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Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter Collection
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box 1, folder 1

PKDS Newsletters Folder 1

box 1, folder 1, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 1 Item 1 1983

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs.
box 1, folder 1, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 2 Item 2 1983 December

Scope and Contents

Includes a 3000-word autobiographical essay written by Dick in 1968, and featured "Some Random Memories of PKD" by Tim Powers.
box 1, folder 1, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 3 Item 3 1984 April

Scope and Contents

Includes a summary of Dick's Exegesis by Jay Kinney, and an excerpt from the Exegesis itself, and "The Death of PKD" by Tim Powers, and a travelogue describing Dick's Marin County.
box 1, folder 1, item 4

PKDS Newsletter, No. 4 Item 4 1984 September

Scope and Contents

Includes a lengthy letter by Dick on his state of mind in May 1977, "Phil dick Lives", by Rudy Rucker, and further VALIS explications by Tim Powers.
box 1, folder 2

PKDS Newsletters Folder 2

box 1, folder 2, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 5 Item 1 1984 December

Scope and Contents

Includes two extensive interviews (Part One of a 1977 talk with Dick, and a 1984 talk with K.W. Jeter about his recollections of Dick), and a letter from Russell Galen (Dick's agent).
box 1, folder 2, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 6 Item 2 1985 April

Scope and Contents

Includes Part Two of issue #5's Dick interview, pieces by Tessa Dick and Grania Davis, and letters from Ted White, Terry Carr, K.W. Jeter and others.
box 1, folder 2, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 7, "Warning: We Are Your Police" Item 3 1985 July

Scope and Contents

Special issue containing Dick's previously unpublished treatment for an episode of the popular TV program "The Invaders" (1967).
box 1, folder 2, item 4

PKDS Newsletter, No. 8 Item 4 1985 September

Scope and Contents

Includes the missing pages of "The Unteleported Man", coverage of the dramatic production of "Flow My Tears", and an interview with Tim Powers & Jim Baylock".
box 1, folder 3

PKDS Newsletters Folder 3

box 1, folder 3, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 9/10, "90 Minutes with Philip K. Dick" Item 1 1986 January

Scope and Contents

Audio cassette tape. Special double issue, includes excerpts from an October/November 1974 interview with Dick, and the author's own privately-recorded spoken notes for a novel in progress, circa August 1974.
box 1, folder 4

PKDS Newsletters Folder 4

box 1, folder 4, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 11 Item 1 1986 May

Scope and Contents

Includes an in-depth article on the ill-fated film adaptation of "Ubik". Also: "PKD Made My Brother a Drug Addict" by Ferret, and a letter from Dick to his boss Herb Hollis (1949).
box 1, folder 4, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 12 Item 2 1986 October

Scope and Contents

Includes Dick's unpublished intro to "Flow My tears", a 1981 excerpt from the Exegesis, and Dick's notes on the seance he attended with Bishop James Pike at which Pike contacted his dead son.
box 1, folder 4, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 13 Item 3 1987 February

Scope and Contents

Includes a long interview with Dick's last wife, Tessa, and their son Christopher; and Dick's unpublished prologue to "Eye in the Sky", illustrated by Ferret.
box 1, folder 5

PKDS Newsletters Folder 5

box 1, folder 5, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 14 Item 1 1987 June

Scope and Contents

Special Issue, two-sided pamphlet with two essays by Dick, "Nazism and the High Castle", and "Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes".
box 1, folder 5, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 15 Item 2 1987 August

Scope and Contents

Includes a press release on plans for the VALIS opera, Dick's 'flakiness' analyzed by John Keel, and Dick, and "Phil's Cats" by Gregg Rickman, and Jonathon Lethem on the uncut manuscript of "Zap Gun".
box 1, folder 5, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 16 Item 3 1988 January

Scope and Contents

Includes Dick's original outline for the "Zap Gun"; Roger Zelazny's recollections of Dick at the Metz Festival in 1977 and of collaborating on "Deus Irae".
box 1, folder 5, item 4

PKDS Newsletter, No. 17 Item 4 1988 April

Scope and Contents

Includes "The Nixon Crowd" by Dick (1973); letters to Dick from various editors re: his early mainstream novels; Keith Bowden reviews the Paris premiere of the VALIS opera.
box 1, folder 5, item 5

