (Susan Miriam) November 16

Film V5251/MM

767: Skyline 2k dance (Susan Miriam) unknown

Film V5252/MM

768: Women's conference session no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) March 17, 2001

Film V5253/MM

769: ACLU Civil Rights no. 2 (ACLU; Daniel del Solar) November 10, 2000

Film V5254/MM

770: Cantinflas (Herbert Siguenza) March 3, 2001

Film V5255/MM

771: Santa Rosa (MCR; Miriam) March 3, 2001

Film V5256/MM

772: Mid Peninsula Acres (Daniel del Solar) January 2001

Film V5257/MM

773: Firestarters no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) June 29, 2001

Film V5258/MM

774: Firestarters no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5259/MM

775: Firestarters Tape 3 and Hiphop (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5260/MM

776: NOA Tape no. 2- Wed eve (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5261/MM

777: NOA Tape no. 1- Setting, Artwork (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5262/MM

778: Christmas 2000 (Daniel del Solar; Maria) 2000

Film V5263/MM

779: Beach ceremony, Pacifica (Susan Miriam) unknown

Film V5264/MM

780: Drive to Stinson, Computer work (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5265/MM

781: Sept, Paper Tiger, UC Berkeley (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5266/MM

782: Paper Tiger, Dee Dee show (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5267/MM

783: Susan home, tomatoes, Paper Tiger (Susan Miriam) September 12

Film V5268/MM

784: Home Snapshots, Stones (Daniel del Solar) September 2000

Film V5269/MM

785: Paper Tiger at PFA (Susan Miriam; Dee Dee) unknown

Film V5270/MM

786: Exteriors of Elmhurst, John and Elsar (John; Elsa) unknown

Film V5271/MM

787: llama, UIC pt. 2, Elmhurst (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5272/MM

788: UIC- Llama, Hablamos, Elmhurst (Daniel del Solar) September 18, 2000

Film V5273/MM

789: East Lansing, Evening meet (Daniel del Solar; Susan Miriam) unknown

Film V5274/MM

790: Dee Dee at PFA, Jose Gringo in Mananaland (Daniel del Solar; Dee Dee Halleck) unknown

Film V5275/MM

791: Death and Dying, Leona Trail (KQED; Bob Thurman) September 2000

Film V5276/MM

792: Big Sur (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5277/MM

793: Cemetary Kaiser and At Home (Daniel del Solar; Susan Miriam) unknown

Film V5278/MM

794: Headlands Center, Anita (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5279/MM

795: Jim Yee Memorial no. 1 (Jim Yee; Daniel del Solar) March 23, 2001

Film V5280/MM

796: Jim Yee Memorial no. 2 (Jim Yee; Daniel del Solar) March 23, 2001

Film V5281/MM

797: Jim Yee Memorial no. 3 (Jim Yee; Daniel del Solar) March 23, 2001

Film V5282/MM

798: Dimitroff, Bloch no. 1 (Dimitroff; Bloch) unknown

Film V5283/MM

799: Dimitroff, Bloch no. 2 (Dimitroff; Bloch) unknown

Film V5284/MM

800: Dimitroff, Bloch no. 3 (Dimitroff; Bloch) unknown

Film V5285/MM

801: Dimitroff, Bloch no. 4 (Dimitroff; Bloch) unknown

Film V5286/MM

802: Dimitroff, Bloch no. 5 (Dimitroff; Bloch) unknown

Film V5287/MM

803: Jody and Jodene's Wedding (Jody; Jodene) unknown

Film V5288/MM

804: Susan and Daniel at home (Daniel del Solar; Susan Miriam) 2001

Film V5289/MM

805: Kaiser, Chemo times, The bay (Susan Miriam; Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5290/MM

806: Johnny Otis at Powerhouse no. 2 (Johnny Otis) January 27, 2001

Film V5291/MM

807: Johnny Otis at Powerhouse no. 1 (Johnny Otis) January 27, 2001

Film V5292/MM

808: Digital Independence no. 6 (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5293/MM

809: B'day songs by Yvette (Yvette; Daniel del Solar) June 18

Film V5294/MM

810: Amy Goodman at N. Berkeley senior center no. 1 (Amy Goodman) October 21, 2000

