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Language of Material: English
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Title: Joseph Levy papers
source: Levy, Robley
Creator: Levy, Joseph M. (Joseph Meyer), 1901-1965
Identifier/Call Number: MS.275
Physical Description: 13 Linear Feet 17 half cartons; 4 flats
Date (inclusive): 1920-1971
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Joseph Levy papers. MS 275. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Robley Levy, Joseph Levy's daughter-in-law.

Biographical / Historical

Joseph Meyer Levy (1901-1965) was an American citizen, due to his father’s citizenship, who was born, brought up and educated in Palestine. He was the New York Times correspondent for the Middle East, reporting from Jerusalem in Palestine, and Cairo, Egypt from 1928 to 1940, and from Ankara, Turkey from 1943 to 1944. Previously he had worked for the Civil Authorities of the British Mandate in Jerusalem. He was multilingual, speaking English, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and a number of Arabic dialects. His Arabic was augmented by his experiences living with the Bedouin in the desert for six months. Following his work with the New York Times he worked for the American Jewish Committee in New York, and was a public relations representative for Congressman Emmanuel Cellar and the French government in the U.S., for Ambassadors Herve Alphand and Couve de Mourville.
  • 1920 - employed as a clerk for the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC)
  • 1928 - appointed New York Times correspondent
  • 1930's - reviews and reports on Middle East situations, including the administrative, political, psychological and social causes. Corresponds with British intelligence and armed forces, General Henry Maitland Wilson
  • 1936 - British forces commendation
  • 1943-1944 - reports on the plight of the Jewish people in the Balkans and Eastern Europe
  • 1945 - suffers ill health; denied accreditation and Egyptian visa
  • 1946 - retires from the New York Times
  • 1948-1950 - corresponds with Nessim Moreno and starts work for the American Jewish Committee
  • 1954-1959 - Public Relations Representative for Congressman Emmanuel Cellar and the French government in the U.S. with ambassadors Herve Alphand and Couve de Murville
  • 1960 - awarded Legion of Honor by French ambassador Herve Alphand
  • 1965 - Joseph Levy dies - obituary written by Ben Avi for Maariv
Among the significant issues, though not a comprehensive list, on which these documents shed light are:
  • Actions of the British Civil and Military Authorities in Palestine in the 1920’s and 1930’s
  • Arab/Jewish relations in Palestine, both Arab and Jewish political factions, ambitions and actions, and the Arab Riots of 1929
  • The British Commission of Inquiry, 1929
  • Jewish and Zionist politics both in Palestine and internationally
  • Issues of Jewish immigration and its impact on Palestine and Palestinians
  • In the run up to World War II, potential Arab alliance with the Axis Powers
  • Events in Egypt from the death of King Fuad and the ascension of Farouk to onset of World War II, including reports of archaeological finds
  • The War in the Western Desert
  • The Axis threat to the Middle East
  • Jewish refugee crisis in the Balkans as the Germans moved east toward the the end of the war
Biography written by Robley Levy, Joseph Levy's daughter-in-law.

Content Description

This collection contains daily dispatches from Jerusalem, Cairo, and Ankara between 1928 and 1945. In addition there is personal correspondence, research materials, financial papers, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera that document Levy's journalism career, and the events and politics of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Joseph Levy’s papers contain substantial raw historical information. Particularly rich are the voluminous near daily and sometimes several times a day dispatches from Jerusalem, Cairo and Ankara between 1928 and 1945. While Levy's work often appeared in the New York Times , these documents offer many that were not used for publication and which contain substantially greater detail and information than those that were printed.


Collection is arranged chronologically by series. Original folder titles were retained when possible.