PKDS Newsletter, No. 18 Item 5 1988 August

Scope and Contents

Includes Dick's 1968 suggestions re: how to film "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", and Paul Williams' introduction to a German anthology of stories about Dick.
box 1, folder 6

PKDS Newsletters Folder 6

box 1, folder 6, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 19 Item 1 1989 January

Scope and Contents

Special issue, pamphlet "Outline for 'Our Friends from Frolix 8'", by Dick (1968).
box 1, folder 6, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 20 Item 2 1989 April

Scope and Contents

Includes articles on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (Dick's affliction?); unfinished fiction by Dick; and a letter from Linda Levy about "The Dark-Haired Girl" and her friendship with Dick.
box 1, folder 6, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 21, "What the Quizmaster Took: Solar Lottery and World of Chance: A Comparison", by Gregg Rickman Item 3 1989 September

Scope and Contents

40-page pamphlet by Gregg Rickman comparing "Solar Lottery" and alternate version "World of Chance", including 3000 words deleted from "Solar Lottery" by the publisher.
box 1, folder 6, item 4

PKDS Newsletter, No. 22/23 Item 4 1989 December

Scope and Contents

Double issue of news, plus articles by Dick biographer Lawrence Sutin and Dick theatrical interpreter Dan Sutherland, and a 1968 essay by Dick, "Notes Made Late at Night by a Weary SF Writer".
box 1, folder 7

PKDS Newsletters Folder 7

box 1, folder 7, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 24 Item 1 1990 May

Scope and Contents

Includes "the Soul of the Wub" and "Notes on an Information Virus" by Dick; articles by Tim Powers and Jonathan Lethem; and more editors' letters to Dick (1960).
box 1, folder 7, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 25 Item 2 1990 December

Scope and Contents

Includes a long essay by Paul Williams, "The Author and the Oracle", on Dick's use of the I Ching (with sample readings), 'California Time-Slip' by Steve Erickson, and John Shirley on Total Recall.
box 1, folder 7, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 26 Item 3 1991 April

Scope and Contents

Includes "The Life of an S-F Writer" by Dick (1964); Dick's close friend Doris Sauter on "Radio Free Albemuth" (the play); and "PKD and the Two Bookstores" by Ray Nelson.
box 1, folder 7, item 4

PKDS Newsletter, No. 27 Item 4 1991 August

Scope and Contents

Special issue. A facsimile edition (original manuscript with cuts indicated) of "If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others, by Philip K. Dick, The 'Metz Speech'" (1997).
box 1, folder 8

PKDS Newsletters Folder 8

box 1, folder 8, item 1

PKDS Newsletter, No. 28 Item 1 1992 March

Scope and Contents

Includes an unpublished segment of "Flow My Tears" and Gerard Klein's story of the discovery thereof, plus Ernesto Spinelli and pieces on "Naked Lunch" & the new "Blade Runner".
box 1, folder 8, item 2

PKDS Newsletter, No. 29 Item 2 1992 September

Scope and Contents

Includes three essays by Dick; report on the French film of "Confessions of a Crap Artist"; 'What Did the Policeman Say?' by Brian Aldiss, and a guide to finding Dick books.
box 1, folder 8, item 3

PKDS Newsletter, No. 30 Item 3 1992 December

Scope and Contents

Includes Dick's 1962 autobiographical letter to Anthony Boucher, with comments by Anne Dick; and a detailed index to all the PKDS Newsletters.
box 1, folder 9

PKDS pamphlet #1, "A Letter from Philip K. Dick, February 1, 1960" Folder 9 1983

Scope and Contents

12-page letter to a New York editor, in which Dick describes his mainstream novels and process of writing.
box 1, folder 10

PKDS Back Issue Highlights Folder 10

Scope and Contents

1 page, double-sided.
box 1, folder 11

"Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. Dick", Paul Williams Folder 11 1986

Scope and Contents

Paperback, 184 pages. Title page includes the author's signature, and the inscription "Stay real!".
box 1, folder 12

PKDS Newsletters prospectus, Lux Mentis Booksellers Folder 12 circa 2016

Scope and Contents

Two pages.