Film V5295/MM

811: Amy Goodman at N. Berkeley senior center no. 2 (Amy Goodman) October 21, 2000

Film V5296/MM

812: Mime Troupe audio only (Mime Troupe) 2001

Film V5297/MM

813: Anita Schleff at Union Square (Anita Schleff) unknown

Film V5298/MM

814: Support Group (KPFA) January 2002

Film V5299/MM

815: Santa Rosa Community Media Center (Patti; Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5300/MM

816: Last of dance at Skyline (Daniel del Solar) November 16, 2000

Film V5301/MM

817: Taos- down (Daniel del Solar) August 2001

Film V5302/MM

818: Claud, Susan- Reading (Susan Miriam) unknown

Film V5303/MM

819: Luchita no. 3 (Daniel del Solar) August 10, 2001

Film V5304/MM

820: Luchita no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) August 10, 2001

Film V5305/MM

821: Luchita no. 1 (Daniel del Solar) August 10, 2001

Film V5306/MM

822: Mesa Rd (Linda; John) 2000

Film V5307/MM

823: Luchita, Santa Monica (Isabel; Letlier) unknown

Film V5308/MM

824: Storm, Thanksgiving no. 1 (Susan Miriam; Luchita) unknown

Film V5309/MM

825: Thanksgiving no. 2, Santa Monica Cnyn (Susan Miriam; Luchita) November 2001

Film V5310/MM

826: End of Party (Dorinda Moreno; Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5311/MM

827: Skyline College Lo tech concert (Daniel del Solar) November 15, 2001

Film V5312/MM

828: Skyline Dance- Dress rehearsal (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5313/MM

905: New Mexico (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5314/MM

906: June Trip (Daniel del Solar) May 2001

Film V5315/MM

907: Taos Dawn (Daniel del Solar) August 2002

Film V5316/MM

908: NYC August/late July (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5317/MM

909: Rod and Ronnie wedding Part 2 (Steven Ben Israel) July 30, 2002

Film V5318/MM

910: Last of wedding Boston (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5319/MM

911: NYC last day/morning (Luchita; Matt) 2003

Film V5320/MM

912: Taos plaza fall roundup (Anita) August 25, 2002

Film V5321/MM

913: Wedding: Boston (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5322/MM

914: Taos NM, ends Taos gorge (Daniel del Solar) August 2002

Film V5323/MM

915: World Santa Rosa Pele de la pe show (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5324/MM

916: SF views, Nina and Cuban medicine Part no. 1 Coro Hispano (Daniel del Solar) January 14, 2001

Film V5325/MM

917: Ano nuevo Media Part no. 2 (Daniel del Solar) October 25

Film V5326/MM

918: Lab media Part no. 1 (KPFA) January 9, 2002

Film V5327/MM

919: Lab media Part no. 2 (KPFA) January 9, 2002

Film V5328/MM

920: Chile "Pinochet" and "Kissinger" (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5329/MM