Related Materials

For more on Joseph M. Levy and his work, see:
  • The Archive of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • Israeli State Archive

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Many of the documents in this collection are in fragile condition.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Middle East
Balkan Peninsula
Levy, Joseph M.
Levy, Robley


Correspondence, Cables, and Dispatches 1897, 1920-1971

Scope and Contents

This series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence, cables, and dispatches from the Middle East for the New York Times. In 1943-1944 Levy reports on Jewish refugees and their transit from Balkan death camps; UNRAA assistance; and Balkan, Turkish, Transnistrian and Yugoslavian politics as Russians advance. Also included are dispatches sent by Joseph Levy's "stringers", Pessah Ginsburg and Hanna, and writings by others. Documents and correspondence are in English, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek.
Note to researchers: Summary titles for each folder represent only a portion of the topics enclosed. Work may also include background information, unpublished articles, and essays.
Box 1, Folder 1

Correspondence 1920, 1931-1971

Box 1, Folder 2

Dispatches to New York Times submitted "on spec" circa 1926-1927

Box 1, Folder 3

Appointment - New York Times Middle East correspondent 1928

Box 1, Folder 4

Correspondence and dispatches 1928

Box 1, Folder 5

Cables regarding instability, King Ibn Saud, Syrian and Palestinian unrest 1929

Box 1, Folder 6

Untermeyer's speech as handed to Joseph Levy circa 1925-1929

Box 1, Folder 7

Communique: Jewish Community of Palestine General Council - Vaad Leumi 1929

Box 1, Folder 8

Archaeology, American School of Oriental Research Jerusalem, Kingdom of Ibn Saud, Lateran Treaty, Iraq and Persia agreement, festivals, Syria January-August 1929

Box 1, Folder 9-10

Arab boycott, Palestine riots, battleship Ramilles, Hebron massacre 1929

Box 1, Folder 11

Dedication David Wolfsohn Memorial Library, Syria, locust invasion, celebrations, British relations, boycotts, executions, riot trials, Anglo-Egyptian negotiations January-May 1930

Box 2, Folder 1

First women police in the East, political/economic situation in Syria and Lebanon, Jewish National and University Library, visit of Colonel & Mrs. Adler January-April 1930

Box 2, Folder 2

Agriculture, archaeology, Bethlehem, Kurds and Turks, Egyptian tariffs, Mosul oil pipeline, Anglo-Iraq Treaty, Jewish colonies, Arab-British relations August-December 1930

Box 2, Folder 3

Bank communiques 1930

Box 2, Folder 4

Archaeology, Wafdists, Balfour, Palestine 1930

Box 2, Folder 5

Cables sent by Meltzer: archaeology, Dead Sea resort, Wailing Wall Commission, Palestine-Arab delegation May-August 1930

Box 2, Folder 6-7

Articles and working materials 1930-1931

Box 2, Folder 8-9

Reisner Report on Archaeology in Egypt 1931-1932

Box 3, Folder 1

Minorities in Iraq, drug traffic, Mosul Pipeline, MacDonald Addenda, elections, aviation company in Cairo, mineral deposits January-February 1931

Box 3, Folder 2

Graf Zeppelin, Wafdists, Arab-Jewish parlays, Iraq and Hedjaz, elections, archaeology, Egyptian tariffs February-April 1931

Box 3, Folder 3

Personal correspondence to editors and press managers re: travel requests, journalists' credentials and authorizations, J.P. Morgan Holy Land visit February-July 1931

Box 3, Folder 4

Arming of Jews, archaeology, Egypt and Soviet cotton deal, Wailing Wall ruling, labor strikes, elections, riots April-July 1931

Box 3, Folder 5

New York Times editor to Levy re: Zionists. Howard Carter, Birchall situation - Cyprus August-December 1931

Box 3, Folder 6

Demonstrations and riots Palestine, Bethlehem festivities, Egyptian sanctions, archaeology, elections Syria, King Fuad, Moslem Congress, cotton sales, Armenian church, monetary issues France/Egypt August-December 1931

Box 3, Folder 7

"Prospects for the Moslem Congress" 1932

Box 3, Folder 8

Archaeology, Palestine and Jerusalem revolts, elections, British occupation in Egypt 1932

Box 3, Folder 9-10

Correspondence and telegrams 1932

Box 4, Folder 1

Desert revolts, British occupation in Europe, Iraq revolution, archaeology in Egypt, speech by Sir Frederick Palmer, opening of Oriental Hall, address delivered by A. Stanley Parker to Alexandria Rotary Club. Background material re: G. A. Reisner archaeological finds 1932

Box 4, Folder 2

Supplementary Report on Agriculture Development and Land Settlement in Palestine by Lewis French April 20, 1932

