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Contributing Institution: Center for American War Letters Archives
Title: Gail Johnson Vietnam War correspondence
Identifier/Call Number: 2018.021.w.r
Physical Description: 0.4 Linear feet (6 folders)
Date (inclusive): 1969 June 29 - 1970 November 5
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence to Gail Johnson from soldiers during the Vietnam War.
Language of Material: English .
Container: Vietnam 11
Container: 1-6
Container: 1-6

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Gift of Gail M. Johnson Scanlon.


This collection is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by author.

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Content Description

This collection contains 143 correspondence to Gail Johnson (b. 1950) of Springfield, Massachusetts from soldiers while they served in the Vietnam War after her photo appeared in the July 3, 1969 Pacific edition of Stars and Stripes. The photo features Johnson typing while wearing a bikini and sitting on a block of ice. It was originally published on June 29, 1969 in the Springfield Register as part of a story about a heat wave.
The collection includes the bikini photo of Johnson and clippings from various newspapers that published the image. It also includes clippings of subsequent news stories about the soldiers who wrote to ask for a better quality print, and another photo of Johnson responding to these requests. Many of the soldiers were from Massachusetts. Seven enclosed photos of themselves or ephemera in their correspondence. A few of the letters are from civilian admirers. Two correspondents wrote twice.

Author List and Places List

This list of authors is organized chronologically by folder, and alphabetically within each folder.

Folder 1 (July 2 - July 4, 1969:

  • 1Lt J. Bain, Co E 75th Inf
  • Cpl Lance [Lancelot] J. Boyd, 1st Marine Div.
  • Major Milton [Mitt] Brooks, HHC 164th Combat Aviation Group
  • SP5 Wayne Brooks, US ASA F.S. Taiwan, Det. C
  • PFC G. [George] H. Burton, Jr., Co B 423 Inf. 25 Div
  • Capt. Robert [Bob] A. Carpenter, OL-22, 1st CEG
  • SP4 William [Bill] J. Carter, 630th Eng Co LE
  • PFC Wesley [Wes] A. Case, 1st Air Cav Div
  • SP/5 Hugh P. Cuningham, 15th Admin Co, 1st Air Cav Div (Am)
  • SFC Fred W. Davis, HHC 1st Inf Div
  • Wm [Bill] Davis, MCB, 53 A Co
  • Robert [Bob] J. Farhat, Attack Squadron 87, USS Ticonderoga
  • Sgt. Arthur M. Garcia, 222nd Signal Co
  • SP 4 Earl Hedgepeth, Bravo Trick, RRCUV
  • PFC Al Kallock, C Trp 1/11 ACR
  • Cpl Richard F. Keller [Tiny], 1st Mt Bn Has Co, 1st Mar Div (Rein) FMF
  • Mike Lyon, 834th Air Div Det 1
  • SP4 Brad MacDowell, HHC, 2nd Bn 5th Cav/1st Cav Div (AM)
  • Cpl Tom [Tommy] K. Michaud, 1st LAAM Bn, USMC, H&S Btry (WSM)
  • Jerry L. Munroe, AMS-3, Attack Squadron 144, USS Bon Homme Richard
  • LCpl J. [John] S. Murphy, VMA, MAG 12, 1st Marine Air Wing, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade
  • Sgt. Paul Olson, 6th Air Commando Sq; 175th Aviation Co
  • PFC Raymond Ouellette, Btry C 7th Bn 9th Arty
  • Sgt. Raymond [Ray] E. Potter, H&S Co, 1st Mt Bn, 1st Mar Div (Rein) FMF
  • SP4 Andre P. Poyant, 101st Admin Co PRB, 100st Abn Div (Kean)
  • Bob Rivkin, USS Catskill MCS-1
  • Sgt Jim L. Saczko, USMC, VMFA 115
  • SP4 Jon C. Weisenmiller, C Btry 8th Msl Bn 3d Arty
  • SP5 John R. Wilkins, HQ, MACV, J-2, CiiB
  • PFC David L. Woodall, Hq 3rd Combined Action Group
  • PFC Max E. Zaksek, H/S Btry 1/42 Art (Metro), 4th USA MICOM

Folder 2 (July 5-July 16, 1969):