921: Berkeley hills, Apache canyon (Daniel del Solar) unknown

Film V5330/MM

A building in Copacabana unknown

Film V5331/MM

A.N. Lewis Tribute unknown

Comments and description

needs repair
Film V5332/MM

ACLU Bill of Rights Day 12/12/1998

Film V5333/MM

ACLU no. 2 11/14/2001

Film V5334/MM

ACLU Training no. 1 11/14/2001

Film V5335/MM

Adams Middle School ACEACAD Assembly unknown

Film V5336/MM

Agnes Martin : With my back to the world unknown

Film V5337/MM

Agnes Martin Film unknown

Film V5338/MM

Al Wong's Sea Stories Galeria Ari's Paper Tiger unknown

Film V5339/MM

Alejandro no. 2 unknown

Film V5340/MM

Alejandro no. 3 unknown

Film V5341/MM

Alejandro no. 4 unknown

Film V5342/MM

Alejandro no. 5 (last) unknown

Film V5343/MM

Alejandro Stuart (first tape) no. 1 unknown

Film V5344/MM

Amsterdam and Family 07/4/2002

Film V5345/MM

Ana and the others Celina Murga Argentina 2003

General Physical Description note: 1:20:00
Film V5346/MM

Anita imagenes 12/20/2003

Film V5347/MM

April Misc. unknown

General Physical Description note: 0.025
Film V5348/MM

Arcata and Foto Experience opening 06/2004

Film V5349/MM

Arias no. 2 QandA Sunset Titles unknown

Film V5350/MM

Arnold Belkin Mexico City 1989

Film V5351/MM

Arnold Belkin Pt. no. 2 09/18/2003

Film V5352/MM

Ashes 11/22

General Physical Description note: 4:00
Film V5353/MM

B. [illegible] Positive health unknown

Film V5354/MM

Balmy Alley 25th and Ariel's barrio party unknown

Film V5355/MM

Barcelona 07/10/2002

Film V5356/MM

Being Young in the 90's Cam no. 1, Tape no. 1 unknown

Film V5357/MM

Beto's no. 1 08/25/2001

Film V5358/MM

Beto's no. 2 08/25/2001

Film V5359/MM

Birthday unknown

Film V5360/MM

Blanche Decaen Oxnard 12/2/2001

Film V5361/MM

Blue Angels Fleetweek 10/2003

Film V5362/MM

Boat Move Soma 10/13/2001

Film V5363/MM

Cal Poets Modern Times for Nina unknown

Film V5364/MM

Cam no. 1 main no. 2 3/19/1993

Film V5365/MM

Cam. 2 Frank Escobar 10/6/1994

Film V5366/MM

Camera 2 tape no. 1 Paper tiger no. 2 3/19/1993

Film V5367/MM

Camera 2 tape no. 2 3/19/1993

Film V5368/MM

Canto Popular American Music Hall 11/7/1997

Film V5369/MM

Canto Popular XX 12/7/2001

Film V5370/MM

Cantonese lapl unknown

Film V5371/MM

Carl Linn com garden headstone 01/2002

Film V5372/MM

Carnaval End unknown

Film V5373/MM

Carnaval Oakland Swans 05/27/2002

Film V5374/MM

Carol Isard AIDs paintings, museum of natural history unknown

General Physical Description note: 00:40:00
Film V5375/MM

Che Tape 2 unknown

Film V5376/MM

Che-(Cuba) Parts 1 and 2 unknown

Film V5377/MM

Chet Helms 60th Birthday Part 1 unknown

Film V5378/MM

Chet Helms 60th Part 2 unknown

Film V5379/MM

Chile Promise of Freedom II 09/12/2003

Film V5380/MM

Chile Promise of Freedom II unknown

Film V5381/MM

Cinco de Mayo San Jose 05/3/1998

Film V5382/MM

Control room unknown

Film V5383/MM

Coro Hispano Mission Dolores Guillermo Pena Tape 2 01/14

Film V5384/MM

Cuba AIDs concert unknown

Film V5385/MM

Daniel unknown

Film V5386/MM

Daniel del Solar 6/30

Film V5387/MM

David Spero Berkeley 2003

Film V5388/MM

Day of the Dead Back of the Picture Oaxaca Mexico Oct. 2001

Film V5389/MM

Diego Mural Docent unknown

Film V5390/MM

Diem Jones Birthday Luis Valdez unknown

Film V5391/MM

Dogs in the Basement 47 unknown

Film V5392/MM

Doppleganger no. 1 unknown

Film V5393/MM

Dr Loco's 60th SF 2000

Film V5394/MM

Dr. Helen Caldicott SF 9/2002

Film V5395/MM

E Ethelhat Miller 06/28/2001

General Physical Description note: 50:00
Film V5396/MM

Ed McClarty Gilda Simon unknown

Film V5397/MM

Elayne Jones Family Thanks Giving unknown

Film V5398/MM

Elephant Seals unknown

Film V5399/MM

Erika Goode's Party Beautiful Home 2 Sf Ariels 2001

Film V5400/MM

Euds Mozart Soprano 08/11

Film V5401/MM

Eva no. 1 5/1/1999

Film V5402/MM

Eva no. 2 5/1/1999

Film V5403/MM

Familia Sanchez Nuestra Gente Interview audio only unknown

Film V5404/MM

Feminists New York City Chalker Dotson 05/04/2001

Film V5405/MM

Fernando Natali Tami Alex Marsh unknown

Film V5406/MM

Film Fest TAFF 1 2003

Film V5407/MM

Film Fest/Open/Ed-Erika /Concert and Susan unknown

Film V5408/MM