Box 4, Folder 3

Explorations in Edom, Palestine Jewry, Dog River (Nahr el Kelb) Syria, Dept. of Antiquities communiques 1932-1933

Box 4, Folder 4

Correspondence and cables - including first Jewish people from Germany settle in Palestine 1933

Box 4, Folder 5

Jewish team wins honors, water shortages, archaeology, Bulgarian opium trade January-April 1933

Box 4, Folder 6

Egyptian girl flyer, U.S Envoy visits King Fuad, Palestine acts on Jewish entry, Arab riots Jerusalem/Palestine, Abyssinian Empress, Moab expedition, American oil concession, Nubian tombs, attacks on missions May-December 1933

Box 4, Folder 7

Correspondence and cables regarding expense accounts, permissions, policies Dec. 1933-Dec. 1934

Box 4, Folder 8

Palestine takes Reich goods, King Fuad, archaeology, Arlosorloff trial January-December 1934

Box 5, Folder 1

Cairo students, Palestine council, Egypt and British relations/independence, archaeology, Italians protest Egyptian sanctions, Henrietta Szold, Arabs, Ethiopians and Mussolini January-December 1935

Box 5, Folder 2

Correspondence and cables including Dr. Magnus and Hebrew University, Alexandria rebel crew - Greek navy January-December 1935

Box 5, Folder 3

"Egypt Uncertain on Ties to Britain", King Fuad, Reich envoy in Egyptian desert, Tel Aviv aviation fair, Syrian strike January-April 1936

Box 5, Folder 4

Correspondence and cables regarding editorial style, expense accounts. Includes visit of Leo Kieran on the Hindenburg January-June 1936

Box 5, Folder 5

"Disturbed situation Palestine...", British Cheshire regiment, Syria, riots, archaeology, Haile Selassie, King Farouk May-June 1936

Box 5, Folder 6

"The Verdun of the Arabs", Radio London, archaeology, typewritten copies from Iraqi papers June-September 1936

Box 5, Folder 7

Weekend dispatches, expense accounts. Includes King Fuad obituary July-December 1936

Box 5, Folder 8

"Jews in Palestine Fight concessions", Dr. Weizmann, Iraq Coup, Tel Aviv school bomb, British Palestine relations, July-December 1936

Box 6, Folder 1

Nile article by Esther Levy, "The Nile Basin" by H.E. Hurst, "Jerusalem - Ideal Summer Resort", "Britain's Interest in Egypt", "An Arabic Village"… circa 1932-1936

Box 6, Folder 2

"The Moslem Attitude in the Italo-Abyssinian Conflict", "Egypt the Winter Resort of the World" circa 1932-1936

Box 6, Folder 3

Palestine vignettes including: "Shoemakers of Palestine Federate", "A Day in a Kwatza" (Kevutzah) 1936

Box 6, Folder 4

"The Arab Jewish Problem in Palestine", "Myth of Pan Arabism", "Review of the Political Situation in Palestine…" - notes, pamphlets, correspondence, lecture playbills circa 1936

Box 6, Folder 5

Writings by others, including Henry Filmer, Alan Rowe, Arthur Salzberger circa 1936

Box 6, Folder 6

"Poor Quarters Hail Egyptian King", "Arab Unity is Still Remote", "Palestine Arabs Win Moslem Rulers' Aid", coronation day, "Palestine Grove Given to Toscanini" January-July 1937

Box 6, Folder 7

"Nahas Having Refused…", Egyptian Cabinet, Jewish Board Bans, Egyptian premier assassination attempt, "Syria Toll Raised by Renewed Rains", Arab-Britain relations August-December 1937

Box 6, Folder 8

Correspondence and cables January-December 1937

Box 7, Folder 1

Pessah Ginsburg and Hanna - articles and correspondence from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including "The Toy Port", "New Zionist Organisation", "Pan Arabism and Counter Movement" 1937

Box 7, Folder 2

Extra copies, articles, reports - including "The Land of Sheba" by H. St. John Philby, "The Coup d'Etat of October 20th" January-July 1937