  • John D. Alves, C Co 1/12 Inf, 4th Inf Div
  • "Reginald Archer," photographer from Hadley, MA
  • Jerry Azzalina, Air Missile Div., USS Kittyhawk
  • AlC Gale Q. Bash, 303rd MMS
  • SP4 Thomas S. Bednay, Co A, 26 Eng Bn
  • Pvt Gary Berthiaume, HQ Btry 4-11 (Comm), 1st Mar Div
  • SP4 Paul Brown, 173rd Airborne Brigade, Delta Co, 1/503rd Inf, FO team
  • Capt. Charles H. Cole, 40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
  • 4th CPL William [Bill] H. Hawkins III, 1st BN 5th Marines, 1st Mar Div (REIN), C Co, 3rd Plt
  • SP4 Steve [Dewey] Dewey, Hq Btry, 2nd Bn, 71st Air Defense Art
  • father of James M. Disrochers, H&S Co 106, 3rd Mar Div
  • Dan W. Doyle, Atsugi Naval Air Station, Japan
  • SP 4 Paul Filipkowski, D Btry, 7 BN, 5 Arty
  • Rd3 Glen Geyer, Com Nav Forces
  • PFC Bob Gill, A Btry, 1st Bn, 17th Arty, I corp (GP) Arty
  • Gary L. Henderson, SC RF R-2, Nav Supp Act
  • SP 4 Gary Johnson, Co D, 2nd BN 28th Inf, 1st Inf Div
  • SP4 William [Bill] B. Kidwell, HHC 554 ENGR BN
  • Stan Komack, student at American International College in Springfield, MA
  • Sgt Lee Laidig RA, HHC, 4th USAMC
  • PFC Mike Leary, C of C, 3/32 Inf
  • 1Lt Robert Madden, D Co 2/503 Abn Inf, 173rd Airborne, 2nd Plt
  • SP4 Tommy F. Marion, C Co 84th Eng Bn (Const)
  • PFC Dennis Martin, Ammo Co Supply BN 1st FSR/FLC
  • Jim McCarthy, USS Tom Green County
  • 1Lt Henry E. Morehead, 11th Avn Grp, 1st Air Cav Div (Am)
  • Sgt George E. [Ole] Olson, Co L Marine Spt Bn, 8th RRFS
  • Sgt Richard [Richie] D. Peller, 136th L.M. Co.
  • AlC Stephen [Steve] Pilegi, AF fighter jet pilot, Yokota AB, Japan
  • SP4 Bob Sporing, Co A 2/9 Inf
  • Rodney [Rod] Stephens, 313 Sig Co, 199 Inf Bde
  • Cpl Ronald [Ronnie] A. Williamson, Marine Airbase Squadron 11, 1st Motor Transport
  • John H. Wilson, CSI, MCB 62 Galley, Navy

Folder 3 (July 18 – July 25, 1969):

  • SP5 R. Angulski, Hq XXIV Corps (SJA)
  • AlC Gale Q. Bash, 303rd MMS
  • Gerald Anthony [Tony] Before, USS Oriskany, CVA 34, Div s-2
  • PFC Billy Berel, 2/1 E. Co 3 Plt, 1st Mar Div
  • SP4 Richard Burns, HHD 22 Replacement Battalion Marine motor pool
  • Tommy Castro, 1 UW 6-1 West PAL DET Unit 4
  • Sp5 Ronnie Daost, 5th Light Equipment Maintenance Co
  • PFC Richard [Rich] Donnelly, 1st Platoon, 3rd gun squad attached to Co A 2/505 Inf, 82nd Abn Div
  • SP4 Jeff Dubiel, HH B 3rd BN, 18th arty
  • Sgt Jeffrey (Jeff) E. Fenton, air force
  • Sp4 Brian L. Finkle, HHB 101 ABN Div Arty
  • Doug Gregg, 75 S&S Co
  • T. Ray Hall, EM3 (DV), USS Krishna, ARL-38
  • 44) SP5 Harry L. Harding, Jr., 9th MI Dept 9th Inf Div
  • 4th CPL William [Bill] H. Hawkins III, 1st BN 5th Marines, 1st Mar Div (REIN), C Co, 3rd Plt
  • PFC Robert [Bobby] B. Jones, C Co, 1st Bn, 7th Cav
  • Sp/4 Denis Joyal, Co B, 1/508 Inf 3rd Bte 82 Abn Div
  • 1LT Darby J. Kelly, 554 Recon Sq. #1423, AF
  • CPL J. [Joe] F. Kendall III, 1st Bn 5th Mar 1st Mar Div (Rein), C Co, 3rd Plt
  • Paul Kirkland, PBR Mobile Base I, US Navy Sup
  • Sp/4 Bruce Lago, HSB, 2/319th Arty, 101st Airborne Div
  • PFC Alan L. Lajeunesse, B 1/5, 1st Plt, 1st Bn, 5th Marine
  • Cpl J. K. Myers, C o C, BLT 1/26, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade
  • Walter [Wally] J. O'Hara, U-3 Div, USS Oriskany
  • PFC Kenneth [Ken] M. Pietras, HHC 160th Aun Gp, 101st Abn Div
  • Sp/4 J. Podlucky, HHC 2/34th Armor, 25th Inf Div
  • AlC Kenneth Rheaume, 56th Combat Support Grp, AF
  • L Cpl J. [Joe] J. Ryan, A Co, 2nd Plt, 3rd Recon, 3rd Marine Div (Rein)
  • Larry R. Shaffer, Hq MACV (AG/AM) Army
  • A1C Leland H. Sorensen, Det#1 40th ARRS
  • W.O. Robert [Bob] S. Swope, 134th Assault Helicopter Co
  • Sp/5 Larry Thompson, Co B Trp Comd
  • Jim Warren, 1st Div, USS Renshaw
  • Sp/4 Terry [Snake] Williams, B Co 41st Sig Bat, 194th MP Co
  • Sp/4 William F. Willoughby, HHC 2 Bn 502 Inf, 1 Bde 101st Airborne Div