Box 7, Folder 3

Backup material including: "Mentality for the Holy Land", "The Drama for the Royal Commission", extracts from radio bulletins re: Palestine; pamphlet, "The Hidden Land of Judah" by O.B. Good circa 1937-1940

Box 7, Folder 4

Writings and correspondence - "Infant Welfare Centre's Lottery", broadcast from the pyramids, letter of introduction and photographer's pass for Herbert Gehr, celebration of King Farouk's 18th birthday, Levy's broadcast to America (Feb. 11, 1938), speech written for Egyptian prime minister Aly Maher Pasha (Aug. 1, 1939), "The British Intelligence Service" 1937-1939

Box 7, Folder 5

Correspondence to the Cairo office of the New York Times 1938

Box 7, Folder 6

Cables and mail dispatches, including: "Troops Route Arabs in Palestine Clash", "Powers Seek Turks' Favor", "Toscanini Repeats Palestine Triumph", "King Farouk Makes Farida His Queen" January-July 1938

Box 8, Folder 1

Correspondence and cables January-September 1938

Box 8, Folder 2

Cables and mail dispatches, including "7,500 Jews Aiding Palestine Forces", "Arabs and Troops Battle in Hebron" August-September 1938

Box 8, Folder 3

Cables and mail dispatches, including: "Five Members Defunct Arab Committee…", "Arab Group Offers Aid to the British", "First Briton Slain in Jerusalem Raid", "Arab Women Meet" September-December 1938

Box 8, Folder 4

Dispatches including: translation of address from Abdul Aziz Es Saud, King of Saudi Arabia to President Franklin Roosevelt; Pararab orange growers, "Palestine's Youth Immigration Movement", "Two Brit Soldiers Killed - Jenin" 1938

Box 8, Folder 5-6

Palestine reports and documents 1938

Box 8, Folder 7

Correspondence - personal 1938

Box 9, Folder 1

Pessah Ginsburg and Hanna - articles and correspondence from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including "The New British Statement on Palestine", "Bandits Lose Heavily in Acre Battles", "Twilight", Arabic propaganda cards 1937-1938

Box 9, Folder 2

Materials and notes for articles on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt 1938-1939

Box 9, Folder 3

Cables and mail dispatches, including: "British Government...", "Defense of Nile Pushed by Egypt", "Mufti Is Pressed to Add Delegates" January-May 1939

Box 9, Folder 4

Correspondence and cables January-December 1939

Box 9, Folder 5

Cables and mail dispatches, including: "The Near East is Prepared", "French Drop Plan for a Syrian King", "Jerusalem Homes of Jews Searched" June-November 1939

Box 9, Folder 6

Dispatches including, "State of full preparedness...", "Two new Jewish agricultural…", "Zionist leaders Palestine…" January-November 1939

Box 9, Folder 7

Pessah Ginsburg and Hanna - articles and correspondence from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including "The Passing of a Political…", "What Price Authority", "Revision of Revisionist Tactics?", "The Doomed Clan" 1939

Box 9, Folder 8

Personal correspondence 1939

Box 9, Folder 9

Personal correspondence and papers November 1939-November 1940

Box 10, Folder 1

Dispatches including, "Arrangements have now been completed for training Arab & Jewish recruits...", "The Last Chapter of Egyptian Leadership", "Judah and Ishmael" by Ittamar Ben Avi, "Palestine's Prosperity" 1940

Box 10, Folder 2

Cairo dispatches, including: "Armored Cars Battle Calvary", "Rare Finds Found in Egyptian Tomb", "Jerusalem land sale restrictions…" January-June 1940

Box 10, Folder 3

Cairo dispatches, including: "Massawa Raided by British", "Cairo Hears Nazis Back Afghan Coup", "Jigiga Road Region Raided", "Poles Join Wavell Army" July 1940

Box 10, Folder 4

Correspondence and dispatches 1940

Box 10, Folder 5

Cables, reports, and articles including, "The Arabs have long since been convinced of Hitler's invincibility…", "Collapse France and consequent uncertainty…", "Director general antiquities…" 1940

Box 10, Folder 6

Service cables and correspondence, including: "RAF fighters yesterday…", "Sudanese soldier hoisting the French flag…" February-November 1940

Box 10, Folder 7

Dispatches including, "Missionaries fear Italian…", "9 Planes Shot Down" August 1940

Box 10, Folder 8

Dispatches including, "Australian troops preparing join British…", "RAF raids Western desert…" September 1940

Box 10, Folder 9

Cables and mail dispatches, including: "While Italian armies…", "Two ships unloading quayside shattered by direct hit…" October-November 1940

Box 10, Folder 10

Communiques and background material 1940

Box 10, Folder 11

Letters and cables for others, including cable sent to Winston Churchill written for Aly Maher Pasha December 1939-May 1940

Box 11, Folder 1

Jerusalem dispatches September-October 1940

Box 11, Folder 2

Pessah Ginsburg and Hanna - articles and correspondence from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including, "When France collapsed…", "The Italian Commission", "While orange growers in Palestine…" 1940

Box 11, Folder 3

Dispatches including: Jewish massacre in Romania, "Tragedie du Judaisme Hellenique", "Status of Jews in France", "Blinding sandstorms…" 1941

Box 11, Folder 4

Correspondence and dispatches including: "Mr. Sulzberger would like…", "Abdul Illah", "As an accredited correspondent with the British forces…" 1941

Box 11, Folder 5

Dispatches including: "Broken Italian column...", "As British forces around Kerem…", "Sixteen Axis warplanes…" January-March 1941

Box 11, Folder 6

Dispatches including: "Somewhere Egypt where green valley Nile…", "British pilots defeated Vichy…", "Premier Hussain Sirry Pasha…" April-June 1941

Box 11, Folder 7

Dispatches including: "Counter attack by British…", "Battle between Egyptian coastguard…", "British and Indian officers…" July-November 1941

Box 11, Folder 8

Address to the 11th Annual Labor Institute, Rutgers University June 10, 1941

Box 11, Folder 9

Correspondence regarding broadcasts and speeches, includes programs, clippings February-June 1941

Box 11, Folder 10

Ration books for Esther, Frederick, Joseph and Robert Levy. Award of Individual Production Merit (Dec. 17, 1942) 1941-1942

Box 12, Folder 1

Dispatches including: Vichy government notice of Jewish persons' transfer to occupied area, "German air force twice attacked…", "Capture Benghasi..." 1942

Box 12, Folder 2

Personal correspondence 1942

Box 12, Folder 3

Personal correspondence 1943

Box 12, Folder 4-5

Cables, dispatches, and correspondence from Ankara, Istanbul, London 1943-1945

Box 12, Folder 6

Cables, dispatches, and correspondence from London including: "Never since death [of] Ataturk…", "First dispatch Balkans…", "The Kimon Gueorguieff [Georgiev] government…" 1944

Box 12, Folder 7

Cables, dispatches, and correspondence from Ankara, Istanbul, London including, "Rumanian government revolution against Nazis…", "Now that Germans put power Quisling puppet…" 1944

Box 12, Folder 8

Authentic Diary on Conditions in Hungary circa 1944

Box 12, Folder 9

Cables from Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul regarding the situation in the Balkans; "Report of the Situation in Greece" 1944

Box 13, Folder 1

Dispatches including, "La situation actuelle dans l'URSS et les conclusions…", reports regarding Bulgaria, Romania - mainly in French circa 1944-1945

Box 13, Folder 2

Correspondence including: CV of Dr. Albert Eckstein, speech of President Ismet Inonu of Turkey, Proposed Institute for Asiatic Economics, Summary of British Chamber of Commerce Report, "Announcing the Formation of the Middle East Company" - booklet 1945

Box 13, Folder 3

Correspondence and dispatches including, "How the Russians See It", Outline of a Project for an Arab Institute in the United States 1946

Box 13, Folder 4

Correspondence and dispatches 1947

Box 13, Folder 5

Cables and correspondence mainly from attorney Nessim Z. Moreno to George White (alias for Joseph Levy). Issues include: commercial transactions, references to officers of American Jewish Committee and proposed contributions to various Jewish charities in Muslim world 1948-1950

Box 13, Folder 6-10

American Jewish Committee - reports and correspondence 1948-1950

Box 14, Folder 1

Correspondence from J.D. Eisenstein, The American Kollel Tiphereth Jerusalem 1897