Folder 4 (July 26, 1969 – November 5, 1970):

  • PFC Louis B. [Buddy] Albert, Jr. 1st tank Bn, 1st Mar Div
  • CPL Sal Amedeo, B Co 1st Shore Party BN, 1st Mar Div (Rein)
  • SP4 Gary Bjorkquist, 523rd Engineer Co
  • Gordon Brink, CS Div, USS Boston
  • Sg A. W. [Art] Brooks, HQ USA SATR
  • David (Dave) R. Consoletti, USS Boston
  • Steven Delamere, USS Comestock, LSD-191st Div
  • PFC Phil Dixon, HQ SVC Battery 1/14 Arty
  • P1C Roger DuHamel, VMA 223, MAG-12 (Avi)
  • PFC Richard W. Ellis, A 4/12, 199th Inf
  • Michael W. Fox, USAD
  • Roger T. Hartup, 3rd Div, USS Oklahoma City
  • Stephen Jadyk, civilian from Monessen, PA
  • SP 4 Gary Johnson, Co D, 2nd BN 28th Inf, 1st Inf Div
  • SP4 Floyd D. [Dale] Johnston, C of C, 1st 3rd (m) 16th Inf, 1st Inf Div
  • A1C William D. Kegeles, USAF
  • SP4 Michael Martin, Co R, 1st BN, 26th Inf
  • SP4 Thomas [Tommy] R. Rodren, Co C 8th Eng Bn, 1st Cav Div
  • Sgt James Rook, E 1/8 Air Cav
  • Ted from Ludlow, MA
  • Paul Weidler, Co A 577 EBC

Folder 5 (no date):

  • Sgt Douglas L. Besancon, Co A 3/39th Inf, 4th Inf Div
  • Sp4 George Beach, Hq & Hq Trp, 1/1 Cav, Americal Div
  • SP4 Harry Bennett, Jr. C of C, 2nd Bn 51, Inf 4th AD
  • PFC Bob Cagle, Co B, 720th MP Bn
  • PFC David C. Collins, F Trp 17th Cav, 196th Americal Div
  • PFC Doug Dupleix, Co E 1/502d 101 Abn Div
  • LCpl John S. Ferencik, H&S Bn FLC, 1st FSR, Spt Co Trans FPO
  • Jim Girard, HHC 1/502 101st Abn Div
  • LCp6 Larry R. Guerrero, H Co 2nd Bn 3 Mar Plt 1
  • PFC Steven M. Highstrom, 23rd Admin Co, Americal Div
  • PFC Mike Leary, C of C, 3/32 Inf
  • Sp 4 Pat McCarthy, 107th Sig Co
  • Sgt Dave Mojica, HHC 173rd airborne BDE
  • SP4 Edward E. Murphy, 402nd Trans Co TT
  • SP4 John A. Murray, Hq & Co A, 723rd Maintenance
  • L/CPL Dave Podolski, T Co 9th Mt Bn, 3rd Mar Div
  • SP5 Steve Pond, C Btry 4/77 ARA, 101st airborne Div (AM)
  • S/Sgt Tom Waters, USMC, Sup Co Sup BN, 1st FSR/FIC
This list of places where authors were posted during the Vietnam War is organized alphabetically by country and locale.
Germany: Illesheim
Japan: Atsugi Naval Air Station, Okinawa, Sasebo, Yokota Air Force Base, 249th General Hospital [Camp Drake]
Korea: Chun Chon, one mile north of 38th parallel; Ui Jong Bu [Uijeongbu]
Taiwan: Taichung
Thailand: Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base
Vietnam: An Hoa, Biên Hòa, Cẩm Bình, Chí Linh, Chu Lai, Củ Chi, Da Nang, Đức Phổ, Gia Nghĩa, Lai Khê, Long Bình, Phong Nha, Phu Bai, Phước Vĩnh, Pleiku, Quảng Trị, Sa Huỳnh, Saigon, Tây Ninh province, Xuân Lộc
Other: Gulf of Tonkin; Yankee Station
U.S.: Myrtle Beach Air Force Base

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Vietnam War (1961-1975) -- Correspondence
Scanlon née Johnson, Gail M.