Box 14, Folder 2

Cairo driver's license. Report: Arab Reaction to the Establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine 1930-1940

Box 14, Folder 3

Mixed correspondence 1930-1948

Box 14, Folder 4

Mixed correspondence, includes obituary for Joseph Levy by Oved Ben-Ami 1930-1968

Box 14, Folder 5

Mixed correspondence and clippings including HQ British forces commendation, and General Henry Maitland Wilson (Jumbo Wilson) 1936-1956

Box 14, Folder 6

Dispatches including, "Both Arabs and Jews in Palestine today…" circa 1937-1945

Box 14, Folder 7

Correspondence and dispatches including, "Ninety percent of Hungarian diplomats…", address to The Secretary of State for Labour, Health and Social Assistance. Other dispatches in German, Greek, and Hebrew circa 1940-1949

Box 14, Folder 8

Mixed correspondence and dispatches including, "Discrimination against Jews…", N.Z. Moreno to George White, World Council of Churches and Refugee Division, Arrival and Arrangements for staying in Egypt, postcards 1946-1955

Box 14, Folder 9

Reports for the French Embassy, notes, layout 1953

Box 14, Folder 10

Report for French Consul (July 1, 1957). Pamphlets: The Outcasts of Israel by Michael Selzer (1965); Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs by Elie Eliachar (1970) 1957-1970

Box 15, Folder 1

Public relations. U.S. Representative Emanuel Cellar and French government ambassadors, Herve Alphand and Couve de Mourvelle 1954-1961

Box 15, Folder 2

Arabic papers and pamphlets, including: broadcasts from Rome and Berlin; Ahmed Hussein statement (1940) circa 1930-1945

Box 15, Folder 3

Undated correspondence, some in Hebrew circa 1935-1945

Box 15, Folder 4

Letter of resignation - James G. McDonald, League of Nations - inscribed to Joseph Levy December 27, 1935

Box 15, Folder 5

Legion D' Honneur - nominations and candidates 1955

Box 15, Folder 6

Draft, Americans in the Egyptian Army, 1870-1878. Unknown author. Introductory chapter includes "contract of general Rhett with Egyptian Government during Sudan's days when Kitchener of Khartoum was at Woolwich preparing for the Royal Engineers" (April 1870) undated

Scope and Contents

Levy's note, summarized: "This work by an unknown Confederate officer, is based upon unpublished source material. The author had access to the archives of the Egyptian Royal Palace, War Office, and Foreign Office, and the American Legation, Cairo. The story covers a chapter of Egyptian history dealing with Sudan during Gordon's activity. It includes the scientific explorations of that country and Abyssinia, and the source of the Nile. It revendicates two American Army officers, Colonel Chaille-Long and Colonel Mason, a part in the discovery while not denying to the Englishmen, Speke and Baker the fame to which these Britons are entitled."
Box 15, Folder 7

Chapters II-XIV. Chapter III by Pierre Crabités, "Abbas, Muhammad Said & Early Years of Ismail Pasha" undated

Box 15, Folder 8

Chapters XV-XXV. Chapter XXV by Pierre Crabités, "The Bombardment of the Ports of Alexandria" undated

Box 15, Folder 9

Photographs and lithographs for the book, Americans in the Egyptian Army, 1870-1879 undated

Box 15, Folder 10

Stories on native life in Khartoum by Logan Gray. Includes photographs and correspondence 1933


Financial material 1930-1940

Scope and Contents

This series includes expense accounts, bills, statements, pay stubs, and related cables and correspondence from Esther and Joseph Levy and the New York Times. Also included are personal and professional receipts for all manner of supplies from Middle Eastern merchants.
Box 16, Folder 1-2

Bills, receipts and statements - Egypt 1930

Box 16, Folder 3

New York Times accounts 1930-1932

Box 16, Folder 4

Accounts and statements 1932

Box 16, Folder 5

Accounts and statements 1933

Box 16, Folder 6

Accounts and statements 1934

Box 16, Folder 7

Accounts and statements 1935

Box 17, Folder 1-2

Accounts and statements 1936

Box 17, Folder 3

Accounts and statements 1937

Box 17, Folder 4

Personal accounts 1937

Box 17, Folder 5-6

Accounts and statements 1938

Box 17, Folder 7

Accounts and statements 1939

Box 17, Folder 8

Accounts and statements 1940


Photographs 1930-1943

Scope and Contents

This series contains portraits of Joseph Levy and son; Joseph Levy and others in Turkey; and the massacre of Romanian Jews at Jassy (Iaşi). Also included are publicity photos from the British armed services in Cairo. Includes troops disembarking Alexandria, Western desert warfare, RAF attacks on Addis Ababa, Massawa, and Eritrea 1940.
Box 18, Folder 1

Portraits of Joseph Levy and son circa 1930-1940

Box 18, Folder 2

Joseph Levy and others in Turkey circa 1943

Box 18, Folder 3

Massacre of Romanian Jews 1941

Box 18, Folder 4

British armed services. Includes captured Italian plane in Aden and ammunition and other equipment in Western Desert Operations. Arab legion in action and on parade. July 1940

Box 18, Folder 5

British armed services. Captioned photographs including, bombardment and prisoners of Fort Maddalena; patrol in Eastern Mediterranean; British fleet in Alexandrian Harbor 1940

Box 18, Folder 6

British armed services. Includes Yeomanry in Palestine; Italian prisoners; anti-aircraft defenses; RAF visits Italian aerodromes; India soldiers meet Egyptian soldiers 1940

Box 18, Folder 7

British armed services. Includes Italian submarine and captured crew; RAF visit Gura drome in East Africa and El Gubbi; Polish legion which crossed to Palestine from Syria July 1940

Box 18, Folder 8

British armed services. Includes Indian soldiers; aerial bombardments; street scene; an officer inspecting plans circa 1940

Box 18, Folder 9

British armed services. Includes British soldiers disembarking; desert warfare; RAF attacks on Addis Abba and Massawa Eritrea; Italian planes shot down September 14, 1940


Ephemera and Realia 1929-1960

Scope and Contents

This series contains clippings and printed material from the New York Times and local papers in Palestine and Egypt. Both the Falastin and Davar address the Shaw Commission of Inquiry created by the British Parliament on Arab Riots, August 1929. The Commonweal includes "The Palestine Report" by Vincent Shean who testified before the Commission of Inquiry, as pro Arab/anti Zionist.
Also included are brochures, pamphlets, handbills, scrapbooks, Levant Fair pin and a Syrian coin.
Box 15, Folder 11

Clippings 1929-1945

Box 15, Folder 12

Booklets, pamphlets, lease. Includes announcement of Joseph Levy's address "Russian Bear versus British Lion" in Man About Town (Feb.-Mar. 1946) circa 1929-1946

Box 15, Folder 12

Levant Fair pin, Syrian coin 1932-1933

Box 19

The Palestine Bulletin October-December 1929

Box 19

Falestin September-December 1929

Box 19

Davar September-November 1929

Box 19

The Palestine Weekly September 6, 1929

Box 19

The Commonweal April 30, 1930

Box 19

The New York Times Magazine January 23, 1938

Box 19

The Palestine Post June 18, 1940

Box 19

The PM Daily November 30, 1941

Box 20, Folder 1

Illuminated letter in Hebrew from archaeologist W.F. Albright, Johns Hopkins University, regarding J. Levy's reporting 1930

Box 20, Folder 2

Handbills - Egyptian hotels and resorts 1930

Box 20, Folder 3

Guide plan of Cairo District 1933

Box 20, Folder 4

The Egyptian Gazette February 28, 1938

Box 20, Folder 5

"Anniversary of Hertzl's Manifesto" The Palestine Post February 15, 1946

Box 20, Folder 6

Award - Republique Francaise - Legion D'Honneur February 24, 1960

Box 21

Scrapbook of clippings - Joseph Levy's reporting from Australia, November 1941; Middle East, December 1941 to June 1942 1941-1942

Box 21

Scrapbook of clippings - Joseph Levy's reporting from Turkey (Tobruk to Ankara), end of World War II 1944

Box 21

Scrapbook of clippings - Joseph Levy's reporting from Turkey, end of World War II 1944-1945